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October 16, 2018: Story Recap
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,

Maxieplus posts chapter 88 from Ayden's Eyes: Book Three.

Zarek Dragon continues TBD with chapter 4: "Caught" and The Submariner with "Crew Manifest".

Art West updates three of his stories: Major Building ~ The Noah Major Family: Book Two and Peek A Boo, I See You and Uniformed Response: Book Two.

Billy Martin posts chapter 19: "Changes" from Trials and Tribulations.

Chowhound gives us chapters 45 and 46 of Three Finger Cove: The Twins ~ Book Four.

C. J. Gibb posts chapter 14: "Moving On" from A Way Out: Book One.

Cynus updates two of his stories: "You Think You Know" from Rivers of the Dead: Book Two and chapter 13 from Shadow Honor: Book One.

Jim Dunaway continues The Long Road: Book One with chapter 29.

JMH gives us chapter 3: "Terrible Despair" from The Centurion Cycle Book Five: Of Shadow and Fire.

Luiz posts chapter 20: "The First Time" from Peter in High School.

Matthew Templar continues The Little Pipsqueak with chapters 2 through 5.

MultiMapper updates his Brynnhollow universe with chapter 5 of Myself... In Shattered Reflection 1: New Blood and chapter 5 of Parvenu Book 4.1: Bacaidhean.

Pyro updates three of his stories: In Time and Jason and Starting Over.

Nigel Gordon posts chapter 5 of The Words Unsaid.

Owen Hudson continues Dreams Don't Grow on Trees with chapter 52.

Rob brings us chapter 11: "Letters" from One Dark Night.

Ruwen Rouhs posts new chapters from the German language KeYNamM ~ König ohne Namen and the English language Sun Quest: Book Two ~ Down the Bredd-ström.

Sequoyah Pendor gives us chapter 25  Arkadelphia Plantation: Book One.

Terry posts chapter 9 of The Little Runaway.

Lindon Weztser continues Lincoln, The Family I Never Expected with chapter 24: "Breakthrough".

And finally, Wayne Gray continues Ash and Ember with chapter 28: "Unchained".

Until next time,

October 13, 2018: Hurricane Michael Relief
Posted by The Story Lover



Hurricane Michael devastated the Florida Panhandle and is now causing more flooding in the Carolinas. The Carolinas are still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Florence. The Fort Family was extremely lucky, all of our authors that live in the path of both hurricanes survived unscathed as far as we know. However, a lot of people haven't been that fortunate, so if you can please donate to the American Red Cross Relief Fund. The preceding link will take you directly to the American Red Cross Donation Page, using the drop-down arrow you can have your donation applied to the Hurricane Michael Relief Fund.

Stay safe and thank you,




October 12, 2018: Story Recap
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,

Bill W posts City of the Dead, a Halloween story.

The Story Lover presents Dear Manufacturers, A Satire ~ Volume One.

Wayne Gray pens two more chapters of Ash and Ember entitled "A Spark, and a Leap" and "Chains of Love".

Snowblind continues Jared the Paramedic III ~ Redemption with chapter 8: "The Gift".

Matthew Templar debuts with the complete 7 chapter series A Simple Christmas Story as well as the first chapter of The Little Pipsqueak.

Luiz updates two of his stories with chapter 19: "The Fight" from Peter in High School and chapter 20: "Get Together" from I Want a Friend.

Multimapper updates his Brynnhollow universe with new chapters from Parvenu Book 4.1: Bacaidhean and Myself... In Shattered Reflection 1: New Blood.

Pyro also updates two of his stories: In Time and Jason, and then begins a new story called Starting Over.

DouglasDD posts chapter 61: "Many Kinds of Love" from The Puget Posse.

Nigel Gordon continues The Words Unsaid with chapter 4.

Owen Hudson continues Dreams Don't Grow on Trees with chapter 51.

Rob posts chapter 10: "Dance 'til You Drop" from One Dark Night.

Ruwen Rouhs gives us new chapters in both KeYNamM ~ König ohne Namen (German) and Sun Quest: Book Two.

Sequoyah Pendor continues Arkadelphia Plantation: Book One with chapter 24.

And finally, Terry posts chapter 8 of The Little Runaway.

Until next time,

October 11, 2018: Welcome to Our New Author Matthew Templar
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

I would like to welcome Matthew Templar and his stories to the site starting with his story The Little Pipsqueak.

Thanks to Matthew the Fort Family Sites now have his Christmas Story, A Simple Christmas Story live on F.R.E.D. and co-hosted here.

Happy Reading,




October 9, 2018: The Power Of An Email
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

I want to thank all of the readers that have emailed authors with their comments.  Emails from readers are very important and as we have said many times emails from our readers are the only pay that us authors receive. There are several authors on this site and other Fort Family Sites that have either continued stories and or written new ones thanks to emails from readers. I do have to admit that I am one of them, My Christmas Story The Ghost of Christmas Present was written as a one-shot Short Story for a Christmas Event. Due to emails from readers and a pesky editor or two, I wrote more chapters and I have plotted out the fifth chapter already. Several of MultiMapper's stories are now series thanks to reader input and requests. There are quite a few more that I can mention, however, I want to keep this message fairly short.

However, that isn't all emails can do, an email from a reader convinced an author to join the site, now that is powerful.

There are a few things to keep in mind when emailing authors, there are quite a few authors on our site that are brand new or fairly new to writing. There are also quite a few authors for whom English is not their native language, for these authors, the grammar, sentence structure and even spelling are going to a bit different from a lot of stories that you read. We also have quite a few authors that we twisted their arms into being hosted as authors. All authors need positive feedback and yes at times even negative feedback. However, even negative comments can be made in a positive manner. I am currently working with an author that was using multiple spellings for the same word due to the fact that English was not his Native Language and his word processor didn't support his version of English. We have worked with him and he is using one language for his spelling. Instead of telling an author that he needs an editor or a new editor cause his writing sucks, suggest that he might consider an editor to improve his/her writing because he has a good storyline or characters. The very first chapter that I ever wrote and had posted on a web had no dialogue in it because I didn't know how to write dialogue so I just left it out. Another author and site owner kindly suggested that I could make my story better by adding dialogue, I started reading a lot more stories including his to see how other authors handled dialogue and over fourteen years later I am still working on improving my dialogue. If he had just told me that my writing sucked, and didn't mention the lack of dialogue I wouldn't be writing today. So please remember when sending an author an email try and remain positive even when you are writing about some negative things. You can also email me if you think an author needs a lot of help and I will see what I can do. The right type of email can be a powerful boost for an author.

Happy Reading,



October 9, 2018: To the Voyagers' Readers
Posted by Zarek Dragon

We added  the Shuttle Complement, with each type's purpose, to the Ship's Spec Page. We have four types of shuttles with their images. If you would like to see what shuttles we have, head over to the Sooloo's Spec Page to check them out. 

October 9, 2018: Update & Reminder: 2018 Fall Short Story Event ~ A Thanksgiving Dinner Surprise!
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers & Authors,

We have received our first entry and it was perfect, it hit the nail right on the head for the theme. So the rest of you get out your keyboards, pen, and or pencils and get writing.

The 2018 Fort Family of Sites Fall Short Story Event's theme is: A Thanksgiving Dinner Surprise! ~ You and your family (who do not know you're gay) decide this year to go out for their Thanksgiving Feast. Mid-way through the meal, someone stops by your table. You are horrified to find out it was a guy you just started dating, who doesn't know you're not out to your family...

As usual, this event is open to all readers and authors of the Fort Family Sites, however, if anyone knows of an author from another site that would like to enter this even just ask them to click on the following link Story Submissions. My staff and I would love to see lots of new authors entering this year.

The rules/guidelines are as follows: Must be theme related should be a minimum of 500 words and no longer than 15,000 words. These are not carved in stone, so please submit away. Submissions are due no later than Midnight PDT on November 17, 2018. All submissions will be posted on Thanksgiving Day, November 22, 2018. Please include the theme title: A Thanksgiving Dinner Surprise! in the title of your story. In case you forgot the email address for submissions is A Thanksgiving Dinner Surprise!

Some pretty amazing stories have come out of the Short Story Events and some wonderful New Authors as well. My Staff and I will be busy posting the previous Fall Short Story Events over the next few weeks. 2007 has been completed and 2008 will be posted shortly.

Happy writing,

Fred The Elf









October 6, 2018: Story Recap
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,

Sean E. completes When Shadows Pass with the final two chapters plus the epilogue.

Wayne Gray posts two more chapters of Ash and Ember entitled "Family Secrets" and "Clarity from Crisis".  He also published the poem The Perfect Sin.

William King brings us chapter 15: "A Secret Revealed" from I'll Kiss You in the Rain, as well as two chapters of Neon entitled "Transduction" and "Disambiguation".

DouglasDD posts chapter 60: "Brotherly Love" from The Puget Posse.

Snowblind continues Jared the Paramedic III ~ Redemption with three chapters: "Adult Group""Doubt", and "Jett".

Chowhound gives us two chapters of Three Finger Cove: The Twins.

Art West continues updating multiple series with Love Is In The AirMajor Building ~ The Noah Major Family: Book Two, and Peek A Boo, I See You.

C. J. Gibb posts chapter 13: "Father and Son" from A Way Out.

Cynus gives us a chapter each of Rivers of the Dead: Book Two and Shadow Honor.

Jim Dunaway continues The Long Road: Book One.

JMH posts chapter 2: "The Scroll" from The Centurion Cycle Book Five: Of Shadow and Fire.

Maxieplus gives us two more chapters of Ayden's Eyes: Book Three.

Timmy Short and TSL present the short story Allie & Timmy's Magical Christmas.

And finally, Beldro Mercier presents the short story Desert of the Real.

Until next time,

October 3, 2018: Knee Update
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

I had x-rays on my knee Monday and I am waiting for a call from the Orthopedic Dept. I am wearing my brace and using my cane all of the time now. Well, that is except when it is being iced. I forgot to mention that when I fell my knee hit the ground, I was wearing my brace at the time as well. My knee is feeling a bit better, however, it still doesn't like being bent at all.

I hope to be back at work on my computer in a few more days.

Happy Reading,



September 30, 2018: Taking A Few Days Off From My Computer
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

I need to take a few days off from sitting in front of my computer, yesterday was my brother's Birthday and we had a family picnic. We also had a Bean Bag Toss Tournament and I was stupid enough to try it on my bum knee. Unfortunately, we won the first round and were very close to winning the second round as well. My knee decided it didn't want to play anymore so I made the acquaintance of the grass. My knee is telling me that it doesn't want to be bent while sitting, so I will be keeping off of it and keeping it iced and elevated for a few days. I will continue with the updates that I was doing as soon as I can. I apologize to those authors whose stories are being delayed.

Happy Reading,




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