Inspiring Videos

These videos have inspired or impacted me in one or more ways. I hope that they will inspire or impact you as well. - TSL

Concrete Angel by Martina McBride ~ There is no place in this universe for Child Abuse! If you see please report it you just might save a child's life.

In a Heartbeat ~ A poignant animated Short Story - The short film In a Heartbeat, released Monday, shares a sweet love story of two young boys. 

My Faith In Humanity Has Been Restored ~ The title tells it all - bring your Kleenex!

Sport is Nothing Without Respect | Heart Touching Moments | Respect ~ More Than Just a Word

Football Racism ~ Sad Moments ~ #SayNoToRacism ~ We are one world one people !

The Missing People Choir  ~ Bring Crowd to Tears! ~ A Choir with a heart wrenching message.

Ronan Parke, Defined ~ Stop bullying in schools.

Ronan Parke  ~ Bullying Interview.

Troy Sivan ~ For Them

Tell Me Why ~ Declan Galbraith (with Lyrics) ~ Published on Aug 13, 2008 Awesome song by Incredible young boy Actually it's a Message

Tell Me Why by The Story Lover

Savage Garden ~Two Beds and a Coffee Machine /w lyrics

Savage Garden - Crash and Burn lyrics