Ayden's Eyes Book Four

Chaper 108

Chapter 108


It was lunchtime the next day when I caught up with my father. He had called for coffee and cake and I was putting the finishing touches to another drawing. I have eight in the works now and I won't start to paint them until I have at least twenty.

 "Father good to see you I need to talk to you about some things."

"What son?"

"Firstly you can say no if you want, you do so much for us already but I want to ask you if you could make a spot for Trident so he has a comfy sofa, a TV and video machine and loads of surfing movies to watch, I think he's bored."

"This sounds pretty basic son, do you think he would go along with it?"

"I think so, he enjoyed the movie yesterday so I thought, why not set him up with his own home theatre it might entertain him. He won't be so skittish maybe."

"It's a thought son, I will have to consult the Dwarf king and see what he says."

'"Okay, the next thing is Evan, he's chasing his ass with my money. I have earned quite a sizeable sum over these past few years and he's finding it hard to make time to shuffle investments around. He looks after Rita's, Ayden's, Donk and Kate's investments and he's a little snowed under and running out of ideas on how to save on taxes and stuff. I was wondering if you had a team of accountants on you books that could take it over for him."

"Yes son we have our own treasury with bookkeepers, does he have an accounts book?"

 I went and got the book and papers off my Evans side table and handed them to my father. He looked them over and smiled.

"A piece of cake son, I will pass this onto the Eastern king, he knows his money and his investments, I think he already does Abs Arras Ali's and Spuds." he laughed then said.


"Well between Susan's place and Tim's new house do you think the builders will have time to do me a new kitchen and maybe work out a way so we and Ayden have bigger bedrooms I'm running out of wall space?"

"I could take them paintings off your hand's son."

"What, and cause world war three?"

he laughed then said.

"Why don’t we just build you a few more stays and that frees up some sizeable space to extend your rooms into the old ones." I hadn’t thought of that.

 He chuckled when a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates appeared in his hands he was going to woo Rita again.

 "Leave it to daddy son." He winked. I watched the sly dog move up the porch and thought about following him, but my Rita's a big girl, she will know what to do.

 I went back to my drawing and found another canvas, I must get into Warragul and get some more. I was trying to work out a time to go when I realized Tim was still staying in the van with Nuts. I rang Michelle with an order then I rang Tim, yes he will bring a dozen home with him.

 I could feel someone creeping up on me and as I turned I heard sniffing. Ayden was sitting on the seat watching me and he had tears running down his face. My heart nearly stopped and I put my pencils down and moved to his side.

 "Would you like a cuddle?"

"Yes, peese dah." He was immediately in my arms and his crying became a full-on bawling. He was upset about something but I will give him some time to settle down.

I rocked him back and forth rubbing his back, then Rita appeared at the cafe doorway. I indicated I didn’t know what was wrong yet but I aimed to find out. He settled down and his weeping became a quiet gulping and sniffle.

 "Want to tell dah all about it or are you going to deal with it on your own?" I gave him a few minutes to gather his voice, and I noticed his friends weren’t around him today.

 "Dah, does the Santa Clause alive?"

"I don’t know bubby, I know he was when I was a little boy but I've never seen him, why?"

"Because the teacher said he wasn’t real and ise says he is."

"Oh, is that what you're upset about. Well let me tell you, you get presents off all your friends. Pa and I give you plenty. But there's always a present from Santa he never forgets good little boys. So I really know he's real, have you ever seen him?"'

No dah but I knows he's real cause he feels like he's real. Dah am I a naughty boy?"

"No, of course, you’re not, you’re the bestest boy in the world and he knows that."

"Oh." He sniffed again.

 "I spose they don’t believe in Santa maybes I'm the only one. Maybes I seed him this year buts my teacher says I won't."

"Who was your teacher today baby?"

"Someone’s called Mr. Grinch."

"Aha and that's where its all wrong son, maybe he's the Grinch that stole Christmas and he doesn’t believe in Santa, what did your mates say?"

"They upsets for me dah, they go home to their mommies. I comes home too cause I know you will know about Santa." He held me tighter.

"Well, we will see about that then son. I will get the school to stick to regular classes they shouldn't scare you children like that. Santa is real baby; I haven't seen him, but I know inside he's real, just like you do." He looked up at me and smiled.

"Thank you dah, I thoughts you would knows."

 Rita couldn’t contain herself she had been creeping up the porch as we talked, then she sat with us, Ayden moved into her lap and snuggled into her ample chest.

"Santa was discussed today, by someone called Mr. Grinch." She caught on fast and her face went from pale concern to furious red.

 "Mr. King could please come out here." She yelled Ayden jumped.

"What is it nanny Rita?" My father appeared with his big lecherous smile.

"What in the world is happening in that school. Getting a Grinch to teach the kiddies there is no Santa, where do they get off frightening little children senseless?"

"This is the first I have heard of it, my lovely lady. Why is our little prince so upset?"

"Because someone deemed it okay to tell the children there’s no Santa. I know there's a Santa's I have seen him with my own two eyes."

Ayden was suddenly interested he looked up at his nanny and smiled.

"Let me see about this error." He popped off the porch and we were left with a small but now interested little kid.

 "Did you really really seed him, nanny?"

"Of course I have, you know I have three boys, and every Christmas he came to our house to give his presents out, of course, I have seed him baby he's real. You get extra presents from him don't you?"

He nodded, she winked at me, and I guessed it was her dear husband that was the Santa.

 "Now why don’t you call your friends over and I will tell you all about Santa and what a lovely rosy-cheeked jolly old man he really is." Ayden thought about it for a minute then he sang a fairy song, it sounded so beautiful. His friends arrived in droves, but they didn’t look their normal happy selves. Rita told them to get comfortable and then she told them all about her friend Santa. I listened in because I wanted to know about him too.

 She had a tear in her eye when she told them he had disappeared when her boys got bigger and that only little kids can see him in his true form. He loves them all and he wishes they could see him too. I will talk to father about conjuring up a Santa this Christmas. It was a lovely story she told and when she finished her lengthy tale the kids looked so much better.

 "I will be talking to your principal about it my loves, this won't happen again they have the wrong information."

"Wes thought it was true nanny Rita we gets upsets for our prince and go home to ask mommy, now we in trouble with school," Gardenia said.

"No you’re not, the school is in trouble with nanny Rita and she will fix it very soon. Now, who’s up for some ice cream, and yes I know Peter, with honey." She had a calming effect on them and I think they were more in love with her because she only spoke the truth to them.

"If it's not too much trouble for you nanny Rita, we would love some ice cream," Rosie said.

"No trouble at all Rosie, Alex get the ice cream out." She yelled up the porch. I think that ladle will be working overtime today if she has her way.

 "They played the wrong movie son, they were supposed to play the Polar Express but played the Grinch that stole Christmas instead, the kids took it all the wrong way and it frightened them our prince was getting ready to extinguish their teacher, but he came to you instead. I'm sorry son, things sometimes get mixed up in our world too. We thought it would be a good idea to have a movie day every now and then for the students, the sub teacher mixed the DVDs up."

"Well you can tell them to destroy the Grinch one, and in future to run their selection past Spud and Ali they have seen the most movies around here."

"We will son, and Trident is very grateful for his new dig's, we have managed to get a full boxed set of Blues surfing competitions and he's been playing them non stop."

I laughed because I knew that's what he would be doing.

"Your renovation will be done shortly son, don't despair we won't forget you."

 Another full on riot avoided and Rita settled down after talking to father, he apologized to the children and started telling them about a new movie about the real Santa they will be watching tomorrow, their little faces grew smiles for miles especially our sons. I had found out from father that Santa was a human story and the folk didn’t celebrate him but the kids were upset because their prince was upset.

"Well father we will have to change that, my boy believes in him so his school mates should too." I smiled.

"Its taken care of son, this Christmas is going to be the best. The children are all looking forward to it."

 When all was done and dusted they left for a much-deserved play and Rita and I sat with coffee and biscuits in hand.

 "There’s no need to stress Den, I'm not looking for a relationship. It's just that he does remind me of my dear husband, sometimes. Then sometimes he reminds me of Cal a bit sleazy but harmless." She smiled.

"We haven’t seen him for a while my lovely, have you heard from him?"

"No Den, he disappeared when Donk and Kate got back together, and not soon enough for my liking."

"Well he did sell us this piece of heaven, that's something to be grateful for."

"Maybe that was his job in life to make us move down here, I often wondered if he was part of the big plan."

 "While I've got you alone, do you need any renovations done, father is going to do our kitchen and make the bedrooms bigger. Maybe put in a couple of new stays and lose the older ones."

"I don’t think so, I will talk to the boys their room seems a little crowded sometimes, they may need more space."

"Good, I think it's his way of keeping the builders busy."

"Now I will talk to trident, maybe he can play Santa this year." I laughed, she looked at me like I was crazy.

"I gave him one of Evans watches and noticed he had a Blues tank top draped over his prongs so I guess he's trying to fit in." I laughed again.

"It was him at the drive-in the other night wasn’t it?"

"Yes, I told him to get you home by ten thirty."

"He certainly did that Den; one minute we were on the road next we were pulling up in the car park. I thought at the time it was the king interfering, but of course, it was Trident."

"He's my pal he even took me to introduce me to the mermaids."


"Really." I smiled.

 "Well, this isn’t getting my work done the kids will be up soon for some doughnuts." She laughed and put the dirty cups onto her tray then walked back to the kitchen.

"Okay okay." I heard her shout.

Then I saw Andy trying to make his way up the porch. I met him halfway and gave him loads of fart kisses then sat him on my knee and played with him for a long time.

 The kids came back with my boys, a kiss on the neck and a good nipple squeeze let me know that Evan was in the mood again. Blue took Andy and they started playing father and son. That glint was caught in my blind spot again.

 My son and his mates came to see us and they looked a lot better than they did this morning, he even snuggled into Horses lap after he gave me a wet one then wiped his mouth.

I suppose they have things to talk about, I could see Horses amused look and wondered if Ayden was telling him about the Santa saga. He would make a good Santa but I think Ayden wouldn’t buy it. Christmas isn’t far off so I had better go and do some shopping.

 Father came up and handed Evan some paperwork, he said.

"I think this is a more satisfying account son, no need to do anything and you will get a detailed monthly update for your tax people." Evan looked at me then he looked at the paperwork, he let a smile appear on his lips then he said.

 "Thank you, I thought that offshore account would come in handy one day."

"Well my accountants got a good interest rate not only for you but for the other accounts too, the numbers are on page five I think." He went to find his coffee mug which looked more like a vase with a handle on it.

I noticed Evan talking to Rita then Donk I think he was telling them everything’s looking really good with their accounts.

 That night after making endless love to my man I was laying there just thinking about stuff when I heard a roaring sound coming from the beach. we both jumped out of bed and raced down to the shore. Both Alex and Blue were sleepwalking and looking bloody magnificent. Rita gasped when she saw her son in all his glory, he was covered all over with tridents markings it was etched over his body. Blue had grown and was kissing Alex like there was no tomorrow. He ordered Trident to appear then Alex climbed on Blues shoulders and they both disappeared in a flash. I heard a deep guttural laugh coming from the horizon. That tank top will be wrecked by the time they get back.

 "Well that was awesome, Alex is beautiful in his fairy state, did you get a picture, my love?"

"Yes Den, I am amazed Alex has gold markings a bit like tattoos I thought, he's quite conservative you know."

"Not anymore my love." I grinned.

"Do you think he will get some dancing done Den?"

"Yes." I giggled. Alex in that state is also a catalyst for Trident they feed off each other and his markings are exactly the same as the great forked one, they are both time travelers. I did know all three combined they could travel through every dimension that was ever created in every hidden world, they enjoyed each others company. Maybe they have gone to the planet of moons tonight.

 My son didn’t arrive for a surf with his hero, he told me in the morning Blue needed to be with Alex, and he needed his sleep. We didn’t hang around this time we just went back to bed. Although it was awesome I didn’t think they would be back anytime soon and it hadn’t even reached midnight yet. I was laying there just thinking then an idea popped into my head.

 "Are you still awake Bubs?"

"Yes, Den." His arm lifted up and he handed me the lube.

Two am we finally got off to sleep I was totally spent.

 I found it hard to wake up in the morning, Evan and a little boy were next to me. I wondered what amazing things were coming our way today. My son has school and my man has to surf with his mates. I wanted to get started on painting my art so I knew what I would be doing for the day. I couldn’t wait to see Blue and Alex and when I checked my phone there was a message from Rita.

"Didn’t work."

 The photo was dark and blank, no Blue no Alex. I thought that might be the case, we can’t photograph the folk which in itself is a good thing, but I was disappointed Alex wouldn’t see himself in his true state, I will paint him instead. I let my boys sleep and dragged on my shorts and top, I will shower later. Walking down to the cafe I saw a beautiful woman tending her roses, she winked at me as I waved. Evans mum is hard at work. I suppose she's expanding her garden.

"Are they back?"

"Yes Den, Alex is taking the day off I think he's a little tired."

And pretty randy I thought. Andy was sitting in the high chair playing with some blocks, well he was chewing on them.

"The nanny dropped him off something about the boys being too busy this morning and Andy wanted his nanny." I laughed.

 Tush made me a coffee and I went to look at my first masterpiece for the day. When I lifted the sheet, as always a picture of baby Ayden flashed into my head. As I said before the sheet was Ayden's baby one that I had kept, so I could look at it all the time.

In all his majesty Trident, with Blue and Alex were splashed across the canvas, they had gone to the planet of the oceans I could tell the background wasn’t earthly but fairy. It was an awesome painting and of course, I knew who had conjured it up.

 "Thank you where did you put my mermen?"

"Against the wall can I have this one?"

"Of course you painted it."

"I only took the image from your memory your brushes and paints did the rest." I could feel him grinning.

"Can you do a copy for Alex and Blue?"

"Coming up oh great one sire." He laughed as another copy appeared next to the original then they both disappeared.

"Home delivery."

 My original mermen painting was back on the easel. I guess my friend will be swooning over his painting all day and Alex will get a surprise when he and Blue stop fondling each other. I threw a boner and quickly stuffed it between my legs, I could almost hear Evans screams coming from the bedroom. I did have a good look at it and my strokes were there so I guess tridents going to be good at forgeries. I must tell Tim if he has a mind to do some fakes he can call him in.

 Ayden came out first, his hair was a mess and he was still tired. I moved him onto my knees and he laid his head on my chest, within moments he was asleep again. I caressed his back and kissed his head as I wallowed in his boy smells. This is what I was born for this is what I want out of life. Love for my son who will never know how much I adore him.

 "More coffee Den?" My man whispered in my ear.

"Yes thank you bubs." As he walked down the porch he suddenly looked to his left and waved at nothing. I suppose his mum is still there. There was no folk around today we had the porch to ourselves, a gentle cool breeze had started and the day was awakening. I sipped on my coffee and told Evan about the renovations to the shack, he was happy to go ahead with them as long as it didn’t disrupt the place too much.

 We then watched a truck come up the road with two containers on the back one for Tony one for Evan.

"When did you order that lot bubs?"

"I didn’t." He smiled as the big truck swung into our driveway.

"Better go see what it's all about." He got up kissed me and walked through to the back.

 Ayden had heard the truck and woke up, he gave it another three minutes but his curiosity got the better of him and he struggled off my legs and went to find his pa. I followed moments later just as the container hit the ground. The driver was a regular so he put the baby in the driver’s seat while he settled the empty one on the back. Then he let Ayden drive up to Tony's with him.

 Evan broke the seal and stood back. He gasped as hundreds of boxes stared back at him.

"This will be an Aladdin’s cave Den, god knows what’s in here."

He took out four cartons that had samples written on them, then he ripped open the invoices. I started carrying the cartons up to the porch, Horse took one so did Ra who was only wearing a white g string this morning, he must be hot, well he certainly was sizzling in my eyes.

 As hard as I tried I couldn’t maneuver behind him, Evan got that choice job, I was disappointed when he sat down and a sarong had appeared around his waist. I think Horse told him to cover up before Evan fainted. Horse roared laughing at my face, Evan gave me a grin and lifted his eyebrows, then I saw him adjust his cock.

Ayden ran back to the shack then straight into Rita's to order his burger and maybe give Andy a morning cuddle.

 I couldn't believe the items that were in those sample box's, there were the paintings I was currently working on and paintings I haven't even done yet as well as the stock that Evan was running low on. Ayden arrived back from nanny's cafe full of smiles and he was onto them like a wasp to honey. He found his package with his name on it and took it into his bedroom. It was a free for all as we sat back and watched the bright clothing being displayed over the table.

I left it to Evan to organize I wanted to go see what my son was up to.

 He had Blues clothing draped all over his bed and was trying to decide which piece he would wear to school today. I noticed on a couple of items a display with the two of them and trident before they went for a surf that night.

 "Did you order this son?"

"Yes dah, I needs some more clothes." He smiled.

"Who did the rest baby?"

"I thinks the folks they look afters the shop so they order I thinks."

"Okay, I like these you did really good." His head lifted up in pride.

"Want to shower with me?"

"Yes dah, then burger then school."

 I got the shower running and stripped my boy he was in it before me and wanted his hair done again, so I obliged him. Then he wanted to wash mine so I sat on the floor and he went to town. Evan poked his head in and gave me a sad face, I laughed, that's a job he likes to do. We ended it with a sort of water fight then the big fluffy towels came out, in the meantime, Evan got into the shower and was soaping his awesome body up. I so wanted to help him out but our son comes first. He straightened his hair and I tied it back, then he ran into his bedroom to put on some new threads.

 I was hoping he would head for the cafe to get his burger and I could go another round with my man but that wasn’t the case; yet. Evans shower was short-lived, just a rinse off today so I saw my boy off and grabbed him and slammed the bedroom door.

I was on my knees in no time and he was jammed up against the wall moaning, our paintings rattled.