Peter in High School

Chapter Nine: Starting A Normal Week

November, 17h, 2008, Monday.

No need to say I went to bed thinking of Nick and woke up thinking of Nick.

So that, as I woke up, before the alarm, I turned it off, closed my eyes and I just knew I wouldn't drift off because my dick was, actually, aching, rock hard. I slowly caressed it through the mattress – it's nice, kinda gives a sensation it's not really me as I don't feel it one hundred percent with my hand... I took a grip of it and started moving up and down. Still, under the covers, I kicked my briefs.

I took my t-shirt off and I started feeling the warm skin of my chest, as my skin is always warm when I wake up, lightly brushing my fingers over my left nipple and ruffling my hair with my other hand.

Sometimes, it seems my erection is uncontrollable as it really aches – sometimes I wonder if being that hard is even `healthy' – but when I caress my balls it seems to help... as usually when my shaft gets really hard, on the opposite, my ballsac gets very soft, so it feels great stroking the shaft with one hand and massaging under it with the other hand.

Only if Nick could do it for me... no, I mean, if Nick were here I'd explode only touching him, pleasing him, serving him maybe... I would start looking deeply into those amber eyes, usually so warm, along with that smile, with teeth so white, lips so pink, and that peach fuzz skin of his face...

I would bury my face below his right ear, to smell his hair, to taste his soft neck on my lips and maybe suck it and nibble it for one second or two... maybe then I would run the tip of my nose on his upper arm, armpit, only for one moment, to reach his nipple and lick it.

I would bury my face on his navel, to smell his pubic hair, touch his balls with my nose while caressing his sides with my both hands and engulf his rock hard big shaft in my mouth just to taste it over and over again and when he couldn't take it anymore... mmm... I'd stop and do it all over again and he'd beg me to continue but no, I wouldn't and I'd lightly take hold of his wrists and put his hands behind his head.

No need to say what was that sticky thing in my hand by this moment, giggle.


After having a shower, I had some basic blue jeans and a plain black t-shirt, along with a red sweater, in contrast with the blue of my eyes and to match the red of my cheeks that used to happen in a few mornings, like this one, I guess.

With that, I quickly had breakfast – yeah, fantasizing like this can make one late – and as I opened the door two surprises, the cold fall wind and...

"Nick?!" I almost shouted in disbelief as I just pulled the door closed and stepped outside.

Nick was glorious that morning. There was a very light fog, barely noticeable, but enough not to let the sun hit hard on his features soon in the morning. His hair was brushing against the wind, his hazel eyes, almost green in the morning, were looking at me, with an off-white wool in his head to match his off-white jacket and light blue jeans.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to startle you," he said. "I'm not disturbing, oh, gosh, I didn't mean to..." he started, averting his gaze to the floor.

"Of course not," I said and before I realized I embraced him in a hug, the warm fabric of his jacket, the cold wind as we were on the sidewalk. For one moment I even rested my cheek on his left shoulder, but I noticed he got kind of tense... now I startled him, so I quickly let go.

He realized, so that, he put his hand on my shoulder, with a little more pressure than he should, he actually grabbed my shoulder, quickly changing it for a light touch, he made two circles with his thumb on my shoulder and let go.

"You know, it's not on your route to school," I said.

"Well, as I get the bus it's only two more stops, you live close to school, you know," he replied, still looking at the ground.

"Thanks," I said with a genuine smile, as he looked at me.

The wind brushed his hair as we walked, side by side, to school, with some brown leaves being lifted by the wind.

"So, it sucks you were grounded," I said.

"Yeah, but no sweat. It's over. The old man wants to be all correct in front of me but I eavesdropped he saying to mom something like `Nick can't be a baby or a wuss', let the boy have a few drinks." he concluded with a chuckle.

"So, what did you do this weekend?" I asked.

"Not much, had to help with cleaning all the garden... I guess the high point was talking to you..." he trailed off "Ah, I mean, I also watched the boxing finals!" he continued.

"I don't like it very much." I honestly replied.

"Okay, me neither" he chuckled. "But I did like that new zombie series, did you see it?"

"Yeah, it was the pilot episode, wasn't it?" I replied.

"Yeah, it totally rocked." he completed.

"And I also watched a program about boats... you know, in the future, I wanna have a boat! And you?" I said.

"Mmm... I don't know, but I did watch that one where the guys buy new turbo engines and change about everything in the classic cars. Did you see it?" Nick asked me.

"I don't really like old car stuff... cars, for me, I guess the newer the better."

And with that, we arrived at school to have our first class of the week together. It was Lit. That day the teacher was talking about foreign literature.

He gave us as exercise a paperwork with a piece of a translated song in it and as the song played I was just looking... actually staring at Nick... he was absorbed by the class, almost fascinated, so cute, paying attention, biting his pencil, brushing his hair out of his eyes. He would occasionally look at me and smile and I would avert my gaze.

Actually, I was, almost involuntarily, drawing Nick's face on my notebook as the song was playing and he was concentrated on the teacher. It was something like "I whisper thank you, as I leaf through this old photograph album, to one who always cheered me on, within my heart / And should the memories of that smile I think of / come rain or shine, fade away into the distance / They return in the days I search for a glimpse of your face, a stream of tears..."

"Yeah, that's how beautiful Nick was at that very moment, as I pictured him with my pen, on a white notebook page.

"Hey, what's that?" Nick asked as he finished the exercise, which I barely touched.

"Mmm, nothing!" I said as I automatically ripped the page, crumpled the paper and threw it towards the trash can, which was situated in the corner the classroom.

"And three points to Peter!" I said as I got it right in the trash can.


During lunchtime, it wasn't cold anymore, so we decided to have lunch on the grass and we finished eating our pies talking about meaningless things, in general.

"So I brought two apples, one for me and one for you... if you want..." Nick trailed off.

"Love apple." I corrected.

"Yeah, whatever," he said and averted his gaze.

As we were eating I could see his lips getting very reddish, and sure they should be, literally, very sweet. As I looked at him he'd look back at me while he took another bite of his apple. He wouldn't avert his gaze, but only look at the apple and back at me. I don't know if it was the apple color impression or the wind but he was getting flushed.


As the classes finished, Nick decided to walk home along with me.

"Do you want to stay over for a while to play some video games?" I asked as we were walking home.

"Okay," he replied, walking home, alternating his gaze between my face and the sidewalk.

"So, we're friends, right?" Nick asked.


"So, you're my friend?" he continued. I said nothing as it was already replied.

"So, do you think we're friends like best friends?" he asked, as he kept walking with his hands on his pockets, looking at the sidewalk floor.

"I guess so..." I replied.

"So, I can ask you anything, right?" he said.

"Right," I replied and stopped in front of him, as we were in front of home.

He, lightly, took hold of my arms with his both hands.

"I... I..." he started, tentatively. He was looking me in the eyes, and then averted his gaze to the grass.

As I was staring at him, our eyes met and his eyes were so beautiful, and deep and intense... I don't know, maybe too intense for someone who was just standing on the sidewalk, looking to ...ahem... plain me *giggle*

"I have to go!" he said and took a step back. I couldn't figure if he was looking me in the eyes, staring at home, behind me, or looking at the street. For this one moment, I had only the slight impression his look got a little confused, but couldn't figure it out.

"But you said you wanted to play video games... we can do something else..." I interjected.

"Yeah, but I have some... errands to do at home... mom said... well, I have, stuff... at... home." he said "Sorry man, bye Peter, thanks!" he said and started running. He looked at me twice waving goodbye and then started running the way back.

I quickly waved bye back.

I just watched, confused, beautiful Nick as he started running, fast, as I was standing in front of home and a cold, strong wind blew my hair. 

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