Three Finger Cove: Collin ~ Book One

Chapter One Hundred and Two

Saturday night, Collin and Ryan met Shelley and Megan at the Mall, for a movie and dinner. None of them had their driver's license, yet, so they all had a parent drive them to Food Court, where they all met.

"Shelley, would you like to get something to eat, before the movie?" asked Collin.

"That sounds good, but I think I'd rather have a soft drink first so we can walk around before the movie. Then, we can get a big tub of popcorn, and something to drink, when we go inside the theater," responded Shelley.

Megan and Ryan heard the question and answer, so they just followed along and got Pepsis while their friends got Cokes.

While the foursome walked the Mall's wide open corridors, many people came up to Collin and thanked him for the hard work he and his friends were doing for Rodney, and they would also ask him how the teenager was doing. Collin had to fib some, as he was so busy with the campaign, that he hadn't had much time to visit the lad all week. He assured himself he was going there first thing Sunday.

Once the small group settled in a back corner of the movie theater, their popcorn and drinks were forgotten in place of long, passionate kisses and a few well placed touches. Collin's recent experience with Kattie, while he was on the Disney Cruise, gave him the confidence to take the initiative when it came to his doing some very sensual, and sexual, touching of his girlfriend.

Ryan, who had some experience with dating girls before he met his now best friend, was now the novice when it came to giving his girlfriend, Megan, some serious sexual attention. Ryan still had a few tricks up his sleeve, but that wasn't what Megan really wanted. She had heard from her friend Shelley how Collin was more aggressive and eager towards a sexual encounter, and she wanted Ryan to be more aggressive, too. She wanted to be the one to receive for a change and not be the one who initiated their sexual touching and kissing.

Overall, the evening's movie and dinner date was still a lot of fun, for the four teens. If asked, though, they would all have a different description of that date, and how they and their partner enjoyed their company.

The teenagers evening was highlighted by Mr. Ken agreeing to send the limo for them, after the movie, and let them use it as they saw fit. Derrick, the boys' usual chauffeur, took them out for a DQ ice cream and then some 'joy riding', to give them some private time together. The darkened windows of the limousine provided the young lovers with the privacy they needed to continue their tonsil attacks and lump rubbing while being chauffeured about. The couples continued to play their game of 'sex baseball' they'd begun, in the theater, but they only got to 'third' base that evening. Inwardly, they all thought it was only a matter of time before there were a few 'home runs' hit out of their ballpark.

All too often, their fun times come to end in the most inconvenient way. The girls had to be home, by midnight, and Derrick knew how to get them home right in the nick of time.

"I had fun tonight," said Megan as she kissed Ryan for about the hundredth time that night.

Ryan didn't say a word as he also felt Megan's hand caress his hardened member as she kissed him.

"Collin, this was the most fantastic evening I've ever had," said Shelley, as she too kissed her boyfriend, all the while stroking his hardened phallus through his pants.

By then, Derrick had stopped the limo and opened the rear door so the couples could get out. The young gentlemen then walked the two girls to the front porch. Hand-in-hand, the twosome's gingerly walked to the porch where they exchanged another round of light kisses. Then giggling, the young women scampered up the steps, and in through the front door. The boys headed back to the waiting limo, adjusting their pants along the way.

Arriving home not long after dropping off their girlfriends, the boys said their good nights to Mr. Ken before they made their way up to Collin's bedroom.

"Damn, Collin," began Ryan, "Megan sure was 'hot to trot' tonight, if you asked me. She was all over me in the theater, and in the limo. I almost shot my load, two or three times, and I think she knew it, too, as she always stopped at the right time."

"So, you're telling me you enjoyed that, then," teased Collin, as he laughed at his best friend.

Ryan then quickly picked up a nearby pillow and threw it at his best friend. Both boys, laughing at one another, fell onto the bed and continued to laugh some more.

The boys lay on the bed for a few minutes as the room became quiet with both of them into their own deep thought of the evening's sexual activity.

"Col?" asked Ryan.

"Yeah, Ry," answered Collin.

"Was tonight a dream, or did we have, you know, THE best evening ever with our girls?" asked Ryan.

Collin got up on one elbow and looked over at his buddy, laughed and then replied, "It was THE best evening of our lives, EVER, to date, Ryan."

"Well, it may have been for me, but … well, you've already had the opportunity to, you know, screw a girl and I haven't," said Ryan, with a somewhat saddened voice as he then sat up.

"Well, yeah, maybe I've done the deed, Ry, but tonight, being there with Shelley, I felt a lot more between us, than when I fucked Kattie." Collin then sat up, too, and continued. "All Kattie wanted to do was get fucked that night, and I participated, but there was nothing like what we did tonight. The way we held each other, and kissed, and the way we touched one another was something I never felt before, especially with Kattie."

"IF, and when, I get to do the dirty deed with Shelley; I know it will be something way beyond that night. I have … I guess I should say … I get these tingly feelings when I am with Shelley, and I just know the night we get naked together will be a very special night for the both of us. It is something I am seriously looking forward to. How about you, Ry?" said Collin.

Ryan sat there a moment, gathering his thoughts and when he was ready he responded by saying, "I think I am seriously in love with Megan. You know, I … I want so much for us to make love one night that … that I can't wait until that happens. I've been thinking about it more and more, about her. When I was on Spring Break, Megan was on my mind the whole time."

Then looking up to his friend, Ryan said, "Col, do you … ah, do you think that we will, you know, ever again do the stuff we've done together … sexually that is?"

It only took Collin a second to laugh and then reply, "Ry … I've enjoyed our sex together and I … well, I've been afraid that it might one day ruin our friendship. You know, those things we've done aren't what most teens our age would consider doing, or at least that is what I think. Who knows, though, maybe Daniel and Conner are doing the same thing, when they spend the night." With that said, Collin began to laugh and Ryan soon laughed with him.

"Col, I've really enjoyed what we've done together. It was like … like being in a movie, the way it all happened between us. The shower and the lying together and the touching were all so sensual, and exciting. The sex we had wasn't forced; it was sort of a 'love' between us. I mean, I never knew a guy could have those feelings, with another guy, and … and, you know, the climax was so awesome and, and … mind blowing that I've enjoyed everything. And I mean everything, we've done."

"Col, you've allowed me to know what it would be like to actually fuck someone and that sensation was heaven, and that night you did it to me was something I will never forget, either. I never knew you could have those feelings inside of you while, at the same time, your dick could explode with such a powerful orgasm. I was hoping that … that we could continue to help each other out as a way of sharing, you know, our sexual needs together."

Collin pulled his best friend to him and hugged him real tight. Then he planted a light kiss on his friend's neck and let his free hand fall to Ryan's lap and began to gently rub the teen's hardened member.

Ryan enjoyed the ministrations for a few minutes before he, too, began to lightly stroke his hand against the tent pole in his best friend's pants. Before long, the two faced one another and enjoyed a light but passionate kiss. After that, it didn't take long for them to help one another strip off their clothes and begin to satisfy each other. Their first round didn't take but less than a minute, as they both were on 'overload' from the evening with their girls. Their second and third explosions took much longer. They were fully spent when they finally fell asleep, but were the happiest they ever were.

"Good afternoon, you two," offered Mr. Ken, as the two teens entered the Study a little past 1 o'clock, Sunday afternoon. "Happy Easter!" added Mr. Ken.

"What … we missed Easter?" lamented Ryan.

"We did?" chimed in Collin,

"Yes, boys, while you two were sawing logs last night, the Easter Bunny came and left you her presents of Easter droppings and syrup since you guys totally forgot about her coming this weekend," teased their Big Bro.

"Can I ask where the Easter Bunny did her dropping and spraying?" said Ryan, while Collin laughed.

"Yes, I think she used the Great Room, to deposit her offerings of affection and love for you two boys. She even decided to give Chief an Easter basket, too," answered the man.

Hearing the answer, the two boys, and Chief, hurried out of the Study to the top of the balcony that overlooks the Great Room, and saw huge mounds of Easter candy. They quickly scampered down the stairs, to get at the treasure trove of Easter goodies. By that time, Mr. Ken had arrived at the top of the landing and heard the teens talking about their 'take'.

"Col, look at all this stuff. These chocolate Easter Bunnies are huge. And look at all the Easter eggs and jelly beans," announced Ryan.

"Ry, look what the Easter Bunny left for Chief. Come here Chief. Look at these chew bones and snacks. The Easter Bunny sure was good to all of us," said Collin, as he scratched behind Chief's ears.

"Thanks Bro for all this and special Thanks from Chief, too," yelled Collin up to his mentor, Mr. Ken.

Just then, Chief let out a loud, "Woof! Woof! … Woof!" The teens and Mr. Ken all laughed at their favorite pet in the whole wide world.

Gathering up some of their loot, the teens took it with them as they headed to the Study. The boys laughed and then sat down in the plush leather chairs. Chief lay down in front of Collin and began gnawing on a huge chew bone.

"Don't make a mess with all that chocolate, boys. Chocolate and leather don't go together very well. That goes for chew bones and leather, Chief," teased Mr. Ken.

Chief looked up at the man, and then went back to chewing on that great big bone.

The teens and their adult counterpart made some small talk about the election and school and the visit of the California boys. As things began to settle down Collin asked, "Bro, do you think you could drive us over to the hospital so we can visit Rodney?"

"Yeah, I think that could be arranged. But first, do you guys want to eat something? Maria can rustle up some breakfast for you, if you want it," answered their Big Bro, while laughing.

"No, not me," replied Collin, holding his stomach. "All this chocolate has made me full."

"I agree with him," said Ryan while pointing at his best friend.

"No, not I," corrected Mr. Ken.

"I thought you already ate," teased Collin, knowing the man was trying to correct their grammar. They all had a good laugh at that and the boys left to get ready to visit Rodney.

It was almost 3 PM when they three of them arrived at the hospital. The boys had eaten, ten tacos each, after they showered and dressed. They weren't in that big of a hurry, and the sound of Momma Maria's offering them to the teenagers changed their minds. While the boys were eating, Mr. Ken had a fleeting thought, "So much for the chocolate filling them up," and then he silently laughed, as he watched them eat.

"Hello, Mrs. Costa," offered Collin, as he walked into the ICU waiting room.

The woman turned, as she heard Collin speak, and then got up and went to him and received a great big hug from the teenager.

"I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner, Mrs. Costa. I've been real busy with the Election and everything and … well, I just didn't make …" was all Collin got out before Mrs. Costa spoke up.

"I know, Collin, I know. What you are doing right now is more important than spending a lot of your time here. Rodney isn't fully out of the woods, yet, but he seems to be trying to wake up. … I guess the one good thing about this is his broken bones and bruises are healing and he isn't in too much pain."

"Can we go in and see him, Mrs. Costa," asked Ryan.

"Yes, boys, I would very much like for you to do that. Maybe you can tell him about the rally and everything. Hearing it from you may give him some more 'energy' to want to wake up."

Both boys were taken into Rodney's ICU room and they were still amazed over the number of machines he was still hooked up to. The two took turns speaking to their friend, as if he was wide awake and was focused on every word and syllable. They also told him about their California Friends' visit, their 16th Birthday Party and what Mr. Ken had gotten them as their gift. After some 90 minutes of talking, the boys were out of things to say, so; they both gave Rodney a 'hug' and left the room. On their way out, they gave Mrs. Costa a big hug, too, and asked her to call them if anything changed.

At dinner that evening, Mr. Ken, Mary and the two teens sat around the Cove's kitchen table talking about the upcoming election and what more they needed to do to try to get their candidates elected. Collin was especially concerned, since every one of the incumbents had done every dirty deed they could, in their attempt to discredit their challengers, and convince the electorate to vote for them, again.

"Mr. Ken, how can we go about telling the people how untrue the allegations about our candidates are? I mean everything for the past two weeks has been a lie … of one sort or another. We've got to find a way to counter those lies and get the voters behind our people," spoke out Collin.

"I agree with you there, little brother, and I think we will make head way beginning this week as we begin to 'shoot back', so-to-speak, with new radio and newspaper ads of our own," remarked Mr. Ken. "We are going to blast every one of them AS liars, and reveal some surprises of our own. They won't know what hit them," laughed the man.

"Can you tell us what you're going to do, Bro?" asked Ryan.

"Well, I can't tell you word for word what will be said, but you will begin to hear some things about both the School Board and Hospital Board members, and what they did in order to try and stop what we eventually forced them to do, and what they have failed to do. We have actual audio tape, of their behind-the-scenes antics and shenanigans. Bill obtained those recordings, and don't ask me how, and gave them to us to use. And don't ask me where he got them, as he told me not to ask. He once told me that I was better off not knowing how he did things, as that way, I couldn't be held responsible or answer questions about whatever he did," smirked the man, as he replied to Ryan's question.

"Also, tomorrow, Monday, Bill will be filing Court papers to force both Boards to comply with their agreements with us. We will not only ask that both Boards begin to immediately hold open meetings, but we are asking for monetary damages, too. That will be the beginning of our 'war' and should get us some quality air time on both television and radio, and some headlines in the newspapers. We will hold a news conference at noon tomorrow, and we will release some of the audio that Bill has. On top of all that, by Tuesday, the radio ads will begin to play. They want to fight dirty, and we will meet and beat them at their own game, but we will ONLY use the truth to grind them into the ground."

Mr. Ken had a big smile on his face, when he finished speaking, and his three companions also seemed to be satisfied with what the man had just said. All of them had, in one way or another, some stake in the outcome of the election and the court fight.

Then, Mary began speaking. "Mr. Ken, did you know that Bill's brother, David, is also filing papers tomorrow? He told me he was getting ready to file some papers against the school board, the principal, and the police department, and those two detectives. I bet they both decided to do that, to get the biggest amount of attention, at the same time. Having both Boards being sued, for two different reasons, will only tend to highlight the Board's indifference to doing their job. This is going to be so good," giggled Mary as she sat back and thought about it even more.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, we talked about that, just, the other day. He said to watch television, early next week, and watch the first salvos being fired," laughed Mr. Ken. "Just wait until tomorrow, and see how both barrels of a 'Jackson Shotgun' act on the School Board and its incumbent members. I think they will be picking out buckshot for quite some time, even after the election is well over," answered Mr. Ken, with another one of his big smiles on his face.

Then, for the next few minutes, Mary Taylor had to explain to her son, Ryan, what David Jackson had planned, in order for the School Board and Police Department to get off their asses and respond to their request for compensation, for the way they handled Ryan's interrogation, a few months ago. Ryan said he hoped they were going to be generous enough to pay for his college education, as well as a new car and a few other new and expensive things. The four all had a good laugh at that prospect, but knew they shouldn't count their chicken's before they're hatched, as they all knew the legal process could take years before it was ever resolved. Then Collin's cell phone rang.

"Hello," answered Collin.

"Mrs. Costa, is that you? Please stop crying, so I can understand what you are saying. … Something happened to Rodney? … It happened right, right after we left? … Mrs. Costa please calm down … I can't understand what you're saying.... Is Rodney alright? … Is he okay? … He … he … he's not okay? Please tell me what happened, Mrs. Costa? Please tell me!" cried out Collin.

The three onlookers kept silent, so Collin could hear Mrs. Costa's speaking. They knew from the few words Collin had spoken that the phone call had to do with something about Rodney. Then, they heard this horrendous scream come from within Collin.

"N -Nooooooooo!" screamed the teenager, as his knees gave out and he slumped to the ground.



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