Three Finger Cove: Collin ~ Book One

Chapter One Hundred and Fifteen

At the high school, all the kids could talk about was the 'soft' opening of the new 'lakeside' water park, that coming weekend. With the election over, the students began to focus only on what their upcoming summer activities would be.

"Collin," asked Brittany, one of the many students who helped during the election, "are you going to be at the 'soft' opening of the water park this weekend? A bunch of us kids are getting car pools together and … well, I was hoping you could go with us."

"Thanks, Brittany, for asking me, but Mr. Ken is already taking a bunch of us. He's going to use the Commander, and that way we won't have to deal with the traffic."

"Oh … ah, yeah … I guess I should have figured he'd go and you'd be going with him," a dejected Brittany replied. … "I enjoyed working on the election with you, and was hoping to get to know you better. Well … I will get to see you there, then, won't I?" the newly energized and smitten girl asked.

"Yes, I'm sure we'll get to see one another there, and I bet it will be loads of fun. We sailed past there a few weeks back, and I could tell from what I could see that the water park is going to be a blast all summer long," spoke up Collin, trying to sound positive but not giving the girl too much hope about them being a 'couple.

"You better watch out there, Collin," said Derrick, as he came up to the teen as the girl was walking away. "She's had her eye on you all during the election meetings and stuff and she said to her girlfriends she was way better than Shelley and … well, you can guess for yourself what that's all about."

"Yeah, I got that feeling she was out to get me, even though Shelley and I have been going out together, ever since the New Year's Eve party, and … well, what gives these girls the idea they can just come and get what they want?" asked a perplex Collin.

"That, my man, is the $64,000.00 question. You obviously haven't been around many girls in your life to know that we are theirs for the taking. They gather in packs and plan together how they will get one boy, or another, to like them or some other girl. They don't care if you presently have a GF, all they want is to win the 'prize'. And you are definitely the Prize! After that, they'll dump you as soon as they find someone else to go after."

"I've been going to school for ten years with her and her so-called girlfriends, and I've seen how they operate. Shelley is a very lucky girl, if you were to ask me. … Have you ever noticed how Shelley and Megan are not often included with the "in-crowd'?" asked Derrick?

"Yeah … what's with that?" replied Collin.

"Ask them," said Derrick as Ryan and Damon and Daniel and Conner came walking.

"Ask us what?" probed Daniel.

"About girls and how they think they can just … well, think they can get us to be their boyfriends, even though we already have a girlfriend," explained Collin.

"Oh … that," said Damon, with his head bowed low.

"What's with him, Ry?" inquired Collin.

"He … ah … they did it to him, last year," started Ryan. "This girl, Margaret and him, were sort of dating. Not regular or anything, like you and me with Shell and Meg, but still … anyway, they had a nice thing going until one of "them" decided they wanted Damon. A bunch of them got together and hounded Damon relentlessly about how this other girl really wanted to be his girlfriend and everything and … and, he fell for it. Five weeks after he began dating Madison, she dumped him. Just like that. Then he and … well the rest of us heard them laughing behind his back how they could make any boy 'love' them. It really pissed off Damon and … ever since then, he rarely has a date."

"That really sucks! I'm sorry, Damon, they did that to you," apologized Collin, and he lightly hung his arm across the teen's shoulder.

"So … what were you and Derr talking about when we came up?" quickly changing the subject asked Damon.

After a few minutes of explanation, the boy's all agreed that the girls were truly devious, and would only ruin it for themselves over the long run. By then, the first bell hand rung and they all scattered off to class.

"Mr. Ken …" began Collin, after he came in from school that afternoon.

"Yes, Collin, what is it?" Ken Thomas asked his 'younger brother', knowing that something was amiss by the lad's use of "Mr. Ken".

"Well … ah … can you explain why girls … well why they play these games with us boys?" answered Collin.

"Sheesh, Collin, when you ask a question, you sure don't fool around, do you?" teased Mr. Ken. "Now, if you had asked me about the Meaning of Life, or how the earth was formed, then maybe I could give you an answer," laughed the not much older man. "But, Collin … my boy, when it comes to knowing why girls do the things they do … well, I do not believe there is a man alive who can answer that question."

"So, tell me, Collin … why all the concern about women? Did you and Shelley have a fight?"

"No, not that … at least I don't think we had a fight. It's just that this girl, Brittany, she helped with the election … well, today she asked me to go with a group of her friends to the 'soft' opening of the water park. I thought I told her No, but … well later today the word around the school was that she was 'meeting me' there. She made it sound like we had a date or something. How can girls do that kind of stuff?" asked a very baffled Collin.

"Collin, let's go and sit down. This may take a while," said the lad's guardian.

The two talked for about thirty minutes, all the while covering the whims and ways of girls, and women in general, and how they manipulate any and all the facts and people, in order to get what they want. As they finished, Mr. Ken recommended that the teen call his girl ASAP and explain in great detail what went on with Brittany, and not to leave out any fine detail. Collin's mentor just explained another aspect of girls, and women, needing every fact and morsel of information, and names of people who could verify everything you tell them. The man and teen then hugged and then with a "Good Luck" the boy headed up to his room.

"And don't forget to invite her to ride with us on the Commander," yelled Mr. Ken as Collin was ascending the stairs.

Later that evening, after dinner, the two permanent residents of Three Finger Cove sat together again and reviewed the day's events.

"Thanks Bro, for your advice earlier. Shelley heard that rumor, too, and was sick about it. That was until after I explained everything to her, and now she is very happy that I called to explain what happened. She told me that if I hadn't called, then she would have figured it was over with us. … But, Bro, I still don't understand. It's like … there's a totally different set of rules for them. Is that the way it usually is?" a still bewildered Collin asked.

"Collin, my little bro, I tried to explain, but honestly … there is no real way of understanding girls, or women," began Mr. Ken. "They have this warped sense of fairness and logic, and if you want to stay on their good side, you will always be honest with them. Later, when, and IF, you decide to settle down and get married, keep this all in mind as it will all be extremely helpful. Maybe by that time, you'll realize that you MUST be an equal in your marriage and if they don't see it that way then you should walk away."

"Ah … is that one reason … ah, that you're not married, yet, Bro?"

"Truthfully?" asked Mr. Ken.

"Yeah, please," replied Collin.

"Yes, Collin, that is one of several reasons. You've met two of the women I dated in college. You saw how they acted."

"Yeah, and so did everyone else," honestly answered the teen. "Are there other reasons?"

"Collin, what do you think about all that I have? Should I marry someone and let them have half of what I own? Do I bring them into my 'special world', and show them everything I am doing and explain what I'm planning to do?" seriously inquired Mr. Ken.

"Well … I would think that if you loved her, that giving her … well a marriage is a sharing, so I guess that would be okay. As for showing them, I really don't understand that part," shrugged the teenager.

"Collin, you met Janice and Mary Ann. Could you see me married to either one of them? … Honestly, now!" asked Ken Thomas.

But before Collin could answer, Mr. Ken added, "Do you think I could continue to deal with either of them, for the rest of my life?"

"Yeah … okay … I think I know what you are hinting at, Bro," began Collin. "They both are nice to look at, and have on your arm, like at big parties and such, but … if you married either of them then they would be out spending your money and … well, yeah, I can see before too long, you'd be divorced. And if you did marry them and then got divorced they'd get most of your money. Is that what you wanted me to get out of that, Bro?"

"Yes, Collin, it isn't that I don't enjoy being around either of them, but … when it comes to money, they are only out for themselves. The woman I will marry will not be someone who marries me for my money. She will marry me because she and I will have each other's happiness paramount in our minds, and in our hearts, and the money will ensure our happiness and that of our kids."

Collin went to bed that night understanding more than he ever had in his short sixteen years, about men and women and money. It was something he needed to further explore and keep uppermost in his mind, as he matured, and then one day to marry the right woman.

Collin slept soundly that night and awoke rested and ready for whatever those girls at school came after him with.

The next day at school, Collin, Ryan, Derrick, and the rest of the fellows that hung together, were talking during their lunch break when a gaggle of young female teenagers purposefully walked by them. As the girls passed, one girl in particular said in a very sweet voice, "Helllooo there, Collliiinnn, I can't waaaait untillll this Saturday. I am soooo looking forward to seeeeing you at the water park."

The fact of the matter was the boys were just talking about how girls manipulate them into things they wanted no part of. Brittany's sweet talking voice and her talking as if she and Collin had a 'date' that Saturday set Collin off.

"Brittany, wait UP!" called out Collin.

Knowing what was just said in their group and especially how Collin felt about what Brittany did to him just yesterday, Derrick said to the others, "This should be good. Real GOOD!"

As soon as Brittany heard Collin call out, she and her girlfriends all stopped and waited. Collin only had to walk six feet to the waiting girls so what was going to be said would be heard by all his buds.

"Hi, Colliiiin … did you want to talk to meeee about our 'date' this Saturday? I am soooo looking forward to being with you alllll daaaay. I am so hoping you are, tooooo!", charmed out Brittany as her girlfriends stood aside to let Collin come into their group.

"Yes, Brittany I did want to talk to you about Saturday. What ever gave you the idea that the two of us meeting at the water park was a DATE? You know that Shelley and I are going out together, and just because I agreed I would probably see you there, didn't mean it was a DATE! And WHY did you go and spread that rumor anyways, saying that WE HAD a DATE? HuH? … I feel real USED by YOU, Brittany! Nothing I said to you EVER had anything to do with us having a date, on Saturday, but you went out and TOLD EVERYONE we did!" spouted out Collin in a firm, determined manor.

"Yes, you did, you creep. You said we'd meet there and spend the day together!" yelled back Brittany.

"I said NO SUCH THING, Brittany!" loudly rebuked Collin. "I said something like 'we'll get to see each other there, and it, meaning the water park, will be loads of fun'. NO WHERE in our VERY SHORT conversation did we EVER talk about US having a DATE, PERIOD! And what's this you calling ME a creep?"

"You're breaking our DATE, even before we had it!" cried out Brittany.

But before she could say anything else Collin spoke up and said, "OUR DATE? What a laugh. You girls think you can manipulate us guys into being 'slaves' to your whims and whatever you say is FACT. The ONLY FACT is that we talked and that was all it was – a TALK! But you went and told all your girlfriends what YOU wanted them to believe, so you could be the 'center of attention'. And, I bet if we ever DID have a date that you'd do the same thing you girls did to Damon, when you broke up him and Margaret. Oh, yeah, I know what you girls did. Madison dated Damon to show how she could 'get any boy she could', and after 5 weeks, she broke up with him. Then you girls laughed behind his back, the whole while, and made his life miserable."

"We did NO SUCH THING!" yelled back Ellen. "You boys think we … we … we…"

"You what?" began Collin in a very aggravated voice. "That whatever you say or do is perfect, and can't be questioned? You girls are ALL ALIKE! Well, that's not true. NOT ALL Girls are like you. Shelley and Megan are NOTHING like you, BECAUSE they don't play those STUPID mind games you and and and your little clique goes around saying and doing."

By this time a crowd had gathered around the arguing boy and girls and added their own bits and pieces of "You go girl!" and "You heard him." and "He's right you know!"

"I've never been so insulted," Brittany began to say.

Then Damon stood up and said, "It's about time you … you B-I-ich! You were in on breaking me and Marge up, and all we did was enjoy each others company. We weren't dating, well officially, yet, but you and your girlfriends thought it would be fun to see what would happen. Yeah, I FELL for it! It was MY STUPIDITY that helped you make me into a FOOL and ever since then, you … you and your little click made my life a living HELL! You HEAR ME?!?!" loudly yelled Damon while pointing at Brittany and the group of girls she was with.

"A LIVING HELL and now, NO Thanks to you and that … that clump of 'B-I-iches' any girl I try to go out with says they've been 'told' about me. I have NO IDEA what that means, but it could ONLY mean that … that you and, and them … them 'B-I-iches' filled them with the lies you all made up after Madison and I stopped going out together. I HATE all you girls and I hope you all get … get a yeast infection you can NEVER get rid of, because you … YOU ALL DESERVE IT and WORSE!"

That said. Damon stormed off to a thunderous applause.

"You'll NEVER get another date here, Collin Wilker-SON!" yelled Ellen.

"It's Wilk IN son, not Wilk ER son," corrected Collin.

"Whatever! You're a loser just like that … that Whore you da…" began Brittany but never got to finish as a hand came from her blind side and slapped her face real hard.

"Don't … YOU … EVER … EVER … CALL..ME..A..WHORE … AGAIN you piece of SHIT for a brain blonde!" yelled Shelley. "Yeah, I heard what you were trying to do, and I agree with what Damon said. You forget that I WAS Once IN your crowd of douche bags. You thought you could break me and Collin up, so you could all have a BIG LAUGH over it that we broke up. Well let me tell you, girl … F – uck YOU and the horse you rode in on."

The crowd had really gotten large by then, which drew the eyes of a teacher who came over to see what was going on.

Brittany had had enough and, without thinking, she swung at Shelley. It was just then a teacher came into the group and deflected the fist headed for Shelley.

"What is the meaning of this, young girl?" quickly asked the teacher.

"Nothing," said Brittany at first, but after thinking about it and how it looked she blurted out, "She started it!"

"Geez …listen to her. She sounds like a kindergartener. She can call people whores but can't even put together a full sentence explaining that she was gonna club Shelley here, if you hadn't stepped in, Ms. Bachmann," spoke up Megan.

"That's not true!" yelled Ellen, trying to protect Brittany.

"Yeah, I wasn't trying to hit Shelley. She just got in the way of Collin who broke our date," spoke up Brittany.

"Oh, I see. So, you did try to hit someone? And such language coming from you, young woman. Come with me, girl. You, too, missy (the teacher pointed at Ellen) and you two can explain to the Vice Principal," said Ms. Bachmann.

The clique of girls all had their mouths wide open as the three walked away towards the main school office, while the rest of the gathered students all smirked or lightly laughed.

"You'll regret you messed with us, Collin. You, too, Shelley! … ALL OF YOU! You'll all see who has the last laugh," screamed Hannah as she and the rest of the click of girls quickly walked away.

"Thanks Shelley, for helping me, but … well, I think I could have handled her," a slightly embarrassed Collin said.

"I WILL NOT allow anyone to call me a whore and get away with it," growled Shelley towards the girls who were leaving.

Then she realized what Collin had said. "Oh, I'm so sorry, Collin. I know you could have handled her, you were doing a good job of it from what I heard, too, but … but I just had to defend myself. I used to hang with that crowd, so I do know how they operate, and they would have ALL ganged up on you, soon enough. As it was, Ellen had already stepped in and you heard what Hannah said. Her dad is a lawyer and she'll tell him some cockamamy story, and he'll start making phone calls and causing trouble."

"I'm not afraid of any of those girls, Shelley, and I am especially NOT afraid of any lawyer. I've had to deal with a few of those assholes, already, and one was an Assistant DA, and I am still here," piped up a now energized Collin.

Just then, the End-of–Lunch bell rang and the students dispersed. Collin stole a quick hug from Shelley before they headed to their afternoon classes.

After school, Collin immediately headed to the Cove's Study. He didn't say a word when he walked into the room, but sat down, in a soft leather chair, and just stared out the windows.

Ken Thomas could tell the teen had something on his mind and decided to give him some room and time to get it settled before asking him about it.

After about five minutes of stewing, Collin said one word, "Women!"

Now, that raised Mr. Ken's interest, so he put down what he was reading and decided to ask a question. "So, I take it something didn't go as planned at school, today, Sport?"

"This wasn't planned. It JUST happened!" replied the still pissed-off teenager.

"Care to enlighten me?" asked the teens Big Bro.

"Bro, the guys and me … we were talking at lunch, about what you explained to me yesterday. I was trying to get their opinion about the subject, when … when Brittany and 'her girls' walked by us and said something to me about 'our date'. Boy did that PISS ME OFF, Bro! She said WE had a DATE! So I decided to talk to her and straighten her out about that … and it went downhill from there. … Bro … I truly understand now what you were trying to tell me," offered Collin.

"I see. Could you enlighten me please, a bit more in the details as to what happened?" asked Mr. Ken.

Collin took the next few minutes to explain the ruckus in as best detail as he could. He even offered to call Ryan and Derrick and even Shelley so he could get a different perspective about the whole thing.

In the end, Mr. Ken asked, "Should I expect a phone call from someone, anyone, over all this?"

"Bro … I can't say you won't. This girl, her name is Hannah, said we'd all be sorry … NO that 'we'd all see who has the last laugh' or something like that," explained Collin. "Shelley said her dad is a lawyer."

Just then the phone rang, and Mr. Ken could see on the Caller ID that the call was from a lawyer's office - Schwimminger, Schwimminger & Leapstone.

"Well, well … if it isn't the devil, as we speak, Collin. Schwimminger, Schwimminger & Leapstone Law Office is calling. I wonder what that could be all about?" announced Ken Thomas, with a slight smirk. "Let me put this on the speaker so you can hear us."

"Three Finger Cove, how may I help you?" answered Mr. Ken, trying to use the voice of a butler.

"Yes, I would like to talk to the parent or parents of Collarin Wilkerson please." announced the voice.

"Yes, Sirrr, Whom … may I say is Calling?" asked Mr. Ken trying to stay in a butler's voice.

"I am Dracken Schwimminger," answered the voice.

"Shall I tell them whether this is a social or a business call, Sirrr?" continued Mr. Ken in the butler voice.

"What does it matter? I would like to talk to them," replied Dracken Schwimminger.

"Sirrr, it matters very much, if you please. If this is a social call … they may decide to return your call post haste, but … on the other hand, My Lord … if this is a business call then they may decide to call you back during regular business hours, tomorrow," replied Mr. Ken, using the same voice.

Collin was listening over the speakerphone and was trying real hard to control his giggles.

A "Hmmmm," could be heard over the speaker as Dracken Schwimminger was trying to decide how he wanted to handle the 'butler'.

Then Dracken said, "Okay, ask … NO, tell Collarin's parents this is a social call and ask them if they would please call me back. Could you do that for me?"

"Yes, Sirrr … when I ever see them, I WILL tell them you called, Sirrr. Good Day Sirrr!" and Mr. Ken hung up the phone.

Just then Collin broke out laughing. "I don't know how you did that, but I guess he thought you WERE the butler. What are you gonna do, now, Bro?"

"Collin, I'm going to call Bill, right quick and hear what he wants me to do."

Ken called Bill Jackson and explained the reason for his call, and then the two talked, for about ten minutes. When Mr. Ken hung up the phone, he had a mischievous look on his face.

"What are you going to do, Bro?" asked Collin.

"Listen and enjoy, my boy!"

"Mr. Schwimminger please," said Mr. Thomas, when the phone was answered. He then turned on the speaker phone so Collin could hear the conversation. He also hit a special button under his desk so the conversation would be recorded.

"And you are, sir?" asked the secretary in a polite tone.

"I am Mr. Ken Thomas returning Dracken Schwimminger's earlier call, about Collin Wilkinson."

"Just one moment, please."

It took about three minutes for the man to pick up the forwarded call.

"This is Dracken Schwimminger. I was calling to talk to the parents of Collarin Wilkerson. Why are you calling me ah … Mr. Thomas?" said the man.

"Mr. Schwimminger, I am returning your call, since Collin's parents are not NOW nor will they EVER be available to talk to you, or anyone else," replied Mr. Ken.

"Now see here, Mr. Thomas, there was a serious incident at school today that was instigated by Collarin and I am the injured person's lawyer and need to talk to the boy's parents, so we can settle this. Put them on the phone, so I may tell them the terms my client is demanding!" voiced Dracken.

"Mr. Schwimminger you have NO IDEA do you?" demanded Mr. Thomas.

"Mr. Thomas, I am not playing games here, and I demand to talk to the boy's parents!"

"First of all, MISTER SCHWIMMINGER, Dracken, if I may be so BOLD, listen UP! The lads name IS Collin, C-O-L-L-I-N, NOT Collarin. Secondly, his last name is Wilk-IN-son NOT Wilk-ER-son, as you were so wrongly informed. Thirdly, and may I remind you, that you called saying this was a SOCIAL call so you totally misrepresented yourself, all along, and lastly, and listen very closely … BOTH Collin's parents are DEAD! … Did you hear ME, DRACKEN? I said D-E-A-D, dead!

"Now … tell me … what is it that is supposed to have happened at school, that is so important, that you are demanding anything from Collin Wilkinson, the sole owner of Wilkinson Enterprises, soon to be C.W.E Inc. for your client? … I will have you know that NO ONE from ANY school called me, the teenager's COURT appointed guardian, today, about Collin's actions, or lack there of. So, MISTER SCHWIMMINGER, you had better have your ducks in a row, or it WILL BE I who will be demanding something, and it won't be just from your client. I WILL make damn sure the Bar hears about this shakedown, and, THEN … HEAR ME GOOD … I will be the one demanding satisfaction."

There was complete dead silence on the other end of the phone when Mr. Ken finished. Then, there was heard something like a hand covering the mouthpiece and then a muffled, "Tell those … those lying son's-of-a-bitches girls to get their asses in here right now! And I MEAN, NOW!!"

All Collin and Mr. Ken could do was laugh and try to keep their giggles from going over the phone as Dracken's voice did in getting some girls to come into his office.

Then, in a few moments, the hand uncovered the mouthpiece and the man's voice said, "Mr. Thomas, my daughter, Hannah, and her girlfriend, Brittany, are the ones who made some accusations against your charge, there. They are both now in my office and are listening to this conversation. In a nutshell, they told me that Collin pushed and shoved Brittany, to the ground, and then used filthy, unmentionable language, towards them both."

"They also state that Collin did harass Brittany about a date the two of them were going to have this Saturday, and that she would be sorry if she didn't show up at the new water park. I have signed sworn statements from them both and … I also have five recorded confirmations of what happened today at the high school. Now what do you say to that Mr. Thomas?" a very angry older man directed towards the much younger man.

"Well … you got me there, don't you. It seems to me that … that this is much more serious than what I was led to believe by my court appointed charge. I guess that if those girls did sign sworn statements, and you have five collaborations to those facts then … well, I guess I will need to take some sort of action. … Mr. Schwimminger, would you please fax those statements to me at 555-3862? [That's COVE spelled backwards, btw.] "Once, I receive them; I will have to take the appropriate actions."

In a few moments the FAX machine at Three Finger Cove turned on and soon there were seven pages sitting in the tray.

"Okay, I have received their statements and I am quickly reading them to ensure what you told me is what the girls are alleging," quickly said Mr. Ken to Dracken Schwimminger.

"There is nothing alleged there, Mr. Thomas. Everything I said there happened!" a girl's voice was heard over the phone.

"Is that you, Hannah?" called out Collin.

"Are you listening into this, very private, phone call, Collin? How dare YOU listen IN?" demanded Hannah.

While that short conversation was going on, another phone call came into the Cove and it was Bill Jackson.

"Mr. Schwimminger, I now have my lawyer on the phone, here, and I want to make this a three-way phone call. Is that all right with you, and the girls?" politely asked Mr. Thomas.

"Sure, why not! This way we can settle this before we get to court. Good evening, Bill," replied Dracken Schwimminger.

"Howdy, Dracken, I hear we have us a little bit of teenager 'she said he said'?" answered Bill Jackson. "By the way, I am also in possession of those pages you faxed to Mr. Thomas."

"Okay, let's get down to business," began Dracken. "My clients demand that Collin pay them each $100,000.00 and will take out a full page ad in the school newspaper and apologize, to them both. I believe that is a fair settlement and one that will keep this out of the newspapers." The girls could be heard laughing in the background as the man finished speaking.

Upon hearing that each girl wanted one-hundred thousand dollars from him, for the total lies they both told, made Collin begin to shiver. He couldn't believe how they could boldly lie and turn around, what actually happened, and on top of it demand a huge amount of money. The more he thought about it the more pissed he became. The more pissed he became the more he decided it was his turn to have a lawyer, so he called his Uncle Andy.

While Mr. Ken and Bill Jackson talked to Dracken Schwimminger, Collin filled in his Uncle Andy, on what had transpired up to then. They no sooner had finished, than the Three Fingers Cove phone rang. When Mr. Ken picked it up he had a very irate Uncle Andy to deal with, on top of Dracken Schwimminger, demanding he be added to the conference call.

"Mr. Schwimminger," Ken Thomas said lightly.

"Yes," answered the lofty sounding man.

"I now have Collin's lawyer demanding to be added to this conversation. Will you allow him access?"

"I thought Bill was the lad's lawyer?" asked Dracken.

"Apparently, Collin decided he wanted his corporate lawyer involved. I am sorry sir, but those girls have started something that will probably go ''Postal' if you understand my meaning," explained Mr. Ken.

"Mr. Schwimminger, I am Andrew Marshall, corporate legal representative for Wilkinson Enterprises. Do you know who and what I am, sir?"

"I don't know you personally but I can understand what you mean by corporate legal rep," replied Schwimminger.

"Good! I want you to listen and I want you to tell those so-called girls to listen REALLY well. There were over TWENTY-FIVE, do you understand the number 2 5 counselor, that's the number of people who witnessed everything that happened at school today during lunch. You heard ONLY from those girls and their accomplices. I intend to contact every one of those present, during this so-called confrontation, and I'll get to the bottom of the lies those girls told," angrily announced Andrew Marshall.

As Uncle Andy finished and before Schwimminger could reply, Bill Jackson jumped in and said, "Uncle Andy, that won't be necessary. I've already talked to ten of those teens present. Not ONE of them remotely suggested that what those two girls swore to happened, period."

"Yeah, I bet they were all of Collin's friends who would naturally lie for him," yelled Brittany.

"Like ALL your girlfriends LIED for you … didn't they Brittany. How much did you have to pay them, to say those lies, Hannah?" yelled back Collin.

"Okay, this is getting us nowhere. Bill, please tell Dracken here what you found out," encouraged Mr. Ken.

For the next twenty minutes, Bill Jackson told what he found out, and then a heated discussion ensued between him and Dracken. All the time, Ken and Collin and Uncle Andy could hear the girls in the background arguing against what Bill had to say. Eventually, Bill asked that Schwimminger call a certain girl and to ask her. He said he already talked to her, but Bill insisted he call her again, and ask her point blank what she told him.

They could all hear Dracken talking to someone on another phone. It started out polite and civil, but, before long, you could tell by Dracken's voice he was not very happy at what he was hearing. Then they heard him say very loudly and angrily to the girls, "Don't you two DARE go anywhere … you … you lying little shits! Do you know what you've done? DO YOU? And do you know how much trouble you've caused me?"

Just then, Ken, Bill, Collin, and Uncle Andy heard Hannah say 'We're really sorry, Daddy!', in her sweet little daddy's-girl voice. She continued by adding, 'We didn't mean anything by it, daaaaddy. It was all supposed to be a bigggg joke. Brittany only wanted to get Collin to notice her, and, and, you know, daaaaddy, to go out with her, daaaaddy. We're sorrry, daaaaddy. We apolooogiiize, daaaaddy, don't we Brittany?"

"I'll deal with you girls, later. Now go. … Get OUT of my SIGHT!"

"But, daaaaddy, we only …"

"No 'But Daaaaddy' any more, You ARE GROUNDED! Do you HEAR ME? And as for YOU, Miss, I'm so innocent Brittany … I'll be talking to your parents later and you BETTER tell them the WHOLE truth, because you two are in BIG TROUBLE, girl. NOW, get out of here … the both of you … NOW!" almost screamed Dracken Schwimminger.

As the girls left the office, they could hear Hannah call out, "Mommmmyyy, daaaaddy is being REAL MEAN to me and …" then they heard the door closed.

Collin looked at his Big Bro and after a few moments, he laughed out loud.

Mr. Ken smiled real big but then put his finger up to his moth indicating he wanted the teen to be quiet. The phone line was still open and the ball was in Dracken's court, so Ken, Bill, Andy and Collin waited for the man to say something … anything.

"Mr. Thomas … are you still there?" asked Dracken Schwimminger. "Mr. Thomas? "Sir"

Then, Bill Jackson spoke up. "Dracken, we are ALL still here – Mr. Thomas, Andrew Marshall, Collin Wilkinson and myself. We're all waiting for you to finish.

"Now … as YOU were saying …"



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