Chapter Eighteen


We woke each other up in our usual way.  There was a chill in the air inside the camper. The boys giggled as they asked me to get out of the nice warm bed and turn on the heaters.  I started the RV and turned on all the heaters.  I went back into the bedroom and pulled all the warm covers off the bed.  The boys squealed. They hurried to put their warm clothes on.  It was about 12 C or 56 F inside the camper. You would think it was below zero the way they ran around getting dressed.

I made them a full breakfast in the camper before we drove on the ferry to Port Angeles.  The first ferry will be at 10:30am so we had a couple of hours.  It took 90 minutes to cross the strait.  The boys treated me by making lunch while I drove down along highway 101.  They giggled and told me that they wanted to get into the warmer climate ASAP.  I joked with Davey on how rough it must be to have to put warm clothes on.  He said; "Not in the camper," and then went to crank up the heaters.

The boys continued to work on their home-schooling lessons as we drove down the coast.  We had dinner in a small café in a little coastal town called Ilwaco on the Washington/Oregon border.   We loaded up on extra groceries at an IGA in a small town called Lincoln.  I didn't want to continue to eat most of our meals in restaurants.  I figured we had at least a week's supply of food; even with the way, the boys ate.

I decided to spare the boys waking up another morning in a chilly camper.  We pulled into a hotel between Lincoln Beach and Yachats.  I reviewed the boys' lessons while they took a hot shower.  Davey giggled and said he needed to 'warm up.'  After their Daddy Inspection, we cuddled on the couch and watched TV.  They lay on either side of me and I rubbed their backs.


I woke the boys up as they usually wake me up in the morning.  As they recovered on the bed, I asked them to order breakfast from room service while I took my shower.  They had everything set out on the table by the time I came out of the bathroom.

Davey knew the camper had a remote start on it.  He made sure that all the heaters would be on as soon as he pushed the starter button from the room.

The boys really wanted to swim in the ocean every time they saw a beach.  Billy would push the inside/outside temperature button on the dash to see if it was warm enough outside.  They kept themselves busy with their lessons. Since there was not much to see until we got San Francisco, they managed to get a week ahead on their school work. 

We pulled into a parking area on the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge around 10:00 PM.  I was not sure if we were allowed to park overnight in the observation area.  There were a couple of RVs in the lot.  I figured someone would come knocking if we were not allowed.  The evening view was spectacular.  The bridge was completely lit up against the night sky.  The bay was clear and mirrored the bridge.  We were 132 metres above the bay and could see the whole city night sky.  Davey took numerous pictures and a mini video of the view.  After he uploaded them to his computer, he e-mailed everything to the grandparents.


We were abruptly woken up by loud siren alarms going off all over the bay.  I looked at the clock.  It was only 6:00 AM  and the sun was just coming up.  We threw our clothes on and ran outside.  The first thing we noticed that was unusual was the fact that there were no vehicles on the bridge.  A park ranger, who was in his late twenties, pulled into the parking lot and told everyone that we were not allowed to leave the parking area.  He said this was a designated safe area.  Billy asked him what all the sirens were for.  He hesitated and then told the crowd that they were Tsunami warning sirens.  Everyone gasped.

"Daddy, what's a Tsunami?"  Davey asked with a very worried look on his face.

"It's a giant wave, Son." 

I took the boys inside the camper.  I turned on the TV and radio.  The camper's large front windshield was facing the Golden Gate Bridge.  I set up the camcorder to capture the entire event.  I told Davey to keep his camera ready.

"Daddy, are we safe here?"  Billy asked.

"Yes, Billy we are very safe here.  The 2004 Tsunami measured 33 metres or 108 feet.  We are 132 metres above the water down there."

About a half hour later, the cell phone rang, and Davey answered it.  It was the 'grandparents', John and Betty. They said they were watching CNN.  They were broadcasting about a giant Tsunami heading for the west coast of North America.  The entire coast is on alert from Alaska to Mexico.  Davey handed me the phone.

"Doug, are you and the boys in a safe place?"

"Yes, John we are still on the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge.  We are higher than the roadway on the bridge."

"Thank God."

"John, how about you and Betty get on the internet?  I set up the webcams on the chat program we use.  I'll face my cam out the front window and we will set Davey's cam inside the camper."


We hung up, and we set up the webcams.  I put the one webcam on top of the camcorder.  That way the grandparents could see what the camcorder was recording.

"Daddy, Davey… Look… The water is leaving the bay."  Billy said.

I could not believe it.  Half the bay was gone.  We saw dozens of boats being sucked out to sea like the water.

When we looked out the passenger side of the camper, we could see the huge wave off in the distance.  It was a great deal larger than the 2004 Tsunami.  It had to be close to 70 metres.  This was going to do a great deal of serious damage.  I faced the camcorder in the direction of the wave.  The boys took pictures with their cameras.

I could not believe it!  The wave washed completely over the entire south side of the bay.  Everything was under the white foam of the water.  It grew as it entered the bay and actually hit the roadway of the bridge.  The boats that were sucked out were now being smashed against the bridge and just below us along the hill.

Everything was literally moving in slow motion as the wave went past the bridge.  After the wave filled the bay, it started sucking things back out to sea.  There was everything in the water.  I just glad that we were high enough so the boys could not pick out dead bodies floating back out to sea.

It only took less than an hour for the Tsunami to level or do major damage to almost the entire city.  I could only imagine what the rest of the west coast of North America was like.  I looked at the TV.  CNN was reporting the same devastation all along the coast.  They even had reporters in Canada and Mexico.

I went outside to see if I could find the young park ranger.  We found him sobbing on the curb at the corner of the parking lot.  I put my hand gently on his shoulder.  He pointed across the bay and said he lived over there with his wife and two small boys.  Davey and Billy immediately wrapped their arms around him.  He was completely devastated and totally in shock.  I asked him for his cell phone.  He gave it to me without even knowing it.  I turned it on, and I looked at the list of numbers he had stored on his phone.  I started to randomly call numbers.  I reached a frantic boy calling out 'DADDY!' over and over again.  I told the boy that his daddy is alright a right beside me.  I immediately handed the phone to the ranger.  His mood instantly changed when he heard his oldest son's voice.  His son told him that he, his little brother and his mommy were all safe.  He hung up the phone after he talked to each of his family.  He hugged Davey and Billy.  Then he got up and hugged me.

"Thank you so much, Sir!"

"Your welcome, my name is Doug and you are?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Terry."

"I'm glad to meet you, Terry.  These are my boys; Davey and Billy."  He got down and gave each of them another big hug.

"Where are your wife and boys?" Davey asked.

"Oh… They are on their way up here.  It's actually my birthday, and they were on their way to surprise me.  I usually get off work at 8 am.  They got up early and crossed the bridge as the sirens started to go off.  I was on my last patrol and was told to come up here, by my dispatcher, when the sirens went off."

"Happy Birthday, Terry" Billy and Davey both said.

"It's a very happy birthday now that I know my family is safe."

Just then a car pulled up beside the camper and two boys came running out.  His wife came running right behind them.  They hugged and cried for at least 15 minutes.

"Daddy, we thought you were dead." His youngest son said.

"Ya we thought you got off work early and were at home when the wave hit." His older son told him through tears.

I introduced myself and then my boys to Terry's wife and boys.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Doug.  This is my wife Brenda and my two boys; Tommy, he's 5 and Terry Jr. is 7.  We call him TJ."

I invited them into the RV to be more comfortable and continue their reunion.

We watched the news on TV.  The devastation, which was in San Francisco, was the same all along the entire west coast of North America; from Alaska to Mexico.

Everyone just sat and watched the TV in total shock and amazement.

All the boys were too young to understand the scope and magnitude of what just happened. 

Every coastal city and town were either wiped out or severely damaged.  There were millions dead.  Hundreds of millions were now homeless and jobless.

Canada, the USA and Mexico were in total confusion.  They have never had to deal with such a devastating event in their entire history.  

It took over two hours for the water to recede back to normal levels.  There were a few smaller waves that pounded the coast during those next few hours.

Tommy announced that he was hungry in his angelic sweet voice.  The other boys chimed in and agreed.  I was amazed at the innocence of all the boys.  They did not understand the magnitude of the destruction but the understood the magnitude of their hunger.

It was a welcome distraction for Terry, Brenda and me.  Brenda offered to take charge and make breakfast for everyone.

While she did that, I got on the phone and told the Grandparents to stock up on emergency supplies before the prices went up.  Grandpa organized the resort staff and had the go to the stores and buy as much as they could before merchants raised their prices.

After breakfast, I offered to take Terry back to his family home, in the RV, to see if there was anything left that could be salvaged.  Brenda offered to stay back and look after the boys.  I pulled Davey off to the side and told him that I was counting on him to help Brenda entertain the other boys.  He was very proud that I gave him that responsibility.

Terry's Park Ranger uniform and ID allowed us to cross the Golden Gate Bridge to the south side of the city.  When we came up to his neighbourhood, we could not believe the destruction.  Many homes were simply levelled.  Terry had a hard time getting his bearings to find his family home.  When we pulled up to it, we noticed it was still standing for the most part because it was made of brick.  All the windows were blown away, and the house was completely waterlogged.  It was a complete "right off" but some of the "family memories" were still salvageable.

Terry went into the master bedroom and found Brenda's jewellery and the family photo albums.  He then grabbed the family computers.  He did not know if the data could be retrieved but took them just in case it could be salvaged.

I went into the boys' room and gathered up all the stuffed animals and toys that were still floating around.  Terry called Brenda to make sure we did not miss anything.  Terry grabbed the food out of the fridge and the family camping supplies.  We loaded up the RV and headed back across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Tommy was thrilled to have his favourite stuffed dog, 'Snuffer' back in his arms.  It was soaking wet, but he did not care.  He hugged Snuffer like his life depended on him.

Brenda was thrilled to have the family photos back in her arms.

Terry's boss drove up and started to chew him out, in front of his boys, for leaving his post.  I stepped in front of Terry and his boss.

"Excuse me!!  Terry, his family, and most of the entire west coast have lost EVERYTHING!!  I highly doubt that YOU have a plan in place to get everyone out of here.  So, here is what I plan.  Terry and his family are welcome to come back to Canada with me and my boys.  I am in a position to give him and his wife jobs at the resort that I own with an elderly couple.  I can give his family a place to stay where they can rebuild their lives."

Terry and his wife were in complete shock at the way I talked to his boss.

"Terry, do you want to start a new life in Canada?"

"Ummm…… Ya, I guess so…. Brenda?"

"Ummm ya, if you want to Terry,"  Brenda said.

"Then it is settled!  Terry, his family, I and my boys are leaving this lookout spot.  Do you want to try and stop me 'BOSS'?"

Terry's boss just walked away and tried to organize the rest of the people stranded on the lookout areas.

I told Terry that his family was welcome to ride in the RV or he could follow behind in his car.  He decided to keep his family in the car for the first part of the trip back to the resort.

We left the lookout at 6:00 pm.  We drove up Highway 80, 505 and 5 until 10 pm. We camp camped at Castle Rock campground the first night.

I phoned the grandparents to inform them that Terry and his family would be new employees at the resort/campground.  They were very open and thrilled to have a new family staying at the resort.

I decided to get a motel for the second night and insisted on paying for Terry and Brenda's room.  They had a double room so their boys could have one room and they could have the other.  I got a suite for my boys and myself.  The boys wanted to go swimming in the indoor pools, so I took the 4 boys to give Terry and Brenda a break.

We arrived back at the resort midafternoon the next day.  John and Betty welcomed Terry and his family with open arms.  He put them up in the cabin that Billy and his mom had used.

During dinner, John and Betty surprised me by saying that they wanted to "retire."  They would continue to live at the resort and help out when needed. They wanted Terry and Brenda to take over the operation of the resort.  I thought that would be perfect for the young couple.  They were stunned but readily accepted their new jobs.  Terry would run the outside of the resort like John did and Brenda would run the main lodge, kitchen and dining room as Betty had done.  The winter months were slow, so it gave the couple an easy time to adjust to their new jobs.

The boys and I decide to stay at the resort over Christmas and New Year's Eve.  The entire west coast was in shambles so there was no point in continuing our journey.  Davey and Billy didn't mind since they had two new friends to play with at the resort.

 Tommy and TJ were enrolled in the same homeschooling as Billy and Davey.  Betty and John offered to tutor the boys with their lessons.  Terry flew back to San Francisco to sell the lot their house stood on.

Christmas was going to be a very festive time for everyone.  We agreed to have small separate family times Christmas morning and then get together in the lodge for a big Christmas dinner together. 

This was going to be my first Christmas with my two sons, and I planned on making it very special for them.  The boys saved up their allowances and insisted on going to the huge West Edmonton Mall to buy Christmas gifts for everyone.  Terry's family joined us along with John and Betty.  We decided to spend the weekend at the "Fantasyland Hotel" inside the mall.  I decided to take the camper with the boys while John, Betty, Terry and Brenda took the resort van.

We left early Friday morning in order to maximize our time at the mall.

John and Betty picked the Arabian theme room.

Terry and Brenda picked the Western theme for their family

Davey and Billy picked the Luxury Executive Suite

After we checked into the hotel, we decided to do a simple walk-through of the mall.  It turned out to be anything but simple.  The mall was huge.  Once the boys found the Galaxyland Amusement Park, Christmas shopping was put on hold. 

After spending the afternoon at the amusement park, the boys agreed to spend the evening doing some of their Christmas shopping.

The boys woke everyone up early on Saturday so they could spend the day at the World Waterpark and Deep Sea Adventure.  I agreed to look after the 4 boys while Terry, Brenda, John and Betty did their Christmas shopping.

Everyone got together for a group supper in the food court. 

After everyone was full, John took the boys to continue their Christmas shopping after supper.  I gave each boy, including Tommy and TJ, a debit card with a $500 limit.  I told them that if they ran out of money on the card, they could come to me if they needed more. 

Terry and Brenda retired to their room for some quiet time.  I told Terry that their boys would spend the night in my room so he and Brenda could enjoy their time together for the entire night. 

Betty enjoyed helping me do my Christmas shopping for the boys.  After seeing the total devastation from the Tsunami, I wanted to get each of the boys a complete set of camping/survival equipment.  The other major items for my boys were going to be two brand new mountain bikes with saddlebags and other accessories.

I assigned each family a compartment under the RV to put their Christmas shopping gifts.  I designated one to myself so my boys would not be tempted to snoop.  Everyone would bring their gifts to the camper once their arms were full of gift bags.  Every compartment was completely packed by the time everyone was done their Christmas shopping.

Saturday night I treated the boys to a movie at the mall theatre.  Afterwards, we went back to the hotel room to soak in the whirlpool.  As each boy started to yawn and fade, I tucked them into the bed and rubbed their back until they fell asleep.

Davey was the last one awake.  We decided to cuddle together on the couch.  Davey put a pillow on my lap and stretched out.  I rubbed his back.

"Daddy, thank you so much for a great weekend!"

"You're very welcome Davey.  Did you finish your Christmas shopping?"

"Well, I finished most of my shopping but there were a few things I saw but ran out of money."

"Were they important to you to buy for someone?"


"How much more do you need?"

"Well… Ummm… I can't really tell you because it's a gift for you…."

"Oh… I see…"

"Would it be too much to ask for another debit card like you gave me this morning?"

"No, it would not be too much to ask if it is that important to you."

"It really is important, Daddy."

"O.K. I'll reload your debit card tomorrow morning."

"Thank you, Daddy."  He said with a yawn.

I picked Davey up and carried him to the bed and tucked him in.  I crawled into bed beside him.  I rubbed his back until we both fell asleep. 

The boys woke me up by tickling my feet.  After I tickled each of their feet, including Tommy and TJ, I told them to take their showers before breakfast.  They giggled and decided on a group shower.  I looked at the clock and it was already 11am.  The phone rang.

"Good morning. Doug.  It's about time you and the other children were awake.  I'm guessing you and the boys were up late last night?"  John chuckled.

"You know me too well John.  Ya it was a kind of late night."

"Well, Terry, Brenda, Betty and I have already finished our breakfast.  We are going to checkout and head back to the resort in the van.  Betty wants to know if she can trust you to bring the boys back at a decent hour."  He chuckled.

"Gee… I don't know John… Maybe Betty should stay behind to chaperone me and the boys."

Betty got on the phone and tried to act stern.

"You boys be back at the resort by bedtime."

"Yes, Grandma," She giggled and hung up.

All the boys came out of the bathroom with just their towels around their waists.

"Daddy Inspection time" Billy announced raising his arms.

Tommy and TJ were confused until I started my inspection in Billy.  Tommy went next and then TJ.  Davey wanted to go last while the others got dressed.  I spent a few extra minutes with Davey as another special father/son time.

I decided to take the boys to the food court for brunch.  On the way, I reloaded Davey's debit card.

"Daddy, can I go get that gift now?"

"How about you eat first and then everyone can go together?"

"But Daddy, if you go, you will know what the gift is."  Davey pouted.

"O.k. how about we eat together and then you and Billy run ahead of us once we get close to the store you want to go to?"

"What will you do?"

"I'll take Tommy and TJ with me and we will pick a place for you and Billy to meet us at."

"Ok… But can we go to the RV to hide your gift first?"

"How about this...  I'll walk ahead of you and Billy and promise not to turn around to peak at your gift?"

"That will work, if you promise not to be sneaky and peak over your shoulder,"  Davey said as he hugged me.

"You are growing up too fast and starting to think like me.  You are getting to know my tricks," I tickled him as I returned his hug.

He giggled and wiggled out of our hug.

"I learned everything from you, Daddy." He continued to giggle as he ran ahead and out of my tickle reach.

Billy ran ahead with Davey as Tommy and TJ snuck under my arms.

We found an 'all you can eat' buffet which was perfect for 4 hungry and growing boys.  Each boy went up to the buffet 3 times and to the dessert area twice.  All the boys were completely stuffed when we left.

"Daddy, the store I want to go to is around the corner. Can you, Tommy and TJ wait here on the bench while Billy and I go around the corner?"

"Can I come?" TJ whined.

"Take TJ with you and Tommy and I will wait here."

The 3 boys ran around the corner while Tommy sat on my lap in the bench.

"Billy, TJ… It's very important to me that you don't tell Daddy what my gift is to him."

"I won't tell Davey,"  Billy said

"I won't tell either,"  TJ said.

"What if Daddy tickled you to try and get you to tell?"

"I still won't tell,"  Billy said and TJ agreed.

"O.K… I'm counting on both of you to keep my special gift to Daddy a secret."

"Davey, can I be included in your gift to Daddy?"  Billy said with a puppy dog look.

"O.k. Billy, the gift can be from both of us."  Davey said as he hugged his younger brother.

Davey noticed that TJ was feeling left out.

"What's wrong TJ?"

"I would like to get the same gift for my Daddy with Tommy."  He said with a pout.

"Wait here."

Davey ran back around the corner

"Daddy… TJ wants to get the same gift for his daddy and wants Tommy included."

I reloaded TJ's debit card and sent all the boys around the corner. 

After about 30 minutes, I began to get worried.  As soon as I stood up, Billy and Tommy came running around the corner.  They turned me round and placed my arms around their shoulders.  They sat me back on the bench.  After another 30 minutes, Davey whistled around the corner.  Billy and Tommy stood me up and hung onto my hands so I could not turn around easily.  Each time I playfully tried to turn around, they giggled and tightened their grip on my hands.  Davey and TJ made sure they were far enough behind me in case I turned around.  They had enough time to duck into a store to hide their gifts from my sight.

Billy and Tommy escorted me into the RV while TJ and Davey stored their gifts in their compartments under the RV.

It was finally the day before Christmas and all the boys were very excited.  We cut down a Christmas tree and decorated it yesterday.  My plan today was to wear them out so they would be asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillows.  That way, there was no chance of any of them peaking as I unloaded their gifts from the camper. 

After our morning tickle wake-ups, the boys took their showers while I made their breakfasts.  The boys did the dishes while I took my shower.

Davey and Billy decided to build snow forts while I took the tractor and cleared the driveway down to the lane leading up to the lodge.  The boys' forts were done by the time I parked the tractor back at the cabin.  I decided that we would hike up to the lodge.  Once inside, we immediately smelled hot apple cider and cocoa warming on the stove and Christmas cookies baking in the oven.  The boys dashed into the kitchen.  John was relaxing by the fireplace.

"All set for your first Christmas with your sons, Doug?"

"I have dreamed about it my whole life.  I would fantasize about how my first Christmas would be if I had a son of my own.  Now I have two wonderful boys and it will be twice as thrilling for me.  My plan for today is to tire the boys out so they will fall asleep as soon as the hit their pillows."

"That's quite a tall order since they are always full of energy."  John chuckled.

"Tell me about it. That's why I hiked down here with them from the cabin."

"Are you sure it will not be you that with be more tired tonight?"

"Well, I'm counting on them spending most of the day outside with TJ and Tommy.  If I let them off my leash, I hope they will burn themselves out by tonight."

Just then, TJ and Tommy burst through the front door.  The smells in the lodge grabbed their attention and they took off to the kitchen.  Terry and Brenda came in a few minutes later.

"With all those wonderful aromas in here, I guess I don't have to ask where the boys are.  I better go and help Betty." Brenda chuckled.

"I wonder if there will be anything left for us by the time the boys are done." Terry laughed.

"I'm not sure.  I guess it depends on how good Betty and Brenda think we have been all year." John said.

"Well, I guess that will leave me out," I laughed.

"Me too," John said.

"I'm still fairly new and I think Betty still likes me," Terry said trying not to laugh.

A few minutes later, all 4 boys came out of the kitchen carrying trays of cookies and drinks.  Each boy already had cookie crumbs around their lips.

"So, boys, are you done testing and sampling the cookies?" John asked.

"Well, I think we still have to sample each new tray that comes out of the oven," TJ suggested with a giggle.

Everyone laughed and Brenda gave him a playful swat on the bum after he set down his tray of cookies on the table.

"I think you '7' boys should go play outside while we 'women' finish up in the kitchen," Betty said trying to act like a stern grandmother.

"AWWWW" We all said at the same time and then laughed.

Betty and Brenda shoed everyone outside as soon as the drinks and cookies were gone. John went to work clearing the lanes around the campground with the snow blower on the lawn tractor.  Terry went off to help the boys build snow castles around the campground.  I hiked back to the cabin to get the tractor to blow the lane from the lodge to the highway.

Everyone gathered back at the main lodge for lunch.  Each family decided to do their own things for the rest of the day.  After loading up the fireplace and woodstoves, I took the boys down to the river through the tunnel in the basement of the cabin.  The river was solidly frozen over so there was no threat of anyone falling through the 30cm of ice. {Editor's Note: That's 12"  or one foot, I believe you can drive a car on Ice that thick}

It was dark by the time we staggered back up to the cabin.  The cabin was still nice and toasty warm inside.  There was a note on the kitchen table from Betty.

"I had a feeling that you boys would be too tired to make dinner when you came back so dinner is in the fridge.  All you have to do is heat it up."

I heated up the wonderful dinner Betty left for us while the boys got out of their wet clothes.  Davey went around adding more wood to the fireplace and woodstoves.  The boys came into the kitchen giggling.  They were only wearing shorts, t-shirts and slippers.  Davey tried to play 'innocent' and said the reason was because it was so warm in the cabin.  I suggested that we not load up the woodstoves before we go to bed.  Both boys yelled out "NO!!" and then giggled.

"Daddy, can we go out and soak in the hot tub before we go to bed?" Billy asked.

"I think that would be a perfect way to end the day, Billy?"

The boys cleaned up the dishes while I took my evening shower.  When I came back downstairs, the boys were giggling on the sofa with just their towels around their waists.

"I'm guessing you boys are only wearing those towels with nothing underneath."

"Yep," they giggled together.

As soon as the cold outside air hit the boys' bare skin, they ran to the hot tub and jumped in.  There was steam all around us as we soaked in the tub.  It was a clear night and we could see millions of stars in the night sky.  We spent about an hour in the tub before the boys started to yawn.  We ran back to the cabin and warmed up at the fireplace.  I went to the kitchen to make their evening snack.  As the boys started to fall asleep on the sofa, I would carry them up to their bed.  I tucked them in and rubbed their back until they were in a deep sleep.  I got dressed, went out to the camper to get the boys' presents and place them under the tree. I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

Editor's Notes:

Wow, they call me evil and Silas takes out the entire West Coast of Canada, the USA and Mexico.  Jeez©!  This reminded me of the story my Oceanography Professor in college told us.  It seems that the world Oceanography Conference was concerned that the term 'Tidal Wave' was inaccurate.  The high and low tides we have every day are tidal waves.  They were looking for a new term and the Japanese proposed that they be called Tsunami.  The motion was passed, and everyone was happy.  After the meeting, someone asked the Japanese what Tsunami meant, and the answer was; Tidal Wave.

I like Terry and Brenda of course. TJ and Tommy too.  John and Betty retiring was a great idea so now they can devote all their time to being Grandparents and spoiling four boys rotten.  I can hardly wait to see what gifts everyone got for each other.  I've always been a little kid when it comes to Christmas.  Even at my age, it is the one morning I don't need an alarm to wake me up early, really ticks off my wife, Hehehe.

Well, let's get ready to open those presents.  If I know Silas, you better bring a box (or two) of tissues.           


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