Short Stories by Zarek A Dragon

A Day in the Life of a Teddy Bear

By Zarek A Dragon


Teddy BearI couldn't believe how lucky I was. My day started out sitting on a shelf in the store, but then a cute teenage boy bought me. I thought he was going to give me to a girl, but no… instead, he took me home and cuddled with me for a few hours. The boy called me Jake and cuddled with me? I was surprised when he called me Jake. Since he kept me and cuddled with me, I was expecting a feminine name like Heather or Janet, but then I don't have anything specifying my gender. I felt so loved as my boy cuddled with me.

I heard the doorbell so my boy placed me on his pillow and walked downstairs. He came back up with another boy. They were talking about basketball until this other boy saw me. He picked me up and asked what my name is. My boy looked a little nervous being asked this question. I thought, maybe he didn't want this boy to know he's gay. The other boy asked again, "Come on, Jim, what did you name this bear? I think he's cute."

"Do you really like him, Jake?" When I heard my boy ask that, I understood why he was nervous. He named me after this boy.

"Yeah, Jim, I do. What's his name?"

"What would you like his name to be? If you like him, I wanna give him to you."

"No, Jim, he looks like you really love him. I couldn't take him from you."

"But I want you to have him. What would you name him?"

"Can I name him after you?"

"You plan to cuddle with him?"

"I hope I don't scare you, but yeah. I don't know how to tell you, but I am gay and strongly attracted to you." Jake started to cry, "I hope I didn't just ruin our friendship, but I came here to come out to you. I'm tired of hiding my feelings. I want to kiss you."

"Jake," my boy said as he walked up to the boy. Jake got nervous until my boy put his arm around him. "I had named the teddy 'Jake' because I wanted to cuddle with you. I want to kiss you, too."

Jake looked up at my boy's face. He saw moist blue eyes and a smile. He could tell that my boy really did love him. Jake wrapped his arms around my boy and their faces moved close together. If I didn't hear them say they wanted to kiss, I would have thought they were going to try eating each other. I thought their kiss was going to last forever, but they eventually separated.

My boy looked at Jake and said, "If you want to name him 'Jim,' you have my permission."

"You seriously want me to have your bear? Can I buy his twin and give him to you?"

"There was one more on the shelf, but if I can cuddle with you, I want us to name him like he's our child."

"Then, I won't name this bear 'Jim.' I want them to be brothers. We can name one Trevor and the other Roger. Also, I want us to own both bears, not one be mine and one be yours."

"Like in that story on the Fort Family sites, except Trevor and Roger got married."

"I know, but still, I like that story and if we ever have kids, if we can name them, that is the names I would like."

My boy picked me and looked at my face. "Your name shall be Trevor, and Jake and I are your dads. Do you like that?"

How could I not? I felt as though I was really loved by both boys. I wanted to nod my head, but couldn't. I think Jake could sense my thoughts as he used his hand to make me nod. Jim started to laugh. Then Jake said, "This may seem silly for two seventeen-year-olds, but it just feels so right. I love you, man."

"I love you, too."

Jake left and came back with my brother Roger. Then the four of us went to sleep in my boy's bed.


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