Chapter 1

It's the beginning of February and already getting hot in the southern California desert. It must be almost ninety today. That's what I remember thinking as I walked back to the dorm from work. The base I'm stationed at is not very large but it has most everything I could need or want within a short walking distance. That's a good thing too! I arrived here last August and I couldn't believe I saw a thermometer that read one hundred twelve degrees. Being from the northeast I quickly learned to slow down my pace here. At 19 I was in pretty good shape still from high school and basic training. I weighed about 170 pounds, only five pounds more than I was at 17 and stood five feet nine inches tall.

I just got home from work and turning on the TV, heard a knock on the door. It was Mark. A buddy of mine, about 6' 2" 160lbs, with a thin surfers body from Florida. Mark had been my best bud for 4 of the 6 months I was stationed here. He was a real friend. Someone to talk with, go places and do things with. One of those rare people you meet where even a disagreement is not only allowed but understood and discussed. He was gorgeous to me in every way.

He had over-extended himself on the basketball court and got a real nasty cramp in his leg. Limping into the room he asked if I could help him out. We had on occasion given each other back rubs and shoulder massages (I dig a good shoulder massage) so I thought nothing of it.

"Sure man, no problem. Have a seat while I go have a shower and get changed out of these funky green things.", I told him.

"It's hotter than hell out there today." he said as I turned my back removing my shirt and trousers. I heard him flipping the TV channels finally settling on Bugs Bunny cartoons. I wrapped a towel around my waist, grabbed my stuff and headed off to the shower. The last things I heard as I closed the door were, "Rabbit season! Duck season! Fire!!!" and Mark giggling. Just as I was getting done toweling off Mark came by the showers.

"Ya need some help there, dude?"

Blushing, I said, "Thanks, I think I can manage for now."

"I'll meet ya at my room okay?"

"Okay. Just a few more minutes." I replied. As he limped off I wondered about his comment to help me dry off. God! Wouldn't that be some fun? I never had that experience before but I know once it started I'd probably need another shower. A vicious circle that would become. But I digress.

Mark was lucky to have a single room to him self. The few single rooms were very small. They were just large enough for a twin bed, dresser and a small desk and chair. Marks room was one of only three that had two twin beds pushed together making one large bed and only one dresser. Most rooms had two guys and were much larger usually holding two beds, two dressers, two desk and chair combos with lots of room to move about. Jim in the room next door had a killer short-timers party last weekend. His room is as big as mine. I think almost everyone from two dorms was in and out at some point. It took days to clean up the toilet paper streamers we threw about.

I went to Mark's room, knocked and he opened the door in his briefs with a heating pad wrapped around his thigh. I wasn't phased by him in his briefs. We've seen each other in various stages of dress including naked in the shower before. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't attracted to him. Mark had broad shoulders and a trim waist and a nice six-pack. As I entered the room I almost sighed out loud looking at his extraordinary "V" shaped back.

I asked him where we should do this and, turning towards his TV, told him what I intended to do. When I turned around again he was face up lying naked on the carpeted floor and Mark asked "How about here?"

I laughed, "Man, you could've left your briefs on!"

Mark snickered, replying, "It's not anything you haven't seen dozens of times before."

I kneeled on the floor beside his bad leg and told him to not assist me moving his leg then started rubbing and asked which of the muscles cramped up. The inside and back of his thigh he answered. Okay, now I'm starting to realize what I'm gonna have to do here. It's getting kind of warm in this room. I was doing my very best massage. Picking up his leg I bent it a few times then put it on my shoulder to continue on rubbing the offending muscles. We were just chatting during this time and I started to chuckle because his dick and balls are rolling around like crazy. I told him, "You probably need to hold on to those before they take off." He laughed and covered most of his package with one hand. Whew, that's better I told myself. My temperature was about to reach the boiling point. After massaging, bending and flexing his leg for a few minutes more I told him to roll over. He removed his hand from his package to turn onto his stomach. I noted he looked a little bit excited. Alright, it's cool I said to myself. I get excited from a shoulder massage for God's sake.

Damn it's roasting in here!

Looking at his perfect bubble butt was as bad as watching his dick and balls bounce around. It became difficult for me to swallow, my voice was shaking, my hands trembling and I was breathing way too fast. Must - concentrate - on - massage - this - is - NOT - s-s-s-sexual. But it was too late. I was semi hard and leaking precum like mad into my briefs. He wasn't making anything any better. I would massage his back thigh muscles and he would occasionally whisper "oh yeah, there - easy - okay that's it, man - a little higher okay?" Eventually he had me rubbing right between his thigh and his scrotum. Mark was breathing heavy and just purring out occasional "mmm's". I asked him to roll over so I could finish. Mostly because I was overloaded with feelings that I could no longer control. My briefs were soaked right through to my shorts. He rolled over and I shouted to myself, "Oh, God! He's hard. He's beautiful. About six and half inches circumcised and not too thick but certainly not a pencil dick. I grinned - he grinned. Finishing up the massage I gave up speaking through the trembles. He sat up, his woody slightly less stiff attempting to roll over onto his thigh. The wet spot on my shorts was very noticeable.

We sat there on the carpet, both Indian style. Both of us full well knowing where this could lead. We both started to talk at once. I let him speak first. He thanked me for a great massage and he told me how he feels about me with a gleam in his eye and a tear on his cheek. I sat and listened, blushing a lot. I thanked him, leaned forward, wiped away the tears and kissed him softly on the lips. I told him that I do feel the same for him but I choose not to act on it. But if I was ever tempted, he sure did a good job. He smiled at that and asked if he could at least return the favor. I said sure he could. I moved over to the edge of the bed. He sat on the bed behind me, still naked and started to rub my shoulders just the way he knew I liked it. He removed my T-shirt and had me lay on the bed to continue on to my back. I could feel his weight on my back and his furry balls tickled. I told him so and we both chuckled. He did get a chance to rub my buns but I giggled and said something like "You better stop or we're gonna be making a big mess." He finished up with the best foot and toe massage I've ever had. It damn near put me to sleep. We spent the rest of the night just talking about what we had done and assuring each other that we weren't going to blab it all over the base. The next few days we were practically inseparable.