How The Lottery Gave Me A New Life

Chapter 18: A Surprise That Leaves Paul Shaken And Speechless.


Tommy woke me up in his usual way and Henry kept trying not to giggle. After I won another morning tickle wrestling match, I told them to go and take their morning shower.

I looked over and noticed that Billy and Roger were still under the covers. I knew they could not still be asleep with all the laughing their older brothers made after they woke me up. I occasionally heard a couple of muffled giggles under their covers.

I silently made my way over to their bed. I gently grabbed the covers. I yanked them off quickly and yelled "BOOOOO." Both boys squealed and then giggled when they saw it was me."What are you two sneaks up to?" I teased.

"We were using our phones to text Trevor over in his room." Billy giggled as he held up his phone.

"Ya, we were trying to get him to tickle Tony while Tony was still sleeping." Roger giggled.

"Is his mommy awake?"

"We'll text him and ask him." They giggled as they raced to see who would send it first.

"She is just waking up. She gave him permission to wake up Tony. We told him to tickle Tony awake. He said he may not be able to text for a while after Tony catches him."

"Ok, you two sneaks start pulling things out of the drawers and put them on the other bed. We don't want to forget anything when we pack up."

"I'm going to miss staying here?" Roger said.

"Ya, me too but we will have so much fun at Uncle Paul's cottage. He has a whirlpool there too." Billy said.



The boys had half the stuff organized on the bed by the time Henry and Tommy came out of the bathroom. They wanted to watch their big brothers go through their 'Squeak Inspection' before they took their shower. We had everything organized and ready to put in the truck by the time the other two finished their shower, 'Inspection' and got dressed. I really wished we had bought suitcases for everything rather than all the plastic shopping bags.


"Hi, Uncle Paul. Where are we going to have breakfast?" Trevor giggled as he gave me a hug.

"Is your belly empty again?" I teased.

"Yes..." He giggled as he ran into the room to join Roger and Billy.

"Hi Uncle Paul," Tony said as he hugged me.

"Hey Buddy, I suppose your belly is enough too?" I teased as I gave it a squeeze.

"Yes..." He giggled as he went in to see Tommy and Henry.

"Don't even think about checking my belly." Sally giggled.

"Naw, belly checks are 'Guy Things.' Girls never like those things." I teased.

"So, the hotel has one of those continental breakfasts in the lobby but that's not much to feed 6 hungry boys."

"I know a place up the street that could feed all of them. They have great buffet breakfasts on the weekend."

"Should we pack up and check out first?"

"Naw, we can do that when we get back."

"Can I start your truck, Uncle Paul?" Tommy giggled.

"I see you were already hoping that I would say yes." I chuckled when I turned around and I saw him and Henry already with their coats and boots on.

"Sure go ahead; keys on the desk."

"Wait up guys...Mommy can I start the van, Please?"

"Alright but go put your coat and boots on first."

"Thanks Mommy...Come on, guys." He said as they took off to his room.

"Brush the snow off too," I yelled.

"We Will!"

"Alright, Trevor and I will get our coats and boots and meet you in the lobby."


Sally and I sat at a table across from two booths that the boys took over. During breakfast, Tommy and Henry made sure I did not run out of coffee and Tony made sure Sally didn't.

Mrs. Clark called my cell phone and said she and the detective would like to meet me and Sally at the hotel before we left. We agreed to meet them back at the hotel at 11:00 AM.


I had all the boys begin bringing the stuff down from the rooms while we had our meeting in the lobby.


"I had the people in charge of finding housing look into the cottages you suggested close to your personal property. It turns out that they did manage to secure the two cottages at the end of your lane. They are very similar to yours. They are both 4 bedrooms with fireplaces and waterfront. The owners agreed to leave them furnished too. Sally can look at them with her boys and decide which one she wants this afternoon. They left the keys with your real estate agents, Paul." The Detective said.

"That's wonderful," Sally said.

"We also have set up the bank account in the village for you at the same bank Paul deals with. Here are your bank book and credit card."

"WOW! I never saw so many zeros in an account with my name on it."

"What will happen to the other cottage?" I asked.

"Well, that will be up to the government to decide."

"Would I be able to purchase it for Tommy and Billy's mother?"

"I'm sure that could be arranged." He said.

"Betty's going to slap you." Sally giggled.

"Now Paul, I pulled some strings, and we had a meeting with the same Judge that is going to be handling the criminal trial for the men that were arrested at the hotel."


"I spent all day yesterday on the phone with all the people that you gave as references. I recorded the conversations and played them for the judge; as well as the parts of Henry's interview where he talked about you. Based on those, the clean police check and your part in rescuing all those boys, I persuaded the Judge to sign the adoption papers for Henry and Roger." Mrs. Clark said.

"What?" I whispered in shock.

"It means that Henry and Roger are legally your sons. Here are the signed adoption papers."

"Oh my God..." I whispered as I looked at the papers in total shock.

"I bet this is the first time he is lost for words." Sally giggled.

"I think so." Mrs. Clark said.


"TONY, Quick go find Henry and Roger and the rest of the boys and tell them to come here," Sally said excitedly as he came in from outside.

"What's wrong, Mommy?"

"Everything is fine. We just got some news for Henry and Roger and I want everyone to hear it. Hurry..."

Sally had Henry and Roger sit on the coffee table in front of me with the other boys standing behind them.

"What's going on, Daddy?" Henry asked nervously when I kept staring down at the adoption papers in my hand.

"Well Henry, as of late last night, you and Roger can call Paul 'Daddy' for the rest of your lives." Mrs. Clark said.

"Huh?" Henry said in a way he was afraid to hope.

"We do that now?" Roger said.

"I know Roger but I talked with a Judge last night and he signed your adoption papers for me."

"So...Henry and Roger are Paul's sons for real?" Tommy hesitantly asked.

"That's right, Tommy." Mrs. Clark said.

"So, nobody can ever take them away from Paul?" Tony asked hesitantly.

"That's right Tony," Sally said with tears in her eyes.

"Is this true...are Daddy?" Henry whispered as he touched my hand and looked at me.

"Ya..." It was all I could say as I finally looked up at him and Roger.

"Right ON!!" Tommy cheered followed by the rest of the boys patting them on their backs.

"You're my Daddy!" Roger said excitedly as he jumped up and wrapped his arms around my neck.

"YOU'RE MY DADDY!" Henry yelled with tears streaming down my face as he leaped at me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"You're really my sons." I said with my own tears as I wrapped my arms around 'my boys.'

All the boys came around and piled on top of us as they tried to hug us. Sally managed to grab the adoption papers from my hands before they got crushed under a pile of boys.


After what seemed like forever, all the boys finally got off us and sat around the table. Tommy sat Billy on his lap and Tony sat Trevor on his lap. Roger sat on one knee and Henry sat on the other knee. I kept my arms around them. Roger kept one arm around my neck and Henry kept one arm around my waist. None of us wanted to let go of each other.

"Ok, you have the adoption papers. The rest of the boys' papers like birth certificates and social insurance cards will be mailed to you. The boys' school records will be sent to the school in the village and another copy will be sent to your home." Mrs. Clark said as she wiped her own tears away from her eyes.

"I don't understand how this happened so fast," I said.

"Well, after I told the judge you were the one that got the ball rolling that resulted in all the boys being rescued, including Tony and Trevor, he decided to hear your petition for adoption. The rescue of all the boys is being reported by all the major media networks, so it is a political hot button. The criminal trial will put the judge in the spotlight. He could not afford the bad press if he dragged his heels with your adoption. I already told him you had temporary custody, so it really was a formality to jump to adoption."

"Wait...if the media is reporting about the rescues, what about our privacy?"

"Due to the fact that Sally and her boys are in the Witness Protection Program, all the media knows that it was an anonymous tip. They do not even know that Tony and Trevor were part of the boys that were rescued." The detective said.

"I asked the Judge to make it a 'Closed Adoption' and the records sealed. I told him it would also not look good if somebody found out he played favourites by rushing the adoption procedure." Mrs. Clark.

"It sounds like you strong-armed a judge." Sally giggled.

"I would not say that. I just pointed out two different scenarios that 'could' affect his career. One to get the adoption to speed up the adoption and the other make sure the adoption was kept private." She chuckled.

"It is important that everyone here not tell anyone the details about what happened this week." The Detective said.

"We can tell our Mommy," Tommy said.

"Yes, of course, Tommy but nobody else should be told." The Detective said.

"What about Grandpa?" Billy said.

"Yes, you can tell him to. Anyone else?" The Detective chuckled.

"No, I think that's it." Tommy tried not to giggle at the detective's frustration.


"You two are awfully quiet," Sally said to Henry and Roger.

"I'm scared that if I say anything something will happen to the adoption." He giggled.

"Oh Sweetie nothing you do or say will change the adoption." Mrs. Clark giggled.

"Are you sure?" Roger asked.

"Yes, I'm sure, Honey." She said as she leaned over to rub his back.

"Well, I was really scared to hope that Paul will become our Daddy in that he really is and nothing can change that..."

"It will take some time before it feels real."

"Daddy feels real to me." Roger giggled as he hugged me with both arms.

"He feels real to me." Henry giggled as he hugged me.

"How about you, Paul; still lost for words?" Sally teased.

"Yes, but don't worry, I will be back to annoying you again," I chuckled.

"Sounds like you are starting already." Mrs. Clark smirked.

"All my life I dreamed about what it would be like to have just one son. When Tommy and Billy came into my life, I automatically loved you boys like you were my sons. It was the same when Henry and Roger literally fell into my lap. I was thrilled when I was granted temporary custody of the two of you and could bring you back with Tommy and Billy. I also love Tony and Trevor like sons. I do not need a piece of paper to love any of you guys like you were my sons. I'm just so grateful that Henry and Roger will always be in my life and all of your lives. No one can take these two terrific boys away from me or you boys. I really need all you boys to teach me how to be a great Daddy to you."

"You already are a great Daddy?" Roger said.

"You already are the Best Daddy," Henry said.

"So...What do we do now?" I chuckled.

"I want to go see our new home, Daddy." Henry smiled as he looked into my eyes.

"Me too, Daddy..." Roger giggled.

"Well, let finish loading up all our stuff so we can get up there," I said and all the boys took off except Henry.

"I'm scared to let you go." He giggled.

"Well, maybe this will help you let go and help you go finish loading OUR truck." I pulled him onto my lap and began tickling him all over.

"I'll Goooooooo." He squealed.

"I thought that might work." I teased and gave him one more hug before I let him go.

"I Love You, Daddy." He whispered into my ear.

"I Love You, SON!" I whispered into his ear.

"Well, I think our jobs are done for today." The detective said as he stood up and shook my hand.

"Thank you so much."

"You are a good man and you are going to be a great father." He said as he left.

"I really don't know how to begin to thank you for all you did to push the adoption threw so fast."

"Being here and seeing how happy you and your boys are is all the thanks I need. I'll keep in touch." She said as she left.


"So 'DAD,' how does it feel?" Sally teased.

"That title will take some time to get used to."

"Well, Henry and Roger will remind you every time they call you."

"I just hope I remember to answer to it when they yell it across a mall." I chuckled.

"You may not want to remember that, when everyone turns around to see who they are yelling for." She giggled.

"I don't think I'll be paying attention to the crowd around me."

"So DAD, shall we get going?"



"Congratulation Paul." She giggled as she continued to wipe tears away.

"Thanks, Susanne, can I have my bill?"

"I don't have a bill for you?"

"Why not?"

"Well, the computer says you never stayed here. Your room has been registered to the Government Agency for Missing and Exploited Children since the day you supposedly checked in. So were all the rooms that you supposedly rented for the people in the shelter."

"Oh really; so I never really existed." I chuckled.

"I'll never forget you and neither will Beth. Oh, I hope you don't mine, I recorded what just happened on my phone so Beth can see it. She will be so disappointed that she missed it."

"Oh, can you send me a copy of it to my phone?"

"Sure I can."

"Thanks, Susanne."

"Oh, for some reason there were 4 stacks of money in the safe with Tommy, Billy, Henry and Roger's name on it." She giggled.

"Oh boys, I think you forgot something," I said as they brought down the last of the bags from the room.

"WOW! Where did you guys get all that money?" Tony gasped.

"Oh, that's what we earned clearing the parking lot and the people's cars off so they could get out." Tommy giggled as he took his stack.


"Ok, let's hit the road." I said as I headed for the door.

"Don't you want to sit in the front Tommy?" Henry asked.

"I think that seat belongs to you now Bro." He smiled from behind the driver's seat.

"Thanks," Tommy said.

We were on the road by 1:00 pm. All the boys kept texting back and forth between the truck and Sally's van; except Henry. He just stared at me the entire way back. He kept smiling and giggling each time I looked at him.

I had Tommy call Betty to tell her we were on our way back. He shocked her again by telling her what happened in the lobby but made her promise not to tell anyone but Grandpa. She kept trying to pump him for details and he kept telling her that he promised to tell her everything when he saw her. She said she would meet us at my personal cottage; which now can really be called a home for me and my sons.

I called Marj and asked her about the cottages that were down from mine. She said that John and she would also meet us at my cottage.

I was really surprised to find my driveway was plowed. I thought we would have to use the snow blowers to dig our way to the cottage. I also noticed that all the firewood, which was supposed to be just piled in the driveway, was stacked. The thing that really got the boys excited was the brand new Class A motor-home parked in the driveway. I had forgotten that it would be ready this week. Grandpa said it was delivered just a couple hours earlier as he handed me the keys.

Tommy and Billy immediately ran up to Betty and wrapped their arms around her. Tommy pulled out her cell phone and handed it to her and Billy handed her the new winter coat and mitts he picked out for her.

"Well, are you going to get out of that truck?" Betty giggled.

"Not until I know that you are not going to slap me into the middle of next week." I teased.

"There are too many witnesses around but I might when I get you alone." She giggled and pulled me out of the truck.

"I see you came back with more boys than you left with." Grandpa chuckled.

"Well, they sort of just multiplied. Let's go into the cottage and I'll try to introduce everyone." I chuckled.

Henry and Roger stuck to me like glue. They never left my sides.


"Ok, first, I want you to meet Sally and her to boys; Tony and Trevor. They will hopefully be moving down the lane in one of the two cottages down there." I pointed out everyone in the room to them.

"These two terrific boys are my sons; Henry and Roger." I began to choke up again.

"WOW! Paul is finally lost for words." Betty teased.

"That's why I said this morning, Betty." Sally giggled.

"I can see you two are going to get along great." I teased.

"Well, why wouldn't we when we have you in common to pick on," Betty asked.

"Aright, can we go down and pick out which cottage Sally is going to live in and which one Betty is going to live in?"

"What do you mean which one I'm going to live in?" Betty gasped.

"Ooops; did I forget to mention that small detail?" I chuckled.

"SMALL DETAIL!?" She giggled.

"Well, they both are available so I just figured you would enjoy being close to me so you can easily hunt me down when you need someone to slap." I laughed.

"Paul the government agent that dropped off the keys told us about the Witness Protection Program," Marj said.

"Well, that's one detail that I do not have to explain." I chuckled.

"So you got me and my boys a cottage and you were not even in the area?"

"It will be great, Mommy. Now all of us guys don't have far to go to play together." Tommy said.

"Ya Mommy. Please? Let's go check them out." Billy said.

"You love trying to make me the bad cop." She said as she slapped me.

"He did the same thing to me in the mall, Betty." Sally giggled.

"We need to spend a lot of time to compare notes."

"Can I come?" I teased.

"NO!" They said together.


The cottages were not far from mine and right at the end of the lane. The boys could easily and safely go between the cottages. There were no other cottages on the lane. They both basically had the same features, the same number of bedrooms and they both had garages like mine with lofts above them. All the boys asked if they could have the lofts for their playrooms. They said it would be like having castles or forts. The properties were close enough that they could have battles back and forth.

Sally really could not decide on which cottage to take. Betty said she would be fine with either one, and that it was her decision. Tommy and Billy said they liked the cottage that was basically beside my property and Tony and Trevor liked the other one. Sally and Betty decided to go with what the boys wanted.

I said that I would buy the cottage that Tommy and Billy wanted. Betty only agreed if she could pay me back with a mortgage.

Since the government did not know which cottage Sally was going to pick, both cottages' kitchens were stocked with the basic foods and kitchen utensils. Sally insisted on everyone having dinner at her cottage.


The boys took off exploring around the area. Henry was a little hesitant to leave me but the other boys talked him into going with them. The girls did not like them running around outside but I reminded them that they all had cell phones and we can call them when dinner was ready.

John, Grandpa and I were not allowed in the kitchen so we sat in the living room. I told them the basic details about what happened this week. They said they heard about two boys being saved from freezing to death on the news and then about the police raid. John said that the reporter did not give out any details. Grandpa joked that he should have figured that I would be in the middle of all that.

I told them how the adoptions went through go so fast and all that Mrs. Clark did to rush it through. I did not go into the details that Henry and Tony shared with me about their abuse. Grandpa did offer to talk with the boys, as a Reverend or as a Grandpa.

During dinner, Sally and Betty compared notes about how they were going to 'handle' me. Marj said she never saw 'that' side of me. The other girls teased and said 'that' side only comes out when I'm trying to corrupt their little angels.


The boys told everyone about all the great times they had at the hotel. Tommy told them how sneaky I was with the race I set him and Billy in the pool. Henry told them how I pulled all 3 of the older brothers into the pool after they got out of the whirlpool. Betty giggled and said that was mean. Tommy laughed and said that was what he said when it happened. I repeated that it would have been mean if I pushed them in. I pointed out that I went into the pool with them. John and Grandpa got into trouble with the girls for agreeing with my point.

Roger was a little quiet.

"I don't know what I'm allowed to tell and what is supposed to be a secret." He said softly.

"Oh Son, you can tell John and Grandpa anything you want. You don't have to keep secrets from them."

"Hey, what about us...?" Betty said referring to the women at the table.

"You can tell the 'GIRLS' anything except 'Guy Things.' Don't worry; you are MY son now so I will teach you all about girls as you grow up."   I teased.

"After your DADDY teaches you what he THINKS he knows about girls, you can come to any of us and we will tell you how boys SHOULD treat girls." Sally teased.

"Ya, MEN only think they know all about women," Betty added with a giggle.

"I'm already confused." Roger softly giggled.

"Don't worry Son; you just enjoy telling your stories. If you get Daddy into trouble with the GIRLS, I can handle it."

"I don't want to get you into trouble Daddy."

"Son, with Sally and Betty, I have a feeling I'm ALWAYS going to be in trouble with them." I chuckled.

"That is something your Daddy and us girls can agree on." Betty giggled.

"OK. Thanks, Daddy. What's for dessert?" He giggled.

"Is this belly still empty?" I teased as I tickled his belly on my lap.

"My belly has room for dessert too." Billy giggled.

"Mine too." Trevor giggled.

"You boys are just lucky I can't reach your bellies to check; like I can with Rogers'." I teased.


Marj and John left shortly after dinner and Grandpa left shortly after them.

I parked the truck over at Betty's cottage so we walked over with Betty and her boys.

"Can I talk with you Uncle Paul before you go?" Tony asked as we were putting our coats and boots on.

"Sure Buddy," I said.

"I just wanted to thank you again for everything you did for me back at the hotel." He said as we walked along the outside of the cottage.

"You're welcome."

"I'm really glad to have my Mommy back but I'm going to really miss the time we spent at the hotel."

"I'm going to miss those times too, but we are going to have a lot of great new times together."

"We are?"

"Sure, why wouldn't we?"

"Well, Henry and Roger are your real sons now so I just figured that you would be spending most of your time with them now."

"Well, that is only partly true. I'm still looking forward to spending as much time as I can with you and Trevor too."

"You are?"

"Of course; I meant what I said back at the hotel. I love you just as much as I love Henry and Roger. I love Tommy and Billy just as much too. As far as I'm concerned, all of you will always be my sons."


"Really. My life would always be missing something if you were not in it."

"I do love you just as if you were my Daddy."

"That makes me so happy to hear you say that."

"So I can still come over and spend time with you?"

"You can come over any time you want; just make sure you let your Mommy know."

"We can still have talks when things are bothering me?"

"I will look forward to those kinds of talks too."

"Thank you so much, Uncle Paul." He wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Thank you for still wanted me in your life. So are we good?" I wrapped my arms around him.

"Ya..." He said as he looked up at me with a huge smile.


I said as I reached down to grab a handful of snow and put it down his neck.

"AHHHHHHHH! I'm going to get you for that." He giggled as he chased me down the driveway; throwing snowballs at me.

We wrestled around at the end of the driveway. I managed to pin him down and shoved my cold hand under his shirt.

"I GIVE UP!" He squealed as my cold hand touched his warm bare belly.

"Are you going to go back up to your cottage?" I teased.

"YES!"  He giggled.

"Good Night, Tony."

"Good Night, Uncle Paul...I'll get you back tomorrow."  He giggled as he ran up the driveway.

"I'll look forward to you trying." I teased.


Tommy and Henry were waiting for me halfway down the lane.

"Can I start your truck, Daddy?" Henry asked.

"Sure you can," I said as I handed him the keys and he ran down the lane.

"You didn't want to start it, Tommy?"

"Naw, I sort of wanted to talk with you."

"Sure, what did you want to talk about?"

"Well...I'm really glad that you have two sons of your own now."

"Thanks but I hope you know that it does not change how I feel about you."

"I know; that what I wanted to tell you. I know things will not change between us and I'm so glad we already talked about that. I just wanted you to know how happy I am for you."

"Thank you. That means a lot to me."

"Before we left on our trip, I was really worried that you would be all alone in your cottage during the week. I knew we could not stay there all the time with you. I knew we would have to stay with Mommy. I love Mommy but I also worried about you being alone when we were with her."

"Thank you, Tommy, but it's my job to worry about you. You don't have to worry about me. I'm always happy if I know you are happy."

"I know and now I can be really happy knowing that you will not be alone when Billy and I are with Mommy."

"Are you sure, you are still only 10?" I teased.

"YES!!!" He giggled.

"You did not grow up and become an adult sometime during our time at the hotel."

"NO!!" He laughed.

"Is there anything else?"

"Ya, I'm really happy that I'm going to be living so close to you now.   I didn't know how I could come over if we were back at our apartment in the village. Now it's so cool that I can just run down the lane to spend time with you." He said excitedly.

"Just make sure that you tell your Mommy or else I'll be the one getting in trouble." I chuckled.

"I really like seeing you in trouble with Mommy." He giggled.

"Oh you do, do you?" I teased.

"Ya, Mommy is so happy when she is picking on you. I know you love teasing her too."

"Well, that is true but you are a little sneak and find ways to get me in trouble with her too."

"Hey, I got to get you back somehow." He teased.

"Well, you did not see how I just got Tony back."

"What did you do?" He giggled.


I reach down, grabbed a handful of snow and put it down his neck and took off running down the lane.

"I'm going to get you." He giggled as he chased me.

"I also did this to get him to go in the house," I said as we got back to the truck.

"I GIVE UP!" He yelled and giggled when my cold hand touched his warm bare belly.

I helped him up, and we hugged.

"I love you, Uncle Paul."

"I love you too, Tommy."

"I will get you back." He giggled as he ran up the driveway.

"I'll look forward to you trying." I teased as I got in the truck with my boys.


"That was really fun watching what you did to Tommy, Daddy." Roger giggled.

"Ya but now I know that trick." Henry giggled.

"That does not mean I can not do it to you when you are least expecting it." I teased.

Henry giggled as he ran up to the cottage, as soon as stopped the truck, so I could not get him like I got Tommy. Roger slipped under my arm and put his arm around me as we walked up the path. Henry giggled nervously as we walked up to him. Roger ran inside as soon as I opened the door. Henry giggled as he ran past me inside. After he hung his coat up, I slipped the little bit of melting snow in my hand down his neck.

"Ahhhhhhh..." He giggled as he jumped around trying to get the snow out of his shirt.

"I told you I could get you when you least expected it." I teased.

"No Fair." He giggled.

"So where are we going to sleep, Daddy?" Roger asked as he jumped on my lap as soon as we sat on the couch.

"Well, there are cool bunk beds downstairs that Billy told me but the mattresses are still in my room. We can easily put them back down there if you want to sleep down there."

"We could we sleep on them in your room like Billy and Tommy did." He said.

"You can do that too if you wanted too."

"Where do you want to sleep, Henry?" Roger asked.

"I guess we can sleep on the mattresses where they are." He said softly.

"Alright, Roger, why don't you go and take your shower and put your pyjamas on?"

"Ok, are you coming Henry?"

"I'll be there in a minute." He said.

"Is there something wrong, Son?"

"Well...I don't want you to think I'm a big baby..."

"I would never think you are a big baby. You are my son now. I really want you to be able to tell me anything. I will always love you with all my heart no matter what you tell me."

"Thanks, Daddy...Ok...I was wondering...if I could...sleep in your bed like we did in the hotel room."

"Do you really want to?"

"Ya...I really feel safe when I put my head on your shoulder and you put your arm around me."

"We can sleep like that for a while if you want."

"Really? That does not make me a baby?"

"Of course not; you have had a really rough time this past year. I really want you to feel safe now that we are a family.

"Before I met you, I never wanted any man to ever touch me again after what that monster did to me. When I met you, you were so gentle with me when you were trying to warm me and Roger up that first night. When I wanted to go to the hospital with Mommy, you stooped down and talked to me at my level. I remember looking into your eyes and somehow knew I would be safe with you."

"Thank you for telling me that. That made me feel really good inside."

"I'm still scared of other men and don't really like them touching me but I really like it when you hug me and hold me."

"...and tickle you?" I teased as I gently tickle his ribs.

"Ya and when you tickle me." He giggled. "I really feel safe when you hold me. That why I feel like a big baby sometimes."

"Oh, Henry you are not a baby for wanting to feel safe. I love it just as much as you when I hug you. I'm really glad I can make you feel safe."

"So it's alright if I sleep next to you, tonight?"

"I would enjoy that."

"Thanks, Daddy."

"Why don't you go play big brother and make sure your little brother comes out 'squeaky' clean for me?"

"I will..." He gave me a big hug before he got up and joined Roger in the shower.


I figured Henry snuck up and scared his little brother when he pulled back the shower curtain. I heard Roger squeal and then giggle. I heard both of them giggling as they took their showers.

I decided to go downstairs to make myself an evening drink. I stood at the patio doors and looked out into the night sky. It was a clear night, and the sky was lit up with millions of stars. It was then that I realized that I had everything that I ever dreamed of. I never thought I would ever have one son of my own. Now I have two boys of my very own that really do love me as their Daddy. Nobody could ever take them away from me. I really can watch them grow up.

The boys came bouncing down the stairs. Roger came running up to me saying he was ready for his 'squeak inspection.'

Henry froze when he saw the drink in my hand. He had the scared look on his face; like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Henry, what's wrong?" I quickly put the drink on the bar and knelt on one knee in front of him.

"Do you drink, Daddy?" He asked nervously.

"Well, I do enjoy some times making myself a drink at night before I go to sleep. What's wrong?"

"That monster would drink when he..."

"Oh Henry, I'm so sorry. I didn't know." I tried to hug him but he took a step back; more out of reflex

"Do you get drunk?" He asked nervously.

"No, I don't. I use to just have a couple of drinks and then go to bed. I won't do that anymore if it upset you this much." I reached out and touched his hand. He did take my hand and did not pull his away.

"I don't want you to stop if you enjoy it."

"But if it makes you this upset, I don't want to do it anymore."

"How do you act when you drink?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, the monster would get really mean and angry when he would drink."

"Oh, well, I usually get silly and more playful when I have a couple of drinks."

"I would enjoy seeing you silly and more playful, Daddy." Roger giggled.

"I would enjoy that too." Henry softy giggled when he looked at Roger giggling.

"Are you sure because I will stop?"

"You don't have to stop for me. I just got scared because it reminded me, for a second, of when the monster would drink."

"I don't want anything that would remind you of that."

"I know. If you get silly and MORE playful when you drink, I think I would really like to see that." He giggled.

"Oh, so you want to see me fall down so you can jump on me and finally win a wrestling match." I teased.

"Hey, I never thought of that." Roger snickered.

"I'm sorry I thought you might change like that monster did."

"Oh Buddy, you had every right to be scared. I'm the one that is sorry for not knowing."

"It's ok. I did not tell you so you could not have known. So...can we have our 'Squeak Inspection' now, Daddy?" He giggled as he wrapped his arms around my neck.

"I will love giving my new sons their first Squeak Inspection as your Daddy," I said as I wrapped my arms tightly around him.

"YAY!" Roger cheered.

"Hey, that's right," Henry said.

"What is?"

"This will be the 'first' time now that you are our Daddy." He smiled as he handed me the glass I sat down on the bar.

"What's this? Are you trying to get me silly and more playful?" I teased.

"Maybe..." He softly giggled.

"Now who is being sneaky?" I said as I poked his belly.

After our first Daddy's Squeak Inspection, we sat together on the love seat in the rec-room. When Roger started to yawn, I offered to carry him upstairs and tuck him on the mattress on the floor. I sat next to him and rubbed his back until he was sound asleep.

"Here you go, Daddy," Henry said as he handed me a drink that he poured from the bottle that I left open behind the bar.

"What's this for?"

"It is to make up for being scared and forgetting to trust you."

"Oh Son, you have nothing to make up for. I'm just glad that I did not ruin our relationship as father and son on the very first night we are together."

"You didn't. Some adults drink to celebrate special occasions so I wanted to make you a drink so we can celebrate being father and son now."

"Well, thank you so much but I don't need a drink to celebrate with you."

"I know you don't; I just want to see how silly you get." He giggled.

"OOOOOHHHHH! So now the real truth comes out." I teased as I grabbed him and pulled him onto my lap.

"YES!" He squealed as I grabbed his belly. 

"I love you, Daddy." He panted with a huge smile on his face after we stopped wrestling around.

"I love you too, Son." I smiled as I looked into his eyes.

"Can I get you another drink?" He giggled and curled up in a ball on my lap.

"No, two drinks is normally my limit. You just want to get me drunk so you can win a wrestling match with me." I teased as I playfully poked him.


"You are such a little sneak."

"I am learning to be sneaky like my Daddy." He giggled.

"I think it's time that I put this little sneak to bed," I said as I scooped him up and carried him upstairs over my shoulder.

I playfully tossed him on the bed. He scrambled under the covers when I tried to grab his feet. I climbed into bed and he put his head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around him.

"Goodnight, Daddy." He yawned

"Goodnight, Son." I rubbed his back until I fell asleep. 

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