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August 11, 2018: Story Recap
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,

Chowhound gives us chapters 32 through 36 of The Twins: Three Finger Cove II.

Art West updates a pair of stories: Love is in the Air  and On Ahead.

DouglasDD brings us chapters 48 through 50 of The Puget Posse, entitled "Spring Break: Neville and Ellis", "Setting the Trap" and "Birthdays".

Wayne Gray is still writing quickly, authoring chapters 12 through 14 of Ash and Ember, entitled "Coming to Grips", "Growing Pains" and "Family Ties".

Sean E. posts Chapter 18: "And Then They Were Boys Again (Part I)" from When Shadows Pass.

And William King pens chapters 11 and 12 of I'll Kiss You in the Rain, entitled "In the Park" and "Brandon".

As always, please email the authors with your feedback.  It is the only payment they receive.  Until next time,

August 9, 2018: Midsomer Short Story Event Update & Corrections
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Authors & Readers,

There is a little over two weeks left for you to get your entries written and submitted. The last day for submissions to be received is Saturday, August 25, 2018, not the 23rd! Posting will begin on Friday, August 31st giving you a four-day reading weekend. At least for the yanks.

Submissions are due by Midnight on the 25th PDT or UTC -7.

Submissions should be between 500 and 15,000 words more or less and the theme is  A Day In The Life Of An Inanimate Object, we have quite a few submissions already and there is always room for more. This event is open to all Fort Family Site Authors and Readers, you don't have to be an established author to submit an entry. There are quite a few Fort Family Authors that got their start with a Short Story Event. If you need your submission edited just let us know and we will see that your submission gets edited. First-time submitters, please give the Fort Family Sites permission to host your story. As always all submissions remain the property of the submitting author. Always include the appropriate Copyright © Info with all Submissions.

Happy writing,

Fred The Elf

P.S. We will be posting submissions through September 3, 2018, but don't tell anyone.







August 7, 2018: Broken Links From True's Fandom
Posted by The Story Lover



Dear Readers,

Due to a database crash, True's Fandom is down for repairs, due to that fact some stories that are linked from that site will show as blank chapters We will let you know as soon as the site has been repaired and is fully functional. 

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we have taken steps to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

Take care,




August 4, 2018: Story Recap
Posted by Aquenon

Hoo boy, we had an avalanche.  Let's get right into it.

Wayne Gray has been a writing machine with Ash and Ember, posting chapters 8 through 11, entitled "Comfortable Lies", "Regrowth", "Silent Requite", and "Evolution".

 Sean E. catches us up on When Shadows Pass with chapters 16 and 17, entitled "Growing Up is Hard; Otherwise, Everyone Would Do It (Parts I and II)".

Sequoyah Pendor gives us chapters 16 through 20 of Arkadelphia Plantation.

Ruwen Rouhs brings us chapter 4 of Sun Quest II: Down the Bredd-ström, chapter 20: "Mordbuben" from the German language KeYNamM: König ohne Namen, and Kapitel 4: "Madz lernt‘s von Helmes" from the German language Madz: Schulzeit.

Owen Hudson updates Dreams Don't Grow On Trees and Ten Steps Down with chapter 47 and chapter 16, respectively.

MultiMapper gives us chapter 9 from Parvenu III: Otherland.

Pyro brings us chapter 5 from Jason.

DouglasDD continues The Puget Posse with chapter 47: "Spring Break: Double Vision".

Zarek Dragon updates Another Chance III's Cast of Characters.

William King gives us chapter 10: "Semi-Final Day" from I'll Kiss You in the Rain.

Maxieplus posts chapters 80 and 81 of Ayden's Eyes II.

Luiz continues Peter in High School and I Want a Friend with chapter 15: "Aunt Mary Sarah" and chapter 16: "Boyfriends", respectively.

JMH catches us up with chapters 35 through 39 of The Road to the Future: The Centurion Cycle IV entitled "A Single Drop", "Into the Pits", "The Backdoor", "The Fall" and "Aftershocks".

Jim Dunaway also catches us up on the first book in The Long Road series with chapters 8 through 12.

Darryl the Radio Rancher concludes his revision of The Shimmering Ship.

Cynus catches us up on three of his stories, chapter 7: "Adding it All Up" from Less Is More II, chapter 5: "The Toll" and chapter 6: "Boundaries" from Rivers of the Dead II, and chapter 5 of Shadow Honor.

And then Lindon Wezter updates Lincoln, The Family I Never Expected with chapter 22: "Murphy".

As always, please email the authors and let them know how you liked their story.  It is the only payment they receive.  Until next time,


July 30, 2018: Story Recap
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,

DouglasDD posts chapters 44 through 46 of The Puget Posse, entitled "Be My Valentine", "Fifth Grade March", and "Spring Break: The Golden State".

Maxieplus gives us chapter 79 of Ayden's Eye II.

William King brings us chapter 7: "Dysautonomia" from Neon.

Wayne Gray continues Ash and Ember with chapters 4 through 7, entitled "Guarded", "A Wall Falls", "Reciprocity", and "Good Intentions".

Pyro returns with chapter 5 of In Time.

Sean E. brings us Chapter 15: "The World According to the Candy Man (Part III)" from When Shadows Pass.

Terry debuts The Little Runaway.

Ivor Slipper presents his short story Bath Oliver.

Tyler Christopher concludes You're Tearing Me Apart.

And Silas111 continues Davey with chapters 4 and 5, entitled "A Day in the Woods" and "TJ or is it Billy?"

As always, please email your favorite authors.  It's the only payment they receive and it just may be the email that convinces them to continue.  Until next time...

July 25, 2018: Story Recap
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,

Geron Kees presents two more installments in his Charlie Boone series, entitled Is That My Heart In Your Hand, Charlie Boone? and Is That A Rocket In Your Pocket, Charlie Boone?

Maxieplus continues Ayden's Eyes II with chapter 78.

DouglasDD posts two new chapters of his story The Puget Posse, entitled "Operation Bullfrog" and "Picture This".

Ivor Slipper gives us his story called Our Tune.

Sean E. brings us Chapter 13 and 14: "The World According to the Candy Man (Parts I and II)" from When Shadows Pass.

William King posts chapter 9: "Drugs" from his story I'll Kiss You in the Rain.

And Wayne Gray returns with his new story Ash and Ember, with chapters 1: "From the Ashes", chapter 2: "Echoes of the Past", and chapter 3: "Loss".

As always, please drop a note to the authors.  They enjoy the feedback and it is the only payment they receive.  Your email might be the one that keeps the story going.  Until next time...

July 24, 2018: Midsomer Story Event Correction
Posted by The Story Lover


The Maximum number of words is 15,000, not 1,500 as earlier stated, and you don't lose points if you go over that.

Happy writing,

Fred The Elf









July 19, 2018: Taking a short break from my computer
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

Folks, I am taking a few days away from my computer to allow my back to relax a bit more, and allow me to be more productive on my Mac. 

I will be monitoring and responding to emails from my tablet and story postings will continue by the authors.

Keep on reading,



July 19, 2018: Midsomer Short Story Event
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

Our latest Short Story Event is called A Day In The Life Of An Inanimate Object.

The rules are the usual Minimum 500 Words, Maximum 1500 Words. 

End Submission Date August 23, 2018.

Posting Date August 29, 2018, for the Labour Day Weekend for the Yanks.

All submissions should be sent to elfmail at with A Day In The Life Of An Inanimate Object as the subject. Substitute the @ sign for at and remove the spaces.

Happy writing,











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