Ayden's Eyes Book Four

Ayden's Eyes players.

List of Characters.

Ayden's Eyes

 Den Curtis- Artist

Evan Spicer - lawyer and surfer Dens partner

Ayden - Den and Carols boy

Carol - Dens deceased wife.

Rita - Cafe owner best friend

Spud - Street kid, artist. (Richard Wellman)


Susan - Ayden's nanny cafe owner

Patrick - Susan's boyfriend surfer

Robert - Patricks father

Millie- cake decorator paint store owner


Horse - Builder, Blues father

Tony - Furniture Maker, Horses ex partner

Blue - Horses son champion surfer- Posiedon

Alex, Alexis - Rita's son Blues partner.

Andy- Blues son

Louise - Horses ex wife Blues mother

Stevie Nicolls- Andy's mum

Cal - previous shack owner



Tiny - doctor

Donk - ex tea room owner, all rounder. Kate's husband

Nuts - Nathan fabric warehouse owner, Tim's partner

Trip - mechanic all rounder.

Mel Trips wife

Antonia- Nut's deceased wife

Mary- Nut's daughter

Tim- Restoration genius. Antonia’s cousin, Nut's partner

Mike - Young friend, cafe worker

 Anne - Mikes mother

Jack - Mikes father

Mavis - Mikes gran

Emma - Mikes sister


Cynthia - Online entrepreneur, Abs wife

Spencer - Art gallery owner Cynthia's cousin.

Marcel - French gallery owner.

Michelle- Cynthia's sister

Shannon- Michelle's son

Lindsay - millionaire philanthropist- loves his fishing.

Maggi - Journo - editor

Steven - Maggies brother

Roger- Maggies photographer

Brian Spuds helper in the games parlour Blues little wave chaser mate.


Ali - Spuds partner

David - Ali's deceased partner, Cyn and Abs son.

Arras - Ali's father the king

Aisha - Ali's mother the queen

Souma, Ali's little sister



Abs - Ali's uncle and bodyguard Cynthia's partner

Bubble - bodyguard cook in cafe

Tush - bodyguard cook in cafe

Apple- bodyguard

Hulk - bodyguard Games operator, Birdies brother

Jayden - Tony's offsider Hulks partner. Nut's nephew

Brett, Sal, Jackson Rita's eldest son

Riley - Rita's son

Holly and Peter - Riley's children

Margaret - Riley's ex wife

Ian and Flip- ill city boy who sees fairy


Birdy- Hulks brother

Brian Birdy's stuffed camel

Joe- Birdy's carver friend


Folk .

The great one, creator of Earth Fairy

Golden King, Den the creator of fairy folk in another dimension

Golden prince Ayden, Cupid, the golden kings son.

Evangellis, Evan. Divine Archangel Michael. Destroyer of worlds.

Gardenia, Peter Rose Rodney ect ect

Tooth Fairy

Trident- The great ones staff turned into Trident ,a very powerful entity that holds all the history.

Red headed fairy- Cyn's friend

Elf king

Ogre king

Dwarf king

Fairy king

Eastern king

Asian king

Irish King

Ra-Horses mate


Never Give Up Crew.