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March 18, 2020: Stay Safe & Healthy
Posted by The Story Lover

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I hope that all of our readers and authors are staying safe and healthy. Please follow the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or your Local Health Department. 

My Sinus Infection returned and hit me over the head with a sledgehammer, I am new meds and have been referred to an Ear Nose and Throat Doctor aka Otolaryngologist and a CT Scan.

When I have clear-headed days I will attempt more posting and edits, until then my apologies to those that are waiting on me.

Happy reading,


P.S. A Belated Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 15, 2020: March 15, 2020: unBroken 2 now live!
Posted by The Story Lover

Originally Posted by AC

Hello all!

First things first -- myself, Lindon, and JeffP finally managed to write another chapter of unBroken - and it is now live! This chapter took quite a bit out of all of us - it wasn't easy, but it was necessary.

Also, instead of giving you ANOTHER e-mail, I'll tell you that this site is 100% corona-virus free - always has been, always will be! So feel free to browse new stories while you self-isolate (Hey, if they're gonna pay you to sit at home, enjoy it!)



March 7, 2020: Daylight Wasting Time Is On Its Way
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

Yes, it is that time again at 2 AM tomorrow Daylight Saving Time aka Daylight Wasting Time arrives so don't forget to turn your clocks forward one hour when you go to bed. Also, it might be nice if all of you wrote your Senators and Representatives and asked them to junk Daylight Saving Time permanently once and for all!

My new mouse has arrived it is so much better than my spare one, however, I am still getting used to it.

It looks like our authors have been very busy posting, so read and then let them know that you are reading their stories.

Happy reading,


March 4, 2020: The Deluge Continues ;) & Working Old School
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

As you can see I continued my posting deluge, the good news is that I am finally caught up (well mostly) so, the deluge will slow down to just a few drops here and there.

As to 'Working Old School' well it seems that I broke the clicking ability of my mouse, that wouldn't usually be a big problem as I always keep a spare or two just in case. Well, the first spare is now in the garbage or dust bin, the second one worked sorta, so it joined the other one. Luckily for me, I had already ordered a new mouse, and I still had a very old wired Microsloth Mouse that while it works, it takes a bit getting used to.  My new mouse will arrive tomorrow or Thursday. So thanks again to all of you that have donated to the site, thanks to you I can keep the site up and running well.

I do want to thank all of you for not only writing to me but to all of the authors as well. I appreciate it and I know that they do as well. Don't forget you can always click on the author's email address in the Copyright Disclaimer Notice to send them an email.

Take care,


March 1, 2020: Apology For the Deluge of Chapters
Posted by The Story Lover

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Dear Readers,

Due to my back issues and a severe sinus infection that I have been dealing with for the last month, on top of my Internet diffulgulties, I have fallen behind not only in replying to my emails but in my postings for the author that can't post their own. I have begun reducing my posting backlog and that is the reason for the deluge of chapters. Sorry about giving you all that reading material. 😉

A couple of quick notes, and then  I  am going to attempt to get some writing done while my head is mostly clear. The last chapter of The Trial: Book Two ~ Clouded Purity >By Cynus, has been posted but never fear, Chapter One of The Trial: Book Three ~ Lonely Pride has been posted. We also have the first of Cynus' Poems and this one is for Mature Audiences, The Dream from his Musings of a Mongoose ~ A Collection of Poems.

I have also posted the lost Chapter Seventeen: I Wanna Learn With You of Chris in High School by Luiz. Luiz sent this to me quite a while ago and somehow I  misplace/misfiled/lost it, and for that I  am sorry.

We also have another chapter of Duncan Out of Exile by Juju, several chapters by Jim Dunaway, and JMH

Thanks to some very generous readers I have been able to pay for my new Internal Backup  Drive, and purchase the  Interface Card needed for the External Backup Setup. Also thanks to another reader I now have a single drive External Backup Device. So thanks to DB, DC & YM for their latest donations, and thanks again to everyone else that has donated in the past. Donations made by clicking on the Donations Button in the Features Menu, go only to this site unless you make a notation that a portion goes to The Fort Family Sites. Additionally, to make a donation to The Fort Family Sites you can click on the Donation Button on any of the other sites. You can find a list of all of the  Fort Family Sites HERE.

I will be posting more chapters hopefully, tomorrow, and I  will be responding to my emails as soon as I can.

Happy reading,


February 21, 2020: 1 Year ago
Posted by Garret D. M.

One year ago I made a huge change in my life. I decided to fulfill a promise I made to someone close to me and I joined the US Army and allI can say is that it made my life ten times better then I ever thought it would. I would never be able to do it without the love and support I have gotten from all of you who I call family along with my family as well back home. 

I love you all and I wish you all a good life!

--Garret D. M.


February 20, 2020: Another Milestone Achieved, Yes I am Back (Maybe)
Posted by The Story Lover

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Dear Readers and Authors,

My Internet Connection issues have hopefully been rectified for the foreseeable future, (TSL knocks on head). That is the good news, now for the bad news, I am still behind on emails, editing, and posting. I am getting caught up on those as fast as I can. That is the horrendous cold that I  have will let me, I have a Doctors Appointment tomorrow afternoon. This is my third week dealing with this horrible thing.

Now for some great news sometime this morning on the sites Fifteenth Birthday 15th Birthday Cake GIF we achieved the milestone of over Eight Million Total Page ViewsEight Million  PNGthis has occurred since May  14, 2017.

Thanks to everyone for helping us achieve this milestone!

I am going to attempt sending out a Newsletter tomorrow, this will include two preview works. If you don't receive the  Newsletter by Sunday, please check your Spam/Junk Folder. If you aren't receiving the Site Newsletter please click on the  Mailing List link in the sidebar.

Happy Reading,



Happy Birthday TSL xx 

February 18, 2020: Updates
Posted by Garret D. M.

Hello Fmaily!

It's been a while since my last update... I have been very busy with my military training with a change in jobs and a moving of units as well so I have had barely enough time to write my story. So as of today Boise ID is on hold until further notice. Until then I will be posting short storys till I have enough time to really sit down and transfer Boise from paper to screen. 

I love you all so much and I hope I can get Leo and Mike back on the site soon!

-Garret D.M.

February 4, 2020: Voyagers Book ][ Changes
Posted by Zarek Dragon

Due to what some readers thought was a duplicate scene in Chapters Six and Seven of Voyagers Book ][, we have made some edits to those two chapters to help  them understand, the "duplication" is a matter of helping our readers understand the continuality of the chapters. As such, scenes that happened prior to the "duplicate" scene were moved to prior to it in Chapter Six, and what would have been a continuation of Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, in its entirity, was moved to Chapter Seven. Chapter Eight WAS going to be published this coming Sunday, so hopefully, you enjoy reading this continuation a little early. As for the new Chapter Eight, it will be published when Chapter Nine was originally planned.

We apologize if this confuses anyone, but we believe all of you are intelligent enough to understand and agree that this decision was best for all readers.

Thank you for your continued support, and we are anxious to hear your opinions about these changes.

The Voyagers' Authors,

February 4, 2020: I am back well, at least I have an Internet connection
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

First, thanks and a big hug to JeffsFort for making that News Post for me.

My Internet issues have been pretty much resolved, at least I have an Internet connection. They still need some new parts, and then some fine-tuning, and hopefully that will resolve this latest issue.  The new equipment and a different connection are supposed to give me a far more robust and solid connection. I am crossing my toes (I can't type if I cross my fingers), however, I am not holding my breath. As of now, I have a far stronger connection in my bedroom, than in my living room/office, what's up with that, supposedly that will be fixed with aa new part and the fine-tuning.  It seems they were sent the wrong power supply, the one they were sent is a puny one and the one they actually need is a humungous one. The one that is being used now doesn't have enough mojo to send out the strength of signal that the relay point needs.

I was in the middle of sending out a very late Newsletter, when the Internet diffigulties occurred, I did get that finished last night. So please check your SPAM Folders, and don't forget to add to your Contacts and Whitelist it as well.

I have a tonne of e-mails to get caught up on so don't worry if you don't see me for a day or three.

I had to purchase a new HD Drive as my primary backup drive was beginning to fail. I also purchased another Backup Software Program, that allows me to make my Primary Backup Drive Bootable. Due to my back and neck problems which I am now seeing  Physical Terrorist aka Physical Therapist, I also had to purchase a different chair that has a much higher back with better support for my head and neck. Hopefully, my new chair will be a big help. According to my IT folks I also need to purchase some additional hardware for an External Backup System. Unfortunately, the chair, new Hard Drive, and the External Backup System require cold hard cash, I tried using those bundles of money that they sell at the Dollar Stores, but for some reason, they just laughed at me. So I will purchase the  External Backup System piecemeal as my piggybank allows me.

I again want to thank all of the kind souls that have donated and continue to donate to the site, your help keeps things running. I want to thank DB for the ongoing donation, that is a big help.

Well, that's all for now, and don't forget to tell your favourite authors Thank You!

Happy reading,


P.S. Don't forget for all of the latest news from all of the Fort Family Sites go to the Fort Family Community Site.

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