Feeling Comfortable in My Own Skin

Hope For the Future

When we got to the hospital, I had to tell the doctor what had happened, since Aiden couldn’t remember much about what had occurred.  He’d been pretty much out of it after getting hit with the bat, so I was left to explain what I thought had taken place, since I hadn’t really seen him get hit either.  Fortunately, Aiden was able to tell the doctor he’d been struck in the back, so after a cursory examination he was wheeled down to have a few x-rays taken.  Of course, I wasn’t able to go with him and had to go out and sit in the waiting room again.  Luckily, the same nurse was there that had helped me before.

“Your boyfriend sure seems to be short on luck,” she stated, breaking the silence. 

“Yeah, it does seem that way,” I agreed.  “Only this time it was some jerk who was trying to get even with us because Aiden had embarrassed him when he started pushing me around at the start of the school year." 

“Looks like the guy did a job on your boyfriend this time,” she concurred, "but I hope he doesn't get away with it." 

“Oh, he won’t” I confirmed.  “He didn’t know I’d been learning how to defend myself since our first run in, so I ended up taking him down and the campus police took him into custody." 

"Good for you," she responded, with a wink and a smile. 

She was really quite nice and I appreciated both her concern and assistance.  I also thanked her for not treating us any differently just because she knew Aiden and I were boyfriends. 

Before Aiden got back from having x-rays taken, the campus cop showed up and wanted to speak with me again.  He spotted me in the waiting room just after he arrived at the emergency entrance, so he walked over and sat down beside me. 

“I took the notes from when I interviewed you and filled in some of the gaps with the information I’d received from what the other witnesses said they’d seen,” he explained.  “I’ve typed up this statement and complaint form, so you’ll be able to press charges against the guy.  I just need you to read both of these forms over and tell me if I need to change anything.  If they’re accurate, as far as you can remember the events from earlier, then all you’ll need to do is sign them and we’ll be done for now." 

I looked everything over and it was just the way it happened and exactly what I’d told him.  Since I didn’t see any errors, I quickly signed both forms and handed them back to him. 

“I recovered the bat and took down several witness statements, beside the one you gave me, so we should be able to wrap this up fairly quickly,” he told me.  “We’ve transferred your attacker over to the custody of the city police department and they’ve booked him and locked him up in their jail.  I just wanted to let you know what happened after you left to come here with your friend." 

I thanked him for the information and his help.  He seemed like a nice guy, because he also wanted to know how my friend was doing.  I told him I didn’t know much yet, so he handed me his business card and told me to give him a call when I’d learned what the prognosis was.  I promised I would, and then he went back to campus. 

About twenty minutes passed before the nurse came out to get me and take me back to be with Aiden again.  He had retuned from radiology and it turned out that he didn’t have any broken bones, which was kind of a surprise.  He did have one hell of a bruise on his back though, but fortunately J.R. hadn’t struck him in the head, so there was no concussion or brain injury.  The attending physician informed us that there might also be some bruising on Aiden’s internal organs as well, at least the ones that are located beneath the contact area.  Other than that, he said things looked fine and there didn’t appear to any internal hemorrhaging.  I was definitely happy and relieved to hear that. 

The doctor also told me that he wanted to keep Aiden for a few more hours, so the nurses and he could observe how he was doing.  He indicated that if there were no new developments or further complications then he should be able to release him, so he can return to the dorm.  In the meantime, he agreed to allow me to wait with Aiden while they conducted their observations.  When he so readily agreed to let me do this, I figured the nurse must have said something to him about Aiden’s and my relationship.  Actually, I’m glad she did, because at least now I won’t have to sit in the waiting room and wonder. 

The doctor finally released Aiden around 10:00, so I made two quick calls.  First, I called a cab to take us back to campus and then I ordered a pizza and a couple of sodas to be delivered to our dorm room.  Believe it or not, I actually had some cash on me, since Aiden and I had thought about going out for a couple of drinks after we’d eaten. 

I’d called the cab because I knew Aiden wouldn’t be able to walk back, and I’d ordered the pizza because I knew the dining hall would be closed.  I also understood that there was no way Aiden was going to be able to get comfortable sitting in a restaurant or at a fast food place, but I was positive he must be hungry.  We’d never made it to the dining hall and I definitely knew I was starving, so he must be too.  Now that these calls had been made, we waited just inside the Emergency Room entrance until the cab picked us up. 

After we reached the dorm, I got Aiden up to our room and situated on the bed.  I even propped a couple of pillows up behind him, so he could lean against them.  The delivery guy showed up with the food a couple of minutes after that and I think we were both glad to see him.  Damn, I was hungry enough to eat a horse, but the pizza would have to do.  I paid the guy quickly and then put the pizza on my desk, since it was closest to where Aiden was located. 

“Do you want me to bring the food to you or do you want to sit at the desk to eat?" I asked. 

“I don’t want to get any crumbs in the bed, so I’ll sit over there,” he replied.  “I really need some food though, to stop my stomach from growling." 

“Ok, then let me help you over to my desk and you can sit there until you’ve finished eating,” I suggested.  “Once you’re full, then I’ll help you back in bed." 

Aiden thanked me and I helped support his body weight as he made his way over to my desk.  Once he was seated on the chair, I promptly placed a pillow behind him, so he wouldn’t have to lean back against a hard surface.  Once he was comfortable, he quickly reached out and grabbed a slice from the box.  While he was taking a bite of his pizza, I opened one of the drinks for him and set it on the desk beside the pizza box.  I also ripped off a sheet of paper towel and handed it to him, in case he needed to wipe his mouth. 

Now that Aiden had everything he needed, I opened the other bottle of soda for myself and then grabbed a slice of pizza too.  It didn’t take long before we were both reaching for a second slice, which showed just how hungry we really were.  The rest of the pizza was gone in no time. 

“That was good.  Thank you,” Aiden told me, once we’d finished eating.  “Not just for the food, but for everything else you did for me too.  I sure as hell am glad that I’ve been spending time working with you on the self-defense, otherwise we might both be dead men right now." 

“I’m glad you taught me how to defend myself too, but I only did what I had too,” I confessed.  “I didn’t do any more than you did, the day you stood up to the jackass for me." 

“Maybe so, but I’m glad you knew what to do to defend us this time,” he countered. 

"Yes, and now we're even," I added, with a wink.  

It only took Aiden a few days to recover from the attack, although it took a couple of weeks for the bruising to totally disappear.  J.R., however, didn’t get off so easily.  The local police department arrested him on two counts of aggravated assault and the college disciplinary committee expelled him as a result of his actions. 

Since the cops had the bat and there were several witnesses who had agreed to testify about what they’d seen that night, J.R. opted to take a plea agreement.  By taking the deal, he was consenting to be sentenced to a year on each count, which the district attorney had insisted would be served consecutively, so he had to do two years in all.  The alternative would have been to go to trial, and if found guilty he could have received a three to five year sentence on each count, which could have also been ordered to be served consecutively, meaning six to ten years in total. 

The remainder of the year went by very smoothly for us and, fortunately, was without any further incidents.  Aiden and I were relieved when the school year was finally over, but not because of the academics requirements or the amount of work we’d had to do.  It was just that there had been far too much drama surrounding our freshman year.  Hopefully, our remaining three years here will be less eventful. 

As soon as the academic year ended, Aiden rode the bus home with me, so he could meet my family and spend some time with them as well.  Since my parents knew in advance that Aiden came from a more sophisticated background, they went all out to make him feel at home.  In fact, they did so much in preparation for his visit that I almost didn’t recognize the place when we arrived.  Mom must have spent a great deal of time rearranging things and cleaning the place up and she even took a great deal more care fussing over her own appearance as well.  I thought she looked super and I can’t tell you how much it meant to me that she went to so much trouble just to impress my boyfriend. 

My dad was on his best behavior too and did his best to eliminate any cuss words he might have otherwise used.  He also dressed up a bit more than usual, in that he wore slacks and a dress shirt, as opposed to his jeans and a work shirt.  Although he didn’t hug either of us when we arrived, he did welcome us warmly and called me son more times than he had during all the years I was growing up. 

Each of my sisters came for a visit at one time or another while Aiden was at the house, and the married ones also brought their husbands and children with them.  Although some of my nieces and nephews had a bit of trouble understanding why I had a boyfriend, instead of a girlfriend, their parents handled the matter superbly and saved Aiden and me from having to confront the issue with the kids. 

Everyone was also super-nice to Aiden and they all seemed to get along really well.  The visit went great, much better than I ever would have expected, and my family seemed to like Aiden as much as his family had appeared to like me.  I’m extremely grateful that everything went so smoothly and I thanked each of them many times for their support.  Damn, they were absolutely fantastic. 

Aiden ended up staying with us for a couple of weeks and then I flew out with him, when he returned to his family’s home for a while.  Aiden’s parents greeted us warmly and treated me fantastically again, which means I truly felt as if I was also a part of their family. 

Blake and I got along really well too and picked up right where we’d left off after Christmas.  He even went out of his way to make sure he introduced Aiden and me to his new girlfriend.  I thought she was quite attractive and seemed like a lovely girl, so I hope she will be better for him than his previous girlfriend. 

We spent a great deal of our time over at Gavin’s house as well and the four of us constantly hung out together during much of the time I was there.   We did everything as a foursome, from swimming, boating, bike riding, hiking, playing tennis and they even taught me how to golf.  We also spent an entire day at one of those major theme parks and much of our time was spent merely enjoying the multitude of rides, while attempting to make one of the other guys squeal like a little girl.  We truly had a blast and I definitely hated to see that day come to an end. 

Out of all the things I did while I at Aiden’s house, one event stands out as my most cherish memory from my time there.  One night, while Aiden’s parents were attending a party, which was thrown by one of their friends, Aiden took me out for a lovely dinner.  Afterward, when we were back in his room, he offered to take our relationship to the next level. 

“Peter, I know I promised to take things slowly and move no faster than you were willing, so I’m asking if you think you might be ready to do more?" he wondered. 

"I guess," I responded naively.  "What do you have in mind?" 

“I was wondering if you are ready to make love?” he asked, looking hopeful. 

"You mean fuck?" I responded, someone in shock. 

"Crudely put, but yes," he answered. 

"I've never done that before, so won't it hurt?" I questioned. 

“We’ll take it nice and easy,” he assured me.  “I’ll prepare you as well as I can for your first time and I’ll stop if you want me to.  This is totally up to you and there’s no pressure, but I felt it was time to give you the choice as to whether you wanted to do this or not." 

"So you're asking if you can do it to me?" I wondered. 

“I want us to do it to each other,” he replied.  “It doesn’t make a difference to me who does what first, so I’ll leave that choice entirely up to you?" 

I mulled it over for a few seconds and realized everything we’d done together so far has turned out fantastically.  I also knew that Aiden would never do anything to hurt me, so I looked in his eyes and gave him my reply. 

“I love and trust you implicitly and I’m ready to give myself to you completely,” I informed him, trying to hide my inner fear.  “I’ll let you do it to me first, since I’m not sure if I’d really know how to proceed.  I guess I’ve always known this day would eventually come and I’m as ready now as I'll ever be." 

I could see the love in Aiden’s eyes after I said this and he wrapped his arms around my neck and began to kiss me passionately.  While we were making out, he slowly began to remove both my clothing and his own.  Ever so tenderly, he kissed me all over and his lips glided over every inch of my flesh as it was uncovered.  When he got down to my midsection, he worked on me orally for a while, before he stopped and reached into his bedside table for the lube and a condom.  I didn’t give this a second thought, nor did I panic.  I trusted Aiden completely. 

When he lowered his mouth back over my erection, I felt him gently insert a finger into my rectum.  It slid right in, even though I had to fight the urge to tighten my anal muscles and push the intruder back out.  After sliding his digit in and out of me for a short time, he added a second finger to the process.  This felt a little snugger, but it still didn’t hurt, and he also continued to service me with his mouth.  Ever so gently, he worked his fingers back and forth in my tunnel of love until I relaxed sufficiently to take his fingers easily. 

When he felt I was ready, Aiden added a third finger to the mix.  I was sure my rectum was now stretched to its limit and my anal canal felt full.  Since I still didn’t feel any pain, I let him keep going.  When he’d loosened me to the point where he thought I was ready to take him, he stopped, looked me directly in the eye and spoke. 

"Are you ready for the next step?" he asked. 

“Yeah, if it’s no worse than that then I’m more than ready,” I confirmed. 

Aiden quickly slipped on the condom and lubed it up and then placed the tip of his penis at my rear entrance, but he paused there briefly first. 

“Push out a little, like your taking a dump,” he urged.  “It will make it easier for both of us. 

I did as he’d instructed and Aiden began to slide into my love canal, while also kissing me passionately.  It didn’t hurt when he entered, but I certainly felt full.  At this point, I concluded it was ironic that he’d advised me to push out like I was taking a crap when he entered, because once he was completely inside of me, I actually did feel as if taking a dump was exactly what I needed to do.  Now that I realized how appropriate that advice had been, I also understood this was only due to the fact that I had his sausage stuffed up my butt, but I loved knowing that we were now combined as one and that I was giving myself to him completely. 

Once he thought I’d had time to adjust to the intruder, he stopped kissing me briefly, so he could speak. 

"Shall I keep going?" he wanted to know. 

"Absolutely," I answered, smiling up at him. 

Ever so slowly, Aiden began to pull out and then very gently he pushed back in.  When he realized he wasn’t hurting me, he continued this action repeatedly, while slowly increasing his pace at the same time. 

I couldn’t believe how good this felt and I was completely turned on, probably from knowing that it was Aiden who was making love to me.  He was also doing something inside me, because I was feeling all kinds of tingling sensations as he continued to slide in and out of my backdoor. 

I didn’t think it could possibly get any better than this, but when Aiden stopped kissing me, he began stroking my cock at the same rhythm as he was pumping my ass.  The combined pleasure I was receiving from the two activities was rapidly bringing me to the brink of release, so I warned Aiden that I was nearly ready to cum.  He urged me to hold off as long as he could, because he wasn't quite ready yet. 

I tried to hold on a little longer, but I was finally forced to give in to my body and release my load.  As my semen began to squirt all over my chest, I felt Aiden drive deeply into me and then he grunted a couple of times, as his dick slid back and forth a few more times.  Sated, he collapsed on top of me and smeared my seed between us. 

He recovered fairly quickly and began to kiss me again, before he lifted up slightly, so he could ask me another question. 

“Are you still alright?” he wanted to know, and I could see the concern in his eyes. 

“I’m fine and that was wonderful,” I replied, looking into his eyes.  “I didn’t realize it would make me feel so good.  It was almost as if we had just become one." 

"We did," Aiden agreed, before placing his lips back over mine. 

After kissing and hugging for a little while longer, Aiden located a towel and began cleaning both of us up.  When he lay down beside me again, I couldn’t take my eyes, hands or lips off him, as we snuggled under the sheet and enjoyed our closeness for the rest of the night. 

Seeing we had both cum, we didn’t do anything more that evening.  However, the next night I made love to Aiden and it was just as wonderful as my first time on the receiving end had been.  I couldn’t decide which I like more, because each activity had it’s own advantages and both resulted in producing extreme pleasure.  I guess the best part was that Aiden and I had now given ourselves to each other completely and we were truly a couple, in every sense of the word. 

We made love a few more times while I was there, but I eventually had to go back home so I could spend a little more time with my family before the new school year began.  Once again, I hated to leave Aiden, but I knew it would only be for a few weeks and then we’d be back sharing a room on campus again.  I looked forward to being able to sleep in the same bed with him every night, because I knew we'd be making love a lot during the coming year. 

Besides having the opportunity of having sex whenever we wanted, I was primarily looking forward to holding him in my arms and kissing him whenever I got the chance.  The upcoming fall semester is going to be the best one yet, so I can’t wait until it is time for classes to begin again. 

No matter what transpires from this point on, I am indeed a different person, but I also realize I didn’t do this all by myself.  It took Aiden’s help, understanding, guidance and love to complete this transformation, but now I’m definitely ‘feeling comfortable in my own skin'. 


The End