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April 18, 2019: Random Author Of The Week ~ Bill William King!
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

This week's belated Random Author Of The Week is William King, his stories which include a healthy dose of realism include: Neon, Refugee, Speechless, and more

So please check out his stories and let William know your thoughts with an email.

Happy reading,


April 16, 2019: Welcome to another New Author ~ BillyYes
Posted by The Story Lover


The Story Lover's Home is thrilled to announce another New Author BillyYes, also courtesy of True's Fandom Dot Com. Billy's story Dante, My Inferno is now available for your reading pleasure.

I have also decided to follow the advice of ACFan and form a company, The Story Lover's Author Acquisitions LLC.

There is a lot more to come in the next few weeks, I hope to have a major announcement in the next week or so, so stay tuned.

Don't forget for all the news from The Fort Family Sites go to our Fort Family Community Site.

Happy reading,


P.S. I forgot to tell you that Imagine-Magazine Volume 47 is now live.

April 16, 2019: Welcome to our New Author ~ Juju
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

First of all, I would like to announce our latest Author Juju, courtesy of True's Fandom Dot Com. Juju's stories include; The Music In The Painting,  his newest story Heart Strings, and two short stories.

I do have to admit to the fact that True Fan has been bugging me for months now to Co-Host Juju, I finally made time to read his stories, and as a result, he is now on the site. So check out his stories, and don't forget to let him know that you read his stories.

 I have been working on a bunch of different projects in the background lately, and co-hosting Juju was one of the site-related projects.  I am trying to get all of my site backlogs posted, It will be a few days before that happens if it ever does. 

I am working on adding a few more authors to the site as well.

Happy reading,


April 13, 2019: Two of our authors need your emotional support.
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear Readers,

Please keep Nigel Gordon and Cynus in your thoughts as they both are suffering from some physical issues. Nigel has been through a rough round of hospitalizations and could use some positive energy. Cynus has had some physical issues with his hands and could also use some positive energy.

So please keep both of them in your thoughts and send them some positive energy and emails.

I also want to thank all of you generous readers that have made donations to the site to keep it and my computers up and running. Your donations not only keep the site running they also keep it AD and Premium Fees free. Thanks especially to  DB, and JC for their latest donations they are greatly appreciated.

Happy reading,


April 7, 2019: April 2 to April 6 Story Recap
Posted by The Story Lover



Here is what we have posted in the last few days:

Bill W. brings us Bringing In the New Year from The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 3.

ColumbusGuy has returned with  Chapter Fifty-Seven: Debates of Jay & Miles.

Maxieplus has also returned with Chapter 103 of Ayden's Eyes Book Four.

Ronyx brings us Chapter Twenty~Six of Birds Don't Sing Before A Storm.

Sean E. has brought us Chapters Four - We Felt Like Brothers, and  Five - Brothers Never Forget from Discoveries on My Journey of Life.

Thanks to The Phone, we have Chapters Nine: Martin's Choice, and Ten of A Long Way From Home ~ Book One.

Thorn Wilde has brought us Chapters Chapter Five: Bulletproof Cupid, and Chapter Six: Teenage Angst from Nemesis.

UKWriter brings us Chapter 10 of Pirate Dan: Part One ~ Skye.

Wayne Gray brings us not only Silverwolf - Chapter 2: Secrets, but also Bluegrass Symphony - Chapter 8: Acceptance.

As always Authors if I forgot your story I apologize.

Happy reading,


April 3, 2019: Newsletter Confirmation Issue Resolved
Posted by The Story Lover


Dear readers,

We have resolved the issue with the Newsletter Confirmation Emails, unfortunately; we have no method to re-send the confirmation emails. So, if you have subscribed to the Newsletter and are not receiving it please resubscribe. Newsletter

 I will be sending out a Newsletter tomorrow.

Happy reading,


April 3, 2019: March Story Recap & News
Posted by The Story Lover


Awesome Authors and Readers,

The month of March was a very, very busy one for the site, New Authors, New Stories, and lots, and lots of New Chapters as of now, there are 777 Stories, and 8,307 Chapters.

So without further ado here is the recap by Author:


Memories Part Three ~  Images: Clan Short Atlantic Fleet: CSSF Jesse L. Brown, Chapter 34: A Family Is Born, Chapter 35 - Anchors Aweigh, and Ship Register: FCS Atlantic Fleet (Updated).

Art West:

Second Time Around ~ Chapters Three through Six, which ends this story.

The Wheeler Book Two ~ Chapter One, A New Story for Max and Josh.

Bill W. :

The Castaway Hotel: Next Generation Book 3 ~ Tristan, Much to Do, Rough Times, Moving On, Strange Things Are Happening, and A Currie Christmas.


Three Finger Cove: The Twins ~ Book Four ~ Chapters Sixty~Six through Seventy which brings this book to an end, Book Five is coming.


Rivers of the Dead: Book Three ~ 4~10: Unity, which is the last chapter in this book.

The Trial: Book Two ~ Clouded Purity ~ Chapters Four through Seven.


 Piano Forte ~ Chapter 10-Controlling William, and Chapter 11-Learning Curve.

Garret D. M.:

Boise ID ~ Chapter 3: The Truth

Jim Dunaway:

A Love Across Time ~ Chapters Seven through Ten.

The Long Road Book: Book Two ~ Continuing Down The Long Road  ~ Chapters Six through Nine.


 The Centurion Cycle Book Five ~ Of Shadow and Fire ~ Chapter Thirty~One: The End of the War, Chapter Thirty~Two: Declarations, and Chapter Thirty~Three: Secret Oaths, which brings Book Five to an end.

The Centurion Cycle Book Six ~ Sins of the Demon ~ Chapter One: Fear of Shadows, the first Chapter of Book Six.

Jules Porter:

Let Me Tell You About Bob - The Salvation of a Gay Teen ~ Chapter Six, which is the end of this story. However, you wonderful readers have convinced Jules to write another story, so stay tuned.

Matthew Templar:

The Little Pipsqueak ~ Chapters Fifty~Eight through Sixty~One.

Nigel Gordon:

 Walking the Wild Side ~ Chapters Five through Eight.


 Birds Don't Sing Before A Storm ~ Chapters Seventeen through Twenty~Five.

Ruwen Rouhs:

 Sun Quest: Book Three ~ Sea Peoples ~ Chapters Eleven through Thirteen.

Four Nights in St. Bartholomew ~ Chapter One: The First Night ~ The Star in the Crypt, Chapter Two: The Second Night ~ Jerusalem is Burning, Chapter Three: The Third Night ~ The Tempest Takes It All, and Chapter Four: The Fourth Night~ Night Hike to the Third Country. The promised New Story.

Sean E.:

 Discoveries on My Journey of Life ~Chapter One - The Beginning, Chapter Two - The Great Fall, and Chapter Three - A New Meaning for Friendship.

Sequoyah Pendor:

Arkadelphia Plantation: Book Two ~ Chapters Twelve through Fourteen.


 Davey ~ A repost of Chapter Eighteen as it was revised, and Chapter Twenty~Three, which concludes the First Book.

How The Lottery Gave Me A New Life ~ Chapter 3: Becoming An Uncle, Chapter 4: Surprises for Betty/Mommy and My New Nephews, Chapter 5: Tommy's Dream, Chapter 6: A Special Gift From the Boys' "Daddy, ', and Chapter 7: "Making Homework Fun.

Meeting Matty Changed Both Our Lives And Many More Lives ~Introduction: My Inheritance. Yet another New Story!


Jared the Paramedic III ~ Redemption ~ Chapter 44: Youth Camping Trip, Chapter 45: Committees, Chapter 46: Preparations, Chapter 47: Pride, Chapter 48: Breaking Point, Chapter 49: The Seventh Messenger.

Sonny Malone:

Chris and Richard’s Serendipitous Romance ~ Chapter Four.


Missing ~ Chapter Eleven: The Missing Couple.

The Phone:

A Long Way From Home ~ Book One ~ Chapters Six through Eight.

The Story Lover:

Societal Commentaries ~ The Shadows Of My Mind ~ A Poem, and Death Came Knocking At My Door: I Sent Him Packing!.

Short Stories ~ The Great Food Fight Birthday Party, and The Woodpecker and I.

Thorn Wilde:

Two New Stories;

The Short Story 11:50 From Seattle,

Nemesis ~ Chapter One: Nancy Boy, Chapter Two: Taste in Men, Chapter Three: Plasticine, and Chapter Four: Bruise Pristine.


Can You Spare A Quarter ~ Revised ~ Chapter Sixteen: A New Beginning, Chapter Seventeen: Epilogue, Chapter Eighteen: Afterword, Chapter Nineteen: Epilogue - A Continuing Life, and Epilogue: A Continuing Life ~ By Jamie.


Pirate Dan: Part One ~ Skye ~ Chapters Six through Nine.

Voyagers Authors:

Voyagers ~ Space Fleet Regulations, Chapter Thirty-One: Megrez, and Chapter Thirty-Two: Reflections

Wayne Gray:

Bluegrass Symphony ~ Bluegrass Symphony - Chapter 1: San Diego, Bluegrass Symphony - Chapter 2: Papaw, Bluegrass Symphony - Chapter 3: Broken Blood, Bluegrass Symphony - Chapter 4: Farmer Wren, Bluegrass Symphony - Chapter 5: Brotherly Love, Bluegrass Symphony - Chapter 6: Dissonance, and Bluegrass Symphony - Chapter 7: Expectations.

Silverwolf ~ Silverwolf - Chapter 1: Riding the Beast. Yup Another New Story!

Zarek Dragon:

Short Stories ~ My Childhood Best Friend. I told you that there were a lot of New Stories and yes this is another one!

So there you have them 'short' and sweet.

On a personal note, several of our authors are either dealing with physical injuries or ill health, so please keep Cynus and Nigel Gordon in your thoughts.

Thanks again to all the wonderful authors and readers that make this site so great.

Happy reading,


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