Three Finger Cove: Collin ~ Book One

Chapter Forty-Eight

Sunday morning came too fast for the boys who had spent much of the late night taking care of each others needs. Before they could even get their clothes totally off their bodies, their dicks were standing tall and wanting attention. The boys got on the bed and lay down side-by-side, head to foot. Each grabbed the others hard cock and gave it a nice, even stroking that didn't take long for their first volcano of juices to flow up and out. The acidic smell of cum filled the bedroom and the boys could, surprisingly, smell it, so they opened the window and went to the bathroom to pee and take a warm shower.

The shower helped them calm down and it also allowed their ball sacs to replenish the just released milky sperm. They talked about what each was doing in the movie theater and that talk made their penises fill with blood again, so they quickly dried off and headed back for the bed. Closing the opened window, they enjoyed the much cooler room and began to hug one another to warm up some. Their dicks were still somewhat engorged and the close touching got them at full mast real quick.

The boys then settled onto the clean bed and began their ritual of kissing and touching that brought them back to a need for release, and this time they got into the sixty-nine position and slowly sucked and licked the others phallus. They did this for quite some time and neither of them thought of the other as sucking their dick, but it was their evening dates that were doing the honors. The boys deliberately administered to the standing pole what they wanted to have happen to their own.

For them, the sucking was a natural extension of what they didn't get earlier and it was deemed, in their minds, to be totally acceptable to help out a 'best friend' when he was in such need. None of what they were doing, to one another, meant to them that they were gay, in any shape or manner. They needed 'release' and having someone else doing it, no matter if it was another male, was okay with them. Although they had never talked about it in those terms, it was what they accepted as being the means to an end and was not harmful at all.

Soon they felt the pangs of pressure building up inside of them and soon enough they both shot out another copious load of boy juice which quickly made its way down into the others stomach. After finishing and recovering some, they turned around to face one another and exchanged a few hugs and kisses. After two exhaustive sexual explosions most would have fallen asleep, but not these boys. They began to lightly stroke each others nipples and then took turns sucking on them. It wasn't long before they both had very hard erections, but this time they each took care of their own need. It was close to 3 AM when they finally fell asleep in each others arms.

Around noon that day, Mr. Ken sent Chief upstairs to wake the boys. Mr. Ken and Collin would be leaving for Austin in a few hours, and Ryan needed to get back home. Sending Chief gave the boys their privacy, Mr. Ken figured, and besides he didn't want to know what, if anything, they were doing together. It was almost one o'clock when the boys, and the dog, came down to meet up with their Big Bro in his Study.

"Hi, guys. I trust you slept well last night!" stated Mr. Ken as the boys entered.

"Yeah, thanks for letting us sleep in, Big Bro. Us teenagers need our rest," replied Ryan and then both he and Collin began to laugh.

"Okay, okay, I hear you both. Anyway, I bet you two stayed up half the night talking about your dates. I know when I was your age that was what we'd do and it would be late morning when we became 'alive' again."

"Ryan, we'll give you a ride home as we head out for Austin. We need to meet up with Bill and Stew and Andy so we can make final plans for the court hearing tomorrow. In the meantime, you two can go get something to eat real fast and then Collin needs to get packed. Collin, we need to leave here by 3:30 at the latest, so don't take too long, okay?" Was all Mr. Ken said and then went about his business.

It was nearly 6 PM when Ken and Collin met up with Andy, Bill and Stew for dinner. The five of them had a leisurely business dinner and made final preparations for the Emergency Court Hearing. Collin was a bundle of nerves just thinking how this one judge could send his world tumbling down around him again. He tried to stay focused on what the men were saying, but all he could see in his mind was him being hauled off back to his old home.

The more Collin dwelled on it the sicker he became when all of a sudden he got up and ran to the restroom where he threw up his dinner. Ken found him there looking pale and feeling hot, so they went up to their rooms. Ken had Collin wash his mouth out with the mouth wash stuff the hotel provided and then to lie down and try to relax. It was 7 AM when Collin was awakened by Mr. Ken for him to start getting ready. They had to eat breakfast and then meet up with the other men by 9:30 at the courthouse.

The court hearing was set for 10 o'clock. As they waited out in the large hall, they saw Frank Hale and Josh Sullivan arrive along with five more men, presumably their lawyers. Exactly at the top of the hour, the court's bailiff came out and announced the judge was ready and for the interested parties to enter and be seated.

The judge entered and everyone stood. He took his place behind the bench and then had everyone seated. He took a few moments to review some papers and then he began issuing the rules he would use in issuing his ruling. Frank Hale immediately stood up and questioned the judge's rules, saying they were lacking in detail and fact finding. The judge looked at him and asked if he was representing the plaintiffs or if he WAS the plaintiff. As soon as Mr. Hale replied he was the plaintiff, the judge told him to sit down and to not speak unless asked to do so. The judge went on to tell him, and his group, that only the representing lawyers would speak. Then to make sure both sides understood, he asked the lead lawyers to stand when he made sure both sides understood. This judge either got out of the wrong side of the bed that morning or he was not too happy to be there, which in any case meant that neither side would try any fancy lawyering that morning.

"Gentlemen, I have here before me a request for Emergency Hearing to appoint someone to be the Operating Officer for Wilkinson Enterprises until such day as the surviving heir can take over said duties. Is that the gist of this Court hearing today, Mr. Jerwerski?" asked the judge. And in getting nod of yes, the hearing was on.

The judge called for the first witness and Jerwerski called Frank Hale to the stand. Jerwerski had Frank explain why he felt the Emergency Hearing was necessary and of course, Frank went into discussing Dennis Clarke, and what he considered false charges filed by the 'man sitting over there, meaning Ken Thomas. For over an hour, Frank Hale demeaned Ken Thomas and Wilkinson Enterprises, for not supporting Clarke, and then lit into Collin for acting as a spoiled brat. Ken and Collin sat and listened along with Andrew, Bill and Stewart, and they all made notes of what they perceived as a way to trip him up.

Eventually, Bill Jackson was able to cross-examine Frank Hale. He was gentle, at first, in order to get the man feeling good about his testimony, and relaxed, before he sprung questions concerning their earlier conversation in the hallway between them. Frank made it seem it was just two people waiting and whiling away the time. Then Bill produced an audio cassette and got permission to play it. Frank was fit to be tied when he heard himself and both Bill and Stewart talking. That put him on the defensive and he stated over and over again that the recording was a sham and that was not his voice.

Bill went on to question Frank about his trying to take charge at last Thursday's meeting and his demeaning attitude towards Collin. Frank explained that someone had to take charge and went on to say that all they did was sit and talk and drink coffee and nothing was getting done, so he decided to get things rolling. He apologized for his poor choice of address of Collin but explained it off as a lapse of memory, and he just used the first word that came to his mind. When Frank Hale was asked to explain himself about what he said about Collin's guardian as having been responsible for the boy's parents' deaths and the lads subsequent kidnapping, Frank just answered that he was siding with the best interests of Wilkinson Enterprises. He explained that he saw that the man, Mr. Ken Thomas, had corrupted the boy and they were there also to get Collin back to where he belonged.

Proceeding to another line of questioning, Bill Jackson got Frank to talk about how he knew Dennis Clarke was innocent and to explain what he knew that the FBI didn't know, that would exonerate his friend. At that question, Frank went into a harangue about how Mr. Thomas made it happen but when asked how the man made it happen he couldn't give any facts to support his claim. Frank had to eventually back track his statements, which sounded a bit vague, but he assured everyone Dennis Clarke was innocent and would be exonerated, and soon.

Bill Jackson never went to court without an ace up his sleeve and this time he had a doozy. Neither Ken nor Collin knew anything about it until Bill brought out a DVD disk. Seeing what it was, and understanding what he was about to do, they both registered big smiles on their faces. Bill explained to the Court that the DVD was a copy of a conversation that occurred in the Great Room, of Three Finger Cove, on the day of the attack, and that he had written permission, from the FBI, to show it in court. He then asked the judge for his permission to play it. Bill explained that the video would answer a lot of questions for everyone. Since this was a Closed Court Hearing, the judge allowed it, but he warned if the information on the DVD didn't do what it was purported to do it would not look favorably on them.

The DVD began to play and the camera initially showed a man searching the Great Room after climbing through the smashed window in the pool area. The camera was able to focus on the intruder, whom Bill Jackson identified as James Stouffer, once the man entered the Great Room. The camera angle showed James Stouffer, holding a gun, as he looked around the furniture, in the room, as if looking to see if anyone was hiding. Then a slight noise was heard by Stouffer who stopped, looked straight ahead and then pulled the trigger on his gun. The shot startled everyone and, as they watched, a different camera angle came up which now showed there were two men – James Stouffer and Ken Thomas.

The man holding the gun had his back to that camera but they could clearly see the face of Mr. Ken Thomas and that he was holding his left arm and blood could be seen running down it. Then the man, identified as James Stouffer, with his back to the camera had Ken move some which caused both men to be seen in the same camera picture. The camera now showed both James Stouffer's full face and home owner, Ken Thomas's, face. It was this portion of the DVD that caught the complete and freely offered admission by ex-FBI agent James Stouffer, that he knew it was Dennis Clarke who had orchestrated the kidnapping, and the unintentional murders of James and Charlotte Wilkinson.

Upon hearing that revelation, Frank Hale, who was still sitting on the witness stand, opened his mouth in shock while everyone else in the courtroom gasped at that revelation. The courtroom then became completely and utterly quiet.

Then, suddenly, all pandemonium broke out, as Hale's four lawyers stood and began to shout at the judge demanding a delay and a mistrial and whatever else they could think of to get that Hearing stopped, at all costs. The judge slammed his gavel down over and over again, trying to get order, before calling in the Bailiffs to restore peace and order in the Court.


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