The Centurion Cycle: Book Four ~ The Road to the Future

Chapter Forty: Price

Lord Gideon… master of Qul Hoth, Lord of the Dead, watched as the surviving Centurions from the lighthouse marched out under the escort of his undead servants. Throughout the ruined city the sounds of saw, hammer, and chisel could be heard as the half living men and women worked to rebuild the city to Gideon's specifications.

As the Centurions were led past him toward the edge of the city… Gideon gave them a message and a warning. "Tell Jason that the dead now rule over Qul Hoth. Tell him that it is I, Gideon, who has made this possible. Let Jason know that so long as he respects the borders of my lands, I will not spread my children among his. If he does what I ask, and keeps the living away from me, I will forever remain his loyal servant."

"And if he does not agree to these terms?" one of the surviving officers asked.

"Then I will see that all of Qul Tos is made in my image…"

"Is there anything else?"

"Yes…" Gideon grinned… telling them the last thing he wanted, enjoying how their faces went white.


"I think you found the hot water too relaxing." Thomas giggled as he shook Jason awake.

"Sorry..." Jason bushed as he slowly opened his eyes.

"That's alright... you look cute when you have your eyes closed." Thomas grinned. "I've never seen a sleeping Angel."

"Still, I am sure Philip is waiting for us."

"He is... but can I ask you something before we go back."


"Can I sleep with you?" Thomas said, knowing that the Dominus wanted more than just blood samples.

"You want to become a Saint?"

"No... I just want to know what it feels like to make love to an Angel."

"Right now, I don't know how good of an Angel I am... I let Logan die."

Thomas moved in closer, putting his arm behind Jason's head. "Then I think you need to make love to show me what a good person you are."

Thomas then entered Jason's mind and stimulated the pleasure centers of his brain. He slipped a hand under the water and took hold of Jason. The king responded by cupping Thomas's perfectly round ass in his hands squeezing it.

"It's my best feature." Thomas giggled as he rested his head on Jason's chest.

"What is?" Jason asked.

"My ass... everyone says so."

"Really." Jason chuckled.

Thomas then pushed away from Jason and swam to the edge of the pool, lifting himself out until his ass was out of the water and in full view. Wriggling his butt, Thomas climbed out of the pool and went to a bench where a stack of towels waited. He took one of the towels and laid it down on the stone floor, lying down on his stomach.

"Come and get it!" Thomas laughed, giving his butt a good slap.

Jason, though, remained in the pool, looking unsure of himself.

"Oh, come on, Jason... do I look so ugly."

"No..." Jason blushed, his cheeks turning a shade of gray.

"Then get over here!" Thomas laughed, going back into Jason's mind and giving it a jerk.

Soon Jason was out of the water and on top of Thomas, where Jason's spurred lust took over. When the deed was done, Thomas had to help Jason up, wrapping a towel around his waist before leading the king back upstairs.

There, Philip had dinner waiting, fresh trout he caught from a nearby river, some of the precious garden vegetables cooked lightly in olive oil, white wine, and a chocolate pudding for dessert. This menu was not what Philip would have wanted, a nice pair of pan-seared lamb chops would have been better, but this was for Jason.

After dinner, Thomas gave both men back massages before tucking them into bed, but not before collecting more blood samples. Then he collected his things, putting them all into his black bag before leaving.

Using the aquifer to escape, Thomas was quickly flown away aboard a zephyr. On his way back to the Old World, to the blackened lands of Mordel, Thomas rubbed his stomach. If Jason was the "thing" the Dominus hoped he was, Thomas' future was now assured.

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