Three Finger Cove: Collin ~ Book One

Chapter Sixty-Four

Up in Collin's bedroom, as they undressed for bed, he and Ryan began to discuss what Mr. Ken just talked to them about down in the Study. Ryan was amazed that their Big Bro knew what they had been doing, even without catching them in the act. Collin then mentioned he was surprised at how much the girls knew and what to do to get him so 'sexed up' as he called it. Then, he looked over at Ryan and admitted that he was concerned he could be a 'daddy' long before he wanted to be, if he wasn't more careful.

"Ryan, did … ah … did Megan ah … did she stroke you to the point you wanted to … cum but then stopped 'cold'?" asked Collin.

"Yea … yea she did! When you were telling Bro what Shelley, did I was thinking about what Megan was doing to me and … it was as if they both did the same thing to each of us. And … if … if that is the case they …"

"…had it planned!" finished Collin.

"Yeah, that is … that had to be the case, Col."

"Damn … I feel like I've been used, Ryan. I sure hope not. … I … I really … really like Shelley. She's a lot of fun to be around and we get along so well."

"Yeah, the same with me and Megan. Collin, have you ever been with any other girls? You know … ah … like to a dance or hold to hands and kiss them maybe?" asked Ryan

"Ry, this was … ah … well … Shelley is the first girl I've ever done anything with and I … I mean anything. Yeah, I've kissed a girl but that was at like … you know … like at a birthday party when we were playing games. I don't think that counts. It was just a kiss when we played spin-the-bottle. I think I was, I don't know, like eleven or just turned twelve. My dad didn't want me to be too friendly with girls back then. … Matter of fact, he didn't want me to have any friends when I think about it."

"Col, I've known many of the girls for a long time, but I never dated Megan or Shelley. I've been out with friends a few times to the Mall and the movies but it was a large group. I never had a real date like … like what we've had with Megan and Shelley. Well, I mean nothing like what we've had and done with our girls. … Geez, did I just say 'our girls'? Are we … their boyfriends, Col?" Do you think … we are their boyfriends, or do they think we are their boyfriends? … Damn, now I'm confused, Collin."

"Ryan, I'm not too sure what is what right now, after what Bro just told us. I really liked what Shelley was doing to me. And … and I liked touching her and hearing her moan and … you know … kinda shudder when I touched her in certain places. Come to think of it … I didn't even know what I was doing when I was touching her. I just did it to her in the places where she did it to me. I mean I don't have any experience with girls so … well I just tried stuff and it worked. What about you, Ryan?"

"Well, I think I kinda knew from hearing the older guys talking. You know you kinda hear stuff at school or you're talking with the older guys and they tell you stuff them and their girlfriends did. I just did what I remember them telling me. That's all."

"Ah … Collin," asked Ryan, "did you … you know … like what Shelley did to you … ah you know … ah better than what we … ah, what we do together? … Naw, that's not a good question to ask. You don't have to answer it, Collin."

"Ryan … well, to be honest … ah, well she hasn't really done anything to me as we've done together. You know, I've never … ah fucked her so I don't know what that feels like. She hasn't sucked me off either and I've never … ah licked her cunt so that's another thing I can't use to compare. Her hands are so much softer than yours, though, but she sure knew how to make me hard and stroke me, that's for sure." Then Collin got this big smile on his face and began to laugh some and then he asked his best friend, "So, how did Megan compare to me?"

Ryan looked over and smiled at his best friend. He then stood up and went over to where his best friend was seated and sat down besides him. "Collin, I've loved EVERYTHING we've done together. At first … well I wasn't so sure about it, but as we did different things I began to really love doing it." Then Ryan put his arm around Collin's shoulder and pulled him closer to him and said, "Collin, I never knew how good it could feel and what I was missing before we began to do some sex things together. You know … ah … the more we did … ah … the more I enjoyed it and the more it was like we knew what to do for each other to make the other … well feel better. I'm glad you trusted me enough, you know, telling me what those guys did to you and then showed me what you liked, too."

As Ryan said that, he looked down to see his dick was rock hard and making a big tent with his boxers. He looked over to Collin's boxers and saw the same big tent being formed, as well. Then, without saying a word, Ryan let his free hand that was not on Collin's shoulders slide to Collin's waist and then slowly glide over the pointed end of the 'tent pole' in his friend's boxers. Collin began to giggle as he felt the slight brushing of the hand across his sensitive mushroom like cock head. Then Collin brought his hand up and lightly brushed it across Ryan's tent pole the same sensuous way.

The two boys sat there watching each other brushing their hands atop their tented boxers. They each did it a few times to the other and then, as if on a signal, they each looked up into the other's eyes. After a few seconds they both brought their faces closer together and shared a simple kiss on their lips. The kiss was short but sweet and they pulled apart while their hands kept brushing the others tent pole. They leaned in for another kiss but this one was a bit longer. As they continued to lengthen their kisses their hands began to stroke the others tent pole and soon the pole shafts were sticking out of the slit in the front of their boxers.

Now the kisses became more intense and the hands wrapped around the shafts were pumping more and more. Then Ryan asked if Collin wanted to get naked. Upon hearing the question Collin didn't say a word. He just stood up and took his boxers completely off and stood in front of his best friend. Ryan, seeing the hardened shaft standing in front of him took the phallus and brought it to his mouth and began to gingerly lick it, then suck only the mushroom head into his mouth.

After four or so slurps of the sensitive cock head, Ryan stopped, looked up into his best friend's eyes and smiled. Ryan then stood up and shucked his boxers off his body and let his hardened phallus shaft poke Collin's lower stomach and then he pulled back leaving a small wet spot of pre-cum marking where it landed. Collin took his finger and wiped the area and then brought his finger to his mouth and sucked it into his mouth savoring the precious fluid. Ryan had watched it all and then he pulled Collin to him and kissed him while their super hard dicks slid up along the others lower stomach each leaving a trail of seminal fluid along its path.

Their kisses that began as a light smooch soon developed into a French kiss which developed into a tongue sucking hard pulling, body rubbing affair that eventually had them lose their balance and land on the nearby bed. By now their bodies and minds were on overload from all the stimulation they had from their dates to what they now had initiated between themselves.

They continued to slide their sweaty bodies along each other as they kissed. And, as they kissed, they kept rolling back and forth that one was on the top, then the other. The last time Collin found himself on the bottom he slid Ryan further down along his body. He then opened up his legs and as Ryan's hard dick came forward it pushed at Collin's asshole and then stopped. Ryan's eyes went wide opened when he realized what his cock was doing.

"Ryan, please don't stop pushing. This is something Dean did to me when I was with them. He used to fuck me and … and I kinda liked it. I've wanted this for … for a long time and … and I want you to fuck me! I need to feel a hard dick inside me. I've wanted this for a long time. Will you do this for me, Ryan?" Collin asked as he looked deep into his friend's eyes.

"But what … what if I hurt you? I don't want to ever hurt you, Collin. I love you, man, I really do."

"Then if you love me … you'll fuck me and let me feel a hard cock inside me, Ryan. I need it so bad. Please! There is the KY in the drawer. Get it and put it at my hole and some on your dick and then I'll tell you what to do."

Ryan quickly got the KY jelly and put some on his finger and spread it at Collin's asshole and then onto his ever so hard dick. Then Collin told him to place his dick at his hole and slowly push it in and not to stop unless he told him to.

So, Ryan began to slowly push his cock at the rose bud looking hole and he saw his dickhead begin to spread the opening and slide slightly inside. Then he felt Collin's hands at his butt cheeks and some pulling pressure as his dick continued to slide into the forbidden area. When half of his sex spike was inside, Collin gave a slight gasp but told Ryan to continue. Slowly and deliberately Ryan pushed his cock further inside. He began to feel a tightening around his dick that he had never experienced before. Then Collin told Ryan to stop and to pull out some and then stop and push forward again. As Ryan did this, Collin continued to encourage his friend to pull out then push in more and more each time until Ryan's pubic bush was tickling Collin's area below his balls.

Then Collin had Ryan begin to slowly fuck in and out of his hole. At first, Ryan was afraid he'd hurt his best friend, but as he picked up speed he saw a new face of pleasure on his buddy. Ryan continued fucking the tight asshole of his friend and his buddy urged him on to fuck faster and harder. Now Ryan got this 'go for broke' feeling inside his mushroom dickhead that said it wanted to discharge its seed and it wanted to do it now. Ryan wasn't sure Collin wanted him to cum inside him so he told the teen he was about to shoot. Collin told him to do it and to fuck into him as hard as he could when he shot.

Three hard and fast strokes later, Ryan shot his cum deep inside his fucked friend's hole. Ryan felt the first, then the second, then the third, fourth, fifth, and the sixth shots of sperm erupted out of his dick and into his best friend's ass. Ryan had never felt anything like that, ever! He was now beside himself, from the overwhelming sensation of having a tight hole to fuck. He knew that what he was feeling was what he would feel whenever he fucked his first girl. Ryan was all aglow and then looked down on his sex mate and saw the contentment of satisfaction on the face. When Collin opened his eyes and looked into his partner's, he lipped a 'thank you' and then smiled and pulled Ryan down and onto him. The two fell asleep that way.


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