A Nudge In The Right Direction

Chapter Four

We left the medical offices and went to the Major Investment offices behind the old manor house. We had a meeting there with an investment broker who worked for Noah's brother Sean. 

He, Bill, was handling my investments and now I wanted him to do the same with the fund we were setting up for Ricky.

He had set up Ham's accounts just before his adoption and we wanted the same set up for Ricky. Once that was all set up, we stopped at the offices of Major Law to see Beth and Frank for a minute and they got to see the boys as I indicated to our lawyer friends that it was time to begin the filing for adoption for Ricky as I signed some papers they had for me.

We left there and went home, since there was still time for me to take Ricky for a horseback ride while he sat in front of me on my saddle, and Ham was getting pretty good at riding on his own, so we were looking forward to a pleasant two hours together before Joe came home for dinner after a late afternoon showing.

Nick was at the barn when we arrived there, and he assisted in the saddling up and then decided to go with us, as it really was a nice mild late afternoon, about 57 degrees which was good for late February and early March in our neck of the woods.

We rode out the now established route to the far gate on our property and rode slowly back. During our ride Nick explained that this second year at the University was going very well for him and he was really happy working for us here, but it looked like after the Spring semester he was going to have to move into a dorm, or worse yet, find an apartment, because his parents were retiring and had sold the land their house and home was on and they were moving to Arizona for the drier climate.

I asked who had bought the land.

He told me that he didn't know, but he was afraid if he had to live in a dorm he wouldn't be able to work for us anymore.

I could tell he was getting a little upset, as were the boys, over their "big brother" not being around anymore, but I held my tongue because this was something Joe and I had agreed to talk to him about together. I guessed that we had better do that sooner rather than later, so when I saw Joe pull in as we neared the barn and house area, I asked Nick to have dinner that night with us.

During dinner Joe got to examine Ricky's new cast and just as I was getting our desert plated (hot apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top) Joe asked if Nick would still work for us full time this summer, managing the rented fields for us and being available for the boys riding lessons and caring for the barn and its inhabitants.

I spoke up and told Joe that Nick knew his parents had sold their farm and I indicated to him, without words, that now was the time for "that talk".

I distributed the deserts and sat next to Joe and as we ate our pie I started the ball rolling and asked Joe what he had done today.

He began by telling us all at the table that he had shown a nice house this morning to a new employee of the town's street department, and then after a short lunch, he had met with our lawyers, Beth and Frank, and another couple, Nick's parents.

Ham spoke up and said, "Daddy and Ricky and I saw them today too, and they signed Ricky's cast and then Daddy had to sign a bunch of stuff and then we came home to ride with Nick, did you say you saw Nick's parents today?"

Joe chuckled and looked at me and we nodded and Joe saw the light bulb going off in Nick's head and he told him that we were the ones who had bought his family homestead, and we wanted him to live in the house for as long as he liked, but that after he graduated in two years we wanted him to be our property manager, and continue to live in his family home if he wanted.

We could discuss this all in more detail later, but the upshot of all this was that we wanted him working for us now and in the future, and there was no reason for him to leave his home now, or in the future.

I told him then that his pay was being increased so he could afford the utilities at the property and we would call that his rent, until he graduated in two years, and then his working for us would entitle him to housing, either in the same house he now lived in, or we'd make other arrangements with him, but housing was going to be included.

When he started leaking tears the young boys got a bit upset, until he started laughing and had run to Joe and me and gathered us up in a big hug, thanking us for being so kind to him and generous to boot.

We told him that his parents knew what our plan was and that they approved and set aside a substantial amount from the sale for each of their two sons, and although Rick, who worked for Terry and had sent Nick our way, was out on his own and happy, that he too was always welcome to live in the "family" home as well, as long as it didn't turn into a frat house and there were no all-night parties or carousing going on just down the street from us.

It was a happy Nick that left us after dinner to talk to his parents before their bedtime and after we all cleaned up the table and the kitchen we settled in on the couch to snuggle and watch a few programs before the boys' bedtime.

One of our plans for the new land was, of course, to rent it out to farmers but to also give us more "off the road" riding trails. We had patches of woods on our own "homestead", but there were many more acres of them on the other, especially on the land that divided the two properties. Our thinking was that with judicious thinning, some of the wooded areas would make great riding trails, especially in the summer heat.

The boys were going to be riding well by the summer, and if it was too hot they would more than likely spend more time in the pool, so we had also decided to send them to the swim center for more formal instruction, as soon as Ricky was out of his cast and cleared for more activity.

The survey of the additional land was shown to Nick and we asked him to carve out leasable acreage to offer to those interested, and to help us in determining which groves of trees could be thinned just enough for trails to be cut into them for hot weather riding.

He and his brother had grown up on that land, and they knew the land, they knew where a ravine or a water hazard was that would need to be seen to, either with a bridge of some sort, or a path that would circumnavigate a hazardous area, an area hazardous not only for the boys but for the horses as well.

The boys were happy that Nick would still be working here and so were Joe and I, as we didn't have the time to learn land management, and animal husbandry, plus we both worked hard at our jobs and didn't want to take more time away from the boys. 

The spring saw the beginning of the intramural soccer season and Coach Dean and I began with a few practice sessions before breaking the group of boys into a first string and a second string, to give all the boys who had come out for the trials a chance to play.

The boys were enthusiastic and had done their homework on the rules and regulations, as had Coach Dean and me.

I was super honored when the team started calling themselves the Wolfe Pack and we had enough guys to scrimmage between each of the two strings of players and sure enough, by the time of our second match many of the second-string players had improved enough that often we would play a combination of strings against an opponent.

We really didn't do that bad for a first-year team, we came in 4th out of the 11 teams we had played against, with the promise of a great team the next season.

What was great was having the boys with me at most of the after-school practices, and the matches on the weekends.

Not only did the boys enjoy it, they became sort of mascots for the team.

Joe started to come not only to the matches but to the practices as well. I really was glad we worked out several times a week because running up and down the sidelines would have wiped me out if I hadn't kept up with the exercising.

By mid-March it was time for another set of x-rays so again we went right after school and Ham and I accompanied Ricky up to Harry's x-ray lab.

After almost a half hour they were done in there and we went back downstairs to see Dr. Chris who only kept us waiting about 10 minutes before escorting us into his office.

He had the newest x-rays on his viewing screen and an old one as well. He showed us all the differences, grinning like a Cheshire cat the whole time.

To my untrained eye, it looked like Ricky's bones were totally healed, and Dr. Chris confirmed that for us as he asked Ricky how he'd like to get the big cast off and just wear an elastic sleeve for about two more weeks.

He showed us all what he was talking about and it was just like the elastic sleeve you wore after a sprain. Ricky thought that would be cool and a lot lighter weight to be lugging around.

Dr. Chris did tell him that no contact sports for quite a while yet, but he could definitely begin to ride on the trails and not just in the coral, and he could begin using the swimming pool, he wanted him to begin to give his arm some non-resistance exercise.

Ricky was thrilled, and he gave his doctor a hug.

Dr. Chris took him to a treatment room and soon we heard the buzz of the Dremel type machine and Ricky was back in just a few minutes, his arm slathered in ointment to help moisturize it.

Dr. Chris told us then that the titanium brace in the arm would stay in there until the summer when they would decide if it would hinder bone growth or not, but right now it wasn't. If it became a problem they would surgically remove it in an outpatient procedure and it could be done right upstairs and in a few hours, Ricky could go home.

This would follow another x-ray session. We all thanked the good doctor and made our way home, with Ham inspecting, minutely, Ricky's arm.

We had more to celebrate at the end of the month. Beth called and told us that we had a date with the same Family Court judge that had presided over Ham's adoption. Ricky's hearing would take place April 7th, which happened to be Ham's 10th birthday.

The whole week before the hearing Ricky got the same treatment in school that Ham had; total encouragement from the other students and teachers alike.

It was so infectious that I began to feel like an expectant father must feel like the week before the birth of his baby, and Joe said his co-workers were doing the same to him. It was a glorious feeling, especially as every day, two or three times a day, Ricky would hug us and say he couldn't wait to be our legal son.

His big day came on a Friday at noontime and we had all stayed home that day mostly, so we could be calm, or as calm as possible before our hearing.

Since it was Ham's birthday we had asked a few days ahead of time if he wanted to go with us, and he looked at us like we had three heads or something.

He told us in no uncertain terms that of course, he was going with us; it wasn't every day he got a new brother for his birthday!

We did kind of coach Ricky about the judge taking him into his chambers for a talk first, just so he wouldn't freak or anything when it happened.

And it did, but not before Ham was reacquainted with the judge and told the judge that getting Ricky for a brother was one of his birthday presents.

Joe and I couldn't believe he had the nerve to do that, but at least he was speaking up for himself. Thankfully the judge agreed and granted the adoption and Ricky was thereafter legally known as Richard Landon Wolfe, as per his request.

We had a late lunch at the middle school where Ricky got to tell the whole lunchroom his new name as Joe and I took the copy of the official decree and a copy of his new birth certificate to the office to register his new name, where Ken led the staff in congratulating us on our new son.

After lunch, as prearranged with his teacher, we had a surprise for Ham. We had had a cake delivered to his classroom and now we all went and shared it with his classmates after they got to sing Happy Birthday to him.

He had another cake, and some presents at dinner that night as his grandparents and Uncle Rodger had joined us for our double celebration, along with Nick who had picked up the two cakes for us. Ricky and Ham thought it was like having another Christmas.

After school was out for the summer, the boys began swimming lessons for the first month of vacation. They delighted in showing us everything they had learned each day in our pool when they got home.

Joe had a lot of daytime appointments that summer which proved to be very, very good for his business, and if he was on appointments during the day he got to see them swim in the evening as we usually had a swim after dinner most nights.

The boys were also making friends and spending time playing with them either at our place or their friends' homes. Most of them were members of the Sargent/Major clan and we knew they were either swimming or riding with that group, as they all did at our place, but what we had that most others didn't have was a soccer field out back of the pool house.

Nick had spent most of the late Spring perfecting it and he and his new boyfriend, a soccer player at the University, Mitch, spent a lot of time with an assortment of kids out there, as did Joe and I when we each had the time.

One Saturday, Nick, and Mitch had some friends from the university join them and they played to a tie against the kids (with Joe and me helping the kids), and another weekend some of the adults from the Sargent/Major clan took on the college boys on our pitch and again the score was tied, but the cookout everyone had pitched in preparing was definitely a winner.

Joe and I had told Nick that if it would help their relationship he could have Mitch move in with him, he was a nice guy and had a summer job and was a scholarship student, so we knew he didn't have much and when I found out he too was an orphan, well let's just say, we had another thing in common. They were living together as soon as Mitch gave his notice at his summer rental.

One morning I was working out in the pool house gym and really working up a good sweat when Joe came out to begin his workout.

The boys were at the swim center having their morning lessons with their friends at the big pool, and we were alone for at least two hours before Joe had another closing to attend for a property he had both listed and sold (double commission!).

He was pumped about this sale, as it would make the third such deal he had put together in just a month's time.

I could tell my mate was excited about this one, but even more excited as I peeled off my tank top that was now very damp and began to drop my gym shorts as they were not much better. I was placing a towel on the work out bench I was using when I felt Joe's right hand reach around me and cup the pouch of my jockstrap and begin to knead it, causing my dick to expand and totally push the pouch away from my body. By now I could feel the full pouch of his jock rubbing against the small of my back.

I turned my head to ask what he was planning, and he caught my lips with his, and we were soon facing one another, grinding ourselves against one another while our tongues dueled. This man turned me on so much that wherever he wanted this to go, I was going with him.

We ground against each other until there was an urge that had to be followed and soon Joe was on his back on the towel and I was slowly entering his big bubble butt, slowly so I could savor each second it took to totally impale myself in him, his hands grasping my chest and encouraging me with his guttural moans, filling my ears with his urges as I filled his ass. Once totally connected I sucked on his tongue as my hands worked his hard body, fingers exploring each ridge of muscle and each valley that was dripping with passion induced sweat. As I ground into him he started to clench his rectum around my fully engorged dick and my exposed cock head caressed his prostate, bringing us closer and closer to our mutual climaxes. When the inevitable happened, my mouth found his right nipple and that suction helped his rocketing spew to reach both of our chests and necks, leaving us dripping. I tried to gather as much of his sperm in my mouth and then shared it with him.

Our shower after was filled with loving caresses and shared kisses, leaving us both almost ready for round two, but he had money to go make and I had the boys to pick up before lunchtime.

Ham and Ricky were busy arranging for a group horseback trail ride when I arrived at the swim center to pick them up.

When they saw me walk up to the snack bar where they were holding court they began to ask me if their friends could come over on horseback to ride our new trails that Nick and I, with help from Mitch and Joe, and a chainsaw, had carved into the wooded areas on the property that Nick's parents had sold us.

Hopefully by winter, several of the cut timbers would be being used in our fireplaces because what we had done was cut out the dead wood which not only made room to ride through most of the woods but made for a better environment for the remaining live trees.

Of course, there was the occasional live tree that had to be removed for one reason or another, but these were few and their wood would have a full year to dry out before they would be reduced to fireplace sized logs.

I told our boys that maybe we should talk to Terry about a big trail ride because as we owned our own horses, many of the other children used Terry's horses from the riding center, so if we got Terry involved in planning the whole thing, we would be assured that on the day picked there would be horses available for everyone to ride.

Within a week Terry had organized a huge event that would cover the trails on the properties that Chris and Noah owned, and after a picnic lunch at the riding center, the afternoon would be spent riding down the fire lanes between our properties and then riding the new trails on our property, culminating in a big barbecue to be hosted at the riding center, and an evening at the swim center to ease some expected sore butts.

The date was set for the last week in July and before we knew it the small group had grown to close to fifty-five. Many of the new additions were neighbors from town who would be using their own horses but it all was potential business for Terry and her partners, so they were glad to foot the bill for the picnic lunches and the barbecue dinner, especially after Joe and I and Dr. Chris and Noah chipped in to help cover the cost of the food.

We had fun riding our horses and visiting on horseback all morning long, and Dr. Chris told us along the way that the metal brace in Ricky's forearm could stay in place, he wouldn't have to undergo the procedure for its removal. Ricky was really pleased to hear that, as were Joe and I.

During the picnic lunch at the riding center, Terry's staff and some of her students put on a show for us, mostly jumping exhibitions and some short barrel racing demonstrations. It was like a mini rodeo and was well received by all attending.

Just before leaving to ride the fire lanes between our properties Joe and Noah seemed to be having a serious discussion and by the time we reached the first farm gate for our new property Joe had ridden alongside me and told me that Noah had offered him a partnership in his small real estate company, right next to his booming property maintenance operation.

It would be a true partnership; the company would be renamed "Major and Landon Realty" and since both of them held both sales and broker licenses it would truly become whatever each put into it.

Joe would assume the position of company manager as well as be the lead salesperson since his sales alone for the last year equaled what Noah's entire company had done for the whole year. Joe was set to leave the old company he had been working out of at the end of August when his summer sales had already closed.

It was a day before the school year began when the boys and I drove out to the realty office just off the town common (green) and watched the new sign being craned up on the building, and we all took pictures of Joe and Noah shaking hands under the newly installed signage.

It truly was a proud moment for Joe, but he told us later that it didn't even match the day we had married or the days that Ham and Ricky became our sons. Any idea why I love this guy?

My investments continued to do well and soon I was shocked to learn that they had made me a multi-millionaire, but I never had to worry about overshadowing Joe. Their first year in partnership they had eliminated the deadwood in the sales and listing office and added seven younger, and more eager, salespeople.

Six months into the new partnership a huge parcel of rural land became available, approximately 250 acres, with access to the connector road to Springfield, the closest big city. They had planned to get approval for fifty estate homes, but instead shot for 110, thinking they'd be required to reduce the number, but when it came up for a town council vote the entire 110 homes were approved, and a new elementary school in the immediate area was also approved, to open after the development was completed. Both Noah and Joe split the profits of each home sale and he too was now a multimillionaire.

We had the perks of being financially set, and our sons' futures were secured. We were both happy with the way our lives were going, and we were both under 30.

Mitch and Nick were engaged and planning to wed at pond side at our property in the fall and then they would only have one whole semester to go before graduating and both becoming members of our payroll, and managers of our properties.

It was something I had been anticipating with Brian at my side, this life I was living, but I had never in my wildest dreams thought it would happen after his death, and when it started to happen it happened fast, and I had to give Brian a lot of credit for even getting me to buy the property, let alone open my heart to Joe, and to the boys. I knew I had been hesitant and a bit unsure in the beginning, but his guidance from above, appearing in my dreams (and Joe's too!) helped me make probably the most important decisions of my life, is it any wonder I loved that man?

                                                       THE END

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