The Jefferson and Washington Family Stories: Book One - The General's Son

Chapter Nine: It's About School

It was right after school started in the fall when Colonel Allen received word that he was being promoted to Brigadier General. Everyone was apprehensive about what would happen if he were transferred to another base. As it turned out, he was assigned to the headquarters as the Deputy Commander for Maintenance as soon as his replacement was in place.

He left no doubt in anyone's mind that Tony, Maggie and I would be transferring with him.

Tony, Ian, and I were going to night school at the University of Nebraska at Omaha on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Ian and I were working on our master's degrees and Tony was trying to finish his bachelor's degree, since he had a year-and-a-half to go. I had coerced the other two into going with me so we could share our rides. I made sure that the Four Horsemen and Tip and Ty worked on their schoolwork and Ian and I were available to help them as we had time if they needed any. The important thing was that they had the six of them to help each other.

I insisted that Chip actively participate in all of the social activities at school. I would go home as often as possible. Chip always went with me as did Tony and Tip. There was no question about Alex. He could be ready to go at the drop of a dime.

My parents and Tina were always glad to see us. Many times my brother and his wife would be there with the twins. Chip and I always slept in the garage apartment and many times Tip did too. The big change was when we started to sleep naked. At first it was a little awkward but it didn't take long before even Tip was not uncomfortable with the situation. He kept muttering that he couldn't understand how we could be so close to each other and not be engaged in anything sexual.

Finally, he stopped complaining.

Chip and Tip were turning into very handsome young men. They enjoyed the farm work as much as Tony and I did. In fact I think Alex enjoyed it more than anyone.

My parents really enjoyed it if I brought a big crew because we could get a lot of things done. My parents invited the Miller and Allen families to the farm for Thanksgiving dinner. Of course Aunt Maggie and the boys were invited as well as Ian. Patty and Lauren were going to Patty's parents for dinner and Tony was going to go home to spend time with Betsy to finalize their plans for the wedding. I had given him the week off.

The Allens announced that their daughter, whom I hadn't met, would be home. She had been in Europe studying for the summer and had returned directly to Vassar for college in the fall where she was to be graduated the second week of December.

"The more the merrier," I said. "I'll just tell my parents that they need to knock out another wall. Besides we need some more people to help with the farm work. Ian will meet everyone at the Millers' house at 10:00. I'll take Chip, Alex, and Tip with me on Wednesday afternoon. The rest of you can caravan down to the farm and we'll eat about 1:00 so everyone who needs to can get back for Friday."

"I have to cover the office on Friday since Tony is gone. The guys and gals will have a great time helping my parents put up the Christmas decorations."

On Thanksgiving there would be 21 for dinner. Mother and the young ladies got everything ready with the help of us guys. We guys had done the required farm work. The night before, Chip, Dad, Mother, and I had sat down and reviewed the plans for the big feast. We had no idea exactly what to expect, but Chip pondered. "Can we have a little wine? My parents always toast the first Thanksgiving and those brave people who got this country started."

Consequently, Chip and I went into to the closest town and got several bottles of wine. Why, I don't know, because the two Generals and their families brought more the next day and my brother made a champagne punch.

When everyone had arrived, the meal went off without a hitch. The twins, who were now walking, came to Chip and me and motioned that they wanted to be held. Chip picked up Luke and I picked up Pete. We fed them as we ate. They fell asleep and we put them down for a nap. The guys showed their families around the farm as the rest of us did the dishes I noticed that Ian and Cheryl, Alex's sister, seemed to hit it off.

After a snack in the late afternoon, the people who were going back to Offutt got ready to leave. I stayed to help with the milking and then took off, but not before Chip cornered me and asked, "Is it okay if the twins sleep with me so I don't miss you so much?"

I took Chip around the house where I could hold him without anyone seeing us. I kissed Chip and said, "Chip, I'll give you my cherry when you are graduated number one in your high school class and you are 18. You are a beautiful person and I do love you."

I just held Chip and then went and crawled into my car alone since Chip, Tip, Cheryl, and Ian had decided to stay at the farm.

The next day I was working alone with Maggie since Tony was gone. I got a call from Lauren, "Troy, General Miller would like for you to join him for lunch in his office at noon."

I looked at Maggie and she shrugged her shoulders. When I got to General Miller's office at noon, Mrs. Miller was there and they asked me to follow them to the briefing room. General Ryan, the four star commander of the command, came in and said, "Troy, thank you for coming. This is a very important day for a lot of people."

I still had no clue what was happening so I sat down in the seat beside Mrs. Miller. General Ryan began, "Rick, it is with great pleasure that I pin this fourth star on your collar. I would also like to announce that you have been appointed the Commander of the United States forces in Europe effective the first of December."

Everyone stood and applauded. I still had no clue as to why I was there.

General Ryan said, "General Young, if you will come forward you will be receiving your third star and will take General Miller's place as soon as he has vacated his office. General Allen you will be replacing General Young and be the new Chief of Staff."

I was even more bewildered as to why I was here. I looked around and saw my entire family and all of the guys. Chip and Tip were holding the twins trying to keep them quiet. General Ryan said, "Lieutenant Nelson, would you please come forward?"

I went forward. "Troy, it is with great pleasure that I present you with your silver First Lieutenant bars."

Aunt Maggie came out carrying a card, "General Ryan, here are some new orders."

She handed him a piece of paper and General Ryan said, "There has indeed been a change. I need to ask Chip Miller and Tip Washington and Troy's two nephews to come forward and help me."

Chip and Tip had no idea what was going on but they did as asked. The General handed them each a set of Captain's insignia and said, "The Ip boys and Lieutenant Nelson's nephews are placing your newest rank on your coat Captain Nelson. Also here are the keys to your quarters. You have a four bedroom house, now that you will be taking care of the two Miller boys since their parents are going to be leaving for Europe."

"I have one last piece of information to add, Captain Glenn and Sergeant Henderson will be staying with Chip and Tim while you are at Squadron Officer's School for three months starting January 6th. Captain Glenn will be moving into the executive officer position for General Young. Sergeant Henderson and Mrs. Jackson will be moving with General Allen, and you will be working with Patty in my office."

I looked at the General and I think I was just about to go down when Chip and Tip put their arms around me. I was beginning to think I was dreaming People just don't get promoted from Second Lieutenant to Captain. I looked out and saw that Tony and Betsy were there as well as Ian and Cheryl. I realized that everyone knew what was going to happen except the guys and me.

After the ceremony, we had a nice luncheon that had already been pre-arranged at the club. It was the first time my family, along with Tip and Ty had been to the club. Needless to say, my parents were overwhelmed by everything that had happened, especially my father.

As everyone was leaving, the Millers came to us and the General said, "Troy, take your parents to see the quarters before they go back. Guys, think about what you want from our quarters to furnish the house. We won't be taking anything to Europe except personal things. There is no sense of everything just sitting in storage unused for two or three years."

We went to look at the quarters and my family was impressed. There were four bedrooms, a living room and dining area, a small den, a good-sized kitchen and two-and-a-half baths. There was a double car garage but a triple-wide driveway. The third space had a carport.

 My family left to go back to the farm. The twins wanted to know if we were going to be coming with them and I said, "We will come after you sleep in your PJ's."

Chip, Tim, and I took the measurements of the rooms and made a layout of each room and then went to the Millers' house. I let the two guys negotiate with their mother on what furniture we would take. She thought of things that we hadn't thought of, like linens, pots and pans, and dishes.

The next morning, Chip and I left for the farm. When we got there the twins were waiting for us. We worked our bottoms off and my mother wanted to know how the decorating was going. I let Chip explain what was happening.

My mother said, "We'll see it in a week. Mr. Nelson has a doctor's appointment in Omaha. We'll swing out and see what we have here that you can use."

"Mom, is it anything serious?" I asked.

"We don't think so. Your dad had his physical and the doctor detected an irregular heartbeat; but all the other tests showed that everything else was performing normally. The test is just a precaution since the facilities here are limited. The test is going to be done at the University Med Center at three o'clock on Tuesday," Mother answered.

By the time my parents arrived on Tuesday, we had the house pretty well fixed up. The Millers were leaving the next morning and we all went to an early dinner. My mother had measured the windows but didn't say why.

In the morning, the guys hugged their parents' goodbye at the terminal before I took them to school.

The Miller's had left me all the paperwork I needed to take care of the guys. We got settled into a routine and it was like I had always been the guys' guardian. The guys worked very hard on their schoolwork. We had set up three normal bedrooms, one for each of us. We had put a bed in the fourth room with some workout equipment. We put the computer and a desk and two reading chairs in the den. But the funny part was that we all usually wound up studying in the living room dining room area since we often had visitors studying with us.

The next weekend when we went home, my mother had made drapes for all of the windows so that the house would "look like a home," as she put it. She was correct in that everyone commented on how comfortable our house was. Between the Millers' furniture, the things that we had bought at Goodwill, and the things my parents had given us, we had everything we needed.

Chip slept with me and Tim had his own room, but the weird thing was that he would many nights wind up in bed with Chip and me. One night he said, "I'm jealous of you two. I just need to know that someone loves me too."

"Timothy, you had better be careful what you wish for. Chip and I love you but wait until I sic my two nephews on you and besides don't forget about Lindsay."

"Guys, Lindsay dumped me now that our parents are gone. She was only after me for our Dad's status on base. Now that I am living with a Captain, she says I am not worth her time. Ty also told me that she has been putting out for the quarterback on the football team. Ty really doesn't like her. He called her a slut."

"Timmy, read my lips. You were lucky to find out now, that she was a social climber and a user. There are many young ladies out there who are dying to get into your pants. It is better to save yourself until you meet the right person."

"Not everyone is as lucky as Alex. My sister has no real concern about what a General is. The only thing she cares about is what kind of person Alex is. The four horsemen are all special in their own rights. I have a special feeling for all four of you but I have very special feelings for your brother."

I guess I forgot to tell you how the fall sports season had gone. Chip had made the state tennis finals and had come in third. Alex and Scott had lost in the finals of the regional doubles. Ty had been the starting safety and was the second string wide receiver. He had scored three touchdowns. Tim had worked two hours a day. He had started swim team practice as had Scott, and Tip had started basketball practice and it looked like Tip might make the starting team as the point guard.

General and Mrs. Miller would be sending the guys each $500.00 a month to cover their expenses. The boys were forbidden to take any money from me and were told that they were to help pay for the food.

Both Tim and Chip ended the first semester with perfect grades. In fact the other two horsemen and Tip and Ty had all done very well. Maggie was extremely proud of her two step-grandsons as she called them.

Chip and Tim flew to Europe for Christmas much to Chip's dismay. The trip to Europe was mostly uneventful. They had spent two days skiing in the Austrian Alps. It was while they were there that they had a small problem. It was the first evening after they had been skiing all day when two young guys came up to them and asked if they would come back their room and have a good time.

Tim looked at the two guys and asked, "Do you mean fun like in sex?"

One of the two guys said, "We were rather hoping that you might be open to the idea."

"Tim, can we please? It's been six months since we have had sex with another guy. Come on let's go. This may be our last chance. Our parents brought us here since we may never get to come back. We both have been diagnosed with having advanced cases of AIDS. Here, do you want to see the open lesions on our bodies. You will have to make sure that you bathe well and I am allergic to latex," Chip pleaded.

The two guys started to back away. One of them said, "We'll see you guys later."

After the two good looking guys left. Tim and Chip bent over laughing. They decided to go for a swim in the indoor pool. When they got to the pool, Chip pointed at the two guys who had propositioned them. The guys looked at each other and took off their robes and dove into the pool and swam under the water until they reached the two guys. Tim and Chip started to pull the other two guys swimsuits off them. The two were caught so off guard that it took them a couple of seconds to react.

Tim and Chip had to come up for air. The two guys recognized them and knew that they had been duped. The four of them climbed out of the pool. Chip said, "Okay guys, we're even. I'm Chip Miller and this stud here is my brother Tim. For your information, we are both virgins and plan to stay that way. After all, we are only 15. We don't want to ruin our lives before they have even started."

General Miller, who was dressed in civilian clothes, interrupted the conversation. "Chip and Tim, we have been invited to dinner by the owner and his wife. They wanted to know if you'd like to join us?"

"Dad, we'll just eat with these two clowns. We don't feel like a fancy meal. You and Mother have a good time. We'll see you in the morning for breakfast at 7:30," Tim said.

The guys finally introduced themselves. They only used the first names and last names. There was no indication of anything else. The one young man said his name was Roger Murphy and the other introduced himself as Steve Johnson.

Chip looked at them and said, "It is obvious that you are in the military by your haircuts and bearing, so are you officers or enlisted?"

Roger said, "We're both Lieutenants. We are stationed here in Europe. Your father looks familiar. Is he in politics?"

Tim answered, "No, he is just here on vacation. So if you are both Lieutenants why are you together trying to pick up some fresh meat? Aren't you satisfied with each other?"

Steve said, "Guys, we are not a couple. We have messed around with each other but there is no emotional attachment. We are too much alike to make it work. We are both consummate tops."

Chip started laughing, "So you thought we might be the bottoms you are looking for. I don't think so. So how long have you been Lieutenants?"

Roger answered. "We both were graduated from the academy last May. I realized I was gay my plebe year when I fell in love with the guy who lived in the next room. He was beautiful in every respect. Troy went on to become the Commandant of the Corp our Senior Year. He had no idea how gorgeous he was, but he was so straight that he would have broken a dentist's drill."

Tim said, "Guys, let's go get dressed for dinner, and we'll meet you in the lobby in thirty minutes. We'll grab a quick bite and then catch the show that the local people are putting on tonight. It should be fun."

The guys had a great dinner and Tim paid the bill much to the two Lieutenants' surprise. After dinner they went to the show area and watched the locals' show and they made plans to meet at nine to go back to the slopes since everyone was scheduled to be at the airport at three o'clock to go home.

The guys skied until noon, caught a bite to eat, and then went to the airport. The two Lieutenants were surprised when Chip and Tim were scheduled on the same military aircraft. The pilot came in and said, "General Miller, we are ready to take you and your passengers back to the base. We opened the empty seats to space available."

General Miller said, "That's great as long as they don't snore."

Roger leaned over to Tim and Chip and said, "You guys have duped us good. Our careers are probably ruined."

Chip looked at the two guys and said, "Believe me, if your lives were going to be ruined, it would not be because of Tim and me. We aren't about to tell our parents about what happened. I may tell my special friend when I get home but he isn't going to do anything since there was no foul play, so there was no harm done."

Editor's Notes:

I am curious if anyone noticed something interesting that was mentioned in this chapter.  I won't say any more about it, because it just might come up later on and I don't want to put any spoilers in here, just a little heads up that something was said that could be interesting later on.

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