Ask Me

Chapter 25


We had three days to get over our Jet lag, then it was business as usual, I had to get back to work and Conner had TV and radio to do, he will be flying with me Wednesday to Sydney for more rounds of media, we planned a night out with Adam the boys and Rob to celebrate Robs new job and their purchase of a new home, Di and Marty wouldn't be there they eventually will fly back commercial as Marty had picked up a heap of work for Di in the states, photos should be appearing in the following months, I hope she’s not too exhausted by the time she gets back.

 I met my boys at Tullermarine, it was nice to be almost back to normal, the states were good but nothing like home. We had Perth Adelaide and a few larger country towns to deliver to. My first day is going to be long, I occupied myself to read up on my shares, played Candy Crush and when on the ground I watched some TV, the entertainment segment featured Conners US tour with snippets of his show in Vegas being played, there was also a piece about Peter Boyne being arrested in a public park he was charged with soliciting for sex in the toilet block, karma's a bitch, his life was now really in the dunny.

 I sat with my favourite pilots for awhile then we landed in Perth, while the men unloaded the hold I rang Con, he was just leaving with Marty for Channel nine to do an interview, it will be shown tonight so we can watch it together. My day was long I had gotten lazy in the States, the sooner we get back to some running and gym work the better. Con met us when we landed he looked tired, I drove us home, but I was also wondering why he had met me and not gone straight to the house, he either wants something or he's up to something.

 "Everything okay Baby?" I asked him.

"Sure, all’s good I just wanted to see you that’s all I didn't want to go home to an empty house, I'm so tired of the city." He moaned.

"How was the interview taping?" I ignored his comment and smiled.

"Exhausting, same old same old, I feel like I'm repeating myself a thousand times over. A bit like that movie Groundhog Day, everything's the same."

"Sounds like you need a real holiday babe, got any suggestions?" There's his cue.

"Well now you mention it the beach house is empty next month, I think you could do with a holiday too." He bloody smirked.

"Just us?" I said.


"Count me in."

"That was easy."

"I can’t resist your charms Con." I replied.

He laughed.

I am not going to argue with him, he wants to go to Sorrento he goes and I go with him.

 We warmed up some pasta and settled in to watch Conner’s interview at seven thirty, Ray and John arrived to watch with us, it was a good interview all about America the questions were standard, one was asked as to why he only did the two cities why not the whole tour. Conner answered that he was exhausted after Europe but he will be going back in a few years to do an extensive tour of the States. Of course the newspapers the next day were full of Rock Star Retiring to the suburbs. A lot of crap but I guess its not that far off Con wants to take two or three years off to write and record.

 That night I knew he wanted to say something but hadn't found the time, so I snuggled into him and said.

"Do we need to talk?"

"Yes but I cant find the right words, but it involves Doctors Nurses and school." He said.

"Oh,that talk."

"Well I want you to be happy baby and I hate it when you fly all the time, I want to settle down for a few years and live a quiet life for a change."

"Good luck with that one Con." I laughed.

"You wont consider going to med school, you already have plenty of credits, I can like support you while you completed it actually I think its sexy, I put my boyfriend through med school, sort of sexy."He grinned.

 "Conner if I had the money way back last year before I met you, I would have become a doctor, but now I'm with you I wont have the time to study and fly over the world, it would be study school no time off for fun and you, its really not an option now." I said.

"But its what you wanted to do a dream, it can come true Brent we can work on it."

"It wont be the same as it is now Conner, I wont be able to just leave it and go away for a week or two at the beach house. How did you know?"

"How did I know what?"

"How did you know I have enough credits to do medicine?"

"Ahha, I found out. "

"How like found out?" I inquired.

"I spoke with your old boss months ago when you were lost, I thought he might have heard from you, he told me he had expected big things from you."

"Lets sleep on it but I don't think its going to happen anytime soon." I said.

"Okay want to snuggle closer baby?"


I moved closer if it was ever possible and held him tight, it took me ages to drop off to sleep but something was nagging at me I guess it was just unfinished business.

 "I'm going to retire." I said at breakfast.

"What?" Conner spluttered.

"I think I'll retire for three years, maybe join Mary at the Center and maybe work with your music school kids and try and find out what they want to do with their lives and then try to make it happen, I can be a stand by Flight attendant with your company but I can get Ray to invest some money to give me a decent wage, and volunteer my services to the community." I was serious.

"Are you serious?"Cons eyebrows shot up.

I just said that; well to myself I did.

"Yes." I now said loudly.

"Sounds good to me, does this mean I now have to find a new attendant?"

"Yes Conner, you do."

"Okay he can stay with me when I'm on tour and keep me company on my overnights, good idea Brent." He smiled.

 "Okay I was kidding, Con I don't want to be a doctor now, I'm perfectly happy doing what I'm doing, I get to fly places sleep with the boss and give the pilots head, I'm happy." I smiled back.

"Being a doctor is in the past, my future is with you and wherever you are, stop thinking about it, its not going to happen." I prattled on.

 He kissed me.

"Thanks I really don't want to break anyone else in, I just wanted you to be sure that’s all, I don’t want to hold you back and I don’t want you to have any regrets in the future"

"Good then no regrets" I answered.

 I felt like I was on top of the world the next day, Conner flew to Sydney with Adam and me, I noticed Adam didn't hug Conner this time, its a bloody dollar Adam how lousy are you.

"I have a house to pay for Brent I cant be giving all my hard earned cash out to the social club." He smirked.

"We still on for dinner Saturday night Adam?" I asked.

"Yes Robs booked a restaurant near the house, its a bit rundown at the moment, but the builders start Monday, I can show you the plans I have them with me, Jill wants to see them."

 Conner smiled at me then winked.

Later in the galley he told me the builder was sending all his invoices to Ray, Adam and Rob didn't know yet that Con was picking up the bill.

"Well you have to let me go you halves otherwise it wont feel like I've contributed."

"Sure Brent, Ray and Johnno want to put in too so it can be a three way present."

"Good, just let me know how much or should I talk with Ray?"

"No I can let you know baby."He smiled.

"Okay I will talk to Ray I think." I smirked.

He wrapped his arms around me and we pashed for awhile, Adam came in and broke us up, he had his plans ready so we went back to the lounge and looked at them, it will be a great house when finished I was adding up the renovations in my head and figured out my share, just a figure that’s all I really don't know how much it was going to cost.

 Sydney was sunny and busy, Jill met us and after a catch up in the back of the limo she handed Conner his program for the two days we would be there.

"Your apartment is ready and the fridge is stocked your having dinner with us tonight but for now we have a press conference to attend, it shouldn’t take long then I'll get you home."

"We not staying at a hotel Con?" I said.

"No baby, Adams staying with Jill and because its vacant at the moment we get to use my apartment for a change." He smiled.

"Oh." No further comment from me.

 The press conference was an easy one mainly Entertainment journos wanting to hear about the US gig, Conner was polite and smiled a lot, heaps of photographs were taken and then we were on our way to this mysterious apartment. Bondi beach was magnificent, the white sand smiled at me and was inviting me to run on it. The old deco apartment block had been fully restored and I marvelled at the beautiful features. Jill pushed floor two then three.

"Sarah and I live below your apartment so you haven't far to travel tonight."

"Oh." I said.

"We will see you at seven guys." Her and Adam left us waving their hands as the lift door closed.

 We travelled to the next floor and Conner let us into a magnificent apartment that had the old features but a contemporize renovation that nearly floored me, it took up the whole top floor, wall to wall smoked glass.

 "Wow, my god what a magnificent apartment Con, it’s beautiful."

"Aunty Beth bought it for me as a present for my thirteenth birthday, she restored the building and I helped draw the plans up for this apartment." He smiled wistfully.

"It was the most amount of money I had ever seen her spend buying this building, she was clever its worth two hundred times that now."

"So the whole building?"

"Yes babe, Jill rents her apartment but the rest are kept vacant, this one is rented to Warner Brothers they hide their stars here and if need be the other three apartments are at the ready, having Jill and Sarah here keeps it looking lived in."

I stood at the wall of windows and looked out to sea, breathtaking. Conner put his arms around my shoulders and said.

 "She trusted me to help design the renovation on this one we had so much fun doing it, my first design had a big slide that ended up across the road into the water, she would have made it happen if I was really serious, and as a thank you present she gave me this." He walked over to a display cabinet that was full of crystal glasses opening it he fiddled with the top and a small hidden draw popped out the side. He took out an unopened block of chocolate.

 "I hid it here for good luck, never to be opened and hidden from the world Brent, it meant a lot to me then and it still does."

I kissed his lips and his eyes and answered.

"Well we better put it back then before anyone sees it."

"You know Brent you are like a chocolate bar to me."

"How’s that Con?"

He took my hand and lead me to the sofa where we settled in.

 "This apartment block was a present for me from someone I loved deeply and because at thirteen I really didn't appreciate the gift fully, so as a thank you I was given the chocolate surprise I could relate to it as being real and something I loved, when I met you I thought you were, and still think you are the most beautiful man in the world, because you are my human chocolate surprise, simple forgiving loving and so precious, I know you don't want an apartment block worth a few million dollars, I get it, you just want me and I love that a pizza means more to you than a world famous rock star. This revelation has been a long time coming Brent but you are just as precious to me as that piece of chocolate." He leant in and gently kissed my lips. My tears were flowing along with his.

"Well Con, you're my chocolate surprise too, I know you fight your urges every time we go out to not spoil me, and I love you more for that because I know you are thinking about me. You care enough to want us, as just us, an apartment building isn't going to make me love you any more than I do at this very moment, you have introduced me to a few wonderful people that I have grown to love, something that was missing in my life before we met and I thank you every time I come in contact with them." I kissed his nose.

 "What’s Jill and Sarah's boy named again Con?"

"Luke a gorgeous four year old, Sarah gave birth and Jill’s brother provided the man juice he's just beautiful."

"Who Jill’s brother or Luke?"

"Luke silly boy, her brother was a dick head, he didn't want anything to do with him, its a shame because they wanted him in Luke's life but alas the drugs took him two years ago he's dead now."

"I'm sorry Con."

"Shit happens Baby life goes on." He kissed me then stuck his tongue in my ear.

"Yuk." I complained.

"Want to see the rest of the house?"


 We got as far as the master bedroom and Con decided he wanted to rest for a minute, so of course I rested with him, in the king sized bed.

 "Con wake up its six thirty." I shook him.


"Its six thirty we better get ready." I hopped out of bed and headed for the bathroom, it was as big as my old flat, the shower could just about fit six bodies in it. I turned the water on and Con slumped against me he was still tired so I washed him thoroughly and handed him a towel while I did myself.

 We arrived at Jill’s fifteen minutes late Adam hugged us both I put my hand out.

"Lend me a dollar Jill I don't have any change." He laughed.

Kissing Sarah on the cheek I hugged her I hadn't seen her for some time she was a gorgeous lady, but nothing on my Diana. In came running a little boy who was yelling.

"Up up uncle Con Up."

Conner bent over and picked him up he kissed his cheek and started hugging him.

"Miss me." He said.

"Sure did, it looks like you have grown an inch or two Lukey what are they feeding you, fertilizer?"

"Noo silly, little boys don't eat that we eat noodles and coco pops." He answered.

"Whose dat?" He pointed to me.

"Dats your uncle Brent baby, he's a good guy."

"Pleased to meet Brent, are you uncle Cons boyfriend?" Out of the mouths of babes.

"Maybe, depends if you like me or not, if you don't I wont be, but if you do then I will be."

" ummm." He was thinking aloud.

"I think you should be." He giggled as Conner tickled him and put him down.

"Come on lets start eating I'm starving." Adam said.

 Sarah was the perfect hostess the food was delicious and the conversation was kept to everyday things like Luke's pre school and his toys, Adam left the table early to make a phone call I guess he was missing Rob, Conner and I just played with Luke he was a lovely little kid, we had an early night because Con had to be up early to take radio calls which he can do from the apartment, then lunch and another TV show taping we managed a small cruise this time on Sydney Harbour it was great and got to take Luke with us, he exhausted even Conner, as he showed us around pointing out things that only a little boy would notice on the way.

We took him to a fish and chip bistro and ate in the open air, women were flocking to Luke like flies, it was good to see they were virtually ignoring us and Luke played up to them something shocking, he ended up with a double helping of ice cream lathered in chocolate topping, it was too much for him to eat but Conner helped him out.

I spied a familiar face eating over in the back of the restaurant and excused myself to go to the toilet.

On passing his table I winked he winked back.It was one of Cons security men I had recognised him from the press interviews from yesterday.

"I just winked at you security guy Conner, good to see they are on the ball." I said when I arrived back.

"Which guy Brent?"

"The one in the green t shirt over in the corner," I kind of pointed.

"Nah that’s not security Brent he's a stalker he's been stalking my concerts for a few years now, I think he's media."

I went white.

"You okay baby?" Con shook my shoulder.

"Uh yes." I squeaked out.

Conner started laughing.

"Got ya." He said.


He was security and if I didn't know better I thought I detected a smirk on his face too.

We got Luke back in time for Conner to go to another interview so I sat with him and Sarah while we waited for the boys and Jill to return, it was so nice to just chill out I cant wait for little Conner to start getting a personality of his own, my jealousy was kicking in but I would love kids in our lives, so much innocence and a pleasure to talk to in a kiddy sort of way.

 That night we dined at a nearby restaurant it was full of yuppies, I ordered a steak pie with chips and salad it was very tasty and Conner helped me out by eating some chips. I looked at him he never seemed to put on weight but I guess I can always get some of Di's diet pills into him if he does.

Sitting on the couch watching the moon I marvelled in the sheer glory of just being here, God was showing off tonight the view was magnificent. We slept well and after a rather large breakfast I started cleaning up.

"Leave that baby the cleaners will be here after we leave."

"Con I cant let them see this mess I have to at least make the bed."

"They are cleaners Brent that’s their job."

"Oh okay." But I still wasn't comfortable with it.

 Before we left I noticed Conner looking wistfully at the crystal cabinet he kissed his hand and placed it where the hidden drawer was.

We really have more in common than people think, Aunty Beth had given Conner this apartment for his thirteenth birthday, but the most precious gift of all was a fifty cent chocolate surprise,I was handed a world famous rock star but the most precious part was what is wrapped inside of him.

 "Lets go." He said smiling.

"A good memory Con?"

"The best." He answered.

On the way to the airport he was a little quiet, so I left him to his thoughts. We greeted Phil and Dave and settled in for the flight home.

"Con, instead of going to the beach house would you prefer to go back to Bondi for the weeks we have our holiday?"

"No Baby the beach house is good, its just that the Apartment sometimes makes me a bit sad, I was debating whether to stay there this time or not, but it was good this time because you were there, its just a leftover memory now but I did have fun doing the drawings, I felt important and loved."

"Well lets try to make it a happy place in the future, its gorgeous and deserves all the attention it can get from us, maybe we could go there for a night and eat that choco surprise." I grinned.

"What? No way are we eating that, its ten years old." He yelled.

I laughed at his shock horror voice.

He pulled me in and kissed me, I gave him one hell of a smacker back.

 I realised that with all Conner’s fame and wealth, his most precious things were his friends, his trinkets, and me. I am glad I wasn't swayed by the fame and money, and I know I never would be, but I had been aware that Con wanted me to feel like I was on an equal footing but he didn't realise that I already was, when I met him in the park that night we were equals and we would stay that way for the rest of our lives.

 "What are you smiling about Baby?" Con said.

"Oh just a memory Con, I feel like Pizza tonight, want to join me?"

"Sure I'll bring the desserts." He took my hand.

So that night we sat in a small park in the city of Melbourne and shared a Pizza, Con had bought two chocolate surprises for our dessert.