Ayden's Eyes Book Three

Chapter 99

Chapter 99

 My boy came back from his games because I think he got bored on his own, and when he returned he headed for Horse’s lap because Andy was having nanny moments in the cafe. He leant back and looked up at Horse’s face as he tickled him a little, then they both relaxed into that Horse, Ayden thing they do. I wanted to bring my washing in so I took the basket out to the clothesline that was strung across the back porch. I don’t know if I was seeing things but I thought I saw a flash of light in the thick bushes going across the back of our property. I folded the sheets and watched as Trip and Mel drove into the backyard in their camper, which reminded me that I must get onto taking some photos of ours to place on the noticeboard for rental.

 I was talking to Evan about it as the happy couple came up the front stairs. I had a few words with them about Bells and they said it got really boring after we all left and that's why they are home early. Patrick said he was going to look for a bigger van for Sue and him because they will have three months to fill in after the tea rooms were taken over. Also the new place would be ready to fit out after that, but they still haven’t seen the plans because Tony and Horse are still working on them.

 Evan was agreeable for us to rent the van out as long as it doesn’t go too far from home. I think he's got ideas of going to Cowes for a weekend to surf, but I won’t be going with him, I plan to be like Spud, painting my tush off. I placed another canvas on the easel and sat looking at it, my images were all of Ayden surfing in the competition, but I had to paint saleable stuff, not personal. I don’t have much wall space left and today I am going to thoroughly go through it all and weed out the ones I don’t want.

 Tony arrived and was telling Evan his container had landed along with his and Kate's, and they will be delivered within five days once customs are finished with them. We all got excited to see the new stock, which is going to be awesome. One of the designs was of Blue's Poseidon and I know my son will have his drawers full of it when it arrives.

 While the guys caught up with Mel and Trip I started by looking at each piece and putting aside non family paintings, and I could actually see parts of my walls again. Five paintings were placed in the storage room, it really wasn’t enough to make a big impact, then back to my work. I formed the scene I wanted to paint in my head after dragging the easel and my paints to the back porch. My son was having a nap in his big bed so he was almost right behind me. I looked down at the tea trees lining the beach with roughly five big gum trees rising above them and saw that glint again, I knew instantly what it was, it was fairy folk playing in the bushy thicket.

 I drew for the next hour or two then placed Ayden into the mix. Fairy folk at home, a snapshot of my friend’s daily lives was brought alive on the canvas. A glint here, a glint there and a baby playing in amongst them. I added little houses and bridges that were made of wood and stone and tied together with vines, cooking pots, carts and winged horses. It was my fairyland and it was so beautiful. So tiny and so busy, there were thousands of them everywhere going about their work day. Children ran, flew and chased each other through the branches and I could almost feel and hear them laughing. Spud was behind me when I came around, he handed me a bottle of cool water and looked the drawing over, then he sighed deeply.

 "So they are in the bushes Den?" he said it like I had confirmed something he was thinking about.

"I think so son, I am drawn to them and I have seen something shining in there a few times."

"It all makes sense Den, they are coming back to the bay, Ayden said he was going to bring them all here."

"I didn’t think he would return them to this spot though, I thought he meant the bay generally, but when I really think on it, this is the magic part of the bay, and I think they have always been here, we just haven’t been able to see them."

 "Den, I need to ask you something, can I show you my latest painting and you promise you won’t get mad? I was compelled to do it and I wanted your approval to do a series, but I'm not so sure now. This one you’re doing is going to be brilliant."

"Of course Spud I promise, go get it, you have me intrigued now." I smiled as I sipped on the drink and he went and got a rather large three by three canvas. This size he never uses, but it looks like he does now. He placed it up against the house on the sofa and I gasped when my eyes adjusted to it. Speechless and in shock I was drawn into that painting and I felt like I was living in it, it warmed and protected me like an old oily overcoat in the rain.

 "My god Spud what have you done?" I gasped.

"If you don’t like it, or don’t want me to show it, that’s okay Den. I just wanted to try a new technique."

"Don’t like it, don’t like it?" My shoulders slumped and I started almost weeping.

"Sorry Den, I didn’t think it would have that effect on you."

"All your paintings have this effect on me Spud, they are all masterpieces." I looked him in the eyes.

 "Spud, this is your first million-dollar painting, you have finally arrived, and once again you have blown me out of the water. I could never paint anything this good, it must have taken you weeks."

"So, you do like it?"

"I bloody love it Spud, it’s beautiful and perfectly executed. You get Cyn to put a couple of mil on this one, that’s if you want to sell it. Did you say you were going to do a series?"

"Yes Den, I thought I would do three."

"Hell Spud it’s awesome, I can't wait to see them."

 "I'm sorry Den, it just came to me a few weeks ago but I didn’t know you were thinking along the same lines."

I looked my adopted son in the eye and said,

"Never be sorry for brilliance Spud, this painting is awesome, and I only got my vision this afternoon for this work." I indicated my drawing.

 He had done almost a mirror image of the work I was doing, but it was all completely in three D. Every fairy, every house and every leaf popped off that canvas, it was magnificent and better than anything I could come up with. I was almost jumping for joy when I took my drawing down and replaced it with Spud’s painting. We then moved everything to the front porch, I needed another drink and Ayden was stirring.

 "Cyn have you got time for coffee?" I had to ring her.

"Yes Den, what's up?"

"I want to show you my new painting."

"Be there in two minutes." At the mention of another painting I was certain Cyn would be here in not two but one minute.

She swept up the stairs and dumped her big handbag on the table.

 "Well show me."

"Coffee Cyn?" I asked.

"Just show me, and yes a small one but in a minute, and cut it out Den, you’re starting to sound like Tony."

 I was enjoying the suspense, but I suppose I had better get on with it. Spud was sitting there quietly as he poured Cyn a half cup.

I took the sheet off the painting and she did her thing, she gasped then she looked it over.

"I think I can get you three mil for this one Spud."

"What?" I was shocked.

"Spudley, you did do this one, didn’t you? I don’t see any of Den’s work in it, but I see loads of yours baby." Spud started crying at this point, he was starting to regress back to his dark days, but I certainly won’t let that happen again. He’s too brilliant to not star in this beautiful world and I know he has finally arrived with a loud bang.

 "A series of three Cyn." I lifted my eyebrows.

"Umm, not a good time to become brilliant Spud, I'm too emotional at the moment. A series of three, name your price and get painting, I can't wait to list them but I also want to savour them first. I will post this one with a promise of two more to come, just to have them out there.

 I looked over at Spud who had pulled his t-shirt over his lower face and tears dripped down his cheeks.

"What's the matter kid?" Cyn was onto it.

"Do you honestly think it is that good, I don’t want to copy Den’s work but I was really compelled to do this and the others."

"It’s not Den’s work, any fool can see that Spud, it’s yours, and it’s bloody beautiful, it's probably one of the best paintings I have ever seen coming out of your imagination Spud. This is just wonderful, what others?" She stared at him.

 He got up and ran into the kitchen, it was like old times, he returned with Ali and two more paintings. He had already done them, and they were just as magnificent, when placed together in a line his second painting was a magnified highlight of the brightest house sitting on a leafy branch, and the third was looking through the window. A fairy family lit by candlelight were having dinner at a very long table filled with pies and assorted fruits. Magnified from the first and second, and all in three D. Ali grinned like he had won the lottery but Spud cried as Rita came down and rubbed his back.

 "Spud, I am going to send photos to Spencer and Marcel, just to gauge their reactions, and when this kid stops jumping up and down in my stomach I am going to have a really good gloat over them, because they are mine."

She was rubbing her tummy like crazy, I suppose David's really happy for Spud.

 My son came out looking like he needed ten more minutes   sleep as usual, but when he realised something was up he looked the paintings over then started talking fairy to the folk. He had a good time while we all watched him go from painting to painting. Then he crawled up on my knees, he took my cheeks in his hand and said,

 "They happies dah, they can be seen by Spuds."

"And who is Spud baby?"

"He's very old dah, he wise old one I thinks."

 I don't think Spud heard him because Ali was wiping his eyes with a tissue again, then I heard,

"Dabid, bes quiet you give Ayden’s heads hurt." He looked at Cyn's tummy and everyone at the table heard it, bugger!

 Cyn grabbed her tummy and sat down again, she stared at Ayden with her beautiful eyes and eventually said,

"So his name is Dabid then?" She giggled.

My boy placed his face into my arm pits and wouldn’t talk anymore. I saw Ali sitting there in shock and Spud’s tears erupted again as Rita placed her hands on her hips and said,

"Anyone for more coffee, I feel this is going to take some time to digest." She smiled at me and winked, she knew all along I could feel it coming from her heart.

 "Dah, ise sorries." I stroked his beautiful head and replied,

"You don't need to be sorry son, you only named Abs’ baby. Maybe Cyn and Abs have other names for him in their head. Don’t be sad, it’s okay my love."

He turned his face to me and his beautiful eyes glistened into mine, I felt calmness and an overwhelming feeling of pure, gentle love.

 "You are right Den, we do have a different name picked out for our son, he's going to be called David not Dabid. Abs is very set on that name."

Ali looked at Cyn then placed his hand on her tummy, and she jumped as the little one recognised his touch.

 It wasn’t said or discussed because no one knew what the outcome will be, will the baby remember Ali, or will his memories be erased at birth? I once again was betting with myself that some of him will remember, and he will be a great artist just like his uncle Spud.

 I had the chance to talk to Rita later that day.

"I dreamt about him coming back Den, I knew that dream was real, I just couldn’t guess how he was coming back."

"I'm sorry I didn’t tell you baby, I thought the least said the better."

"It’s okay and I agree with you, Ali is going to be his uncle this time around, the little mite couldn’t wish for a better family to be born into." Rita was wiping her eyes with her tea towel.

"I suppose Abs wanted him named after Ali's David, he loved him too."

"Yes he doted on the boys like he does now with Spud, this is going to be both wonderful and maybe a bit stressful for him, but I won’t see him hurt if Ali spends all his time with the baby, I will have to put my foot down." She was adamant.

I heard sniffing behind me and it was Ali, he had come through Evan’s shop.

 "You won’t Rita, I would never do that to the light of my life. I love Spud with all my heart, I am also the happiest man in the world that David is going to be reborn to Cyn and Abs, I am excited to see the little guy and I will protect him with my life. But he will be their baby not mine, and I am pleased as a camel on heat that he is coming back. No more pain, no more yearnings to go home, because this is his home, like it is all our homes forever." He took a tissue and wiped his eyes then he walked up to their bedroom yelling,

 "Oh Spudley, you gorgeous camel on heat, your prince is arriving so get ready to rumble." I heard Spud scream with delight.

 We both laughed, thinking there won’t be any problems coming from that camp, only a couple of doting uncles that are going to spoil the little bubs far too much. I had helped Cyn catalogue the paintings with her camera then she was shooting photos off to everyone, these are going to be big for Spud. While she was doing that she said to Rita and I,

 "Every time I am near Spud or Ali the baby jumps and I feel wonderful. I knew something great was happening inside me, and so did Abs. He had placed a photo of them beside the bed and all I have to say is calm down and he does, so I get a good night rest. I don’t think I will have a difficult pregnancy, but I will around Tony, but no telling him." She grinned menacingly then went to find Abs.

 I placed the used canvas onto my easel and decided I would go one further than Spud and actually paint the pies that were on the table in his third painting. I placed them on the beach basking in the hot sun and it all looked so tasty, Ayden had taken a big chunk from a pie and handed it to Andy to taste. The many fairies were diving into it and the party was happening again as they surfed in the background. When I looked closely the surfers were very familiar friends of mine with wings on. Horse had his see through gossamer top on and apart from Evan, was the most handsome.

 "Den!" I jumped.

"What bub?"

"What’s been going on here, you have Cynthia running away with Abs from the beach. Rita's in the kitchen singing to Ayden, I heard groaning coming from Spud’s room and your painting Horse in the nude, again. It’s turned into a madhouse around here."

"I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary bub, you’re in the nude too."


"Well you are, look." I pointed to him in the painting.

"Paint over it Den, it’s smaller than Horse’s."

"I will embellish it then."

"Good; coffee?"

"Yes please." I gave him a deep kiss and wished with all my heart he was thinking about buying a gossamer tank top.

 The rest of the day settled down to a quietness I haven’t heard for a long time. I was yet to feel the panic of what would become the second worst day in my life as I sat and painted away in the mid afternoon. Something has shifted in our lives and I'm yet to work out what it is.

 A few days later I was back in front of my easel, putting the finishing touches to my latest work. I kept shivering but it wasn’t cold, then I heard an almighty scream coming from somewhere at the back of me. The boys jumped up to look as I turned towards that awful noise. It was Jay, he was flying out the door and he looked panic stricken. His car roared into life and he full throttled it down the driveway, his tyres screamed out onto the road, and thank god there was no traffic. He parked sharply outside the games room as we ran up there to to see what the matter was.

He had run into the games parlour and I could hear him yelling, both Hulk and he ran back out the door to get into the car and Evan was first on the scene.

 "What's happening?"

"Birdy! There's been a serious bus accident on the freeway, three kids have been taken to hospital, Birdy is one of them." Jay looked like he was going to have a stroke.

"Move over, you can’t drive like that kid." Evan jumped into the driver’s seat.
"Den, we will see you there," he yelled as he roared off.

 He did a U-turn and planted the foot, then took off towards Warragul. I made sure the games room was empty then ran to get Ayden off Rita, if anyone could help Birdie it would be him.

 "What's happening Den?'

"Birdy's been in a bus accident on the way home from school, he's been taken to Warragul hospital."

"Oh my god, let me lock up and I'll come with you." She asked Tush and Bubble lock the shops and said she would see them at the hospital, and also she asked them to tell Spud, Ali and the boys. I grabbed my son who didn’t look too well, he had also started crying. I flew down the back stairs and out to the car as Rita ran down the back porch behind me followed by Spud and Ali. I got him into the car seat and he was staring at me with a blank face.

 "Is he going to be all right, tell dahs please?" I almost screamed.

'Dah, I donts know." He went back to his staring.

"Den, I will drive, sit with him in the back," Ali said.

I was thankful he offered because I was in no fit state to concentrate.

"What happened Den?"

"I don't know, Jay just said the bus had an accident and three kids were hurt and Birdy was one of them. I tried to ring Jay but there was no answer then I tried Evan but his phone went to message bank.

 Ayden started screaming at the top of his lungs and Ali gravel surfed as he stomped on the breaks. I almost flew across the seat to get to him.
"Ayden, Ayden what’s happened?"

"Dah, helps him please, helps him."

I didn’t know what to do and when he screamed again I panicked, I couldn’t help, I didn’t know how.

 "He hurt bad, he nearlys go, I no help Birdy, you do dah." I looked into his beautiful eyes and there were tears streaming down his cheeks as I held him. I screamed into his chest in pain, I couldn’t help it and I screamed and screamed so loud Spud had to hold me. I felt an enormous rage inside, then I screamed to anyone that would listen.

 "Help me help him." I looked around the car at the upset faces.

 My brain felt like it was frying then I felt a powerful burst of solid strength.  As I smashed through the roof of Evan’s car I had one purpose and that was to get out of there to Birdy's side. I don’t remember flying over the countryside and landing at the hospital entrance, to me it was an instantaneous thing. The doors swung off their hinges as I walked through the large reception room. I had to get to his side, he cannot die alone and he cannot do that without me saying goodbye to him.

 People flew out of my way as I was drawn to his room, they all looked in awe but they were also terrified. Jay and Evan hadn’t arrived as yet and I saw the blanket covered small boy, my son. Someone came in behind me, it was a security guard, I lifted my hand and he flew out the door which slammed tight behind him. I pulled the blanket off and laid my hand on him, Birdy jumped as I willed my magic through his little body and kept saying to him,

"Come back to me, come back to me now, I demand it."

His eyes shot open and they were black, and he said,

"Poppa, I'm sorry, I love you," then they closed again.

 I howled so loud I almost took the roof off the hospital, I could hear hundreds of tiles crashing down to the lower pathways, the ceiling cracked as plaster fell from it and walls buckled. I touched my little friend again and screamed,


 The burst of light blinded me and I didn’t know if I had done more damage or not enough to at least give him a fighting chance. The whole hospital shook under my feet and when I looked up into the mirror that was over his bed I could see multi coloured lights shining out of every part of my body, my wings filled the room, my hair was like black wildfire. Pure golden liquid light was seeping into Birdie’s body and he started smiling.

 "Heal my son, heal him," I screamed again as I placed my hands on his chest.
"Come back to me, I demand it," I screamed as my legs collapsed and I fell on the floor, my heart was breaking but I had no strength left to stand, so I crawled to his side.

 "Oh bloody hell Den, Den!" I heard Evan shout. Then I exploded internally and there was gold everywhere splashing on the ceiling and walls. I managed to place my hand on Birdy's body again, and with all my pure power I screamed with all my might as I tried to transfer more magic into him.

 "Heal, god damn it, don't you leave me, knight help me."

 Evan was holding onto me as Jay and Hulk wrapped Birdy in their arms and I heard,

"Poppa, poppa don't be angry poppa, Birdy's okay, he's good now."

"He's okay Den, he's okay," Hulk yelled.

 I held onto my sanity for as long as I could then I collapsed into Evan’s arms and butterflies came from everywhere, they covered Birdy's body from head to toe. I looked at Evan and gave in to exhaustion, I started weeping uncontrollably into his chest.

 "Help him, help me please, help me."

I was in pain and I thought if I drew another breath I would burst my lungs , then I felt a light nothingness. I heard a fairy song, they were trying to calm me down, then nothing.

 I was sitting outside on my porch where the air felt chilly and I had a steaming cup of coffee in my hands. As I looked out to the foreshore I breathed deeply and looked sideways as my son said,


I then pulled him over for a cuddle with his old dad. He settled in and when I looked down I saw the most amazing azure blue eyes looking back at me. I managed a smile as his hand swept across my three-day growth, my heart was breaking at the sight of him and my head was buzzing loudly.

 "Am I okay son?" I croaked.

"Yes dah, welcomes backs. I misses you dah."

"And I love you more than you know son, don't you ever leave me."

"I wonts dah, Aydens wonts leave."

 I stared into his eyes for a long time, they sparkled with gold flecks now, and I wondered if the gold would take over and hide his wonderful blue colour over time. A hand rested on my shoulder and I felt a welcome kiss on my neck, my hand covered his and he gasped.

 "You’re back at last, thank god."

"I'm back?" I looked up into his blue eyes and started weeping again, it was sadness that put me into a stupor, but it was love that brought me out of it as Evan kissed my lips.

 "How long this time?" I felt so weak and tried to push Birdy's death out of my mind.

"Four weeks Den, four horrible, long weeks, almost a record."

"I'm sorry."

"No need, when I insisted you be released from the hospital into my care, Tiny tried to stop me. He even called his brother in law the cop. I knew you would come back and the best place for you to heal was in your own home surrounded by your own family and fairy folk."

"Not that they were much good to me when I needed them the most."

"Dah, its alls good," Ayden tried to reassure me but I was starting to get angry because I couldn’t help my Birdie.

Evan picked up his phone and started talking to someone, I couldn’t hear the conversation but guessed he was ringing Tiny.

 "Den I need to know how you really feel, do you need anything?"

"No bubs, just you two for now, I'm sorry to put you all through this again."

"Please don’t Den, there’s someone that’s been dying to talk to you, he’s coming now." I looked across and up the road and saw nothing. Then I heard Birdy's voice.

 "Poppa, poppa, I'm coming poppa."

I started crying and my hand went to my head to stop the noise.

When I opened my eyes I saw him, he was out of breath but smiling as tears flowed down his face.

 "Birdy, my beautiful son, I'm sorry I couldn’t help you."

Ayden struggled down as I lowered my head, the sadness was overwhelming but the buzzing stopped.

I felt a small boy get onto my knees, his arms went around my neck and he started kissing my face like he always does. My shaking hands went around his small body and I cried into his shoulder.

 "Poppa don’t be sad, Birdie’s all right, you saved my life and now you are back, it's good. I'm very happy because I have someone for you to meet."

"Are you real or a ghost?"

He giggled because I had made a joke in his world, but I was serious.

 "He's real Den, you healed him and brought him back, we are all so bloody grateful to you, my grandson is perfectly okay."

I looked up at a pretty good looking man who had sat opposite me. I knew he was Birdy's friend and teacher so I said,

"Welcome, what took you so long?"

"We stopped in Singapore to do some duty free shopping on the way." He smiled.

 I looked back at Birdy then I tickled him. His laughter broke my mood and I picked him up and sat him facing me with his legs either side, then I wept into him with gratitude.

"Don't scare me like that again son, I was pretty worried about you."

"I won’t poppa Den, just get better so we can talk."

"Are you back at school?"

"Yes poppa, one week now, my friends wanted to hear all about the golden man that came to visit me."

"Scary was I?"

"Not to me poppa, I was feeling really good when you came to see me."

"Good, I'm glad it all worked out."

"Umm Den, you took the roof off my car and the hospital needs major structural repairs, no one could get near you because of the radiance you emitted. If it wasn’t for Tiny you might have ended up in court with all the damage you caused," Evan told me smiling.

 I looked back at Birdy and said,

"Where's more of my cuddles?" I got them ten fold; then I crashed.

 I had two of the most important people in the world beside me when I woke up, and Evan told me he had to put me back to bed. I asked if I was dreaming about Birdy but he reassured me that Birdy was well and ready to take on the world, especially now his friend had arrived.

 "So that means Aisha and Arras are here too?"

"Yes Den, Ali insisted they return immediately with the old man to cheer Birdy up, he had fallen into a deep depression. I don’t know why they call him an old man; he doesn’t look old to me." I looked at my sleeping son and kissed his nose.

"Has he been okay?"

"Yes Den, he's slept with us for the last few weeks and I know he's been healing your mind gently, he wouldn’t leave your side for one minute."

"And you?"

"I was with him." He pointed to Ayden.

"Thank you."

"All my pleasure Den." He kissed me.

"You didn’t fool with me while I was away did you?"

"No, but Horse tried, he said you were too tight so he would wait until you were conscious." I afforded myself a small giggle.

 "What happened?"

"You shot through my car roof so I now have a lovely new sun roof. Spud said your wings were dripping liquid gold as you soared into the sky, then you disappeared in a, 'mind altering flash,' he described it as. At the hospital you dripped gold all over the place as you tried to heal Birdie, then when I got there I could feel you drawing power from me and you made a last attempt to get him right, then you collapsed." I brushed my fingers through his beautiful hair as he spoke.

 "If it wasn’t for Tiny you would still be in there, but I thought it better to bring you home. The hospital had to be evacuated anyway there was so much damage. Den, Birdy just got off the bed and walked out like nothing had happened, he wasn’t dead Den, but he was pretty sick. His internals were bruised and his leg fractured, Tiny has since done all the tests on him and he is a perfectly well, a fit little boy, his blood tests were more normal than before."

"But Ayden said he was dying."

"No Den, one of the other boys was, Ayden was concentrating on him but knew he couldn’t heal them all and he knew his dah would help Birdy."

"Is the boy okay now?"

"Yes Den, he's very well, and so are the sixteen other patients that walked out with Birdy." I looked at him and screwed my face up.

 "And Den."


"His eyes are bluer than mine, he was a very lucky little chap."

"So he's one of us?"

"I know he is."

"And the others?"

"They were in the adjoining rooms, they just got up and walked out as fit as fiddles. Even the two that were in intensive care woke up and started asking when could they be released. Tiny said they are well on the way to a full recovery." I could see his eyes were going red so I wanted to console him.

 I got him to pull me up against the headboard so he could rest his head on my chest. I stroked his beautiful long hair again and whispered nice things in his ear. He calmed down eventually then I heard him whisper that he loved me more than life itself. I started crying because I was about to say the same thing.

 After an hour of catching my wits I heard heavy footsteps coming up the hall, it was Horse.

"Are you ready for it now?"

"Yes Horse, wait until I lube up." I laughed at his puzzled face.

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"Nothing my friend, what did you want?"

"I wanted to see if you were alright and ready for visitors, Rita's on my case again."

"Oh that, yes I am, are you okay bub?"

Evan nodded his head then got off the bed and headed to the bathroom. I could hear him pissing then I heard a deep groan.

 "Give me another five minutes will you?"

"Sure Den, take all the time you need, we will be out the front." I found my Evan slumped over the wash basin crying into a towel, he never felt a thing when I dropped his shorts and made us as one. I pushed all my magic into him and he struggled to hold onto it as we slow danced, he turned around and sat on the basin and I got a perfect shot at him. It was like two people melting into one as he lifted his ass to meet my strokes and when I came I shot a load up his body that would put an elephant to shame.

 "Been too long Den, I wondered if we would ever dance again."

"Well we have, and we will again tonight so wipe your eyes I'm okay, Ayden's okay, Birdy's more than okay, and now you’re okay."

"One more thing Den."

"Yes bub."

"Birdie’s mentor doesn’t speak a word of English; you were speaking Arabic to him."


"Really," he answered with a smile.

I helped him wipe up then we both showered.

 "Thank you for all you did bubs, it couldn’t have been easy."

"It was good Den, I got it all done. You never crapped the bed once."

I again stared at him in wonderment.

"Good, and thank you for the visual."

"Da, pa, Ayden's going to get burger."

"Okay son, we will be out in a minute."

"That's the first one he's had in nearly four weeks Den, he's been living on fruit and vegetables."

 I thought about my painting and wondered why I hadn’t seen the accident coming.

I heard my son scream at Rita.

"Burga for baby nanny."

"Oh we are back to the burgers are we. Well come on, you can help me put one together."

"Two pease nanny, one for dah."

"And if he doesn’t want it?"

"Then Ayden’s can have it nanny." He giggled, it was so nice to hear.



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