Pirate Dan: Part One ~ Skye

Chapter 5

It was the next day that Skye and Rory had a meeting with George in the den. The very place that used to be Marcy’s office. It had been off bounds to Skye in the past. Now? It was all Skye’s! As soon as George arrived, he could tell all was not right as Skye seemed distant, almost as if he wanted nothing to do with any of them.

Standing at the door he heard Skye say, “Don’t all move, I’ll get the door…”

Etta simply said, “Get it or leave it, it is up to you my love.”

“Nanna, who the hell are you these days?”

“I’m the same person dear, just that the bitch isn’t around anymore. Now get the door or George will leave.”

“Hello George, we’re ready for the meeting. Come on through to the den.” As he walked to the Den everyone went to join them. “If I wanted you all to be in the meeting, we would be having it in the living room. This is just for George and I to discuss upcoming projects.”

“Actually Skye, we need to have Rory present as he is the director and producer of the series we’ll be looking at,” added George.

Skye looked at the adults. “Very well, but only Rory.” Once they were seated Skye asked, “You know we saw a little boy yesterday George?”

George nodded, “Sure, little Colton.”

“My brother. I was shocked when he told me who the man was that mother used in order to get pregnant.”

George was sweating, “Why?”

“Because he told me it was a man called George Winsome that had a wank and gave it to mum to get her pregnant. His words not mine, he even said she used a turkey baster. Do you have anything to say?”

Without thinking Rory said, “Believe me it wasn’t a wank!” Skye just glared at him.

“I have no idea where he could have gotten such an idea, or even where he got my name from,” George said.

Rory smiled, “I do.”

Skye looked at him, “Why am I not surprised by that?”

Rory glared at him, “I ignore that as you are obviously upset at the moment. Think about it, it’s obvious since your mum must have used a clinic’s services.”

“What do you mean, clinic’s services?” asked Skye.

“When we were younger George and I needed to raise money for some prank we were doing in university. Well we had this great idea to use this sperm bank to earn the money that we needed. We were young and hung so they willingly paid us for wanking and giving it to them. We didn’t wank, once we were in the room we fucked like rabbits. We went there quite a bit actually as the young receptionist was a willing recipient of my regular donations and bent over for anyone willing if I remember. The clinic must have told her the name of the sperm donor.”

Skye just looked at them. “That’s illegal, as donations are anonymous.”

Rory nodded, “It’s supposed to be anonymous, but if you look on the internet about six years ago there was a scandal that broke over a man being sued because something like seventy young adults were claiming he was their father because of he was the sperm donor their mothers used. That was the same clinic and about the same time.”

George nodded, “If I remember rightly the doctor’s still in serving time in prison for it. Rory is also correct about the receptionist as he helped me many a time as well.” He said smiling.

Rory laughed, “You too?”

“Many, many times!”

“The little bitch told me I was the only one.”

Skye looked at them, “So this has nothing to do with the General or the adoptions then. It was just… an accident.”

“General? Adoptions? What are you talking about Skye?” Rory asked looking confused, but starting to sweat which told Skye everything that he needed.

“Nothing, just something I’d heard. I mean Travis did mention the General yesterday.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about, you’ll have to take that one up with Travis but it wasn’t poor George.”

At that moment there was the sound of the doorbell. Skye smiled, “Ah that must be the people that I was expecting.”

Rory looked at his son. “Who?”

“My new butler and chef. Apparently, the butler is also an exceptional personal assistant. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be back in a moment.”

He answered the door and there stood Cormack with two young men. “Hi Skye, these are the guys I was telling you about.”

“Hi there, come on in.”

Etta was standing behind him, “Who the hell are these?”

“As you have refused to be civil since mum died Nanna, you can wait to find out like everyone else. If you were civil towards me then I’d tell you that they are my new household staff.” Skye looked at the men and could tell Cormack could not believe the attitude the old woman had towards him.

“Come on in guys, let’s head into the drawing room to talk.” As Travis and Etta went to follow Skye stopped them, “This is my house, or do need I remind you about the renunciation waiver? I will meet with my staff by myself.”

As they walked down the hallway and passed the grand piano, they were all aware of eyes on them as George and Rory were standing at the door of the Den. Once they were in the garden room, he shut the door. “Sorry about that. Things are getting rather tense around here at the moment.”

Cormack hugged him, “Do you need me in there with you?”

“I’m fine but stick around as I swear the shit is going to hit the fan. While I head back in there show the guys the attic apartment and around the house. They know why they are here?”

Mark looked at the young boy before him. “Captain, we are all Bluebirds here and will do anything to watch over you sir. The Quartermaster is my father and I will follow in his footsteps one day. We will guard you with our lives.”

“I never got any one’s names.”

“Oh sorry. I’m Mark, I’ll be your butler and assistant sir. This is my partner Ryan and he’ll be your chef and make sure that your house is clean and safe.”

Cormack smiled, “They will also be travelling with you as your household and though no one else will know your security. They are licensed to carry and use weapons should the situation demand it.”

Skye nodded and looked at Ryan. “Do not let anyone order you about guys, this is my house not theirs!”


“Right, I need to head back into the meeting.”

Mark stood, “Cormack show us to the kitchen I need to get drinks ready so I have an excuse to get in there to look after the captain. You can show us around once this meeting is over.”

Skye smiled, “Thank you, mine’s a diet coke but the others like coffee.”

“Leave it with me Skye. Sir?”

“Yes?” Mark handed Skye a phone. “This is mine. Officer Jake gave it to me.”

Ryan smiled. “Yes, it is and Jake is with the general and reports to her. We have severed the links that were loaded on to the phone and taken control of the emergency button. They will know, but can do nothing about it.”

Mark put his arm around Skye, “Same rules apply boss. If you are in danger sir press the button that Officer Jake showed you. He might be connected, but we are now in control and Bluebirds will be summoned should it ever be pressed not their people.” Skye nodded and left them with Cormack but not before taking them to the living room.

“Nanna, Travis? This is Mark and Ryan they are now my new household staff and will be living and working here in the future. They will also travel when we travel… Cormack I’ll leave you to it.”

At that he headed back into the meeting. “Sorry about that, but my new staff are starting today and I forgot all about it.”

Rory looked furious. “NEW STAFF?”

“Yes, I am not a cleaner, or a cook, or a fetch and carrier. I am not one to be treated like a slave, being told to do everything by other family members who can do it themselves. My name is not Cinderella! These men will be my butler, chef and personnel assistant. You can all start to pull your weight or piss off! Now, we need to sort this meeting out.”

* * * * * * * * * *

George looked pensive for a few moments, “There has been movements on the directing scene recently to call Petrov the General as he is always organized and, so military like with his directing.”

Skye looked at him and smiled, “I guess that must be it then, I’m just getting paranoid. How fucking convenient! Paranoid, thinking everyone is out to treat me like the slave mother treated me like all those years.” At that moment there was a knock at the door. “Enter.” The door opened and Mark walked in.

Rory gasped as he looked like the marine that he had trained all of his life to be. Both he and Ryan were built and muscular and would do anything to protect Skye. Mark was European with Italian good looks. His ancestor had been the Quint Patterson, Pirate Quartermaster of the Singing Bluebird and his family took great delight in making sure that they upheld that responsibility.

“Master Skye your drinks are ready as requested.”

“Mark, thank you. Bring them in and join us, will you?”

“I took the initiative to bring my note pad in case you needed me sir and my personal recorder to record the meeting.”

Rory looked shocked. “What do you mean, join us?”

“Mark here is my steward, my Major Domo, my quartermaster. He will act as my personal assistant around the home from now on. Mark this gentleman is Rory and the one seated on the leather sofa is my manager George.”

“Gentlemen, how do you take your coffee?” Once the drinks were served, he sat next to Skye and the meeting started again. “Now George you were saying about Petrov being called the General?”

Mark looked shocked. “No one would dare insult such a man as Petrov with a name like that. He is one of the most respected director and producers in the business.”

George looked at him, “My sources must have gotten it wrong.”

Skye smiled, “Yes, I guess that they must.” George could tell by looking at Skye that he was not happy, it worried him as he knew all too well that if anyone could find out who the General was it would be Skye. Now with these two unknowns in the house, well it may very well put the mission in danger. George looked at Skye, he had seen the boy in the past when he got something in his core, usually it was about a role or a job he was doing but once he got the bit between his teeth he did not let go until he found his answer. Now? Now, he had support...

What George had found out recently, but had kept to himself, was that James and Skye had been asking questions about the family. It worried him greatly, but he had not told Rory or the General. George would never tell on the boy as he deserved to have a chance after everything that the family had done to him. George had been a friend of Rory and Travis at school and was not a member of the family, so could not understand their obsession towards him.

As he looked at Skye, he often wanted to tell him about the blasted family and who Skye is directly related to and it was at such times that he had realized that his allegiances had shifted, he now wanted to protected Skye as much as he could from these maniacs. He just hoped to god these newcomers would do the same.

After settling down with their drinks Rory waffled on about the business and how the new series was an important project and could make his own mark on the business. Skye smiled, “Daddy shut the fuck up! Let me see the contract and the pay offer.”

When Skye read the suggested contract and handed it over to Mark. He then read the offer for the series. When they had reviewed the paperwork, Skye was shocked that his father would have the audacity to be so cruel. It also shocked him as he had already discussed this with Travis when Rory was not around. The words ‘Slave Labor’ kept going through his mind. He’d always felt his mother had been a slave driver, but he had never felt like he was a slave, more than the moment he saw the offer that his father had put in place for him.

The fee per episode shocked him beyond belief because of how little the studio was paying him, not only that but that it decreased with each series not increased as you would have expected. Skye looked at George and handed him the contract and offer once Mark had handed it all back. George was seething. “How much are the other actors being paid Rory?”

“Not for you to know.”

“God damn it Rory, Skye is the star!” This offer is insulting.” He threw the contract on the table.

Skye picked it up again. “I wouldn’t even get out of bed for such paltry fee Mr. McElory. Mark we’re leaving.”

“I’m your father not Mr. McElory to you!”

Skye glared at him, “Not when you expect me to work for such a pittance you’re not!” He looked at his manager. “George don’t even waste your time on this rubbish! I have plenty of offers on the table, I’ll go through them all with Mark and we will let you know which ones we want to accept.”

George blanched white and turned to Rory, then he shouted, “No!” trying to get control of the situation. Calming himself he continued, “We need to see a budget for this project with forecasted earnings from sponsors and the costs of total payroll per episode, with allowances. What you’re offering Skye is an absolute insult.”

Mark looked at Rory, “The offer is also all inclusive, which Skye has never done. This will never happen as Skye will be making DVDs and CDs and will be paid a percentage of those sales in addition to his normal fee. An all-inclusive contract will just not work!” The atmosphere was electric and Mark just knew something bad was going to go down. He knew it would not be pretty and that he had to be ready for anything.

At the same time Skye was sensing exactly the same and inwardly he smiled as his mother had never been so totally void of emotion like Rory. “He is my son! The money will be in the family, that figure is just what he sees! He will do it if I say he will do it!” Rory spat out. “If it were all going to the account as it used to do then it would be higher; as it is, we now have to pay him so that will be what he sees and not a penny more! Don’t worry he will do it George!”

Skye looked at him, “Don’t worry, he will not George!”

“I say yes he fucking well will do it George!” Snapped Rory as Mark got ready to intervene when he was needed.

“No, I will not George.” Stated Skye quite calmly.

Rory looked at Mark, “Clear the cups.” Mark looked at Skye and he nodded so he collected them and was taking them out to the tray just outside the den as it all erupted, so he rushed out to put them down and then head back in.

George stepped between them as he could sense Rory was about to strike out at the nearest person. “Can I see a comparison of the different contracts offered and how much they’re worth before decisions are made? Skye would never consider working for this pittance and we can schedule work for him months in advance, so he does not need this shit! If this is all that is on the table then the meeting is over...”

Rory bristled a little, “I don’t think we have that information. He will do what I tell him to do!” He literally screamed. “He’s MINE now and I say he fucking well does this.”

Skye went white when he heard what Rory had said. Mark twirled around to get back in as the door was slammed shut from the inside by Rory.  Rory smirked at Skye, “Let the fucker try to get in now!”

Skye was shaking his head as if he had been hit hard by an immovable object. Rory looked at Skye who said, “What did you just say?” Skye glared at Rory. He stepped right up to the man and screamed, “I said what the fuck did you say? … I’m what?”

“YOU – ARE - MINE. I own you now. SLAVE!” Skye heard an audible gasp coming from George as Rory said that and he also heard noise coming from outside the library on the opposite side of the door as Mark desperately tried to get back to the boy that the Bluebirds were honor bound to protect, but the door was locked.

Skye felt like he had been sucker punched in the gut. “You what!?! Marcy never OWNED me, she was my mum! Admittedly a bad mum, but my mum all the same…”

“Yes, she did own you… with her gone as the joint owner you are now mine and you will do as you are told SLAVE! She never was your…”

“Rory!” He looked at George who had shouted and never finished his sentence. George was physically sweating as all of his nightmares were falling into the basket at once.

Skye looked at them both knowing full well what he had been going to say as he had seen the report from the Private Investigator. “I belong to no one Mr. McElory, but back to what we were saying. Yes, you do have the information because I saw it, when you and Papa Travis were copying everything. You made sure Papa T never saw it. My name was on the bottom with the lowest figure.”

Rory glared at Skye, raised his hand and swiped him hard across the face. Backhanding the boy with such force he literally flew backwards across the room banging his head on the coffee table as he landed, causing he nose to bleed. As Rory struck him, he shouted. “I said you’re mine and will do as you are fucking told SLAVE!”

Skye was getting worried and reached into his pocket and pressed his panic button of the phone that he had been given. He was so scared that he pressed it over and over hoping beyond hope that it was still working as he had landed awkwardly in it. Outside the door Mark was panicking not being able to get back into the room. He raised his hand and spoke into a microphone. “Ryan, I need your help principle down. I repeat principle down.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mark stepped back and kicked the door with such force that it nearly knocked him out when it held in place. Racing around the corner came Cormack and Ryan. Mark looked at Cormack, “Permission to use extreme force sir?”

Cormack looked at him, “He’s pressed the emergency button. Do it Mark, get to our boy.” He took out a small device from the bag Ryan was holding and stepped back. Cormack shouted, “Skye move away from the door!” George heard and moved away as he was the only one near the door, without thinking he unlocked it and opened it slightly so that they could get to Skye.

Cormack saw, “Mark stop the door is open.”

* * * * * * * * * *

As this was happening Skye looked up at his father as blood trickled down his face. His nose was bleeding. He laughed as he pulled himself up, so Rory was no longer standing over him, but Rory raised his hand again and swiped it across his son’s face again as George watched in horror and was moving away from the door. Skye once again flew backwards and ended up on his backside.

“Keep your fucking nose out of my business you little cunt! In future YOU WILL DO AS YOU ARE TOLD and stay in your room or I’ll lock you down there just like she used to. Who the hell do you think build the cage you called a bedroom?” At that he reached down and grabbed Skye be the neck and fell on top of him with such force that it would have been only seconds before Skye stopped breathing. “Why couldn’t the Countess…” That was all Skye heard before he passed out, but it was only for seconds.

As he came to, he tried desperately to fight back but Rory was too powerful even though he kicked upwards a couple of times and hit his father in the family jewels. That was until his strength left him and he was choking to death. Still he struggled, if he was going to die then he would die fighting.

Rory was like a mad man and he was strangling his victim with all of the rage that had been pent up for years. Things had never gone right for them, it had all been such a simple plan. Kill Skye’s real father and put him or Travis in his place to claim Skye’s inheritance, but Skye’s real grandmother found out that he existed and tied everything up into a will only Skye could break. Other’s had tried to access it will, but none could, not until the true a descendant of the Countess was recognized and it had to be a true McElory.

* * * * * * * * * *

All of the shouting brought Etta and Travis to the door just as Cormack, Mark and Ryan were entering the room. They stood and watched seeing Rory on top of the boy and knew with the force that he was using that Skye did not stand a chance. As Rory’s fingers closed around Skye’s throat Cormack raised a gun and fired at Rory deliberately only grazing Rory’s shoulder. Cormack shouted, “Let go of the boy!”

George saw all of this happening as Ryan took control of the room and made him sit, but first frisked him for any weapons. George saw the bullet fly into Rory’s shirt and as if in slow motion and then escape out the opposite side at the front.

Rory was still in this haze snapped, “Stay the fuck out of it, the boy is mine! This is between a man and his slave. He will learn to obey or else! He’s lucky I don’t fuck him to prove that he belongs to me!”

Mark was now grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and lifting him physically off their captain. “I would kill you myself if you ever tried that!” Rory twisted and managed to get a punch in to Mark’s gut, winding him and making him drop him so that he could attack the boy all over again.

Cormack was quick to act and another bullet was fired. This time it was close enough to graze Rory’s neck, but missed Skye as it flew into the floor. “Now, I said Let go!” 

Rory looked at the three men. “Damn you that fucking stings! Who the fuck are you?”

Mark smiled, “I’m Master Skye’s butler, Ryan is his chef and Cormack is his attorney; what a stupid question.”

Cormack smiled. “I am also a crack shot and have been since I was a young boy. I will not miss with the next one and your kneecap or shoulder blade will be shattered!”

Still holding Skye, Rory looked up at them he let Skye go as he got to his feet pretending it was as if he were coming out of a trance like haze. “Get away from the boy, now!” Mark shouted and raced to give first aid to his captain.

He could see as he got down next to Skye that he had turned blue and had stopped breathing. “God damn it Skye I will not lose you!” Putting him in position he tilted his head backwards so that his airways were clear and then started CPR. Moments dragged but then color started to return to the face of Skye. Mark had tears rolling down his face. “Please baby, come back to us.”

All of a sudden there was a gasp and an intake of air followed by coughing. “You ain’t going to lose me Papa Mark. I only just got you guys in my life.” He just could not help himself as he just pulled Skye close and hugged him as this big tough ex-marine let tears of joy flow. He just looked at Cormack and Ryan who were also in tears. He did notice none of the family had tears, though interestingly George did.

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