The Castaway Hotel: Book 3

Chapter 9: A Helping Hand

The sleeping arrangements that night went like this: Ricky, Jay, Cole, Graham, Sammy and Andrew shared one room; Dustin, Kevin, Pat, Carlos, Jordan and Nicky shared the second; and Danny, Brandon, Trey and Dion got their belated turn in the ‘sex room’. That last foursome was in their room, getting ready to decide what they wanted to do for the evening.

“Would you mind if we just stayed with our own partner tonight?” Trey asked shyly.

“Heck, no,” Brandon answered him. “We were thinking of asking you the same thing. We haven’t been able to spend any time alone in ages and were hoping you’d agree to this, since we saw how tight you guys were with each other. We were just afraid you’d be offended if we suggested it and think we didn’t want to spend time with you or something.”

“We know better than that,” Dion told him, “but we were kind of worried you might think the same thing about us. I’m so glad we feel the same about this and you guys are my brothers now.”

“I’m glad too,” Danny answered him. “Thanks, guys. This means a lot to Brandon and me.”

The boys went to their own beds to have some fun with their partner. While Danny and Brandon were getting ready to go at it, Dion and Trey were having another little discussion. “What do you want to do, Trey?” Dion asked.

“What I want is for you to be inside of me,” Trey responded, very directly and forcefully.

“Okay, then you can do me after,” Dion suggested.

“That’s not really necessary, Dion,” Trey countered, timidly. “I really like being on the bottom and not all that interested in being on top.”

“What are you talking about?” Dion wondered, unsure if there was a problem.

“I’m trying to tell you that I like receiving, better than giving,” Trey confirmed. “I’ll be happy as long as you do me.”

“Oh, I get it,” Dion announced, finally beginning to understand what Trey meant. “Heck, I like the giving part better, so it won’t be a problem at all. I mean I’ll do the other thing too, if you want me to, but I don’t enjoy that as much as I do sliding in and out of you.”

“Great! Then we’ll make a perfect combination,” Trey announced, joyously. “You do the giving and I’ll do the receiving.”

“That sounds terrific to me, as long as you don’t mind,” Dion agreed. “I just thought you’d feel cheated if I didn’t do the same thing for you.”

“Heck, no!” Trey exclaimed. “While you’re sticking it up my butt, just use your hand to get me off. That’s all I’ll need to make me feel good.”

“I can do that. In fact, I’ll be happy to do that,” Dion agreed, enthusiastically. “Are you ready then?”

“I sure am,” Trey announced, before he rolled over, lifted his butt in the air and wiggled it at Dion. Dion started laughing and went to get his lube.

When Dion returned, Trey was on his back, two pillows stuffed under his rear and his legs pulled up to his chest. Dion started to lube him up and then greased up his own pole. Before long he was in position, with his eight-plus inches ready to drill for oil. Dion had grown a little since he first came to be with us, much to Trey’s delight.

Gently he pushed his way in and Trey opened up to receive that wonderful monster. Dion had learned to control himself better with practice, so he was lasting longer and longer and not blowing his wad so quickly any more. Now, he began to make long steady strokes in and out of his lover and, yes, he and Trey were definitely becoming lovers. They were growing more and more inseparable the longer they were together, and I could see more than just a brotherly bond forming between them, especially since the night they shared a room with me on this trip.

Dion was happily ramming his pole up Trey’s rectum and stroking Trey’s cock at the same time. Trey was really enjoying Dion’s budding prowess, and loved Dion’s energy and eagerness to please. He was also impressed with Dion’s progress in learning to contain his excitement and avoiding the quick releases. This time, Dion was giving him the best ride yet. That long slender dong of his felt great up Trey’s chute and it kept brushing against Trey’s prostate on nearly every stroke. Trey was in heaven and Dion’s hand stroking Trey’s cock was just the icing on the cake.

After many minutes of this dual stimulation, Trey was beginning to approach his own orgasm, and from Dion’s panting, he assumed his partner was nearly there as well. Trey did all he could to hold out until Dion came, but nearly couldn’t stand to delay it any longer, when he felt Dion’s hot blasts filling his bowels. Relieved that he had made it, he released his own load, allowing his hot cum to squirt between their bodies. Before long, both of their cum reservoirs were completely empty and Dion fell on top of Trey, exhausted, yet satisfied. They remained like that for several minutes, until Trey finally wrapped his arms around his partner and began covering him in kisses. Eventually they cleaned up and went to sleep, having their best dreams ever, as they snuggled happily together.

Danny and Brandon enjoyed a similar night of bliss, but they had each made love to the other. Although Brandon felt similar to Trey, about preferring to be the bottom in the relationship, he was always reluctant to broach the topic with Danny. Danny always seemed to enjoy it too, when Brandon did him, and the night they were with Pat, Danny had offered to let both boys do it to him. That’s why Brandon hesitated about saying anything, since he was afraid they both might be bottoms at heart. Some day he’d bring the topic up, but just not yet.

The next morning at breakfast, I explained to the boys that there was going to be a slight change in our plans. We were going to spend an extra day in Phoenix, to give me time to see if I could help out Bobby and his family a little more. I told them they could go swimming in the pool or hang out in the rooms, and I asked for a couple of volunteers to go to the Laundromat to wash our clothes. Pat and Carlos immediately offered to do that chore, so I accepted their assistance and told the other boys to get the things that needed to be cleaned together, when they got back to their rooms.

Pat and Carlos placed the clean items from their luggage onto their bed, so they could put the dirty clothes in there and take everything to the Laundromat. Once they were finished washing everything, they could then fold the clean items and bring them back the same way. I thought it was a good plan and told them so, besides thanking them for volunteering to do the work.

Next, I explained to the others that Nick would be going with me, since he knew Bobby the best. I thought that would make Bobby more comfortable, and in turn relieve any apprehensions Bobby’s parents might have. They quickly understood what I was saying and agreed it was a good idea. After that, I asked the older boys to watch out for the little ones and they readily agreed. Everything had now been taken care of, so Nick and I were off.

While Pat and Carlos were doing our laundry, Nick and I went to check out apartments I had found listed in the newspaper. After looking at several, we finally found one we both liked, and believe it or not, it wasn’t very far from the grocery store where I found Nick the day before. It was a fairly large three-bedroom, two-bath apartment, on the ground floor of an apartment complex, and below it were the laundry facilities and the storage rooms for the various tenants. After discussing the situation with the complex manager, he agreed to rent the apartment to Bobby’s family, so I wrote him a check for the security deposit and first six-months’ rent. He was happy and we were thrilled. He wanted me to sign the lease, but I explained I wanted Bobby’s family to sign it first and then I’d sign it too, if that would make him feel better. He agreed and said he would give us the keys, once I brought them back and everything was signed.

Nick was very excited about all of this. “They’re going to love it and they’ll be so surprised. Thanks, Mr. Currie. You’re the greatest.”

“Hey, it’s time you stopped calling me Mr. Currie. You may call me Josh, Uncle Josh, Pop – anything, but please, no more Mr. Currie.

“Okay, but let me think about that for a little while,” he agreed. “I’m not sure which one to use yet.”

After that, I drove to my next stop, which happened to be the district offices of the local school system. I asked to speak to the Superintendent, and it took a little sweet-talking for me to be able to get five minutes with him, but I did get in. I told him who I was, explained about Bobby’s family and I inquired about a couple of positions I saw in the help wanted advertisements in the newspaper. After we talked for a few minutes, he agreed on interviewing the couple for the positions.

The father would be considered for the janitorial/maintenance-man position (since the ad stated no heavy lifting was required and the superintendent had confirmed that fact), and the mother would interview for a cafeteria worker’s spot at the high school. His position would be a 12-month job, while hers would be a 10-month contract, giving her school vacations and the summer off to be with the children. I thought it was the perfect solution and set up the interviews for Monday morning. The Superintendent wrote his name, phone number and the interview times on a slip of paper, so I could give it to Bobby’s parents. I thanked him and then we left, but we still had one more stop to make.

In a couple of minutes, we pulled up at the grocery store we were at yesterday. Nick didn’t want to go inside with me, but I told him to stick close and there wouldn’t be any problems. We went inside and I asked to speak to the manager. He was paged to the front of the store and had a strange look on his face when he saw us. Hesitantly, he came over. I reached out and shook his hand, before explaining that I was going to offer him a chance to make some money. He looked puzzled, but heard me out. I told him that I wanted to open up an account for a needy family. I would write him a check, right now, for six hundred dollars, and then he would allow the family to buy their food and write it off to that account. I would also give him my name and address, in case they overspent that sum in the future, and then he could call me to settle the account. He agreed to my proposal, so I got out my checkbook and began writing. He thanked me and then hesitated a minute before he spoke again.

“I’m glad you talked me into letting this little rascal go yesterday,” he admitted. “I wasn’t sure I was doing the right thing at the time, but you were right, we all benefited from it. I already see he looks much better and seems to be happier now that he’s back with you. I’m pleased to know you and I want to thank you for being such a nice guy, helping out that family and all those boys you work with.” Nick had to stifle a giggle, but controlled himself until we got outside the store. He waited until we got back into the van before he spoke.

“Did you see the look on that guy’s face when he saw us in his store? And he still thinks that you run a group home for boys,” Nick told me, before breaking out in a fit of hysterical laughter.

“Well, I do, don’t I?” Nick chortled again and we drove over to find Bobby and his parents.

When we located them, I explained that we wanted them to follow us someplace. They immediately wanted to know where, but we told them that part was a secret. They looked suspicious and talked amongst themselves for a bit, before they agreed to follow us. I think they did so only after Bobby pleaded with them and explained how I had already helped Nick.

We pulled into the apartment complex and parked. Nick ran to get the manager, while they got out of their vehicle. I pointed out the layout of the complex, including the play area for the children, and then emphasized about what a nice location it was in. They still weren’t sure what was going on and why I was telling them all of this, but they didn’t run off. By the time the manager had rejoined us, we were already heading to their new apartment, although they didn’t know it.

They were speechless when they saw it and I explained to them that I had already paid the security deposit and first six-months rent. They thanked me, although still looking skeptical, and then I heard them asking each other, in soft whispers, what they were going to do after that. That’s when I sprung my next surprise. I told them about the job interviews with the school district and what positions they were for. I explained that would give them enough time to get their feet back on the ground and allow them the opportunity to save up some money, so they could stand on their own, from that point on.

Bobby’s mother started crying, while his father kept thanking me over and over again. That’s when I realized the apartment wasn’t furnished. I was busily apologizing about that fact when the manager explained he might be able to help us out. He informed us about a Salvation Army thrift store that was located nearby and added the prices for things were quite reasonable. I thanked him and decided I’d take the family there, as soon as we had finished our business with the apartment complex manager. They signed the lease, got their keys and everyone was happy.

We drove over to the thrift shop and I allowed them to pick out their furniture for themselves. They ended up getting three bedroom sets, a small dinette set, some furniture for the living room and four or five table lamps. After listening about their situation, the thrift store manager agreed to deliver the items that evening – for free. I quickly wrote him out a check for the items, with an additional donation for the organization, so they could help others out as well. Nick and I accompanied the family back outside, while the thrift store manager was having his employees load up a couple of trucks with their purchases. We went back to the apartment with them and got a kick out of watching the kids look around their new home.

“We don’t know how to thank you,” Bobby’s mother told us. “You’ve done so much for us and I have no idea why.”

“Just take care of your children and love them. That will be payment enough,” I told her. “We all get down on our luck from time to time and I’m just giving you a helping hand, so you can get back on your feet. Someday, when you have your financial situation back under control, you can give some other needy family a helping hand and allow them to become independent again.”

They each smiled at us, nodded their heads and shook my hands. Bobby and his sisters wanted us to see their rooms, so Nick and I walked back to the bedrooms with them. Bobby hugged Nick and thanked him for being so nice and then asked me to kneel down. When I did, he hugged me too, and then gave me a kiss, which totally surprised me. After that, his sisters did the same thing.

We went back into the living room and I told them that we’d help bring everything in from their car before we left. We brought the groceries in and put them on the kitchen counter, while Bobby’s mother started putting things away. She put the orange juice and water in the refrigerator, a simple act that caused a light bulb to go off in my head. Suddenly I realized that we had forgotten something else, something basic. I told the family that I had to do one more thing, and Nick and I went back to the van.

“What now?” Nick asked me.

“We forgot dishes and silverware,” I told him. “I think we should also get them some bedding, towels and wash cloths, and then a gift certificate, so they can buy some new clothes and anything else we might have forgotten.”

“Good idea, but can you afford all of this?” Nick wondered.

“Don’t worry about it,” I told him, “I’ve got it covered.”

We drove over to a discount store and bought the items I had previously mentioned, but I also got them $250.00 worth of gift certificates from that store. They could go back on their own and buy their clothing, curtains, and whatever else they needed at another time. We returned and dropped those things off, which started Bobby’s mother crying again, and then the furniture arrived, just as we were getting ready to leave. I wrote my name and address on the paper from the school district and told them to keep in touch. They thanked me once more, and then Nick and I left. By the time Nick and I got back to the Laundromat, we discovered Pat and Carlos had been done for a while and were beginning to wonder if we had forgotten them. We told them what we had done and they just smiled. Then I heard Carlos say, “I figured he’d do something like that.”

By the time we got back to the motel, the boys were starving. We could either have a late lunch or an early dinner, so we decided to just go ahead and have an early dinner. We went out to find a restaurant, knowing we shouldn’t have a problem getting seated at this early hour, and then proceeded to stuff ourselves. Nick spent his time, in between bites, telling the boys about how we had helped Bobby and his family. The boys asked if we could stop by and see them again before we left and I told them we could do that tomorrow. We’d invite them to join us during the day and then we’d say our good-byes before we moved on to the next town. Everyone seemed to like that idea, so it was agreed it was what we’d do.

That night the entire group was in a really good mood. We went to a movie and then stopped by the apartment, so we could invite Bobby and his family to go with us tomorrow. They tried to refuse, saying we had done too much already, but we weren’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer. We told them to be ready by 9:00 the next morning and they could follow us to where we were going. They agreed and we went back to the motel.

We didn’t stay up very late, because we knew we’d have to get up early in the morning, and I told the boys what was planned. Then we went back to our rooms and cleaned up. Nick asked me if he could sleep with me tonight, seeing the little ones were going to be using the other bed. I actually thought he would just share with them or spend the night with some of the other boys, so I suggested he might feel more comfortable spending the night with some of the other boys. He quickly turned down my suggestion, saying he wanted to stay with me, so I told him that would be fine.

Once we were in bed, he thanked me again for helping Bobby and his family out, before informing me about how much he liked Bobby and how close they had become in the short time they had known each other. Then he admitted it made him feel special that he had helped make it possible for us to meet them, before adding that he almost felt as if he had been the one who had really helped them out. I was just settling in, ready to close my eyes, when he made one final comment.

“I wish you were my father,” he announced, shocking me, “or that my father was more like you. He has enough money to help people too, but he only thinks of himself.”

“Don’t be too hard on him,” I countered. “You might be surprised. He is probably at home right now, missing you very much.” Before Nick had a chance to argue the point, I placed a finger over his mouth, letting him know it would be best to remain quiet, and then I kissed him on the forehead, wished him pleasant dreams and we both got comfortable. Shortly thereafter, I discovered he had already fallen asleep.

The ‘sex room’ wasn’t very busy that night either. It was Ricky, Jay, Cole, and Graham’s turn to use it, and the boys just helped each other get off quickly and then went to sleep. They were excited about our plans for tomorrow and wanted to be well-rested when we got to where we were going. They were soon asleep, dreaming pleasant thoughts about what tomorrow would bring.