Chapter Nine

(Saturday Night)

She was shocked. She started thinking with her head. She reminded me of her 'condition' and that the next few months will be spent in and out of a hospital. I assured her that I thought about all that and that I still wanted to marry her. I asked her to think with her heart and not her head. I asked her that if she did not have breast cancer, would she marry me. She said yes. Then I told her not to let an illness stop us from being happy together for the time we do have left together. She started to cry and said 'yes' she would marry me. I told her that I did not have a ring but I want to go into Jasper tomorrow to get her a ring. We stood up and hugged until the boys came out of the kitchen.

"Did you like your surprise?" Davey asked.

"It was a very special surprise that you boys put together. Come over and sit on the couch with us because Diane and I have a surprise for both of you boys," I said.

Davey sat on my lap and Billy sat on Diane's lap.

"Why are you crying, Mommy?"

"I'm just so happy, Billy"

"Do you want to tell them, Diane?"

"No, I think it would sound better coming from you."

"Boys, you set up a very romantic dinner for us. I wanted it to be more memorable for all the work you put into it. I just asked Diane to marry me."

Both boys were stunned. They only wanted to give us a nice dinner together. They did not plan on me popping the question.

"What did you say, Mommy?"

"Yes," She hugged Billy and cried.

"That means all of us are going to be a family!" Davey announced jumping up and down. Billy joined him and they jumped around together.

Betty and John came out to ask what all the excitement was. Billy ran over to them and said, "Mommy and Doug are going to get married and we are going to be a family." Betty went over to hug Diane. John came over and shook my hand.

"Have you set a date?" Betty asked Diane.

"Not yet, Doug just asked me about 15 minutes ago."

"Well, if you would like, you can get married here in the garden," John said.

"Oh, that would be wonderful, our first wedding of the year on the property. Would you like me to help you plan it?" Betty asked Diane.

"I would appreciate that, Betty. This is so overwhelming."

"Doug, I insist you stay with us until the wedding," John said.

"Thank you, John, but I insist on paying for the cabins and the wedding."

"It's a deal but I'll give you the wholesale rates. I also get to plan the Bachelor Party for us men." He chuckled and hugged the boys.

While the 'men' sat in the lounge and talked, Betty took Diane into the office to start planning the wedding.

John asked if I would like him to perform the wedding. I looked shocked. He said that he was a minister in a church in Jasper for 30 years. He retired and bought the resort when it came up for sale 5 years ago. I told John that I would like him to do the service as long as Diane agreed. The boys ran to the office to ask the women. While they were gone, John asked me how it all came about so quickly. I told him that I have been falling deeper in love with Diane this week. When I was enjoying that romantic dinner, I knew there would be no more perfect time to pop the question; so, I did. He asked me about her condition. I told him that I was not willing to let an illness prevent us from spending the last few months as happy as we could be. The boys came back and said that Diane would love to have John do the ceremony. They said that Betty would be the 'Maid of Honour' whatever that was.

"I get to give Mommy away to you," Billy said all smiles.

"That reminds me, I need a 'Best Man.' I cannot think of a better man for that job than you." I looked at Davey.

"Thanks, Daddy!" He hugged me.

John gave the boys some tokens to play in the games room. He went to the bar and came back with a couple of drinks.

"Diane is a lucky woman; you are a good man, Doug."

"I'm the lucky one, John. She is a great woman and Billy is a wonderful boy. It all just seemed right that we become a family."

"Can I assume you did not have a ring in your pocket tonight? "

"I did not plan that far ahead. I planned on going into Jasper tomorrow." I chuckled.

"There is a jeweler in Jasper that is a good friend of mind. I will call him in the morning and let him know you will pay him a visit."

About an hour, later the boys came bouncing back into the lounge. Then Betty and Diane came in.

"Are you girls done planning already?" I teased.

"Ya right!" Diane sniped.

"Men have no idea how to plan a wedding. We are going to into Jasper tomorrow to finish planning." Betty shook her head.

"What, we are not getting married in the morning?" I laughed and then John laughed at my brazen comment. Betty elbowed John in the ribs and told him not to encourage me.

"Come on Billy, It's time for bed and I don't want Doug to corrupt you." Diane giggled as she playfully slapped me on the side of the head as she walked by. Davey and Billy giggled when she did it.

I got up and shook John's hand. I went to give Betty a hug. She pointed her finger at me and told me to behave. She tried to sound stern but she started to laugh when she looked at my silly grin. I gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek. I thanked both her and John for all their help. Davey hugged Betty and she told him to tell her if I 'misbehaved.' He giggled and agreed.

I piggybacked Davey back to the cabin. I sat on the couch with him still on my back. I 'volunteered' to take his shoes and sock off. He started giggling and saying that he would tell Betty I was misbehaving. I told him that, if I am going to be blamed for misbehaving, I was going to enjoy misbehaving. I started to tickle his bare feet. He laughed, wiggled and tried to reach around to grab my hands. After a few minutes, I stopped and went into the bathroom to wash up. Davey closed all the curtains, stripped down to his briefs and went to put is pictures on the laptop.

I came up out of the bathroom in my boxers and put my hands on his shoulders as he was finishing his pictures on the laptop. I leaned his head back in the chair and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"Thank you so much, Davey for a very special dinner tonight."

He got up and put his arms around my waist.

"I love you so much, Daddy. You have done so much for me and for Billy. I saw how much you liked his mother. Billy saw how much she liked you. We wanted to give the two of you a nice dinner together. I never thought you would ask her to marry you. Billy and I were both surprised when that happened."

"I love you so much, Son. I am so very happy that you are my boy."

"Daddy, what does the 'Best Man' do at the wedding?"

"Well… the Best Man helps get the groom dressed and keeps the rings safe until the wedding day. He makes the first speech after the wedding dinner."

"I can do all that." He yawned.

"He also has to stay awake on the wedding day." Davey giggled and I chuckled. I picked Davey up in my arms and carried him upstairs.


Billy came by first thing in the morning. He told us that he was going into Jasper with his mommy and Betty. He said Betty left an address with John for a dinner that we can all meet for lunch. He poked me in the belly and said to behave. I picked him up, bounced him on the couch, lifted up his shirt and blew on his belly. He was squealing and laughing when Diane walked in.

"Billy, I thought I told you to tell Doug to behave." She giggled at the site of Billy.

"I did and that's when he started blowing on my belly," He panted the words.

"Doug what am I going to do with you?"

"Anything you want," I grinned.

She blushed, grabbed Billy off the couch and told us to meet them at the diner at 1 pm.

Davey and I got dressed. We decided on juice, cereal and toast for breakfast. Davey grabbed our cameras. We went down to the lodge to see John. John gave us the address and directions to the diner and the jeweler. He stayed behind to look after the resort and to make phone calls for the wedding. We took the camper to Jasper. Davey took many pictures along the highway into Jasper.

The first stop was the jewelery store. Davey helped me pick out the engagement and wedding rings. We then went to a suit store to pick out three nice suits for myself, Davey and Billy. We told the clerk we would bring Billy by after lunch for his fitting.

We arrived at the diner a few minutes early. Billy came bouncing up to the table and gave me a hug. During lunch, Diane said that she decided on Monday afternoon for the wedding in the garden at 4 pm. She said that she only had a couple of girlfriends in Prince Rupert that she wanted at the wedding. She said invited Judy, Ted and Bob to the wedding. I asked if it was Officer Bob or Bob the Bear. The boys roared with laughter at the table. Even Betty and Diane could not help but giggle. Betty said that Billy would be spending the rest of the time with Davey and me. She said that the wedding rehearsal would be tomorrow night at 7 pm. Diane said that she would be staying with John and Betty until the wedding. John volunteered to camp out with the boys on our wedding night. The girls left and we took Billy with us to get his suit.

On the way back to the resort, the boys wanted to go swimming in the river along the highway. I pointed out that we did not bring our swimsuits. The boys giggled and said we could swim in our birthday suits. I decided to pull off the highway where Jasper and Athabasca lakes meet. We went skinny dipping under the bridge so we would not be seen from the highway. We splashed around for about an hour before heading back.

John flagged us down as we drove by the lodge. He asked to borrow Davey to help him plan the Bachelor Party since he was the best man.

Billy and I parked the camper and I piggybacked him to the cabins. I pinned him on the couch as I did before and tickled his feet. Then we went to his cabin to pack up his things for the next few nights. We relaxed on the couch and watched TV.

Davey and John rode up in the lawn tractor a couple hours later. Davey decided the bachelor party would be held tonight since the wedding rehearsal might go late into tomorrow night. He said the party would be in the form of a campfire behind the cabin. John brought in all the supplies for the campfire. John, Davey and Billy went behind the cabin to build the campfire. Davey came to get me after everything was set up and the fire was burning. We cooked the hot dogs and then made the Smores. John led us in some campfire songs and told a few campfire stories as we roasted marshmallows.

I told the boys and John to follow me up to the lodge for a minute. John went to get Diane and Betty. I asked Diane to sit in the chair. I went down on one knee in front of her. I told her that she came into my life one week ago tonight. Shortly after that, I fell in love with her. I asked Davey for the engagement ring. I placed it on her finger. I told her that I loved her with all my heart. Davey snapped lots more pictures of that event.

The girls went back to planning the wedding. John stayed back at the lodge to help with the plans. The boys and I went back to the campfire. Davey said he had to get something out of the camper and wanted Billy to come with him. I went back and sat by the fire. I heard the boys go into the cabin before coming back to the campfire. The boys came around the corner without their shirts on and hiding some things behind their backs. Billy was trying hard not to giggle. Davey told me to sit at the picnic table and close my eyes. The boys sat on either side of me and then told me to open my eyes. There were three presents in front of me. Davey said he bought those presents at the gift shop in Banff as we were leaving the hotel. He let Billy pick one to give to me, he took the other one and the third was from both of them. I opened Billy's present first. It was a soapstone carving of a bear. Billy said he picked that one because it will remind me of the time Bob the bear chased us. I gave Billy a warm thank you hug. Next was Davey's present. It was gold plated money clip. I turned and gave Davey a warm thank you hug. I opened the third present and was shocked. It was a double-sided picture frame. On the left was a picture of Davey in his bathing suit. The right side had a picture of Billy in his bathing suit. The pictures had today's date stamped on them so that must be what the boys went into the cabin to do. I wrapped my arms around both boys and gave them a group hug. I told them that I loved all the presents and that Billy picked out the one that would remind me that he gave it to me. I said I would put it right on the dash of the camper when we are driving to remind me of him. I told Davey I am very thankful for all the work he put into the pictures in the frame. I also loved the money clip. Every time I pay for something, I will think of him.

The fire was almost out so we poured the buckets of water on it. We gathered the leftover food and went into the cabin to put it away. I sat on the couch and turned on the TV. The boys each grabbed a pillow and lay on each side of me. I rubbed their backs until they each fell asleep. I gently carried the boys upstairs one at a time and laid them on the bed. I turned off all the lights and lay between the boys in bed. As I fell asleep, I thought how lucky I will be in 48 hours. I will have two great sons and a wonderful wife in my life.


(The 4th Week)


As usual, the boys were both under the covers tickling my feet to wake me up. I grabbed Billy's feet first and tickled them until he popped out from under the covers. Then I tickle Davey's feet until he popped out. I told the boys to hit the shower while I made breakfast.

I made French toast and pancakes while the boys were taking their time with their tickle wash. I had the breakfast all laid out when the boys came up with their towels on. I did my tickle inspection on each of them.

After breakfast, I told the boys to go upstairs to get dressed and make the bed. I grabbed Davey around the waist and tickling him to the couch. I pinned him on my lap. I started wiggling my fingers along his belly. I asked him if he would be quicker upstairs than he was the last time. He laughed, giggled, and said 'maybe.' I moved to his ribs and he laughed harder as I crept closer to his armpits. As soon as I hit his pits, he yelled; 'YES I'll be quicker upstairs.' I teased him by asking him to promise. 'I promise Billy and I will be quicker getting dressed and making the bed.' I stopped tickling and rubbed his belly. I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the forehead. He chased Billy upstairs trying to tickle his feet on the stairs.

I cleaned up the breakfast dishes. I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and get dressed. I was very shocked to find the boys sitting on the couch with socks, shoes, shorts AND SHIRTS on! They had their hands together in front of them and their legs together. They looked ready to have a picture portrait taken of them. I grabbed Davey's camera and took a few pictures of them. I went upstairs to check out the bed. It was perfect, just like it was when we first came here. I came downstairs and sat between the boys. I put my arms around their shoulders.

"I am very proud of both of you for doing what I wanted you too. I am so lucky to have such great boys in my life. It means a great deal to me that I can count on you to do what I ask. This morning you both did more than I asked and that makes me very proud of both of you."

"Davey, I want to thank you so much for the bachelor's party last night and I want to thank you, Billy, for helping Davey give me that special picture frame gift from the both of you."

"I love you so much Daddy, I never thought having a Dad could be this great. You are the best." Davey hugged me around the waist as we sat on the couch.

"I love you to… Da…"Billy stopped short of calling my daddy and looked a bit sad.

"Daddy, is it Okay if Billy starts calling you Daddy even though you and his mommy are not married yet?"

"I would like that very much, Billy"

"I love you too, DADDY!" He squeezed me and hard as he could around the waist. I looked into his eyes and saw some tears.

"What's wrong Billy? Why are your eyes leaking?" I said holding him close.

"I am just so happy. I finally have a Daddy who loves me and will protect me. I also have a big brother to play with and teach me things."

Davey got off the couch and hugged him.

"I finally have a little brother that I can look after, play with and tickle." He started to tickle poke, Billy. I held Billy's arms up so Davey could tickle him better. Billy laughed and wiggled around. I stopped Davey when I saw Billy's eyes stop leaking.

Davey grabbed his camera, I put Billy on my shoulders and we all headed down the lane to the lodge. Billy ran up to Diane with a huge smile on his excited face and told her it was Okay for him to call me Daddy. "I told you yesterday that it would be okay Billy. All you had to do was ask him."

I walked up and gave Diane a hug and a kiss. Davey gave her a hug. She sensed something was bothering Davey.

"What's wrong, Davey?" She said in a warm motherly voice and hugged him close.

"I'm happy that Billy gets to call my daddy, Daddy and when you two are married, he will be Billy's daddy. I am not sure what to call you. I mean I would like to call you Mommy but…." He started to cry a bit.

"Oh Sweetie, I understand. You still love and miss your real Mommy. You can simply call my Diane until you want to call me Mommy. I won't be offended." She gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks…Diane, maybe someday I will call you Mommy. I really do love you as a son loves his mommy. I can easily say that. It's just hard getting the other word out."

"I honestly understand, Davey."

Billy came over and hugged his new big brother. He began to give Davey little tickle pokes like Davey did to him in the cabin. He told me to hold Davey's arms up. Davey laughed and wiggled around until Billy stopped.

"Well boys, I still have a lot of work to do before the wedding."

"What can I do besides stay out of your way?" I chuckled.

"You can behave yourself for starters." Diane laughed.

"I always do that." I grinned.

"Ya Right!" she and the boys said at the same time. We all laughed together.

"I think we have everything under control here. If you hang around, I'll only become more nervous."

"You can take your 'sons' for a hike?" Betty said patting Billy on the head.

We went back to the cabin to change and get our hiking packs. We packed some snacks and water bottles. It was a warm summer day. The sky was clear with just a few puffy clouds floating by. As the temperature went up, the boys shed their shirts. I was glad to see that he was not embarrassed anymore to take his shirt off in front of Davey and me. We found a grassy hill to relax and have a picnic. We wrestled around. The boys rolled down the hill repeatedly. Billy giggled saying the grass tickled his belly and back as he went down the hill.

On the way back, I suggested that the boys pick some wildflowers for Diane's bridal bouquet. They found a great variety of wildflowers and created a nice arrangement. We carefully tied the flowers together and put them in my backpack.

We went back to the cabin to change into our swimsuits. It felt great to cool off in the pool after a long hike. Davey brought his speedboat and the boys took turns playing the speedboat tag game they created earlier.

I decided to have the boys dress up for the wedding rehearsal before we went to dinner. It was already 5:30 pm and the rehearsal was at 7:00 pm. We would simply go directly from the dining room to the garden. I hope that the boys would not spill anything on their clothes. If they did, I am sure that Betty and Diane would find a reason to blame me just for fun.

The boys and I went out to the garden about 6:30 pm. Billy ran up and gave Diane the flowers we picked on the hike. Betty looked at what we were wearing with the typical mother-in-law concern. I told her the boys and I are going into Jasper tomorrow morning to pick up our new suits for the wedding. Diane and Betty were both relieved. Betty walked the boys and me through the complete wedding ceremony. John explained the wedding vows. He asked us if we wanted traditional vows or to say our own vows. I looked into Diane's eyes. I told John I might say something but I would go with the traditional vows as a back up if my mind when blank. Davey asked if he could set up the video camera just above John's shoulder. All of us thought that was a great idea. After the ceremony, we will head to the lodge for the dinner and reception. John will take the boys to the cabin after dinner and camp out with them. Diane and I will spend the night in the "Honeymoon Cabin."

Betty shooed us back to the cabin and said its bad luck to come back before the wedding.

The boys and I hugged everyone and headed back to the cabin. The boys quickly went upstairs to get out of the dress clothes. They came back downstairs giggling because all they put back on was their shorts. I decided to join them and relax in a pair of shorts. We cuddled on the couch and watched cartoons.

Davey got up and asked Billy to come upstairs with him. A little while later, Billy came bouncing down the stairs giggling. He asked me to come upstairs with him. When I got upstairs, Davey was under the comforter with just his head sticking out. Billy grabbed the comforter and pulled it off the bed. Davey had gotten Billy to tie him to the bed as I did to him in the camper.

"Daddy, will you tickle me again tonight?" Davey giggled.

"Daddy, Davey said I can help you tickle him."

"Why don't you start first, Billy?"

"OK!" Billy went to the foot of the bed and started tickling Davey's feet. Billy was laughing just as much as Davey was as he wiggled his fingers along Davey's soles. Billy really enjoyed watching Davey's feet twitch and wiggle around.

"It's your Turn Daddy," Billy said.

I came over and started wiggling my fingers under Davey's toes. I then took the piece of wool and ran it between the little toes. Davey was really enjoying all the tickle attention. Billy and I sat on either side of Davey on the bed. We both started to gently tickle poke Davey all over his belly and ribs. Every time Davey jerked, Billy would fall on the bed laughing. I told Billy to start tickling Davey's armpits. I snuck down to tickle Davey's feet at the same time. Davey was in heaven. We stopped to give him a rest. Billy rubbed Davey's chest. When Davey caught his breath, he asked Billy if he wanted to be tied up and tickled. Billy giggled and rolled on the bed. He was nervous but said he would like it. I went downstairs to get Davey a glass of water while Billy untied him and Davey tied Billy up. I came up with two glasses because I knew Billy would need one too.

Davey finished tying Billy's by tying his big toes together. I handed Davey his glass of water. The little tease ran the cold glass along Billy's toes causing Billy to squeal and giggle. He then just touch the glass on Billy's bare belly. Billy was laughing and saying that the cold glass tickled a lot. Davey put the glass down. He started with the wool between Billy's toes. Then he took out the little brush and poked Billy's soles. He jumped on the bed and gently twirled the brush in Billy's belly button. Billy was enjoying all the tickling Davey was giving to him. Davey was being very gentle with Billy and tried very hard not to overload Billy. He wanted Billy to enjoy being tickled as much as he enjoys it himself. He put the brush down and told me to tickle Billy's feet while he grabbed another drink of water. I lightly ran my fingers along Billy's soles. I wiggled each of his toes then wiggled my fingers under all his toes. Billy was giggling continuously but not really having a hard time breathing. I also wanted him to enjoy it. Davey said it was time for us to both tickles Billy's belly. Billy tried to give us those puppy dog eyes but then started giggling before we started. Davey teased him by calling him a little faker. Then he started gently tickle poking his belly. Billy squealed and tried to squirm around. When Billy bounced toward me, I gave him a tickle poke that made him bounce back toward Davey. We slowly made our way up Billy's ribs. We stopped to give Billy a break. Davey then put one knee on either side of Billy's hips. He did not sit directly on Billy. He just hovered above him. Billy started giggling a lot when he saw Davey wiggling his fingers in the air. Davey very slowly brought his fingers toward Billy's armpits. By the time Davey touched the armpits, Billy was already laughing. I snuck down to Billy's feet and gently ran the wool between his toes.

Davey and I stopped and let Billy calm down.

"How was that, Little Bro?" Davey ruffled Billy's hair.

"That was so much fun, Davey," He untied Billy's wrist and pulled him up to give him a big brother hug. I untied Billy's feet. I grabbed the glasses of water; I sat on the edge of the bed and handed them to the boys. Davey took the glasses and set them on the nightstand. I pulled Billy up onto my lap and cuddled him. Billy fell asleep in my arms. Davey pulled the covers back and we tucked Billy. We went downstairs together.

I sat on the couch and Davey bounced on my lap.

"Thank you so much, Daddy, for all the fun tonight."

"Thank you for the surprising me when I first went upstairs. I was totally stunned when Billy pulled the blanket off you."

A few minutes later, Davey was asleep in my arms. I carried him upstairs and tucked him in. I turned out all the lights and crawled in between my two sons.



Editor's Notes:

Talk about a whirlwind romance... Doug and Diane are so happy and the boys make a great set of brothers and knowing what they have to face I'm glad they will have each other. It's nice to see them all enjoying each other and how love can blossom in their hearts.

I looked for a good Cliff Hanger to end this chapter on but it just wasn't here so we will get a nice chapter ending for a change. Maybe I can do better next chapter.


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