Tearing Me Apart

Chapter Thirteen

Because of the Chinese attack on Alaeh that was not authorized by the UN, Alaeh rehabilitated the entirety of the Chinese government.

Upping being urged to rehabilitate all other governments regardless of intention by the nemlai, Alaeh complied easily. Each day, after waking cuddled up with Devon in the tiny twin beds of Orly Air Base, Alaeh ate breakfast and teleported. Devon begged to be present for the rehabs, but Alaeh forbade it.

That task ate up eleven days of the being's time.

Another three weeks later, Alaeh woke first at 05:12. It was lying fully on top of Devon, and remained unmoving so as not to disturb its own comfort. But that didn't matter because Devon woke a second later. He gently touched his fingertips to Alaeh's lower back and stroked the muscles soothingly.

"Good morning, Dev," Alaeh whispered, being careful not to wake the other soldiers in the barrack.

Devon didn't reply verbally. Instead, he smiled in his sleepy haze and pressed his lips against Alaeh's temple. Devon felt the utterly soft feathers of Alaeh's wing move off from blanketing the side of his body to stretch.

Alaeh whispered, "Did you sleep well?"

"Always," Devon whispered back. "With you cwtching up, I sleep like I'm in heaven."

Preening, Alaeh smiled as it pressed its warm lips to Devon's neck. A very faint smacking sound resounded, and Devon placed his own kiss to Alaeh's forehead.

"Morning," Jennings' voice said from above the two. "Don't be startin' nothin' down there, Bender."

Devon smiled in amusement before he apologized, "Sorry f'we woke you."

"Was already up," Jennings responded as he hopped down off the top bunk.

McCann groaned from the top bunk beside them, and cursed, "Shut the fuck up, you inconsiderate ponces."

"S'time to wake up anyway, princess," Jennings teased.

Lou groaned as well, and said, "Could've slept anudder hour."

Jennings said chipperly, "Rise and shine, you beautiful naked men!"

McNulty jibed, "Your wife know you're secretly checking out other blokes, Jen?"

"Har har," Jennings smiled as he flipped the lights on. "You're just jealous because no birds like your ugly mug."

"What're you talking about, Jennings?" Devon retorted. "McNulty has the prettiest mug o' you all."

"Dat's right!" McNulty said with a sleepy smile. "I am hot as fuck!"

"'Cept for that third nipple o' yours," Devon teased.

McNulty grinned and responded, "You wish you had another nub for Alaeh to play with."

"Mmm," Devon moaned as he gyrated his hips, grinding against the steely hard prick in Alaeh's wrap.

"Mm!" Alaeh moaned. "Not in front of the children."

Devon, along with everyone else, laughed.

Lou then said, "Going for a run after breakfast. Anyone else?"

Devon agreed, but everybody else said they were either reporting to Lt. Wynan or going to for weight-lifting.

In the cafeteria, Devon, Alaeh, and Lou sat at a table with Tammy Everett and a Japanese UN peacekeeper named Aiko Hirochi. The group ate, chatted, laughed, and shared photos of family and pets.

"Where are you going today, Alaeh?" Everett asked the being.

Alaeh easily answered, "I will be teleporting to a planet called Wenhura. The elected queen of the planet is being coronated and their laws dictate a nemlai initiates the coronation. My comrades are busy, and Kiorna seems to be in fine order so Diona requested I perform the coronation."

Devon turned to Lou and asked, "Louwije Frelinghuysen, ready to go stretch?"

Two hours later found Devon kneeling on Lou's feet as the Dutchman was on his eighty-third sit-up. Devon and Lou always did push-ups, sit-ups, and squats with free weights in one of courtyards after running.

"How is Lucy?" Devon asked.

"She is fine," Lou answered as he continued the exercises. "Skyped with my family lass night. Lucy is not excited to become a big sister. She enjoys being our baby a bit too much, you know?"

"Have you applied for leave to see the birth?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Lou answered with mirth. "Leave is approved for thirty days beginning November second."

Lou did one hundred sit-ups, so he handed Devon the thirty-pound iron plate for him to do his own sit-ups, and kneeled on Devon's feet.

While doing sit-ups, Devon asked, "Guys think of any names?"

"Catroina wants Dutch names and I'm okay wit dat!" Lou replied with a grin. "Keano if it's a boy, and Johanna if a girl."

Devon was about to reply, but a gruff male voice asked, "Devon Hemmel?"

Sitting up, Devon turned to the team of militants. There were twelve of them, all dressed in black combat gear with their goggles strapped to the front of their helmets.


None of the new, unfamiliar soldiers said anything else. But one of the men nodded toward a female one. She quickly unholstered her taser and pointed it at Devon. Wide-eyed, Devon moved the iron weight just in time. He also released the weight from his hands a tenth of a second too late because the electro-shocks traveled along the metal and stung his fingers.

"What the fuck!" Devon shouted.

"What are you doing?" Lou demanded. "Who are you?"

A different male soldier unholstered his own taser and fired at Devon, too. Devon was quick to crouch up on his feet and jump out of the way to the side. Devon jumped again toward the offending soldiers. Devon grasped the nearest soldier's vest, and the man, too, gripped the grey cotton of Devon's tee. Devon turned the man, and another taser sunk its cartridge in the soldier's arm.

As Devon tossed the tasered soldier aside, Devon saw Lou in a tussle with another. He was fairing pretty well, but Devon couldn't stand still for another millisecond because the rest of the soldiers were either fast approaching or aiming their own tasers.

Devon ducked, effectively dodging a punch, and quickly threw his own at the man's jaw. His fist connected with a sickening cracking sound, and the soldier fell unconscious.

Devon didn't have time to celebrate, as another soldier, a female, delivered a hard kick to his side. Devon ignored the pain, and swept his feet behind the woman's legs and drug her upper body down. The woman landed head first, and promptly laid unconscious.

Before Devon could turn around to face the others, a fist delivered a hard blow to Devon's temple. Devon, reeling, fell to the ground. Half a second later, Devon felt the flesh of his lower back being pierced and his body immediately went rigid with the delivery of electricity. Devon groaned and shouted in pain.

"Devon!" Lou cried in panic.

And then a wet cloth was held over Devon's mouth and nose. The cloth slightly reeked of ether, with a nutty aftertaste.


"Devon!" Lou screamed.

Devon tried to fight off the soldier holding the cloth over his face, but found immense difficulty due to the aftershocks of the taser. The taser was no longer eliciting shocks, but another was fired into Devon's upper back.

"HHRRRNNNNGGGGGGG!" Devon screamed into the cloth.

"--it doesn't work?" an American male voice said when Devon began to wake.

"Then we aww die," a female Asian voice responded.

"What!?" the American man shouted. "Why didn't you tell me that before!?"

"Aww you willing to risk the alien killing us aww?" the Chinese retorted with exasperation.

Devon's jaw ached due to a wooden ball stuck in his mouth. His throat was dry, and held a tinge of salty, zingy aftertaste of chloroform and wood from the gag. His head the slightest bit foggy, a side effect off he chloroform. Devon lifted his head and opened his eyes. He was strapped down to a metal chair by the wrists, hips, and ankles.

"Don't you have a backup plan?" the American demanded.

The man had blonde hair cut in a buzz. His green eyes held nothing but fear, and anger. He looked to be in his mid forties.

The middle-aged Chinese woman nodded toward Devon and said to the American, "You hostage is awake."

The American turned sideways to face Devon. His face turned soft, almost apologetic.

"Hello, Mr. Hemmel," the man said blandly. "My name is David Andrit. I used to be a Major, commanding officer of infantry seventy-two-eight, which is an American special forces unit. I truly am sorry for the pain required to subdue you, Mr. Hemmel."

"Mm-mm-hmm-mm-hmm!" Devon said angrily around the gag.

"And I apologize for the gag. We can't risk you making your magical call to the alien, now can we? Be assured, Mr. Hemmel, that we will do all we can to not cause you any more harm as long as the alien meets our demands."

Angry, Devon said, "Hmm-mm-hmm-mm!"

The American- David- smiled and said, "I'm gonna venture a guess, Mr. Hemmel, and assume you're asking me why I apprehended you."

Devon actually wasn't. He was firing a curse in a colourful language. But he allowed the man to carry on.

"Well, from the United Nations' reports, Ms. Guong here read that the alien named you its mate. Its mate! Now I think myself a pretty liberal man since I started fighting for my country, Mr. Hemmel. You know I resigned myself to the existence of homosexuality, stopped calling you queers nasty names, and even had one of you in my unit. I didn't used to think women deserved to fight, to work, until one of my men was a woman who could kick any fucker's ass. But to fuck an alien, Mr. Hemmel... that's where I draw the line."

"Hmm-hmm-mmmm!" Devon shouted.

But David carried as if Devon said nothing, "So I don't mind one damn bit using you as bait, Mr. Hemmel. Which is why I've got you gagged. Can't have the alien showing up just yet. Not when we're not ready. Kimi?"

Devon looked around the room. Really looked now that the chloroform haze was worn off. The walls were metal sheets, grimy, old. Running along the walls were wires, dozens and dozens of wires that connected to a computer and speakers. Guong was sat at the desk, typing on the keyboard.

"Bring in the cat and dog," Guong said, her eyes trained on the computer screen.

David stared at Devon blankly for a moment, which unsettled the Brit. But David walked to the heavy metal door and exited the room. So Devon returned his gaze to the Chinese woman as she continued to click and type away.

After about thirty seconds, David reentered the room with a rottweiler on a leash and a brown cat tucked in his arm.

"Ten kilohertz," Guong said.

The dog's ears perked. Guong was playing a sound in which humans couldn't hear due to it the frequency. The two animals, however could, as their body language changed slightly.

"Eleven kilohertz."

The rottweiler stood on its four legs and walked to try to find a comfortable spot where it couldn't hear the sound.

"Thirteen kilohertz."

The cat mewled in its discomfort, and tried to swipe at the wires adorning the walls. The dog faired no better, it's teeth bared as it swung its head slowly.

"Sixteen kilohertz."

The dog barked. Loudly and angrily it barked. The cat actually jumped high alongside the wall but couldn't reach the wires.

"Twenty-two kilohertz."

Neither animal were angry anymore. They were scared. The rottweiler whimpered pitifully, walking with its head bowed low. The cat shook its head as it walked as well.


Guong spoke no further because the cat dropped to the ground. Devon wasn't sure if the cat was dead or just unconscious. The dog remained whimpering, but the pain was evident in its laboured breathing.

"Thirty-one kilohertz."

And the dog, too, fell in a heap. Its tongue laid on the ground out of its mouth, and it's open and unseeing.

As she clicked away at the mouse, David asked the woman, "Are y'all right?"

"Yes, yes," Guong relied. "Smaww headache but it's okay. Aww you okay?"

"I'm good," David answered while he brought a handheld radio to his face. "Hope y'all are ready for this. The test worked. A-okay. We're summoning the alien in two minutes. Two minutes, people."

David reholstered the radio to a strap on his belt, and grabbed both animals. He took them out of the room. As he did so, Devon retrained his eyes on the Chinese woman. She continued to type things, her face focused.

And then the heavy metal door opened once again. But David was no longer alone. Behind him were fourteen other soldiers all dressed in black combat gear.

"Mmm-hmmm," Devon said.

David smiled down at Devon and said, "Mr. Hemmel, I'm sure you remember my friends. Now listen, here's the plan. My friends here are going to hold rifles, pistols, and knives against you. You have my promise that no harm will come to you as long as the alien does as he's told. I'm sure the fucker cares a great deal about you judging by the hundreds of satellite images, so it will comply. So I'm going to remove the gag in a second, okay? And I want you to say those magical words that rings your friend. Okay? We'll handle from there. I'm gonna take the gag out now, a'right?"

Tentative, Devon nodded his head once. David unlatched the strap, and Devon promptly spat the wooden ball out. Four of the the fourteen other soldiers held sharp knives against Devon's neck, which made him inhale a quick breath. Six other soldiers held pistols directly against Devon's head, while the last four aimed rifles from a couple of feet away.

"You can't be this daft, mate," Devon said with a smile. "Alaeh will slaughter you. He'll wipe your blood off the floor with your bodies!"

With a smirk, David responded, "Did you not see the dog and cat die just now? Ms. Guong will amplify the sounds to a hundred kilohertz if she has to. Your alien freak friend will not stand a chance. Now summon it."

"How do you these sounds will even effect Alaeh?"

"Ms. Guong was able to obtain so much information about your friend from the UN's servers. Now summon it."

"If I don't?" Devon challenged.

"Then we kill you."

"That'll get you nowhere with Alaeh. Except maybe dead."

"Then I kill your sister."

Devon scoffed, then retorted, "I have no sister. I was raised in--"

"--In foster homes? Lisa Jeanette Bale, maiden name Lindeman, attended Markborough Junior with you. You both graduated from Harborne Academy, and both of you went to the Unoversity College London. You dropped out of university to enlist, while Lisa graduate with a degree in accounting. She named you guardian to her daughter in the event of hers and her husband's death. Blood or not, Lisa is your sister."

"Fine," Devon groused. "I'll summon Alaeh. I did warn you, though, didn't I?"

"Kimi?" David turned around to the Chinese lady. "Let's start off at seventy kilohertz."

Guong nodded, then clicked away at the computer. "Seventy kilohertz."

David nodded at Devon. Devon sighed before he said, "Donit lu hu na Alaeh."

A second later, Alaeh materialized in from of Devon. The instant it did, Alaeh's wings curled slightly and it winced.

"Devon?" Alaeh asked, its voice strained only a bit. "Are you injured?"

Fearful now as he saw Alaeh being effected by the sound nobody else heard, Devon answered, "I- no. I'm fine. You can't- you can't listen to--"

"Shut up!" David shouted. "Alien, we will give you one chance to leave this planet. And one chance only."

"Eighty kilohertz," Guong said.

David resumed. "If you don't do as I say, Devon Hemmel here will suffer the consequences."

Alaeh shut its eyes due to the pain, and shook its head softly.

David said with a smirk of victory, "Who do you think is faster; an incapacitated magical alien, or an AR-fifteen pistol?"

Alaeh's blue eyes shot open. Their usual shine was not there, instead replaced by coolness. Alaeh's right wing shot out in front of five of the soldiers and tossed them aside harshly. This caused panic in the rest, who stabbed at Devon and fired their guns. The knives slid off of Devon's flesh and the bullets bounced off.

Even in immense pain, Alaeh was able to create a protective layer over Devon's skin. Alaeh used the same wing to slam six more soldiers into a wall.

Fearful yet even more, Guong turned the frequency up to one hundred kilohertz.

Alaeh tightly shut its eyes and its wings curled behind its back.

"Alaeh!" Devon screamed, worried. "Go! Get out of here!"

The two remaining soldiers aimed their rifles at Alaeh's head and opened fire without a second thought. Again, those rounds rebounded. Alaeh fought to open its eyes and stretch out its wings. When it did, Alaeh lunged and grabbed both soldiers' throats, and snapped their necks.

David grabbed a fallen rifle and immediately opened fire at the being. Angrily, Alaeh shifted the molecules in the offending rifle, which caused the parts to fall to the ground. Not giving the American a chance to try anything else, Alaeh grasped both forearms of the man and snapped them broken so they bent outward. The man fell to the floor screaming in pain, so Alaeh grabbed his calves and broken them, too.

Whimpering, Guong turned the frequency higher to one hundred thirty kilohertz. The frequency was painful to Alaeh, but Alaeh strode toward the woman with purpose. It flipped the table, wrapped its fingers around her throat, and suffocated her to death.

When the woman fell to the floor lifeless, Alaeh quickly ran over to Devon. It broke the molecules of the straps that held Devon in place, and the Brit jumped into Alaeh's open, warm, safe arms.

"Are you okay?" Devon asked with worry heavy in his voice.

"Yes. Worry not for me, love. You were abducted, and tortured. I offer you my deepest, most sincere apologies for this occurrence."

"No, no, no," Devon quickly told his mate. "I love you. I love you."

Alaeh, relieved, leaned into Devon. Their lips met in a sweet, emotional kiss.

To Be Continued...

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