Just Joe

Chapter 9

9 Just Joe. 9


We ate our chicken, I think Joe is a fan he cleaned his bones then looked at mine.

“Should we go and get some more?”

“No Joe I’ve had enough do you want the last leg their delicious.” He took it and started eating I didn’t want to tell him he had grease running down his chin I just handed him a tissue.

“Dad dad look at me look at Cale’s.” Caleb was doing some tumbles on the carpet, I picked him up and held him by his ankles, Joe gave me such a look Cale’s giggled his head off. I then gave him a horse ride he hung onto my t-shirt but lost his balance and his arms ended up around my neck.

 It was a good family night and after he went to sleep we sat on the sofa talking. I have to ring the moving company and book in. It didn't matter when I just wanted them to pack everything and bring it here I can store some of the bigger stuff in the garage. If we buy a house I won't even have to unpack the kitchen stuff and linen. Joes washing machine was old we can use mine and we will put his one on the front nature strip along with other odds and ends.

I must get out there and make some room, I really haven't seen inside Joe's garage yet, hopefully, it won't be too full.

 He talked for an hour or so about his shitty childhood, then all of a sudden shut up.

“Keep going I’m listening.” And I was. I wanted to know all about his childhood, it wasn’t the best but he managed to get a few good memories in there somewhere.

"No, I've talked about myself enough your turn now."

I kissed him and said.

“Maybe another day.”


"Well, it wasn't as bad as yours you've met my parents." I laughed.

 I would save the good stories for another time I really can’t remember any bad times I had as a kid nothing like Joe's upbringing, but I have noticed a vast improvement in his attitude, he’s a little more confident around me. Watching my Joe fall asleep is a beautiful moment in my day he never ceases to amaze me with his raw beauty. I have been kissing him for the past half hour every now and then he would wiggle into me as my hand traced his beautiful curves.

”Heath go to sleep.” He moaned.


I had better use more stealth tomorrow night.

 Cale’s wasn’t in a good mood in the morning he was up before us the TV was going but he didn’t want to go to crèche he didn’t want his toast and when Joe offered scrambled eggs he almost screamed the house down. It was just a small tantrum, well it was a large one actually the noise that was coming out of that kid's mouth would shatter glass at any moment.

 Time for the big guy to come out, after Joe spent ten minutes trying to calm him down, I took over while he went to shower.

“What’s up buddy?”

"He whined about something but I didn't quite get it."

“Heat teddy in bed.” I got it the second time.

“Well let’s go have a look then.” I took his hand and led him back to his bedroom.

“Now where is he?”

He pointed to the bed. I pulled it apart and of course, I found him stuck down the bottom of the bed between the sheet and mattress. I think he was happy to see us, Cale's clutched the bear and then I got some toast into him.

 “I see you calmed him down Heath how the hell did you do that?”

“Easy Joe as soon as you left the room he settled.” I laughed. He slapped my head.

“His teddy was stuck down the bottom of the bed I retrieved it for him that all.”

Joe shook his head and muttered.

“Stuffed if I could get that out of him.”

“He likes me.” That comment got me another bang on the head and a lingering kiss.

"So do I," Joe mumbled.

 I didn't ask Joe anymore about his abuse I wanted him to be comfortable enough to come to me. I wanted to know more but I already had the basic story and deep down inside I was quite angry about it still. I wanted to look in Joe's garage to see how much room there was, so I walked out his back door and opened the door. It was tidy and to my surprise pretty empty apart from some garden tools and boxes of stuff. There were pre-loved toys and clothes by the look of them they were Mandy's things. I will get Joe to go through them and maybe drop them at the nearest thrift shop. Returning to the kitchen Caleb was dressed and a bit happier, all his worries had gone away and he was more than ready to go see his mates, we made sure his teddy was perched upon his pillows before we left.

 I cornered Joe in the bedroom and gave him another long overdue kiss I think he was happy.

“Heath why don’t we all go in my car today, we can save on petrol.” He grinned.

“Sure that would be good Joe, do you want a suck before we go?”

He squirmed because he knew we really didn’t have time, and he looked very disappointed, I felt sorry for him and dragged him into the bathroom and began my most welcomed task, what the hell I’m the boss and I can be late too. After cleaning up we grabbed the kid and Joe drove us first to crèche then work. His smiles were infectious and I felt loved. We got to have a quick cuddle in the lift and Joe headed straight for his office when we arrived. The first thing I did was call the movers and organize a time for pick up and delivery, it’s not cheap but I really didn’t want to do it myself.

 Our day was again busy, Jimmy got onto a mate from his class and he will start tomorrow. From what he was telling me the guy only wants six months work then he was headed for London. That suited us perfectly, a young woman from the temp agency will be here later in the week and mum spent the day loading up her basket with not so urgent paperwork, then she started playing cards. Joe was huddled in Shane's office and I heard a loud "Yess” resonating through the place and a lot of hand slapping. Joe came to my office and he was beaming.

 “Open the Southerland account.” He said.

I did and nearly fainted at the figures.

“It worked Joe, you’re amazing, you will receive a big bonus tonight I think.”

“No thinking Heath I will look forward to it.” He grinned.

“Seriously Joe this is big your bonus will be quite substantial, fuck I knew you would smash it.” I was so happy for him and Shane, I nearly kissed him on the spot.

“I wasn’t sure about those stocks at first but shit Heath I’m so glad I went with my gut feelings, I had better get back to it, see you at lunch.” He grinned. As he walked away I started getting stiff again that perfect ass is mine tonight.

 I was so proud of him I could have burst. Opening my account I thought I had better have a look at what he was up to, all my cash was gone and it had been replaced with fifty thousand shares in Bio-C the company that’s going to shoot up the charts real soon, just before I go to jail. I had a chuckle to myself I wondered if Joe would get visitation rights. It was about then that my phone rang and after I spoke to Mr. Sutherland he wanted to talk to Joe for a minute, he was over the moon and very very happy with our service. If it wasn’t for Caleb I would have taken Joe out for a celebration dinner but hey I loved being around the little guy too, so maybe some other time.

 “What do you want to do with the boxes in the garage Joe?” I asked as we ate our celebration dinner which consisted of KFC and chips, Cale’s was very happy with his free toy as he picked at his nuggets.

"I was just going to drop them off at the goodwill store Heath, it's all Mandy's stuff I couldn't look at it so bundled it up, I suppose I was putting off getting rid of it." Joe looked down again.

"Okay I will go out and load it into my car and drop it off in the morning if you like, then it's done. My stuff will be here Saturday maybe we can put it in the garage until I get the chance to go through it." I smiled he leaned over and kissed me.

“Thank you I can't believe this is really going to happen.”

“Me too Joe, it's going to be awesome living with you and Cale’s.”

"Heat you cans sleeps in Cale's bed."

"Okay buddy we will see but no promises." I smiled at my new, for a better word... son.

 After dinner Joe washed up and I put a half dozen cartons in the car, as I was doing it I rummaged around in them just to make sure Joe hadn’t put any memories in them, that later in life Cale’s should have, and I was right. In one box were some trophies she had won for netball some jewelry that looked quite expensive a photo album full of her childhood' snaps. Two diaries and assorted knick-knacks that probably meant something to her. I repacked the box and put it aside in my boot, leaving nothing but clothes to be dropped off. For some unknown reason I put the diary's aside, I thought maybe I would read some of them just the parts where Joe was written about. I didn’t have any other motive except to get to know Joe better through Mandy's eyes.

 The house phone rang and Joe went to answer it, I reflected that it has never rung while I have been there, he really doesn't have many friends or they ring his mobile maybe. He was talking to someone as he came into the kitchen but he also didn't look that good, so I opened a beer for him then heard.

 "Yes dad maybe on the weekend, I'm really busy at the moment but I will try to make time." He looked up at me.

He had moved to the chair next to Cale's and was stroking his hair absentmindedly. 

"I am busy Saturday but we will be over Sunday, okay see you then."

He hung up then kissed Cale's head he was still playing with his little action men.

"I'm guessing that was your father Joe?"

"Yes Heath, he wants us to go over Sunday, I really don’t want to, he teases Caleb to no end and treats him badly. I don't want him to go through what I did he's only a little kid he doesn’t understand yet, but I can't say no for some reason."

"Leave him here with me Joe, problem solved."

"I can’t Heath they want to see him but I still don't like dad being around him."

"What about your mum, doesn’t she treat him well?"

"She goes along with dad, he's got her under his thumb so she does what he says."

"Sad Joe, that's so sad. So just don't go then if it's upsetting."

"Believe me if there was another way I would do it, but not this time I suppose I will get it out of the way and when we move I won't have the phone reconnected, they don't have my mobile number." He did look down I felt so sorry for him, I sort of understood his predicament and it's not right for many reasons.

 "Do you want me to come with you, Joe?"

"Heath I would love that but I don't think they are ready to meet my boyfriend as yet If I had my way they will never meet you or see me again."

"Joe, can I ask you something?"

"Sure Heath." He looked a little lost.

"What did your father really say to you after you were attacked?" He bristled.

 "I don't remember much, but I did remember him saying to me at the hospital I deserved it for being a fag. I have no idea where he got that from I never told him and it brought back memories from years ago, my father always called me that. I didn’t even know what it meant back then but he's always called me a fag."

"That's a bloody horrible thing to say to your only son Joe, what does he do for a living?"

"He's got his own taxation business in Frankston he does okay I suppose, he wanted me to join him when I left Uni but Mandy put her foot down and made me do my own thing at the Stock Exchange. Originally my accounts were small I had opened a small office here in Bentleigh, but I really couldn’t afford the rent, her parents paid it for six months then when the lease ran out I worked from home, all I really needed was a phone and computer."

He continued after he had a sip of beer.

 "Eventually my accounts got bigger and Shane and I rented a small office at the exchange. I have hardly seen them for the past three years except when Caleb was born they came here one day to see him. I used to take him to their place but Mandy flatly refused to have anything to do with them, she actually hated Caleb and I being around them. Then when he was about eighteen months old I took him into dad’s office, we were just passing and I thought why not. The two women there spoilt him but dad couldn’t help himself he deliberately tripped him up as he was running to me then made fun of him for crying. I walked out vowing never to go there again." Joe's tears had arrived; god only knows what he was feeling inside.

 "Heath, Mandy put a stop to it after Caleb came home   that day with a bruise on his leg she flatly forbade me from taking him there again, her funeral was the next time I saw them and as you know I haven’t seen them since." I had put my arms around his body as tears flowed from his beautiful eye's, he then said one last thing.

 "I have felt so guilty about that day Heath, how could I think he would have changed, how could he treat a little kid like that its monstrous."

"Maybe Joe if you really look back he treated you the same, some mongrels get a kick out of tormenting kids they think its funny. Smartasses they are Joe smart asses, and Joe, I also forbid you to take Caleb around to their place for any reason. Mandy had the right idea, Joe, he's not fit to have a grandson or a beautiful son like you. The next step is to have the phone cut off, I will do that for you now." I kissed his head and after having an argument with the phone company who all of a sudden were offering all sorts of deals Joe's phone will be disconnected early next week.

"Now that's done we can go house hunting on Sunday." I smiled into his face.

"Thank you, Heath." He jumped up and embraced me tightly.

 "Now it's time for Caleb's bath then I'm going to get you both into bed for a good nights sleep." I smiled at Joe he managed to smile back.

"That's of course if you decline to get your big bonus tonight."

"Caleb time for a bath, quickly now." Joe actually giggled.

He rushed off with Cale's in his arms and within seconds that bath water was running.

 As I slipped out of Joe I nearly screamed with want, as passionate as we got and after I did his G spot for ages the cream on the cake was Joe's groans, the prize I won and his bonus for doing such a good job. He was in his own little world for some time and I pulled him into me and started the kissing routine.

"Thank you Heath." was his last words and I knew he wasn't thanking me for the sticking it up him, he was thanking me for sticking up for him.

 I meant what I said, Mandy had the right idea, I won't let Joe or Caleb near that animal and if he comes here he will not get past the front door. I have to protect them both and the best way to do that is to have nothing to do with his family at all. I had started wondering about Joe's grandparents, and what they would have been like back then my mind slipped over to his father's childhood and thought maybe the grandparents were the same but Joe had stated that they treated him well when he was a kid. Something really doesn't add up. I put it aside and had one last kiss then I was out like a light.

 We woke early and basked in each other's company Joe was a lot better and last nights fright had left him. I did some light good morning kissing and was about to give him his good morning head job when he stopped me, he had to go take a leak. I waited for his return and played with my dick in anticipation, he almost ran back and as soon as he was settled I said.

"Now where were we?"

He pushed the cover down and I went for broke on him.

 I thought twice about cleaning my teeth because Joe tasted so good I wanted his taste in my mouth all day, but not nice if I'm breathing all over people so I gave in and brushed him away. After my shower I moved to the bedroom to put clean underwear on, Cale's was fast asleep in Joe's arms I winked at him then went to start breakfast. I decided to vary Cale's food and opened a small can of breakfast spaghetti, when Joe saw it he nearly freaked. I put him at ease by reminding him all his mates eat it he needs to fit in. Joe immediately smiled at me and Cale's caught us having a very passionate kiss in the kitchen. He didn’t blink an eyelid just jumped up in his chair and screamed.

"Sketti, wow dad look what Cale's got."

Joe smiled and gave me one last smacker.

"Is there any for your little Joe Heat?" He almost burst out laughing.

"Plenty baby, please sit down and Heat will fix some for you." I was feeling pretty good at that moment. My family was around me and no one was gloomy, just smiles everywhere. We took my car today and Joe sat there still smiling as I carefully drove Cale’s to crèche and after some hugging and kissing Joe took him in to see his mates. He came out all smiles and today we couldn’t have a cuddle in the lift because there were a couple of Asian ladies in with us. I think they worked on the top floor.

 I turned the computers on ready for the day and after mum arrived a young guy was asking to see Jimmy. He was the new tax man, Jimmy introduced Martin to everyone then they disappeared into the office put aside for him. Harry sat with them as they went through the important things and Martin seemed to grasp it quickly. I rang Joe just to see if he was okay and had no problems, he started talking seductively to me, I hung up and headed his way.   The kissing was so bloody good when I got there, I almost fucked him on his desk but no not here not with everyone around, so I just dry humped his leg instead.

 "There's an email from the Sutherland's thanking me officially and they said I might get a surprise today, but I don't think what you have on your mind is that surprise, Heath." He grinned.

“Could be Joe, if you would just let me bend you over a little.”

“In your dreams baby, although I must say it sounds good to me.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“Bugger.” Was all I said as I headed out the door.

 “Heath honey I need to have a talk to you about the new girl that’s coming.” Mum caught me.

"Yes, mum."

“Where do you want her to sit, up here with me or in one of the spare booths?”

“Put her in a booth mum, she might get distracted up here.”

“Of course honey, mummy can do that.” She smiled.

Something was pulling at me to say more so I leaned over to her and said.

"Mum, she's not going to have any problems is she?"

“Of course not son, I will see she gets a good welcome and has everything she needs, it’s just that…” She stopped.

“Just what mum?” Here we go.

“It’s just that I thought I should be doing that job, I know the work and she does do reception I heard.”

“Mum we need you on reception, you are the voice of this company you are invaluable doing this job, I don’t want a stranger answering our phones mum, please.” I put my begging face on.

Shit, that was very diplomatic and she beamed at me then kissed my cheek.

“Thank you, son." I suppose she was feeling a little redundant but when the season starts she will have more work than she wished for, I chuckled to myself.

 Flowers arrived for Joe and Shane from the Sutherlands and not long after a bigger bunch arrived for mum, with a thank you note from me. She hummed through her afternoon smelling the blooms every now and then and winking at me occasionally when I caught her eye.

 Joe and Shane’s flowers came with an invitation for dinner Saturday week, for them and their partners.

“Who do I take Heath, I can’t take you they will guess we are gay.” I laughed at his shocked face.

"You're taking me, baby, no option if they don't like it they can always change companies." I smiled adding.

“And tell Shane to take Tom while you’re at it.”

“Are you sure?”

“Quite sure Joe, there’s no way I want my boyfriend hiding behind a fake date, it gets complicated when you start doing that sort of thing.”

"Okay if you think it's all right, you won't be uncomfortable?" For God's sake get over it, I hung my phone up and headed for Joe's office.

Shutting the door behind me I stood Joe up and held him in my arms.

 “Joe you’re my boyfriend, there’s no way I would go on a date with anyone but you, you’re my family I’m yours.”

“But Heath…” He never got it out.

“Quiet Joe, the Sutherlands are old friends of mum and dads, it’s a given they have discussed me with them, so they know I’m gay, they maybe know or not that we are together but you are taking your boyfriend out to a very snazzy dinner whether you like it or not.” By this time I had been sucking on his neck.

 "Okay, Heath." He gushed out.

 I had a small talk to mum about it and she confirmed that the Sutherlands know about me, in fact, they have a son they had lined up to meet me at some stage; damn mum why didn’t I know that.

I heard Shane laughing when I entered the tea room, poor Joe’s face was beetroot.

“Do you honestly think I would not take Tom? apart from being thoroughly ripped into by him, he’s my partner I don’t go anywhere without him.” He laughed again.

“But Shane they might not like it.” Poor Joe.

I stepped in and said.

“Boys, you are both going to that dinner with your partners, and maybe while we are there we will get to meet their gay son.” I smiled.

They both gave me such a confused look and mum broke the ice by announcing over the tearoom intercom.

“Both their gay sons Heath get it right.” She was back to her old self I think the flowers nailed it.

Both Joe and Shane laughed their heads off I was pleased Joe had relaxed.

 I made my coffee and winked at Joe he winked back, I could almost feel his excitement as I left them to it. On his way back to his office he came by mine, he shut the door just as I was about to turn to file some stuff away. He pushed me up against the wall and gave me a deep wet long lasting kiss, one that rocked my core, his crotch was pressing urgently to mine and he humped me hard a few times, then he smiled and left.

I stood there in my own little world thinking I should go to his office and do the same, but I was too flabbergasted to move.


“Heath I have Mr. Brenten Walsh on the phone for you.” Fuck me, no, it can’t be the same man. It was, and he wanted me us to take over some of his Stock accounts he said the word has got around we have a couple of young guns working for us and then he laughed and told me that Shane was family. I said I already knew that and he asked about Mark and Caleb, he wanted to meet us one day. I was in awe with his everyday manner and I figured Shane had been talking to him on the side it made sense.

 I nearly fainted when he handed the phone to his accountant Ray, the numbers were big, fucking huge and I assured him that the boys could handle it, but I got the feeling it was only the tip of the iceberg. After a very pleasant conversation and getting the password codes off him, I slowly hung up.

 I reckon I sat there for a full ten minutes not believing what had just happened. I suddenly snapped out of it and rushed into Shane's office he and Joe were watching his two huge screens. He looked up calmly and said.

 “He rang you?”

I nodded not knowing what to say, he smiled and went back to work, Joe was laughing at my face as I handed the codes to Shane who thanked me then said.

“Now let's see what accounts they have given us.”

I was still standing there when they started scribbling down numbers I was ignored completely and when I found myself I slowly closed the door and started back to my office.

"Oh, Heath," Mum said.

“Not now mum.”

I walked into my office and flopped down putting my hands to my head, fuck me what just happened.

 “I’m off Heath do you want me to get anything?”

“No thanks mum, I will do a shop on the way home.” I smiled.

I had to get with Joe and find out what he normally buys but when I popped my head in he and Shane were stuck to their screens I don’t even think they heard me.

An hour later Joe came by and said they will be late leaving tonight could I go on without him. I agreed but told him not to make it a late one, then I slipped my hand down his pants and had a good grope. Kissing him farewell I don't think he was with me, I suppose those numbers he’s looking at are clouding his brain, so I got another grope in.

 At the supermarket I bought bread milk veggies some steaks and some chicken the bag of lollies for Cale’s was returned to the shelves, he had to look after his teeth.

Opening my boot it was still full of boxes I will dump them on my way home and keep the smaller one for Cale's so instead of putting my groceries in the boot I loaded up the back seat.  The house felt empty without Joe I kissed Cale’s head as I walked out to the kitchen to put the shopping away. Mum said her goodnights and I gave her an extra hug for helping us out.

It was just Cale’s and me so I did some veggies and a very small amount of steak, that I diced up. I put the dish in front of him and he did eat some of it, well after he almost drowned it in tomato sauce. I will leave my dinner until Joe gets home.

 Waking to light kisses on my lips when Joe woke me, I looked at the wall clock it was eleven, so I rubbed my face and sat up. Cale’s was fast asleep on the floor, he had gone to get his pillow and rug and even turned the TV off before going to sleep on the floor.

 “I’m sorry Joe, I must have drifted off.”

“It’s okay baby, come on let’s get you to bed.”

“Dinner Joe?” I offered.

“We got a pizza Heath, come on.” He walked me to the bedroom and stripped me off before giving my dick a wobble. I got under the covers and went back to sleep.

I had a good night just me and Caleb, we watched all sorts of things because he had the remote and wouldn’t give it to me. I think it was me that got his blanket and made him a bed on the floor but I don’t know maybe it was him, I was too tired to think about it.