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I've been around a while, and been given many opportunities to experience different careers in my life. I spent 10 years in the Police, then as a Paramedic who did work in the north on the reserves, and a Paramedic Manager/Training Officer in rural areas. I also had the opportunity to go to school and have a few different diplomas and degrees, Minister is one of them. I'm currently in the Occupational Health and Safety field now working with a major retail company after working on major industrial construction projects and being underground in mines. The retail keeps me on my toes because it deals in everything from anhydrous ammonia, bulk fertilizer and chemicals, fuel delivery, bin building, lumberyards, Ag feeds, grocery stores, gas bars with convenience, hardware stores. I am a collector and usually have a house full stray cats, people who needed a hand, and all the time/love in the world to share with them. The only thing which has alluded me on my life path is a partner to share my soul with.

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