The Centurion Cycle Book Five ~ Of Shadow and Fire

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Shock

"What has Jason done?" James whispered as a healer inspected Louis. All the leaders were gathered in what had been Jason's tent.

"He did what he felt he must. He gave us a victory and hope."

"One victory does not win a war," Samuel replied before asking; "Where's Philip?"

"He and the spawn he brought with him are out hunting Xavier's younglings. Such abominations can't be allowed to live." Louis said rubbing his sore jaw.

"How could you let him go," Samuel scolded his brother.

"I'm no swordsman as you well know."

"While Jason is a staff master," James replied. "Do not be hard on your brother I doubt any one of us here could have bested him."

"What do we do now?" Samuel asked.

"We press forward," James said. "We do have the advantage now. We've shown that Armageddon can be defeated by an army of Famulus no less. The other legion generals will soon learn of this and begin to doubt Xavier's invincibility."

"Just as Jason had hoped," Louis whispered.

"We must move fast. While your army has been creeping up this road, I've been visiting every town a village I can. The Famulus are ready to revolt. When news of Armageddon's defeat reaches them they are sure to rise up." Julian said.

"You must be a pretty fast talker to achieve that," Kyle laughed.

"All I had to tell them was that Jason had finally come to free them. They've heard these rumors before but I am the first Saint they hear tell of it."

"I'm sure they were most impressed by your wings," Logan replied.

"They helped move things along," Julian admitted.

"Then pretty soon things are going to become pretty chaotic," James replied. "We will need to increase our patrols in numbers and strength in case any remaining Centurions try to attack the Famulus. As we move forward, we will send any Famulus we come across behind our lines. They will act as our reserves. We will continue to move forward growing in numbers until we reach the Domus itself. We then will do what no army has done before and besiege the city."

"Then me and my brothers should be going," Geoff said.

"Where to?" Kyle asked.

"To the Gate, we will need the help of the Tosian army waiting on the other side."

"You think you can take the gate with only a dozen men," Caleb asked.

"A dozen Saints," Geoff corrected. "You forget I'm used to sneaking about. I'll get the main gate open and make sure it stays open long enough for the Tosian army to pass through. It should not be too heavily guarded. No one really thinks any army can get past that stone door. I will catch them by surprise."

"See that you come back in one piece," Caleb demanded. "I don't want to have to explain your death to Jason."

"You believe we can save him," Samuel asked skeptically.

"I think Jason has been treated us like children leaving us ignorant of what he's really planning," Caleb replied.

"He has outsmarted us most of the time and we're supposed to be his friends," Louis said, his jaw still hurting.

"You don't understand. Jason just doesn't want to put any of you at real risk. This was his plan, so he feels he's the one who should shoulder the responsibility," Julian said knowingly."

"We could have helped him," James insisted.

"If he told us the truth, I doubt any of us would be able to fully believe him," Julian said. "Don't you understand this grand plan of his to retake Domus came to him in a dream? Everything that's happened is happening the way he's foreseen it."

"Now that I would find hard to believe," Samuel agreed.

"If that is true I'm actually more scared than before," James replied.

"Why?" Caleb asked.

"Because if his dreams are coming true then maybe so will mine."

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