Lord Fracondiel

Chapter 5

 The night was a success and the different shows carried on for a week with different groups being invited each day. The show proved popular. The diary filled faster than any known fashion house, with people demanding to have the opportunity to be measured and dressed by DeWalter. Roddy was in demand and had blacked out as a result of being tired since he had over worked himself getting the show together. He was a perfectionist and the family were quickly realizing that they had to pace him.

It was only when Countess Brusstas arrived at the fashion house demanding to see “That Boy” that Nicky stepped in and told her straight that his name was Roddy and he had been through enough without her adding to it. He told her that no matter who she was manners never hurt anyone.

As this was going on, he pressed the alarm under the counter that went to the office where he knew Roddy and Johnny were working. They heard it and as they looked out of the window Roddy gasped. “Daddy she looks like my father, Leon. Do you think she could be related?”

Johnny glared at him, “If she is then she needs to learn some manners.”

Roddy giggled, “Let’s go down and see what she wants. Will you will come with me?”

“Of course, and Nicky’s there. You know he loves you. You know that, don’t you?”

Roddy smiled, “Yes, but I think he loves you more and if I am not wrong you are in love with him. Don’t you think? You know that I’d be happy to have two daddies.”

“Would you like another daddy Roddy?” Roddy just smiled.

* * * * * * * * * *

Walking into the warehouse where the lady’s dresses and outfits were made Roddy took Johnny’s hand and placed it in Nicky’s hand and squeezed the two together. He knew it was only the lady’s section that would see this as the men’s and children’s sections had their own warehouse and dressing areas. In truth it was a huge purpose-built barn on the ranch that had been split into three areas with offices, dressing rooms and children’s play areas. As the second floor only covered half of the whole structure it could look into all three areas.

“I’m ‘That BOY’ though I do have a name which I am sure one of my father’s told you.”

“Astute! Yes well, the one you knew destroyed my baby . I could see it, but of course no-one would listen. When they knew, it was… well it was too late. To protect Leon, we moved out of all of your lives and just looked after your real father. I’m your grandmother. I’m sorry that I was so nasty when I entered. I had to see you; you see … I’m dying.”

“If you are his mother, my grandmother then who was that Calchester woman who claimed to be their mother?”

“Calchester? I have not heard that name in a long time. The Earl of Calchester was not only your godfather, but the younger stepbrother of the first wife of the father that you knew. Lady Divina as she was known treated the monster as if her were her own. The two boys were best friends in college and he was his best man at his first wending. She was a total bitch.”

Roddy looked at her. “Was?”

“They were killed in prison, soon after they were arrested darling.”

“Who’s the new Earl?”

“There isn’t one. Queen Carmel revoked the title and lands as a result of them being involved in what they did to you. Calchester lands are now part of the Northwood estate that you own and their Hall has been renovated and developed into nine different flats, and added to your rental portfolio.”

“I didn’t know… My Chamberlain will be handling it for me… Grandmother, why did none of you try to help my mother? She was dying for years and you did nothing! You did nothing! Do you know what she went through?”

Johnny looked at the woman, “That man was raping your grandchildren and you did nothing to help. He was beating this little one and his mother daily and you did nothing! Leon, did nothing!”

She looked shocked that he knew and then her head sank. “We tried, but he threatened to kill you if we stepped in; we had to back off. Remember the time you were in hospital when you were five?”

Roddy nodded, “Mother and I were knocked down by a car.”

“That was because we tried to help, he nearly killed you as a result.”

Roddy looked at her, “Ok, I can believe he would have done that.”

“I use the name Countess Brusstas as she was my mother. My real name is The Countess Maxine DeWalter, sadly your grandfather died as a result of the stress that the man you called the bastard put us through. Your father’s family was once nobility in Aztenbourg, which sadly no longer exists. I am old and soon will no longer be a burden on anyone.”

“I knew father’s name was DeWalter, but mother hated it because of the bastard. We were mostly known as Fracondiel.”

“My old eyes had to see you. You are truly Leon’s son.” She knelt and took his hand and kissed it holding it to her cheek as tears flowed.  “Sire, Leon was able to leave you the businesses that my husband placed into trust for his unborn child. When I die, you will inherit the DeWalter legacy, which is a fortune. You will never need to work. I also own DeWalter Energy and then there is all of my investments. Everything that I have will be yours. I even own 40% of the total shares of Dolan oil.”

Roddy looked up at Johnny “Bloody hell daddy…I have a Granny! I have a bloody grandmother!” With that he just hugged the old lady.

Johnny smiled at the Countess, “Many boys would have just heard the money part, but all he heard was Grandmother, you had him there. You didn’t need to say anything about the money. Typical Roddy, he just wanted to do what was right. Welcome to the family Countess.”

She smiled, “Thank you. You know what the important thing is?” Nicky shook his head. She smiled, “I have my grandson at last. Money and property matter not, as long as we have each other.”

Johnny smiled, “Would you like to stay with us for a few days? I am sure Roddy would like to make you a few outfits. I know it will be Thanksgiving soon and we would surely love for you to stay with us until then.”

Maxine held up her hand and a man stepped forward that had been standing near the door, “Organize for my luggage to be bought to the ranch. I am going to stay with my family.”

Nicky had walked over to the intercom and had spoken briefly into the mouth piece. Within a few minutes Conan and Maggy came running into the room, “Grandpa, Granma, I’d like you to meet Countess Maxine DeWalter. She’s my grandmother.”

Conan looked at her, “Was your ancestor the DeWalter that saved Prince Roberto of Aztenbourg and his grandfather?”

The Countess looked at Conan. “I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Conan kicked himself, “I went to university with Maxim DeWalter who I believe must have been your husband. We remained close up until his death. I also know Kinroch and we remain close even now. We are opening the Kinroch Hotels in Chrysland using my grandson’s stately homes. As we were, so close they let me know the family history and on more than one occasion I helped keep the secret.”

“You’re that Conan. I remember now. Our family left Aztenbourg many years before the invasion. It was as a result of the original Maxim never being able to live the life he wanted. That and being spurned by his male lover. He married and had one son, who was born on the voyage over to America. Sadly, his wife died on the voyage due to complications. Years later his lover walked into the town where they lived and back into his life. They met and this time they were free to be with each other. His son, old enough to look after himself could not accept his father’s relationship with another man. While his father stayed in Boston, he moved out west taking with him ownership papers for land out there.”

Roddy smiled, “My ancestors were cowboys and oil barons… Way COOL!”

She smiled, “Yes little one, it was the son who was wise enough to open the DeWalter Bank and then purchase the DeWalter Shipping Company. That is what you were given by your father. I own DeWalter Energy and any investments he made and that your father added too. They will all become yours.”

 * * * * * * * * * * 

There was less than a month to thanksgiving, but the Countess didn’t make it. Two weeks after moving into the ranch to stay with her grandson, Maggy found that she had passed away quietly in her sleep. She was eighty-two years old. True to her word Roddy was the sole beneficiary in her will and inherited everything.

The month at the ranch, she spent every minute she could talking to and spending time with Roddy. He’d made her a few simple outfits. The day they told him that she had died he wouldn’t let them give clothes to the funeral home for her, he simply told them to give him twenty-four hours.

At the end of that time he took the outfit that he had created with Stella to the funeral home and with Maggy they dressed his grandmother. All the time they were preparing her he spoke to her telling her to say hello to his mother and make sure that his real daddy knew that he loved him. He then told her to look after his family for him.

 * * * * * * * * * * 

A week later he stood at the front of the coffin as it was led into the church. He was dressed in full choirboy outfit and as the coffin made its way to the alter area he sang “I’ll Walk with God.” His voice was magnificent. Attending the funeral was Eduard and Katherine, with them were Maxim Kinroch and his son and grandson Bobby and Robby.

Bobby would have been about the same age as Master Liam. As Roddy finished singing, he broke down crying clinging to the coffin. Without thinking Robby jumped up with Eduard and raced to help Roddy. All the way through the funeral Robby sat with Roddy holding his hand to make sure that he was okay. When he looked sad, his hand would be squeezed.

As the coffin was carried out to the graveside Robby’s father, Bobby Kinroch stood and sang “Time to Say Goodbye”. Roddy was upset as he had wanted to have her buried in Texas where he lived, but she was from Boston and her family had a family site in the graveyard. Countess Maxine was laid to rest next to Roddy’s Grandfather.

Getting to know Bobby Kinroch also opened up the ability to make his own CD of Choirboy music based around his boy soprano voice. Agents had been clamoring at his door ever since the fashion show, so this appeased them and it went straight in at number one.

  * * * * * * * * * * 

During all of this time Roddy had been home tutored in order to catch up with the schools and the New Year meant the Roddy was to attend highschool. He was fourteen and everyone knew his face as it had been seen in every magazine and newspaper for the last two years.

When Conan took him to the middle school, he was made to sit three days of tests and exams. Then Monday following these tests Conan and Maggy attended the school to see the headmaster. It was bad news as he would not be allowed to attend that school. He was far too advanced for where his age group should be studying and fell into the Grade 9 which was a year ahead of where they expected.

 The headmaster introduced the Principal of the local high school who he had involved, so that he could see the results.  What was more surprising was that he would be in advanced AP classes for all but German. The subjects they allocated to him were English, Math, Science, History, Spanish, German, Computer Science and PE. He wanted to study design but the school didn’t have a class for that, so Maggy arranged a home tutor for design.

To Roddy, the teachers all seemed distant and hateful. He did his best and when he asked about Spanish and German, they made fun, so he started speaking in French to them. No-one knew what he was saying, so he spoke in Spanish which he was pretty good at verbally but wanted to master the written language. This time the Principal was fluent and he agreed with Roddy that he needed lessons in written work.

The Principal called the German and French teachers to the office. He got them to speak to Roddy and the French one even got him to write in French and translate a letter that he had with him. The French teacher was amazed and actually asked if he could tutor some of the sports team to help them get through the class.

The German tutor agreed that he had a basic understanding of the language and with his other language abilities would pick up German very quickly. As a result, it was agreed that one lesson a week would be Spanish and three would be German and he was placed in the AP classes for these. The final one the French tutor asked if he would be willing to help her students to pick up the language. She then handed the headmaster a CD and asked him to play the second song.

As he did, he closed his eye as did the others in the room. The French teacher smiled and indicated that Roddy should sing as it was his CD. The song was ‘La Nuit’ from the fashion show. He stepped back and started to sing closing his eyes as he did. As he sang, he was removed into a different world. He just loved singing.

As he stopped, he heard applause and saw that teachers and students had gathered at the office door. Colin and Nicky were standing there stopping anyone entering. Johnny stood and Roddy just hugged him. The music teacher spoke up, “Mr. Jenkins I know that the young man’s schedule is full, but please include him in the Drama club and allow me time to work with that voice as it will break soon and needs mentoring. I know Roddy as he sings with me in the Church choir.”

Conan looked at Roddy, “Do you want to be in the drama group son?”

“It’s after school granddad, so I never thought you would let me. In Chrysland I had to be home or I was beaten.” Conan heard a gasp. “I’d like to attend if I can. I’m being home tutored in Art and design, so this is the only other area that I would like to do.”

There was a cough, “Miss Blackhawk here Roddy. Drama meets Tuesday and Thursday evenings for an hour after school. I’m the art and crafts teacher your grandmother has already had a word with me. I saw your Fashion show when you appeared in the kilt with the Princess. Son, I know that you designed those outfits. What is it you want to learn Little Hawk?”

“I need to gain an understanding of texture and color. Of how to match different materials together to create new textures and designs. I’ve not thought of it before it just happened, but I only see the obvious at the moment. I need to know what each of the different materials can do. What each color can do. Mother never taught me that. I can knit, I can sew, I can even make a suit, but texture and color escape me. Why do you call me Little Hawk miss?”

She smiled, “My mother taught me all I know, she will be your tutor. She will be coming to your house on a Wednesday and Saturday and more if you need her. My whole family will help in your fashion house if you ever need it. Now, Little Hawk is the name my people have given you as you have the eyes of a Hawk to be able to create the fashions that you do.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Life settled into a routine for Roddy and he finally felt that he had found the reason for being. The first day at school was a totally new experience for him as the last time that he had been at school was when he was in primary school. He had been home tutored since then.

Colin drove him to the school and refused to just leave him even though Roddy knew where to go. As they walked into the reception Miss Watkins was standing there, “Yes what can I do for you?”

Colin spoke, “I’m here to bring Lord Fracondiel to his first day at school, his family has already registered him last week.”

“Who might you be?”

“Who I am does not matter, you need to process Lord Fracondiel and make sure he is set with his passes and identity cards ready for class. He has been given the protection of the crown which is why I am here. We have been given a list of things that he needs to do on the first morning. I am sure you are aware of them. If you cannot help us then let us speak to the Principal.”

“Look I don’t give a damn who DeWalter thinks he is. Oh yes, I do know who he is! He is not coming to this damned school. His daddy had it right when he killed that bitch of a mother.” She reached over and grabbed Roddy by the hair. “You think that your nightmare’s over? Sonny it’s only just fucking beginning! You have me to face me now. I was your daddy’s great aunt and that cow Maxine had lost her mind!”

As she grabbed his hair he screamed as his mother has taught him and reached for the first thing that he could get, which was a pen. Grabbing it he bought it down hard into her hand and she screamed and backed away. As she did, she reached for a gun. Looking up as she heard a click, she saw the barrel of a gun pointing at her.

She looked and saw Colin who smiled and said, “All I have to do is release this trigger ma’am and you’re dead. How dare you assault Master Leon’s son?”

“His twin should have had it all and look what happened to him.”

“Yes, he beat the boy and almost killed him. He did murder his mother, Lady Susan Fracondiel. Since Leon had been in prison most of his life, his brother was tried by a prison court. The court was made up of officers, and prisoners. It included lawyers and even a judge.  The man and his children were found wanting. Not many people in prison can stand crimes done against a child. The jury found them guilty. Shame you should have heard his neck snap! When they found him in the morning it was discovered he had hung himself after killing his brats. Now back off!”

At that moment the headmaster walked out of his office with a gun. “Watkins, we have had our eyes on you and a Private Eye investigating your background. It seemed strange that you appeared the day the boy turned up to register. Even stranger was when Mrs. Hackett was found dead after falling down her stairs. It seems that the report that the PI provided lists you as, not the aunt but the first wife of the boy’s bastard father. Mother of the brats that tormented Roddy. Oh yes and you never divorced the man, so Susan was never married to him.”

The Principal looked at Roddy and smiled, “Roddy has lived in America four months and you appeared in this area four months ago, asking questions of the family who own most of the land. I assume when you learnt he was moving to America you moved to the area that he was moving to, so that you could get revenge. Molly Sanderson the local whore on Leeds street corners, arrested several times and then you met your husband DeWalter and hatched this plan to swap and murder, so that you got the family fortune.”

As he was speaking the Sheriff Mills and Conan walked out of the office. Conan spoke, “Sorry we couldn’t tell you what was happening today Roddy. Mr. Roach had to wait for the report to be completed before we could make our move to protect you. Thank you for your quick action Colin.” Conan smiled, “Oh by the way, the sheriff suddenly had a coughing fit when you were talking to her, so he never heard a word you said.”

Colin nodded at the sheriff, “Thank you sir.”

The man smiled, “Nothing to thank, I never heard anything. When you get off duty, I would like you to come into town though.”

“To make a statement?”

“Hell no, so I can take a good-looking fella out to dinner.”

Colin blushed and Roddy said, “Colin you have the whole night off. Have fun.” He looked at the Sheriff, “Make him happy.” The sheriff simply grinned and nodded.

Roddy smiled, “Grandpa, I knew she was watching me. I saw her at the fashion show and she looked out of place. According to the Kinroch Hotel she booked the same day we arrived from Chrysland. It was then that I knew that I had seen her before with the bastard. I had to let her do what she did, but Colin had been fully briefed by me and was willing to kill if needed.” He turned to Colin, “Daddy would be, so proud of you…Thank you Colin.”

All business again the sheriff arrested the woman for murder and attempted murder and had taken her away after briefly disappearing with Colin. It was the last time that they would ever hear from her. 

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