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November 12, 2018: Story Recap for 11/10 - 11/12
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,
TSL worked his fingers to the bone editing over the weekend.  Thanks to his work, we have several updates for your reading enjoyment:

Tigerpaw releases chapter 3: "Fate Takes a Turn" from Can You Spare A Quarter ~ Revised.

Terry posts chapter 13 of The Little Runaway.

Silas111 gives us chapter 9 of Davey.

Sequoyah Pendor updates Arkadelphia Plantation with chapter 29.

Sean E. revises his story The Bully and the Bullied with the first chapter, "The Incident".

Ruwen Rouhs releases chapters for Madz ~ Schulzeit and Sun Quest: Book Two ~ Down the Bredd-ström.

Nigel Gordon posts chapter 9 of The Words Unsaid.

Matthew Templar continues The Little Pipsqueak with chapters 16-20.

Luiz brings us chapter 24: "Please, Don't Be Like That" from Peter in High School.

Rob gives us chapter 15: "Il Y A Toujours Une Crise (There Is Always a Crisis)" from One Dark Night.

JMH posts chapter 7: "The City of the Dead" from The Centurion Cycle Book Five: Of Shadow and Fire.

Cynus releases new chapters from Rivers of the Dead: Book Two and Shadow Honor: Book One.

Billy Martin posts chapter 23: "Tender Loving Care" from Trials and Tribulations.

Finally, Art West brings us chapter 3 of Carriage Trade, chapter 10 of Love Is In The Air, chapter 8 of Peek A Boo, I See You, chapter 3 of The Wheeler and chapter 5 of Uniformed Response: Book Two.

Until next time,

November 12, 2018: Random Author Of The Week ~ ColumbusGuy!
Posted by The Story Lover



I am starting something new this week, every week I will randomly pick one of the site's authors as the Author of the Week. I am hoping that this will bring different authors to the attention of the site's readers.

This week's Random Author is ColumbusGuy, he is the author of the following stories, Jay and Miles, Jay and Miles Out West, Tales Of Three Worlds, Pompeii Passions, Family Decisions, Fond Memories, Dragon Quest, and ColumbusGuy's Prompt Responses.

So check out his stories, you might just find a new favourite author.

Happy Reading,


November 10, 2018: Story Recap for 11/07 - 11/09
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,

Art West updates 4 of his stories: chapter 9 of  Love Is In The Air, chapter 7 of Peek A Boo, I See You, chapter 2 of The Wheeler, and chapter 4 of Uniformed Response: Book Two.

Billy Martin posts chapter 20: "Plots and Tragedy" from Trials and Tribulations.

Chowhound releases chapters 47 through 50 of Three Finger Cove: The Twins.

Cynus publishes the "Sweet Oblivion" chapter of Rivers of the Dead: Book Two as well as chapter 15 of Shadow Honor.

Jim Dunaway continues The Long Road with chapter 32.

JMH posts chapter 6: "The Fear of Treachery" from The Centurion Cycle Book Five: Of Shadow and Fire.

Luiz releases chapter 7: "I'm Straight" from Peter in High School.

Matthew Templar updates The Little Pipsqueak with chapters 12 through 15.

Nigel Gorgon posts chapter 8 of The Words Unsaid.

Rob gives us chapter 14: "Impromptu Auditions" from One Dark Night.

Ruwen Rouhs continues his German language Madz ~ Schulzeit and his English language Sun Quest: Book Two ~ Down the Bredd-ström.

Sequoyah Pendor updates Arkadelphia Plantation with chapter 28.

Boudreaux gives us chapter 34 of Dear Diary.

Silas111 posts chapter 8 of Davey.

Terry brings us chapter 12 of The Little Runaway.

Tigerpaw continues his revised Can You Spare A Quarter with chapter 2: "Work Intrudes".

Wayne Gray gives us a long-awaited epilogue of Guarded.

And finally, Snowblind releases chapter 18: "Other Worlds" from Jared the Paramedic III ~ Redemption.

Until next time,

November 7, 2018: Story Recap for 11/01 - 11/06
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,

Snowblind updates Jared the Paramedic III ~ Redemption with chapters 15 - 17 entitled "Surprises", "Shunned" and "Introspection".

Wayne Gray pens chapters 7 - 9 of A Silent Song (A Camp Refuge Story) entitled "Speaking", "Growth" and "Connection".

The authors of Voyagers posts the Duty Roster from the SS Endurance.

And Maxieplus releases chapter 92 of Ayden's Eyes: Book Three.

Until next time,

November 6, 2018: Three Miilion Total Views And Still Rolling
Posted by The Story Lover



Sometime yesterday while I was sleeping we broke the Three Million Total View Mark! We not only broke it we smashed it as the current number is 3,005,413 Total View Count. All of this has happened since the relaunch of the site on May 14, 2017, only 535 Days, amazing.

Thanks again to all of you wonderful readers for reading the stories on the site. A big thanks also to all of the wonderful authors whose stories are what attract you readers in the first place.

This site wouldn't be the success that it is without all of the authors, editors, and readers that keep the site growing. Thank you all very much, this site has exceeded my wildest dreams. Considering the fact that Uncle August gave me my site because he didn't like my email address! If he could only see it now. Uncle August, I will always miss you.

On to other news, thanks to those of you that have written with wishes for my better health, they are greatly appreciated. I am on the mend and hope to resume editing and posting tomorrow. I am slightly behind responding to emails, however, I hope to get caught up today.

Happy Reading,


November 4, 2018: My Site Updates Delayed a few days
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers and Authors,

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am postponing the updates that I had planned for this weekend. I am dealing with some unwelcome Chest and Head Congestion as well as some Intestinal Discomfort.

I am sorry for the delay, I am going back to bed. Hopefully, I will be posting no later than Tuesday. However, there will still be posts made by authors.



November 3, 2018: The End Of Daylight Saving Time Is Here!
Posted by The Story Lover



For those of you readers that are currently on Daylight Saving Time, it has come to its end, specifically at 1:59 AM tomorrow morning. At 2 AM tomorrow, we return to Standard Time. Unfortunately, since the 'clock' is falling back, that means we lose an hour sleep! frown I hope you enjoyed your extra hour of sleep.

So don't forget to set all of your clocks back before you go to bed tonight.

Happy Reading,

TSL ~Edited


November 2, 2018: Story Recap for 10/29 - 10/31
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Reader,

Art West updates 3 of his stories and debuts a new one.  For the updated stories, we have Love Is In The AirPeek A Boo, I See You, and Uniformed Response: Book Two.  For the new story, we have The Wheeler.

Boudreaux presents chapters 8 and 9 of Finding My Way Home: Book 3 - Home Life, chapter 3 of Lagniappe, chapter 8 of Twists Of Time, and chapter 34 of Dear Diary.

Wayne Gray pens chapter 4 through 6 of A Silent Song (A Camp Refuge Story) entitled "The Word of Man", "Hope", and "The Devil".

Snowblind gives us chapter 14: "Leap" from Jared the Paramedic III ~ Redemption.

William King posts chapter 18: "Questions and Answers" and chapter 19: "Jake and Us" from I'll Kiss You in the Rain.

The Halloween story event includes Boudreaux's Tiny Timmy,  The Phone's The Day, and Darryl The Radio Rancher's Death's Day Off.

The Story Lover presents the short story Frangol's Flight.

And wrapping up October, Maxieplus continues Ayden's Eyes: Book Three with chapter 91.

Until next time,

October 31, 2018: Story Recap for 10/26 - 10/28
Posted by Aquenon

Dear Readers,
No updates for the 26th, but we did have 3 chapters from ColumbusGuy and ACFan on the 27th.   The rest of this update covers the 28th.

ColumbusGuy posted "Searching" from Tales of Three Worlds.

ACFan posts two chapters from Memories Part 3: And A Child Shall Lead Them entitled "Past to Present" and "Eternity Rewound".

Chapter 23: "Last Days on New Earth" from Voyagers has been released.

Tigerpaw debuts with chapter 1: "Accidental Meeting" from Can You Spare A Quarter ~ Revised.

Terry gives us chapter 11 of The Little Runaway.

Silas111 brings us chapter 7 of Davey.

Sequoyah Pendor releases chapter 27 of Arkadelphia Plantation: Book One.

Ruwen Rouhs completes his German story KeYNamM ~ König ohne Namen, gives us another chapter of his German story Madz ~ Schulzeit, and also updates his English story Sun Quest: Book Two ~ Down the Bredd-ström.

Rob posts chapter 13: "Hitching a Ride" from One Dark Night.

Pyro updates three of his stories: In TimeJason and Starting Over.

Nigel Gordon releases chapter 7 of The Words Unsaid.

MultiMapper gives us chapter 6 of Parvenu Book 4.1: Bacaidhean.

Matthew Templar posts chapter 7 through 11 of The Little Pipsqueak.

Luiz brings us chapters 21 and 22 of Peter in High School entitled "Don't I Always Make It Up to You?" and "I'm Deeply in Love".

JMH releases chapter 5: "The Good and the Bad" from The Centurion Cycle Book Five: Of Shadow and Fire.

Jim Dunaway returns with chapter 31 of The Long Road: Book One.

Cynus brings us "The Warlock" from Rivers of the Dead: Book Two.

Billy Martin posts chapter 21: "Questions" from Trials and Tribulations.

And finally, Art West releases chapter 2 of Carriage Trade.

Until next time,

October 31, 2018: Just In Time For Halloween!
Posted by The Story Lover

Dear Readers,

Just in time for Halloween all of the Death's Day Off Short Story Event submissions have now been posted. So visit F.R.E.D. and read them all.

Don't forget to say thank you to our awesome authors by dropping them a short email.

Happy Reading,

Fred Avatar

October 31, 2018: A New Dragon Earl Short Story!
Posted by 'Goos'


Dear Readers,

TSL has created a travesty, he wrote a Dragon Earl Short Story without me can you believe it?

However, even I the mighty 'Goos' has to admit that he wrote it for a great reason, a reader wrote in asking for more Dragon Earl Universe because he really likes the scenes of flying on a dragon. I think my pal Jonah would agree with him on that.

If you have ever debated about writing to an author debate no more Frangol's Flight is an awesome reason to write to an author! See what can happen when you write to an author. 

Frangol, thank you very much for bugging TSL to write more about me, and may your dreams always come true!

'Til We Fly Again,




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