The Puget Posse

Chapter 49-Setting the Trap

Welcome back and thanks for returning. Spring break is over. It is now time for the Posse to start bringing down their nemesis, Jeremiah.
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<Monday, April 8>

Spring break was over. For Patrick, as he stood naked in the kitchen preparing his cereal and toast, the bad news was having to get up early, and the good news was that the twins would be showing up any minute. When he finished slicing a banana into his cereal, he buttered his toast and added slathers of strawberry jam. He placed his breakfast on the kitchen table next to his orange juice and was ready to eat.
Maxine wandered into the kitchen wearing a nightgown, bathrobe, and bunny slippers. “If you keep making your own breakfast, I’m going to become a useless old woman,” she said.
Patrick jumped up and gave his great-grandmother a big hug. “You’ll never be useless, Grannana, because you’re the best cook around.”
Maxine held the boy close and smiled. “With you learning how to cook dinner, I could end up losing that status as well.”
“Nope, because you’re my teacher and we all know teachers know everything. Besides, you’re the best Grannana around.”
“You’ll soon learn better,” she observed, “but live with your innocence as long as you can.”
Patrick sat back down. “Whatever you say, Grannana.”
The conversation ended when the door from the mudroom flew open. Mark and Matthew entered amidst noise and chaos, the only kind of entrance they knew.
“Grannana!” Mark yelled enthusiastically as he crossed the kitchen and squeezed the old lady. “Hey, nice slippers—did you get them for Easter?”
Matthew hugged her next. “Slippers with ears. I wonder if they have ears with slippers?”
“That is so stupid,” Mark said. “You can’t wear slippers on your ears.”
“I bet you can if you’re a rabbit.” Matthew chuckled.
“Or maybe a Donkey,” Patrick giggled.
“Hey, Grannana, what’s a rabbit’s favorite game?” Mark asked.
“I don’t know,” Maxine said, reveling in the energy the twins brought with them.
“It’s hopscotch.” Mark and Matthew broke out in loud laughter while Patrick tried hard not to spit out his mouthful of cereal. He succeeded, but his suppressed laughter started up a coughing fit.
Not to be outdone, Matthew asked, “Where do rabbits work?”
“At the bunny farm,” Maxine giggled.
“Not bad, Grannana, but they work at…”
“I know, they work at IHOP!” Patrick yelled, setting off another round of laughter.
When order was finally restored, Patrick finished his breakfast, and the three boys went to Patrick’s room so he could dress. “I wish we could have nudist day at school.” Matthew remarked.
“Yeah,” Mark agreed, “but I don’t know if I’d go naked. I think I’d wear my birthday suit.”
“That is so stupid. If you wore your birthday suit you’d be naked.”
“But I saw you trying not to laugh.” Mark looked over at Patrick who was putting on his necktie—it was formal uniform day at the Puget Academy. “See, even Patrick wants to laugh.”
As soon as Patrick was dressed the three boys went to the living room to watch for the bus. The morning was chilly and drizzly or they would have waited outside. Patrick took his jacket out of the closet, donned it, and then gave his Grannana a good-bye hug. “I love you, Grannana.”
“I love you, too, Paddy.” Grannana was the only person who could still call him Paddy. Patrick had barely broken the hug when the bus arrived at the curb. The boys yelled their good-byes and zipped out the door, down the sidewalk, and on to the bus.
“No more quiet time for you, Mrs. D, because we are back!” Matthew screeched with a grin. Mrs. Deaver shook her head and greeted all three boys by name.
After Will boarded the bus and sat next to Patrick, the boys started in with non-stop chatter, telling about their vacation trips. The subject of their sexual adventures was not brought up, but there was no doubt they would be shared soon. Even the arrival of Jeremiah and Tony didn’t put a damper on their good moods.
Before they arrived at the Academy, the topic turned to baseball. The twins and Will were turning out for the same team. It was the team that the twins had joined the year before after they were kicked off their first team by Jeremiah’s father.
“Aren’t you going to play baseball?” Mark asked Patrick.
“We start our turnouts next week,” Patrick replied. “It’s just a recreation team, the kind with no cuts. It’s not a big-time travel team like you guys got.”
“Nothing big time about us,” Will said. He glanced over at Jeremiah who was listening to his IPod on his ear buds. “Coach Hunt recruited all the good players from our area.” He was referring to Jeremiah’s father.
“Well, he didn’t get me and Mark,” Matthew declared somewhat defiantly, “and he didn’t get Will, so there’s three really good players.”
“Yeah, so we’re not going to suck with us on the team.”
“Yes, you will,” Patrick giggled, getting knowing smiles from his three friends.
“Really, you should come to our practice tomorrow. We only have eleven guys turning out. We need a couple more.”
“I’m not that good,” Patrick admitted.
“Whatever. You are a good soccer player, so you can play baseball,” ignoring the fact that baseball was much more a game of hand-eye coordination than soccer.
“I’ll think about it.”
“And me, Will, and Mark will help you think,” Matthew said confidently.
At the same time, Misha and Neville were enjoying each other’s company on their bus. Misha told Neville about his trip to California and how great it had been to have Patrick with him. Neville surprised Misha by telling him about Ellis spending the night at his house.
When the Posse took their seats together at school, they agreed to meet at lunch. The election for sixth grade officers was less than two months away. They felt that the meeting was necessary to finalize their plan to get Mark’s constitutional amendment through the full student council.  But they also wanted to discuss how they were going to set the trap for Operation Bullfrog.
They talked about inviting Will, who was one of their deputies. But he, along with Ellis, was meeting with their table team, the Fantastic Five. The Posse had not planned to invite Ellis to sit with them. Part of setting their trap was to keep Jeremiah thinking that Ellis and the Posse members were not friendly with one another. Theirs was a social gathering so they could share their vacations.
Before they started, they looked around to see where Jeremiah and his cronies were. They weren’t surprised to see his group sitting together on the other side of the lunchroom.
“They’re planning something,” Mark said.
“And whatever it is, it’s not good,” Matthew added.
“We’re planning something, too,” Patrick interjected.
“Yeah, but in our case, it’s something good,” Mark grinned.
The five Posse members talked about who would be buttonholing which student council members about the amendment. Their task wouldn’t be easy, but they were determined to put the work in.
“I think other classes never got this idea passed because they didn’t work for the votes. All they did was think because they had a good idea everybody would vote for it,” Mark had told them just before spring break.
“We will work to get votes,” Misha said. “It will happen.” They discussed their strategy a bit more. Patrick said he would tell Will what they decided and Mark was going to discuss Paul’s role with Paul.
They also decided that school wasn’t a good place to discuss their plans. As they’d already learned, there were way too many prying ears around the lunchroom. “Let’s meet this weekend,” Neville suggested. “We can all ask our parents so we can find out whose house we’re going to.”
“We cannot meet this weekend,” Misha pointed out. “Will is having his birthday party on Saturday, and we are all invited.”
“Well, hell,” Mark said. “How about the next weekend?” The boys agreed to ask their parents if that weekend was open for their meeting, and if it was okay for them to host it.  
That ended the discussion on Operation Bulldog, at least for the moment. Nobody was surprised when the twins brought up the subject of baseball. “Hey, Misha,” Mark said, “I heard that you’ve got an awesome arm.”
Misha held up his right arm and stared at it. “It looks normal to me,” he replied.
“No, he means you can throw the ball hard,” Matthew explained.
“Oh, yes. I learned to throw hard in Russia when I had to throw the rocks on our practice pitch.”
“So, how come you don’t play baseball?”
“I have played. I will turn out on a parks team, soon.”
Mark looked at Matthew. “Does he live in our district?”
“How do I know? All I know is that Patrick does,” Matthew answered.
“He does not even live in the same city as you,” Neville said.
“We don’t live in any stupid city,” Mark said. “We live out in the sticks.”
“You should play for us,” Matthew told Misha. “We could use you and your awesome arm.”
“Yeah, Patrick is going to play for us,” Mark added.
“No, I said I would think about it,” Patrick protested.
“I bet if Misha plays, you’ll do more than think,” Matthew said with a big grin.
“What about you, Neville?” Misha asked. “Do you wish to play baseball?”
“Not really,” Neville replied. “But thank you for asking. If you all play together, I will try to watch some games.”
The boys chatted a bit more. When Mark saw the Fantastic Five members get up to leave their table he was struck by an idea. He caught Ellis’s attention and signaled him to join them.
“Hello, everybody,” Ellis said. “Are you going to the play area?”
“We’ll be there soon,” Mark said. “Right now, I just want to be seen talking to you.”
“So Jeremiah, Alden, and their stupid friends see us talking.”
Ellis gave Mark a look of confusion.
“They just might ask you why I was talking to you. If they do, tell them you learned I made up my mind to run for sixth grade president and kick his skinny ass and that we have a plan for beating him.”
“Jeremiah is going to want to know what the plan is,” Ellis quickly responded.
“Tell him we aren’t going to tell you because we know you’d tell him or Alden.”
“Yeah, and tell him we called you names for telling him things. Tell him we plan on kicking your ass if we find out you’re squealing to them again,” Matthew advised.
“You’re trying to get Ellis built up with Jeremiah again,” Patrick observed. “Good idea.”
“Good ideas are the only kind of ideas I get,” Mark said with a smile.
“You could have told us about it during our meeting,” Neville chided.
“Yep, you’re right. But, I just got the idea, like real suddenly. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you guys first…that was wrong of me.” Then he grinned again and said, “But, I still think it’s a good idea.”
“Nobody said it wasn’t a good idea, but…,” Neville started.
Mark interrupted him. “But, I think you all have to agree before Ellis talks to them.” They all liked Mark’s idea and agreed that Ellis should tell Jeremiah and his group about what Mark had said.
That night, Patrick talked to his father about baseball and what the twins had proposed. Brian said that just because the twins said Patrick was eligible didn’t mean that he was, since the twins probably knew as little about the subject as Patrick did. He asked Patrick if he wanted to play with the twins if he was eligible for that team.
“Yes,” he answered enthusiastically.
“It’s a higher level of play than what you’re used to.”
“Soccer was high level.”
“You’re a much better soccer player than you are a baseball player.”
“Then I better work hard to get better at baseball,” Patrick said with determination.
“I know somebody to call about eligibility,” Brian said, “then we can go from there.” He called one of his Sounder fan friends, who was a coach in the program the twins would be playing in. He discovered eligibility was based on the player’s home address or the school the player attended. While it all sounded a bit convoluted, the coach said he was certain Patrick would be eligible.
“Ask him about Misha,” Patrick pleaded. Brian got the same answer—Misha would be eligible based on his school. Patrick was excited. If they could all play baseball together, the summer would be the best ever.
Patrick was ready to hop on the phone and give Misha the news, but his father stopped him. “Let’s not be jumping the gun,” Brian said. “There are a lot of logistics that need to be worked out first.”
“Logistics?” Patrick asked.
“Logistics is how to handle the details. It would be the setting up of rides, how to get you all to practices after school, who would bring you guys home from practices, all of those kinds of things.”
“Everybody figured that out for soccer.”
“Yeah, but you guys weren’t all on the same soccer team. Your soccer team wasn’t spread out across the county.”
“Since we’re smarter than all the guys in soccer, we’ll figure it out,” Patrick said confidently.
That turned out not to be the case. Logistics did indeed get in the way. But the dream of the Posse playing together didn’t die. As far as the boys were concerned, they would just need to plan better when soccer rolled around so they could at least be on the same soccer team in the fall. The lesson the boys had been learning more than once is that last minute ideas often don’t work, but thorough planning ahead of time did. Thorough planning was the big reason the boys felt their trap for Jeremiah would work that spring, just like thorough planning ahead of time would insure they would be playing soccer together. They ended up being only partly right.




<Wednesday, April 10>

Paul placed a piece of red tape across the lock of the door. He and Tyler, the student body president, closed the door behind them. They were now safely alone in the eighth grade student government lounge. They had passes allowing them to be out of class for the purpose of “discussing” student government issues, namely the proposed amendment to give all four grades equal representation in the student senate. Had anybody seen Paul and Tyler go into the back room, the red tape on the door would have left no doubt what form the “discussion” would take.
“I just want to remind you that I’m not gay,” fourteen-year-old Tyler said as he pulled off his Academy polo shirt.
“And I just want to remind you that I am,” Paul replied as the thirteen-year-old followed Tyler’s lead. “It’s not like you haven’t fucked around with guys before, so why the big deal about being gay?”
“Because none of the guys I messed around with were gay,” Tyler said.
“Yeah, whatever.” Paul wasn’t sure about his friend Curt, who had told him he’d messed around with Tyler. Paul had taken Curt’s cherry just a couple of weeks ago, and Curt was begging him for more after holding out for almost two years. He knew that Tyler had sucked Gary’s cock the year before, and Gary had all but come out of the closet. But, he kept his mouth shut. This little tryst wasn’t about messing around, it was about giving Tyler what he’d promised to give him—his ass in return for his help in pushing the amendment through the student body council.
The two young teens had gotten naked in a hurry. There were no plans for kissing or for any kind of foreplay. This was about Tyler fucking Paul. Paul had already sucked Tyler’s cock on Monday—that time they had been seen going into the back lounge after placing the red tape over the lock.
This was the final part of Paul’s payment. Tyler didn’t care how the vote on the amendment came out; he would be in high school next year. But, when Paul made his offer in return for Tyler’s support, the horny teen couldn’t turn it down.
Tyler sported a thick, uncut, five inch piece of teen meat with a thick patch of pubic hair covering the base. His low hanging balls were still smooth, however. The only hair on the rest of his body was a small patch of hair under each of his underarms, some scattered little blond hairs on his calves, and a light bit of peach fuzz trailing from his belly button straight down to his pubic region. His boner was leaking precum in anticipation of the upcoming sex.
While Tyler had had sex with select boys every year from sixth grade on, he hadn’t fucked any of them. He had fucked two girls, both since he turned fourteen. One was his sixteen-year-old cousin, who took his cherry when he was twelve and she was fourteen. They had done it three times since. The other was the thirteen-year-old student body vice president at the Annie Fuller school; he had taken her cherry and had sex with her one other time when they sneaked into a corridor and found an unlocked classroom at the Fuller school during the Valentine’s Day dance.
Paul was drooling in anticipation of receiving Tyler’s big teen tool. It would be the biggest cock to fuck him yet in his young life and he was more than ready to let it hammer his ass, and Tyler was more than ready to hammer his classmate. He lubed his cock and Paul’s ass the way Paul had showed him. Without any preliminaries he shoved his cock past the thirteen-year-old’s sphincter and went to work.
Paul was stooped over. He was holding on to the back of one of the overstuffed chairs as Tyler stood over him. Tyler started humping Paul and within minutes they had a good rhythm going.
“This isn’t half bad,” Tyler commented. “Tighter than my cousin, I’ll say that much.”
“You fucked your cousin?” Paul asked somewhat incredulously.
“Yeah, she was my first, just like you’re my first guy. Only in your case you’re my last guy, too.”
“Whatever,” Paul said again. He was willing to bet he wasn’t going to be Tyler’s last piece of boy ass.
The talking was replaced by grunting and moaning until Tyler spoke again. “Fucking your faggot ass is fucking hot, man. This is just fucking hot.” He was now hammering Paul hard, shoving his cock as far into Paul’s rectum as he could.
“Yeah, fuck my faggot ass,” Paul said. “Your big cock feels so good inside of me. Fuck me hard, Tyler, fuck me as hard as you ever fucked anything.”
What the boys didn’t know is that Mr. Vargas had come into the lounge to check on things. When he saw the red tape over the lock of the eighth grade room, he knew what was happening on the other side of the door. Sex at the academy was common; after all these were horny, hormone-driven teen boys. All of the teachers knew when to look the other way and when not to.
Mr. Vargas knew that whatever was happening in the small lounge was consensual. He quickly figured out who was involved and his eight-inch cock was now rock hard. Paul didn’t surprise him; the thirteen-year-old made no secret of being gay. But Tyler, the school president, who let everybody know what a ladies’ man he was, did surprise him. Oh, well, any ship in a storm, the teacher thought as he listened to the boys’ pubescent voices grunt in sexual ecstasy. While he wanted to listen to the act come to its inevitable conclusion, he also didn’t want to be seen eavesdropping on student sex. He reluctantly left the lounge area and headed for the faculty men’s room to enjoy the body-shaking pleasure created by taking care of some urgent business.
If he had waited three more minutes he would have heard Paul let out an involuntary moan as he shot his light teen crude over the back of the chair, enjoying a no-touch cum. Tyler followed close behind, filling Paul’s ass with his thicker, more plentiful teen sperm, all but impregnating his classmate. He held on to Paul’s naked body for a minute as he worked to reorient himself.
“That was better than getting blown by you,” Tyler said as he pulled out. “I came fucking hard.”
“So did I,” Paul said as he grabbed some paper towels to clean up the back of the chair. He knew it wasn’t the first time boy cum had been shot over the lounge furniture. Paul knew he’d have to hit up the boys’ room to push out some of Tyler’s goo. He had worn briefs to help sop up whatever leaked out. As much as he wanted to tell Curt what he and Tyler had done, he knew he’d promised to keep the fucking between him and Tyler a total secret. Curt knew about the blow job, because they’d been seen going into the lounge on Monday.
“Okay, I’ll help you work on the eighth graders,” Tyler promised as he started dressing. Paul was disappointed to see Tyler’s man-sized tool disappear into his boxer-briefs.
“The eighth graders should go for it once you show them how it will help the school,” Paul said. “The fifth graders should go for it. The hard sell will be the sixth and seventh graders—they won’t want to give up their power.”
“I’ve heard your Posse friends have been doing a lot of persuading, and I don’t mean the kind of persuading you did.”
“Those guys can talk, especially Patrick and the twins. They have some good arguments.”
“Hey, we still have fifteen minutes,” Tyler said, checking the time on his phone.
“Yeah, so?”
“I’m boned up again.”
“Drop your underpants.”
As Tyler did so, Paul grabbed a paper towel. He wiped his remaining fluids off of the fourteen-year-old’s hard cock, then got down on his knees. Nothing like a little bit of insurance, Paul thought, as he sucked the Puget Academy student body president to his second orgasm of the class period.



<Saturday, April 13>

Will’s birthday party was a big success. It was held at the local Roundtable Pizza. Even though the boys at the party were not yet teens, they had a seemingly insatiable appetite for pizza. As much as Will wanted to have a big overnight party, it was not to be. His parents told him he needed another year or two before he could have a big sleepover. Will disagreed, but he ended up on the losing side of the disagreement.
Still, he had a great time at his party. All of the Posse attended, as did everybody on Will’s table team, The Fantastic Five. Some of Will’s sports friends attended as well as four girls. Two of the girls were neighbors, and two were girls he’d met at the fifth grade parties with the Annie Fuller girls. He had not only exchanged phone numbers, he’d kept in contact with them.
“That puts him ahead of us,” Mark said to Matthew.
“Nobody’s stopped you from talking to the Fuller girls,” Matthew replied.
“I was waiting for them to call us.”
“Yeah, so was I. It looks like that wasn’t a good idea.”
“Do you think they were waiting for us to call them?” Mark asked.
“I dunno. I mean we’re so awesome they should have been calling us the day they met us at the school party.”
“Good point. It makes you wonder what their problem is.”
Connie, one of the Fuller girls, came up to the twins. “Paige and Madison really like you a lot,” she said, skipping introductions. “They wonder why you never call them.”
“Then why don’t they call us?” Mark asked.
“I thought Paige liked Patrick.” Matthew said.
“She did like Patrick until she found out he was only nine,” Connie told him. “Now she likes you.”
“That’s pretty lame,” Matthew said. “Patrick is cool.” He pointed to the little boy sitting with Misha, Neville, and Ellis. “She’s gotta know he’s cute.”
“You think a boy is cute?” Connie asked.
“Well, yeah. If he’s cute, he’s cute, and Patrick is cute.”
“You didn’t answer my question,” Connie said.
“What question?” Mark asked.
“About why you didn’t call Paige and Madison.”
“You never asked us. All you said is they were wondering why we never called.”
“Well, how come you never called then?”
“Because, we were waiting for them to call us,” Mark answered.
Connie put her hands on her hips and shook her head. “How come boys are all so dumb?”
“We’re not dumb,” Matthew argued. “We just know that if they want to talk to us so bad, they can call us…”
“…or text us,” Mark added.
“Yeah, or something.”
Connie walked away in a huff. The twins sat down next to the other three Posse members and Ellis. “Girls can be really stupid,” Mark said to none of the four in particular.
“That’s what I think, too,” Patrick said without hesitation.
“I think you should give them a chance,” Neville said as a sudden memory of Kathy, the babysitter, zapped through his brain.
“You like girls?” Ellis asked, somewhat shocked.
“Well, yes I do.”
“I like you, too, Ellis,” Neville said sincerely, wondering what his friend’s hang-up was.
Ellis smiled and then changed the topic.
“I’m glad Will invited me to the party,” Ellis said happily.
“Why wouldn’t he invite you?” Patrick asked.
“Because of Operation Bullfrog. Jeremiah and Alden don’t want me to like you guys.”
“You are supposed to be with us,” Neville said. “That way you can be a spy for them.”
“I guess,” Ellis said doubtfully. “I just don’t want to mess things up.”
“Don’t worry,” Mark advised. “After our meeting next weekend, things are going to start happening really fast.” The boys were all becoming impatient. They wanted Operation Bullfrog to start to unfold. They were tired of Jeremiah already trying to win votes by being nice to everybody and making promises for sixth grade.
“He can be as nice as he wants and can promise whatever he wants,” Mark said. “But it’s the Posse that’s going to make things happen real soon.”


The next week at school was a good one for the Posse. On Tuesday the school student council voted 5-0 to approve of the amendment. Tyler had fulfilled his promise to Paul. On Wednesday, the eighth grade council voted 3-2 to approve, one of the rare moments that council had any kind of clout.  
The Posse, with the help of the F-Five worked to persuade the sixth grade council to approve of the amendment. If the sixth graders approved, they wouldn’t have to worry about what the seventh graders did. Nevertheless, with the help of Paul, Tyler, Curt, and some other eighth graders, they busily campaigned for Mark’s amendment.
The seventh graders in particular saw the fifth graders as irritating pests. But, they couldn’t deny the fact that both eighth grade councils had approved the amendment. Nor could they deny the argument that even if the lower grades ended up with a bigger voice in the student senate, they would still have the voting power of two councils the next year: the eighth grade council and the student council. The Posse members thought the eighth graders having two councils was a stupid idea, but they knew better than to tackle that issue. It was equality in the student senate that they were after.
On Thursday, the sixth grade council voted 3-2 to approve the amendment. The Posse celebrated that afternoon as soon as they heard the outcome. They didn’t need the seventh graders to approve. The amendment would now go to the student senate for the final vote.
Mr. Jackson told the class the outcome of the vote. “Good job guys, especially the Posse and the Fantastic Five. I didn’t think you had a chance to get the amendment to the senate, but you guys worked your ass…um…worked your…”
“Worked our asses off,” Mark said with a wide grin, setting the entire class into loud laughter. Mr. Jackson tried unsuccessfully to suppress his own laughter.
<Saturday, April 20>
On Saturday, the Posse, along with Will, Paul, Curt, Ellis, Vic, and Hank from the Jumping Kangaroos, met at the twins’ house to discuss final strategy. Vic and Hank had been tireless in their efforts to get the amendment passed. The Posse invited them to their meeting, although they had not been deputized.
While the twins lived the furthest out, they had the most room and could easily accommodate eleven preteen boys. Vic and Hank were sworn to secrecy and the last phase of Operation Bullfrog was laid out while the boys scarfed down barbequed hamburgers, fries, baked beans, and apple pie and ice cream. Kristy realized too late that the baked beans might have been a mistake—she wasn’t experienced with tween boys and their fascination with passing gas.
But, the real fun wouldn’t really begin until they’d finished with their plans. The real fun would begin at the next meeting of the fifth-grade council. Ellis was going to bring up an issue regarding the power of the president. Jeremiah had appointed his own friends to plan the Valentine’s Day Party, and the Posse wanted to emphasize that the president had to appoint members of the fifth grade council and fifth grade senate before he could look elsewhere. Jeremiah and Alden had ignored the wording and it was now time to call them on it.
It was important for Ellis to bring the matter up. It was time for him to stand up to Jeremiah and Alden. They needed to be pushed to the point where Jeremiah would follow through on showing the compromising picture of Ellis. It was time to set the trap so that it would be impossible for Jeremiah to be elected sixth grade president. Operation Bullfrog was ready to commence in full.
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