Jay & Miles

Cast of Characters

                                     The Boys:

Miles Stevenson:
     17, 6'2" dark-brown wavy med. hair, hazel-brown eyes, glasses,
     lightly muscled, good legs. Shy, pale. Lonely. 8.25 thickish straight.
Jay Beckel:
     17, golden-blond, cornflower eyes, delicate features, pert nose.
     5'8", farm muscles. Open, caring and friendly. 7.25 thin upcurve.

                                   Jay's Family:

Jerry Beckel:
     white-blond, blue eyes, muscular, 20, 6'2", tanned, friendly
     but quiet.
Linda Beckel:
     honey-blonde, brown eyes, delicate face. 18, 5'11", average build.
     Self-absorbed, smart.
Dirck Beckel:
     46, whitish-blond, brown eyes, 6'3", broad, muscular, tanned.
     Prankster. Fair.
Rosalie Beckel:
     44, golden-blonde, blue eyes, 5'7", rundig, but not fat. Caring
     and compassionate.

                               Jay's Grandparents:

Karl Beckel+Edith Storgaard-Dirck's parents:
     Children: Willem (dec), Katrin, Dirck, Eskil (dec), Marit, Mikkel*
Marius Voss+Sigrid Vinther-Rosalie's parents:
     Children: Valther, Rosalie, Annelise, Matthias
                             Miles' Family:

Anne Stevenson-M's mom-store clerk, Ky. 44, 5'10", plump,
     black hair, brown eyes.
Henry Stevenson-M's dad-dairy driver, Ohio. 56, greyish hair,
     blue eyes, tan. 6'4", fit.
Children: Ellen, Andrea, Leah, Miles

Uncle Eddie+Aunt Donna-Sheila
Aunt Cathy+Uncle Clark-Sam, Fred and Joe
Aunt Jean+Uncle Jack-Mark, Larry, Abe and Rick

                            At School:

Greg 'Kurt' Newton:
     17, tawny red hair, blue eyes, freckles, 6', average build. Quiet,
     but not shy. GB; 7.75.
Jefferson Davis Newton:
     Greg's brother, 16, 6'2, average build, light brownish-red hair,
     green eyes, into basketball, 10th Grade; Singer. 7.5".
Jackson 'Lee' Newton:
     Greg's other brother, 14, 5'8, strawberry-blond hair, hazel
      eyes, thin, glasses. 8th Grader. PsSinger; A little hyper. 6".
Eric/Derik Sommers:
     twins, 17, reddish-brown hair, nerdy.
Kevin Sommers:
     17, fiery red hair, pale, green eyes, buff. Twins' cousin.
Denny Watson:
     sandy-brown curly hair, grey eyes, runner, 5'11, a bit shy, big
     ears. PHF; Kurt's interest. 7.5".
Ben Ross:
     17, black hair, green eyes, 6'2, 210 lbs, all muscle. Wrestler. 7".
Finn Ross:
     15, 6' tall, toned, black hair, light-green eyes, freckles. 6.5".
Calvin Schuyler:
     17, 5'10", 175 lbs., long blond hair, green eyes, nice muscles,
      swimmer, loner. 7" v thick.
Timmy Zane:
      18, 5'11, 175, stocky, bully, football; brown hair & eyes. 5.5.

James/Harriet Newton-Greg's. Reddish hair, early 40s
Lisbet Schuyler-Cal's grandma, 60s, grey/brown hair
Owain/Beverly Watson-Denny's. 50s.
Sean/Paula Ross-Benny's. early 40s.


Greg: Alice, 13; Penny, 11. 7th and 5th grades.
Ben: Kate, 18, OSU.  
                                At OSU:

Dave Mendoza:
     black hair, brown eyes, 18, Miwok Indian, 5'10", medium
     build. OSU, Redwood City, CA-Everest Public High
Trebor Maciver:
     red hair, freckles, grey eyes, 18, medium build, 6'. OSU,
     Redwood City, CA-Summit Prep.


Bill Adams:
     16, 5'10", 165, dark hair, blue eyes. Sophomore Reynoldsburg High, Pizza Hut.    

*Mikkel Beckel:
    Jay's uncle, a teacher at West Hill, Ontario, 35, strawberry-blond hair, blue eyes,
    6’3, partner to

Sam Blyth:
   Mechanic in West Hill.  Former logger from New Brunswick. 36, light-brown hair,
   green eyes, 6'.