Rivers of the Dead: Book Three

4-8: Faith

Ethan felt a tremor through the link, and then it was severed. He had felt everything Caleb had felt, had almost been able to see it and hear it. Caleb felt more alive than Ethan had thought possible.

But now Caleb was on his own, and Ethan had to hope he would be all right. No. He knew.

He had faith.

For the first time in his life, Ethan felt like praying. With all the love he still had, he bowed his head, and committed his soul to the universe, giving everything, he had left in a prayer to the forces that governed existence.

He prayed for Caleb, that he'd have the wisdom to endure. To overcome the last trial he faced, to overcome the one who bound him.

He prayed for himself, that he would not waver in his faith, that he would believe to the end that Caleb could endure. That Caleb would know that Ethan had never stopped loving him.

And, on a whim, he prayed for Orpheus, for in the moment of pure love he understood. Only a being who had forgotten love could act with so much hate.

He prayed.

And he waited.

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"I'm sorry for your loss," Caleb said. His arms felt light, and suddenly she was gone, disappearing as if she had never existed. But she remained in Caleb's memory, a fragment of a ghost he'd carry with him as he moved forward. He looked up, fresh tears in his eyes as he imagined the edge of Elysium and walked toward it.