Chances for Changes

Synopsis and Chapter List

Life always changes and you have to pick the chances. Sometimes you are lucky and pick the right chance out of your guts feeling. Sometimes ransack your brains all over and then pick the wrong chance. Chances for Changes recounts a critical span in the life of Adam. The teen has left his broken home, following the advice of the donkey to the rooster in the famous tale of the Grimm Brothers The Bremen Town Musicians"Hey now, Red-Head come away with us., said the donkey"We're going to Bremen. You can always find something better than death."

Chances and Changes revises, modifies and completes Fate and Fortune, a story, whose first parts have already been posted. Each of the six chapters is preceded by a short intro, which is commenting and casting a special light on the events following. But if you don't like intros, just start reading the events as remembered by the leading characters, by Adam and Broder.

The Chapters

1. The Oracle Comes True or The Unexpected Present

2. Mother's Last Gift or Adam's New Identity

3. Getting past the Fear or Adam gets a real Friend

4. Big Boy, Timid Heart or Pet+Tru+e

5. …no one hears you screaming or The Ugly Duckling Phenomenon

6. Two Fathers, Two Real Fathers or A Rainbow Family