Ayden's Eyes Book Four

Chapter 104

Chapter 104

 We showered then went to find something to eat, its curry night tonight, I could smell it wafting through the shack. The boys had ordered pies so I grabbed three for us. Rita wasn’t making them now she had taught Bubble and Apple how to put them all together, that frees her up to do other things like spoil the children that popped in and out from time to time.

 When Susan arrived to pick up her order she sat with us and had a late lunch.

"It's all flying by Den, everything is moving so fast I don’t know what to do next. The king told me about the pub and we are so grateful to him for doing it for us. The next thing to do is organize Ayden's homeschooling papers. He's going to blitz his exams Den; from what I saw he's already soaking up his lessons."

"Oh, you saw him in school?"

"Yes, Den I had a nap this morning, late night with my boyfriend." She also blushed.

"Anyway your father spoke to me and showed me where he was going to school, what an amazing thing for him to do, he's brilliant Den."

"Will we have problems with the education department Sue?"

"No Evan, he's being homeschooled we don’t have to say where just that he's doing his lessons and learning plenty. I will sign all his work and hand it in they won't be any the wiser. I wish I could go there too." She laughed.

"You probably could Sue if you wanted to."

"No Den, I can see the folk and talk to your father in my sleep but that’s about the limit for me at the moment. He did say things would get better when we moved closer to the bay."

She hasn’t evolved enough to minimize herself and neither can anyone else except Ayden. I was happy he could stay with his mates and learn everything he has to.

 I thought of Birdy he would do well at the folk school but alas I think his limits are the same as ours.

Susan talked to Horse and he said he would pass on what he had done with their plans, but he also thought they wouldn't follow them. They seem to have their own agenda and architects on board. Blues kitchen turned out to be beautiful in so many ways, the finish and placement were absolutely superb. I wondered again if they would do my little one, maybe one day.

 "Well, it looks like you will be up and running in no time Sue." I offered.

"Yep, a real goldmine your father said."

More than you know Susan, more than you know, I chuckled to myself.

"Okay I must go, we will see you around seven, we want curry tonight and Pat wants to talk to the Dwarf king."

"Okay honey see you later on." I kissed her cheeks then helped her out to the car with her pies.

 "Are you okay with everything that's been happening, Sue?"

"Yes Den, we are taking it one step at a time, it's so bloody awesome and I wish the folk all the happiness in the world, thank god I was allowed into your lives, god knows where I would have ended up." She grinned.

"And it looks like our trip around Australia has been canceled  once again, we are too excited about opening the new business, but we will find time to get away for a few days." She laughed as she started her car.

I watched her drive off and a very handsome young man was walking up the street with an equally beautiful soul; Joe.

 They came up the steps just as Arras's meeting finished, he grabbed Birdy and tickled him before kissing his cheeks, then before Hulk could get a hold of him he ran down to me and jumped on my knees, god this kid is putting on some weight.

"Did you have a good day son?"

"Yes poppa we did a test again and I got second."

 I kissed and hugged him as the folk kids went to get him a bowl of ice cream for being good. He leaned into me and ate it lapping up the closeness we had. His parents had only appeared for a moment, but his whole attitude changed and I felt a shift in him like he got older overnight.

He's not sad for them because he knows they will come back one day and they will all be together again, safe in the bay.

 My son had woken up from his quick nap and wanted to go play in his room, the birthday toy's were calling him and his friends, but Birdy just wanted to lean on me for now. Ayden had shared a lot of his gifts with him and it was a great thing to see him do. Birdy was happy to have them, he said it felt like it was his birthday too.

Everyone was on board tonight; the phone orders were endless as Spud laced the takeaway containers with his spicy meals.

I deliberately only had one pie earlier because I knew I wanted that curry tonight. It seemed never-ending as big bowls of curry and rice were placed on the table. Evan had two helpings and it looked like he and Horse were having a competition on who can eat the most.

Again Ayden and Birdy got the non-spicy dinners, same taste without the heat. The folk flittered around him but I think they don't like the stuff because they didn’t ask for any. I think they are maybe vegetarians and sweet eaters.


I could hear the party go into the late hours, the folk were night surfing in the full moon and the boys went to join them after dinner, Evan also went, followed by that little boy I loved so much. I made my way down later on to collect my son, he has to get some sleep. The guys were sitting around talking to various folk and my son was showing the little kids how to play in the sand. I noticed his big red truck had reappeared and they were having rides in it. I laughed to myself because there was no engine but it was making a whirring noise. a painting popped into my head again.

 Andy was covered in butterflies as he giggled his way through another milk bottle leaning back into Blues ample chest, again I wondered if he would like a dance with us.

 "Den!" Okay okay, leave me alone will ya, get out of my head.

"Sorry, bub." After a long excited goodbye to his pals, I walked him back to the shack. We showered then he went to say goodnight to his nanny. I had turned his bed down and when he arrived back he was being followed by an assortment of folk wanting a sleepover with him. I kissed his head and asked him if he really wanted to go back to school tomorrow, he replied with a big grin and a kiss back, silly question to ask I'm sure.

"Good night son, sleep well." I touched his forehead.

 As I readied myself for bed I heard giggling coming from his room. I guess he's found a way to counteract my sleeping spell. My sons so clever I thought it wouldn't take him long to figure it out.

"Ayden you must get some sleep otherwise you won't be able to get up for school." I sang out, everything went dead quiet.

 It was late when Evan came in. I could hear him peel his sexy shorts from his amazing body, then chuck them in the corner. Next was his tank top, he must have had a good time because he smelt so wonderful. I turned to snuggle up to him and before you knew it he was backing up to me. I am very grateful for whatever Evan throws at me, and tonight I was more than grateful because I had gotten all horned up waiting around for him.

 An excited little boy was running around trying to find something to wear this morning, he dragged on his yellow shorts then ran to his nanny's for some breakfast. He has school and wants to get a surf in before it starts. I followed him up to the kitchen with his hairbrush, he must look neat and tidy before he leaves the house.

 He saw me coming and in a flash, his hair went dead straight. Well, that went well, all I have to do is tie it back. It didn’t phase me one bit and he does hate that brush. I looked at Rita then threw it in the waste bin.

"I guess that’s taken care of from now on." she giggled as she fried a dozen eggs on her grill. I looked at Bubble he was making toast and I spied a big squeeze bottle of honey in Ayden's hands. Oh no, here we go I'll have to shower him again, he will be sticky after eating that.

 "Good morning nanny Rita." I heard coming through the open window.

"Good morning Gardenia, Peter, Leonard, Rosie, etc etc." She giggled.

"Good morning our magnificent king, eastern boys with nice bums and our beautiful little prince."

"Good morning kids did you sleep well?" I inquired.

"Oh yes, your honor we always sleep well thank you."

What good manners.

Ayden waved and bade them sit with him and they started chatting about today's events, I could only hear surf talk, not schoolwork. If I leave it a week or so we can revisit the playtime amusements, but then again he's well ahead of anyone his age in the human world.

 "Okay, who's for breakfast?" Rita asked.

A song was sung and hundreds of tiny folk appeared to devour the burgers Rita had been making, I saw Ayden sneak one into his pocket. Maybe play lunch or something.

 "Nanny Rita does honey taste good on ice cream?"

Rita, with hands on her hips, knew bloody well where this was heading.

"Yes, it does Peter."

"Okays." Butter wouldn’t melt in that little elf's mouth.

She waited for a few beats then said.

"Would you like to try some Peter?"

 That was the magic question, they were all trying to answer yes please at the same time. Rita chuckled into her deep freeze.

It was amazing how it all worked, when the folk spoke to us humans they were full size and when they finished they were tiny again. Some of them would pop in and out even when they giggled, I guess the young ones couldn’t do two things at once.

 I took coffee and toast up to the table, where I found my Evan smiling at me.

"What's up?"

"I was just looking at you and thinking how happy I am." He grinned.

"Me too bub, no surfing this morning?"

"No Den, I have to go through the shop and restock it."

"Okay, I'll help you."

 We ate our toast then whipped through the shop, for some unexplained reason it had already been done. Evan found a note on the counter with a list of the items he was running out of.

"Well I had better get onto the suppliers and see if they have sent my last order, it will be the holidays soon no telling what the shops going to be like when the holiday makers are all here."

 I followed him out to the container it had also been cleaned up and there were big neat piles of plastic bags all labeled ready to go.

Evan must have had an idea he immediately dropped face down on the soft bags pulling his boardies down at the same time. What can a man do in that situation, my shorts were down within seconds. we may as well, the container is the only place we hadn't had sex, oh, and Rita's home of course.

 I wanted to talk to father about Rita and I know there's someone for her but I can't quite remember who. I waited until he came up to the porch for coffee one morning. Usually every day we catch up and talk for a while but he's a busy king and doesn't get too much free time.

 "Father I want to talk to you about Rita, who was she really, and is there someone for her in the future?"

He stared at me for ages, I suppose this was one of the more difficult questions to answer. Then he laughed.

"You mean to tell me you don't know who she is, you can't see it?"

I blushed, because not everything in the golden book is as clear as day, most of it has hidden meanings.

 "No," I answered quietly.

"She's mother nature, mother earth, she's anything and everything to do with our surroundings, she keeps it all together. She's a lot of things son, and the most important question you haven’t asked is; is she happy?"

"Well, that too." I stuttered.

"Yes, very happy, as she said she was born for this life son, she's more than happy, she's glowing. She has always been an important part of your inner circle son, she follows you like your little prince and knight follow you. Without her, there would be none of this, no cafe, no shack, no bay." He moved his arms in a flourish to accentuate the bay.

"She's also Earth fairy she's been around since the great one created it."

 "Oh." I hadn’t thought of that.

"Is there someone for her?"


He smiled, then he winked. Then it dawned on me, my god he's in love with my Rita.

"Don't worry son, leave it to daddy." then he roared laughing. Rita came down to see what was happening and father went back to his work.

 "He reminds me of my dear late husband Den." That was it, no no no this won't happen, you leave my Rita alone, she's a good girl.

Of course, I had to go and say it anyway.

"He likes you, a lot." I winked, she blushed.

I didn’t want to watch Rita's downfall from the pedestal I had placed her on, but inside I was excited for her.

 More caravans creaked up the road and the foreshore was coming alive again. I was sitting doing my daily chore and had finished the gift for the Dwarf king, he should be happy with this. As I stood back and surveyed the big painting out of the corner of my eye I saw something shiny, my tummy was full of butterflies when I realized what it was, and when I looked around the side of the house there was nothing there. Okay, I will do one more just you with Blue and my baby in it.

 I had felt someone watching me when I started the painting and had looked several times, Trident is being very secretive and I could feel his excitement this time and I felt the longing to be with his friend Blue. Yes, it has a spirit Alex and a beautiful one too, mixed with a little humor methinks.

 "Are we going into town today Den?"

"Yes bubs I need more supplies and I want to see what Tim's up to." I hadn’t seen the supply shop since Tony had bought it and was dying to see how Shannon was coping with his work, so I am going into town with Evan today. Ayden didn’t want to come, surfing and school are taking up all his spare time nowadays. We piled into the car with Spud and Ali then Evan drove us into town.

 Finding a parking spot behind the shop we stretched our legs for a bit then walked around to the front. Michelle greeted us at the counter and after the pleasantries, she said she was very happy, and even more happy that Shannon is now working. She showed us out the back, a boy/ man hugged us and Tim did the same as Spud and Ali looked at the work they were doing. Shannon showed us the painting he was working on, he kept saying, Dwarves.

 "He's cleaning that one for the Dwarves Den it's an old Rembrandt, god only knows what its value is." Tim smiled. I looked at the painting and you could see the old master’s strokes. Shan was cleaning it, there was a bright patch in the left-hand corner where he had started.

 "Great job Shan, this is a wonderful painting." He giggled.

"They have more to bring in Den, I don't dare tell anyone, otherwise there will be a mass influx of Museum directors all bidding for them."

"Good I don’t think the Dwarves will part with their paintings anyway, they have a dozen or so Leonardo’s too, and all his sketches and inventions."


"Oops sorry I wasn't supposed to mention that." I blushed the cats out of the bag now.

I looked at Spud and thought it better not tell him they have some of his paintings from eons ago in storage.

 "So what have you and Nuts decided Tim?" Change the subject.

"We thought we would buy one of the holiday houses and renovate it Den, my house is a family one I can always get a cousin or uncle to live in it. My parents own it I'm only living there because I like the space. But we are going to build a workshop out the back and maybe put on some extra rooms because those places are small."

"Sounds like a plan have you told his family yet?"

"Some of them Den, they are very happy he has moved on and they do love him Den. We are going to tell the rest as we catch up with them. But the most important ones have been notified." He smiled.

 We had a coffee and sandwich from the cafe bar Tony had installed then sat out the front of the shop. It looked so different now and was quite busy for a Monday lunchtime.

Michelle had tears in her eyes when we left and Shan had his big arm around her shoulders smiling for miles. I noticed some kids walk by and say hello to him, maybe they are some of his school mates. We said our goodbyes loaded the car and started off back towards the bay.

 When we pulled up in our driveway we were met by Joe and Birdy he had just got off the school bus and was waiting to tell me about his day, and he wanted a cuddle too.

 "Have you been talking to your poppa and momma yet baby?"

"Only in my sleep Papa, and sometimes on the beach when I get lonely they come and talk to me too." His eyes brightened up when I mentioned them.

"That's very good my son, are they happy?"

"As happy as I am poppa." He grinned.

"Good." I hugged him tighter and looked at Joe.

"Yes I'm very happy Den, Tony is a wonderful man, he's so kind and generous, I feel I have known him all my life."

"Good." two goods today and I think I'm about to get a third one because I can hear my boy coming. His new entrance is Rita's kitchen window; he likes that because he can grab a burger on the way up to greet me. I could hear Rita making a fuss over him then footsteps were running up the porch he bumped into me and Birdy went to get off my knees.

"Stay Birdie Ise have to eat, then I gets my cuddles." He plopped on a chair and started unfolding his delicious treat, that is the most important job at the moment.

 I took my other son into our kitchen and weighed him then measured his height, he was growing fast. I could see he was going to be like his brother, big, and just as handsome as hell. He couldn’t wipe the smile off his face when I told him. I knew when I cured him, I cured everything that was wrong.

 When we got back Ayden had finished, then he wanted a cuddle, then I had to do Gardenia Peter Errol and Rosie.

 "My prince you must haves ten minutes sleeps now," Gardenia said.

"Not tireds Guards maybes later." Ayden wasn’t tired yet.

"Is tires."


"Is my prince."

"Not! my dahs put's mes to sleeps laters."

"Does not we's does." The little fairy insisted. And with that last comment, my boy's eyes started to get heavy. I placed him in his bean bag and the kids giggled.

"See we tells him he's tireds." Peter butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth said laughing.

 "Ours goldens kings, your honor, cans we asks you something?"

"Yes, my beautiful children." Gardenia laughed and blushed.

"Cans your baby, our beautiful prince has a sleepover with us sometimes?"

"Well we had better ask him first, but that's okay with me as long as he sleeps.'

"He will your goldenness we will make him sleeps."

"Well the human side of him needs to rest my lovelies, otherwise he will be tired during school."

"We makes sure he sleeps our kings, can we ask him when he wakes up?"

"Sure you can." It was left at that. I didn’t have a problem if Ayden didn’t but he must sleep.

 Just as I was about to do some sketches the tooth fairy popped onto a chair.

"Hello, beautiful tooth fairy how are you today?"

"Good my king just watches our little prince a little." I had my suspicions because she's been appearing around Ayden quite often these past few days.

"When is it going to pop out?"

"I donts know, but soon I think."

 She was waiting for his second tooth to fall out, I knew that was it because she looked so excited.

"Well, I’m sure you will be the first to know." I laughed, she was a stunning girl with flowing blonde hair and dressed in pink with a blue underskirt, it suited her. She always carried a dilly bag, I guessed that was where she held her little gold coins.

 "Not too much gold this time please."

"Oh no our king, the first tooth always gets the most gold but the rest not much. Are you going to give him some human gold?"

"Yes my love, a little."

"Good." She moved to the lip of the chair and was staring at Ayden sleeping, her delicate fingers reached out and I saw a spark coming from them. I sat and drew her in all her glory, as the pencil stroked her and Ayden's images she shuddered and glowed all over.

 Once again I got a light kiss on my neck as Evan arrived with his boys, they were all pumped today and talking about the various folk that was surfing with them. Tiny was there and he was looking at me I opened my hands and he shook his head. I don’t know what is going on in his head, this wonderful miracle isn’t in his doctor's creed, although I thought he may have seen a few miracle recoveries over the years.

 "No work today Tiny?"

"Yes, Den I will open the surgery this afternoon."

"Who did you replace Michelle with?"

"Anne Den, she knows the ropes and Kate will get in a couple of school kids or folk to help her. She did say she already had a couple of suspicious looking teens apply for a job." He winked.

 I suppose the folk will be helping out as much as they can when in human form they are virtually undetectable to the outside world, but we can see the difference it's the aura that gives them away.

 I heard Ayden moan he was waking up and probably hungry.

"Dah." He smiled at me, my heart melted and he looked strange, then I noticed it on the pillow, a tooth.

I watched as the tooth fairy danced all over the porch, she was celebrating. While the boys watched her I picked him up and looked into his mouth, yep two missing teeth, his smile is going to change.

"Do you feel okay bubs?"

"Yeth dah, is okay and I get sum more gold too." He giggled. I noticed he has now developed a slight lisp.

Tiny had a look then he shook his head.

"If I had a dozen or more in my surgery diagnosing my patients would be much easier Den."

"There’s no fun in that Tiny but if you want I could get my father to find Florence Nightingale to assist you." I laughed because my father would see the humor in that too.

He left shortly after, on his way he had a little dance with the tooth fairy and Ayden, of course, Horse and Ra got up and joined in.

 Susan's hotel will be started today and I wanted to go watch the builders do some of it, so I drove over. I could have walked but driving’s so much more fun and I was feeling a little lazy.

Ayden's tooth had been placed under his pillow and in the morning we placed six dollars next to two gold fairy coins. He was so happy he got some more money and that went into his retirement fund money box. I started on the Tooth fairy painting after Evan left and Ayden went to school.

 Just her face and hand touching Ayden's lips a close-up, I will give her the painting I know she will love it.

 Anyway as I said I drove to Susan and Patrick's pub, Rob, Pat's father was there helping with the cleanup. I did think it was a waste of time seeing the folk were doing it all, but he had a broom in his hand at least.

 "They are doing the basement and foundations first Den." Sue smiled as I kissed her cheek.

"So your plans of getting away have definitely been shelved I suppose."

"No we are going tomorrow, but just for a week Evans already has given us his van keys, this place should be finished by the time we get back."

"Okay, let's go and have a look."

"Umm Den, they will shoo you out they told me they don't like people watching them, they might steal their ideas."

 I smiled at her, she forgets I'm the forever king I can do anything. I walked down the cellar stairs and was greeted by the Dwarf king.

"I'm sorry my king but that's as far as you go for today." He held his hand up then bowed.

"Oh, okay so I can't watch them."

"My builders are very shy my boy, let's leave them alone hey?"

It was then I heard a loud banging and a sort of ruckus coming from the mine entrance.

"What's that?"

"It senses you and wants to see you, my men are trying to calm it down."

"Well I want to see him too, let me in then please sire." I played his game. He flourished his arms and as soon as I opened my eyes I was face to face with Trident.

 "Be calm my friend, you and Blue will dance again soon, I know you will, just be patient please."

It made a howling sound like metal bending but did calm down.

"I will start on your painting tomorrow then you will have his image with you all the time, okay."

It glowed and shuddered then I heard something in my head a very deep cavernous voice spoke.

"Alexis." It took me a minute to work it out but I think he wants Alex in the painting too.

"Yes, my friend Alexis too."

It shuddered again and everything went quiet.

I reached out to stroke my new friend but the king held my hand back.

 "Don't my king, it will mean your total destruction." I pulled my hand back quickly then I heard that voice again.

"It pleases me, my king, you can touch if you like, my runes are waiting to speak to you."

I quickly placed my hand on Tridents handle it shimmered and I got a feeling I was being dragged out to sea and was surfing with him. He was all about the water and waves and the old wives’ tales about not touching him were fabricated nonsense, but I wasn’t to tell the Dwarf king. Then I heard a deep guttural laugh. My new best friend was in my head I think. Something strange happened, I was immediately reading his markings, I was drawn into them as I lived moments in time I had with Trident. I didn’t know if I had started at the beginning or the end but had the feeling it was the start because it was all so unfamiliar to me. I tranced for what seemed ages until I heard.

 "Enough, for now, my king, we need our brighter colors, and it's going to be a long beautiful journey for us." I felt Trident smile. I had been taken into a world I didn't know and what colors, what journey? The Dwarf king looked stunned when I came out of my trance.

"You looked magnificent my forever king, your colors are stunning. No one has ever touched Trident like that before, there’s something in the air I think. We king's must have a meeting." He didn't elaborate and I didn't ask, I only knew I had seen the past and it was earth-shattering.

 Now I have two family paintings to finish, I had already started Trident and blues and I have room to place Alex into it too, I went one further and put Andy on his shoulders and Ayden on Blues, but my main subject was the magnificent Trident he was awesome. I did have one thought, maybe I could place a bright pair of boardies on him.

 I left the hotel a bit bewildered, and drove to the chemist shop to see Katie, she was busy but no potions today she was manning the cash register while Mavis showed two lovely looking girls the ropes and how the shop works. I knew they were fairy folk and on reflection, they looked like the perfect shop assistants. They were dressed in Evans frocks but the pattern I hadn’t seen before, they were covered in my images as the golden king, my long black hair stood out and my green eyes shone brightly.

 "How are you Kate everything sorted out then?"

"Yes Den, I can’t believe those girls, they have just handed me a stock take of everything left in the containers and said if I leave a list they will get it all into the shop for me."

"They are folk they did the same to Evans containers and are filling his shop up overnight."

"Well its all awesome Den, I feel so much better nowadays like a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders."

"How is Donk?" She laughed.

"He's sort of working Den, he's got so much work I think his new assistants are doing most of it for him." She giggled again.

"I've never had so much money I sometimes can’t believe my luck." I hugged her then walked over to Mavis, of course, the two girls curtsied then ran off out the back to do something.

 "How are things Mavis, is your auction business still making money?"

"Yes Mr. Golden, like Katie here I am so grateful for everything in my life now, my Mike is set for life and so are my family. Den can I ask you something?"

"Yes, lovely lady."

"Is there any truth in the rumor that there’s a stash of pirate treasure buried in the bay?"

"I don't know Mavis; I think it's just a rumor. Tim did say there was something he read years ago but he couldn't remember where the X was." I laughed. I loved Mavis but I couldn't tell her what I had seen it would cause all-out war.

 I got in just as Ayden ran up the porch he was in a hurry today; his burger was woofed down then he wanted his suit on to go surfing with the gang. I at least got a hug and a kiss from him. Maybe I will buy him a diary for Christmas, he's so busy nowadays.

 I watched as he burped then struggled into his wet suit. I will walk him down, I missed Evan and wanted to see him.

I walked, Ayden ran, he was already at the waters edge by the time I got there. Cyn was up against the tree with Andy who held his little arms out for my cuddles. I sat and watched then Cyn groaned and rubbed her tummy.

"Call the midwives, he's coming soon." I heard someone say and when I looked it was the red-headed fairy, Cyn's mate who was in a big panic. Cyn on the other hand smiled and said.

"No Den I'm just uncomfortable he's not coming yet, she's just over excited that he may be born very soon."

 I didn’t like her answer so I ran down to the beach to see if Tiny was there today, he wasn’t; by the time I got back there were a team of doctors and a couple of midwife looking ladies, and Cyn was now in pain.

"We had better call an ambulance Den, he’s coming and coming fast." Cyn was now in a panic. I saw a large snow-white sheet appear under Cyn and her legs unceremoniously lifted up towards her body.

 "Bloody hell Cyn what do I do what do I do?" I panicked.

"Call Abs you idiot, he’s coming whether I like it or not, fuck!"

The midwives were hovering and they held towels but no boiling water was to be seen. Cyn’s having a folk birth, how apt for little David.

 "Abs Abs." I jumped up and down waving at him. Then when he sat on his board I waved him in but he still sat there, then I flopped on my back and threw my legs in the air, he saw that and paddled furiously into shore along with the rest of the gang. I then went back to the tree, thank god one of the ladies had Andy I had forgotten all about him.

 Cyn screamed as Abs landed on the sand and took her hand, then it happened it was subtle but I saw it. A flash of light and a baby appeared on the big towel, I guess Cyn didn’t feel a thing.

 "A son my lady you have a beautiful son." One of the folk lifted the little tyke up to show us all the new addition. Abs groaned then fainted, the guys worked on him. Cyn didn’t know where to look she moaned.

 "He's here already, but I didn’t feel a thing."

"You wouldn’t, you had a folk birth, my lady, we all helped no pain that way." A midwife giggled as the two doctors looked Cyn over and deemed her okay. Abs was coming to, he looked at Cyn then his son he started crying with joy. Here we go again I was waiting for the loud eastern moaning.

 I picked a very animated Andy up and showed him the new baby he wanted to kiss him I leaned him over. Ali and Spud stood back in awe, they had waited for so long to welcome David back and when Cyn saw them she held her son up for them to come closer and have a cuddle.

Ali took him and he squirmed then when he kissed him his legs went mental. The same thing happened when Spud held him.

David was back.