Tearing Me Apart

Chapter Nine

Devon's eyes were glued to the television. He watched with rapt attention as Korean news broadcasted a live feed. In it, Alaeh flew swiftly in North Korean airspace, uncaring of the hundreds of Korean soldiers firing rifles and rockets and missiles at it. The ammunition had no effect as the thousands of rounds collided with the being. The rockets and missiles, however, disappeared in thin air.

A minute later, Alaeh landed on the front lawn of the Kangdong Residence. As Alaeh walked toward the entrance, the Supreme Guard Command continued to fire any and all weapons at it. Alaeh remained undeterred and entered the palace with immense ease.

Devon cared not for the Guard running armed into the palace as well. He smirked a little when the newscast showed the Guard once again firing their weapons before the door closed behind them.

Three minutes later, Alaeh walked back out of the palace. Ghosting on the floor behind Alaeh was a thin mist that confused Devon for a moment. He had guessed that the mist was smoke caused by a rocket that hit Alaeh. Alaeh then leapt into the air with its wings flapping powerfully. Alaeh flew about ten meters high before it just disappeared.

"North Korea is no longer a threat to mankind," Alaeh's voice suddenly said.

Startled, Devon and all the other soldiers and peacekeepers turned. There stood Alaeh, as sexy and beautiful as ever.

"You killed Kim Jong-Un?" Lt. Wynan asked, happily surprised.

"No," Alaeh answered blandly. "I am ordered not to eliminate any brashi for any reason. Any brashi that do not comply with nemlai conditions will be rehabilitated, as I had informed you two days ago. The North Koreans have been rehabilitated."

Over the next fortnight, Alaeh would teleport to prisons for the rehabilitation of the prisoners. Alaeh began in France. The rehabilitations, as with North Korea, had been performed and executed using a mist-like gas. Within three hours, all prisons and jails in France were empty, as all criminals had been rehabilitated to the mindset that they were absolutely forbidden from committing any and all crimes. Alaeh then teleported to Ireland. Within twelve days, the world over was free of prisoners as their minds were forced to omit themselves from committing crimes.

Alaeh then spent three weeks teleporting all over the world. It read the minds of each law enforcement personnel, and rehabilitated the ones that abused their roles even once.

When that was done, Alaeh did the exact same thing to every single politician in every level of government of every single country. And that took another eight days.

Of course, to aid Devon, Alaeh returned to Orly Air Base every evening. It would place its palm on the side of Devon's neck whenever Devon requested it. Devon put it down to a science, timing the desire to have Alaeh touch him to soothe the bond. Devon would begin to feel anxious after thirty hours. His chest would tighten the tiniest bit after forty-five hours. And his fingers would tingle after fifty hours, which Devon couldn't stand as it scared him.

"This will stop occurring if you consent to the bond or reject it, Devon," Alaeh informed the soldier with a small smile as it held Devon's neck comfortingly.

Shyly, Devon grabbed Alaeh's wrist. He removed the being's hand from his neck, and planted a warm kiss to Alaeh's palm. Devon then quickly strode away, and his face burned a slight pink shade.

One morning at breakfast, Jason Oliphant, a Canadian UN peacekeeper sat at the table and stated, "You're falling for Alaeh, aren't you?"

"No," Devon quickly rebutted.

Tammy Everett grinned as she said, "Yes you are, Hemmel! S'plain as day. Has the lieutenant said anything about it?"

Devon sighed in defeat, then answered, "Yeah, he has. Multiple times. He says it doesn't sound safe."

"Why's that, mate?" Peter McNulty asked in concern. "Alaeh, so far, has only helped the planet become a more peaceful place. Crime has dropped by fucking eighty-seven percent in a month! In. A. Month!"

"But what happens next?" Devon countered. "Resources of clean energy now power fifteen percent of the world. Thirty-one percent of all animal zoos and parks now stand empty. Thirteen percent of all means of transportation are now operated using batteries. It's been forty-three days since Alaeh set the conditions. Mankind has just one hundred and fifty-sevendays to satisfy the nemlai. It may sound like a lot, but it's not. It's really not. If we do not satisfy them, mankind on this planet will be annihilated."

"Couldn't you just use your bond to persuade him?" Walter Jennings asked.

Devon patiently pushed his bowl of porridge aside and replied, "Even if I accepted the bond, it would make me just another brashi wanting to save his life. Alaeh could still wipe the rest of you out anyway. And even if he refuses to wipe us out, another nemlai would just come."

Lou and Elizabeth Coleman nodded solemnly. They were certain that Devon was correct in his assumptions. For a moment, there was a blanket of silence around the table.

"Do you wanna accept the bond?" McNulty asked, curious.

Devon swallowed his bite of egg and slowly answered, "I don't... not want to accept it."

"You're undecided," Lou surmised.

"Scares me, it does," Devon said quietly. "A lot. I really like him."

Jennings then asked, "Then why don'tcha 'cept the bond, mate? You gonna let fear keep you from enjoying life?"

"I also feel like I'm betraying my humanity by- by even entertaining the accepting of the bond."

Everett placed her hand on Devon's arm and told him, "Part of being human is experiencing and acting on feelings of lust and love."

"Yeah!" Devon said with a dark laugh. "With another human!"

Lou said, "Alaeh is not exactly human, sure, but he's not an animal at least."

And then Devon's fingers suddenly ached with tingles. Devon's lungs tightened and he became shallow-breathed as these bond cravings frightened him.

Devon whispered to himself, "Donit lu hu na Alaeh."

It was a spell of sorts, but not really. It only worked for brashi mates of nemlai, and it sent a telepathic wave to the nemlai in question. Within seconds, Alaeh appeared behind Devon.

"Good morning," Alaeh greeted blankly as it placed its palm on Devon's neck and sat beside him.

Though Alaeh's voice never offered any emotion toward anybody but Devon, the soldiers close to Devon grew to learn that Alaeh liked them well enough.

"Morning, Alaeh," McNulty replied.

"Where were you on this fine morning?" Jennings asked.

"I was in Berlin," Alaeh answered as it fazed softly at Devon, who pretended not to notice. "Garin Muller had been demanding payment for his technology to power Germany. He has been rehabilitated and is complying now."

Devon gently removed Alaeh's hand from his neck and said, "Thank you. What's your next plan of action?"

"I will begin surveying land today."

"Surveying land?" Devon asked.

At the same time, Lou asked, "What for?"

"I will be studying the extent of the damage that Kiorna has suffered. This will determine what specie or species require rehabilitation, as well as how the species will be rehabilitated."

Surprised, Coleman asked, "Why would other animals need rehabilitating then?"

"Brashi may not be the only species on Kiorna that are causing pain and suffering."

Devon, ever the diplomat, said, "You know the UN would suggest having a soldier or a unit to supervise, right?"

Alaeh stood. With a smirk on its gorgeous face. The smirk that turned Devon's insides to mush. Alaeh touched his hand to Devon's shoulder, and Devon suddenly found himself sitting on a huge rock. On land covered in yellow grass and rough gravel with spots of snow!

"Wha-" Devon breathed in cool air. "Where're we?"

Softly, quietly, Alaeh responded, "Not so loudly, Devon. You will frighten the musk-oxen."

Intrigued, Devon turned his head slightly. On his left flank, about fourteen metres away, closely scattered, were about a dozen of the mentioned wildlife. A couple of the oxen looked, but otherwise continued to graze.

"We are in Greenland," Alaeh explained. "Do not worry, I am preventing your body temperature from changing. I must ask that you remain quiet as I perform the assessment of this land."

"Mm-hmm," Devon said dumbly, as he nodded just as dumbly.

Alaeh stood from the rock. It sat a metre away from Devon on the tundra, and dug its fingers into the ground but a centimetre deep.

Devon, for about twenty minutes, sat almost completely still, only moving his legs so as to alleviate pressure off his buttocks.

After that twenty or so minutes, Devon stood. He walked as quietly as he could to explore the land. He never strayed more than twenty metres from the statue-like alien, taking photos of the sceneries of the twenty-four-hour daylit land.

Four hours later found Devon taking a nap, lying on a large and mostly smooth boulder. He, however, woke from a shadow suddenly blocking his face from the sun.

"Would you like lunch here?" Alaeh asked warmly. "Or would you like to eat it back at Orly Air Base?"

"Here's good," Devon answered as he sat up.

"Is there something that you crave?"

"Hmm," Devon thought. "S'been a while since I've had avocado toast and roast chicken."

Alaeh sat by Devon, a foot's distance between them where three plates materialized. On two of the plates were a slice of toast each, layered with sliced avocado. On the middle plate was sliced bits of roast chicken.

"How's the assessment coming along?" Devon asked as he grabbed his slice of toast.

After swallowing its own bite of toast, Alaeh replied, "The assessment is seventy-nine percent complete. The status of Greenland seems to be in fine order."

Not happy, Devon asked, "We've been here for three-and-a-half hours and you've still got twenty percent to assess?"

Concerned, Alaeh asked, "Would you like me to teleport you back to Orly Air Base?"

"No, it's fine."

"You are not the only party in this bond hunger."


"The assessment is requiring a lot of time due to the hunger that I feel caused by the bond. If you were to maintain physical contact with me when I resume the assessment, it will achieve completion much quicker."

"I- okay. Sure."

"How do your superiors like the population of brashi now that crime has decreased?"

"They're happy, for the most part. It's the 'sovereign citizens' that are arguing their cases more strongly now, which is annoying law enforcement even more. They no longer believe that God intended them to live freely and travel freely, but the Divine. They are certain that they now do not need permits and licenses to drive vehicles, and can drive past speed limits, and run their fucking mouths at law enforcement."

"These modes of transportation, these vehicles have the power to mortally injure and kill brashi. Of course one requires a permit to operate them. Laws, regulations, and policies are in place to prevent these from happening."

"These sovereigns are hard-headed idiots. They don't give a shit. They're even adamant about foraging to the point of stealing off private property. And paying taxes, and utility bills. Your announcement has only caused them to really believe in their cause."

"I will speak with Mr. Achziger to make another announcement regarding these 'sovereign citizens'."

"Mm," Devon nodded. "Other than that, the governments are happy enough with the crime rate. But you can't expect this to last."

"This is not the first time that we nemlai have had to rehabilitate brashi, Devon. Sure, this generation will be understandably resistant due to the fact that you brashi have gone too long with nemlai absence, but future generations will grow and develop with these laws and mindsets."

After completing their meal, Alaeh sat back down on the yellow grass. Devon shyly followed suit, on his knees right at Alaeh's back.

As he placed his hands on Alaeh's shoulders, Devon asked, "This a'right?"

Content and softly smiling even though Devon couldn't see the smile, Alaeh answered, "Yes. That is sufficient."

Devon watched with rapt attention as Alaeh once again dug its fingertips into the ground. He was so close to Alaeh that he could see nearly invisible waves from the ground washing over Alaeh's hands. He guessed that that was the assessment.

After a few minutes, Devon's knees began to ache from kneeling on a hundred tiny rocks, so he widened his knees to place the pressure on different parts.

Enraptured with the beauty of Alaeh's lax wings, Devon slowly slid his hands across the being's shoulders. He liked the feeling of Alaeh's strong muscles beneath his fingers, and found that he didn't want to stop. His intrigue heightened when his skin touched the heavenly softness of white feathers that covered Alaeh's wings.

Alaeh's wings responded, consciously or subconsciously, Devon did not know. They gingerly bent backward in a way that Devon did not know was possible, forming a complete circle around him. The feathers of the tips of the wings touched Devon's arms and neck, almost massaging him.

Softly and amusedly, Alaeh said, "You're distracting me."

Also amused, Devon responded, "Sorry."

"I was certainly not complaining."

Suddenly bold, and ignorant of his cautious side, Devon sat on his bottom with Alaeh between his legs. He placed his palms on Alaeh's mid back. Unsurprising, Alaeh's wings remained kneading his shoulders and neck comfortingly. Devon could not fight the urge to snake his arms around Alaeh and hug him tightly. While holding the being, Devon rested his forehead against Alaeh's back.

Devon and Alaeh remained in that embrace for thirty-nine minutes. Though, to them, it seemed like hours and hours of pure bliss and utter contentment. Devon held Alaeh securely, as if he was scared of letting go. The being in his arms was soft and firm, warm, perfect.

"The next land to assess is called Bolshevik Island," Alaeh stated as he removed his fingers from the ground. "It is in the country you call Russia. Would you like to remain at my side?"

"Yeah," Devon answered easily with a smile with his forehead still pressed between Alaeh's shoulder blades. "Yeah. Let's go."

When Alaeh began to stand, that was when Devon finally released his grasp on it. Devon's face heated up to a shade of pink that Alaeh found to be as beautiful as any sunset.

"If you are agreeable, Devon," Alaeh began diplomatically, "we can fly to see the sights. But if time is an issue, telepor--"

"--Can we fly?" Devon excitedly asked.

"Absolutely. Climb upon my back."

Devon knew that Alaeh was incredibly strong and immensely powerful, so he grasped the tops of Alaeh's wings and used them to pull himself on the being's back.

"You will not feel the painful effects of the cool air and harsh winds," Alaeh told the soldier. "You will remain upon my back no matter what. Ready?"

Devon nodded despite his nerves and fear. Alaeh bent his knees slightly in the smallest of crouches, and a second later leapt high into the air. It's wings caused great sounds of gusting air as they traveled far and high.

"WoooHOOOOO!" Devon screamed from fifty-two thousand metres high in the air.

To Be Continued...

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