Tearing Me Apart

Chapter Ten

Alaeh and Devon materialized in the cafeteria of Orly Air Base. Alaeh's arms were wrapped around Devon's neck, and Devon's hands held firmly onto Alaeh's forearms. Devon removed his hands from Alaeh, and looked at his wrist watch. 18:21 UTC.

"Lieutenant's not happy with you," Peterson said, his voice laced with amusement.

Unfazed, Devon replied, "I'll talk with him. M'not worried."

"Satellites caught up with you guys in Russia," Everett stated as Devon and Alaeh sat down at the table. "How'd you like flying?"

"It was sick!" Devon answered animatedly. "Such beautiful sights! The wind going through my hair was so soothing. Flying through the forests of China was amazing! Incredible."

"We saw you all snuggled up," McNulty said, curious. "What was that about?"

"I was performing assessments on various points of Kiorna," Alaeh answered.

"But why all snuggly?" Lou asked.

Unabashedly, Alaeh replied, "The bond that I share with Devon affects not only him, but myself as well. The surveys that I performed on the lands are completely much, much quicker when Devon and I maintain physical contact."

"Hemmel!" Lt. Wynan shouted from the entrance. "My office! Now!"

Lt. Wynan immediately stalked off. Devon was not surprised at the lieutenant or his attitude.

"Would you like me to accompany you?" Alaeh asked with concern.

"I'll be a'right," Devon answered with an appreciative smile.

"What the fuck! Were you thinking!?" Lt. Wynan screamed before Devon took two steps inside the office.

"Would you have preferred I let Alaeh go about the planet on his own!?" Devon retorted.

Lt. Wynan, defeated immediately, shut his mouth and sighed.

"If I thought I could be in danger I would have taken my rifle," Devon told his commanding officer gently. "Or my knife at least. Alaeh will not harm anything. He's not allowed to."

"It!" Lt. Wynan corrected with frustration. "It is not allowed to! Alaeh is not a 'he'! Alaeh isn't human, Hemmel! It's an alien!"

Resigned, Devon responded, "Think of Alaeh however you wish, sir. If it makes you feel better."

Once again, Lt. Wynan sighed. He then asked, "What was Alaeh doing anyway?"

"Land surveys, sir," Devon answered. "He's checking to see whether any other species are causing unnecessary harm to the planet or any organisms. We leave for America at oh-eight-hundred."

"Where else will Alaeh be going and taking you?"

"He'll be assessing Peru, Australia, Botswana, Finland, and Alaska."

"Has Alaeh said why those places?"

"Yes, sir. When the Divine creates planets, it creates various focal points on which nemlai read the planet. The nemlai can study these points, to evaluate the state in which the planet and life are."

"Do we something else to worry about?"

"I don't think so, sir. Alaeh is doing these evaluations to determine whether there are any other animals that require rehabilitation."

"Mm," Lt. Wynan nodded. "Hemmel, you're scheduled to begin your leave in five days time. You'll be on vacation for twenty days, yeah?"

"Yes, sir."

"Where will you be? I ask because I imagine Alaeh will be frequenting your company."

"Of course, lieutenant. I hadn't thought of that. From September twelfth to the fifteenth I'll be at home in Birmingham with my sister. Fifteenth to the thirtieth, I'll be in Rio de Janiero. I'll be in Birmingham again from the thirtieth to October second."

Devon planted a small kiss to the skin between Alaeh's wings, and asked, "Why hasn't the bond solidified? We've been cuddling like this for five or six hours now."

"Cuddling?" Alaeh asked with amusement, keeping his fingertips in the sands of Peru. "You are comforting the bond in order for the assessments to be completed in a quicker fashion."

"Fine. Either way, the question stands."

"I understand your confusion. The bond is not being solidified because each party has to be consciously consenting of the solidification. So, Devon, you are not actively consenting even though you are not rejecting it."

Twenty minutes later, Alaeh removed his flesh from the ground and told Devon that it was ready to fly to Australia. Devon secured his arms around Alaeh's neck as Alaeh began to stand.

Alaeh flew at a great speed of nine hundred ninety-two kilometres per hour at two thousand feet high with Devon flat on its back. Devon absolutely adored the sights. They flew over the forests and mountains of Peru until they reached the South Pacific Ocean. From there, Alaeh teleported them. One second Devon's vision was filled with the green and blue hues of the Peru coastline, and the next he saw the golden sands and red rocks of the Australian.

"Where exactly are we going!?" Devon called.

"The site is called Mandalay Beach!" Alaeh called back.

Alarmed, Devon begged, "Don't land at the beach! I don't want the civilians being afraid of enjoying the beach!"

"I understand! I will alter particles around us, the brashi will not see us!"

Alaeh flew them for another four or five minutes. Devon kept his eyes trained on the ground thirty or so metres below. He watched kangaroos hopping and grazing, emus roaming with their young, and dingos running about.

Alaeh descended quickly, and landed in a skid on the gravelly ground five metres from the aforementioned beach. Though Alaeh skidded, it remained strong and true in stature, and made sure that Devon remained secure on its back.

"Are you able to assess right here?" Devon asked as he fell from the alien's back. "Where the civilians won't see you?"

"No," Alaeh answered blandly. "This is not the evaluation access point. To keep the brashi from becoming frightened I will remove my wings."

"You can-" Devon began, but stopped when Alaeh's wings began to disappear like particles of dust in wind.

"Does this appear less alarming?" Alaeh asked.


Devon didn't know how to feel. On one hand, there was nothing distracting Devon from the sight of Alaeh's bare skin, slightly hairy chest, and rippling muscles. On the other, Alaeh was just the tiniest bit less beautiful with no wings.

"It's fine," Devon finally answered. "But you can't go out there wearing a skirt... or whatever this is. And get me a hair tie."

"Why do you make such requests?"

"We can't let civilians recognize you," Devon explained. "Transfigure that into a bathing suit. And get me a hair tie."

Alaeh obliged. A very faint sound like meat sizzling rang, even through the squawks and cries of the seagulls. Alaeh's wrap skirt unweaved in half and the bottom fell to the ground. The top half then shifted into a pair of white skin-tight boxer-briefs. Boxer-briefs that displayed Alaeh's rather large bulge.

Devon cocked an eyebrow and said, "Hardly leaves anything to the imagination. Hair tie?"

Alaeh held its hand out, a hair tie in its palm. Devon accepted it and requested that Alaeh kneel. After tying Alaeh's long brown hair in a quick bun at the nape of Alaeh's neck, Devon quickly stripped himself of his grey tee, black cargo pants, and heavy boots, leaving himself dressed in nothing but a pair of red boxer-briefs.

As the two walked along the white sand so close that their fingers touched occasionally, Devon tried his best to look happy or content. He fought for his features to not show his anxiety. But he needn't have been nervous as no beach-goers paid them no mind. Well that was not true as a few women- and a couple of guys- eyed them appreciatively.

"I should've worn an actual swim costume," Devon said quietly, almost embarrassed.

"This spot will suffice," Alaeh responded.

Alaeh, much to Devon's surprise, sat down on the warm sand with its body leaning back against its hands. Alaeh was trying to be discreet. Devon happily sat behind Alaeh with the being between his legs. Alaeh leaned back fully, it's back rested against the hairy and firm flesh of Devon's chest and stomach.

"Awww!" a female voice cooed from somewhere.

Devon found that he had no power or will to fight the blush that heated his face and neck. Devon chuckled very quietly and pressed his nose to Alaeh's ear in embarrassment.

"You are distracting me," Alaeh whispered into Devon's ear.

Devon shivered as Alaeh's warm breath ghosted over his ear and neck. He inhaled a deep breath, and, for the first time since meeting Alaeh, took in its scent. Alaeh smelled of vanilla, and coffee grounds, and peppermint. All three scents were intermingled together and completely separate at the same time.

"I will assess as quickly as I can," Alaeh whispered.

"Is there-" Devon had to swallow thickly. "Is there any way that you can make my prick deflate?"

Alaeh laughed softly before replying, "I quite like feeling it pressed upon my back, Devon."

"Just finish the evaluation," Devon groused. Suddenly surprised, he said, "You're playful today."

Alaeh did not respond verbally. Instead, Alaeh turned its head and planted a soft and warm kiss to Devon's cheek.

"Uncle Devon!" Olivia Bale cried as she climbed off the sofa.

Devon excitedly dropped his duffel bag and crouched down. "Hello, my pretty princess!"

Olivia jumped into Devon's open arms, and squealed, "I missed you, Uncle Devon!"

"Yeah?" Devon asked before he kissed the little girl's cheek. "I missed you even more, Olivia. How has my three-year-old niece been?"

Olivia laughed and responded, "I'm four now, Uncle!"

"Oh, that's right! Did you get the gift I sent for your birthday?"

Lisa, Olivia's mother and Devon's foster sister, kissed Devon's cheek and said, "Hey."

"Yeah!" Olivia cried. "I loved the doll! And the chocolates were delicious!"

"Good! I'm glad! Listen, love, why don't you take Uncle's bag up to his room? And then later, after your bath, we can watch all the Disney you want."

The little girl happily squealed again as she grabbed the handle of Devon's duffel and dragged the heavy bag up the stairs.

Devon sat at the kitchen table and asked, "How've you been, Lis?"

"I- umm..." Lisa began as she handed Devon a glass of red wine. "I was pregnant."

"Was? What happened? Why didn't you tell me?"

Lisa shrugged, "Just miscarried. I went it for the confirmation sono but there was no- no heartbeat. I was seven weeks pregnant. Nate and I weren't even trying, but we are trying again. I didn't tell you about it because I didn't want you to worry."

"Oh, Lis. When was this?"

"Back in April. Anyway, are you part of the units monitoring the alien?"

"How'd you know?" Devon asked in shock.

"It's in Paris," Lisa answered simply. "And you suddenly went from working on the Sudan to working in Paris. Figured you had to be part of it somehow."

"Yeah. About that. One-four-nine was not supposed to be detailing the alien. Alaeh is its name."

"What do you mean, Dev? Then why's your team working this case?"

"Because... it's because... Christ, this is not easy. Promise you won't lose it."

"Fine! I promise."

"I could be... I could be Alaeh's... mate."

After a moment of silence, Lisa said, "Mate. You could be an angel's mate. Dev. Oh, Dev. I hope you're not letting the UN use you!"

"I'm not!"

"Then why is your team still working this case?"

"Because we want to. I mean, it started that way for me. But now I can't seem to stay away from Alaeh."

"What!? Are you- are you in love with the alien!?"

Deflated, Devon answered, "I... I don't know. I've been spending time with him."

"Is it- is it safe?"

Devon connected his whiskey-coloured eyes with his foster sisters green ones and replied, "Alaeh won't hurt me."

Lisa nodded meaningfully. She then asked, "So you're mates."

"Not yet. We could be. I just haven't accepted the bond."

"Why not?"

"Because I'm scared. Not of him. Of my feelings. I've never felt like this before."

"What? Felt like what?"

"Umm... I'd say love but it's more that that. Deeper than that."


"It's deeper than that, too. There's something else. The bond that I share with Alaeh is left open because I haven't accepted it. Because of this, the bond requires soothing. So I have to ask you if you don't mind Alaeh coming tonight to soothe the bond. If you do mind, I can have Alaeh meet me somewhere else."

"What in Her Majesty's..." Lisa whispered. "This is your home, too, Dev. As long as- as Alaeh will not cause harm, I don't see why he can't visit. Are there any repercussions if the bond is not soothed?"

"Yeah. The bond left unsoothed for too long causes an emotional hunger that'll eventually bring me into a depression. After that, it would leave me basically catatonic."

"Oh, Dev."

Just the front door opened, and in walked Lisa's husband Nathan Bale. Devon stood and greeted him with a handshake hug.

Devon laid in bed that same night. The bond craving was not bad because Devon only began feeling its effects an hour prior.

"Donit lu hu na Alaeh," Devon whispered.

Alaeh materialized inside Devon's bedroom with its wings neatly folded at its back, and asked, "Are you in distress, Devon?"

"No," Devon answered with confusion. "I just- the bond. I- can you snuggle with me?"

If Alaeh was confused or concerned because it and Devon soothed their bond only nine hours prior, it did not show. Alaeh just complied, laid down on the queen-sized bed and cradled Devon's head in one arm. Devon sidled in close and tight until his bare chest and stomach were flush against Alaeh's side.

Alaeh then felt something else. Deep, deep inside every part of its body thrummed with bliss. It made Alaeh feel warm, and cool, and perfect.

Shocked, and completely happy, Alaeh whispered, "You're accepting the bond."

"Blanket me with your wings," Devon's whispered back before he planted a kiss to Alaeh's chest.

Alaeh could cry due to the intense feeling of bliss. It turned on its side so Devon's face was in its chest, and wrapped its arms and wings around Devon. Devon, in turn, slid his left leg between Alaeh's and placed another kiss to the being's chest.

Alaeh then felt the bond change. It felt like something was leaving its body toward Devon through its arms and legs and wings. It also felt like, in turn, that it was receiving something else from Devon. It was giving and receiving soul between Alaeh and Devon, becoming one.

Alaeh, who had been waiting for countless millennia for its mate, allowed a tear to escape its eye as it whispered to Devon, "Thank you."

"I love you," Devon said back softly. "Let's sleep."

To Be Continued. . .

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