The Castaway Hotel: Book 1

Chapter 19: Our Last Day in Washington, D.C.

That morning, we started off at the National Zoo. The boys were like the metal balls in a pinball machine while they were there, running from one area to the next, checking out all of the animals on display.  About halfway through our visit there, Jay ended up tackling a metal trash barrel, without intending to.  I was worried he might have injured himself, but he was too mortified to worry about anything as trivial as being hurt.

Not only did my boys get a few restrained chuckles out of this incident, but a few passers by were howling because of it too, which only helped to compound Jay’s discomfort.  He was extremely embarrassed by his clumsiness and it took me nearly twenty minutes to calm him down enough so he could get over what had happened.  Seeing his friend’s discomfort, Ricky also tried to help me convince Jay that any of them could have done the same thing, but Jay was well aware that he was a bigger klutz than the rest of us.  After Jay and I talked a little longer, he started to loosen up a bit and enjoy himself once more, but he made sure he moved more slowly from that point forward, to reduce the risk of another accident.

The rest of the visit was pretty routine; with the boys checking out all of the animals on display, but there was one other comical moment.  It happened while we were checking out the orangutans.  One of the juvenile males began sporting an erection and nonchalantly began to stroke himself.

“Hey, look,” Ricky called out.  “There’s Danny doing his thing again.”  The boys all turned in the direction Ricky was pointing, quickly discovering what he was referring to.  Brandon and Jay began to snicker, while Danny turned a bit red.

“I’m a little bigger than that,” Danny announced, but only loud enough for us to hear him.  “That looks more like Ricky’s size,” he added, trying to deflect the attention back toward the one who started it.

“Nah, I’ve got blond hair and the monkey’s is almost red,” Ricky shot back, before making another observation.  “But Jay has red hair and skin that covers his dick when it isn’t hard, the same as the orangutan.”   Now, Jay began to blush as the attention shifted to him.

“Okay, it’s time to end this discussion,” I announced, trying to save Jay from further embarrassment.  After what he’d already been through on this trip, I thought this might only bruise his psyche more.  Fortunately, the boys let the conversation drop and we moved on to see what else there was to discover.

We spent the morning touring the zoo and then decided it was time to eat.  The boys selected a fast-food spot for lunch, over my mild protests, but I eventually decided to let them have their way.  After eating, we moved on to our next stop, Arlington National Cemetery.  I made sure my foursome got to see President Kennedy’s resting place, with the eternal flame, an area that holds special significance for me.  I think everyone from my generation can remember where he was and what he was doing the day JFK was assassinated, so there is this emotional connection that is hard to explain to anyone who had not experienced a similar occurrence.  I guess the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster might come close, but it still isn’t quite the same.  After telling the boys some of the things I remembered about Kennedy and that shocking day in November of 1963, I took them over to see The Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers.

The Tomb of the Unknowns, as it is also known, is a symbolic memorial to all those who have died in war and whose remains where unidentifiable.  The Tomb was established through a Congressional Resolution, in 1921, and it was constructed to honor the remains of an unknown and unidentified American soldier from World War I.  You might have seen ceremonies conducted there on Memorial Day, when the President typically places a wreath at the Tomb.  The Tomb contains the remains of American soldiers from World Wars I and II, the Korean Conflict, and until just a few weeks before we got there, a soldier from the Vietnam War.  His body was identified through the use of DNA testing and his remains were returned to his family, to be buried where they wished.  Each soldier was presented with the Medal of Honor posthumously, at the time of the internment, and the inscription on the memorial reads, ‘Here Rests In Honored Glory An American Soldier Known But To God.’

“I guess they won’t be adding any more now, will they, Dad?” Danny asked.

“Not because there won’t be more wars,” I responded, sadly, “but because of advances in science.  I think the remains already interred here will be all that will occupy this spot.”  The boys nodded and I looked at them, wondering if any of them would ever be called to serve and, God forbid, lose their lives in defense of our country.”

After we left there, I made it a point to go the Arlington House, so they would be better able to appreciate the history of the cemetery.  Arlington House had been the family home of Robert E. Lee’s wife.  She was the granddaughter of George and Martha Washington, and Robert E. Lee was the General who led the Confederate Army during the Civil War.  It was his masterful leadership that nearly allowed the South to win the war and prolonged the length of the conflict.

“It was during the latter stages of the war that bureaucrats from the federal government confiscated the land surrounding the house,” I informed them, “so it could be used as a burial place for the large number of soldiers killed during the various battles.”

“I can see why they would need the land for a cemetery,” Jay began, “but wasn’t it kind of mean to take their farm?  I mean… she was George Washington’s granddaughter.”

“Yes, I suppose it was,” I agreed, “but Lee’s detractors in the government sought to punish him for turning down command of the federal army and taking up arms against the union.  They understood how much this place meant to Lee, seeing he had resided at Arlington for thirty years, so they knew it would be painful for him and his family to stand by and watch their beloved homestead undergo a transformation into a national graveyard.”

“Yeah, I guess he wouldn’t want to come back here and live in the middle of a cemetery after the war was over,” Brandon agreed.

“Yes, it made his old farmstead virtually uninhabitable,” I concurred, “but it would be hard for me to envision what it would be like if we didn’t have a national cemetery like this where you could come to honor veterans, presidents and others who had done so much for their beloved country.”

Once all of that had been digested, we hurried back to the Washington Monument, so we could go to the top and take in the view.  I didn’t want to take the chance that it would close before we got there again, and I was glad we made the effort.  First of all, I got a kick out of watching the boys as we rode up in the elevator.  They were as jittery as a bride on her wedding night, anticipating the treat that awaited them at the top.  However, most of all, I enjoyed seeing their faces light up, when they looked out over the city.  The boys were totally blown away when they beheld the breathtaking view and made it a point to look out the windows on all four sides.

“Hey, there’s the White House,” Jay announced, looking out the opening facing north.

“Just don’t fall out,” Ricky teased, immediately drawing a glare from Jay in return.

“And there’s the Capitol,” Brandon announced, having already moved to the opening facing east.

“And all the museums we went to,” Danny added.

“There’s the Jefferson Memorial,” Ricky pointed out, after racing to the south side of the monument.

“And over here is the Lincoln Memorial,” Jay announced, excitedly, looking west.

“And the Reflecting Pool,” Brandon added, after joining Jay.

“And there’s Arlington,” Danny noted, indicating the area we had left earlier.

“And there are our next two stops,” I pointed out, indicating the Korean and Vietnam Veterans Memorials.

After spending another twenty or thirty minutes enjoying the view, we made our way back down and went to check out the two Veterans Memorials.  We didn’t stay there long, as the boys quickly got bored, since they didn’t know anyone who had lost his life in either conflict.

Sensing their restlessness, I decided it was time to move on and took them to check out the Supreme Court Building.  Once there, we toured the Courtroom, the Upper Great Hall, the East Conference Room and a courtyard.  We also found out about the various inscriptions, carvings and ornaments that adorn the exterior of the building, as well as information about the people who designed and built the building.

“Wow, I didn’t know there was no Supreme Court until 1935,” Brandon announced, but was soon joined by the others, as they admitted they hadn’t known it either.

“Yes, in 1929, Chief Justice William Howard Taft, who had also been President from 1909 – 1913, persuaded Congress to create a permanent home for the court, and this building was completed six years later,” I told them.

“But why did they wait so long to make a building for the Court?” Jay wanted to know.  “Wasn’t there a Supreme Court before that?”

“Yes, there was Jay,” I told him, “but it met at various locations, including once being housed at the Capitol.  I see you don’t remember that.”

“I kinda do,” he answered, “but I thought they only meant for a little while, until everything in Washington was built.”

“That was sort of the case,” I confirmed, “but they had no plans to build a special, separate building for the Court.  It was thought they could just utilize space in the other buildings, but that eventually became impractical.”  This seemed sufficient to answer the question for the boys, so we moved on.

Even though it was still fairly early by the time we finished our tour, the boys informed me they were getting hungry again.  At Jay’s insistence, we decided to go to a Chinese buffet this time.

Once there, the boys pigged out, eating anything that didn’t move, and the owner of the restaurant seemed to be getting a little annoyed by their seemingly insatiable appetites.  He watched them intently, following their every move when they went back for seconds, and I suspect he thought they couldn’t possibly eat all the food they were taking from the buffet.  After watching them devour what was in front of them, he seemed totally blown away by how much these slender young men could pack away.  After hitting the dessert bar, to finish off our meal, we left, much to the relief of the management.  I was wondering if he would turn us away, if we came back again in a day or two, but seeing we weren’t going to be around that much longer, I put the thought out of my mind.  Shortly after that, we returned to our motel room, to spend our final night in the Washington D.C. area.

I had Brandon and Jay call home again, and got a great deal of satisfaction from listening to them recount their most recent adventures to their parents.  I could hope for no greater reward than to hear the excitement in their voices and watch the glow on their faces, as they told about all the wonderful things they had discovered.  Selfishly, I wished Danny and Ricky could have had the same opportunity to tell someone like that, but they would have to be content just sharing these moments with me.  It would never be quite the same for my pair, as it was for Jay and Brandon, because I witnessed everything they had, so they didn’t need to explain the wonders of the various things they saw.  I must admit, however, that I appreciated being with them and seeing their reactions first hand.

Once the phone conversations ended, the various pairs headed into the showers.  This evening, the dynamic duo, Jay and Ricky, just decided to just give each other a quick hand job.  They were both tired and didn’t have the strength to do much more.  When they emerged from the bathroom, they immediately went over and jumped into bed.  They were both sound asleep before the other two had finished cleaning up.

Salt and Pepper went next.  That’s how we have been referring to Danny and Brandon, because of their contrasting appearance.  They seemed to acquire those nicknames at the restaurant the previous evening, after Ricky made an observation.

“Hey, look at Danny and Brandon,” he exclaimed.  “Their hair reminds me of the salt and pepper shakers on the table.”  We all studied them closely, noticing Brandon’s blond, almost white, hair juxtaposed against Danny’s dark brown crop and agreed with Ricky’s observation.  After that, Jay and Ricky jokingly started referring to them Salt and Pepper.

As they entered the shower tonight, Brandon took the lead.  “Danny, what would you think of giving each other a blowjob tonight?” he asked.

“Is that what YOU want to do?” Danny asked in reply.

“Yeah, if you wouldn’t mind,” Brandon admitted.

“No, I don’t mind at all,” Danny responded.  “That would be fine with me.  Which one of us do you want to go first?”

Brandon thought for a minute.  “Would you mind doing me first?” he asked, wondering if he was asking too much of Danny.

“Nah,” Danny told him, “it doesn’t make any difference to me.”  Hearing Danny say that relieved Brandon of his concerns.  Now, he waited with great anticipation, as Danny bent down and grasped his limp dick.

Danny affectionately kissed the exposed tip and Brandon’s prick began to stiffen.  Danny stuck his tongue into the sensitive inverted ‘v’ on the underside of the pole, causing pleasurable feelings to course through Brandon’s slender frame.  Danny followed this up by attacking the tiny slit at the tip, which was beginning to open and close with the pulsing of Brandon’s heart, as he eagerly waited for what was to come.  It didn’t take long before Brandon began to whimper, as the sensations began to cause an overload in his neural system.

“Oh, yeah, Danny.  That’s hot.  Oh, lick my cock all over.  Wash my hard-on with your tongue.  Mmmm, oh, yes, that’s good.  Ahhh, ahhhhh, oh yes.”

Danny had continued to tongue Brandon’s sausage while Brandon urged him on, but now he slid a little lower and let one of Brandon’s testicles slip into his moist opening.  He sucked on the walnut sized orb and let his oral muscle roam its nearly hairless covering, sending even more electrical bolts shooting through Brandon’s frame.  After he finished that, Danny moved his attention back to Brandon’s shaft and let his mouth slide over the purplish head, as he began to suckle on his friend’s potential baby maker.  “Oh, yeah, Danny.  Suck it for me.  Yeah, yeah, that’s it.  Unghhhhhhhh.”

Danny’s head was bobbing faster and faster, while he kept his lips locked over the smooth surface of Brandon’s shaft.  He also allowed his tongue to play along behind his lips, to stimulate Brandon penis even more.  Brandon was really squirming now, as the tingling vibrations rippled thru his torso, and Danny placed his hands on the blonde’s hips, to keep him from falling over.  Danny continued to use his mouth to pump his friend’s boy meat as quickly as he could, and Brandon was nearly ready to release his well-earned reward.

“Oh, God.  Oh, God.  I’m cumming.  Yes, yes, I’m cuuuuuuuuuming,” he squealed, just before his rifle fired five shots of love-seed into Danny’s throat.  Danny gobbled up his prize, like a starving piglet, and after sucking the final drops from his buddy’s wilting tube, he let the love muscle fall harmlessly from his lips, so the head was now dangling toward the floor again.

Satisfied with the job he had done, Danny stood up, since he wanted to see how his buddy was doing and get his assessment about how he had performed.  As he rose, Danny was afraid to release his hold on Brandon, as he feared his partner might fall, helplessly, into the tub.  Therefore, they stayed this way until Brandon came down from his orgasmic high.

“Oh, Danny.  That was just super,” Brandon squealed in appreciation, once he returned to his senses.  “It was so great.  Thank you.  Thank you, so much.”

Danny merely smiled, while appreciating the praise and waiting for his turn to climax.  After a few more minutes, Brandon had recovered enough to return the favor, so he eagerly dropped to his knees in front of his friend.  Danny was already semi-erect as Brandon started, still somewhat aroused from pleasing his pal.  Mimicking what Danny had done to him, Brandon’s tongue darted out, like a snake trying to smell the air for danger.  He let his oral muscle reach out and touch the head, before he began working his tongue like an overly friendly puppy, sending Danny to new levels of enjoyment.  When Brandon eventually eased his mouth over Danny’s throbbing mast, Danny wasn’t far from bursting forth with his own creamy gift.

“Brandon, oh damn.  I’m… I’m… gonna… shoooooooot,” he warned, barely in time.  “Here… it… it… comes.   Awwww, awwww, Arghmpf.”  At that moment, Danny’s milky offering began to fill Brandon’s gullet.  Brandon was somewhat undecided about what to do with it, but swallowed nonetheless, as it filled his mouth.  He was actually able to swallow quickly enough that he didn’t lose even a fraction of an ounce of his gift.

After releasing Danny’s cock from his cum coated lips, he stood next to his buddy, who was propped against the tiled shower wall.  He smiled expectantly at Danny, waiting to see his reaction to how he had done.

“That was marvelous, simply marvelous,” Danny began, as soon as he was able to speak, parroting a favorite Billy Crystal line.  “I take it that you’ve done that before?”

“A couple of times at scout camp,” Brandon admitted.  “I was afraid that if I did you first, and you knew I’d done it before, that you might change your mind about doing it to me.  I also thought you might think I was some kind of slut or something.  Did you really like it?”’  Brandon appeared to be very insecure about his performance and desperately needed Danny’s confirmation that it had been pleasurable.

“Yes, Brandon.  It was excellent - really great.  I don’t think anyone could have done any better,” Danny agreed.  He was doing his best to try to convince his friend that he had done well, once he recognized Brandon’s compulsive need for reassurance.  “Thanks.  You’re the best,” Danny added.

The pair exited the shower and returned to the main room, after drying themselves off.  I happily watched them emerge from their clean up, having left their towels behind in the bathroom.  They went straight for their bed and they, too, were soon receiving a visit from the ‘Sandman’.

I stayed awake for another half an hour, watching the end of an investigative news story I had become interested in while they were cleaning up.  However, once it was over, I slipped into bed beside Ricky and joined them in the land of oblivion.  The night passed by quickly, until the ringing of the phone disturbed my slumber and signaled the dawning of another day.