Ask Me

Chapter 56

Ask Me 56


Con and I chuckled all the way home, Helen had got the three kids to sign some papers but I’m sure they were just fake contracts.

“I only wanted to have some fun with him today that’s all, things have been a bit serious the past few weeks. Bugger me, now it's cost me fifteen hundred dollars and I might add, for my own team.” He was laughing as John put our dinner on the table.

“No contract Conner, you heard Bubby,” Ray laughed.

Teddy was listening in while he pretended to watch TV but I just knew those fists were white.

After dinner Con opened the safe and took the money out to give to Ted, he lingered at the door for a minute deep in thought then closed it and passed the money to Ted who in turn asked me if I could put it in his bank account tomorrow. He would give Shaun and Bubby's money to them at training so I passed it onto Ray who said he would organize it, he then slipped it back to Conner.

I was so proud of the boys that I couldn’t stop giggling even when we retired to our bedroom, and Con was the same.

That night I was so horned up I quickly did the dressing on my side, Con helped me shower then I made him lay back on the bed while I had my wicked way with him. His legs were draped over my shoulders to hold onto while I entered him and they didn’t move for the next half hour. I looked into his beautiful sharp eyes and he didn’t say a word as he positioned himself for the onslaught. Very gently and slowly I made love to him, it felt like ages since we had done it and I wanted it to last forever.

It was back at John and Ray's place in the morning when I realized Ted and Con had to fly to Sydney today, only for a couple of hours so I packed Little Rick's backpack and Big Ricks for their place in the sun. I would have loved to have been there but to be honest I was tired and thought I would rest for the day.

Ted of course was up before us two, he practically was sitting on the front door waiting but we had to have breakfast so John offered (how unusual). Pancakes with honey were on the menu as we talked about the big day. We would watch it on the big screen at our place, not that there would be much to see. The news channel would do a live cross to the theatre and maybe I will see my two guys arriving. Kissing my Conner at the door was a chore in itself, Marty and Grant were there but Con didn’t want to say goodbye so lingered on my lips for some time, he had me horned up again, prick.

When the house cleared I thought I would get forty winks so went back to bed. I couldn’t settle so I had a quick wank and felt guilty about it but really in my mind Conner was with me. John called out and I put a dressing gown on to go sit in front of the TV with them. There wasn’t much to see only a few minutes of them arriving, close ups of Conner and Ted's never ending smile and a few words from the rock star. His son had suddenly lost his voice but I did detect a finger going up his nose at one stage, fuck, I hope Mrs. Green isn’t watching.

All in all it was a successful day for them and Ted talked non-stop after he ran in the door to greet me. They had had a wonderful day, Sarah had brought Luke to the premier and so the kids caught up with all their gossip. Adam had given Ted the royal treatment and Tan had sat and talked to him for ages. His eyes were drooping but I didn't want him to sleep just yet otherwise he will be wide awake tonight and I had more plans, my libido was working overtime.

"I had a wank after you left this morning."


"I know, I felt guilty afterwards but when you left I felt the urge."

"How could you Brent, that's awful, that's almost cheating!" His shocked look was back.

"Well you turned me on at the door, then you left."

"If you want to cheat on me go ahead but I would prefer you didn't, god knows what diseases you could give yourself." His straight face turned into a full on laugh.

"Show me." He was rubbing my stomach muscles with his left hand.

"Show you what Con?"

"Show me how you masturbate."


"Well obviously you do it all the time so I want to see how you go about it."

"Like this Con." I cupped my balls and enclosed my dick into my hand then started pumping.

He was forcing himself not to touch me as I went to town pulling my cock, I moaned, I moved, I lifted my knees and parted my legs, he cupped my balls as I shot a load up my body.

"Did you see everything Con?"

"Yes thank you Brent, awesome."

"Your turn." I didn't have to ask him twice but I must admit it was too much for me so I leant in and kissed him on those beautiful puffy lips, oh and my other hand stroked his ball bag. We settled in to maybe sleep but Con's body was doing it for me tonight as I stroked my hand from his knees to balls to cock, pubes, stomach and pecks then down again.

“Go to sleep,” he said.

“Umm, in a minute.”

I slid down and started licking his nipple and heard a groan then I heard light snoring, he was asleep so I contemplated having another wank but Con was right, it does feel like I’m cheating.

 “It’s only for five weeks Conner, fifteen shows, you have nothing to lose by taking up this offer, you will be away for six weeks max. Caesar’s Palace are desperate to get you back in town, especially after the Foxtel thing, just think about it,” Marty said as I sat at the kitchen table with Di and Hope, she rolled her eyes...Di did, not Hope.

“I don’t know Marty I liked being there last time and I really do need to promote the album but I can’t leave my boys and there’s no good asking them to come, I know they won’t. I’ll think on it and give you an answer next week.” Conner was looking down.

“Enough for God’s sake Conner Richards, do I have to tell you again to stop doing that?” I said rather loudly, Di giggled while Hope jumped.

“What baby?”

“Go, do the shows and come back to us in one piece. You have to do it after the footy season, I can’t have you away while your team is playing.”

“Oh,” was all he said.

“Honestly Di, I don’t know how you put up with it, all this intrigue and skullduggery just to get me to agree to let Conner go do his job, really who do they think I am?”

“The boss, boss.” She laughed again.

Hope gurgled; I reckon she’s a chip off her mother’s block.

“I can go then?”

I rolled my eyes.

“Of course. Where are we going for dinner?”


“Good, Ted get your coat on, Con grab your pen to sign things and Di wipe that smirk off your face. I’ll go get Ray and John.”

“Yes boss,” Di answered.

I had started to heal nicely and with the blockers and anti depressants I started feeling the best I have in months. I want Conner to tour when he can and I want him to be comfortable with telling me, this charade tonight was just another set up. He knows now that he can’t drink while on tour and Marty knows not to push the envelope with his commitments. I am more worried about our son missing out on Con being there but if it’s only for a short time then we will cope.

The ground was finished and Mrs. Green showed us through the clubrooms, they were brilliant. Some little kid's toilets and urinals and some for the big kids too, lockers that will have the player's names put on them and some tables and benches for their club meetings. She couldn’t stop thanking Conner for his wonderful donation and Con lapped it up until she turned the key to lock it up.

“One hundred words Mr. Conners, I must not pick my nose in front of my son.”


“It was all over the TV Mr. Conners, I feel compelled to act on it.”

“How do you know it was me?”

“Because Mr. Walsh knows better, you don’t, do enjoy the rest of your day.” She literally skipped her way down the footpath.

The first game was approaching and Friday I turned up at the school with a dozen boxes of icy poles and just as the lunch time bell sounded the kids lined up and took one each. I handed out flyers advertising Go Ship and the game to be held on Saturday, it encouraged parents to support it and to come along for a free sausage sizzle, which I got John and Ray to do. I did think about a small carnival set up but maybe that was a bit too over the top.

Saturday morning arrived and so did three gorgeous hunks who were waiting to give the boys a pep talk, it wasn’t just for our boys and the other teams joined in as well, it was held in the clubrooms. Dan, Donny and Jamie flew down from Brisbane; their season starts next week so it was good of them to take time off to do a talk. The kids were stoked and the questions although kid's ones, were answered beautifully. Boy that Donny was a hunk and I had heard from Ray that he was Tim’s boyfriend but I didn’t like to mention it just in case, then I overheard him on the phone.

“Yes Timmy, no Timmy we are not going clubbing. Tim it’s the middle of the day, they aren’t open, no there are only kids here, no hunks. Tim I have it on alright, love you too, miss you.” I had my answer, I didn’t know Jamie’s story but I’m sure there’s one in there somewhere.

Everyone was there, Tom and Shane were draped in the school colors, they had painted their faces and had banners and really got into the spirit. I spied Tan over by the boundary on his own so went over and took a sausage to him.

“Sorry Tan, no chocolate biscuits today, have a sausage.”

“Thanks Brent.”

“Why don’t you go over and sit with Tom and Shane?”

“No it's okay, they don’t want me hanging around with them.”

“Did they say that?”

“No, I just think they wouldn’t that’s all.”

I gave him the concerned fatherly look and grabbed his arm then marched him over to the boundary seats.

“Hi Tan, sit with us,” Shane asked.

“Er thanks.”

‘What was that you were saying Tan?”

“Sorry Brent.”

“Good.” I smiled as I ruffled his beautiful black hair. Parents were arriving and kids were playing, it was a fun day. I had a few signs made up to remind the adults of who were playing today, they said, 'Remember they are only kids.' I plastered them everywhere; some parents can get a bit loud at these games.

The boys decided that Grant needed some boundary runners so the big guys from the Bombers took that job.

“It was out,” said Dan.

“It was in,” Bubby yelled.

“It was out little boy, now get back to playing.”

“In!” Bubby stood his ground.

“Okay it was in,” Dan was chuckling along.

As I said last season, it’s a little kid's game, each team got as good as the other, some good decisions for each side.

The water boy was working overtime and he was gorgeous, his black hair up in a samurai and the kids did exactly what the big guys do in the AFL. They spat, snorted and tried to wipe out the opposition. The quarters were lengthened to twelve minutes today and some of my team was showing signs of exhaustion because they were using the benches a lot. Con was run off his feet trying to get water and juice into them, he was having so much fun and the smile on his face was priceless.

We won the game by three goals, one of which Ted kicked and the other team protested saying it was a point but the goal umpire, Donny said he was right, it was a goal. They didn’t argue with him at six three he must have looked like a giant to them. I did detect one of the little kids who wasn't playing kick Don's leg at one stage after he received a good telling off, it lasted until his mum came to get him off the ground. It was all taken in the spirit of the game and I was so proud of the parents, they hardly got involved, much.

We decided we would hand out some medals and all players on both teams received one. This would happen at each game including the major ones as well as the Grand Final game. Everyone was included in the after match speeches and some of the kids insisted on taking showers, Ted was one of them. We thanked Dan and his boys who had to go with Phil and Dave to the airport to get home by nightfall. It was a great thing to do for our boys and they signed heaps of photos for everybody. Con didn’t miss out; his line was full of fans. At one stage he did one for Mrs. Green who with the school board couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces.

It will be an early night for our boy, he was exhausted when he got home and full of sausage sizzle. He talked non-stop about the game to anyone that was interested then at seven thirty his eyes gave up and he went to sleep. Con carried him to his bed and we both got his jamas on, he didn’t wake up and slept through the night.

Con was still wanting to party and party we did, after a long hot shower I showed him how much I loved him by making him lay on the bed naked, I then gave him a dick massage with my mouth. He was so grateful he gave me the same treatment.

Marty was over the next day with paperwork for Conner to sign, the road to Las Vegas has begun. He was signing for six weeks with an extra two-week option, when he had done that he went silent then he kept looking at me before starting on the paperwork. He sighed and handed it back to Marty who shoved it into his briefcase.

“It’s a nightmare but I will get it done boys,” Marty sighed.

“Get Adam to help you Marty.”

“You may have a point there, Jill’s overloaded with work at the moment, maybe I will give him a call.”

“I’m sorry Brent but I have to do it, there’s no getting out of it, unfortunately I am very famous over there, they need to worship me.” Con giggled nervously.

“It's okay Con I understand, let's not go over it again rather let's just spend the time we have together because I really think it will pass quickly. I did contemplate taking Ted with us but he’s young Con and I really don’t think it’s the sort of place to take him.”

“Yeah I know, maybe next time.”

“You will be Skyping us and there’s always the phone, I’m sure your days won't be all filled with interviews and TV appearances this time. We will be okay, there’s lots of back up here but if you need me for anything important I’m willing to fly over for a week, Ted can stay with his granddads,” I said smiling.

“Are you up to something Brent?”

“No.” I was up to a few things but I wasn’t going to tell him.

I don't know when we dropped off but it was awhile before Con closed those blues as they shone on me for quite some time. I leaned over and turned the lamp off but there was that constant warm glow from Ted's night-lights, my Swarovski crystal man glinted, Con looked perfect in this setting.

 I thought for awhile about our predicament, we are so fucking lucky to have Ted in our lives, he changed our world overnight, like Con had changed mine and me his, we were growing up that's all, becoming the adults we were meant to be. Nothings changed; we still adore each other, we've just got a kid we happen to love to drag along with us wherever we end up; I thought about Con's career then I thought about mine.

I started to feel selfish, Con compromises for us, he is the one that needs our support.

Looking over at him sleeping in the night-light I could see how far he has come since I met him, I stroked Con's cheek then snuggled into him and went to sleep.

 After I untangled myself from my man I washed then went to organize our baby. He wasn't there so I checked his bedroom, no go there either.

There would only be one other place he would be and that’s next door.

I let myself in and there he was, having scrambled eggs on toast. John was going through his homework; just revision and I felt a pang of loss.

"Beats toast every morning dad," he said giggling, I kissed him good morning.

John smiled then winked. I knew I could trust them to help out after all they did a great job with Conner. I left them to it, making coffee for us and taking it up to our bedroom. Conner stirred, his tie had worked its way off and his chest length hair was everywhere.

I crawled back into bed, plumped my pillows up and sat to watch him greet the day.

His eyelashes flickered first then his mouth tried to move, his tongue slipping out licking his full pink lips. 

"Is that coffee I smell?"

"Good morning Con, yes coffee made in my thirty dollar plunger."

"Awesome, can you get me a straw?"

"No baby but if you want to suck on something you can move your head about twelve inches down the bed."

"Umm, after my coffee maybe."

"No maybes Con, I’m nearly ready to perform."

He wiped his eyes and sat up kissing me then seemed to remember something.


"With his grand dads."

He drank some of his black coffee and was deep in thought.

"Are we doing the right thing?"

"Yes Con, the right thing for us and the right thing for Teddy, we can't be on call twenty four seven."

"I feel bad."

"So do I but we have to be strong Con otherwise he will only learn from us not others and that’s not a good thing considering our limited knowledge of bringing up kids."

"I agree."

I started spitting pubes, well trying to; I found one after I poked around with my fingers and I'm sure there was one stuck in my throat.

"What’s wrong babe?"

"You're malting Con, pubes everywhere, you'd better think about shaving."

That got his attention cause he was wide-awake now.

"Do you think so?"

"Do it and your a dead man."

"You're no fun anymore Brent." He smirked, where he found the energy to do that I don't know.

"Sorry Con, I don't like bald dicks they look alien."

"Seen a few have you?"

"One or two Con, I was bald myself for a couple of months at one time."

"You were?" I think I was getting him excited.

"Yes it was strange, not to mention the itching, not a good look on stage Con, you scratching your dick throughout a concert."

"I do that now."

"I know but with my imagination going wild; it would be dulled by the bald thought."


"It's okay."

He moved down to see if my pubes were still there then brought me to a wonderful orgasm. After I settled down I was getting ready to do Con but I could hear Ray come in the back door with Ted in tow.

 "Get your back pack and footy shorts for training grandson, we will wait for you in the car, and don't forget to kiss your dads bye bye." He winked at us.

"Everything all right Ray?" Con asked with a little concern.

Ray leant on the doorframe and said,

"Is he complaining?” nodding his head towards Ted's room.


"He's happy, leave this to us." He winked.

"I'm ready granddad Ray," Ted yelled.

He ran in and we put him on the bed and kissed him goodbye, he seemed happy; well he had fists going on.

"See you at the practice dads, have a good day." He waved as Ray opened our front door to get him to school. I noticed he had his footy medal on.

"That went well,” Con said, maybe a little pensively.

 We stayed in bed for another few hours, Con picked up his guitar and sang some tune while I listened devotedly to his every word. He reached over and wrote down two lines then handed the paper to me. I looked at it, then him and said,

"I will get back to you."


"Your welcome, ready to go again?"


 We crawled out of bed thoroughly exhausted just before noon, I organized some breakfast, Ray and John came in and John took over the cooking.

"He's fine Con, keep him occupied and he won’t notice change, you can’t be here all the time but we can."

 If there were any two guys on this earth that Conner trusted it was these two, he started to relax a bit by the time he had finished his special order of eggs Benedict.

"We are picking him up, then to the park, then you bring him home, we are family and look at it this way Con, Beth did the same thing with you. She got us involved so you wouldn't rely on her all the time, it saddened her but she had the brains to see it was the right thing to do."

"I know Ray, sorry I just feel a little guilty."

"Well don't, I didn't see a sad face this morning so don't sweat it, we have it under control, also many grandparents, aunties and uncles drop their family off at school," he added reassuringly.

"Okay." Con was convinced.

 For the next week we took in some art galleries and looked in at Go Ship, everything was running very smoothly so much so that Bob was arriving now at the correct time, Rob was settled and on top of things and Helen was smiling from ear to ear.

"Good morning boss and Mister Conners good to see you out and about," she beamed.

"Just going to see Rob for a minute Con, is he in Helen?" 

"Yes boss, he's in his office."

I nodded.

"See you in Bob's office Con." He gave me a strange look.

 "Good morning Robert," I beamed at him.

"Brent, so good to see you, how’s things?"

"Great Rob and how’s Adam?"

"Still complaining, he's got so much to do but can’t find the time to do it."

"Like what Rob, shopping?" I laughed.

"No, he's helping Marty put Vegas together, unpaid help, it’s not much but he can’t afford to make any mistakes." He chuckled, that suggestion I made to Marty worked, I couldn't contain my smile.


"Why don't you tell him to take a day off here and there, Helen can get a temp easy."

"He doesn't trust anyone else with his boys Brent."

"His boys!!" I almost shouted; then added,

"Well he does know that in an emergency I am the resident temp." That will get Adam going.

"I don't think so, maybe I will talk to him tonight about it."

"Miss them don't you?" he said in the next breath.

"Like I miss you and Adam Rob, like crazy," I held my friend's hand.

"Come on, it's tea time in Bob's office." He followed me in and Sam was already there looking ten years younger, well not really, just relaxed. I hugged them both and asked about Jen and little Conner.

"That’s what I want to talk to you about, you two." He glared at us.

"His first full word last week, his first word, do you know what it was?"

"No I haven't heard from Jen in a week or two, what did he say?"



"He said Benny, why not daddy or mummy?"

"Guess he likes him brother in law, better buy him a dog," Con smirked.

 Everyone was having a laugh at Bob but he wasn't all that fussed about it, I know he's so laid back now and little Con had been mumbling mum and dad for some time.

"How’s things in your neck of the woods Sam, excuse the pun." Thinking on the freeloader Mrs. Woods.

"All good Brent, we are on track and talking about an overseas trip maybe to Vanuatu, a second honeymoon, something like that." 

"Well work out the dates and tell Helen, she will organize it for you all."

"Sam can I ask you something?"

"Sure Brent."

"Does Shaun have kids sleeping over yet?"

"Not really Brent, he's too young but sometimes Bubby sleeps over, he only lives next door so it’s a no brainer."

"Okay, just a thought that’s all."

“I was thinking that maybe the boys would like to have a sleepover at our place sometime.”

"I don't think we can do without him for a night Brent, he's too young, Andy won't allow it anyway."

"Well it was just a thought Sam, I thought you and Andy can go out to a lazy dinner and maybe get those jocks out of mothballs occasionally."

I noticed Sam adjust his pants, he was thinking but finally said,

"Let's try it this weekend," he had an air of urgency to his reply.

"You first," Con said.

"No you," Sam replied.

"I'm your boss."

"So is Andy."

"Okay we go first."

"Nah, it's okay Conner, we will, one more week won't hurt."

"Sam go home," a voice said.


"Take the rest if the day off, your department is running smoothly and you certainly are well over the, 'impress the boss,' stage, go home," bellowed Bob's voice.

"See you both soon, I will plant the seed into Andy’s head tonight, bye, oh gosh, see you later." He had his phone out, no guessing whom he was calling.

 The tea lady came by, we ordered our coffees and she handed me some biscuits, winked then looked at Conner and said,

"No haircut again this week young man?"

Con blushed, she giggled.

We spent most of the afternoon with Rob and Bob, they had discarded their suits and wore casual gear and they looked like they fitted in.

  Ted ran over for a big hug, God I missed him but he didn't stay long, he had practice to do with Grant. Ray gave us the thumbs up and we dropped our track pants to get ready for our light run but Conner was fixated on the kids for a bit so I nudged him and started to trot off.

 Grant had finally got all the boys together and they headed for the change room, he was going to go over Saturday's game, just a twenty-minute pep talk.

Con caught up with me and in no time his trot was just another version of a fast swagger, which made his bum stick out more, or maybe he's doing that deliberately?

 Arriving back just as the big talk had finished, we dressed and sat at the table with Bubby’s mum, she was the designated driver today because Andy and Sam had something important to do, wink wink. Ray said that all was good with Ted; he was all talk on the way to school and had requested a big chocolate cake for dinner. 

"He's not?"

"He is, nothing is a trouble for our grandson, John is hard at it as we speak."

"Oh God, sugar hit coming up," I groaned.

"No Brent, very little sugar, leave it to John, he's a great improviser."

"Okay, we trust you both."

"Thank you Brent."

 Conner was still a little quiet and as we belted Ted into the car I asked him what was up, he pulled me to the back of the car and said,

"Nothing baby, just feel like we are abandoning him that's all, it feels really strange," he whispered.

"Let's try it for a week and if we don't feel any better we can pull the plug.” I smiled, thinking all the time what pricks we were.

 "Daddy can I go and watch grand dad John bake my cake?"

"Sure honey.”

"Okay dad, thanks."

He grabbed Benny and ran into next door, I heard Ray say,


Poor Benny came home so I gave him one of his comfort bones and he ran into the back yard and happily chewed on it. I looked Conner in those beautiful blues and said,

“See he’s not even noticing our guilty feelings, this is what we need Conner, he’s now wanting to hang with them, it’s a good sign for our boy.” He kissed me.

 The chocolate cake ended up being a healthy banana filled muffin with a dollop of light cream on top, he only got that after he ate his veggies and home made spring rolls. 

”That restaurant is looking good John.”

“What restaurant Brent?”

“The one you should open up in High street, the money would be rolling in.”

“I don’t need the money and I only cook for friends, it’s a hobby, nothing more, I couldn’t imagine cooking for a restaurant full of people, mistakes are made and I don’t like making them.”

“Who taught you to cook John?”

“Who else, my mum, she was a brilliant cook.”

“Well these rolls are delicious.”

“Thank you, they actually cost a lot to make! Con another one?” John asked.

 “Okay buddy are you ready for homework half hour?”

“Yes daddy.”

Of course the three of them helped Ted with his homework but in the end he did it himself, my boy is brilliant at numbers. After I washed the dishes Ray and John kissed us and said their goodnights, we had our boy to ourselves.

"Okay captain, want to watch Four Corners?"

"What’s that daddy?"

"Cartoon channel it is then." 

We three sat on the couch and watched Bugs Bunny for an hour then it was bath time.

"These moments are precious Brent, let's not forget them."

"Never baby."

He seemed happy and we talked about his grandfather dropping him at school, he said it was their job to do that sometimes, he didn't mind; so we went with that.

Another happy story and one very sleepy little son and his pooch both nodded off.

 We returned to the family room and made out on the couch for an hour when the phone rang, it was Helen and we talked for a minute. I then turned my Ipad on, yes; Sydney, Adelaide then home in time to maybe pick Ted up.

"Who was that?" 

"Helen, Adam is having a couple of days off so he can concentrate on helping Marty with your concerts."


"I'm the resident temp."

"Since when?"

"Monday."  I smirked.

"So you're flying tomorrow and the day after?"


He thought about it for a few minutes then smiled.

"Best we get you to bed so you can rest then."

"Best you do Con, are you coming for the ride?"

"Fucking oath I am, awesome."

I made sure my uniform was pressed and ready then gave Con a slow strip tease. He relaxed me, I relaxed him, he checked on our boy then we snuggled up.