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October 15, 2017: Even More Updates
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

Today's updates will consist of new chapters and new stories.

We have a new chapter of Drummer Boy: Book Two  ~ The Road North, plus another chapter of Short Ass by Arthur.

Art West brings us another chapter of Green Lizards, we will have more chapters from Art as soon as I can get them edited.

Chowhound has brought us five chapters of his new story Three Figer Cove: Charles ~ Book Three.

We have five more chapters of The Doctor Gets a Visitor by E. Walk.

Thanks to Jim Dunaway we have another chapter of Aaron's Journey Down the Long Road.

JMH has brought us five chapters of The Centurion Book One Part Two ~ Domus ~

We have the first chapter of a New Story, I want a Friend by Luiz.

MultiMapper has brought us another chapter of Shadeside: Book One ~ For the Night.

We also have another chapter of Ten Steps Down, Two Spirits in One World, the first five chapters of Dreams Don't Grow on Trees, and the first chapter of Messages In the Wind all by Owen Hudson

Thanks to Tyler Christopher we have another chapter of Tearing Me Apart and his Short Stories, A Quick Fall, Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking, and You Don't Mean to Hurt Me.

Enjoy your reading,


October 14, 2017: A New Author and more updates
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Authors,

A new author Luiz has joined the site with the first of his stories. Luiz is Brazillian that writes impactful stories in English. Three of his stories were written when he was seventeen, the other two when he was in his mid-twenties.

Zarek Dragon has also posted a new story.

Zeke by David Lee is now complete.

Chapter Five of Livestock by Dee Jones has been transferred.

Five more Short Stories by Graeme have been transferred.

Two more chapters of One Dark Night by Rob have also been transferred. These chapters take a little more work as I format the song lyrics in the chapters.

We also have five more chapters of Moon Watching by Sequoyah Pendor.

The Phone brings us three chapters of A Long Way From Home: Book One, and his Christmas Story, The Northern Lights.


October 12, 2017: Authors Beware, The CHP have returned!
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Authors,

I have received several reports from authors whom I correspond with that the Dreaded Cliffhanger Police have returned. They seem to be creating havoc all over the Net. So authors please be very careful with ending your chapters with cliffhangers. I have been told that they are very persistent.  If you do receive an email from them finish your next chapter promptly. 

This has been a Public Service Announcement from The Story Lover's Home,


October 12, 2017: Lots and lots of Chapters and New Stories
Posted by The Story Lover


I have to apologize upfront for the extremely long length of this News Post. I have been so busy posting and writing the last two weeks that I forgot to take time out to make the News Posts. On top of my posts, my authors have been extremely busy posting their own stories. So pull up your most comfortable chair along with your favourite beverage and get comfy.

To start off we have a brand new Short Story by Geron Kees titled Sprookjes ~ The Third Tale from The Amsterdam Tales.

Dee Jones has published The Cup Bearer and there is a link if you would like to support her writing by purchasing her book. She is a wonderful person and author. We also have two chapters of her story Livestock.

Art West brings us a Chapter of The Start of Something Great and more chapter of Major Adjustment as well.

DouglasDD has brought us several chapters of Survivors, including a New Cover Page & Synopsis. I have also had the pleasure of seeing a very rough draft of Voyagers Chapter Sixteen and all I can say it is a doozy!

Arthur brings us more chapters of Short Ass and Drummer Boy.

David Lee has brought us twenty chapters of Zeke and we are getting close to the end of this story.

We have the conclusion of Three Finger Cove: Robert by Chowhound but don't worry Three Finger Cove: Charles will start hopefully.

We have also been invaded by the CSU Author Group and their Wild & Crazy CTRL~Z Outtakes. I am completely innocent none of them are mine tongue-out

Another chapter of We Will Remember Them by Don Cornelius has made it to the site.

We also have more chapters of The Doctor Gets a Visitor by E.Walk.

True Fan has given The Story Lover's Home  & Fort Family  Sites an Exclusive Story titled What Will They Think?  Thank You, Tru Fan.

Darryl The Radio Rancher has brought us two more chapters of the Revised The Shimmering Ship

We also have updated Introductions for most of Boudreaux's Stories. 

We have another chapter of Aaron's Journey Down the Long Road by Jim Dunaway

Thanks to JMH we have five more chapters of Book One of Centurion.

Owen Hudson has brought us more chapters and some new stories as well.

We also have more Short Stories from Graeme now live.

Josh Brandon brings us another chapter of Graduation Present.

Unfortunately, we have the last two chapters of the Unfinished Story Love and War Across the Stars by Joshua Haines.

Rob has brought us another chapter of One Dark Night.

We are proud to announce our first Foreign Language Story in German by Ruwen Rouhs titled KeYNamM ~ König ohne Namen ~; along with another chapter of Book One of Sunquest. We have also begun transferring Chance for Changes, Kalli, and the Young Blacksmith also by Ruwen.

Finding Clarity, the Golden Semicolon Award Winner by MultiMapper is now complete. Shadeside has made its way to the site as well.

Connections by Tyler Christopher is complete, Near Wild Heaven is also complete. We have the first chapter of Tearing Me Apart as well.

We have also started transferring Moon Watching by Sequoyah Pendor from the Original Site.

We will continue transferring stories and chapters from the Original Site as fast as we can, we are getting near to the end of the transfers.

This weekend will be wild and wooly as we have possibly three new authors and their stories joining the site. We also have new stuff from our existing authors as well. We also have some new pages under the Features Section: Hosting and Story Submission and the FAQ has been updated.

Don't forget the only way to feed the authors' muse is to let them know that you are reading their stories and what you think of them! They really do love to hear from their readers and they will respond to you. Be careful what you write and what you say or it or even you may find yourself or your ideas in their next chapter or next story.

Enjoy your reading,


October 2, 2017: Cajun been busy!
Posted by JeffsFort

Hey everyone!

Just got through helping Boudreaux add some exciting new work for you all to check out. There is a new chapter of "Twists of Time" and he has begun a new story called "Fantasy Faire" which is beginning with a pretty long first chapter. Make sure to grab a snack before you get into it. He has also posted a new short story named "Skinny Dipping" which is a really nice story that resonates with a lot of our own teen years. Be sure to check them all out and don't forget to let him know what you think.

Until the next update - *HUGZ*

September 30, 2017: The Annex has a New Author
Posted by The Story Lover

The Annex is proud to announce that Silver Wolf has joined the site as an Author. He will be posting his stories in the very near future. So don't forget when you read his stories to drop him a line to let him know that you are reading them.  I am sure that he wouldn't mind if you told him how great they were. wink

Welcome Christian to The Annex, The Oldest Fort Family Site!

Welcome to The Fort Family of Sites Christian,


September 24, 2017: Snowflake Ch. 20 Now Available
Posted by MrM

Snowflake: A Love Story - 20. Truckee, Alder Creek Adventure Center:
Winter Is The Warmest Season  - now available:

September 22, 2017: New Story and Author Safe and A Happy Birthday
Posted by The Story Lover


Art West who just coincidentally lives in Key West survived Hurricane Irma and is also celebrating his birthday today. laughing  Happy Birthday Art and many, many more.

We also have Chapter One of Connected by Tyler Christopher.

Enjoy your reading,


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