The Puget Posse

Chapter 60-Brotherly Love

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<Saturday, June 15>

When Kristy walked into the recreation room on Saturday morning, she was greeted by a roomful of sleeping boys. That didn’t surprise her—she was fully aware of how much preteen boys loved to sleep in. What did surprise her was that they all were sleeping in pairs. She could see that they were in close quarters inside of their sleeping bags, and that none of them were wearing shirts. She hoped they were wearing something below the waist, but from what she’d learned about young boys from her husband and her twin boys, the chances were good that they were naked.
While she wanted to be upset at this overt sexuality, Scott kept telling her that it was “boys being boys” and that as they grew up they’d leave the sleeping with other boys, naked or not, stage of their lives. In fact she may end up wishing they would go back to sleeping with boys.
What did upset her was the head count. She counted only eight heads, when there were ten boys spending the night. The missing heads belonged to the two teens. She turned and headed for the stairs, afraid of what she’d see. She thought about waking Scott to join her, but headed right up the stairs instead. She knew having those teens spend the night had been a bad idea, and allowing them to be naked around her twelve-year-old, but sexually maturing, daughters had been a horrible idea. She was afraid of what she would find in the girls’ beds.
She was even more frightened when she saw that Megan’s bed had not been slept in. That could only mean she was in the boys’ room in bed with one of the teens. Her heart was thudding when she looked into Michelle’s room. What she saw there was not at all what she’d expected.
There were her twelve-year-old twin daughters sleeping together in Michelle’s bed, just like the boys often did. Scott had helped her understand that boys will be boys, but she didn’t think in terms of girls being girls. Well, she thought, they probably decided to sleep together for comfort because of the influx of boys in the house. She quietly closed the door with a smile. The room had been too dark for her to notice the pajamas and underwear strewn on the floor, or the bare shoulders of the two sisters.
She was so relieved to not find the two teenaged boys in bed with her daughters, she might have left the room smiling even if she’d found the girls in a sixty-nine eating out each other’s pussies. Maybe.
If the teens weren’t with the boys downstairs and weren’t with the girls upstairs, then they most likely had decided to sleep in the Things’ room. Her take on that decision was that they had obviously become tired of the antics of the younger boys.
When she got back downstairs, she announced that breakfast would be ready in around forty-five minutes. She’d send Mark or Matthew upstairs to wake the girls and the teens in about twenty minutes.
The long running debate between Mark and Matthew about whether Friday night constituted an orgy started as soon as everybody was up and about. Paul and Curt said they didn’t care, since they weren’t a part of it. The rest of the boys didn’t much care either. All they cared about was that they had fun, after that it was the kind of arcane debate only the twins could take pleasure in.
The only boys with regrets about the night were Paul and Curt. They had shared their feelings before getting out of bed.
“I kind of wish I’d stayed downstairs,” Paul lamented.
“What, I didn’t fuck you good enough?” Curt asked.
“No, that’s not it. I just…well…wonder if they all had fun down there.”
“Face it Parker, you love perving on the younger boys. How many of that Posse have you had sex with again?”
“Just Mark and Will, and I kind of had sex with Ellis.”
“I bet if you’d been there you would have sucked the whole bunch of them.”
Paul grinned and nodded. “I sure would have tried.”
“And if you were downstairs, maybe I could have snuck into Michelle’s room and finished what we started, and slept with her, too.”
Paul gave Curt a kiss on the lips, which Curt liked at the same time he didn’t like it. “I still had fun with you.”
“Don’t expect a lifetime of it. You need to find a gay boyfriend when you get to high school.”
“I wish I was coming back to the Academy. I’d find me a fifth or sixth grade boy friend.”
“You are one sick puppy.”
“And don’t tell me you don’t perv on younger girls when you see them. After all Megan and Michelle are only twelve.”
“That’s just a little more than a year younger than us.”
“You’d fuck them both if you could, wouldn’t you?”
Curt’s smirk said it all as he rose from the bed, hoping one of the girls would see him naked in the hall. It didn’t happen.
The boys enjoyed breakfast in the rec room. The dress code was to be wearing at least a pair of underpants. They enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, and orange juice. There was plenty for them to eat and plenty for them to talk about. They agreed that while the first Posse overnight may or may not have been an orgy, it definitely was a success.
As the party broke up a couple of hours later, the twins at least got a couple of the boys to agree that having a real orgy, with everybody having sex together, wouldn’t be a bad idea for the future.
<Saturday, June 22nd>
The Kirkwood Lexus SUV was on Interstate 5 between Tacoma and Seattle, heading north for home. They had just passed Fife and still had a long way to go. Traffic was moderately heavy but moving at the speed limit. Scott was driving in the HOV lane.
Scott and Kristy were sitting in the front seat, Michelle and Megan were in the middle seat with Mark and Matthew in the back, which is exactly where they wanted to be. They wanted to as far away from their parents as space allowed. Plus, their sisters were in such “bitchy” moods they liked being in back of them—out of sight, out of mind was how the boys saw it.
“Shitfuckski, I can’t believe that friggen Tacoma team kicked our asses like that,” Matthew groused. “Twice! They’re not that friggen good.”
The twins’ Thunderbirds team had lost both games of a double-header to the Tacoma team in their travel league. The first game was an 8-3 loss, but the second game was close, a 3-1 pitcher’s duel that Matthew pitched.
“Mom, did you hear what he said?” Megan whined.
“No, dear, I did not,” Kristy replied.
“They said the ‘F” word and the ‘S’ word,” Michelle complained.
Kristy faced the back and started saying, “Boys, you know…,” but Mark didn’t give her a chance to finish.
“Mom, she’s lying. We said ‘friggen’. There’s nothing wrong with ‘friggen’.”
“Matthew said a word that had both words in it,” Michelle countered. “I am not going to go down to his level and tell you what it is.”
“Are you talking about me saying shitfuckski?” Matthew asked.
“Matthew!” Kristy shouted out.
“Mom, it’s a word we made up,” Mark argued. “It is not what our sisters think it is, it’s a fake word,”
“Yeah,” Matthew agreed, “shitfuckski is a friggen fake word.”
“Well, you two can use all the fake words you want for your restriction the rest of the day, starting when we get home. You are not to use that word in earshot of any of us again.” Kristy looked over to Scott and asked him if he had anything to add.
“Sorry, dear,” he said, “I’m trying to negotiate this busy freeway.”
Kristy shook her head, knowing that Scott didn’t want to get involved in another endless journey into a black hole with the Things. Scott, on the other hand, wished he could laugh about the entire incident. Shitfuckski, he said to himself, I love it.
“We should lower the price on E-Bay,” Mark muttered to Matthew, “those two should have been sold a long time ago.”
Michelle yanked her head around. “I heard that.”
Mark wanted to stick his tongue out at her, but decided that would be too immature for an eleven-year-old heading into the sixth grade. Instead he grabbed his crotch. “Do you want to watch us jerk off back here?” he whispered just loudly enough for the girls to hear.
“You are impossibly nasty.”
“Then turn around and leave us alone.”
Michelle did stick her tongue out and then turned around and faced the front. “I don’t know why we had to go watch those brats play baseball,” she wailed to nobody in particular. “They weren’t even good games.”
“Yeah, thanks to that Shelby dude getting three doubles and a triple,” Mark said.
“He only got one hit off of me,” Matthew reminded him.
“And then that little Eric dude only gives us four hits and one run in the second game. Nobody stops us like that.”
“Well, he did. And I got two of the four hits.”
“Boy, weren’t you mister MVP today,” Mark groused.
“Shut up. I know the team played bad. I was just saying…”
“You were just saying that you wanted a bloody nose is what you were just saying.”
“Okay, whatever.” Matthew then shifted moods, as the two of them so often did. “Do you really want to jerk off back here?” He started tugging down his shorts. He and Mark had removed their uniform pants after the game.
“Nah. I don’t want to give M&M the awesomeness of watching us blow our wads. Besides, tonight is the night.”
“You mean, THAT night?” Matthew asked eagerly.
“If we’re going to be restricted to our room for the rest of the day, we might as well do something good with our time. But you have to apologize for being a douchewaffle just now.”
Matthew thought about it and decided he wanted what Mark had in mind real badly. “I apologize for being a douchewaffle.” Another twins’ argument was solved without their coming to blows.
When Scott left the freeway just north of Seattle, the clamor started for food. It didn’t last long, since Scott and Kristy were as hungry as their kids.
“How does pizza sound?” Scott asked.
“Can we go to Papi’s Pizza?” Mark pleaded.
“That’s still a half-hour drive away,” Kristy reminded him.
“So? It’s the best pizza on the planet. We won’t starve to death.”
“But it will be close,” Matthew said.
“Besides, the only other pizza place we know about on this road is Pizza Hut,” Megan said.
“And it’s not near as good as Papi’s,” Michelle added. For once the four siblings were in agreement. Scott and Kristy weren’t about to pass up the opportunity to make everybody happy.
“Papi’s it is,” Scott said, setting off a resounding cheer.
Except for rumbling stomachs, the car was quiet as it negotiated the highway north towards the Papi’s pizza. After the family finished eating, Megan surprised her brothers by squeezing past Matthew in order to sit next to Mark in the back seat. Matthew shrugged and sat with Michelle in the middle seat.
“What are you doing back here?” Mark asked suspiciously.
“I want to tell you something,” Megan told him.
“Couldn’t it wait until we got home? I want to sit with Mattie.” They were still around fifteen minutes from home.
“Why, so you could play with his thing? Can’t you be nice for just a few minutes so I can talk to you? I mean you two have your own room together, after all.”
This time Mark shrugged. “We just like playing around.”
“Like this, you mean?” Megan placed her hand on top of Mark’s shorts and grabbed his flaccid penis. Her hand produced instant results as Mark produced a full erection within seconds.
“What are you doing?” Mark whispered. He was shocked by Megan’s overt action, but was not about to tell her to stop.  
“Getting your attention.
“You’re weird.”
“I need to talk to you.”
Mark looked down at Megan’s hand, which was slowly massaging his throbbing tween erection through his shorts. “You sure do talk funny.”
Megan slid her hand up and dipped inside of her brother’s shorts and underpants, wrapping her fingers around his three-and-a-half inches of fleshy steel. Mark let out an involuntary squeak when Megan’s fingers touched his cocklet.
The squeak caused Matthew to turn around. When he saw where Megan’s hand was his jaw dropped and his eyes opened wide. He quickly jerked his head away so he was staring out of the windshield just like Michelle was. He hadn’t noticed that Michelle had also seen where Megan’s hand was.
“So talk already.”
“Meet me in my bedroom tonight,” Megan told him.
“This couldn’t wait?”
“Me and Mattie have plans.” Sexual plans, he thought. Then he wondered if that was what kind of plan Megan had. “How about we talk right after we get home.”
“Michelle can’t know.”
Mark looked at Michelle sitting stock still and looking forward. Megan was whispering and there was some road noise, but it was possible she could hear what Megan was saying.
Mark leaned toward Megan and whispered into her ear. “If you don’t take your hand out of my pants it’s going to get all sticky real soon.” Megan pulled her hand out of her brother’s shorts, her face flushed with a combination of embarrassment and sexual excitement.
When Scott parked the SUV in front of the garage the four children piled out. Mark and Matthew retrieved their baseball gear from the back. Mark was still boned up and made no attempt to hide the fact. After all, everybody in the family had seen him hard many times, which made it no big deal as far as he was concerned, even if his mother often seemed uncomfortable about it.
“What was going on with you and Megan?” Matthew asked Mark as the two of them parked their gear in the storage room off of the garage.
“She was being weird. She wants to talk with me.”
“Yeah, but she was jerking you off. That’s a weird way of talking.”
“I know,” Mark grinned. “I wish I could’ve cum in her hand.”
“Well, all I know is Michelle was not a happy camper.”
“I’m gonna go see what Megan was all weird about.”
“Leave some cum for tonight,” Matthew admonished. They both laughed wildly as they ran from the garage to the house.
Mark headed for Megan’s room and knocked on her door. He hadn’t seen Michelle anywhere. Megan opened the door, wearing only the bottom of her bikini, her bare breasts exposed. Mark had seen the small nubs often, but they never failed to excite him. His drooping penis sprang back into action as he entered the room and closed the door behind him.
“Michelle and I are going into the pool.” Megan noticed the tent in Mark’s shorts. “Do you guys always have boners?”
“Not always, but it’s close. Want to see it?” He hitched his hands on the waistband of the shorts.
“Just to make sure it’s real.”
Mark yanked down his shorts and briefs and, his three and a half inches of boyhood standing proudly in front of him. He stepped out of them and was now only wearing a t-shirt and socks. “You almost made me cum in the car,” Mark said. “You and Megan never start the sex things between us. Is that what you wanted to talk about? Us having sex?”
“I wanted to talk about something Michelle said.” The two half-naked tweens sat on Megan’s bed. Megan told Mark about what Michelle had cried out the night of the Posse overnight when she said they were doing sex things together.
“For real?” Mark asked. “She yelled my name when he was cumming?”
“Swear to God.” Megan crossed her bare breasts as she said it.
“So you think she wants me to fuck her?”
“Yes, but she’d never say that to you.”
“Then why did you tell me about it?”
“Because maybe I want to fuck you too.”
Mark was stroking himself lightly as they talked. He was tempted to stroke his sister’s breasts instead. “This is getting too weird. I mean if we did it and had an accident or something, shit, then we’d have a baby who’d be my son and my brother and I’d be his uncle or some shit like that and he’d go all messed up because he wouldn’t know who the fuck he was.”
“I was just saying…you should ask Michelle about it first, and if she says no I’ll do it if you want to.” She then surprised Mark by pulling off her bottoms. She was now sitting next to him, naked. “You can touch me down there if you want.”
Mark’s cock was quaking. He wanted to fuck her right then, but he wanted to lose his cherry to his brother that night, not to one of his sisters because she was making him mega-horny. He didn’t know what he would want to do with his sisters after doing his brother. He didn’t like thinking that far ahead. He was confused about his feelings and about his sister’s sexual aggression. He and Mattie had always been the aggressors when it came to sexual situations with their sisters.
Megan reached for the bottom of Mark’s t-shirt and started tugging up on it. She wanted so see her brother naked and hard.
“I gotta go,” Mark said.
“I thought you always wanted to do sex stuff with Michelle and me.”
“I do, just not now,” Mark said as he got off the bed and picked up his shorts and boxers. “Like I said, me and Mattie got plans.”
“Are you two gay?”
“No way. We just have plans.” He dropped his pants and underpants back on the floor, pulled off his t-shirt, and was now naked. He walked to the side of the bed, bent down, and sucked on his sister’s left breast as his right hand rubbed along her hairless labium. He sucked her other breast and stuck his middle finger into her vagina and started to finger fuck her. Megan moaned and then protested when his ministrations stopped.
“Jerk me off,” Mark whispered hoarsely. But before she could do anything, he mounted his sister, rubbing his cock on her belly, dry humping her as he’d done with his brother countless times. It only took a half-dozen pumps for him to shoot his clear cum over her abdomen.  “I just wanted to prove I wasn’t gay,” he cackled as he got off of his sister and grabbed his shorts. “See ya at the pool.” He smelled his middle finger and gave her a sexy grin.
“I thought you were on restriction,” Megan said as she put her bikini bottom back on. She didn’t bother to wipe off her brother’s cum. She was so turned on by what he had just done that her knees were shaking.
“Oh, shit, I forgot. Well, see you at the pool tomorrow, then.”
“You were nasty,” she told Mark as he left.
“I know,” he grinned. He figured that by cumming he’d last longer when he fucked his brother, plus it turned on his sister. He left feeling good as he left her room, his t-shirt and boxers still on the floor.
Mark and Matthew were hyper for the rest of the day. They couldn’t concentrate on anything in their room, and blew off steam by wrestling each other, which got them hard and annoyed Scott and Kristy, who threatened to put them on another day’s restriction if they didn’t settle down.
“Maybe we should do it now,” Matthew said as they sat on Mark’s bed playing a mindless game of war.
“Yeah, and have mom catch us with my dick up your butt,” Mark retorted. “Besides, it’s not even dark yet.”
“You didn’t worry about mom when you got naked with Megan.”
“I didn’t plan to do that. It was all her fault.”
“I am so horny for it I can’t wait much longer.”
“Me either. I’m glad I got off with Megan…now I can fuck you longer.”
“Did she really tell you that Michelle wanted you to fuck her?”
“And she said she wants you to fuck her?”
Matthew shook his head. “I can see Megan wanting us to fuck her, but not Michelle. She’s always so bitchy.”
“Bitchy or not, we know she gets orgasms.”
“But damn, they won’t give us the blow jobs they owe us, but now they want to get fucked. They are weird beyond weird.”
Matthew steered the subject away from their sisters and to their doubleheader earlier in the day. “Eric was totally cute,” he observed.
“So was Shelby and a couple of other kids.”
“I wonder if any of them mess around?”
“I wish we messed around with a few guys on our baseball team,” Mark said.
“Next year we will when we have Misha and Patrick on our team.”
“I hope we get on the same team when soccer starts.”
“Yeah, I can’t wait for us to all play together.”
The twins finally went downstairs in their underwear to tell their parents good-night. Michelle and Megan were watching TV with their parents. They both gave Mark and Matthew a knowing look when they entered the room. After the obligatory good night kisses and hugs the boys bounded up the stairs back to their room. They stripped out of their underpants and viewed each other’s naked bodies. They didn’t see anything new, but they liked what they saw.
“We look ready,” Matthew said as he eyed Mark’s rock hard boy cock. “Remember I get my chance to be the top soon.” Matthew wanted to make that thought plain to his brother. When they dry humped he was almost always the bottom. He didn’t want that happening when they had anal sex.
“No worries. Like I said, older brother gets it first.” Matthew still wasn’t too sure about Mark’s sincerity.
They’d spent much of the afternoon talking about how they were going to proceed with their sexual experiment. They started out side-by-side on Mark’s bed, hugging, deep kissing, licking and playing with each other’s nipples, kissing each other’s necks and torsos, feeling each other’s genitals and asses and bodies, until they were so horny they thought they would burst.
“I ain’t gonna last long, even after getting off with Megan. I am fucking horny.” Mark said. He laughed at his play on words.
“So? We’ll just do it again if it happens too fast.”
“I like how you think, bro.”
Matthew had grabbed a jar of petroleum jelly from their bathroom after they’d showered. The brothers lubed up Mark’s cock and Matthew's ass. Matthew had taken Mark’s fingers and other objects up his butt, but taking Mark’s cock would be a whole different adventure.  
Matthew raised his legs until his feet were almost beside his head. “Get those feet at your ears bro,” Mark told him, “just like in those Nifty stories.”
Mark looked at his brother’s pink pucker. With the lube smeared over it, the anus looked like a shiny eye sitting in the center of Matthew’s smooth, white ass. Mark wrapped the fingers of his right hand around his boy tool and took a deep breath.
“Here goes nothing,” he mumbled.
“No, here goes everything,” Matthew corrected.
This time they took deep breaths together. Mark guided his cock to Matthew’s hole and then started to push it inside of his twin. Matthew shook and grunted. Mark pushed farther, eliciting another shiver and another grunt. They had read that the initial penetration could hurt. They vowed to take everything slowly. Another push, this time followed by a squawk instead of a grunt.
“Are you okay?” Mark asked.
“Yeah. That hurt some, but now it’s okay kind of. You feel kinda good inside of me but you hurt, too.”
Mark nodded and pushed in deeper. He was well over half way inside of his brother. He stared down at Matthew, seeing his image in his brother’s face. Matthew looked up at his image. The twins were used to seeing themselves in each other. They considered that to be one of the wonders of their lives as identical twins.
In what seemed like an instant as well as an eternity, Mark was as far inside of Matthew as he could go. His bare pubic area was touching his brother’s ass.
“It feels really good being inside your butt,” Mark reported.
“It stings some, but feels good at the same time for me,” Matthew informed his twin.
“Let’s see what happens if I start fucking.” He started the motion he was used to from dry humping Matthew. It was the same, yet different. When he dry humped their bodies were touching. Right now the only place they touched was in the middle: Mark’s cock and Matthew’s ass.
“Fuck me real hard,” Matthew croaked. “I want to know what it’s like.”
Mark pulled partway out and shoved all the way in. He repeated the action slowly and then started to pick up the pace, his balls, which were starting to hang just a bit, slapping against his brother’s smooth, hard ass.
“Ung,” Matthew grunted. He was enjoying this more than he thought he would. The pleasure negated what pain he still felt. Mark pushed hard and the head of his cock found Matthew’s sweet spot. The jolt created a loud squeal and sent Matthew into fucking heaven.
Mark wanted to tell his brother to be quiet, but all that came out was a high-pitched groan. He hit the spot again on his next thrust causing Matthew’s body to jerk. His cock was barely touching the spot, but it was enough to send Matthew into ecstasy. He now knew why guys liked to be fucked.
“I think I’m fucking cumming,” Mark announced, not sure if he was on the verge of orgasm or was simply lost in a miasma of unbelievable pleasure. His body felt it, his cock felt it, his brain felt it, everything he was connected to felt sensations beyond belief.
Matthew had forgotten he was supposed to jerk himself off he was so into what Mark was doing to him. It didn’t matter, he was on the verge of orgasm, anyway.
The room was filled with the sounds of Mark’s hammering body, the sounds of the bed, the uncontrolled squeaks of Matthew, the echoing moans of Mark. He rammed his cock in as hard and far as he could, tilted his head back, and shot his clear, watery preteen cum into his twin’s ass, cementing their brotherly love. Matthew lifted his back off of the bed, started to grab his cock, then dropped down as his erection started to spasm, and shake, and twist, and turn, and shoot his cum onto his brother’s hovering chest and then onto his own belly without being touched.
Mark collapsed on top of Matthew, causing his still half-hard boy cock to pop loose from his brother’s ass. He could feel Matthew’s sticky cum as he squeegeed it between the two of them.
The twins looked at each other, admiring the pleasure they saw on each other’s faces and in each other’s eyes. Matthew pulled Mark to him and kissed his lips. “That was so awesome,” he was finally able to say as his breathing returned to a semblance of normal.
“You liked being the bottom?”
“Yeah, but it hurts even when it feels good. But I want to be the top sometime.”
Mark didn’t answer. Instead he lowered his head and kissed his brother again. Matthew opened his mouth and let his tongue push against Mark’s mouth. They kissed with nearly as much passion as they had shown before they had sex. It was far beyond the kisses they’d shared before. Those were the kisses of two horny young boys who liked the feelings that kissing generated. These were more the kisses of two boys who were totally in love with each other.
“I almost wish we weren’t brothers,” Matthew said as Mark rolled off of him. The boys turned on their sides and faced each other.
“For real? Why?”
“So I can be your boyfriend.”
Mark’s reply was another kiss, followed by a hug. They cuddled, talked briefly about round two, and then fell asleep, their smooth, naked bodies wrapped around each other.
In the bedroom next to the boys’ room, separated by the boy’s bathroom, Megan and Michelle were cuddled on Michelle’s bed, naked and sated sexually.
“Those two were loud,” Michelle said. “They better hope mom and dad didn’t hear them, because they sounded nasty.”
“Yes they did,” Megan replied dreamily. “They sounded wonderfully nasty.”
Michelle was positive she understood what Megan meant.  Megan had a crush on Mark, just like she did. She wasn’t sure whether she liked it, especially after what she’d seen happening in the back seat of the SUV earlier that day. Michelle knew in her heart that she would lose her cherry to Mark, and that her brother would lose his cherry to her. That was something Megan was going to have to accept. After all, there was always Matthew.
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