Ayden's Eyes Book Four

Chapter 103


Chapter 103

 Blue Walker is a totally gorgeous young hunk, the shoulder length blonde curly hair, well rounded muscled chest and eight pack to die for, there's not a blemish or hair on his visible body. When he's surfing he commands the waves and his rides are usually as smooth as silk, no wonder he is a wave chaser, and a champion surfer. I'm sure if he hadn't found Alex he would still be out there somewhere looking for that perfect wave to ride. Or am I wrong, was it Alex he was chasing and not the waves?

 I woke during the night thinking I had a headache, but it turned out to be more of a heartbeat pulsating kind of sound. It thumped through the bay like ten thousand kettle drums all at once, even our bed felt like it was vibrating.

 "What now Den?" Evan threw back the covers.

"I don't know bub."

Evan had also been woken up, both of us slipped our shorts on and went out to the back porch to see if we could find out where it was coming from. Rita and the two boys were already there looking out into the darkness. She shrugged her shoulders as if to say 'who knows'. It was then I saw Alex run up our driveway, he yelled at us.

 "Have you seen Blue, he's gone missing?" He was panic-stricken.

We called out 'no', so he continued on towards the beach, we all followed. Before we were halfway through the bushes we heard an almighty roar and the heartbeat got stronger and louder.

Horse and Ra ran past us at a faster pace. When we got to the beach we saw Blue surrounded by a radiant bluish glow and it was building up quickly; like a storm cloud. Alex couldn't get near him the glare was blinding. I made him stand back with us until we could work out what's happening to Blue.

 "The trident is calling him my son. It senses him close by and desperately needs to be with him. Blues sleepwalking, it's taking all my men's strength to calm Trident down, and then some. He is too strong, especially now he's got Blue near." The king said to me.

The glow got stronger and the heartbeat got slower and deeper. There was now plenty of folk on the beach watching Blue shine, he lifted his arms and roared into the sky.

"Trident I command you, come to Poseidon." His arm shot up and a blue single beam pierced the dark sky like a laser.

 An almighty cracking sound rocked the bay the beating ceased immediately, then Blue started growing. He ended up around eight-foot-tall and he looked fucking magnificent, his chest got wider his waist smaller if that was ever possible, and his legs and butt looked bloody awesome in his black stretch underwear; he was magnificent in his fairy state.

 "Trident, obey me, show yourself to me now." He roared once more.

 The shooting star that fell from the sky wasn't a star it was Trident. It landed with a blunt thud next to Blue and it pulsated as it sang its joyous song. It was ringing throughout the bay, I could tell Trident was very happy, and I think I know why.

 Blue grinned, then he grasped Trident's handle and sparks flew everywhere, I knew they both had joined as one because Tridents golden markings were being transferred onto Blues perfect skin. Slithering lines of gold moving like liquid all over his body. They were ancient markings, runes of protection with an infinity of history written into them. I knew these were for Blues protection, Trident was preparing him for a long-awaited surf together.

 Blue then turned to the ocean his magnificent chest was heaving like he was anticipating an unbelievable new journey. He walked out into the night surf and lifted his three-pronged friend above his head, a wave gathered around his feet and he was lifted twenty feet into the air then he disappeared along with a very nasty looking flash of lightning, and of course a very loud clap of thunder.

 "He has reunited himself with his Trident son, god knows what those two will get up to out there, they are both as stubborn as two mules. We have been trying to avoid this for many centuries. As you might have guessed Blue is almost fairy, but we had badly underestimated his magic when he comes in contact with his Trident."

"Where did they go, father?" I asked.

"To the southern oceans son, the waves are enormous there and Blue needs to surf them. Trident will see that he doesn't come to any harm, so all we can do is wait for their return."

"What's happening Den?" Alex was beside himself, he had seen it all, and he looked so bloody confused.

"Tridents returned Alex, isn't it awesome, isn't Poseidon absolutely magnificent." He gave me a funny look, I thought maybe I had gone overboard a bit with my gushing, so I calmed down and said.

 "He's okay baby, just sleepwalking and he's called his mate the Trident to accompany him on a surf of the Southern Ocean."

"My god, he is so beautiful Den; have you any idea when he will be back?"

"No son, maybe when they finish having fun together, it has been a long time since they have been joined as one." My father grinned and I saw the Dwarf king stomping up the beach.

 "You will pay for the damage to my mine fairy king, that thing has almost collapsed one of my tunnels."

"You should have built it stronger oh mighty Dwarf king, you knew 'that thing' was stronger than any of your Dwarf magic." My father turned and smiled at me.

 "You will pay king or else." The Dwarf king stood his ground.

"Or else what?"

"Or else or else, that's what."

"Would you settle for one of my son's beautiful paintings sire?"

He was taken aback and replied with a simple curtsey to me.

"Yes, I certainly will." I had a vision of what I wanted to paint him; Trident.

Just then I could see more flashes of lightning on the horizon it looked like a thunderstorm was gathering fast, a small boy took my hand and pointed.

 "Mys Blues dah, my Blues." then he jumped up and down laughing quite loudly. The storm neared and before we knew it, it was upon us. Poseidon stepped off a huge wave that seemed to disappear into the sand, then reached out his hand.

 "Come with me my little prince, we will dance the oceans together again. Alexis my forever true love, it's not our time yet but it comes soon, I promise with all my heart and soul we will dance the oceans together again." Alex almost swooned at the magnificent God of the seven seas, or maybe it was those very nice words Blue said. Ayden took off towards him I immediately chased after, no way would I let him go out in the dark, even if it was with the ocean god.

 "Ayden no! come back here, now."

Blue pointed Trident at me and roared.

"He's the golden prince, nothing in this world can harm him, let alone me, his best mate."

"Oh sorry, Blue I forgot, have a good time son." I didn't know what else to say as Blue picked an excited little tacker up and swung him gently onto his shoulders. Ayden hung onto Blues hair that had a golden circlet crown upon it, we watched as the runes crept all over our son's body, his tattoos were white as snow and he was fucking awesome. They slowly started out to sea. I could hear my baby's laughter as the storm followed them out, then it all went dead quiet.

 "He will be safe Den; I somehow know he will." Evan took hold of me. I shivered against his cool skin on my back and wondered if we had time for a small dance; just to warm me up.

 "Yes son, Evans right, Blue and the prince go back a very long way. It was Poseidon that taught him how to surf, and to love and respect the oceans. There will be no harm done tonight; Trident will see to that."

My father was in my ear again. I could hear loads of clapping coming from the bushes.

 "The prince is surfing the seas with Poseidon again, he looked magnificent, our little prince is so beautiful. I wonder if he will be in school today." I heard one little fairy say as she flew up and down the sand past us with her friends.

 I had calmed down because Evan still had a hold of me I needed to know one more thing.

"When will they return father?"

"Before the sun rises my king."

"What if he wakes up and loses his magic?"

"He won't son, you have to trust Trident on that score."

 Everyone was going back to their houses and Horse Ra Alex Evan and I stayed on the beach along with a worried Rita Spud and Ali.

 Evan sat against our tree and I sat in between his legs looking out to the dark sky. Ali and Spud had gone for a walk, so I knew what they would be up to. Evan stroked my nipples with his thumbs then smoothed his hands down my torso, Rita looked at us and groaned. She got up off the sand and said.

 "I'll put the coffee on then shall I?" She walked off laughing, several dozen kids followed her up to the cafe.

When she had gone Horse and Ra started to glow and as the four of us joined we were taken to a place unseen by the humans.

 We danced together it was awesome, Horses groans filled my ears as Ra entered him and I entered Evan at the same time. Evan and Horse held onto each other and we all orgasmed at the same time, we were joined but separate. Horses gossamer shirt didn't hide his excitement and Ra was glowing as he slid in and out of him. Horse even managed to rub himself up against my back, that was enough to make me cum again. If I was made any different I would have let him slip into me.

 "Den!" Oh, look out here comes the sex cops again.

"What bloody now bub?" I said as we slowly made our descent.

"He can't make love to you, that's not what this is all about."

"Why not?"

"Because I get paid well for doing that job." He laughed his head off, the frigging comedians are back too.

 We touched the sand exhausted and well spent, the sunrise was almost starting, I could hear the birds waking up and the folk were again back on the beach watching the horizon.

 There wasn't lightening this time just a blue glow as they smoothly landed on the shore. Ayden was beside himself as he jumped down, his connection was broken and he was back to normal. Blue walked over to the sleeping Alex losing his runes on the way then he lay down beside him. Trident quivered as it shot into the air like a skyrocket. I thought I heard a deep guttural laugh in my head.

 After listening to Ayden's excited sort of broken recount on where they went and what they did we walked back to the shack. Horse kept smiling at me and I was blushing furiously again. As we passed the boys Blue was now back to normal and his arms were around Alex, so we let them sleep.

I had no idea where Andy was but found out later the folk were babysitting him.

 "That was awesome Den, are the boys behind you?" Rita said as I picked up the pot of coffee.

"They are sleeping on the beach my lovely."

"Good, now where did you go and what did you do my little love?" She picked Ayden up and placed him on her bench as she made toast, she got the same story from bubs as we got, only it seemed to be only bits and pieces, he was too excited for words. She flipped him a burger for breakfast as she tried to listen, and calm him down a bit by distracting him.

 "That was fantastic Evan, we must do it again sometime," Ra said as he pulled his fingers through his long bluish hair.

" Yes, it was." Horse sighed.

"I remember the last time we danced I took your ass and Horse sat on Dens, overexcited member." He giggled then winked at Evan.

"I remember it well." Horse said dreamingly.

"No you don't, you lying sons of Hades nothing like that has ever happened," Evan remembered better than them, and I know nothing has happened.

I did have a thought though. Maybe Evan would like to break me in then I could let Ra have his way with me.

"Not in this lifetime Den, never happening," Evan said gritting his teeth.

"Okay, bubs keep your shirt on." What did he mean by, this lifetime, maybe the next one then?

"Den, will you bloody well stop it." I think he's getting mad.

 Ali and Spud came through the shop laughing and looking a little exhausted. They ran up to give Rita a hand then they wanted to talk to Ayden about his trip.

We sat around while the sun came up, everything was back to normal at the shack and I did feel a slight shift in the bay, but maybe that was the Dwarves tunnels collapsing.

 I started on the painting just after the boys went for their morning surf. Blue was none the wiser and had no recollection of what was happening when they came up to the cafe. I think Alex tried to explain it to him, but when he screwed up his gorgeous face, Alex gave up trying. I made my son go have another ten minutes before school, he looked okay and said he wasn't tired, but I put him to sleep anyway.

 My pencils have a mind of their own today and I was excited to do tridents painting. In all its magnificence I couldn't help but put it beside Poseidon with lightning on the horizon and them both with a little boy surfing the ocean. Trident looked magnificent as I penciled in the intricate markings all over it and I somehow knew they were ancient and extremely important, without them Trident would just be a normal farmers fork, not a magnificent warrior.

 I had almost finished the drawing by the time my boy had to be in school. I placed a lot of Dwarf-folk in the waves including the Dwarf king in some board shorts and a tank top. I dressed Ayden in his uniform and he was so excited to tell his mates what had happened last night. I had to chase him with the face washer up to the kitchen. He minimized just as I caught up to him, then flew out the window with his friends. I was left with the warm cloth so I wiped my face then rinsed it in the sink.

 "So Blue has no memory of last night, Alex?"

"None at all Den, it's amazing and I wish he could remember because he looked like a flipping God."

"Well next time we will have to take a photo." I laughed.

"I think you captured it all perfectly, when are you going to paint it?" His hand reached out to touch Poseidon's face.

 "I might go for it this afternoon its a present for the Dwarf king to compensate for the damage Trident made getting to Blue."

"Do you think it has a spirit Den?"

"Yes it certainly has Alex, and the markings on it are what makes him so powerful. Blue has power to burn but with his Trident, he has virtually unlimited strength, and he's indestructible." I know Alex sometimes feels left out of Blues life, Blue isn't the kind of man that lets his emotions run free, and I know he doesn't show Alex nearly as much affection he deserves in public. It's just the way Blue is.

 I have to tell him he's forgotten who he really is, and he and Blue have been together almost forever. I knew Alex was a traveler, a seeker of sorts, the discovery of new worlds was his business, and that's when he happened upon Poseidon on the planet of oceans. Blue has followed him adoringly ever since.

  All of that history was within tridents markings, it held both their stories and converted it to some powerful magic. I hugged Alex and stroked his back then whispered.

"Sit with me awhile." He did and I took his hand feeling guilty because all of us sometimes take Alex for granted.

 "Alex believe me, you and Blue have been partners almost forever, and when the time comes you will see your past as clear as day. The planet of oceans is where your story starts."

"Planet of oceans Den, are you for real. Does it exist?"

"Yes my boy and it does exist but in another dimension. The planet is where you found Blue, slash Poseidon. He has followed you in adoration for many eons my boy. And your real name is Alexis seeker of new worlds."

 He rocked back and forth as I had really stunned him, and I had. So I hugged him to me again just to soothe him for a bit.

He looked a lot better as I kissed his cheek then he grabbed another coffee. I settled in to paint the portrait, layering it with bright colors and I felt the chill of the seas.

 At lunchtime, I didn't know what hit me when a small boy came crashing up the porch and into my arms. He was so excited he couldn't make a full sentence. I wanted him to calm down and when he did I finally got the full story of his outing. I calmed him down to a reasonable volume then he started again.

 Rita wanted to listen in so she bought Andy out and sat with us shaking her head from side to side. The best thing that happened at school today was the teacher wanted him to tell his classmates what happened, and he said he spoke to them in the folk talk, it was a bit quicker than the human language

 He had surfed on some Wales' backs, played with kids in Atlanta and talked with beautiful mermaids and mermen, but he forgets where they lived. He said Blue showed him overflowing treasure chests sunken ships and a lot of very big friendly colorful fish he could talk fairy with.

 He eventually slumped into my chest and started breathing heavily, all this excitement was making him crash. When I heard his snores I placed him in his bean bag and looked at Rita.

 "We have seen some amazing things this past twenty-four hours my love, its quite hard to believe in a way."

"Yes it is Den, but I know what I saw and I know how I feel, so it did happen and it was bloody wonderful. Do you think Alex will ever dance with Blue?" She said hopefully.

"Yes of that I am certain." I smiled at her knowing full well that they will do more than dance. They will surf the planets together when they come back as a full fairy, or when they sleepwalk maybe.

 We heard a noise coming from the kitchen then I saw Bubble shoo some folk out to the porch, he yelled out.

"Rita we need more chocolate cake."

She sighed as the folk flew up to be with Ayden, butter wouldn't melt in their tiny mouths as they settled in next to him. Rita let out a big belly laugh, then she went to bake some more cakes.

she sent the normal looking Blue down with more coffee and a sandwich.

 Blue looked over at the painting and sighed.

"And that's what I look like for real?"

"Yes Blue, but wait for Ayden to wake up he will tell you all about it himself"

"Do you know where this Trident is now Den?"

"Yes Blue, somewhere safe its best you don't try and find it, things might get a little messy around here in the bay if you do."

"What do you mean?"

"When you sleepwalked you turned into Poseidon, and in that state, you could control it. I doubt in your human form you have that power; it might destroy you or even destroy the bay."

"I see, so I'll never remember this planet of oceans or Trident or Alexis then?"

"Not necessarily true Blue, your magic is coming back and I think the more you dance with Trident the more memories you will have. Its written all over its handle Blue, you are the only one that can wield it, it means certain death for anyone else who tries I believe." He gasped.

 "Trident is a little overprotective of you and Alex, he will be a great friend to Andy when he starts to surf like his awesome daddy." I smiled and felt so wonderful inside. How do I know all this shit? I have absolutely no idea, it must have been in Tridents markings. But if it was then it can tell the future too.

 "And Blue your son will be known as ocean boy, he will be a great friend to the oceans." He nearly fainted, god knows where that came from maybe I was just thinking of that film they are making. Ocean boy is the human name for Andy, I didn't know his folk name yet.

  He suddenly had a thought and said.

"I've been a dick Den, a real bloody dick." That puzzled me, then he got up and started for the cafe.

I followed him watching his fine-tuned ass flex in his loose shorts.

When we got there he grabbed Alex and kissed him deeply and for a very long time. I did see a large bulge forming in both their shorts. Alex moaned and I did hear Blue do the same.

"Wow," Alex said as Blue let go.

When I looked at Blues eyes they were moist then he turned to Rita and said.

"We will be back in an hour or so."

He took Alex's hand and they rushed off to their house leaving Andy with us.

 Maybe Blues outing has made him a bit randy, look out Alex. I giggled once again as I remembered how sexy I felt after I tranced.

 "Looks like I'm the only one that's not getting any Den." Rita laughed. As soon as she said it Bubble and Tush were at her side smiling.

"Oh forget it you two, get back to bloody work there are cakes to be made."

She giggled into her tea towel.

 The next day I thought I might try and see if my boy was doing okay at school, so I walked down to the beach. I knew Horse wouldn't be there because, as I walked past his tiny house I head him moaning quite loudly, I so wanted to join in, then I looked around to see if Evan was near.

 I couldn't make myself small as Ayden does, but in the end, I really didn't have to because there was a carnival going on and I could hear my boy laughing as he surfed the bigger waves with his pa, who I might add was surfing a lot better nowadays.

 "It's playtime son, and I believe he's doing very well in school. Once the teacher stopped all the kids fighting over him he started learning about Fairy history."

"I'm a pleased father; he's bored with the human side of learning."

"Well there's plenty for him to learn down here, and most of it will be factual not handed down folklore." He grinned at me. I knew what he was saying, a lot of human history has been distorted throughout the years. I heard a bell ringing and Aiden fell off his board and tried to hi-five me as he raced past, his little friends followed in his wake.

 I could see the school house it was large and I wondered how many children attended each day. As I looked closer I saw bright little Ice cream freezers dotted throughout the colony, I guess my father fixed that little problem for Rita.

 "Would you like to go see son?"

"Yes if it's possible."

"Have a rest by the tree for now."

I leaned up against the tree and my father said.


 It wasn't long before I was sitting in the back of a large classroom. Ayden was in the middle and Peter and Gardenia were sitting next to him. I nearly pissed myself when I saw a guy my father called Aristotle teaching them.

"Where else can you get the actual facts but from the horse's mouth, do you want to hang around and watch Einstein teach his class?"

 I get it and what a great way to teach the kids history straight from the actual people that created it. I watched Ayden and he was actually smiling and having fun with the teacher. I hope he's not going to be too disruptive otherwise he will get a bad report.

 I woke up by the tree, my eyes adjusted to the sunlight that was dancing off the ocean and I thought I might like a cool dip. I dropped my shorts and walked to the water's edge. The cooling water gave me all sorts of new sensations and when Evan came by he gave me a whole lot more. He had caught me off guard and in no time we were dancing in the sky, we were ignorant of our surroundings, and as one we made love.

 It maybe took a half hour but in real time a few minutes.

"Den can you do me a favor?"

"Yes, bubs what can I do for you?" I looked him in the eyes and I saw his love.

"Can you put underwear on next time you decide to go for a swim?" I looked down I had nothing on and had forgotten I was going commando today, how embarrassing. I straightened myself up and covered my bits then walked back to the tree to retrieve my shorts, giving Evan a good show of my tight buns.

 Everything was quiet when I returned to the porch, even Rita was quite.

 "It's quiet because they are all in school Den, it's nice at the moment, but I'm sure they will be back for something or other when its over."

"Do you know how long before they get here?" I hadn't asked my father.

"He's go awhile yet Den, the word in the village is Aiden's wanting to learn everything, so I am waiting for him to get bored and to come back to us." She chuckled.

"Oh, so he's not bored that's a good sign." I poured another coffee and looked over at my blank canvas.

"Where are Ali and Spud, I haven't seen them for a while?"

She chuckled.

"As you well know they have discovered that new dance Den, I don't know where they find the energy."

"I guess it will all settle down soon. I'm dying to see how Spuds paintings turn out now. I'm sure they will be mind-bending." I laughed.

"They will be Den, have you spoken to Evan about the hotel and shopping center?"

"No my love what's going on?" I asked.

"It's been put on the back burner, cancelled for want of a better word. We can't have all that building going on around here now, it will disturb the area." I stared at her and thought to myself. That's what I have been saying for two years now, why doesn't anyone listen to me.

 "That's good, less work for you my lovely, I suppose Arras has enough on his plate at the moment."

"Yes Den, he's not all that interested anymore, I think the folk and Souma have filled his head, he's like Ayden he wants to know everything."

 We sat at the table and looked out at the foreshore, more caravans were turning up, it will be holiday season soon. I have no idea how the folk will cope with extra humans down here but I'm sure everything will be okay.

 There was no kiss on the neck today, he just stroked my cheek as he walked by to order coffee. I could smell the soap from the shower he just had and wanted to follow the scent up to the cafe, but I resisted.

There was no sign of Ayden as the boys came through the shop. Nut's told me he was having an afternoon surf with his new school friends. He thought he would be safer with them than his boys. I am sure one hundred percent he will be.

 "He's having another surf Den then he's promised he will come up for a snack, and a nap. He said he's had a big day and was enjoying learning at school." Evan said to me as he sat down.

"Should I be worried that you're not with him?"

"No Den, not at all. Blue and Horse are down there; plus, half his army, he's got loads of backup if he needs it."

 Somewhere deep down inside me I relaxed, and my body shifted into a calmness I haven't felt before. I knew this was the dawning of a new age for me, as I struggled to leave Ayden's baby past go. I trusted his mates and I could see in my mind's eye he was all grown up and starting to find his little boy self. I was disappointed but excited because I had seen him in several stages of his life and he was still freaking awesome.

 Tim and Nut's were deep in conversation, I looked over at Trip he grinned and winked at me. I blushed because he was a gorgeous man, and I like attention.

"They are discussing that they might like to live together permanently Den, stay out of it," Evan whispered in my ear.

"Have they told the family yet?" I whispered back.

"Not yet, I believe the big announcement will be made in a week; maybe two."

 I thought about talking to Tony about selling his holiday lets next door, he has the whole top floor and he should sell the other four, maybe Tim and Nut's might buy one.

"Stay out of it Den." Evan smoothed his finger up the inside of my leg. Oh please don't do that bub, I'm waiting for my son to get home, I can't go to bed yet.

 "Just thinking bub. Nut's you're looking for investments aren't you?" Change the subject.

"Sort of Den, but I haven't really been looking all that hard."

"Oh, why don't you approach the council and build a Carousel on the end of the new pier with maybe a caretaker's cottage slotted in there somewhere, you can sell Rita's pies and some fish and chips for the holidaymakers from your kitchen window."

They all stared at me like I was being stupid.

"Just a thought." I laughed.

"Not so silly Den, I did hear from my brother in law at the council they were trying to think of something to attract thousands of more tourists to the bay." Tiny offered. I shut up, there are enough tourists down here already, and Tiny knew it. I looked across at him he was smiling smugly.

 "Daaah!!" Ayden came running through the shop into my arms. I kissed him then asked him if he had fun today at school.

"I love school dah, cants wait for tomorrows. Nanny, burga for your Ayden's peease." He yelled as he ran up to the kitchen, I couldn't help laughing at his enthusiasm, as a dozen or so of his new schoolmates followed him.

"Chocolate doughnuts peese nanny Rita." they were yelling.

We all laughed and of course, Rita went into nanny mode again, she was happy to have the kids back.

 "I suppose we had better talk to Susan about his schooling bub, maybe it's a little illegal we don't want the cops coming down on us."

"Yes Den, I think Patrick said she was coming by today, we had better word her up."

Just then Arras and his men arrived and took one of Rita's bigger tables, Spud walked out and took their orders; he looked like he had run a marathon he was a bit wrung out, I had better speak to Ali about it. Making love at every opportunity, especially the folkway looks like its taking its toll on him.

 They were having a security meeting, with the extra folk here and the holidaymakers around might get a bit confusing.  I don't think they would have any problems but I guess they have to stay limber and alert just in case.

 I watched Aisha with Souma in tow walk up the street, then up the stairs, she dumped the little baby in Arras's arms.

"She wants you, sheepherder." Then she turned on her expensive heels and went in to see Rita. Arras looked a little embarrassed as his daughter settled down in his arms.

 "God she's going to control his life forever." I mused.

"And Ayden doesn't control you Den?" Tiny laughed.

I thought about it for just a moment and I liked being controlled by my son, what a silly thing to say.


More coffee was bought down by Ali, he stopped and had a kissing moment with Souma then he carried on.

"How are you feeling Ali, Spuds not looking too well at all today." He blushed then said.

"I have it all taken care of Den, too much of a good thing makes Spud go a little crazy." he winked and thrust his hips towards me, I could see his dick wobble in his shorts. I looked at Evan before I got a dirty thought and he chastised me.

 Ayden and his mates come down and sat with us, he had a burger and a milkshake and was deciding again which one he wanted first. The kid's doughnuts disappeared in no time there was no competition who loved their lunch better. The burger won in the end then as he ate I heard them discussing their homework, it all sounded too complicated to me so I got up and moved into the shop to look at Evans new showcases.

 Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Evan creeping up on me, so I quickly moved to the lounge room, then ended up in the bedroom. The door slammed and I slammed Evan head first onto our bed. I guess it was Ali that got his juices flowing today. We lay there for a while and discussed Spuds disarray, we decided to ask my father if dancing would affect us if it was done four or five times a day.

 We only danced at night and it was done in our bedroom, the feelings are the same, we didn't feel the need to put it out there for the population to watch, except in special circumstances like this morning. Maybe Spud and Ali aren't using it properly and I wondered if the folk had a sex therapist on their books. I'm sure they could conjure one up from somewhere in the past, Alfred Kinsey perhaps.