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February 18, 2020: Updates
Posted by Garret D. M.

Hello Fmaily!

It's been a while since my last update... I have been very busy with my military training with a change in jobs and a moving of units as well so I have had barely enough time to write my story. So as of today Boise ID is on hold until further notice. Until then I will be posting short storys till I have enough time to really sit down and transfer Boise from paper to screen. 

I love you all so much and I hope I can get Leo and Mike back on the site soon!

-Garret D.M.

February 4, 2020: Voyagers Book ][ Changes
Posted by Zarek Dragon

Due to what some readers thought was a duplicate scene in Chapters Six and Seven of Voyagers Book ][, we have made some edits to those two chapters to help  them understand, the "duplication" is a matter of helping our readers understand the continuality of the chapters. As such, scenes that happened prior to the "duplicate" scene were moved to prior to it in Chapter Six, and what would have been a continuation of Chapter Seven, Chapter Eight, in its entirity, was moved to Chapter Seven. Chapter Eight WAS going to be published this coming Sunday, so hopefully, you enjoy reading this continuation a little early. As for the new Chapter Eight, it will be published when Chapter Nine was originally planned.

We apologize if this confuses anyone, but we believe all of you are intelligent enough to understand and agree that this decision was best for all readers.

Thank you for your continued support, and we are anxious to hear your opinions about these changes.

The Voyagers' Authors,

February 4, 2020: I am back well, at least I have an Internet connection
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

First, thanks and a big hug to JeffsFort for making that News Post for me.

My Internet issues have been pretty much resolved, at least I have an Internet connection. They still need some new parts, and then some fine-tuning, and hopefully that will resolve this latest issue.  The new equipment and a different connection are supposed to give me a far more robust and solid connection. I am crossing my toes (I can't type if I cross my fingers), however, I am not holding my breath. As of now, I have a far stronger connection in my bedroom, than in my living room/office, what's up with that, supposedly that will be fixed with aa new part and the fine-tuning.  It seems they were sent the wrong power supply, the one they were sent is a puny one and the one they actually need is a humungous one. The one that is being used now doesn't have enough mojo to send out the strength of signal that the relay point needs.

I was in the middle of sending out a very late Newsletter, when the Internet diffigulties occurred, I did get that finished last night. So please check your SPAM Folders, and don't forget to add to your Contacts and Whitelist it as well.

I have a tonne of e-mails to get caught up on so don't worry if you don't see me for a day or three.

I had to purchase a new HD Drive as my primary backup drive was beginning to fail. I also purchased another Backup Software Program, that allows me to make my Primary Backup Drive Bootable. Due to my back and neck problems which I am now seeing  Physical Terrorist aka Physical Therapist, I also had to purchase a different chair that has a much higher back with better support for my head and neck. Hopefully, my new chair will be a big help. According to my IT folks I also need to purchase some additional hardware for an External Backup System. Unfortunately, the chair, new Hard Drive, and the External Backup System require cold hard cash, I tried using those bundles of money that they sell at the Dollar Stores, but for some reason, they just laughed at me. So I will purchase the  External Backup System piecemeal as my piggybank allows me.

I again want to thank all of the kind souls that have donated and continue to donate to the site, your help keeps things running. I want to thank DB for the ongoing donation, that is a big help.

Well, that's all for now, and don't forget to tell your favourite authors Thank You!

Happy reading,


P.S. Don't forget for all of the latest news from all of the Fort Family Sites go to the Fort Family Community Site.

February 1, 2020: The Captain is Not at the Wheel!
Posted by JeffsFort

Hi everyone!

Just a quick message to let you know that The Story Lover  is dealing with an ISP outage in his area. Of course you will still see updates from many of the other hosted authors but if you are waiting for him specifically then you may have a day or so to go. I'm sure he'll post as soon as he gets back on :)

Have a Great Weekend!

January 30, 2020: January 29, 2020: Monsters are real :-(
Posted by ACFan

I know I normally never do this, but this once I'm drawing attention to a commentary that has been posted.

You may have noticed that TSL posted a repost of something I found in my Facebook feed. Nobody is sure who wrote it, but any of us who have been there can identify with it and the lesson it teaches.

Please, no matter if you have been abused or not, read the "Monsters are Real" in The Story Lover's Societal Commentaries, and share it with everyone you can. Unfortunately, it mirrors reality all too well.

Thank you, and please say a prayer tonight for the young ones to get help escaping the monsters.


January 29, 2020: A Heads Up
Posted by The Story Lover

"goos' GIF

Dear Readers,

Due to some upgrades and moving around of equipment for my ISP, there is a very good possibility that I may be without an Internet connection for a few days. I will let you know before if and when it happens. If it does happen, hopefully, it will only be for a day or so.

Happy reading,



January 21, 2020: Voyagers Universe Turns 3
Posted by True Fan

Happy January 21st all. Three years ago today, Zarek Dragon, DouglasDD and I embarked on a mission… a mission to create a new story universe and Voyagers was born. Today we will be releasing Chapter 6 of Voyagers Book ][. Our thanks go out to all of you who have made Voyagers so successful.


Creator, Voyagers Universe

Congratulations Guys keep up your great work!



January 21, 2020: I am back, sorta
Posted by The Story Lover

'Goos' Gif

Dear Folks,

I am back working on the site, unfortunately, due to some emergency repair on a few sites, I didn't get as much done as I had planned. I will be back at it tomorrow.

I will be taking it very easy, the first time this happened it took three months for me to be recovered.

I still plan on working with the dictation, however, the Mac Speech to Text Engine doesn't seem to like Sci-Fi or Fantasy, fancy that.

Chapter Twelve of Hearts Across Space is coming along, slowly but is growing word by word.

Authors, I will be doing some editing tomorrow.

Thanks for all of your support.

Happy reading,


January 18, 2020: Some Good News From my iPad
Posted by The Story Lover


I am starting to feel a lot better, my left arm is slowly returning to normal. I was able to get a little writing done yesterday, and will try again this evening. I am still having issues reaching with my left hand, and eating :( is problematic. Between my heating pad, some stretching exercises and an inflatable neck collar full recovery is on the way. I also purchased a new back and seat cushions for my computer chair that are helping me to maintain better posture.

I want to publicly thank all of you that sent Get Well Wishes, they are greatly appreciated. I do hope to begin some limited site work on Monday. I will attempt to get some editing done.

I will also attempt some Dictation, hopefully I can get that AI trained properly, if not I will have to sic 'Goos' on it.

I have stopped using the pain pills, and muscle relaxers almost completely, I am just using ibuprofen for the pain and inflammation. The muscle relaxers and pain pills make me too groggy and unable to function.

Take care,



January 9, 2020: Out of commission for at least another week.
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers and Authors,

I am going to be out of commission for at least another week. I have severely aggravated my pinched nerve and the left side of my neck is in spasms as well as the weakness and numbness/weird feelings in my arm and hand.

For now, I am on pain pills and muscle relaxers, until the referral for Physical Therapy/Acupuncture is approved. If they don't approve the Acupuncture, then X-rays, either a Cat Scan or an MRI, and then probably standard Physical Therapy.

I want to publicly thank all of you that sent me Get Well Wishes, they are greatly appreciated. I believe that I have answered all of them if I missed any please accept my apology. The same goes for those of you that sent replies in regarding my Societal Commentaries, and ACFan's as well. We both appreciate them.

Happy reading,


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