The Puget Posse

Chapter 47-Spring Break: Double Vision

Welcome back. The twins head for the mountains with their family. Somehow, the mountains managed to not topple.
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<Friday, March 29>

Mark and Matthew argued with each other off and on from the time they got home until dinner. Kristy gave up trying to calm them down. She told them to separate themselves from each other while she cooked dinner.
“Fine, I get the big TV in the den,” Mark declared.
“Why should you get it?” Matthew asked. “What makes you so special?”
“I’m the oldest,” Mark replied. That was his usual answer to Matthew’s question.
“No television for either one of you,” Kristy firmly said. “That should keep things even.”
“Then I get the computer in the bedroom,” Mark said.
“You already said you wanted to sit in the living room,” Matthew argued. “So I get the computer in the bedroom.”
“Why me?” Kristy said to herself for at least the millionth time. “And no computer either.”
“That’s not fair,” Matthew complained.
“Yeah,” Mark agreed as the brothers suddenly joined ranks. “We haven’t done anything wrong.”
“You boys have been arguing since I picked you up at Patrick’s.”
“Only because Matthew said he was a better skier than me,” Mark explained.
‘I only said that because I am, and I can prove it as soon as we get to the mountains.”
“That is what this argument is all about?” Kristy asked. By now she was fully exasperated. “Which one of you skis the best?”
“It isn’t an argument,” Mark exclaimed. “It’s just…,” he hesitated a moment then went on. “…MATTIE, being stupid.”
Matthew launched himself at his brother and both boys went down on the kitchen floor in a tangle. Matthew got a hard shot at Mark’s gut as Mark caught Matthew next to his left eye. They rolled on the floor, arms flailing at each other.
“Boys, you will stop now or spend the entire ski trip on restriction,” Kristy yelled.
“Shit,” Matthew exclaimed, “and I was winning, too.” The boys stopped fighting, but Matthew remained draped across his brother.
“You’re the one who’s going to get a black eye,” Mark retorted.
“STOP! NOW!” Kristy demanded with authority. “Mark, you will go to your bedroom. No television, no nothing. Matthew, you’ll go to the living room. Same restriction.”
“Duh,” Matthew said, “there is no computer or television in the living room.”
“You will both be hearing from your father when he gets home.”
Mark skulked up the stairs to their bedroom. Kristy got an ice bag from the freezer and had Matthew put it next to his eye, hoping to prevent too much swelling. Matthew gave her a sullen look and stomped to the living room, holding the bag against his left eye.
When the twins’ father got home, Kristy gave him a full report on their behavior. He placed them on restriction for the weekend. “It will come off when we leave for the mountains on Monday, but only if you totally behave yourselves and complete all of your chores, which includes packing your bags.”
“You two should be totally ashamed of your behavior. Your mother and I didn’t raise you to be a pair of rude, misbehaving scoundrels.”
The boys dropped their heads, trying to look as contrite as they could. “What kind of chores do we have?” Matthew finally asked.
“You’ll have a list in the morning. Tonight, you will eat dinner with the family, but not say anything other than ‘please pass the potatoes.’ You will then spend the rest of the evening in your room with the TV and computer off. Any arguing and one of you will be sleeping in the guest room.”
The twins worked hard to keep quiet during dinner. But being who they were, two incidents upset the atmosphere a bit. One involved Matthew wanting seconds on meatloaf.
“Pass the potatoes, please,” he said politely.
Michelle picked up the bowl of mashed potatoes and started to send it Matthew’s way when she noticed he still had a gravy-soaked pile on his plate. “Why do you want the potatoes?” she asked. “You still have a ton of them on your plate.”
Matthew pointed to the meatloaf plate, and then to his plate. “Please pass the other potatoes,” he asked again.
“Matthew,” Michelle said, showing frustration with her little brother, “that is the meatloaf plate.” She went on as she pointed to the potatoes, “Those are the potatoes, just in case you can’t tell the difference.”
“Matthew, quit being difficult and just ask for the meatloaf,” Kristy said.
“I can’t,” Matthew said.
“What do you mean you can’t?” Kristy asked.
“Dad said the only thing we could say at the table is, ‘please pass the potatoes’, and now I’m going to be in trouble because you made me say something else.”
“Oh, Lord, why me?” was the first thought that shot through Kristy’s head.
She didn’t have to say anything, however, because Scott said something first. “You know what would be a wonderful thing for you and your brother to learn?” he asked.
“The difference between meat loaf and potatoes?” Mark asked, his voice dripping with innocence.
Scott did everything in his power to keep from bursting out laughing. He finally managed to spit out, “No, common sense.”
The twins knew from their father’s reaction that they had won the dinner table round. They also knew they were back in synch and that their argument was over.
Not surprisingly, the other incident involved the boys’ sisters. While the boys weren’t the instigators, their pre-dinner spat did set things up nicely for the twin girls.
“You know, if you two would just behave, you wouldn’t be on restriction all of the time,” Michelle said haughtily as the pair of twins helped to clear the dinner table following dessert.
“If we didn’t have you two as sisters we wouldn’t have to listen to you being stupid all the time,” Mark rejoined.
“We wish you two would grow up,” Megan said disgustedly. “We get so tired of listening to you.”
“Should we try EBay again?” Mark asked Matthew.
“Yep, somebody will buy them.”
“Oh, you two are impossible,” Megan said.
“If you’d behaved tonight we would have had a surprise for you,” Michelle said.
“We did behave,” Mark said. “We didn’t do nothing to get in trouble. It was mom and dad that got us into trouble.”
“What was the surprise?” Matthew asked.
“Like we’re ever going to tell you now,” Michelle said as she and Megan left the kitchen, their work finished.
“EBay,” Matthew said as he and Mark headed for the living room where Scott and Kristy were sitting and reading.
“Off to your room,” Kristy said.
“If we play games with you, we don’t have to go to restriction, remember?” Matthew asked.
“Or if we read with you,” Mark added.
“That’s true,” Scott said. “Okay, a half hour of reading then we play a game of our choice.”
Restriction ended up being a family evening, at least on Friday night. It was just after nine when the boys retired to their room, feeling pleased with themselves.
“Let’s see,” Mark mused, “no TV and no computer and they took our phones so we can’t use them.”
“But they didn’t say anything about blow jobs,” Matthew pointed out.
“Nope, they didn’t. So I guess we know what we’re going to do next.”
“We could kiss first.”
“Yeah,” Mark said quietly. “Kissing you is still better than kissing M&M.”
“That’s because I let you kiss me and don’t complain about it like they do.”
Mark put his lips to his brother’s and in a matter of seconds their tongues were battling as their naked young bodies rolled around Mark’s bed. They grunted and groaned through their locked lips. They soon settled in their normal positions—Matthew on the bottom and Mark on the top, and Mark started pounding his three-and-a-half inches into his brother’s groin and torso. The two originally wanted to trade blow jobs, but they reacted to the immediate needs of their bodies and all but made love to each other.
A long, high-pitched wail signaled Mark’s impending orgasm; he dug his cock hard into his brother’s warm, smooth skin and shot his clear boy cum over Matthew’s belly. Matthew pushed his brother onto his side, faced him, and humped him hard, cumming within thirty seconds of his brother.
“Oh, fuck, that was the awesomest cum ever,” Matthew exclaimed. “We didn’t do any sucking but it was still awesome.”
“Hey,” Mark said. “I got something wet on me.”
“Must be some of your cum,” Matthew replied, hoping that wasn’t the case.
“Nope, my cock was dry when you rolled me over,” Mark said. “It’s gotta be yours.”
Matthew looked at his brother’s torso and noticed the thin line of clear liquid spread from his bare pubis to just short of his bellybutton. He broke out into a wide grin. “I did it, I finally did it,” he said proudly.
“You are still going to have to streak to the road and back,” Mark said, referring to their bet regarding who would cum first.
“I don’t care. Now that I can cum, too, it’s not going to be as shitty as before.”
“Um, you said the word shitty.”
Before Matthew could say anything there was a knock on their door.
“Are you boys okay?” their mother asked.
“Yeah, we’re fine,” Mark answered as Matthew pulled the bed covers over them.
“It sounded like you were fighting.”
“We were just having fun,” Matthew shouted.
“That’s still legal, right?” Mark asked.
Kristy opened the door and looked in. The room smelled like boy and she made a mental note to air it out. “Just remember you’re on restriction.”
“Like how can we forget since you shut down the router and took the TV cord.”
“I’ll have you in separate bedrooms soon, too, if it isn’t quiet in here.”
“Good night, mom,” Matthew said, encouraging her to leave.
She didn’t take the hint and walked over to Matthew’s bed. She gave each of them a kiss on the forehead, to their double embarrassment. “You’re good boys. Don’t forget that.” She looked at Mark’s still made bed. “You do have your own beds, you know.”
“We know,” Matthew quipped. “It’s hard to miss the other bed seeing as it’s kinda big.”
Kristy gave him one of her best “mom” glares.
“Good night, mom,” Mark said.
“Good night, boys. I love you.”
“We love you, too, mom,” they both called out. After she closed the door, Mark added quietly, “Especially when you leave us alone.” The twins giggled and cuddled up. They were used to being on restriction, and always found ways to keep it from being too restrictive.
“I wonder what M&M’s surprise was,” Matthew asked sleepily.
“I dunno, but it can’t be any better than what we just did.”
“Nope, no way it can be better.”
They stayed cuddled in each other’s arms and were soon asleep, their arguments and fight of the day forgotten. The only reminder left was Matthew’s burgeoning black eye.

<Monday, April 1>

The Kirkwood family left home early in the morning for their skiing trip in the Cascades. The family shared a chalet with the families of two other doctors. Dr. Benson and his family had used the chalet for the weekend. Scott took some time off so that his family could use it from Monday through early Friday afternoon. The family was busy skiing by noon. They stayed on the slopes until dinner, which Kristy cooked up from one of the dishes she’d premade during the weekend.
That night, after the family watched a movie on DVD, Mark and Matthew cornered their sisters before they could make it to their bedroom. “What was your big surprise?” Mark asked.
“Surprise?” Michelle asked. “What surprise?”
“The one you wouldn’t tell us about on Friday. The one we think isn’t real and you made up just to torture us.”
“Would you guys give it up. We told you that you lost out.”
“So, end of story,” Megan said.
“If you tell us you can watch me and Matthew shoot our cum,” Mark said hopefully.
“Matthew can’t make sperms,” Michelle said.
“I can now,” Matthew told them proudly.
“You can even suck our dicks and taste it,” Mark pleaded.
“Follow us into our room now,” Matthew grinned. “You don’t even have to tell us your secret. We’ll let you do it just to be nice.”
“You can be nice without being nasty about sex,” Michelle told them, but she and Megan followed them into the room. Mark closed the door and the two boys stood in the middle of the room, their long t-shirts hiding the bulges that were pushing out their boxers.
“Well, where are we going to do it?” Megan asked.
“You mean where are you going to suck it?” Mark asked. “We’ll show you.”
Mark and Matthew pivoted, bent over, pulled the hems of their shirts up, then, in almost the same move, yanked their boxers down to their ankles, mooning their twelve-year-old sisters, their heads just showing between their legs as they looked back at the girls.
“April Fools!” they shouted in unison, roaring with their high-pitched laughter. They stood up, but kept their backs to their sisters. “You’ll have to pay to see our dicks.”
“The only thing we’d pay for you is a ticket to Australia or someplace even farther,” Megan said in a huff as the girls walked out of the room.  
“It sucks these beds are so small,” Matthew said after the girls were gone.
“Why, can’t you sleep without me sleeping with you?” Mark asked.
“Well, it is more fun that way.”
“We can still sixty-nine on the floor.”
“Sounds like a plan,” Matthew grinned. It turned out being a good plan, especially after Mark got a taste of his brother’s preteen emission for the first time.

<Tuesday, April 2>

The next morning the family was up early. The four children had ski lessons scheduled while their parents went skiing on their own. While all four tweens were good skiers, they still had a lot to learn to become proficient enough to ski on the upper slopes. Their instructor said they were close and their morning lessons the next two mornings should give them enough skills to ski down one of the advanced slopes with him Friday morning.
They were supposed to join their parents in the ski lodge for lunch. The four tweens arrived first. The girls acted very grownup as they told the hostess their parents would be coming soon. They asked for a table for six and the hostess seated them. As much as they didn’t want to be, the boys were impressed by their sisters and made up their mind to surpass their social skills as soon as possible.
A few minutes after taking their seats, the hostess escorted a boy and a girl to the table next to them. They removed their coats and looked over at the pair of twins. Mark and Matthew estimated the boy to be around thirteen and the girl to be twelve, their sisters’ age.
“Hey,” Mark said to the new arrivals.
“Hey yourself,” the boy said somewhat haughtily. “What are little kids like you doing alone here?”
“Waiting for our parents,” Mark answered. “What’s a little boy like you doing here?”
“Same. Only I’m thirteen and not little. What are you guys, nine and ten or something?”
“We’re eleven.”
The boy squinted at them. “Oh, twins. I should have guessed.”
“Drew isn’t wearing his contacts,” the girl told them. “He doesn’t like wearing them when he skis.”
“Is that so he won’t know when he’s going to run into a tree?” Matthew asked.
“I ski on the upper slopes,” Drew boasted, Matthew’s remark zinging right past his head. “I bet you guys are still down on the beginner’s slope.”
“Nope, we’re better than that. And before we leave this week, we’ll be on the upper slopes, too,” Mark said with a hint of pride.
Their conversation ended when their parents entered the restaurant.
“Are those your parents with my parents?” Drew asked, squinting in their direction. “I mean they’re all looking over here.”
“Are those your parents with our parents?” Michelle asked. “They look like they already know each other.”
It turns out they did know each other; the two men belonged to the same Seattle service club. When all of the hellos and introductions were made, it was decided to have the kids sit at the six person table and the adults would sit at the four person table.
The six person table was circular with the seating order being Mark, Matthew, Drew, Michelle, Megan, and Drew’s sister Penny. With the parents present, Drew became a bit less arrogant and the conversation a bit more civilized, but the older boy’s ego was always present.
Mark and Matthew, being the twin Things, did manage to get another jab at Drew during lunch. That made sitting with Drew less unpleasant.
“What does your dad do?” Drew asked in a manner that told the twins that whatever their father’s occupation was it would not match up to what his father did.
“Oh, he’s a butcher,” Matthew said before Mark could come up with an answer. Michelle and Megan both gave Matthew a quick look. They normally would have rolled their eyes and let Drew and Penny know that their brothers were stupid little things, but they were just as tired of Drew’s act as the boys were and decided to see where this was going. While Mark had no clue what Matthew was up to, he understood his brother well enough to know that the destination would be interesting.
“A butcher?” Drew looked down at the two boys. “Well, my father is a very big time lawyer in Seattle,” he said snootily. He doesn’t do snooty nearly as good as Neville, both of the twins thought, the accent isn’t right.
“Yeah, well, our dad is a big time butcher in Seattle,” Matthew said solemnly.
“What does he butcher, cows and hogs and shit?”
“Nope, he butchers people,” Matthew replied, almost causing Mark to snort his soda through his nose.
“That is so stupid,” Drew scoffed. “What does he do then, eat them?”
“No, because then he would be a cannibal, and he’s a butcher not a cannibal.”
“Is he shitting me?” Drew asked Mark.
“Nope,” Mark answered. “He butchers people’s hearts. He gets blood all over himself at work every day.”
Drew decided to ask Michelle and Megan about this. The girls seemed to be a lot more grounded than their little brothers were. “Is that for real?”
“Hearts and blood every day,” Michelle answered, reveling in Drew’s discomfort. Mark and Matthew looked at her with gratitude.
“Come on,” Drew said, “what does he really do?”
“I told you. He cuts open people’s hearts,” Matthew said.
Slowly the light went on in Drew’s head. “Wait, do you mean he’s like a heart surgeon or something?”
“That’s what he said,” Mark told him.
“No, he said he was a butcher.”
“That’s because he comes home sometimes and calls himself a butcher,” Matthew said impishly.     
“No way a guy who calls himself a butcher gets close to my heart,” Drew said.
“You won’t have to worry about that,” Matthew smirked.
“Yeah,” Mark said, ready for the prefect finish, “you need to have a heart first.” Mark and Matthew high-fived each other and roared with their high pitched boy laughter, while Megan and Michelle tried their best to look serious, but finally lost it. Drew decided to ignore the little “Things” for the rest of the meal, but Penny appreciated anyone who could put her brother in his place.
As they finished lunch the kids’ table received some interesting news from the parents’ table. “I’m so glad all of you are getting along,” Kristy told the table. She then addressed her own brood. “The Hortons and us are going to go out together tomorrow evening. Since Drew and Penny are older, we’re going have the four of you stay with them at their condo.”
“What do you mean they’re older,” Mark said. “Penny is the same age as us.”
“Penny is fourteen and Drew is thirteen,” Kristy replied. “Marsha tells me they are a very responsible pair.”
“She’s fourteen?”
“Yeah, she look like she’s the age of M&M,” Matthew added.
“She does look like a little girl, now that you mention it,” Drew said somewhat sarcastically.
“Shut up,” Penny said.
“Children, please act your age,” Marsha said.
“Yeah, your mom just told my mom how responsible you are,” Mark said, his dig directed at Drew.
“Mark, that is enough,” Kristy admonished. The parents’ night out was a day and a half away, but it was already off to a rocky start.
Before lunch was over, Drew decided to have the last word and told Mark and Matthew about the difficult slope he would be skiing after lunch. Drew didn’t fail to notice Mark’s left hand, which was resting on the table with only the middle finger displayed.
After lunch Mark and Matthew skied on one of the intermediate slopes with their dad, while Michelle and Megan skied with their mom. They all forgot about the Horton kids as they had enjoyed working up a sweat in the cold mountain air. Even though it was early spring, there had been a heavy snowfall the week before, and light snow was falling as they skied.
That night the boys discussed Drew before falling asleep. “Maybe he’s Jeremiah’s cousin,” Matthew observed.
“You mean because he’s an asshole just like Jeremiah?” Mark asked.
“I gotta agree. His sister isn’t so bad, but she sure doesn’t look fourteen.”
“She’s short and has hardly any boobs.”
“She’d lose a boob size contest to M&M,” Mark giggled.
“I bet we’d beat ass waffle in the dick size department,” Matthew observed.
“The only department he’d beat us in is the dick wad department, because that’s what he is. We need to find some way not to stay at their place tomorrow night.”
“Lots of luck with that.”
“Tell me about it.”
The conversation petered out after that, as the tired twins soon dozed off.

<Wednesday, April 3>

The day was a good one for both sets of Kirkwood twins. The morning lessons went well, they didn’t see the Horton kids at lunch, and the family skied as a group that afternoon. Things started going downhill at the dinner table.
“Here is an interesting fact,” Mark observed as he filled his fork with macaroni and cheese.
“Do tell,” Michelle said. “Something interesting from one of the Terrors would be different.”
“Michelle, let’s enjoy a nice family dinner,” Kristy admonished. “What is the interesting fact, Mark?” she asked, trying to get things back on an even keel.
Mark finished chewing and then finished his thought. “Apparently eleven and twelve-year-olds can be very responsible.”
“I remember reading that somewhere.”
“Mother, that is very interesting,” Michelle chimed in. “I think I read the same thing.”
“Which means we should be able to stay here by ourselves,” Matthew said with conviction.
“I would think all of you would enjoy the company of other kids, considering how gregarious you are,” Scott said.
“I don’t know what gregwhoosits means,” Mark said, “but I do know Drew is a dick wad and we don’t like him.”
“Mark, that is not nice, and watch your language,” Kristy scolded.
“What? I’m not saying it to his face. And anyway, it might not be nice and proper, but it’s true.”
“Penny is pretty nice, though,” Matthew said dreamily.
“Matthew, she is three years older than you,” Megan said.
“That doesn’t mean I can’t have a crush on her.”
“Mom, dad, see what we have to live with. Those two are impossible,” Michelle said. “But they are right about Drew. He was kind of stuck up at lunch yesterday and treated everybody really nasty.”
In spite of their pleadings, the pair of Kirkwood twins found themselves being dropped off at the Horton’s condo, which was a couple of miles from the chalet where the Kirkwoods were staying.
“Well, looks like the little boys we have to babysit are here,” Drew said sarcastically. “And don’t think for a second that I like it.”
“You’re babysitting M&M, too,” Matthew pointed out, pointing to his sisters.
“They’re Penny’s job. I think they all like each other, but then my sister is a lesbo, so of course she’d like hot girls like your sisters.” Drew looked at Penny who had turned a deep red. “Leave one of them for me, sis.”
“You are so stupid,” Penny said. Michelle and Megan recognized the snipping as very similar to what they experienced with their brothers.   
“Are you really a lesbian?” Michelle asked.
“Yes, but don’t worry, I’m not going to rape you or anything,” Penny said. “Come on to my room, we can watch TV or something.” Michelle and Megan followed the smaller, but older girl, not the least bit bothered by Drew’s revelation of his sister’s sexual orientation.
“I bet I know what my sister means about doing ‘something’”, Drew smirked. “I bet your sisters mess around with each other.”
While Mark and Matthew were a bit put off at first by Drew’s comment, their love of things sexual quickly overcame any misgivings. “They mess around with other girls,” Mark said, carefully sidestepping confirmation of Drew’s assessment of their sisters.
“I got a boner just thinking about them in that bedroom,” Drew declared. “Do you guys get boners a lot?” Drew was obviously not shy about sex talk and it was very apparent that he was horny. The twins could see a pronounced tent in the teen’s sweats.
“We’re eleven,” Matthew said, as if that explained everything.
“That makes you little kids who get boners once a week or something. There’s a hot tub on the deck,” Drew said. “Want to take a soak?”
“There’s snow and freezing cold out there, too,” Mark observed.
“It’s closed in during the winter. The tub and everything are heated.”
Mark looked at Matthew and an unspoken answer passed between them. “Sure, we’ll go,” Mark said. “But what will we wear?”
“Follow me,” Drew said. He opened the sliding glass door to the deck. It was enclosed by large glass panels, which could be removed in warmer weather. He pulled off his t-shirt, socks, and finally his sweats. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his six-and-a-half inches of young teen cock stood proudly at attention. He wrapped his right hand around his almost man-sized cock and pushed his hips out. “Pretty awesome, huh? Dad says my cock will be a monster by the time I’m grown up. My friends all think it’s already a monster.” He turned on the jets and entered the hot tub. “Don’t be shy little kids, take your clothes off and get in.”
“Can’t people see us through the windows?” Matthew asked.
“The sun shades are closed, nobody can see in.”
The twins stripped quickly, their three-and-a-half inch cocks at attention. They stepped into the tub and sat on the underwater bench. They could see that Drew was playing with his boner.
“You guys got little weenie dicks,” Drew snickered.
“Whatever that means,” Mark said.
“It means you’re little boys.”
“Duh,” Mark and Matthew said in unison. They were totally fed up with Drew’s act.
“I bet you two don’t know shit about sex,” Drew said derisively.
“We know a little,” Mark said defensively, not wanting to reveal too much.
“Yeah, we even do a little,” Matthew added, earning a glare from his twin brother.
“How can you?” Drew asked. “You don’t even have hair.” He stood up and ran his right hand along the small patch of pubic hair at the base of his boner. “I got plenty and will get more. I even have a couple of hairs on my balls.” He pointed to his low hanging balls. “You guys barely even have balls. I bet you can’t even cum.”
“We both can shoot cum,” Mark said.
“Even I didn’t shoot until I was almost twelve, and I’m a fucking stud. When will you be twelve?”
“In December.”
“Fuck, you are little kids all right. I wouldn’t even be bothering with you if it wasn’t for my ‘rents saying we had to babysit and me being really horny because your sisters are here.”
Mark turned to Matthew and asked, “Is he as stupid as Jeremiah?”
“Stupider,” Matthew said.  “And I didn’t think that was even possible.”
“Maybe you’d just like me to kick your asses.”
“Go ahead and try it, but your ‘rents wouldn’t like it after we got your blood all over the hot tub,” Mark said.
“Shit, if it wasn’t that I’d be on restriction the rest of the week, I’d nail your asses now. Besides, it looks like you already lost a fight to somebody,” he said, referring to Matthew’s shiner.
“I was wrestling Mark and he accidently hit me,” Matthew replied. Mark and Matthew considered their fights to be nobody else’s business—unless they were witnesses.
“Yeah, whatever. If you guys can cum, you must jerk off,” Drew said, changing the topic back to sex. The time for macho male posturing was over, at least for the time being.
“Yep,” Matthew said.
“I do it two or three times a day. Sometimes I hold off a day or two so I can blow a mega wad. Do you do it with each other?”
“Yep,” Mark said.
“Penny likes jerking me off,” Drew told them. “Do you jerk each other off?”
“Yeah, we do,” Matthew said. “I thought you said Penny was a lesbo.”
“She is, but she likes being a good sister. She loves sucking my dick. So do my friends Ryan and Jered.”
Mark and Matthew looked at each other wide-eyed. “Your sister is a lesbo and she sucks your dick?” Matthew finally asked.
“Yep. She’s not as good as my friends and she don’t swallow, but she’s still better than jerking off. We lost our cherries to each other, too. But that was a couple of years ago when I was eleven and she was twelve. We had to quit when I started shooting. Plus, she discovered she was, like, a dyke or whatever the fuck they’re called. But it’s not like I haven’t fucked a bunch of other girls.”
The twins said nothing as all three boys casually played with their pubescent erections. Drew had done stuff with his sister, who was a lesbian, they only dreamed of doing with theirs, who said they were straight even though they messed around with each other and with other girls a lot. Still, kissing them and feeling them up had been pretty satisfactory.
“She’s probably showing your sisters how to use her dildo,” Drew said. “My mom got it for her after she came out about being a lesbian and shit.”
The twins remained silent, trying to soak in all of the stuff the older boy was telling them. They were incredibly horny and wanted desperately to jerk off.
“The water is nice and warm, huh?” Drew asked. “I love to jerk off in here—I love it even better when Penny does it for me. I like to finger fuck here then, too. Do you want to jerk off with me?”
“I guess,” Mark said, trying to act casual even though he was terrible horny.
“You guys ever suck a dick?” Drew asked. “I have, lots of times,” he went on, not waiting for an answer. “Not that I’m gay or anything, but you gotta have fun, if you know what I’m saying. I bet you two are little faggots who suck each other off all the time.” He pulled himself up and sat on the decking, slowly masturbating. “Gawd, it would be hot to see you two in a sixty-nine.”
Before either of the twins could respond, they were interrupted by a high-pitched wail from in the house. “One of the girls had a cum. I bet it was the dildo that done it.” He looked down at the two preteens. “Who wants to suck me off?” Getting no answer, he laughed. “Oh, yeah, if you just suck each other you got no cum to swallow, or maybe a drop or two. I bet you guys never sucked on a cock that can cum for real.”
Matthew had had enough. Drew’s line of drivel had more than gotten on his nerves, as well as his brother’s. He looked over at Mark, who knew exactly what he was thinking. “Go for it,” Mark said. He’d had his mouthful of cum when he’d given Paul a blow job at school.
“What are you doing?” Drew asked as Matthew stood up and waded over to him.
“This,” Matthew said, as he knelt against the underwater bench and slipped the head of Drew’s cock into his mouth. He’d never had something that big in his mouth before and hesitated a moment as he adjusted to the size.
“He’s gonna suck you off to shut your fat mouth up,” Mark told him.
“Fuck, I don’t believe this. I never thought you guys would go for it.”
Matthew started to get some rhythm down and found he could get more than half of Drew’s cock into his mouth. He bobbed his head on the shaft and started fondling the teen’s hanging balls. Mark came up behind his brother and wrapped his arms around him, fondling his hairless boner and loose ball sac. Mark pushed his cock into Matthew’s back and started humping it.
“Shit, you have done this before,” Drew said, as Matthew bobbed, sucked, and licked. The surprise situation left Drew with almost no self-control. He groaned loud and long from the pleasure enveloping his body. He watched the young boy’s mouth spread out and wrapped around his cock. He watched Mark play with Matthew’s cock and watched him hump his brother underwater, wondering if he was humping him or fucking him.
“Watch out,” Mark panted, sensing how close Drew was to orgasm, “he likes to bite.”
Drew cringed, but it was too late. He closed his eyes, tilted his head back, and let out a long, guttural, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmming!!!!” and began shooting wad after wad after wad of his hot teen cum into the eleven-year-old’s mouth. Matthew didn’t realize how hard Drew’s cum would shoot, or how much he would shoot, or how fast it would shoot. He swallowed, coughed, choked, swallowed cum, coughed out cum, had cum go up his nose, had cum flow down his chin, and loved every moment of it. “Oh, fuck dude, I’m doing what your brother said; I’m keeping my mouth shut—you are one hell of a cocksucker.” Then Mark’s words came back to him. “Does he really bite?”
Matthew said nothing, instead he turned and kissed his brother, instinctively pushing the remaining cum into Mark’s mouth with his tongue. The twins kissed and jerked each other off under the water. As happened so often, they knew what they wanted to do without having to say it. They got out of the pool, stretched out on the deck, and set themselves up to suck each other’s cocklets.
As Drew saw the athletic young twins in a sixty-nine, his cock, which had never gone all the way down, came back to a full erection. The twins were on their side facing each other, and he had a straight on view of Matthew’s butt. It didn’t make him swoon the way pussy would, but he thought the smooth, hard preteen bubble butt was very sexy and wondered what it would be like to have his cock buried in it. He shivered when he saw Mark’s hand reach around Matthew and start to finger his smooth ass crack until it found the boy’s pink pucker and started pushing into it.
Drew watched the young boys writhe and finger fuck each other, and listened to them slurp, grunt, and let out high-pitched groans that brought him back to the height of sexual excitement. He was about to lower himself into the hot tub and jerk off in the warm water when he saw three naked girls enter the enclosed deck. 
“Oh my God,” Michelle squealed, “my brothers are giving each other blow jobs.”
“And they have their fingers in each other’s buttholes,” Megan said.
Mark pulled his finger out of his brother’s crack and waved to his sisters. The brothers were too close to the grand finale to stop what they were doing. Knowing their sisters and Penny were in the room naked watching them have sex was all they needed to shoot their immature sperms.
“Stop sucking,” Drew commanded, “I want to see if you guys can really shoot.”
The twins didn’t bother to obey the command; instead they shot their sweet liquid within seconds of each other, coating each other’s palates with their boy juice.
“I knew you fuckers were lying about making sperms,” Drew said.
Mark let his brother’s softening cock slip from his mouth, walked over to where Drew was sitting, and let his cum mixed with spit drool onto Drew’s belly and pubes. “There’s my cum,” he said. “Put your finger in it and taste it.”
“Asshole,” Drew mumbled, but he did what Mark instructed.
Mark looked at the naked girls and liked what he saw. While Penny was two years older than his sisters, she was also shorter. Her budding breasts were about the same size as theirs. Michelle and Megan were still sans pubic hair, while Penny had a small bush forming. The girls edged into the hot tub and the boys soon joined them.
“Did you girls have a good time?” Drew asked with a leer.
“None of your business,” Michelle said. “Yes,” Penny said at the same time.
“So did we,” Drew said. “One of your brothers is a really good cock sucker, in case you wanted to know.”
“That was me,” Matthew said. Mark was upset about Drew telling his sisters everything. He didn’t mind telling his sisters everything, but that was his privilege as a brother, not something a near stranger like Drew should be telling her.
“And you could see they do a pretty good job on each other, even if the little weasels wouldn’t shoot their fake cum for us,” Drew announced.
“You tasted it,” Mark said.
“Who said I was tasting cum,” Drew smirked.
“And we’re not weasels,” Matthew said, “we’re bobcats.”
“No, you’re little kids. I’ve at least fucked my sister. I bet you haven’t even kissed yours.”
As much as the twins wanted to brag and say they’d kissed them and sucked their boobs and touched their pussies, they said nothing. Family loyalty trumped their egos. For all of their flaws, the twins had a solid sense of loyalty and integrity.
Megan and Michelle were relieved their little brothers were keeping their mouths shut. The thought of telling them what the mystery surprise was crossed their minds, and they vowed to themselves to never call them weasels.
“Are you virgins, too?” Drew asked Michelle and Megan.
“None of your fucking business,” Mark said with some vehemence. Drew was quickly ruining what had been a fun time.
“We can take care of ourselves,” Michelle said. She then glared at Drew and repeated what her brother had told him. “None of your fucking business.”
“Drew pulled himself up on the deck and grabbed his erection. “This big thing is just what you need up your pussies for your first time.” He looked at the boys and gave them an evil grin. “Or yours.”
“Shut up before I break your balls,” Penny said. “We all had a lot of fun being sexy, then you gotta take it over the top. You can be a real piece of shit sometimes.”
“Or I could fuck you,” Drew boasted. “It’s been awhile and I bet they’d all like to watch.”
Penny reached over, put her hand around Drew’s balls and squeezed. “Fuck, that hurts!”
“I told you to shut up.”
The four Kirkwood kids fell into fits of giggles as they watched Penny put her egotistical brother in his place. Soon all six kids were again filling the hot tub, five of them chatting about non-sexual things while Drew quietly sulked.
They all jumped when the sliding glass door opened and Marsha Horton came in. “Well, looks like we’re all having fun,” she said. The four Kirkwood kids looked mortified as they searched fruitlessly for a place to hide. “Time for you kids to go. And don’t worry, I will leave so you can all get dressed, not that I don’t see my own kids in the nude a lot.”
“But mom,” Penny said, “Michelle and Megan’s clothes are in my room.”
“Then grab a couple of towels for them to wrap themselves in.” She left the sunroom and the boys dressed while the girls wrapped themselves in towels and slunk past the four parents in the living room.
On the way back to the chalet, Scott couldn’t help but rib his kids. “Naturists in the hot tub were we?” he chuckled. “Sounds like a lot of fun. It appears you kids had a good time.”
“We would have had a better time,” Mark said, “if Drew wasn’t an asshole.”
“Mark!” Kristy yelped.
“Well, he is an asshole,” Matthew said. “What are we supposed to say? You already said we couldn’t call him a dick wad.”
Kristy was about to open her mouth when Scott held up his hand. “I will have the final word on this,” he said. “And the final word is, like father like son.”
That got the boys howling with laughter and the girls joined in. Even Kristy got a laugh out of it.
“Penny is nice, though,” Michelle said.
“We really like her,” Megan agreed.
“And, she is really fine in the nude,” Matthew whispered in Mark’s ear, which got the two howling with laughter again.
That night Mark asked Matthew if he was sorry about their doing sex with Drew. Matthew said he wasn’t. “We’re never going to see his ass again, so who cares,” he told Mark.
“Do you think sucking his dick and doing a sixty-nine in front of him makes us…um…you know…”
“You mean makes us sluts?” Matthew asked.
“Nah, you gotta be a teenager to be a slut. We were just having fun.”
“Sounds good to me,” Mark said. “No way I want to be a slut.”
He got out of his bed and walked over to Matthew’s bed. The brothers exchanged a long, deep kiss, and Mark returned to his own bed and turned out the light. The twins quickly fell into a deep, untroubled sleep.

<Friday, April 5>

Thursday had been a day of morning lessons, afternoon skiing, and evening family fun as they played a rousing game of Risk. The family packed up everything except what they needed for morning skiing. All four Kirkwood children got to ski down one of the higher slopes for the first time, accompanied by their instructor and followed by their parents. The four tweens felt very grown up by the time they reached the bottom of the mountain.
They didn’t see any more of the Hortons after Wednesday night. It didn’t bother Scott and Kristy. Kristy didn’t care much for Marsha Horton and Scott was happy he didn’t have any kind of professional relationship with her arrogant husband. The boys didn’t like Drew at all, but everybody seemed to enjoy Penny’s company.
The kids slept during most of the drive home. They unpacked the SUV as soon as they arrived. The boys were excited about the latest new thing to happen. They were going to have their first baseball practice of the season on Saturday, which meant spring had officially started. They could hardly wait to see what their travel league team would be like.
That night as the kids got ready for bed, Megan and Michelle came to the boys’ bedroom, knocked, and were invited in. “Whoa, look at this, bro,” Matthew said, “our sisters are paying us a visit in our bedroom.”
“And here, all we have on is our boxers,” Mark remarked.
“Yeah, too bad we’re overdressed,” Matthew said.
“Could you two just shut up for a minute,” Michelle said. “We’re trying to be nice to you.”
“Oh, sorry, you can be as nice as you want.”
“We wanted to thank you for standing up for us with Drew and not telling him all of our secrets.”
“I wouldn’t tell Drew where the toilet paper was,” Matthew said. “He’s a pecker head.”
“Not to mention a fucking asshole,” Mark added.
“You did have sex with him,” Megan reminded them.
“We wouldn’t do it again,” Matthew said.
“You did sex with Penny didn’t you?” Mark asked.
“Yes, and it was really fun,” Michelle said. “She knows how to make a girl feel really good.”
“Like using her dildo?” Matthew asked. The girls blushed, but nodded a yes.
“We just wanted to tell you that we’re going to do our surprise after all because of you guys not telling anything,” Michelle said.
“Now?” Mark asked
“No, some other time.”
“Good,” Mark said. “We have to get up early for practice.”
“What is the surprise?” Matthew asked.
“It has to do with being naked, kissing and sucking,” Megan told them.
“I can’t wait.” Mark yanked down his boxers. “Just for that you can see this to remind you to keep your promise.” He jiggled his two inch flaccid noodle and then stepped out of his boxers, totally naked. “Good night sisters.”
“Good night brothers.”
“We still might sell you on EBay,” Matthew said.
“Good. Maybe some really sexy older brothers will buy us.”
They closed the door. Matthew pulled off his boxers and the twins kissed.
“No sex tonight,” Mark reminded him.
“Nope, but after two days without we’re gonna make up for it tomorrow.”
“You better believe it. I’m starting to like this puberty stuff. I keep getting hornier and hornier.”
The boys slept dreaming of baseball and, surprisingly, of the start of school on Monday and seeing the Posse again—although they wouldn’t be naked like they were in their dreams.
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