4. Auburn Ski Camp: Pleasure


So, I arrive back at the lodge a lot sooner than I expected to. 10 fucking minutes isn't a very long session, if you ask me. I should feel gyped, but I don't really. I learned a lot in those 10 minutes with Snowflake.

He backed up what he was saying about skiing with that unbelievable performance. I'm still in shock! I never knew anyone outside of a downward slalom that could move that fast on skis.

Obviously, I'm a know-it-all asshole of course. I've got a lot to learn. I just wish...Snowflake had taken me with him today and not sent me back so soon.


But then, I guess it’s for the best 'cause I think I pulled a calf muscle trying to catch up to him.

I've broken down like a Toyota Prius trying to catch a Ferrari at full throttle. It was important for me to learn that today. I had no idea what a true cross-country ski champion could do until today. You don't get that perspective watching them on TV during the Olympics. The speed and precision that those athletes demonstrate just gets lost in all the talking head babble and ADD video flipping that the networks do when butchering the Olympic events, particularly cross-country skiing.

I guess I came in limping because, to my surprise, Sabrina comes out from around the concierge desk in a rush to support me. She assists me as I move painfully over to the couch on which she'd been molesting Snowflake not even an hour ago.

I plop down in front of the fire and try to stretch out my leg. I suppose I let out a little whimper because Sabrina quickly moves to remove my boot and tsks at my injured leg.

"Dammit! Snowflake gets carried away sometimes!" She looks cross. It makes her more beautiful. I can almost see that masculine scowl through the makeup and perfectly feminine features.

"Naw. It’s my fault. I was mouthing off and he showed me what an asshole I am. I thought I'd show him what I could do by catching up with him at full speed. That was a dumb move," I confess and reach to rub my calf.

"Even so, he shows off too much! We don't need to know how good he is. We already know and with new people like you there are better ways of getting a point across." Sabrina contests hotly. So very hotly.

I smirk saying: "Trust me. Not in my case. That was perfect. Now I know what I gotta work to."

"Oh bullshit!" Sabrina barks. Oh yeah...there he is. I'm talking to Sebastian now for sure. Hehehehe!

I smile and leave it alone plus...Sebastian is giving me a fucking fabulous foot and leg massage. Reflexology seems to be one of his many talents. Ohhhh yeah!

I lean my head back on the couch and sigh contentedly as I feel the charley-horse start to untie itself in my leg.

Sebastian's muscular hands cease their kneading. He sighs and composes himself back into his 'Sabrina' form. She daintily pushes her hair out of her face and stands.

"Well, that's about the best I can do for you here. We have saunas near the main changing rooms. They are pretty private. You should soak that in the hot tub and then relax in the sauna. It really does wonders for ski related ouches." She says as she smiles down at me. I guess her consternation over my 'coitus interruptus' has passed.

"Sounds good! Wanna join me?" My smirk transforms into a charming grin. Usually that grin makes underwear fall off.

Not this time.

"Oh...well. No. See, my shift doesn't end for another hour and its not considered proper for staff to, er, interact with patrons in that way." Sabrina is blushing. God, she's cute. I can see why Snowflake loves her between his legs and devouring his face in red hot kisses.

"What? It’s just a bath. You can tell me about Snowflake and his many...eccentricities." I start to slow and lengthen my words a bit. I call it a 'reach' in that I 'reach' for them verbally by stretching out my words to capture my prey.

"Oh, Mr. Chesney. I think you're well on your way to finding those out all by yourself." Sabrina smirks and winks at me coyly. She, too is stretching out her words. I love when they can tease back!

She walks sinuously away. It kind of turns me on but I can't tell if it’s Sabrina that is doing it or Sebastian. Shemales are confusing in the most titillating ways!

Such a nice ass though!

Relieved of my leg cramp I stand up only to feel all the rest of my sore muscles snap, crackle, and pop like Rice Krispies. I really must have pushed myself hard out there! God forbid if I'm starting to get old!

I relent and return to my room to get my bathrobe and to strip down to my essentials. A hot soak and a sauna bath actually sound fantastic. On top of everything, I didn't realize how cold I'd managed to get. I'm slow to get cold but when I do it sticks with me.

I strip down and put on my skimpy bikini I always carry with me when I go places. I don't own any underwear or swimwear that covers more than is absolutely necessary. I'd be perfectly fine nude all the time except that the propriety of the Moral Majority would object for some stupid reason. These are black Speedos.

I throw on my royal blue robe and put on my sandals. Despite Snowflake, I use the elevator to go down just as I came up. I'm not climbing up and down five flights of stairs in sandals and a bum leg. Fuck him!

It takes me down to the floor below the lounge. This is the rec and gym floor. It’s actually a gym more substantial than anything you'd find even in San Francisco. It has a lot of odd training devices specially designed for ski training, as well as a whole range of more standard weight training machines and cardio stuff. I figured I had a date with some of these machines tomorrow if Snowflake carried out his threat. But, not tonight!

Tonight, I get to enjoy what this was supposed to be. A frigging vacation!

Off to the side a blue and white tiled hallway leads into the locker/shower area. It’s empty as is the rest of the gym. It seems I have the place all to myself.

Passing through the locker room, I come through a warming room that then opens up to the olympic sized swimming pool and off to the side are the hot tubs. The hot tubs rise up off the aquamarine tiled floor on wooden platforms. You step up these and then down into the tubs and that's what I do.

Ahhhhhh! Warm, bubbly heaven! I feel all my Snowflake-induced aches and pains suddenly vanish. The vortex action is set to gentle agitation as are the air pumps.

Though I'm not supposed to, according to the sign on the wall, I slough off my black panties and sit on them so they don't escape.

Oh man does that feel good! Bubbles and swirling water all around the family jewels and the love stick! I can't help it, the massaging action of the water flips the magic switch and my dick rises and swells to its cocked and ready position.

I restrain myself and curb my temptation to jerk off. Being nude in here is bad enough, but letting loose the manjuice in the tub is just rude!

Even so, the continuous swirling and buffeting of the warm water is starting to make things percolate down there, so I gather up my bikini and get out of the tub. The cooler air slaps my nakedness like an ice bath.

Brrrrrrr! I hustle over to the door of a wooden boxy room made of horizontal slats tightly fixed together. The sauna!

I turn the control to about medium-high and take a seat on the wooden bench inside the Nordic sauna. My bare butt rests on a clean towel I find on a hook there.

The hot moist air fills the sauna, temporarily making my breath feel a little suffocated, but then my sinuses open and I breathe better than I have done in a long while. I take advantage of having the place to myself and lay myself out on the bench, the back of my hand on my wet forehead and my knees raised to provide maximum circulation around my jiggly bits.

It feels so good I might just fall asleep right here which would not be such a good idea, really.

I'm rescued from Morpheus by a soft knock on the door which then opens without my given consent.

Milk white skin. Little pink candy nipples. Rosy colored half-erect schlong. A wide smile plastered on a young sweet face. Dark brown bangs now look black with the dampness and they hang over bright, bright green eyes.


He has a towel draped over his left arm and a bottle of something in his right hand.

"Can I come in?" he asks, still with that goofy smile on his face.

"Uh...too late. You already *are* in." I mutter coming out of my mild surprise to return to my sweat bath. The company is ok. Jimmy is as cute as a button.

He giggles.

I am a little concerned about why he has a bottle of something in his hand though. I usually like a little foreplay and a drink first.

Like he reads my mind, he plops down a sweaty cold bottle of Bud Light next to my head and proceeds to sit right next to my scalp. I can smell him now. Kind of a mix of young man musk, Nautica, and Axe. Gotta get this kid a better body spray.

That aside, he smells good enough to eat him and I probably am not getting out of here until I do.

"Kay, Mr. Chesney..." Jimmy says in a slight, soft lisp.

" me Brian, Jimmy. I mean if we're gonna sit here together in our birthday suits we might as well be on a first name basis right?" I ask drolly.

Giggle "O-Kaay Briaan!" He kind of mocks me good naturedly.

"I got my orders! I need to give you a massage! General Snowflake commands! I obey!" Jimmy's open hand salute brings an unexpected chuckle from me. He's so gay!

"Oh yeah...he did say something about that. other masseuses usually have pants on." I sit up. My eyes slip from his silly face to his amazing manhood which is a lot bigger than I was expecting. Never judge a dick by its owner, or something.

He notices my gaze and blushes a bit. It’s hard to tell because the heat in the room is making both our skins kind of redden up. I look him up and down rather shamelessly. Why not? He's got one of those kind of twink bodies that I really like. More solid and muscular than skinny and frail. He works out. I can tell. His pecs are tight. His stomach isn't ripped but defined...I prefer that actually. His arms and shoulders are smooth, but chiseled. He has beautiful muscular legs! Obviously, Snowflake has been at him too. So I have to comment:

"You look like you ski too, a bit." I'd like to reach out and squeeze a thigh to see how strong he is, but I think I'm the one that has to be manhandled right now...not Jimmy.

Jimmy casually reaches for my shoulders and turns my back to him. He puts the tea tree lotion on his hands and rubs it to warm it up in the heat. I realize now with some disappointment that this was what was in the bottle he brought in with him. Tea tree oil makes lousy lube.

"Oh...a little. When I have the time. I practically live up here and there isn't really much else to do. Snowflake is such a fanatic he manages to drag everyone he knows into it eventually." Jimmy's easy going way kind of settles any reservations I might have of him touching me. He really has a lovely little mellow personality when he isn't laughing like a hyena.

His gentle touch sends a warm shiver down my spine. He has taken some classes in this because he goes right for the nerve bundles under my shoulder blades first. Gently but firmly, Jimmy works his knuckles into my back in circular motions, shiatsu style. After putting on the pressure he then takes the heels of his hands and smooths out the nerve pinch and releases it across my back.

Involuntarily I shudder and sigh. Oh wow! He really is good!

"You like that huh, big guy?" I can hear that goofy smile on his face as he talks. I let out another involuntary sigh of pleasure as I feel the tea tree oil start to do that icy-hot thing it does.

"Oh yeah, Jimmy! I think I'm in love!" I'm joking...sort of.

With that he gently pushes me onto my stomach and pulls my legs up around his waist. He puts the towel over my ass and proceeds to work my lower back in ways that would drive St. Jerome to wildly passionate and vulgar expletives.

I can't describe the number of ways he pushed, knuckled, smoothed, and pounded on that part of my anatomy, but I felt my kidneys smiling somehow. I seem to be groaning steadily because Jimmy just has to remark:

"Wow...if you get this worked up over just a massage I wonder what you're like with more intense stuff?" I still hear that smirk in his voice.

He's gonna find out soon enough if he keeps this up!

He works his hands up my back again in kneading circular motions up my spine and out over my ribs where he is very gentle, but firm so as not to tickle me. My rib cage area is pretty ticklish. I find it interesting that Jimmy knows this and moderates his hand motions to keep things from sparking a tickle reflex.

He smoothly, sensuously rubs up my lats, shoulder blades, and then my shoulders. He begins a slow grip and push in the nerve pockets at the base of my neck. Ohhhh gaawd does that do it for me! I shudder as I feel the tingles crawl down my back and into my legs like mini orgasms. I have to adjust my hips so that my now rock hard shaft has some room.

He stops and pats my shoulders.

" wanna move to the massage table in the other room? It has a depression in it for erections," Jimmy says clinically. I am slightly embarrassed by the question.

"Ooops. Sorry. No...that's fine. I can manage. I am enjoying the warmth in here so much. I'd rather not go to a cool room just yet." I try to lay my hips a little flatter on the bench but it does prove to be uncomfortable and I grunt and shift around with a little frustration trying to reposition myself.

"Well...this just won't do, Brian! You're undoing all my work getting stressed out trying to get comfortable like that. So..." Jimmy is surprisingly strong for his size and before I know it I'm on my back with my flag pole waving in the air.

"Uhhh..." my mouth gapes a bit in embarrassment.

"Nice one, Bri!" Jimmy praises my member.
"Don't be so bashful! We're both guys right? See, look at me!" Jimmy is fully erect as well and the sight of it makes my raging hard-on convulse slightly and drool precum expectantly.

Jimmy smirks knowingly as he sees the reaction.

His half grin remains as he begins working my leg muscles and feet. Oh my gawd his hands are magic on my feet!

I don't know why I'm reacting this way to Jimmy. I am very alpha when it comes to sex, not shy at all. But for some reason this situation has me feeling like a teen virgin getting fucked for the first time. Perhaps it’s the rather compromised position I feel myself in with Snowflake and now Jimmy and even Sabrina. My confidence is down and I don't really get why.

Now, Jimmy is making the first move on me! This sweet silly twinky young dude has now, somehow, turned into this confident tiger, sexually. I feel at his mercy.

He runs his hands up my legs, squeezing my calves and quads a few times on the way up. He bypasses my raging throbbing cock, that feels like it might just pop any second, and squeezes my hip bones, and then moves up my abs to my pecs. This has made it necessary for him to move himself up my body and sit himself on my thighs. For the first time I feel Jimmy's smooth tight ass on my skin and the heat from his groin focusing on the comforting softness of his balls resting between my thighs. His cock is standing erect up against his belly button. Though aroused, he controls himself perfectly.

I find myself immobilized under this gorgeous young stud. His hands push and move my pecs, lifting them and pushing them in. As he leaves them, he pinches my stiffened nipples playfully. It makes me jump and grunt a bit. I almost pop right there on Jimmy's stomach.

It’s taking all I have to restrain myself from pushing the boy down and fucking him dry right there.

His hands go for my collar bones and then around the back of my neck where he hits two little nodes back there that just zaps the tension right out of me.

It’s a good thing...'cause now Jimmy is sitting his bare ass right on my lap and my cock is basically in the crack. The pleasure and pain of this is sending waves out from my groin and I feel myself starting to pant a little.

Jimmy stares deep into my eyes and lowers himself to kiss my lips softly as his hands continue their sensuous massage of my scalp. I fall into his kiss and allow my mouth to open slightly and Jimmy takes the invitation and enters my mouth with his tongue.

We don't even need to say what we are to each other. We knew from the start that this was what we both had wanted the minute our eyes met at the concierge desk.

My hands now seem to have permission to grasp Jimmy's body and I first clutch his shoulders and then his back. He is so exquisitely soft. His young skin is like silk and satin and so warm.

His kiss becomes more forceful at my touch and he begins to move and grind me a bit. I pray I don't cum right there...and somehow I don't.

My hands slide down to enclose his beautiful butt cheeks. They are firm and covered with a little down of hair that is softer than kitten fur. I hear him moan a deep guttural purr. His weight shifts forward and I feel his cock on my stomach. This releases the pressure off of my own dick and allows it to point more directly into his crack and next to his hole.

I grind him back in this position which rubs his sensitive pucker which drives Jimmy totally nuts for a second. His hands start moving all over my head and neck and shoulders almost frantically as his hard kiss starts to twist his face against mine. I feel a little wetness starting to form on my belly as I feel his dick piston slightly against me. Jimmy's arousal is past the point of no return but I break the kiss with an awkward smack.

"Jimmy, Babe, you ain't prepped and I didn't bring any protection in here with me." My earnest and amazingly mature control manages to stop poor Jimmy like a splash of cold water in his face. He looks shocked and sad.

He kind of whines and gets a petulant look on his face that just melts me. But he does relent and gets up off of me and settles back onto the bench next to my feet.

He sighs "Neither did I." His lower lip juts out in a pout.

It’s just about the most adorable expression I've ever seen on any guy I've ever fucked. My eyes fixed on Jimmy, I suggestively put the mouth of the bottle of Bud to my lips and then tip it up to drain it all, allowing a little beer to dribble from my mouth down my chin and down my sweaty, gulping Adam's apple. Jimmy kind of just watches me with his mouth agape. He closes his mouth and swallows hard.

"Well then...maybe we can...finish here...and then take this back to my room for...more...later. I got what we need in there." I purr sexily as I kneel in front of Jimmy, holding his gaze like a snake charmer.

Before Jimmy can object, my tongue has found his pee slit and the underside of his cock head. My tongue is still ice cool from the beer.

He jumps at the sensation of cold on his most sensitive place and makes a surprised whimper. He opens his legs wide to admit my head.

With better access, I run my cold tongue slowly down his shaft and down and around his nuts. This elicits a strained "aww fuck!" from his throat. His breathing starts to get faster.

The scent of him is intoxicating. I feel drunk as I languidly tongue his testicles and taint. He smells like boy. A scent described as a stink to certain people who mustn't have a sex drive. To is the sweetest of perfumes.

Sweat, ass, and hormones all hit me in the back of my nose with a tang. My medical studies in neurology and endocrinology tell me that the main thing I'm smelling is androstenone...basically locker room smell. A clear sign you are gay is if you respond sexually to it. Boy am I fucking gay for Jimmy boy right here right now!

I finish bathing his balls and run my tongue back up his cock to the head. Jimmy swallows hard and gasps and I feel his hips pump once pushing himself against my agitating tongue.

Through with the preliminaries, I engage Jimmy in one of Brian Chesney's legendary mind-blowing blow jobs. My mouth quickly envelops his pulsing cock and I push him back all the way to my throat in one quick swallow.

"Oh my fucking gawwd!" Jimmy throws his head back and his hips thrust up. Expecting this, I move my head to match his push so as not to gag. I hold him like this for a few seconds and palpate my tongue against the underside of his dick until I see the tendons in Jimmy's neck strain and his whimpers start.

I pull up slowly, allowing my tongue to drag along the bottom of his full length. I stop just at the base of his mushroom and let my tongue lightly touch and agitate his frenulum. This whole action makes Jimmy start to shake and make little crying noises in his throat. I end this by using my lips and mouth suction to tighten and pull on Jimmy's cockhead like I'm sucking a baby bottle.

Jimmy releases the breath he didn't know he had been holding and throws his head and body forward over me as his hands grab the sides of my head. This makes me push his cock back deep into my throat again.

"Ungh!! F-fuck Briii!" Jimmy barks.

I gently push him back a bit, so I can breathe as my nose is being crushed up against his belly. This, again, gives me better access.

To Jimmy's ecstatic distress I begin a slow methodical bobbing of my mouth, lips, tongue, and throat on Jimmy's cherry popsicle. Each time I pull up I press the flat of my tongue up against the bottom of his dick to push it up so that he can feel the bumps on the roof of my mouth and I suck him hard as I do this.

His eyes are tightly shut and his mouth fixed into a flushed grimace as I work him. His strained grunts, whimpers, and moans get higher pitched as I bring him closer and closer to the edge. Up and down. Up and down with a twist. Deep throat then short dickhead bobs. He gets them all.

Up ‘til now I have been holding Jimmy's hips down and squeezing the base of his shaft so as to keep him from thrusting so much and to keep him from cumming too quickly. This prolongs his sexual agony and will make his cumming completely incapacitating. I love this. It always works.

I start to feel his penis jerk and throb harder in my sensitive mouth. I also can feel Jimmy's hands twisting my hair so I know he's about there. I start to taste the sweet saltiness of his Cowper's juices. I want him to last, but few guys can take much more than 5-7 minutes of my treatment.

So I let up on his hips with my left hand and I reach it up to his mouth. He instinctively latches onto it and starts to suck my finger vigorously as his hips begin their reflexive pumping. I feel him moan hard into my finger as he mimics my movements on his dick.

I have what I need now. His saliva. I gently withdraw my finger from his mouth. He tries to reach up to keep it in there but I deep throat him suddenly and that makes him gasp and reach back to twisting my hair. My finger free I find my mark that will make this explosive.

"Ohhhhh Brian, Baby, Baaaaby. Unnnngh...I'm gonna cum! I'm soooo close!" Jimmy's strained voice is about three octaves higher than normal as he gives me the warning required by the universal oral sex rules of etiquette.

I never liked rules.

I slowly, but firmly insert my saliva lubed finger into Jimmy's butthole and push in until I feel the expected spongy lump.

At the same time, I release the base of Jimmy's cock with my right hand and reach under him to cup his beautiful little ass. This pushes Jimmy next to the tightness in my throat where I allow him to pump in short strokes.

"Oh gaaawwwwwd Briiiiaaan! Unnnnnnnngggh ha Ha HAAAANNNGH !"

I'm glad that the gym is empty. Someone would think for sure that I had just murdered poor little Jimmy.

He completely loses positive control of his body as I feel the contractions start deep in his prostate. I help the contractions along with my gentle finger fucking that goad the cum out of him. I feel the precious liquid vibrate through his sweet cock before it erupts with jet force into the back of my throat. I let it build and then swallow. I then back painfully slow up Jimmy's exploding cock so that I can suck the head.

During this procedure, I support Jimmy’s bucking hips by placing my hand under his ass. His rhythm quickly dissolves into spastic jerks. His lovely long legs have straightened out on either side of me and I expect his toes behind me are absolutely curled at the ends of those legs. His gasping rhythmic barks go along with the contractions and the jerks. His face is twisted up like a boxer taking a gut punch. My hair is in his squeezing fists threatening to snatch me bald. But...things don't stop yet.

To his gasping, writhing surprise, yet another wave of orgasm strikes Jimmy as I work his cockhead with my tongue and milking lips.

""Uhg! Uhg! Oh fuck! OH FUCK BRIAN! I'm cumming AGAAAINN! UUUUUNGGGGGH!

Jimmy manages to spurt another load into my mouth with a spastic twisting jerk. He wilts like a dying flower underneath my licking and cleansing mouth.

I then release my boy from my mouth-hug, and crawl up to meet him face to face.

Our languid kiss connects fluidly and Jimmy's fluids are returned to him in part.

Parting...he looks deep into my eyes first with longing and then with that goofy grin again. He then starts to go down on me.

He slips under me kissing me down my trunk from my neck to my lower abdomen. Without fanfare or foreplay, Jimmy sucks in my cock and begins a vigorous bobbing.

My body convulses slightly at the sudden shock of the violence of Jimmy's consumption and a guttural moan comes from somewhere deep and primal in my throat. I lean hard against the sauna wall as Jimmy works me from underneath.

His sucking motions are long, deep, and full length with continuous pressure on all parts of my cock. I hear him gag a bit on the downward stroke, but it doesn't stop him.

I feel the surge coming on. I've been hard for so long now that I knew this wouldn't last, especially with Jimmy’s mouth raping me with such abandon.

His hands are gripping my ass and hips and actually pushing and pulling me in and out of him without my having to do anything. He is basically forcing me to fuck his face. I generally try to control that. I'm not a brute after all!

My guttural moans rise to higher coos and strained whimpers as my cock starts to pulse the precum. Tasting this just makes Jimmy crazier.

He forces me down his throat and he starts short strokes down there! If I wasn't in such a state of sexual arousal I'd be afraid of him hurting himself!

"Oh Fuck! Fuuuuck! Jimmy...Gawwwwd Daayyam!" My hips lose it and I start thrusting despite myself. Jimmy backs up to avoid a bruised palate as my steel rod starts exploding quarts of jizz down his throat!

"Uh! Uhh! Uuuuungh! AAAAAAHHHHH!" I'm basically making animal noises now as the electric fire of my orgasm shoots through my everywhere. I'm on my tiptoes for crap’s sake and Jimmy isn't stopping! Vigorously he sucks my cock head and jerks my shaft hoping for more.

More cums.

"OOOOOHHH GAAAAAAWWWWWWD!" My back arches and I get a second helping of ecstasy too, just like I gave Jimmy.

My knees sag as my spent cock slips out of his mouth and Jimmy gently sits me back on the bench. We lean into each other in post-coital exhausted bliss.

At the last...we turn and look at each other and start to giggle like schoolboys.