Ask Me

Chapter 64

Ask Me 64


John turned up at the park he had some sandwiches for everyone and a big bag for Teddy.

"What’s are they grandad?"

"They are Trackers for everyone in you class, you can start giving then out to your men now, and then the rest of the class tomorrow, if you push this little button it will alert our security team that something’s up and they can see on their computers where you are at any given time of the day, but you must keep them in your pockets and don’t push the button unless something’s wrong okay?"

"Cool grandad hey Bubbie, Dennis look at these." He yelled to the boys.

 They each took one I could see Bubby trying really hard not to press the button but his curiosity got the better of him. Grant got a phone call and told the caller that the boys were just testing them, just to ignore them for today and maybe tomorrow.

"What a great idea John where did you get them?" I was curious.

"Oh I'd rather not say Brent, but if they keep them in their packs or in their pockets security will know where they are twenty four seven." He looked at Conner who blushed.

"Tell me." I snapped my fingers at Con.

 "We got them from a new spin off company to our security division Brent they had them made a few months ago and we are trialling them on the kids, hopefully every school kid in Australia will get one as part of their school uniform, we are expanding the security branch into the public sector but its all hush hush for now." Con put his finger up to his lips.

 "Okay." I didn’t quite believe him but if I'm right and he was holding back a bit of important information his guilt will open his lips eventually and he would tell me.

 "Daddy look they are so cool." Ted put one into my hands I looked it over then read the small print on it: Copyright pending Walsh Personal Security division. My head shot up and I could see Conner had jogged away, I looked at John who said.

"Go easy on him wont you." He giggled.

"Conner Richards." I screamed as I took off after him.

"Wait up Conner." He looked back and slowed down probably bracing himself for another good talking too.

I pulled him behind a tree and kissed him deeply thanking him as soon as we parted.

"Your not mad?"

"Nope, not at all."

"Want to go home now?"

"Nope I need to run more otherwise I will start looking like Adam." I smiled and led him back to the track and watched his firm ass as he trotted around the course back to the table.

 "Brent talk to these boys will you I have had five phone calls so far they cant be doing that all day."

"Good to see they are working Grant, and Con give the men a talking to will you, I'm hungry." I smiled as I grabbed a sandwich out of John's basket.

 "John maybe you should link the kids names to each tag and if they push it more than three times security can pass the name to Ms Greens office." I grinned.

"Not bloody likely she would then give the parents homework, anyway Brent they are new and we have to trial them for some time before the schools get them, we will just start with Teds class." He smiled.

 Because Con was the super stranger danger man Teds men did listen to him, but it was a different story in the morning after Teds teacher handed out the tags to her class, everyone wanted to try it out at least three times each some more than others, apparently Bubby was still trying to work out how they worked, too late Bubs my company has the copyright.

 When we arrived home Ted headed for the TV and Con hauled me up to the bathroom, he had my dick in his mouth in an instant thanking me for not chastising him, it was wonderful. My next port of call was to take Ted up to Marys for a chat, Con insisted on coming and I'm glad he did because Ted sat on his knees while Mary explained all about adults and kids he sort of got it and looked at Con his fists as tight as. I guess Con is his protector and mine and we loved him more for it. All Ted wanted to do was go see the grandads when he got home maybe he wanted a small cake before dinner.

 Time was getting away from me and before I knew it Mal the architect had the plans for us to look over, the building looked amazing it would cost a bomb but as Ray said we have to look long term that they are essentially there for holiday rental, security was paramount just in case some celebs stayed there like Sydney.

 Our penthouse was huge bigger than our house in Prahran I couldn’t wait to watch it all happen, the renovations would wipe out any resemblance to my old apartment but I think that's a good thing in the end, I cant hang onto the past any longer. When I really sat down and thought about it; it wasn’t a very good time for me living there and after I met Con it was a given I would move in with him. So I was looking forward to watching the brown bricked flats change into something beautiful. The building would take the best part of a year to be transformed so we left it all in the Mal's hands he was more than capable.

 "Brent do you want to go to Canberra for a weekend soon?" oh god do I have to play this game again I sighed.

"Yes Con where are you performing?"

"It's a surprise baby, we have to pay for Teds school books somehow." He grinned.

"Sure Con they are quite expensive now days." I smiled.

"Don't you want to know which weekend?"

"No I'm free any weekend."

"Good it's this Saturday."

"Okay." I was playing the game but I think he wanted me to argue with him.

 "Let me look in your eyes Con."

He moved and lay on top of me running his hands under my armpits, his hair flowed over my head and I got a good look at his eyes.

"Had enough?"


"Okay look some more."

"Thank you."

I did then lifted my head slightly and kissed his sweet lips, sex wasn’t on the radar we had already blown twice today but I just wanted him to hold me for a minute or two.

"Enough baby." He was getting heavy.

"Okay.' He rolled to his side and pulled me with him and buried his head into my neck, his snoring told me he had fallen asleep.

 I woke during the night and went to check on Ted he was asleep and I felt around in his bed for any sign of dampness but none had appeared.

 "I think I might have the solution to your problem Brent." Con was sipping on his morning coffee.

"What problem is that Con"

"The one where you need me to lay on top of you and look into your eyes."

"Oh that one what's the solution," I blushed.

"You could always lay on top of me and look anytime."

"Okay we can try that tonight then."

"Why wait until tonight why not when Ted go's to school?"

"Okay count me in Con."

John arrived with some scrambled eggs so I started making toast...that's all he trusts me with.

 My phone rang for fuck's sake it was mum, how the hell did she get my fucking number.

"Brenton I'm worried about your father."


"What do you mean why, he's your father and he's in trouble."


"Cant you just drop the charges he's had a bad run lately son."

"And whose fault is that mum?"

"No ones Brent I thought I would ask that's all."

"Well while you were taking him to the cleaners you weren’t very worried about him then, he wouldn’t have tried to kidnap my son if you had of been fair and honest."

"I couldn’t help it my lawyer made me do that."

"Sure she did mum sure she did, that final decision laid squarely on your shoulders. "

"Well I thought that now you have some money son you might help him out."

"He kidnaps my son frightens the living daylights out of him and you expect me to help him because I have some cash, fuck me mum you need to go into therapy your quite nutty you know."

"Please don't talk to me like that son cant you help him out?"

"No you help him you put him in that position you help."

"Oh and mum can you please not ring me anymore, can you just fuck off, like just go away."

I hung up before she could answer.

Conner was smiling I should have done that more ages ago.

 I looked around the room and thank god Ted was getting ready for school otherwise Mrs Green would have me writing homework all night. I have to talk to Grant about changing that number.

 "So what's Canberra all about Con?" I knew he was only giving me a half a story.

"Nothing much baby but we can take our best suits to wear."

"You’re not performing Con?"

"No and yes I have something to do in the afternoon and while I'm there I want to visit the Army base maybe do a song or two for the boys and girls." He grinned.

"Okay." I let him off the hook.

 If I really think about it maybe he's getting some kind of award at Parliament house then doing an impromptu performance for the troops, which would be pretty exciting for me...Army boys yumm.

"Is Ted coming?" He looked at me and raised his hand to his mouth in shock.
"Of course he's coming we don't go anywhere without him, he has to go anyway to show the troops how to play footy." The plot thickens me thinks.

 We took Ted to school Conner had to give his little speech to the class, you know the one about stranger danger and the one about not pushing buttons. His first talk was riveting the class was super quiet hanging onto his every word then I spied one of Grants men talking to him in the breezeway, he smiled and came into the class all eyes were on him as he settled in beside Conner.

 "Please don't push the button if there is no danger kids because the security guys may not come to your aide if there is trouble they will think you are just playing with them." He was looking at Bubby when he said it. Poor Bubby went bright red so I moved over and whispered in his ear that I would take them to the factory one day and show him how they are made. His eyes lit up and he put his hands in his pockets, problem solved. Maybe we can hire him as chief button pusher, but knowing him he would like to start at the top.

 Con finished his little talk with a joke that he had a baseball bat and would bop anyone on the head that touched them...anyone, the kids especially the girls took it all the wrong way and started screaming.

Mrs Green gave him homework for upsetting the kids. The way they heard it was even if their parents hugged them Con would bop them.

"Choose your words wisely Mr Conner's in future."

 "What the fuck! I was only trying to say if a stranger ......"

"Forget it Con just do your homework when you get in." I smirked.

"But Brent..."

"Homework first Mr Bopper." John laughed his head off.

 Ted was happy to see us both there to pick him up my bum was a little raw from the rogering that Con had given me for being such a smart ass, but a nice feeling just the same I got to lay on him and check out his eyes again, before the onslaught of cyclone Conner.

"We are going to Canberra on Saturday baby you get a plane ride."

"Wow! great dad are you coming?"

"Yes son of course I'm coming I go nowhere without you." He dropped his head and whispered.


 Bubby came over and was staring me down and Andy leant over and whispered.

"What's up with Bubs?"

"My big mouth that's what's up."

"Next week or the week after Bubby I have to book us in okay?" I smiled at him.

"You promise?" He put me on the spot.

"I promise." Now what do I do.

 "What's that all about Brent"

"I promised Bubs that I would take him and show him how the wrist bands are made if he would stop pushing the button."

"Oh." John started laughing and Conner joined in.

"What's up?"

"We have them made in China Brent." John howled.

"Well I had better take him there then." Fuck what do I do now, I wonder if he would settle for a mars bar.

 "Conner you have to help me where can I find a teck store that will fake making these things?"

"Don't know Brent better start looking in the yellow pages." he wouldn’t stop laughing.

"It's okay Brent there is a small warehouse where the guys invented the bands, it's our security headquarters they just don't make it there that's all and it would be a good day out for the three boys maybe next weekend." John took pity on me... I breathed easy.

 "Good because I cant make it this weekend Conner has to get his award in Canberra then do a small concert." I replied.

"Yes we know we will be on board too." John answered.

"John! It’s a secret." Con blurted out.

"But I thought he knew." He looked at me questionably.

"I do now." I smirked then begun to organize my run. After doing some stretching in Cons face I whipped off my t-shirt and wiped my face and body with it, Cons eyes were all over me then when I pulled out my tank top he whispered.

 "It's hot today maybe we can go topless baby."

"Maybe we can Con." So I dropped the tank and started jogging towards the track, Con was hard on my heels.

That night I was so hot for Conner I couldn’t wait for Ted to go to sleep and when he finally did we scrambled for our bedroom, just as I had opened Cons legs to take a dive he pulled me up to face level and gave me a long lasting kiss, I was putty in his hands as he rubbed his member against mine.

 I packed up everything we would need for our weekend away Friday night, it will be an early morning flight I want Ted to have a nap before we went to Parliament house. Conner made sure he packed his footy gear, he was full of questions but got nothing out of him.

"Don't forget your medals either son." He called to him.

 "What's happening Conner?"

"It's a surprise."

"Tell me." I urged.

He gave me a funny look and must have thought better about it and he said.

 "We are going to the army base to watch the Army versus Navy football game Saturday evening it's a yearly thing. I'm going to sing a few songs and Ted is going to be a honorary player, he gets to play with the big guys for five minutes a quarter."

"How did you wangle that one Con?"

"I said I would do the concert for free if they let my son play a couple of quarters, it will be a great distraction for him." He laughed then added.

 "Brent the game and concert are for charity but before we go there we have to go to Parliament house to receive our Australia day award from the Governor MBE or something like that. It's for my contribution to the music industry."

"Oh okay that's awesome."

 I never did get back to reading the awards Con had stuffed in his safe, maybe I will do that this week when we get home. I know there's a lot in there from all over the world but Con once told me that most of them are his aunties and uncles only a few of them were his.

 The plane ride was predictable Ted was screaming louder than the engines at one stage, John had sat with him and was pointing out towns and cities we flew over I put the coffee on then rearranged the galley cupboards to a more flight attendant friendly, I would hate to see Adams cupboards at home they would be an absolute mess.

Tan walked past without saying anything so when he came out of the toilet I collared him, giving him a big hug in the process.

"How is it going Tan?"

"Good Brent sorry I just got some stuff on my mind I didn’t see you."

"That's okay son, as long as your okay, anything I can help with?"

"No not really I have a decision to make that's all." He smiled as he saw me take a packet of chocolate biscuits out of the cupboard.

 "Okay if I can help just ask honey can you take this tray back with you?"

"Sure if I have time I will come and sit with Ted it's been ages since I've seen him he's growing so tall."

"He is Tan I'm forever buying him bigger sized clothes."

He walked off and I followed to open the cockpit door for him, when he was settled I looked at Dave and indicated I wanted to talk to him. He excused himself and followed me back to the galley giving Ted a tickle as he passed.

I didn't notice a hint of a limp from him I guess he's used to his prosthesis now.

 "Dave what's up with Tan he's not with us."

"He's got to make a major decision Brent, we are trying our best, he's nearly achieved his private licence we are going to start him on solo flying next week, in a month or two he will have it, he wants to join the Air force to obtain more knowledge but we are so dead against it."

"Oh I guess that would be a problem why?" I asked.

"Because he maybe will be sent overseas and I wouldn’t wish that sort of hell on anyone let alone him, he wont be able to cope with the absolute terror he will experience when he's stationed there."

He looked distant then added.

 "He will get full commercial training with the Air force but the mental part of it will destroy him. Phil and I are trying our best to steer him elsewhere, we have a friend who flies tours over Northern Australia a lot of Europeans go there to do it to get their licence hours up, maybe he will be satisfied with that but he's so focused on going commercial but at the moment its fast jets and uniforms I think."

 "What do you need us to do, can we start a tour company up or something." I sounded like I had money to burn.

"No, just leave it to us Brent we wont allow it, we have become very fond of Tan over the past year he has to finish College anyway before he does anything, we have some mates in the Air force we want him to talk to tonight while we are there maybe they can set him straight."

 "Well if you need anything just ask please, I'm not happy about him joining either and I bet Con wouldn't be for sure."

"Will do Brent just leave it to us at the moment okay?"

"Sure Dave." Then I had a thought.

"Hey Dave, it's just a thought but maybe he's got a hero crush on you and Phil and wants to emulate your experiences." I don't know where that came from but Dave stared at me for a while.

"Fuck." He let out.

"Fuck what?" I answered.

"We didn't think of that Brent."

"Think of what?" I shot back.

"That maybe he does have a hero crush, I will talk to Phil about it later thanks buddy." Dave turned and headed to the cockpit.

 Con poked his head around the corner.

"Everything all right?"

So I told him what Dave had said he looked concerned and I could see his mind ticking over he gave me a whopping kiss and went back to where Ray was sitting they started talking and John moved over with them.

 Tan came out and sat with Ted they laughed a lot during the flight then he took him up the front to help fly the jet, I think; no Ted your going to be a footy star not a pilot.

 Landing at Fairbane airport we were met by a black limousine that took us to the hotel where we would freshen up and maybe get a few hours nap for Ted before we headed off to Parliament house. John fussed around and made sure our suits were free of any wrinkles then he swiped the iron he had bought with him over the shirts.

Con was laying on the bed with Ted quietly talking to him hoping he will drift off, and he did eventually. When he came out I had the opportunity to talk privately.

 "What did you all decide to do about Tan Con?"

"We are going to get him into the Qantas school they will make sure he gets his commercial licence, he will start as soon as his school is finished. Rays going to talk to his mate on Monday, Tan should get a letter of invitation within two weeks."

"Good have you told Phil and Davo?"

"I will this afternoon or tonight when Tan's ears are out of range."

I kissed those perfect lips of his and with my right hand placed over his heart I said.

"Thank you."

"Our pleasure." He forced another kiss on me, which I gratefully received.

 Ted woke and was ready to go in no time, he wanted to wear his football outfit but the little suit we had bought him one the day. I had his uniform in my small travel bag he can change into it later. Our wedding suits were donned and we couldn't stop looking at each other. The boys had joined us Tan looked awesome in his suit and Phil and Dave I wont go there but lets just say my boner was moving upwards.

 When we arrived outside Parliament house we gathered in the foyer with a couple of hundred others, some I recognised some I didn't, but Con did shake a lot of hands and received a lot of pats on the back. I was very proud of him as he picked Teddy up and had photos for the press taken with him, I also noticed my picture was being taken a lot and it made me feel uncomfortable so I shifted out of the way and headed for the other end of the gallery.

 Ray caught up with me and asked me why I had moved so I let him know it was Cons day not mine. He said he had seen the jurno's moving in my direction they must have noticed me, he understood my reluctance to not having anything to do with the press. Thankfully the doors opened and guests were being seated, Ray John and I sat with the boys and when Conner came in he and Ted sat next to me, we put Con on the aisle so it will be easier for him to go get his medal.

 "What happened to you baby I wanted some more pictures of us all." Con whispered.

"Some of them recognised me so I felt uncomfortable and moved sorry Con."

"It's okay baby I understand." He patted my hand.

There were a lot of speeches and quite frankly I was bored shitless, then they started on the honours. The recipients were called and an announcer read out their many achievements again some I knew about and many I didn't.

 "Mr Brenton Walsh please step forward to receive your award for charity work, many of our new apprentices, University students and street children have had their lives changed by your generous contribution, Australia thanks you, our children thank you."

 I went numb all over as Conner stepped into the aisle to let me through; my brain wasn’t engaged as I very unsteadily walked to the podium. The Governor General shook my hand and then pinned the little gold medal on my suit, then he gently moved me sideways and we had our photo taken. I really didn't know why at the time all I could hear was clapping and cheering coming from our seats, Ted almost took my head off with a big hug when I sat down. Conner stared at me then said.

"Congratulations babe."

 Tears threatened but I knew this wasn’t the place to get teary and maybe I was a little mad they did it, Mary Ray and Cody are the charity brains I'm just a board member I don't really do anything much except attend boring meetings. After lots of pats on the back from the boys I excused myself and headed to the foyer where I asked an attendant to point me towards the toilet. I stood at the urinal someone stood next to me.

 "Mary declined receiving it Cody's got one so has Ray and if you look in the safe I also have one from my early days. Brent if it wasn't for you the charity wouldn't have existed."

"No you have it wrong Conner if it weren’t for you and your money the charity wouldn't have existed."

"But it was your idea in the first place."

"I don't think so Con." Tears were happening and I knew it was his and Ray's idea at the time.

"I distinctly remember you came up with the idea the minute you saved my ass in that park."


"Yes Brent you said 'Can I help you?' it was your idea to help strangers."

"I'm not going to argue with you Conner, it doesn’t matter how you see it, but this award is for everybody and I will let them all know that as soon as I get the chance."

"You do that baby, want to leave now?"

"Yes please."

"Dry your eyes and I'll go get the rest of the tribe." He kissed me gently on the lips.

When I left the men's room they were on to me immediately, the press the cameras the questions, the fucking questions. There were so many it did my head in but it all finished when some bright spark asked.

 "How are things going for you now Brenton, have you recovered from the kidnapping?" I slumped then walked away I know it was rude of me but I'm not going to dredge up old wounds not today, my boys got a game to play.

 I headed in Cons direction picking up my boy and hugging him. The car was ready and I was the first one to get in. The boys gave me some space because I think they knew how I felt; I concentrated on getting Ted out of his suit and into his footy gear.

 There were no explanations why he had to wear his uniform but when we settled into our seats at the Army base oval he was full of questions. Two army cadets marched up to our seats and requested Conner to go with them. He got up and moved in behind them, they marched him onto the oval where he was taken to a podium, the crowd cheered and clapped. Con sang the national anthem then was marched back. The head cadet asked if master Edward Richards would like to follow them.

"Can I go with them daddy?" He looked at Con, Teds little face was priceless.

"Sure son, go have some fun." Conner smiled at him.

 He marched along behind the group and was dropped off at the boundary box where he was seated as the game started. He was sent on a few minutes before the siren went, and with the help of the larger players he managed a goal. It was funny because the largest player picked Ted and the ball up then placed him in the goal square so he had some help. After the game he was marched back to us grins for miles and fists held tight. The cadets had a smaller version of their hats and dumped it on his head he looked so beautiful; I just had to have more photos.

 They again requested Conner's company and he went back to the podium. Rock on loud was blasted through the speakers and the crowd merged onto the ground for a party.

 "How are you really feeling Brent you’ve been awfully quiet?" It was Ray in my ear.

"I don't know Ray, I feel so numb, I certainly don't deserve this medal and in a funny way I think my friends have been thoroughly insulted by the Australian government. Ray I feel like such a fraud I know this isn’t Cons doing but I wish it had never happened. I sometimes wish I had never fallen in love with him, my life was so simpler before then although having said that, it was such a blessing to meet him at that time in my life."

 "Spoken like a true Richards Brent. Beth has at least six awards shoved in that safe and each one she never asked for or thought she deserved, but she did deserve all of them Brent."

He added.

"Brent, I have to come clean about your charity, the money never came from Con's bank account it was Beth's money we used. Beth John and I started a charity years ago it still exists to this day, your charity is an offshoot. Conner wanted to get you involved with something meaningful so we split our charity in two."

"Well I wish you hadn’t I never worked for it you just used my name." I was getting a little more depressed.

 "No baby, just sit back and think of all the kids you have helped through Mary Father Thomas and the Never give up foundation and don't forget you would never have met Teddy if you hadn’t been involved, for which John and I will be eternally grateful as we were with Beth when she saved Conner."

"I get it Ray I just wish this hadn’t of happened so publicly, I don't really begrudge the charity anything but this medal should have been yours and Marys and if I had my way maybe it should have been given to Father Thomas after all he's the one that saved a lot of the kids from destruction."

That tear had appeared again, Conner's little concert had come to an end and the music was blaring through the speakers as people danced. I noticed Ted was having a small kid dance with Tan it was so cute.

And yes we wouldn’t have had him without the charity, I remembered.

 "Its okay Ray thank you, I will be all right it was just a shock that's all." I smiled at him he patted my hand as Con sat next to me.

"Do you want to go home now baby?" I got the feeling Conner was hesitant with his words maybe he thinks I will chastise him for doing this to me, but he really didn’t do anything but love me.

"Yes Con I want you to lay on me so I can look into your eyes." My head slumped.

"That we can do."

I told the boys we were off, they were taking Tan over to the barracks to talk to their mates, Teddy wanted to go with them now that he's an official mascot, so I told Phil to have him home early he looked very tired.

 "Its okay Brent we got this, and its cool we haven’t spent much time alone with our nephew but I agree as soon as he finds a comfy bunk he's going to nod off, you and Conner go have some fun, the guys will see we get home." He grinned at me.

"Okay Phil I'll leave the spare key to our room at reception."

We kissed our boy then John and Ray followed us to the car.

 I stripped Con off and hung his beautiful suit up next to mine; he was still a little hesitant.

"Lay down." I ordered, he did then I lay on top of him.

I started by kissing his sweet lips his hands were on my bum circling around I looked into his eyes and said.

"I love you more and more every day, you overwhelm me with your love and my heart beats louder whenever I'm with you." I kissed him down to his neck.....he gently snored. I guess it had been a big day for him too so I rolled off and pulled the blanket around us. I didn’t hear the boys drop Ted off but during the night when I opened my eyes, two big blue ones were looking back at me.