Three Finger Cove: Charles ~ Book Three

Chapter Twelve

Charles couldn't wait until he got back to The Cove, so he could put on a pair of his new boxer briefs. Mr. Ken had other plans and wanted to put all the lad's clothes in for washing but Charles would have nothing to do with that, especially his boxer briefs. Ken Thomas relented to one package of the colorful briefs but he wouldn't let the lad hold onto any of his other clothes.

The man insisted the new clothes be washed to get rid of the sizing and to get them smelling clean. Charles did argue to keep some of his other clothes to wear the next day, at first, but Robert helped him see the reason behind Mr. Ken's requirement to get them clean first. The lad finally relented and was then also allowed to keep one of his three new swimsuits for the next day's activities.

When Robert and Charles went up to bed that Saturday night, Charles immediately changed into a pair of his new briefs.

"Dang, these feel so good, Robert,” chimed in Charles, as he walked into Robert's bedroom. "Now, I know why you like to wear them.”

Robert smiled at Charles's enthusiasm, over the boxer briefs, but he knew there was another reason he liked them. He especially liked the way they looked on him, in the morning, when he stood in front of the full length mirror that hung on the back of his bedroom door.

"Robert … would it be OK if I, ahh … slept in your room tonight?” meekly asked Charles.

"I don't care, Charles. We're 'brothers' … so, we should help one another out when one of us has an issue we need to get a handle on. I take it you're still a bit sacred about what happened to you the other night. So, I can understand that. Did I ever tell you that my friend Logan and I were attacked at the water park back at the Memorial Day weekend?

"No … tell me about it,” enthusiastically replied Charles.

Robert then took a few minutes to explain what happened to him and Logan and why he felt it all happened. Robert wanted Charles to know that he wasn't the only boy who's had problems where he could have received major trauma. But Robert also knew not to downplay the fact that Charles felt he would be killed by Smokey, if they had gotten away that night.

Charles thanked Robert for telling him about the altercation at the water park. Now, besides having Collin he could talk about what happened to him sexually, he also had Robert who had been attacked and could sort of understand his feelings when he was almost abducted from the Carnival.

The boys yawned a lot, as they talked, and it wasn't long before the two new 'brothers' crawled under the covers and fell fast asleep. Chief had watched her boys from the time they came home until they finally went to bed. She heard them lightly snoring, so she decided it was time to go outside and take care of her business before she lay down and took her position of protection. Before long, even Chief was sound asleep.

Sunday morning, Mr. Ken began to go outside for his newspaper and as he opened the Foyer door he figured he'd have to go up to the Guard House to retrieve it. He was pleasantly surprised the paper was in its usual place just outside the door. He thanked his lucky stars, and his talk with Jules, that the paper was whole and where he liked to find it.

It was a just past 8:15 in the morning and Ken Thomas sat down to his first cup of coffee. He took that opportunity to relax and read his Sunday newspaper. He saw under the fold on the front page there was still some news about the aborted abduction and the shootout, but this time the writer had somehow linked the two together. Mr. Ken wasn't too happy about that turn of events, but he knew he couldn't control the newspapers without outright owning them and he didn't want to get involved in that occupation.

Chief came over to him and gave him a few of her kisses. Ken scratched behind her ears and she sat down beside him, and just enjoyed that wonderful feeling.

"So, girl … are your boy's still sleeping?” asked Mr. Ken.

"Woof … woof,” answered Chief. She then walked out of the Kitchen Nook and headed upstairs to check up on her 'boy's'.

Robert and Charles were beginning to stir when Chief got back into the bedroom. She barked a welcome at them and they both went to her and scratched behind her ears. She was doubly happy from both the boys treating her so well.

"Chief, do I need to go downstairs and fill your bowls with food and water before I take my shower?” Charles asked the estate's resident dog.

All Chief did was go to Charles' hand and lick it. He had no clue what that meant, so he asked his 'brother' Robert. Robert never remembered her doing that to him, so he suggested he check the bowls just in case.

Charles agreed that it would be best to check than to wait and find that Chief needed some kibble and water. So, he walked out of Robert's bedroom and proceeded to the Kitchen Nook. When he arrived there, he saw Chief could use some food and fresh water, so he went about taking care of it. What he didn't expect was the greeting he received from Mr. Ken.

"Well, well … what do we have here?” laughed Mr. Ken.

Then, in a more serious tone, the lad's new foster dad asked, "Is there a good reason you're downstairs … in JUST your underwear, young man?”

It was then Charles looked down at himself and saw he indeed was clad only in his new boxer briefs. "I'm sorry, Mr. Ken. I didn't even think about it when I decided to come down here and make sure Chief had her food and fresh water. Chief licked my hand when I asked her if she needed fresh kibble and water, and neither Robert nor I knew what that meant. So, I decided to come down and make sure she was taken care of. I really am sorry Mr. Ken if we aren't supposed to walk around the house in our boxers.”

"Come over here Charles. … Please!” calmly asked Ken Thomas.

When Charles came over to the man he got pulled into a hug.

"Charles, there are going to be lots of rules that you're going to learn about when you either break them, or when Robert, Mr. Chris, or even I, tell you about them. Please don't worry about them unless you knowingly break them. We should try to be clothed when we are downstairs, so we don't have the opportunity to embarrass ourselves, or any women that may see us out of proper attire. Of course, all bets are off if there is an emergency, but make sure it truly IS an emergency,” fully explained 'dad' Ken.

"So … you aren't mad at me, but … you are telling me that I should make sure I at least have more clothes on than have now, when I am down here?” asked Charles.

"You got the gist of the idea, young man. So, what are you going to do about your current state of dress?” teased Mr. Ken.

"Well, I could go back upstairs and put on the clothes I wore yesterday when we went shopping, or … I could just finish taking care of Chief and …”, but Charles never got to finish his thought.

Mr. Ken began to tickle the youngster and then told him to finish feeding Chief, and then go back upstairs and take his shower. Chief barked a few times as Charles got tickled and then she licked the lad when he finished adding kibble and water to her bowls. Charles just hugged the resident dog for a few seconds before getting up and then hugging Mr. Ken. The two shared a smile at one another just before Charles started up the stairs.

Robert had waited for Charles before taking his shower. The two 'brothers' first drained their dragons and then brushed their teeth. When it came time to shower, this time Charles didn't hesitate to get in the room and get washed up. Robert was a little dismayed that he didn't have the chance to take care of his 'boy toy, but knew he'd get the chance soon enough.

It was close to 9 AM when the lads came into the kitchen Nook. They saw Mr. Ken reading the morning newspaper, but they didn't see any breakfast foods out for them to eat.

"'Dad', what are we going to eat for breakfast?” asked Robert.

"You know, young man that is a real good question. I thought we could go over to the Diner and get some breakfast there. What do you say to that Charles?” replied 'dad' Ken.

"Yeah, what are we waiting for? Will those ladies talk like they did the last time we were there?” enthusiastically responded Charles.

"I guess we'll find out when we get there. Let me call the Gate House to tell them we need an escort,” explained Mr. Ken.

George and Gene were not on duty, just yet, so two other men were assigned to go with the Covers as they went to breakfast. The two men were not trained as personal security guards but they agreed to go along and watch for anything that didn't look normal. Besides that, both men were still dressed in their guard uniforms, which included side arms. Ken Thomas wasn't too concerned about the guns as the men were certified to carry them and work as security and since they were going to Four Corners, which is owned by Mr. Thomas they would be legal.

When the Covers arrived at the Four Corners Diner, Mr. Ken asked that one man go inside and watch the Exits while the other stayed with the vehicle and watched the entrances, and for the men to stay in constant contact with one another. After the security arrangements were sorted out, the Covers entered the Diner and asked for and got a corner booth.

"'Dad', how long do you think we'll have to have the guards around us?” simply asked Robert.

"That, Robert, is the sixty-four thousand dollar question,” began Ken Thomas. "I am going to wait for Sheriff Barnes to finish up his investigations on the shootings and the drug dealings down in the south of the county. We may have stirred up a hornets' nest and … and I want to make sure you both are safe from anyone who may not take too kindly with their drug operations being brought to a grinding halt. Can you work with me on this?”

Robert looked over at his new 'brother', Charles, and getting a nod from the lad looked at his 'dad' and said, "Yes, me and Charles can work with you on this.”

"Thank you boys, now let's order breakfast so we can get back in time to meet up with your friends at twelve noon. You ready to order?” responded Mr. Ken.

Charles still wasn't ready to order. Matter-of-fact, he had no idea what some of the foods on the Menu were so he wanted to wait untill Robert and his new foster dad ordered. He figured if what they asked for sounded good, he'd decided to order that too.

"What will it be gents?” asked their waitress.

Robert ordered scrambled eggs, hash browns, a rasher of bacon and chocolate milk.

Mr. Ken ordered their Breakfast Plate that consisted of two eggs over easy, hash browns, three pancakes, bacon and sausage, and coffee.

The waitress now looked at Charles and was tapping her foot while she waited for his order. Charles didn't know what he wanted and he felt pressured. He kept his face in the Menu and it wasn't until his foster dad said, "She's waiting, Charles,” that the twelve year old dropped the Menu and said, "I'll have what my 'brother' is having.”

The waitress said she'd be back with their drinks and after she walked away, it was Robert who asked Charles, "Why'd it take you so long?”

"I … I've never been out for a fancy breakfast before. I … I didn't know what most of the things were. My mom never took me out for breakfast and … and all I ever had in the morning was cold cereal, or toast. Sometimes … I didn't have anything to eat before I went to school. 'Dad' knows what I'm saying. He saw how I was when he brought me over here to eat before. I'm sorry, Robert,” finished Charles, as he dropped his head into his chest. Mr. Ken and Robert could then here a few sniffles coming from the lad.

Ken Thomas slid over to his newest foster son, and put his hand under the boy's chin and raised the lad's head. "Yes, Charles … 'son' … I do understand you haven't had the greatest upbringing in the world, but there is no reason to be sad. It isn't your fault that you don't know what or how to order when you go out to eat. That is going to be MY job as your new 'dad'! With that said Mr. Ken pulled the teary eyed lad to him and gave him a great big hug.

Robert just sat there as he watched, and listened, as his 'dad' talked with Charles. But, he wasn't the only person who observed Ken Thomas taking care of his 'son'. Their waitress, Susan, had returned, with their drinks, and she also saw how the Boss took care of his 'son'. She wasn't there the other evening when the Boss and Charles ate there, and wasn't aware that Mr. Ken had a new boy living with him and this one he called, 'son'.

"Your meals will be out shortly, Boss,” announced their waitress, Susan. "I thought a boy named Robert lived with you, now. I didn't know you had another new boy living with you now.”

"Oh, yes, Susan … not many know that I took on another young lad. By the way, this is Charles. He arrived the night before the Carnival, which is why not many people know about him. But, he is a new resident at The Cove, and you should expect to see him around here more and more. Oh, and that other lad IS Robert, Charles' 'brother'” clarified Ken Thomas.

"Charles … it is nice to meet you. I know you will thoroughly enjoy living at Three Finger Cove, along with Mr. Ken, here. I'm not sure if you know it or not but Mr. Ken owns this Diner and the restaurant next door,” offered their waitress, Susan.

"Thank you. Yes, I know my 'dad' owns these eateries. We ate here the other night. I got to meet Jeannie and she did all that fancy serving and all and explained that Mr. Ken owned everything to do with the Diner and restaurant. That was fun. Are you going to slide our food across the table to us like she did, Susan?” lastly asked Charles.

"No, I'm sorry to say. … I'm still learning how to do that which is why I'm still working the breakfast shift. But, I will tell you what, that just for you and your 'brother' and the Boss, I will try. Will that be okay Charles?” asked Susan.

"Yes, thank you, and it will give you some practice,” replied Charles.

With a smile on her face, Susan quickly left the table to go check on her tables' order. Two minutes later, the waitress returned with their order and as she promised she placed a plate full of food down then tried to slide it over to the intended recipient. Charles got a big smile on his face when his food slid right in front of him. Robert's food got real close to being in front of him and that put a big smile on him, too. Since, Mr. Ken was seated right in front all Susan had to do was place his food in front of him.

Susan asked her 'gents' if there was anything else they needed, and then told them she would be right back with refills of their drinks and some ketchup for the hash browns.

The three Covers dug right into their food and, honestly, didn't notice their waitress placed fresh coffee and chocolate milk down on the table. This time, she didn't try to slide the drinks, to land in front of the proper person, because there were too many things on the table.

As she walked away, she heard a "Thank you!” and she thought it came from Charles. That put a big smile on her face.

The Covers did little talking as they ate and when they'd finished their breakfast Susan was right there to clear off the table and offer them a breakfast dessert Menu. The woman cleared the larger plates first and then brought fresh coffee for Mr. Ken, and then she cleared the remaining plates.

The boys asked if they could have desert. Mr. Ken looked as his watch to check the time. Then, seeing they still had an hour before his 'son's' friends arrived, he told Robert and Charles they could have some dessert.

Robert ordered an apple cinnamon muffin, and more chocolate milk. Charles opted for warm apple fritters slathered with strawberries and, of course, more chocolate milk. Mr. Ken just ordered a Blueberry and Cream Cheese Danish and, of course, more fresh coffee.

The Covers totally enjoyed their breakfast desserts and when they finished they realized they'd eaten way too much food for breakfast. Susan saw they were finished, so she dropped off the check and placed it equally between Mr. Ken and Charles. She laughed as she walked away.

Charles looked at his 'dad' and then at the check and then back to his 'dad'.

"Ahh, 'daa', ahh, Mr. Ken … I have no money, period. I hope you have some or we're gonna be in BIG trouble,” said Charles.

Robert laughed at his 'brother' and reminded him that Mr. Ken owned the place and could get away without paying, if he wanted to.

Upon hearing what Robert said, Charles immediately countered by saying that, "'Dad' wouldn't do that … this is a business and they have to account for the food used and served. That if Mr. Ken didn't pay it would affect the profits and ultimately his return on investment. It also looks good when people, who know he owns places, see him waiting in line and paying the same price they pay. So, please, don't ever say 'dad' would skip out on paying!”

Charles counter argument totally surprised Robert, specifically, at the way his 'brother' meant what he said. But, it was Mr. Ken who sat there with pride knowing that Charles had truly listened to what he said Friday night about his need to pay his fair share when he used the facilities he owned. The man knew that the boy had a good head on his shoulders and that he probably now had two very intelligent lads living under his roof.

Mr. Ken left Susan's tip, on the table, and headed towards the cash register to pay the bill. As the boys walked with him, it was Charles who said he really needed to use the restroom. Then, Robert chimed in and said he better go too because he had drunk way too much chocolate milk. Both boys disappeared into the Men's Rest Room.

The Covers rustled up their security guards and the five of them headed back to The Cove. Upon arriving at The Cove's gate, Camden 'Camm' Cambelle was waiting.

"They wouldn't let me in, Charlie,” quickly spoke up Camm, when he saw his new friend.

"Camm … please call me Charles. Living here will give me a chance at a new life and Charlie is a part of and a reminder of my 'old' life. Okay?” responded Charles.

Camm looked at the twelve year old and listened to what he had to say. As he heard what his, hopefully, new friend said it immediately registered in him that the boy was saying what he, Camm, sometimes felt about his chance at a new life. When Charles asked him if he'd agree to call him Charles, Camm quickly said, "Yes, I understand, I think I really understand what you mean, and I will call you Charles.”

The two lads remained quiet as they smiled at one another.

It was Mr. Ken who broke the silence by telling Camm he needed to sign in with the gate guards, in order to enter the estate. Mr. Ken explained that this will be something he'll have to do each and every time he came over. The lad said he understood and was just happy that he was invited.

The two security guards who accompanied The Covers to the Diner were rested so they took over the primary security functions and thus gave the other guards the chance to take a break. And, since it was almost twelve noon, they all knew their relief would soon be there.

Just as Mr. Ken and the boys headed down to the main Foyer entrance, the next shift of security personnel began to arrive. The outgoing crew briefed the oncoming shift of security guards and explained that a large number of kids would be arriving soon, and for them to have them all sign in, as they had been briefed. They also mentioned that two of them had to accompany the owner and his two boys, when they went out to eat, so they should be ready to accommodate the man until George and Gene arrived.

The rest of the invited lads began to arrive as the Covers walked down to the house entrance. It was Josh who noticed the large number of guards at the gate. He asked the other boys if any of them knew why there'd be so many but, just as the guys began to speculate the 'why', they began to see about half of them heading off to their vehicles. The boys then had their answer.

The security guards asked all the lads to sign in and then checked them against their list of approved visitors. After clearing the all the lads through, the guards told the boys they were free to enter and could go and find their friends.

Eric rang the front doorbell and waited for someone to answer it. It was Charles and Camden who opened the door. Seeing Camden there really surprised the lads as they didn't know that Camden was friends of either Charles or Robert. Charles asked the boys into the Foyer and called for Robert. When Robert didn't come out of the Study right away, Charles told his friends he'd be right back. Cameron just stood there amongst the staring boys.

"What are you doing here?” point blankly asked Cody.

"Charles asked me to come over today … at twelve noon,” reluctantly replied Camden.

A few of the lads then began talking amongst themselves about Camden being there and most of all, the why. They knew Camden wasn't the most 'beloved' boy in school, since he always stuck to himself, and because of that, truthfully, none of them really knew the lad.

Eric didn't like what he was hearing from the other boys so he went over to Camden.

"Camden, when did you get to meet Charles?” simply asked Eric.

"I met him last night at The Mall. He was there buying clothes with Robert and Mr. Ken,” replied Camden. "Oh, and I like being called Camm, if you don't mind.”

"Oh, cool … I mean about meeting Charles. Mr. Ken had promised Charles he'd take him shopping for new clothes, ever since he got here the other day, but things just kept happening,” explained Eric.

"Yeah, Charles said he only came to live here last Wednesday,” began Camm. "Then there was the Carnival and then all that happened with the motorcycle gang, so he just got to get some new clothes last night.”

The other lads heard Eric and Camden talking, so they listened to their short conversation. It was then Charles and Robert came out of the Study.

"Hi, guys,” called out Robert as he walked into the Foyer area. "Sorry, I didn't come out right away. Mr. Ken and I were talking about what we could do today. We kicked around a number of things we can do but, with so many of us, there aren't many things we can do that we all can do together. Oh … I hope you all know Camden. He likes to be called Camm, by the way. Charles met him last night and, since he is his age, he invited him over. I know you'll treat him like you want to be treated.

"Okay, here's what Mr. Ken and I came up with. We can skateboard and, since there are so many of us, we'll have to make sure we don't run into each other.” That brought on some giggles from the boys. "Then, we can swim in the pool since we'll all be sweaty from skateboarding.” That brought on another round of snickers and laughs. "Lastly, we could burn some burgers and dogs and then take a ride out on the Commander.” That last option was received with a big round of 'All right' and 'Yes'.

"So … what are we waiting for?” Eric called out.

The boys all exited through the Foyer door and headed off to the skateboard ramps. When they got there, they saw the fire extinguishers were again stacked next to the smaller ramp so they knew they would have to share only four ramps for now.

"Hey, Camm … are you any good on a skateboard?” asked Charles.

Camm looked at Charles to see if there was any malice in his question, but not seeing any bad intent he replied, "I can usually stay on the board … but I am a bit shaky since I don't get to practice all that much.”

"Then, you are probably as good as I am,” laughed Charles. Then, to the others he said, "You guys don't mind if Camm and I go first, do ya? This way if we fall we won't be in your way and if we get hurt there'll be two less kids hogging the ramps,” laughed Charles, some more, and then Camm joined in.

"Sure, we don't care if you go first,” answered Logan. "And, if you do fall, and break a leg, or something, we'll be sure to send some flowers to the hospital … that is … after we finish riding the ramps.” Logan then laughed, like Charles and Camm did, who then joined in with his laughter.

"Okay, Charles … you go first and Camm can follow after you. You'll also be checking that the ramps didn't get any bad spots since we last rode them, which was like … yesterday,” added Brad, and then he and the others laughed.

"Come on Camm, let's show these 'loser's' what we can do,” called out Charles, as he began to walk to one of the ramps.

Charles had been on the ramps the previous day so he sort of understood them but wasn't all that sure of himself, on them, yet. But he knew he needed to show these guys that he could ride a skateboard and wasn't afraid to go down the biggest one. Camm just followed along and saw that Charles chose the 5-foot high end of the Half-Pipe; so, he took the opposite 4-foot end.

The rest of the boys – Logan, Brad, Gordon, Eric, Chuck, Trevor, Josh, Cody, Sam, Terran and Robert – all looked on as Charles and Camm got to the top of their respective ramps and prepared to go down.

Charles and Camm saw the boys lined up to watch them, and knew it was 'Pass or Fail' time. So, they looked at one another, put their board down at the edge of their ramp and then pushed off. The boys passed one another on the flat area of the Half-Pipe and proceeded up the other ends ramp. The lads turned at the top and raced back down the ramp. They passed one another on the flat portion again and proceeded up the ramp. They did that two more times, without falling down.

When they finished their ride, they picked up their boards and walked off. It was then the other boys began clapping and hooting and hollering at how well the two lads had performed. Their audience then went to the boys and patted them on their backs for doing so well. Now, both Charles and Camden were feeling accepted as part of the large group.

The boys played on the ramps for over two hours when Mr. Ken rolled out large pitchers of lemonade, large bowls of ice, and large glasses for the lads to use. When the boys saw the man, with all that lemonade, they stopped what they were doing and ran over to the cart full of that refreshing looking drink. They all thanked Mr. Ken for doing that for them and he replied that he'll enjoy a burger or hot dog, or two, which they were going to be cooking later. The entire group had a big laugh over that.

The boys had taken about a twenty minute break from their skateboarding, when Robert checking the time, asked the group if they were ready to go swimming. No one objected to that idea so they all headed through the garage and down to the pool's dressing rooms. The boys had kept their swimsuit and towel bags with them at the skateboard ramps, so they carried them to the dressing room. Camm had left his bag in the Foyer and since Charles had to go to his room for his, he asked Camm to follow him up to his room where they could both change.

Camm followed Charles up the winding stairs to the bedroom level. The boys walked down the hall a short ways when they came to Charles bedroom. Charles immediately went to his dresser drawer and pulled out his new swim suit. Then, without thinking, he pulled off his shirt and shorts before he remembered Camm was there in his room.

"Oh, I'm sorry Camm, I wasn't thinking,” started Charles, standing there in his boxer briefs. "You can change in the bathroom, or … you can wait outside while I change, and then you can use my bedroom. Or, you can change while I do. It is up to you.”

Camm just stood there just staring at Charles while he was still standing in his well-fitting boxer briefs. It was then that Camm realized Charles was talking to him and he shook his head and chose option number three.

"No, that's okay. I'll ju just change in here with you, if it's okay with you?” replied Camm.

"I don't mind. Being a foster kid … at some places you have to get used to being seen by the other boys in the house. Even here … I've taken showers with Robert and Eric. It's no big deal,” explained Charles.

"Yu … you took a shower with Robert an an AND Eric, too? How'd, err … why you'd have to do that?” Camm wanted to know.

Charles told Camm to follow him. They walked to the restroom and Charles showed his new friend how it is set up. When they entered, Camm was surprised to see there were two urinals along one wall, two toilets set in their own little rooms with doors, four sinks, and a shower room with four shower heads.

"This is the 'boys' bathroom” began Charles. "It is designed so that at least four boys can get ready together for school, or wherever they are going. Mr. Ken figured if he had boys they'd be good friends and would get used to seeing each other getting cleaned up. There is a bathroom across the hall that is setup just for girls to use. At my last foster home, I was in, we saw each other naked … allot. Here … it's no big deal showering with Robert and Eric, who are now my 'brothers'.”

Camm was beside himself hearing that the boys would HAVE TO see one another naked. He wondered if he could get used to doing that knowing how he wakes up every morning. He wondered if the boys would see each other's boners.

Charles watched as Camm carefully looked around and wondered what his new friend was thinking about. He was still in his boxers and they were taking a lot of time to get changed, and down to the pool, so he asked Camm if he wanted to change there while he went back to his bedroom. Camm said he'd go back to the bedroom.

Charles walked into his room and picked up his swimsuit and placed it on his bed. Camm was still watching Charles and, when he saw his new friend placing his suit on the bed and was ready to change into it, he placed his bag on the other bed. Camm soon began taking off his shirt and then his shoes and then he pulled down his shorts. Charles watched Camm, this time, and when the lad was dressed, with as much clothing as he had, he began to take his boxer briefs down.

Camm, for some reason, felt exhilarated that he was going to be changing in front of an another boy, for the first time, ever. He continued to watch what Charles did and as the lads briefs came down he made sure his did, too. What Camm did not expect to happen was that his skin flute would begin to rise. It wasn't until he stood up after taking his briefs off the floor that he realized his dick was almost fully hard. Realizing what had happened, he placed his hands in front of his crotch.

Charles hadn't realized what happened to Camm until he too had stood up after taking his briefs totally off. When he stood up he saw the embarrassment on the new friend's face. He walked over to the lad and said, "Camm … don't be embarrassed. Please. All boys get boners and until you get used to being naked with other boys … you'll probably continue to get them. … See … even mine is beginning to get hard.”

Camm looked down at Charles crotch and saw that indeed the boy's dick was getting hard as his was right then. Camm had never experienced anything like this before and seeing the other boys hardening dick made his get even harder. Camm then smiled and moved his hand away to show Charles his inflated boy toy.

Charles saw relief come over Camm's face and realized that Camm was probably undergoing something he'd never done before so he asked, "Camm … haven't you ever played 'I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours'?”

A smile came to Cam's face and he replied, "No, ahh never. I've never really been asked to a sleep over let alone be totally bare-assed naked in front of another boy. I guess since you're standing there naked and, as hard as me, you aren't embarrassed are you?”

Charles smiled at Camm and said, "Camm, I don't mind being naked and hard in front of other boys. If you ever get to know me well enough then you may get to know why. For now, I think we need to get our bathing suits on and get down to the pool before Robert comes up here looking for us. Don't you?”

"Charles … would you mind if … ahh, if I could … you know … take a closer look at … ahh, your dick … first?” stammered out Camden. "I've never seen a real live boner before. I've only ever seen them, men's that is, not boy's, on the net, but nothing like this. So … can I?” carefully asked Camm.

"Are you sure … that is what you ahh … want to do?” asked Charles.

"Yes … if you'll let me,” responded Camm.

Charles nodded to Camm, that he could, so Camm walked closer to Charles. The boys then looked into each other's eyes and, before they knew it, they came closer together and hugged. Charles didn't know why he did it, but he was very happy he had. This was something so spontaneous, and unexpected, that he felt it was the right thing to do.

As the boys continued their hug, they instinctively placed their arm around the others back to help pull them against the other on. This caused them to begin to rub against one another. The sensations that were now coursing up from their extended boy toys, as they slid it along the others stomach, were causing a sexual overload in their two heads. It wouldn't be long before they both felt a tremendous explosion coming out of their primed volcanoes.

While they enjoyed the experience, it was Charles who remembered he wished he might find someone like Robert had in Eric, but he never figured he'd find him so soon. He was thoroughly enjoying the sensations going from his pocket rocket to his brain and back. He knew he hadn't exercised his personal tube steak in a few days and knew when he released his backed-up spermies, he'd have a big mess on his and Camm's stomach.

Camm went into overload mode, from all the sensations he felt coursing throughout his body, right then. He suddenly came to realize he was doing something, he never thought he would ever get the chance to do, so he began to thoroughly enjoy what was now happening to him. Sure he'd often made his one-eyed snake shoot out his baby making juices but he'd never felt anything like he was feeling right then.

Camm knew it wasn't his hand that was making his dick feel the way it was; it was the automatic back and forth sliding of it along his friend's stomach that he knew was making the feelings so fantastic. Then, he came to realize he hadn't wacked-off in the past few days. Knowing that, he knew he was going to make a big mess on both himself and Charles, when his snake shot out its venom.

Just then, Charles pulled back some from Camm and looked down between their stomachs. That made Camm look down too and they both watched as their dicks slid in their pre-cum juices that were slathered on their flesh. They then looked into each other's eyes while continuing to voluntarily slide their shafts up and down against the other's slick skin. It was while they gazed deep into the other's eyes that both baby-makers began to gush out their pent up joy juice.

As their skin flutes spewed forth, they hugged each other tighter, than before, and continued to slide their shafts spreading their home-made cream all over their stomachs. After an extra four or five thrusts the tips of their rods became way too sensitive so that they had to pull apart.

The cream they just produced began to dribble down their stomachs and into the little bit of pubic hairs they both had. The fluid then began to ease its way down their deflating shafts onto their legs. Feeling that happen, they looked down to see what was what and then they looked to one another. They then began to laugh and they hugged one more time.

"Hey, we better clean up, and fast,” quickly said Charles. "Bring your suit, and we'll take a quick rinse and get our suits on and down to the pool.”

The two naked twelve year olds practically ran to the shower and turned them on. They only rinsed their stomachs and surrounding area and then quickly put their bathing suits on. They gathered up their clothes and went quickly down to the pool area.

When the boys walked into the pool enclosure, Robert called out to them, "It's about time you got here … you two!”

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