Ask Me

Chapter 22


 We headed for Chadstone, a very large shopping center a few suburbs out from us, Conner in his wig and hat swaggering beside me.

"Don't swagger Conner."


"Because people will recognize you."

He laughed.

"You getting a boner Brent?"

"Yup," I smiled.

"Want me to walk behind you?"


"Let's try Target Conner." I veered off into a Target store, then the men’s department, Conner looked through the bikini underwear and I looked at the boxers, he bought ten pairs, I bought five.

"Let's go home," he quickly said.

"I want coffee."

"Brent, not now please, let's go home."

"Okay, you don’t want coffee?"

"No," he said quite loudly.

I drove home as Conner had an urgent air about him and while parking the car, Ray pulled up behind us.

"Sorry can't talk, got to try some underwear on," Conner chuckled.

He took my hand and led me to the family room, try these, no try these, no, try this one.

"Where the fuck did you get that from, it won't fit me, it’s a ladies thong." He was holding up a hot pink thong.

"Try it."

I did and it fitted quite well except my cock and balls were popping out the sides but Conner soon took them into custody, giving them a lovely wash with his tongue.


The phone rang and it was Matt.

"What you up to?"

"Not much Matt, did you ring Rob?"

"Not yet Brent, I will do that tomorrow, can I come around to talk?"

"I'm up to my ears doing a months worth of laundry mate, do you want to meet tomorrow?"

"Yeah, it's okay, I thought you might introduce me to Rick Conners, that’s all, I don't know anyone famous except for you."

"Okay, no problem, just be at the gym tomorrow at eight am, he will be there."

"Okay Brent, talk later."


Why the fuck did I give him my number, he's going to stalk us now, I can’t tell him about Conner and I just don't trust him anymore.

I rang Rob and told him to expect a call, we talked about my telling Matt and he said,

"Just tell him, what’s he going to do, nothing, that’s what? The papers might print something but it won't be as bad as the shit they print about Conner everyday."

"I guess so, I just don't want him to put the moves on Conner, that’s all."

"Brent my friend, think about it, you and Matt did have the best friendship, he did get drunk and a bit high sometimes but he wasn't the only one that cheated on you, do you really think Conner would do that to you?"

"No." And I knew deep down he wouldn't do that to me.

"Okay Rob, I'll think about it," I said reluctantly, still unsure what to do.



The next morning arrived and so did Matt, I introduced him to Rick and my heart was working overtime as I expected Matt to put the moves on him, but he didn't. He talked to Rob most of the time, Rob told him about Adam while I spotted Conner on the barbells and when it was over, we hit the change room. Conner didn't strip and neither did I, we just put our track pants and T- Shirts on as you never know whose photographing him in secret, so we didn't shower until we arrived home.

Matt was a bit more outgoing, he rinsed off but in a closed shower.

Coffee at the cafe was good, we talked about old times and Conner was interested in what Matt had to say. Rob wanted to know all about his time in Sydney and then Adam arrived to pick Rob up, they are still looking for a house to buy. Conner handed Rob a folder to look at when Matt leaned over and said,

"I won't tell, I promise and I won't put the moves on him either, he’s gorgeous but I kind of like my men a little less butch," he winked.

"Matt, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, how did you know?"

"He hasn't stopped looking at you all morning," smiling he touched my arm and added,

"I think he's in love with you."

"I know he is Matt and I love him too."

"Just trust me again, please Brent, I miss our friendship, don't blame me completely, it wasn't all my fault." A tear gathered in his eye so I hugged him.

"Get it all fixed Brent?"

"Yes Conner, all fixed."

"Good, let's go home and shower, you have mail to deliver," he said.

"Yes boss," I obeyed and saluted.

We said our goodbyes and left them to it, I noticed Rob was toying with the envelope and I was dying to ask Conner what it was all about but I'll wait.

No I won't.

"Ask me," Conner invited.

"What’s in the envelope Conner?"

"What took you so long?"

"I had a small fight with myself but my curiosity was winning," I laughed.

"It's a job offer, I want him to be one of the account managers at the new company's headquarters."

"Oh, not chairman of the board?"

"No Brent, that’s my job," he roared laughing.

"The job has got some good perks Brent so I hope he looks at it closely, I want to give him a leg up for being there for you and for me in the past. There’s also a rather reasonable house for sale in the next suburb that he and Adam might like."

"You're selling them one of your houses?"

"No baby, I just put an agent on to it while we were away. They found this fixer upper and the loan will have no interest rate, I don't want them to feel like they don't own it so they have to buy it. No freebie this time but I'm sure if we buy them some furniture as a house warming they won't knock it back."

"I love you Conner Wilson, you do know that don't you?"

"I know and I also know that I would never cheat on you, Matt is nice but he's not someone I would like or want to encourage, I think he knows that already Brent, so please relax, it's just you and me."

I smiled and felt better but he had to go on,

"And Phil and Dave and Grant and Stan," the bugger laughed all the way home.

But he wasn't laughing when I made him get on his knees in the shower; his mouth soon sang a different tune.


I arrived at work late, I only had time to stash my bag and buckle up, the boys were okay about it but our slot was nearing and as I buckled, the jet moved, it was just parcels and letters today to Brisbane.

I took coffee to my boys; they were full of beans, happy to be home and happy to be flying the smaller jet again. I sat with them for most of the trip and we talked about Europe and Marty's sort of money meltdown that caused Conner’s exhaustion, the wedding and the look on Marty's face when Di told him she was going to have a big spend up in Paris, it would be his wedding present to her.

We were laughing about me sneaking Conner out to a small flat, it was the best part of the whole trip and it gave me an idea, I'll think on it later, maybe a nice surprise for my man.


Brisbane airport was jammed so we were in a holding pattern for half an hour, I just wanted to get home to my man for some reason today and was a little anxious, I guess all the shit with Matt has got to me and I shouldn't let it so I had a bit of a talk to Phil who was very truthful when he said,

"As if?" then he laughed.

"Brent, if he makes you feel this way then tell him to piss off, problem fixed."

"I just don't want him to be involved in our little family, that’s all, I guess I'm being mean but I wish he had stayed away."

"Well the best thing you can do is just ignore it, Conner is yours completely and maybe you're just feeling a bit insecure because of history, but its just history Brent, so leave it there. Look upon Matt as a new friend, if you want to hang with him then do it but if you don't, then ignore him, he will eventually find other friends anyway. He doesn't move in our circles, maybe in Rob's but I don't think Adam will be too happy when he finds out what he did to you. He's very protective of you and Conner you know and he's still not very happy about Marty's effort overseas, Conner wasn’t the only one being abused." I had forgotten Adam's comment about Marty working him like a packhorse.


I drove like a mad man when we arrived back in Melbourne, why the fuck do I feel like this? Nothing is happening, Conner is at home waiting for me, he hasn't been fucking Matt all day, fuck me Brent, what’s happening to you?

I opened the front door and called Conner’s name, he wasn't home.

I looked through the house but he hadn't left a note.

Changing my clothes I felt an overwhelming feeling of dread and I couldn't stop my tears, they ran freely down my cheeks and I thought, my god not again.

"Where are you baby?" I heard Conner’s voice.

I looked at him and broke down, he held me, wanting to know what’s happening so I said,

"Nothing, just hold me." He smelt the same and he looked the same but I fought the urge to check his underwear out.

"Where were you?" I sniffled.

"Next door, making dinner."

"Oh John's feeding us again?"

"Yes, now what’s the problem?"

"Nothing, just hold me."

Which he did while moving me over to the bed and then taking my shoes off and getting us comfortable. I kissed his face and told him how much I loved him but I didn't say anything about my little panic attack.


Conner’s phone rang and he spoke to the caller in the lounge room as I warmed some soup.

"Okay, thank you, I know what to do now." Was all I heard.

"Who was that?" I asked.

"Just Phil, business stuff," he replied.

"Buns?" I asked.

"Umm, yes please."

I smiled as I took the bread rolls out of the oven.

We ate and nothing was said but turned out to be a pretty normal night for us, TV, shower, bed, making love, sleep, I don’t know what I was expecting but whatever it was, it didn’t happen.


I flew to Adelaide the next day feeling a lot better, we had a smooth flight and I again sat with the boys, we talked about all sorts of stuff but this time Jen and Bob came into the conversation, she was due any day now, it's exciting. Again, when I drove home I felt the need for urgency, not as bad as yesterday but still I floored the car to the speed limit.

When I got home, Conner was up to his armpits in flour and I realized that John was teaching him how to make bread. I flopped into a chair and caught my breath and after a few kisses, I felt normal again, Conner smiled.

"I can’t get enough of those Brent, let's do it again."

We kissed less urgently this time but I caught John making a gagging sound with his finger in his mouth.

"You remember that don't you John, its called romance?"

He laughed.

"Yes I do Brent, it's not exclusive to you young ones though, we invented it."

He giggled.

Conner laughed then went back to his bread, pounding the dough like some kind of wrestler. He held me that night for ages, just kissing all my exposed parts that were all over the place and I felt loved.


I didn't have to worry about Matt’s involvement in our lives, we promised to keep in touch as Rob and I dropped him at the airport two weeks later. He had been made an offer from a Sydney firm that he couldn't refuse, the pay and perks were too good. I was happy for him but I did fleetingly wonder how quickly it had all happened.


Now to get my man Conner organized. I called Adam and he cancelled Rick's appointments for the next three days, Marty was too busy nesting with Di who had sold the Mentone house while overseas and moved into his Toorak apartment, my guess is they are busy trying to make babies.

I parked outside Conner’s office block, called Ray and my plan was hatched.

Conner came out and was talking to Dieter, I blew the horn a few times but when he didn't come over, I stepped from the Kombi van with my hands on my hips and said,

"You just going to talk all day or are you coming camping with me?"

"Fucking hell Brent, what’s this?"

"It’s our home for the next three nights, so get in," I giggled at his shocked face.

I put the radio on and we both sang our way out of the inner city suburbs, we couldn't go too far so I settled on a small, local camping ground in Berwick, an outer suburb. We pulled up around three, the park manager took our money and gave us the entry code to the toilet block, he said there was a large market held there on Sundays and the people in the park are regular campers, they are all lovely so he advised us not to be shy.

We set up our table and chairs, I opened a bottle of wine and we sat under our small awning looking out to woodland with a small river running through it.

John had helped me stock the camper with food, enough to feed an army but while we were at the park we had to do our kissing in private.


"Yoo hoo," I heard someone call.

"It's only me Terri, I live in that big fifth wheeler over there, I have been making cheese cakes and thought you boys might like some."

A small lady with white hair and the biggest smile appeared at our table, Conner got up to give her his chair and sat on the small fold out stool.

"Thank you Terri, I'm Brent and this is Conner, are you driving that thing around on your own?"

She seemed amused.

"No boys, my husband Mal is, he’s just gone up to the supermarket on the bike, he won't be long."

"How long have you been travelling?"

"Ten years now and we love it. Now you boys don’t be shy, we have a campfire going at around five, so join us, everyone here is lovely and very accepting," she winked.

She must have caught us kissing; her window does overlook our little van.

It was Conner that accepted the invitation.

"Can I bring my guitar?"

"We would be disappointed if you didn’t Mr. Conners."

"You know?"

"Yes boys, I might be old but I can still rock on loud," she laughed.

We later found out that she had been to Conner's last Melbourne concert and had his CDs. She recognized me first then Conner because she knew we were mates.

As it turned out they were a lovely bunch of people, all retired and some Dutch and English backpackers joined in the camp party, they listened quietly as Conner sang a few of his slow songs then food was passed around and jokes told. Terri was the nicest person, she had made sure we were comfortable and later we exchanged numbers and promised to keep in touch.

It was a very relaxing night and not a late one but I could see Conner's eyes drooping so we went inside, laying on the bed we made out in front of the TV, our cozy little home was warm and full of love.

On Saturday we just chilled out by the stream, did some walking tracks and cooked a barbeque lunch and at five it was a repeat of the night before, more songs and more food.


The market people woke me early in the morning; I sat outside and watched them set up while Conner slept. The countryside is near and it seems that the fresh air is doing him good. I looked at my flights for next week and it was back to five days, I had guests Tuesday and Wednesday and the rest of the week was mail and parcels. Closing down my Ipad, I heard Conner making a moaning sound.

"I wanted to sleep some more, what’s all that noise?"

"Market people Con, they are setting up, there’s plenty of people already in there, want an egg and bacon roll for breakfast?"

"Umm, sounds nice but first come back to bed baby," he mumbled.

"And do what?"

"Just cuddle with me for a minute."


I stripped my shorts off and slid the door closed then locked it. The poor, little kombi did what it was designed to do, rock, squeak and groan, oh sorry, that was me, but it did shake a lot.

Conner stroked my bare shoulder, he was busting for a piss but unfortunately our little house didn't come with a toilet so he had to use the amenities block. It took him a while but he finally said,

"Will you come with me Brent?"

"Sure I will, let's go, I'm hungry."

I waited until he peed and washed his hands and we noticed that the toilets were spotless.

Heading into the market we looked at all the stalls and there must have been four hundred, it was a big market.

Conner looked at a few things before he spotted a music stall and while flipping through the CD's, he found what he was looking for so borrowing a felt pen from the young shopkeeper, he signed it and said,

"Now you can ask thirty dollars instead of ten," he lifted his cap and winked.

The shopkeeper, a young man, nearly fainted, he took the CD and replied,

"This will never be sold Mr. Conner’s."


We bought a couple of bacon and egg rolls and sat in an open area where a man was singing Roy Orbison songs and assorted others from that era, then he started to sing, 'Us.'

"He’s butchering it Brent, the backing is okay but he's been off key from the start."

"Go get him slugger."

He got up and went over to the guy and after a few lyrics, a very stunned performer handed him the mike. Conner sang our song beautifully, he had drawn a large crowd and the applause was loud and long. He bowed then handed the mike back to the somewhat surprised singer.

While walking off he was patted on the back and one guy said it was nearly as good as the original, I thought it was better.

We each got a milkshake and went back to the van.

There was a message on Conner’s phone, a missed call from Adam so he called him.

"I'm sorry boss but they are insisting you meet their contract."

"Okay Adam, I will be in the studio first thing," he sighed.


"Oh, the morning show have me booked for tomorrow morning, Adam changed it to next week but they can't do that now, I have to be in their studio at eight in the morning, sorry babe we have to go home."

"It's okay Con, I've got it all fixed."

We arrived home in the afternoon, I didn't unpack the van and we camped in it, outside our house.


The next morning I drove Conner to the studio, the makeup girl nearly had her lips on his while she overly primped him. I was embarrassed for Conner but Adam arrived just in time, he walked in and said,

"Mr. Conners, good to see you again, how’s your gastro going today?"

Conner nearly broke down laughing.

"Good mate, which reminds me I've got to fart."

The make up girl was out of that room within seconds, we couldn't stop laughing.


"What are you doing here so early Adam?" Conner asked. "Nothing much, I just wanted to thank you, that’s all," he said.

"No problem Adam, I love Rob, he's a sweet guy and you're both family, why not help?"

"Well, it was a very nice thing to do, we love the house and can’t wait to start renovating it," he said and kissed both Conner and I on the cheek.

"Any word on the US tours mate?" Conner inquired.

"Not a lot but he's working on it Conner, he knows he has to run it by Brent first, that’s a given so he won't make that mistake again anytime soon, what have you got in mind Con, it's your call."

"Don't know as yet Adam, I will sit with Brent and nut out a working holiday," he laughed.

"Well you know what the states are like, it won't be safe to be heading off to a condo so you had better factor in hotels. We don't want any trouble."

"And Marty wanted you to run that by us because?" I smiled.

"Oh, umm, he's just worried Brent, he doesn't want to stuff it up this time, you know Marty, he knows the States like the back of his hand, he's only looking out for you, that’s all," he said.

"Thank you Adam, yes we will stay in the hotels but we have to breathe now and again so can you slot in some fun days?" Conner asked.

"Sure mate, nothing but the best for my boss," he replied.

"Both of my albums are still hot, so I would like to do some unplugged shows in there too, maybe at the start of the tour and before my voice gets raspy," he said.

"Here’s a thought Adam, why not three concerts, unplugged in New York, three rock performances also, maybe Central Park, then three months in Las Vegas, run that one past Marty, Conner's fans can come to him this time," I winked.

Adam looked at me like I had killed his pet cat. I laughed.

"We can call in tomorrow and maybe have a word with him," I suggested.

"Well I want to see New York, any problems with that?"

They didn’t answer me.


Adam left and Conner did his television thing, he was so gorgeous on screen, no songs this morning just a nice family show interview and he was starring.

"Conner, maybe you should go to Marty's alone, I don't want him to think that he has to run everything past me, it's you that has the last say anyway, you're the only one that knows your limits," I said on the way home.

"Maybe babe, I hear you, maybe I should but if I get stuck or worried about something I will call you in for a second opinion, Marty won't stuff this tour up," he said.


Work was boring, I wondered how Conner was going with the tour but it's early days yet, it won't happen until the middle of the year but venues have to be booked and tickets sold. A very uneventful flight home but at least tomorrow I have a guest, Alan Ferver, a minor celeb going on location. I remember seeing him on one of the lifestyle shows a while ago but I haven't heard anything about him since. He is flying to Mildura.


Conner filled me in on the tour and he showed me his schedule, three unplugged shows in New York, three rock concerts in Central Park then a ten-week stint in Las Vegas at Caesar's Palace.

"So this is it, all of it?" I asked.

"Yes, Marty agrees with you, he worked out that I can make the same amount of money in Las Vegas as travelling around the States, of course I will do some charity gigs too," he said.

I blew my breath out loud as I said,

"I guess I underestimated my powers of persuasion."

Conner laughed.

The tour is not for almost three months; I looked for Grant's security business but couldn’t see his listing, just a blank spot.

"No Grant this time?" I asked.

"That’s what I want to talk to you about, he has an American division but I am thinking we won’t need him."

"Why is that Conner?"

"Because he gives you a hard on."

I threw the cushion at him.

"So do you but I'm not complaining," I joked.

"Okay, he's coming too, we just haven't made anything final yet."

"Who’s flying tomorrow babe?"

"Alan Ferver I think, a presenter or something."

"Oh, don't know him, something must be up with his career though if he's flying privately," Conner said.


There was a knock on the door and I knew who it was.

"It's present time, Happy Anniversary baby," I said smiling.

I kissed him and went to the door; two guys carried the piece of furniture in and placed it where I had made a space. It was a tall glass display case for Conner to put his bits and pieces in instead of them being all over the place, he was stoked. We had fun filling up the first two shelves but his radio stayed on the kitchen windowsill. Those bloody cats waved at me continuously, I didn't mind really because Conner loved them.

The boys had coffee with me when I arrived early to work this time,

"Do you know this Alan Ferver who's flying today?"

"No but there’s a reason he's on our plane Brent, networks don't hire out private planes for just anyone, there must be something in the air," Phil suggested.


A half hour later and Alan Ferver turned up on his own and he was drunk. I introduced myself to him and showed him to a seat by the window but then he tried to light a cigarette so I took it out of his mouth.

"You will blow us out of the sky if you light that mate."

"Get stuffed," he said.

"Charming, would you like to walk to Mildura or behave yourself?" I offered. No response this time.

I helped him with his seat belt but he took it off so I helped him again as we taxied out to the runway, he kept it on this time. He was talking to himself.

He demanded a drink while I was doing my safety talk so I told him coffee is all that’s on offer, and then only once we are in flight.


I sat down and belted up, we roared down the runway and soared to fifteen thousand feet, the seatbelt lights went off and I started the coffee. I thought, if I can get some of this into him, it might help to sober him a bit.

"Fucking hell," I yelled.

He had come up behind me.

"Get me a bourbon," he growled.

"We only have coffee, now please sit down sir."

He swayed back and forth and yelled,

"Get me a drink you impudent prick."

"No, sit down."

I started to get nervous so I took the phone off the wall and went to push the cockpit number but he took a swing and hit me fair in the left eye, I didn't feel it much because my nerves had been deadened by my attackers in New Guinea. I dropped trying to avoid his attempt to do it again, hitting the galley floor I managed to grab the cord of the phone and then dragged the mouthpiece down from the counter, I dialed one and Phil answered,

"What’s up Brent?"

I said,


He was by my side within seconds, I was shaken but all right, he restrained Mr. Ferver and placed him in his seat, poor guy didn't know what hit him, he was like a tissue in Phil's grip. Dave poked his head out and was watching his man in action while I prayed that the autopilot was switched on.

Twenty minutes later and we were cleared to land on the emergency runway; police would be waiting to take my guest into custody. Phil got me a bag of ice cubes to put on my eye as it had started swelling a little.

I was okay but the ambos still checked me out, they gave me a painkiller even though I explained that I wouldn't need it. My left side was almost dead, it itched occasionally and I noticed it had a very slight droop to it, but only I noticed and it was something that I just had to put up with, I don't think even Conner noticed and I hadn't told him.

My guest, now very sedate, was very sad looking as he was cuffed and put into the back of a police wagon.

I would have to make a statement so after they examined the minor damage they asked me to go to the St Kilda Police station and make a statement within a few days; they would send it to Mildura. The officer gave me his card and I put it in my pocket diary.


We filled the belly with mail and headed for home, Phil sat with me, I think he was expecting a breakdown or something but I really was okay, just a little mad with the idiot guest.

Conner was there to meet us, he ran up the stairs and held my face, looking for damage as tears were swelling in his eyes, I kissed and hugged him and told him he shouldn't have bothered to come all that way, I was fine.

"He got a lucky one in baby but it didn't hurt, I can't feel my left side anyway, well most of it." One off the cuff comment and I was treated like I was dying.


"What?" I said in reply.

"You can’t feel your face?"

"I thought you knew that Conner, some of the nerves were damaged so I have some feeling but they're only slight sensations, it's okay, it won't drop off or anything."

He sat me down.

"What else?"

I guess we never really discussed it and I assumed the doctor had told him.

"Conner, there was nerve damage, if you look closely I have a droop on the left side but only slight, I thought you knew?" I looked at him puzzled.

"No, I didn't notice and I wasn't told Brent, what else?" he tried to stay calm.

"My hand gives me trouble but that’s a tendon problem, sometimes it shakes slightly but I really don't notice it," I answered.

"Oh," was all he said.

"Sit here for a minute babe, I want to talk to Phil and Dave."

He went outside where the boys were helping to clean out the lockers. I double-checked the galley and cabin and everything was clean.


"Can you drive?" Conner asked.

"Of course I can, don't stress, all I have to do is go make a statement to the police, then it's all over."

He held my hand all the way home, even opened the door for me. Ray and John were in the kitchen cooking our dinner and they pampered me for the next hour.

"Enough," I yelled.

"What?" Conner almost yelped.

"Enough, I'm okay, no damage except a slightly swollen eye, I'm not a cripple, just sit down all of you and relax, your making me feel like a freak," I screamed.

"You okay babe?" Conner dared to ask.

I laughed so hard that my belly hurt. They weren't laughing with me so I tossed the cushions at them.

"What’s for dinner?" I asked.

I must admit the lovemaking that night was very tender and deliberately loving.


I went to the police station and made a statement, my eye was photographed and they were sympathetic in a round about police sort of way. Then I went to work, I really was all right.

Phil and Dave were the same, they had my coffee ready and my checks were completed. They sat with me, now I was really uncomfortable.

"I need a tissue."

Phil jumped up and found me a box.

"I would love a biscuit."

Dave got the whole tin for me.

"I need to be fucked into next week."

They looked at each other and laughed.

"Grant and Conner aren't here Brent."

They burst out laughing.

"Seriously guys, I had to put up with Conner’s undivided attention last night, let it go, I'm all right."

"So long as you are, the boss is scared you will sue him," Phil grinned.

"Oh, can I do that?" I laughed.

We got underway and hopefully that will be the last I would hear about it.

When we arrived into Darwin, my phone started going off, I had a few messages from Conner to see how I was, and five from Bob.

"It's a boy, mother and son doing well, dad fainted, lolol."

I was so excited by the news; all their dreams come true, I can't wait to see the little guy. I rang Conner and told him about the birth and he was just as excited as I was. Also, I explained that Phil and Dave were looking out for me so I was okay. We decided to go and visit the proud parents when I got back, Conner would meet me at the hanger as it was nearer to the hospital.

I asked him to go and buy a blue teddy bear; if he had the time otherwise we would get one in the hospital store.

I just had enough time to ring Bob and congratulate him, he was over the moon and so happy we were coming out to the hospital tonight, he couldn't wait to show off his baby son.

Conner, Ray and John met us at the jet and we all headed for the hospital.

A crowd of men converged on the ward, we were allowed in but when I asked Conner where the teddy bear was, he just smiled.

Opening Jen's door, I could hardly see her for the flowers and teddies that lined the walls and lay on the floor.

"Are you in there Jen?" I laughed.

"Yes, come here." She hugged all of us, we hugged Bob and the star of the show was passed around, of course he was asleep, so we were all very gentle and quiet.

"Where’s the teddy Conner?"

He smiled.

"That vase and that one are from work and Rob and the rest are from you all," she said happily.

"Don't you go filling my house up with toys Mr. Conners, I have enough housework as it is," she smiled

"I do get a little carried away, sorry," Conner said sheepishly.

"Well what are uncles for if they can't spoil their new nephew, thank you," Jen said.

Little Conner needed a feed so we all went to the cafeteria to get coffee, and to give Jen some privacy, then I saw them. My parents.