Ask Me

Chapter 46

Ask Me 46

 Tan came out looking for biscuits. I pulled him up and told him to sit on the sofa with Tom then I went and got their bags handing one to each to them. They were stunned as I explained they were belated Christmas presents, the trip was their New Year's present.

 "I looked at these and they were so much cheaper than the shops at home but I didn't have enough money. Thank you Brent and Conner, this is awesome," Tom gushed.

 I had given a little bag to Ted and whispered to him to give it to daddy, now is as good a time as any.

 "Here daddy, a present from dad and me." He handed the bag to Con.

"Thank you matey, what did you buy me?"

"It's a sprise daddy, open it."

He was surprised when he pulled the little round green speaker out of the bag.

"Wow look what my son bought me, awesome, thank you Teddy, I love it."

"You're welcome daddy."

They hugged.

"Well if you look in my left pocket, you just might find a present for you in there."

Ted smiled then he was trying to work out which side was Con's left, he picked the right one and pulled out a pack of cards and a, 'Kit Kat,' chocolate.

"What’s this for daddy?"

"I'm going to teach you how to play cards so us guys can have a card night, just us men okay."


 He was a little apprehensive but the wrapper did fly off the chocolate; within moments and he chewed on it while Conner tried to explain what the cards all meant. Most of the chocolate was left on his mouth. I made him brush his teeth and I wiped his face clean. By now he was looking a little tired so I got him into his PJ's ready for bed. We will land at four their time, seven our time, so he will have plenty of time to rest.

 Tom decided to nap with him so I kissed and tucked both of them in and I turned down the lighting.

I hadn't seen Stan and Grant for a while, I guess they were up with Phil and Dave so I decided to go get Conner and we could have our lie down.

He was red faced and reclining on the sofa bed he had pulled out.

"What’s wrong?"

He giggled.

"I sprung them doing it."


"Stan and Grant, they have taken over the other bedroom. I opened the door, I was going to wait for you but they were balls deep in each other. Don’t ask Brent, they had a blanket covering them so I don't know who was doing what."

"I guess we miss out again Con, shove over."

Stripping down to my boxers, I crawled under the sheet after I turned down the lights.

 We napped, that’s all we could do. God, I loved being a father but, shit, its playing havoc on my love life. Con's arm was under my neck and his breath was singing me to sleep, pure fucking bliss.

 Phil came looking for Grant, he wanted them to take over the cockpit while he and Davo did the gay mumbo in the salon. Sure enough two very hunky guys alighted, nodded, and went into the cockpit to relieve my boys. Davo ran past and said he wouldn’t be long; and as I found out later, Tan kept an eye on Stan and Grant just in case they touched any dials they shouldn’t. I started up the coffee machine again, checked the kids and made coffee for the crew. Phil and Dave were out with us within minutes. I guess they were horny. I handed them the drinks and went to change the bed and, no, I didn’t sniff the sheets. One very small boy walked out hitting the walls and found Con's big arms. He promptly went to sleep again. I could hear the Candy Crush music playing in the other salon and I guess Tom was honing his gaming skills. I started lunch and went to talk to Tan. He was fast asleep with a blanket wrapped around him; well I hope everyone’s rested enough to eat.

 Conner had a little trouble getting into Indonesia as the customs guys thought he was there to work, but we convinced them it was just a holiday. His performances were considered too vulgar for the very religious population. From what I have read the corruption there is an everyday accepted practice. Grant slipped them some US dollars and we left. See corruption, easy as that.

 There were no fans waiting for Con as we left the customs hall. A very dapper young man was holding a sign with Stan's name on it; he was from the Australian embassy and had been sent to escort us to our hotel. A small bus was waiting complete with cold drinks and much needed air con. The smell was the first thing to hit me. It was sort of like a toilet odor mixed with a swampy smell. I really have to be fair, I really didn't notice it after the first hour but I believe their sewerage system is just under the footpath. Stan explained as much as he could to us as we ambled slowly through the hundreds of motorbikes, trucks and buses. Conner and Ted were watching the colorful shops passing by, if we were to go any slower he could have jumped out and shopped while we waited.

 Our hotel, The Padma Resort, was enormous and we had a private villa to ourselves. Con couldn't wait to get out on the streets and start haggling with the locals over ten cents; as the saying goes, same same but different. He hurried us through the hotel gardens to the villa; I made sure Ted was okay and not overwhelmed by the different people and noises. I checked out the villa style lodgings, seeing the pool was fully secured and Ted's bedding was clean. I'm not anal but this is a third world country; work safe practices and a lot of health regulations don’t exist here. I deemed everything perfectly okay and my boys were safe. We decided to go see a recommended moneychanger to get some local money. Stan had been here a few times so he knew a bit of the language and he knew how everything worked. I held Ted's hand while Tom and Tan checked out the motorbikes for hire, that would be a no boys, but you can look.

 After changing a few hundred dollars each we were instantly millionaires. Well a hundred dollars is roughly a million rupiah. I put a hundred of the new money into Ted's pocket, just in case money. The first thing Con bought was a t-shirt that said, 'I’m not gay but twenty bucks is twenty bucks.' He would never wear it at home but he did in Bali. He swaggered along the streets with it on and got plenty of offers from the local boys and quite a few tourists too.

The local ladies hugged, touched and held Teddy as we walked along Garlic Lane, a popular shopping strip near our hotel. More than once we were offered massages for five dollars each. I can only imagine what sort. A cute Indo lad even offered to be naughty with me, I blushed and grabbed Grant's arm. It was hot, so bloody hot out on the streets. We all bought hats, Ted got a cool Ninja Turtles one. We weren’t away that long but nightfall came around five thirty, one minute it was sunny and the next dark, but still hot. We agreed to go back and shower then head out for dinner. Conner wanted to sit in the restaurant on a corner to watch the crowd go by. I wanted to eat at the hotel the first night then have a swim then bed. Anyway the fumes from the hundreds of motorbikes turning the corner would drive me crazy.

The utter crap we came home with the first day was strewn across our beds and Con was looking at the brightly painted array of gifts, his treasures as he calls them.

"You better buy a bigger display case Con."

 "No baby, you bought that one for me so I will put most of this on the mantle or the dresser, it will look awesome." He smiled. Teddy had mostly clothes and they were so cheap. He conned a kite out of Phil and a pair of sunnies out of Davo and he looked so cool. We showered, with Ted, in this amazing bathroom that was outside, we dressed cool and put heaps of mosquito repellent on. The one saving grace was our room was lockable and air conditioned, so I cranked that up, to super cool our room while we were at dinner.

Ted looked a little lost as he looked around his bed and under it.

"What have you lost baby?"

"Daddy I lose my money you gave me, it was in my pocket and now it's gone." He was getting just a little upset. I figured straight away what happened to it. As lovely as the people are on the streets there are still a lot of thieves. Fucking taking money out of a kid's pockets! I wished really bad karma for them the pricks. It must have been one of the ladies that were hugging him, which makes it worse. I went out to the bathroom and took another hundred from my wallet.

"It's in here baby, it must have fallen out of your pocket when we had a shower."

"Yippee, I didn't lose it daddy, it just was in a different room." Happy kids, that’s all I want.

"Do you want me to hang onto it for you until you need it?"

"Yes please daddy, that would be good."

 I told Conner what happened. He wanted to get Grant and go back to find the thief. Stan said not to bother as it was only ten bucks. The locals see us differently and not to take it onboard too much. They think we are rich and can afford to lose a little money. He gave us a quick lesson on security measures to take then he picked Ted up and told him stranger danger happens here too. He was always to hold someone’s hand when he’s on the streets.

 We decided on the Italian restaurant that was situated on the beach. A cool breeze blew off the water and it was magic watching the planes land and take off from the airport across the ocean. Stan told us the kitchens were clean and we could just about eat anything that was on the menu. He didn’t recommend the fish even though he said it would be fresh yet he still had his doubts. They had a small band with an Asian singer and her voice was lovely as she entertained us with several well-known songs. I had already decided the young men walking up and down the beach road were not there to sell watches, but more than likely their bodies, by the way they looked at the passing tourists.

 We ordered up big. Con and I got an exotic looking cocktail and Ted got a banana juice, which he said tasted delicious. He turned his nose up at the spaghetti saying it was too sweet. I tasted it and, yep, it was pure sugar. Stan sent it back to the kitchen and we ordered chips and nuggets for him instead. Phil and Dave were sharing some exotic drink that came in a carved out watermelon, looked cool with big eyes and heaps of flowers. They said it was a vodka and watermelon drink. I tasted it but found it overly fruity.   

 The band was now in full swing and some of the guests sang as the mike was handed around. I noticed the manager was talking to the singer. She nearly dropped off her seat then grabbed the mike off a very boring drunk guy that was attempting to sing, I think, an Elvis song. She bounded over and with hands together she said,

"Please, please, please sing for us tonight Mr.Conner’s, please."

Con, being the star he is, nodded and took the mike. The band started playing their version of, 'Bring It On,' and Conner winked and strutted his ass all over a large restaurant dance floor.

He came over and got into Ted's face and sang,

"You can’t stop me from loving you, bring it on." Ted giggled as Con kissed his head.

 He was a big hit and the applause was loud and it got even louder when he started singing, 'Us.' He took Ted's hand and walked him out to the middle of the floor, knelt down and sang our song to him. He was smiling broadly and his fists were gripped tight and resting on his cheeks.

Con twirled him around a bit, then when he finished, he bowed with Ted still in his arms and introduced him as his beautiful son. I called him to me; I didn't want a repeat of people crowding around him. He headed for my knees and stayed there until he went to sleep.

 We signed the bill but the manager tore it up, while thanking us for the entertainment. Phil and Dave went for a walk along the beach, I suppose they will be safe, they are big boys after all. Tom and Tan said they were going out shopping for awhile so Stan and Grant went with them.

"No motorbikes boys," I said as I waved my finger at them.

"It's okay Brent, Grant and I have two organized and we are going to take them for a tour of Kuta but no nightclubs tonight. They can drink and go into nightclubs here. It’s not safe for them but the laws here are so different.

"Awesome." I heard Tan say.

"Don't be home late boys, it's New Years Eve tomorrow so it will be a late night."

They gave us a hug and left. I took Ted in my arms and Con helped me put him to bed, loosening the mosquito net to fall around his bed.

We were in the next room and we left a light on, our big double doors open, our net was also let down as an added insurance against mozzie bites during the night.

 I cleared the bed as he undressed. We both had the same thoughts and within minutes I was balls deep in Conner’s tight ass. Our lovemaking was slow but needy. I kissed every inch of his face as he did mine then I looked into his eyes, my orgasm was sensational. Sweat was beading on his forehead even though it was cool in the room. We talked a bit about tomorrow night. I thought it would be better to stay around the hotel, maybe sit on the beach out front, to watch the fireworks so Con said he would ask Stan what the go is. Maybe there’s a better vantage point.

He then crawled on top of me and I caught sight of his gorgeous eyes. They were extremely blue tonight and as he probed my ass, I deeply kissed them, then his lips as he slid into me. It was wonderfully exotic and loving that I didn't want him to stop. I had an itch tonight and it needed scratching. He held off as long as he could, but, you know my Con, he's very good at his job but very quick with his lovemaking. I guess I turn him on still.

 We slept soundly but I did get up once to check on Ted during the night. He was fast asleep but had kicked his light sheet off; I didn't see any bites so I left him after rearranging the net curtain.

Crawling back into bed, Con pulled me into his arms then instantly pushed me away.

"Too fucking hot."

"I am aren't I? Thank you," I said.

I felt a giggle coming from his side of the bed and a foot swing over mine where he left it. There’s something comforting about even the touch of a foot during the night, it has that feel of protection.

 We all met at breakfast and Tom and Tan were all about the bike ride they had taken and wanted more today. They tried everything to get the guys to hire one for them but Stan knew the downside and firmly put his foot down.

What a smorgasbord. We had the choice of a menu or we could go for what everybody was having. Food everywhere, from cornflakes to egg and bacon rolls. We piled our plates up and drank fresh juice which was cold and wonderful. Definitely going to give the plastic juice bottle the flick when I get home, this is so much better. Phil and Dave clued us in on the working boys on the beach. They followed them for ages until they either gave up or found a customer. They just necked a bit and talked, they got in quite late, apparently, as they found a bar that was rocking and had a couple of drinks there.

I bet they made love for hours when they got home too.

 I took Ted back to the room to wash and change for the day while Con was off doing his thing. We made plans to meet out the front in half an hour. When we got to the front of the hotel I spotted a gorgeous man on a bike waving to me. Damn he was hot, so I took Ted over, and Con placed him standing on the front of the scooter and I threw my leg over the back seat, grabbing hold of Con's small waist in the process. Ted thought it was Christmas, he stood still while Conner drove us around the streets of Legian with the tribe following. Both Stan and Grant had the teens with them and Phil and Dave had a bike each. Conner was very careful and gentle with the bike and Ted screamed at everybody who passed by,

"Look at me, look at me."

 We finally got out of the traffic and headed for the country. It was rice fields and creeks, a perfect setting, not marred by progress. We stopped and put Ted in between us now that we would be going faster it will be too cold for him standing at the front. His arms wrapped around Con's waist, I held him with one hand and Con's shoulder with the other. After fifteen minutes he swung into a restaurant that overlooked rice fields. The others caught up and we ordered cool drinks and some snacks for the kids. We were the only tourists in the place. The owner, in broken English, said it was too early for him to be busy, maybe around dinner time when the fireworks start. We would have to come back but I really wanted Ted to be near the hotel, just in case he got frightened, which reminded me to get the earplugs out for tonight.

 We all had a beaut day and we ended up on a remote beach at a warung, a local eatery that served very cold beer and while the boys had a coldie, Grant showed the teens how to ride a bike. They went well for their first go; well enough that they took off and we didn't see them for another hour. We weren't worried as there was no traffic and we could actually hear the bikes in the distance, and yes, when they got back they begged us to rent them a bike each.

I killed that idea by saying we were going back to the hotel.

Of course when we got there it started again.

"I said no boys, I can't take you home with gravel rash all over your legs, your mothers would kill me."

They whined like schoolgirls.

"I won't rent you scooters. If someone else rents them then I don't want to know; only that you stay in this area and a responsible adult follows you." I winked at Grant.

They were on to it in a second, grabbing Grant's arms and dragging him through the hotel's foyer. Boys, they are teenage boys, what else could I do, not let them experience bike riding; it's in every boy's DNA?

 I could hear fireworks going off already, shit; it's only four in the afternoon. Surely they don't start this early? Stan said just about every hotel has fireworks going from noon to noon and it will crank up tonight. Thousands of them all along the beach, and not skyrockets either, big booming cannons, my god where’s those earplugs.

 We quickly showered and dressed cool. I sprayed mosquito repellent on us all and we headed for the beach to watch the cannons. We could hear them but not see them properly except when they exploded in the evening sky; many kids were throwing crackers at each other. Con bought a small bag for Ted and he delighted in watching them crack on the sand. I turned around when I heard the screaming, a familiar, heart wrenching and painful scream. It was Teddy; Con had him on the sand while taking his shorts off and trying to calm him down.

"Brent quickly."

I ran back to where I had left them.

"Someone threw a penny bunger into his pocket, I think he's burnt."

I picked my now totally distraught and hurt boy up and started running towards the hotel where I could get a better look at the burn. Ted was actually in hysterics by now. The bombs were going off every second, the noise escalated and the booms were deafening. The whole area lit up like lightning was all around. He screamed and screamed,

"Monkeys go home, monkeys go home."

 A hotel worker motioned me over to a couch where I pulled Ted's underwear down and saw the big black burn on his upper leg. I took some water out of my backpack and washed it while all the time talking to Ted. Trying to get him to calm down, he was being held by Conner who had tears streaming down his face.

I pulled out the earplugs first and put them in his ears, kissing his wet cheek as I did.

A nice young man arrived with a bag. He was the hotel's resident doctor and he looked the burn over, washed it again, and put some soothing ointment on it. It wasn't too bad and the skin wasn’t broken. It had just given us all a fucking scare. Ted had calmed a bit by now but he held onto Conner like death.

"He will be okay, this ointment will cool his burn but I think you had better give him a cool bath, as he's very hot and bothered. Bring him to me in the morning but if you need me tonight just ring reception."

 Conner lifted him up and his little arms immediately went around his neck. He walked him to the room where I turned on a cool shower. Con, clothes and all walked under it and talked softly to our boy until he cooled down. His angelic face was now pink not red and the beads of the water were doing their job. We stood there for ages rocking him back and forth.

Conner started singing to him and he actually calmed down more, he even smiled with a hint of a fist forming.

"Monkeys go home daddy."

"Monkeys going home son."

I knew it would get worse as the night wore on and my only thought was to get to Phil and Dave to get the jet ready and go home.

 The boys came running, they had been told at reception about the little boy in their party being burnt.

They all hugged him, Con put some soft music on and sat with him in his arms on the sofa, every now and then a noise was heard and he jumped.

"Grab a change of clothes for each of you Brent and meet me out the front in fifteen minutes," Stan said.

I didn't know what he had in mind, but I did know he was helping the situation, so I did what he said and grabbed shorts and t-shirts throwing them into my backpack.

 We checked Ted's earplugs were in properly and Con carried him out the front where we were confronted with an army; Four jeeps, with a full complement of armed guards, a limousine and a whole lot of police.

"I'm taking you to the Australian embassy. It’s closer to Denpasar and in a very quiet part of town. The boys will look after the kids and Grant and I will come with you.

We got into the limo then it followed very slowly behind the police trucks, maybe for an hour. The streets were jammed with cars and bikes but a bit of army muscle mostly cleared the way.

 Ted had fallen asleep by the time we arrived at this magnificent house. We were instantly greeted by the consulate's secretary; who showed us to a gorgeous room with the biggest bed I have ever seen. We placed Ted in the middle closing the net curtain around it then I went to find a real drink. Stan assured me the place was safe and secure. I couldn't hear any noise except some Balinese music coming from the drawing room. I was introduced to the Australian Consulate who was welcoming and handed me a bottle of brandy and two glasses. He had to go to a function but said his house was our house, to just dial nine on the bedside phone and tell the maid what we wanted for dinner and she would bring it to our room. Stan and Grant stayed with him to talk for a while.

I was so grateful to him and Stan as it was quiet here. I'm sorry I missed seeing the fireworks but Ted is my life so he comes first.

 Arriving back at our room there was no Conner so I looked outside and up the hall, hearing familiar sniffing I opened the large closet to be confronted with Conner, weeping, with Ted in his arms asleep.

"It's not what you think baby, he woke up and got scared, this is the safest place I could bring him."

"Then you did well my Conner, brandy?"

I sat on the cushions Con had thrown on the floor and poured us both a stiff drink.

We watched in silence as our boy slept peacefully.

 "Where are you?"

It was Grant, I pushed open the door and he looked confused.

"The bed was too lumpy," I said with a grin.

Sitting on the floor he shared my glass. We talked about Ted's burn and he had organized a doctor to visit in the morning and he had ordered dinner for four on the rooftop. He thought we might actually like to see some fireworks and this building had front row seats. If we were careful we could take our baby up there and put him in the bale to sleep. It's enclosed and cool up there and we can all watch him. Con carefully carried him upstairs where Stan and a few helpers were waiting with a great looking candlelit dinner for four. I looked out and there was a sea of fireworks going off for miles and, apart from a cracker or two in our street, there was actually very little noise.

We placed Ted on the bed in the enclosed bale and the air con cooled it noiselessly. We were told we could stay here tonight if we preferred, the boys would take our room.

 We enjoyed our meal and the show I was assured went on all night. I pulled Conner back in and my arms went around his chest. I nuzzled his neck as we watched the different colors light up the sky.

"You okay baby?"

"Yes, it all just scared me, I could feel Teddy's pain and terror that’s all and now I want you to cuddle me for awhile. Just bring me back to you and then we can deal with our boy together."

He was sincere and I believed him when he said I could bring him back to us, because I felt that way too. It scared the shit out of me, but I can't tell him that, so I held him until the boys left, then I got us into bed with our son.

 The morning was glorious and the sun was out when

I woke. We were shaded and cool and it was three sixty of views from the glassed walls. Two little eyes were looking at me, all the nightmare stuff forgotten so I kissed his nose and he smiled.

A bigger set of eyes lunged at him, tickling his ribs, and making him laugh, I pulled his shorts down to check his burn, he didn't flinch when I touched it so

I guess it's okay. We will see what the doc says this morning but we should be good to go back to the hotel. I want to be with my other boys anyway.

 The doctor checked Ted out and he also put some numbing ointment on the burn. Ted was all about cartoons this morning. He acted okay, so after a big breakfast, I searched for the ambassador to thank him but he hadn’t come home. I would get Stan onto it later. The kids were happy to see us and fussed over Ted. They had gone out onto the streets and watched the cannons being rocketed into the sky. but didn’t go anywhere else because the traffic was too heavy. I told them about the rooftop bale and how everything settled down once Ted went to sleep.

Stan arrived and relayed an invitation to dine at the embassy tonight so we thought we would and we could thank the ambassador while we were there.

Stan and Grant said not to worry about suits, just shorts and T-shirts will do in this heat. It’s an informal night. He had to go because of his job but if we didn’t want to go he would understand. We assured him we wanted to go; he added the consulate wanted to meet Rick as he didn’t have time the other night.

There were other dignitaries coming but it would be an informal night and transport for us all would be provided.

 Con wanted to wear his gay t-shirt but I eventually talked him out of it, he was just having me on. He did look spectacular though but he always does. He has that look and shape so anything looks good on him.

 It seemed like hours in the constant traffic but when we arrived we were ushered into a beautiful garden setting. The housekeeper suggested we spray ourselves with mosquito repellent which we did. Dengue fever is rife and one bite can put you into hospital for a week or two, if not kill you. Grant introduced us to Mr. Palmer, the Consular from Australia who in turn introduced us to the Canadian and Dutch Consulates and their wives and a few higher up Indonesian dignitaries whose English was perfect. Drinks were handed out and they came around all night with canopies that were delicious. I didn't over indulge.

 "He's on his way and I hope he's in a better mood than he was yesterday. At the very best we only have another three days to put up with him," I overheard Mr. Palmer say to Stan.

"Do you want me to talk to him about the mines?"

"No Stan, stay out of it, if they think Australia is wanting it to happen the takeover talks will shut down."

"Okay Bryce, but if you need me."

"No, it's between Indonesia and PNG, we are only moderating the talks."

 "Mr. Conners what a pleasure it is to see you in the flesh." A rather brash American woman lifted her hand for Con to kiss. He shook it and said it was his pleasure to meet such a beautiful woman. Beautiful? My ass, she was so loaded up with Botox it seemed like it was a struggle to even open her mouth.

"Whose this little man?"

"This is my son Edward Richards ma’am."

She shook Teddy's hand and looked at me.

"This is my other daddy Brent."

Out of the mouths of babes came a quite ordinary statement.

She looked a bit miffed but managed to say,

"A pleasure to meet your family Mr. Conners, how unusually quaint."

She sneered when she said it and even worse she was looking at my son when she did, I saw her. Taking one step towards her Con took my arm and steered me to the bar.

"Leave it baby, she’s a nobody."

"I was just going to talk to her, that's all."

"No you weren't, you were going to tear her to shreds me thinks Mister Brenton Walsh."

"Maybe or maybe not."

"No maybes, you were just about to go for the throat."

"Maybe." I was mad as hell. What would she know about the hell we went through for Nan and Ted.

 "Where’s my scotch and where’s my flight attendant?" A very loud laugh called from behind me. I turned and saw an old friend walk into the room. A rather large General Manu was beaming at me so I walked over and said,

"General your scotch is on the way, thank you for flying with us today." I started to laugh.

"How are you my boy?"

"Very good general and you?"

"Great, never felt better, let's sit over here and talk."

He led me over to a cushion filled sofa and bid me to sit down. When I looked up the room had gone quiet and every eye in the place was on me. What the hell did I do now?

 "And whose this young man, he's kinda small isn't he?"

"He's my son general, meet Edward or Ted for short."

Ted put his hand out but the general hugged him as his body wobbled all over poor Ted, who scratched his chin when he was released.

"My, my, you have been busy since I last saw you."

"My greatest achievement general, both Conner and I are his dads." I looked over at that sour bitch her mouth gaped.

"Well I for one am very happy for all three of you. I know there's a story in there somewhere but we can save that for later."

He embraced me and motioned us to sit with him again.

"Now my boy, tell me what you have been up to. You haven't called me so I assume everything is all right in Australia for you. I heard about the unfortunate air crash, how is your friend the pilot?"