A Tragic Love

A Day of Discovery

I awoke early Saturday morning and reached out to touch the yin to my yang, but my sweet lover boy wasn’t there.  Obviously, he’d awakened before me this morning, so I decided to seek out my Romeo’s locale.  I hopped out of bed, threw on my clothes (more than just my shorts, because I knew the cook would be here this morning) and bounded down the stairs in search of my main squeeze.  There he was, sitting at the table, chatting with the hired help.  He looked over and smiled at me as I made my way toward him.

“Sorry, but you missed my dad.  He got a call early this morning about some problem at the plant, so he went in to take care of it.  He said he’d be back before lunch, if you want to wait.”

“I’d like too, but I’ve already asked my mom and grandpa to cover for me far too many times already,” I declined.  “I’ll have to meet him some other time, so give him my apology.”

“Aren’t you going to eat before you go?” David followed.  “Maria made a huge breakfast and I wouldn’t want to see it go to waste.”

“Ok, that’s probably a good idea,” I agreed.  “I’ll eat first and then pack up, because that way I’ll have plenty of strength to pedal home on that awesome bike.”

After she heard my response, Maria started loading up a plate with food and I did my best to empty it.  Try as I might, she’d just made far too much for two growing boys to consume.  When I couldn’t eat another bite, I excused myself from the table, went back to David’s room and got my things together.

“David, our next day off is Columbus Day, so if you want, we can get together that day and maybe even try giving each other a blowjob,” I offered, once we were alone.  “What do you think?”

 “I think I like your idea,” he replied with the biggest grin I had seen on his face since the first day of school.  “Why don’t you plan on coming here Sunday after dinner and then spend the night here?  That way we’ll have a full day together.  Do you like that idea?”

“Yeah, but I’ll have to run it by my mom first.  I’ll let you know what she says when I see you at school,” I confirmed, and then there was an awkward silence before I spoke again.  “David, you know I was thinking that maybe we should consider September 2nd to be our anniversary.  I mean it was the first day of school when we met and fell in love with each other.  So what do you think?”

“That sounds great and I’m glad I have you to think of these things,” he teased, as he bent forward and gave me a lengthy, open mouth kiss, but then he winked at me before he spoke again.  “As long as we’re discussing dates, you never did tell me when your birthday is.”

“Oh, I didn’t mean to keep it a secret.  It’s February 9th,” I answered. 

“No way.  Mine’s February 7th,” David shot back.  “There’s something else we have in common.  It also means we’ll be able to celebrate our birthdays together this year.  We’ll throw one giant bash and I promise you’re going to love the present I’m going to give you.”  There was an evil smirk on David’s face as he uttered that last sentence.

“I love everything you give me, especially when it’s part of you,” I confessed.  “I hate to break up this Hallmark moment, but I’ve got to get home before my mother gets upset and decides she isn’t going to let me stay over again.  We don’t want to ruin Columbus Day now, do we?”

“No way, so get moving before I sick the neighbor’s dog on you,” he replied, with a wink.  “Before you leave, however, let me give you a little more fuel for your tank.”  With that pronouncement, David moved forward and gave me another long, wet kiss.  “Be gone with you, wench, before I sick the hounds after thy lovely butt.”

“Wench?  Who do you think you’re calling a wench?” I asked, as indignantly as I could.  “You’re lucky I don’t have more time or I’d show you which one of us will be on the receiving end here.  Wench indeed.”

After making my mock threat, I headed out the door, hopped on my bike and began pedaling as fast as my legs would go.  When I got home, everyone welcomed me and wanted to know if I had a good time.  I eagerly told them about some of my stay, although I intentionally skipped all of the intimate details, but they seemed satisfied with my response.  I then set about doing my chores, as the day slowly began to fade away.

* * * *

Throughout the rest of September and during the first few days of October, the time seemed to fly by.  Even though David and I managed to spend some time together during that period, those opportunities were very limited.  That’s because fall was a very busy time on the farm, when we had to harvest the crops and then prepared for the winter months, so there was a lot of work for me to do at home.  What this meant was that David and I never got to spend more than an hour or two together at a time and most of it was at school, either just before the day began, right after classes ended or during our lunch period.  We never, however, seemed to be able to arrange any lengthy opportunities together somewhere private, so we were both eagerly looking forward to Columbus Day. 

When the holiday weekend finally arrived, I knew it wasn’t going to be all fun and games.  Before I could spend time with David, I had to spend all day Saturday and until around 3:00 on Sunday helping Gramps on the farm.  When he finally told me we were done on Sunday, I raced into the house, cleaned up, hopped on my bike and took off.  My desire to see David again and to be able to feel him in my arms had overtaken my better judgment and I was heading over there far too early.  David had already warned me that his father didn’t like to have their weekends together interrupted, which he explained meant from Saturday morning until dinner on Sunday, so there were still a few hours left before I’d be able to see him again without causing a problem. 

When he first told me about this, I offered to wait for him in the tree house until after he’d finished eating dinner with his dad, which he said they did around 6:00.  I now realized this meant I still had quite a bit of time to kill, but I also knew I couldn’t go to the tree house too early.  If I did, then his father might spot me and then become upset that I was infringing on their private time, so I wanted to avoid that at all costs.  Since I still enjoyed a modicum of common sense, I spent some of the extra time hanging around the school first and didn’t go over to their place until well after 6:00. 

After scaling the fence a short distance away from the tree house, I then climbed up the rope ladder and waited inside.  I threw my gear on the table and then pulled out one of the cots, as I made myself comfortable while I waited for my knight in shining armor to arrive.  It was another couple of hours before I heard the rope ladder tensing, which indicated that someone was on his way up.  Shortly after that happened, I saw his grinning face poke through the opening and his smile melted away all of the frustration I had been harboring about him taking so long to get here.

“Sorry, bro, but Dad was on a tear,” he apologized.  “He kept talking about everything imaginable at the dinner table while we were eating, including throughout dessert.  He was babbling on and on about things and I didn’t have the slightest idea what he was talking about, but I didn’t dare ask or say much, because I thought that would only cause him to take even longer.  I certainly hope your day was more interesting.”

“Oh, sure,” I answered, with words dripping with sarcasm.  “I spent the better part of it working on the farm and then I had to ride into town and spend even more time wandering around the deserted school grounds.  If that wasn’t enough, then I spent another two hours up here wondering what in the hell was taking you so long.”

“Why didn’t you at least listen to music or play some games on the iPad if you were so bored?” he countered. 

“Oops.  I forgot it was up here,” I admitted sheepishly.  “You’re right though, because it would have made the wait a little more enjoyable.”

“See, so you can’t blame your being bored was all my fault for being late then, because you weren’t thinking either,” David reasoned. 

“I know, so come over here and kiss me,” I suggested, while giving him a lust-filled stare.  “That way, we can both forget about the miserable afternoons we’ve had.

Hearing my idea, David rushed straight into my open arms and started kissing my entire face, not just my lips.  As he was doing this, I was beginning to feel as if a St. Bernard or some other large dog was slobbering all over my head.  Sometimes this poor boy just forgets his manners and loses his self-control, although God knows I’ve tried to improve his social skills.

After a couple of hours of kissing and heavy petting, we decided to call it a night and save the main course for the light of day.  Heaven knows that if I were going to nibble on something that big then I’d at least want to be able to see it, so I wouldn’t choke on it.

Now that we were ready to turn in, we moved two cots together, as we had done before, and once more fell asleep in the tender embrace of our loved one’s arms.  When the sun came streaming through the window on the eastern wall the following morning, it danced on our eyelids and woke us up.  Slowly, we began to stretch the sleep from our bones, tossed back the covers and sat up on our cot, as we encountered the first nip of fall in the morning air.

“Hungry, Darling?’ David asked, while attempting to exude an aristocratic air, even though his body was shivering from the chill. 

“Famished, Dear,” I replied, as I duplicated his style. 

“Well then, let’s go and scavenge the larder in search of some delicacy to soothe the hunger pangs rumbling in thy bowels,” David continued, while sounding like a page out of a second-rate Victorian novel. 

Since we were both starving, we sprang from our cots and rushed toward the house to see what we could find to eat.  It didn’t take us very long to get to the kitchen, since we’d never undressed before we went to sleep, due to the slight chill in the air.  As usual, we ended up eating a bowl of cold cereal and a couple of slices of toast, but it did the trick.  About the only thing different about this breakfast was the fact that we drank a glass of apple juice with it, instead of orange juice.

“Now that we’ve finished down here, let’s head up to my room,” David suggested.  “It’s still too chilly yet to do what we have planned in tree house.”

“Excellent suggestion,” I concurred.  “Lead on Macduff and I shall follow you unto the ends of the earth.”

“Not again,” David scoffed.  “Just follow me to my room and leave Shakespeare for the classroom.”

“Your wish is my command, oh wise and noble master,” I responded. 

“I said, knock it off,” David repeated, only this time more sternly. 

“Ok.  Ok.  I guess you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning,” I joked, which earned me a disapproving glare. 

“Maybe, but I’m in search of the right side of the bed at this very moment,” David retorted, while flashing me a cute grin and raising his eyebrows up and down, to signal the naughty implications of his remark.

“Oh sir, you make me blush with all of this sensual talk and the whiff of your animalistic passion.  Be still, my heart, and fail me not,” I replied in a high falsetto, while fluttering my eyes and patting my hands over my chest, to signal a rapid heartbeat.

“There’s just no way to turn you off, is there?” David mocked, as he rolled his eyes. 

“Hey, when you’re hot, you’re hot, and I’m on a roll now,” I replied.  “Shagadelic baby, “ I added, doing my best Austin Powers imitation. 

“Man you can’t even stay with the same script, let alone on the same page,” David rebuked, while throwing his arms in the air in desperation.  “I surrender.  Torture me no more.”

“Okay, mister.  Less talk and more action,” I teased, or was that a suggestion? 

“Look who’s talking,” David said, while giving me a sarcastic glare.

“Enough sarcasm.  Who’s going to do what first?” I asked, in an attempt to get down to business. 

 “Are you sure you don’t want me to call up some of those sites on the net for a little refresher course work before we begin?” David wondered. 

“No way, dude.  I’ve got this stuff down cold,” I jeered, while exuding an air of confidence.  “In a few minutes you’re going to be begging me to take it easy on you.  You’ll be putty in my hands.”

“I believe that will be cum in your mouth, but let’s get going.  I’m dying to find out what it’s like,” David offered, with a tinge of lust in his voice. 

At this point, clothes started flying everywhere, as we hurriedly stripped out of them.  All you could see was an item tossed here and another landing there, but if you looked really close, you’d also see the blinding flashes of boy skin, as those articles of clothing were being whipped about the room.  Finally naked, I led my victim to the siphoning table.

“Let me see now,” I said in my best Dracula imitation.  “I must suck here to drain this body of all its life giving juices.  Fangs out and bite away.”

“Hey there, Prince of Darkness,” David shot back.  “You’d better watch those old choppers and not do any harm or you might find a wooden stake shoved up your arse… I mean through your heart.”

“Point taken,” I conceded.  “Match, set, and game goes to the adorable suckee.  Now, get on the bed and let the sucker do his job.”

After saying that, I pulled David over to his bed and started to get serious, as I prepared for a little on-the-job training.

“Don’t forget,” I said to David before we started, “this is my first time doing this, so if you think I’m doing anything wrong, and I mean anything, stop and tell me.  I don’t want to hurt you and wish to make this even more pleasurable than anything we’ve done thus far.  Agreed?”

“Agreed,” he confirmed. 

With the last of the formalities aside, I set about the serious task of pleasing my lover.  I started nearly the same way as I had the last time, by kissing, sucking and licking every inch of his body first, from his head to his toes.  The only difference was that this time after I licked up the sides of his cock, I then nibbled on the sensitive glans next and allowed my mouth to surround his dickhead. 

Once I did that, I let my tongue dart in and out of his gaping piss slit and used my hand to massage the fleshy region between the base of his scrotum and his anus.  While I was doing this, I had an idea and brought my middle finger up to my mouth, so I could cover it with a large amount of saliva.  Then, I dropped my hand down to his backside again and slipped that digit into his virgin boy hole.  When he felt my finger enter his rectum, David’s butt lurched off the bed and forced his hot tool deep into my moist oral cavern, which caused me to momentarily gag.  After I recovered, I worked my finger around his hot tunnel and discovered his sensitive G-spot – his prostate.  When my finger brushed against it, his body trembled and shook, as all sorts of pleasurable feelings originated from that area. 

I continued to allow my tongue to dart around his entire shaft, as it performed an erotic dance over every millimeter of tissue on his throbbing organ.  At the same time, I began to nod up and down on it, while adding suction, but I also continued to use my finger to rub against his leathery button.  I could immediately tell this duel stimulation was driving David wild with excitement and could feel his body spasm and twitch with every movement of my mouth and finger.  I knew this meant he was edging closer and closer to his release and would soon be begging me to bring him to orgasm. 

“Oh, God.  Please make me cum.  My cock and balls are begging to pump out their load,” he whined.  “Please give me some relief and help me shoot my load.”

After hearing his request, I increased my suction and quickened my pace, while stroking his prostate with my finger.  Shortly after I did that, I felt David’s testicles draw up tighter to his body and his penis began to thicken in my mouth, which let me know his orgasm was imminent.  With a sudden jerking motion, David’s back arched toward the ceiling, his breathing became rapid and shallow and his groans of pleasure grew louder by the second. 

“I’m almost there!” he screamed.  “Oh, Lord, I feel like my insides are about to be drained through my dick.  Ah, uh, I’m cumming!”

With that warning, my mouth was flooded with his hot boy juice, as squirt after squirt shot into my gullet.  It came so quickly and in such a vast quantity that I wasn’t able swallow it quickly enough, but I also couldn’t hold it all in my mouth.  Gradually, some of it started to drip from the corners of my lips and drizzled down my chin, but I still continued my attempt to siphon every precious drop from his penis, even long after his organ went limp. 

Once his penis became completely flaccid, I finally withdrew my suctioning oral pump from his explosive fire hose, so I could soak in David’s reaction to his earthshaking orgasm.  Totally drained, he remained nearly motionless on the bed for a few seconds longer, as he gasped for life sustaining air, while his heart continued to beat at supersonic speed.  When he finally started to regain control of his body, I gave him an evil sneer and spoke.

“I warned you that I’d have you begging for mercy before I was done and you didn’t believe me, silly boy,” I taunted.  “Maybe next time you’ll heed the words of the prophet.”

“Are you sure this was your first time doing it?” David gasped out, using all of his effort to speak.  “Where in the hell did you learn to suck cock like that?  Man, I thought you were going to suck my brains out through my dick and maybe, just maybe, you did.”

“I merely remembered all of the little details from the stories we read,” I answered, “although I might have read some of it from between the lines.”

“You must have, because I certainly don’t remember seeing some of that shit written anywhere,” David acknowledged.  “Are you sure you haven’t been giving or getting any private tutoring?”

“Honest, babe.  You’re the only one I want and the only one I need,” I assured him. 

“I sure am glad to hear that,” he confessed.  “Now, come here and let me see if I can return the favor.”

Now that David had recovered, I moved up beside him and got comfortable on the bed.  Slowly, he began to roam over every inch of my body with his tongue and lips, just as I had done to him.  His actions were sending a barrage of shock waves racing up and down my spine and my body was shuddering from the overpowering sensations that his ministrations were causing to flow through my body.  My brain was on full overload, as it attempted to cope with all of the wonderful new feelings that he was evoking from my previously untested frame, so I was unable to lie still when he sucked on my tits and then tongued my navel.  He was hitting all of my switches and my body was trembling in pure delight.

When he finally got to my crotch, I was bouncing in anticipation of what was to come, as his soft, moist tongue glided up and down my rigid boyhood.  He stopped only briefly to trace the outline of the helmet with his tongue and tease the tiny gaping slit that released the various fluids, as my body continued to jerk and spasm like a fish out of water.  My heart was beating so fast that I thought it was going to burst from my chest and my mouth was hanging open, as if I were uttering a silent scream.  In addition to everything else, my eyes wouldn’t stay focused and my head snapped from side to side, as those tingling sensations coursed from my head to my toes.

I was at the point where I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take when his mouth suddenly slid over my stiff pole and his lips glided downward, until they came in contact with my pubes.  Oh, his mouth was so hot and that heat radiated along the entire length of my young rod.  As soon as his lips touched those recently sprouted hairs, his head bobbed back up, until only my crimson dickhead remained within his mouth, and then he plunged down on my shaft again. 

As his head nodded up and down on my steely pole, he applied so much suction that I believed he could have sucked ice cubes through a straw.  Even though I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do, I involuntarily began to thrust my hips upward and pumped my boy meat in and out of David’s throat, as my hands caressed his head and stroked his ebony hair.  God, I desperately needed to shoot my wad and enjoy the reward from his efforts, because I didn’t know how much longer I could stand this exquisite torture.

After several erotic and stimulating minutes of this treatment, my body tensed and I felt the build-up of my seed deep in my loins.  I could feel my cream churning out of my nuts and being forced up the tube that led to the tip of my penis.  When it had reached the point where I thought my body was going to shatter into a million pieces, David jammed his index finger into my anus and started moving it around.  When he touched my prostate, I saw a rush of brilliant colors and intermittent flashes of light burst before my eyes, as my hot cum exploded from my cock. 

With the force of a water cannon, several blasts of thick creamy boy seed flooded David’s throat and nearly caused him to choke.  He was, however, able to control his gag reflex long enough to start swallowing what was contained within his mouth, before the next wave refilled his hungry orifice.  He continued to suck and feed upon my soupy broth until there was nothing left in my youthful geyser.  Hesitantly, he then let my limp sausage fall from his lips and watched it plop onto my abdomen.

When David finished giving me the same amount of pleasure that I had given him, we both laid on the bed, totally spent and unable to move a muscle in our bodies.  Not only had he drained all of the semen from my groin, but he had also siphoned off a great deal of my strength as well and left me totally spent.  We fell asleep on top of the covers and didn’t hear another sound for more than two hours.  When we awoke, we decided to shower together, before we discussed our experience.

“As impossible as it is to believe,” I began, “it just keeps getting better and better.”

“It sure does and we’ve still got several more things to try,” David added.  “It’s seems hard to imagine that it can get any better than what we did earlier though.” 

“Yeah, you’re right, because after you rammed that finger up my butt, it was the most awesome feeling I could ever imagine,” I agreed.  “In fact, I’m beginning to think that even the butt fucking doesn’t sound so bad now.  Who knows?  Maybe in a month or two I’ll be ready to try that with you too.”

“I’ll be counting the days until you’re ready,” David said, with that sexy gleam in his eye.  “I’ll be counting off each day until I can finally have you every way possible.”