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June 22, 2017: Voyagers Chapter 13
Posted by True Fan

Voyagers Chapter 13 is now LIVE!

In future new chapters of Voyagers will be posted on as soon as they complete the editing/beta process. Posting of chapters on will maintain the bi-weekly (only slightly inferior to the gay-weekly schedule) posting schedule so will be ahead of the curve. Only the best for the best readers on the best family of story sites on the net!


TrueFan for the Voyager's Authors.

June 21, 2017: More Authors and More Stories
Posted by The Story Lover


We added a few of Str8mayb's stories that we missed. 

Lady Cynaira and her CSU Story The Sabres have arrived.

Gary Q's Stories are now here in their original unedited state.  These stories are in their oriniginal unedited form and are courtesy of Gary's Garden. Gary Q. helped start what is still known as The Fort Family Sites.

We now have  all of TheEggman's stories available for your reading pleasure including Clan Short Pacific Rim Division.

There is a new feature on the Stories Tab you can now choose to sort by individual letters of the alphabet. 

June 19, 2017: CSU has been updated
Posted by The Story Lover


The vast majority of the CSU Stories have been added I am waiting for permission to  host a few more stories.  I am hosting all of the active CSU Stories and the majority of the CSU Alternative Universe Stories as well.

There are new authors and new stories available for your reading pleasure. All of Gary Q's Stories are now live courtesy of Gary's Garden

We now have 

Total Author Count: 54 55

Total Story Count: 301 306

Total Chapter Count: 3,693 3779

As always if you come acroos any broken or missing links please let me know Missing or Broken Links.



June 18, 2017: New Stories by Added in Batches
Posted by The Story Lover


While it didn't show on the top of the list, there is a new story from Akeentia on the site - it is called "Operant Unconcious Project", and is available in "Active Authors Group"

Also, we are testing out a new feature that will interconnect stories on multiple Fort Family sites - occasionally there might be a story that has temporary issues due to it being converted for sharing; these issues should only last a minute or two at the most.

We are in the process of mass adding stories from other sites particularly the CSU and Haven Universe Stories and we will try and announce them as I post them.

The first new stories are  Operant Unconscious Project Book One and Book Two by Akeentia ~ courtesy of The Padded Room.

We also have Ark, Falling, Savant, Drifting Dreams, and Hello all by Akeentia ~ courtesy of The Padded Room as well.

The Haven Universe and The CSU will be appearing shortly.

All of the Haven Universe and all of Str8mayb's Stories are now live!

Memories Parts One through Three By ACFan are now live as well as CSV~DSM Parts One and Two. The Time Chronologies: The Mikyvis Chronicles by ACFan & TheEggman are live as well with more CSU Stories to come!

So check back often wink


June 11, 2017: Denny's Restaurant Closed!
Posted by The Story Lover


No Dennys really hasn't closed but Jeff P. has finally finished A Penny on the Train Tracks - yes you read that right after fourteen years that story is finally finished. Yes it is a wonderful day and yet a sad one as well; no more chapters about Mikey. What makes this story so special; well this story is one of the reasons that this site is here. APTT was one of the first stories that I read from what would eventually become the Fort Family Sites. But that isn't all this story has a very important tale to tell and it is compelling reading. So please take some time to read it.


June 11, 2017: Posting Update
Posted by The Story Lover


I have to apologize for my lack of posting this week; it seems every tree in my city bloomed this past week and my allergies blossomed as well. If that wasn't enough we had lots of Thunderstorms which limited my computer use. I have tried to rectify the situation by posting a bunch of chapters yesterday and today. Forbidden Fruit by David Lee is now complete.

DouglasDD, MrM, Geron Kees, and the Voyagers Authors have been busy posting as well. I will continue to post chapters as fast and as often as I am able. Zarek Dragon and TrueFan are helping as well their health and writing permitting.

We have new stories from Arthur and MultiMapper.

We now have 2942 Chapters available for your reading pleasure.

The Links Page has been updated.

Take care,


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