Chapter Seven


During the night, Billy started squirming and mumbling. Davey woke up first and watched him. He thought it was funny because he realized Billy was still asleep. Billy started to kick and cry. That's when Davey woke me up.

"Daddy, something is wrong with Billy." He whispered in my ear and gently shook me.

"NO!!!! Dad!! I'll be good! Don't hit me!" Billy said, still asleep.

Billy sat up, screamed, and cried.

I quickly wrapped my arms around him and gently woke him up.

"Billy, Billy. Shhhh, Shhhh, It's a dream."

Billy woke up still crying. I put his head on my chest and I gently rocked back and forth with him. Davey went on the other side and rubbed Billy's back.

"It's okay, Billy, Daddy and I are right here."

He calmed down after a few minutes. Davey took a Kleenex and wiped Billy's eyes.

Billy sat up and blew his nose.

"I'm sorry I woke you guys up."

"That's okay little buddy. We want you to wake us up any time you are feeling sad or lonely. Davey and I will never be angry with you for waking us up. We care about you and will do whatever we can to help you feel safe and happy." I gave him a poke in the belly and he giggled softly.

Davey went to the bathroom and got Billy a glass of water. After he drank some water, we all settled back down and fell asleep.

The boys woke me up by crawling under the covers and playing with my feet. I tickled Davey's feet and then Billy's feet. I got up and left the boys panting on the bed. I put on a shirt and shorts and went downstairs. I put the coffee on, grabbed myself a glass of juice and sat on the pulled out couch. The phone rang. It was Officer Judy.

"Hello Mr. Smith, I just called to let you and the boys know that the highway was opened late last night. A detective picked up Billy's mother early this morning and they are on the way."

"That's great news."

"They left around 6 am this morning and should be there between 7 pm and 8 pm tonight."

"I'll let Billy know. Oh, and all of will be staying here at the resort all next week. The owners gave us the cabin at no charge and gave Billy and his mommy the cabin next door. So you can contact us here anytime next week."

"Thank you, I'm glad you and your son will be staying around with Billy and his mother. You both are positive influences and I think that's what they need most right now."

"Thanks, Judy, will we see you tonight?"

"Ted and I are planning on being in the area but you know the life of an officer on duty. Crime doesn't take a break, not even for a family reunion. But, yes, we will try and be there tonight. I hope you can keep Billy distracted until tonight," She chuckled.

"That will be hard since he knows she's definitely coming tonight."

"Good Luck."

"Thanks, hope to see you and Ted tonight, Judy."

As I hung up the phone, the boys came bouncing down the stairs.

"When is mommy coming?" Billy said jumping up and down. He looked like he was ready to burst from excitement. Davey was just as excited.

"She will be here between 7 pm and 8 pm tonight."

"Ya!" the boys said with enthusiasm.

"Now, scoot back upstairs and put some clothes on for breakfast."

They each gave me a hug and ran back upstairs. I decided on toast, juice and cereal for the boys, which was quick and easy. Davey came down with just a pair of shorts on and Billy had on a t-shirt and shorts. Neither of them had socks or shoes on. As I looked at them, Davey giggled and reminded me that I said for them to put 'some' clothes on. I'm definitely going to have to learn to choose my words more carefully with him.

I let the boys finished their breakfast. I took my coffee and sat on the couch. There was a knock at the door and Davey jumped up to answer it before I even put my feet on the floor. Billy was close behind him.

"Good Morning, Mr. and Mrs. Dorion."

"Good morning, boys." The boys gave each of them a hug.

I got up and shook John's hand.

Billy told them that his mommy is on her way and she'll be around 7 pm. He was jumping up and down. I straightened up the blankets on the couch and folded it back in. Davey helped me put the cushions back on and took the pillows to the closet. They sat on the couch and Billy sat on John's lap. I sat on the chair with Davey on my lap. The boys thanked John for bringing all the wood and snacks last night. They told him how they built the campfire together. Billy told them how he blew on a burning stick and watched the sparks go up into the sky.

I asked them if they would like tea or coffee. John asked for a coffee and Betty said a tea would be lovely. Davey came in the kitchen to help me. Billy stayed on John's lap. Davey got a tray out from one of the cabinets, put the milk, sugar and cups on it, and brought it to the coffee table. He set everything out and came back with the tray for the tea and coffee pots. Davey set Billy's juice on the table. He came back and sat on my lap. The phone rang and I told Billy to answer it since he was right there.

"HI MOMMY! Where are you?"

"Okay. Tell Detective Wilson to put his siren and lights on and drive faster." We all chucked at Billy's comment.

"I Love You, Mommy." He hung up the phone and told us that they were stopping for lunch in Prince George. She will be here in another 8 or 9 hours. He was gently bouncing on John's lap with excitement.

John and Betty finished their tea and coffee and said, "duty calls." The boys gave them each a hug on their way out.

I started the water in the sink for the breakfast dishes and began putting things away. Davey chased Billy around giving him tickle pokes. I asked the boys to go upstairs and make the bed. There was a lot more laughing and giggling coming from upstairs. I figured I would have the kitchen cleaned up before the boys finished making the bed.

I just sat back down on the couch with a fresh coffee, when the boys called me upstairs. I thought they finally finished making the bed and were calling me up for my approval. I got my head just past the last step and then;

WACK! WACK! I was hit with two pillows and I fell on the floor. The boys ran and jumped up onto the bed, giggling and laughing. The next half hour turned into a two against one pillow fight.

Afterwards, all three of us just lay on the bed trying to gain back our energy.

"Do you boys think you can now make this bed?" The boys giggled and agreed to make the bed.

I went back downstairs, made myself a new cup of coffee and sat back down on the couch. The boys came back down and plopped themselves on either side of me. I put an arm around each of them and asked them what they wanted to do. Billy asked how long until his mother arrives. I told him only six more hours. He was shocked that the last two hours, since his mother called, went by so quickly.

The boys ran the remote-controlled 4X4 around the resort. They set up ramps for it to jump over and small logs for it to climb over the top of. I tagged along taking pictures of them. We went for a swim and had Hot Dogs for lunch.

After lunch, we went out to the grass and wrestled around together. The boys were having a great time and squealing every time I would grab them and tickle them. They would wiggle loose and then come back for more. We ended up at the edge of the forest. As usual, the boys ran toward the grassy area after a good tickling. When they turned back toward me, they froze solid. Their mouths were opening wide and pointing to me or should I say, behind me. I turned around to see this big black bear standing on its hind legs about 20 feet behind me. I scrambled to my feet and told the boys to "RUN" toward the pool. It was about 100 feet away. I scooped up Billy because he was falling behind Davey. I did not bother to run around to the gate. I just boosted the boys over the 4-foot fence surrounding the pool. The bear caught up to us just as I jumped over the fence. We ran to the far side of the pool. The bear kept walking around to find a way to get into the pool area. He finally started to climb over the fence. We were on the other side of the pool by the gate. I told the boys not to open the gate until the bear was inside the fenced area. As soon as the bear hit the pool deck, we scrambled out the gate and ran straight to the cabin. We ran inside and locked the door. The boys ran upstairs. After about 30 minutes, there was a knock on the door. It was John. He had a big smile on his face and told us that 'Big Bob' had gone back into the forest.

"Big Bob?" I asked with a confused look on my face.

"Oh, I never told you guys about Bob?" John tried to sound innocent, it didn't quite work.

"No!" we all said together.

"Well, Bob is the bear that chased you. I have to admit Doug; I did not think you could run that fast. It looked like you flew over the pool fence" He chuckled. The boys laughed.

"I'm glad I could put on a good show for you John." I laughed.

"Bob is this old bear that wanders down from the mountain every so often. He pokes around, scares a few people, then wanders back up the hill. He has never attacked or hurt anyone. I think he just likes to chase people for his own fun." We all had a good laugh together as John went out the door.

I looked at the clock and it was just past six o'clock. I told the boys to grab a quick shower but to make sure they were extra clean for Billy's mommy. I asked Davey to find some clean clothes of his that would fit Billy. I made a point to be specific and said I wanted both of them in shirts, pants or shorts, socks and shoes. I gave Davey a look and wink. He giggled and agreed to dress as if we were going out 'in public.' I washed up at the kitchen sink. The boys came out in just their towels and stood in front of me for my tickle inspection. I gave them each a quick inspection and a hug. They ran upstairs to change. Davey put a nice white dress shirt on Billy and a nice pair of pants. He put on the same. Davey combed Billy's hair. They honestly looked like two brothers in matching outfits. Davey and I put on our new jackets, and grabbed our cameras and camcorder.

We decided to walk down the lane and meet Billy's mom on the veranda of the main lodge. That way we would have a clear view of any cars coming up the driveway. I set up the camcorder on the tripod on the edge of the deck facing the driveway. I knew the car would pull right up in front when they saw Billy on the deck. John and Betty sat with us. Billy and Davey kept pacing back and forth. John jokingly said that they were going to wear a hole on the veranda with their pacing. The boys giggled. Billy sat on John's knee and Davey sat on mine. Betty fussed a bit with Billy's hair and tickled his neck.

Three cars finally came up the driveway. John gently grabbed Billy and told him to wait until the cars stopped. I turned on the camcorder with the remote control. One car parked right in front and then one on each side. We all stood up. Billy's mommy stepped out of the first car. Billy ran down the steps. She went down on one knee and he wrapped his arms around her neck. They both hugged and cried for a good five minutes.

Judy and Ted came out of the second car and another man came out of the third car. I noticed a tear on Judy's cheek but I also had my own couple of tears in my own eyes. I told Judy that this looks like it is going to be a wet reunion. We both laughed. I shook their hands and Judy introduced her supervisor "Bob" to me. Davey started to giggle. He pulled me down and whispered into my ear about the bear that chased us. They had a confused look. I told them it was an inside joke and would tell them later as long as they promised not to shoot me. They laughed. Davey took some pictures of Billy and his mommy hugging but he kept his distance. I introduce John and Betty to them. Billy and his mother came up the stairs Billy introduced his mommy to John and Betty, then his Best Friend Davey, and then to me. Davey turned the camcorder. She shook their hands but wrapped her arms around me and gave me a big hug. She started to cry in my arms and kept thanking me repeatedly. Davey hugged Billy.

John invited us into the lodge and Betty said that they prepared a small party for everyone. The boys yelled, cheered and jumped up and down. Billy took his mother's hand. Davey and I put our arms around each other and grabbed the camcorder. We all walked into the main lodge together. We were all shocked. John and Betty had dressed up the room with balloons, ribbons and streamers. There was a banner over the fireplace that read "Billy and Mommy: Back Together!" John told us that Judy and his wife put this party together. We all sat down for a late dinner at a large table in front of the fireplace. Billy told his mommy the whole story on how he got here and how Davey and I rescued him. Davey told her about the hot springs, the campfire, even the bear named Bob. That is when Judy, Ted and their supervisor were clued in to why Davey giggled when they introduced Supervisor Bob to them.

After the dinner, the officers asked if they could speak to Davey and me outside. When we got to the cars, they opened the trucks of the three cars. They were full of gifts for Billy and his mother. Ted said that there were a couple of gifts for Davey and I too.

We walked into the lodge carrying all the gifts. Bob told Billy and Diane that all the officers and their wives, from the Edmonton and Prince Rupert districts, got together to buy them some gifts to start then out on their new life together. Billy got a lot of 'police' type of toys. The toys and stuffed animals that were the same, he gave to Davey. There were new clothes for both Billy and Diane. Bob then told Diane that there is a new house waiting for them when they get back to Prince Rupert. All the officers took up a collection and have enough for the rent on the house for a full year. He even told her that there was a good paying dispatcher's job waiting for her at the police station. The wives took up their own collection at the districts and gave her $1,200 to her and Billy get back on their feet. Davey received an RCMP sweatshirt, T-shirt, remote controlled cruiser and Teddy Bear. I received an RCMP watch and ring.

Diane, Judy and Betty went through a box of tissues between them. Davey took many pictures with his camera and I caught the evening on the camcorder.

Around 11pm, it was time to head back to the cabins. John said he would bring the gifts up on the trailer in the morning. Billy went around and hugged everyone in the room. Billy took a couple of his favourite new toys and Teddy bears.

Billy held on to his mother's hand, Davey put his one arm around my waist and I put my arm around his shoulder as we walked to the cabins. Billy told her how much fun he had in the pool as we walked but it. Davey told her how far they ran from the bear. We walked up to Billy and Diane cabin and said our 'Good Nights' on the veranda. Diane gave me a long 'thank you' hug again.

Davey jumped on my back and I piggybacked him over to our cabin. I plopped down on the couch with him still on my back. He was pinned between the back of the couch and my back. At first, he was shocked at how easy he was stuck. He started to giggle when I started undoing his shoes. He started laughing and squirming when his socks came off. I gentle tickled his little feet for about 10 minutes. He said he would get me back in the morning. I told him that would be fine but I was having my fun now.

Then I took off my shirts and stretched out on the couch. Davey took off his shirts and lay on top of me. I gently rubbed his back. Davey talked about how happy he was for Billy to have his mommy back. He then said how happy he was to have me for his Daddy. I felt a couple of tears hit my check. I wrapped my arms around him and held him in a tight bear hug. I told him how special he was to me and how lucky I feel to have him as my son. He started to yawn and go floppy. We got off the couch, turned off the lights and I carried him up the stairs in front of me. I gently put him on the bed. He undid his pants and I pulled then off him. I took off my pants and we crawled under the covers together. He put his head on my chest and was asleep within a minute.



(3rd Week)


Davey kept his word and 'got me back' the next morning by tickling my feet to wake me up. We jumped in the shower and I gave him a good tickle wash. We just put on our new Banff bathrobes on and went downstairs. Dave grabbed his camera and went to his laptop to put last night's pictures on it. I went to the fridge and poured us each a glass of juice. I brought Davey's his juice. I decided to let him work on the pictures and I went out on the veranda.

Billy came bouncing out of his cabin.

"Hi Billy, sleep well."

"Yes, mommy and I sat up talking then she tickled me like you tickled me and Davey. Then we went to bed together. Is Davey awake?"

"Yes, he's working on the pictures he took from your party last night. Go on in."


He went inside. A few minutes later, Diane came out. She looked lost in here thoughts. I assumed that the whole week has been overwhelming for her, loosing her son, then getting him back and then the party last night.

She finally noticed me looking at her.

"How long have you been sitting there starting at me." She said blushing.

"Not long, only since you came out. Is it against the law to stare at a beautiful woman?" I grinned at her.

"Do you say that to all the women whose sons you rescue?"

"Nope, you're the first. Am I still going to be punished for getting Billy to convince you to staying here next week?" I teased.

"I'm still thinking about it." She grinned, "It sure is beautiful here. The cabin is so big."

"Think faster, I'm looking forward to your punishment." I laughed.

Her mouth dropped, "You are so bad," she giggled.

"If I'm so bad, how come you are blushing and giggling?"

She put her hand to hide her blushing face. She turned and told me to send Billy over when he is done. She stopped and gave me a sweet smile as she went back into the cabin.

Just then, John rides up on his lawn tractor with the gifts in the trailer.

"Boys, Mr. Dorion is here and needs help unloading the trailer." I yelled into the cabin.

The boys came running out. I told Davey he had to go back in and put some clothes on. As usual, he came back with just a pair of shorts on. He looked at me with his mischievous victory grin on. That grin meant that he did what I said but not necessarily, what I meant. I reach out to grab him. He giggled and ran down the steps.

"He got you again," John chuckled.

"Tell me about it." I laughed.

The boys unloaded the trailer and gave John two big hugs. I went in to get dressed too. The boys started playing with Billy's toys on the floor in his cabin. Diane was sitting on the couch watching the boys when I knocked on the screen door.

"I'm ready for my punishment," I teased.

"Oh you are just as bad as the boys some times," she threw a pillow at me and blushed again.

"Is that another bad thing?" I asked innocently.

"Just sit down and behave," Diane giggled.

Diane and I spent the morning talking and watching the boys play on the floor. If it were not for the warm weather and lack of snow, you would think it was Christmas Morning in the cabin, a mother and a father watching their boys playing with gifts on the living room floor. Diane kept going into deep into her thoughts. When she came back from her thoughts, she had a wonderful smile on her face when she looked at her son playing on the floor. The more we talked, the more wonderful she sounded. I guess I became lost in my own thoughts. I came back to reality when Davey shook my arm.

"Daddy, do you want to go to the lodge to eat with Billy and his mommy?"

"Sure, is everybody ready?"

Billy and Diane said yes. I looked at Davey, he was giggling as he said he was ready too. I grabbed him around his waist and began to tickle his bare hips. He squealed and laughed. I scooped him up into my arms and told them that we will be ready in a couple of minutes. I continued to tickle Davey all the way into our cabin. I kneeled in front of the couch with Davey still in my arms. I began blowing on his bare belly until he agreed to run upstairs and put a shirt on.

Diane and Billy were looking at the flowers around the cabins when we came out. Billy asked me for a piggyback ride. Davey offered Diane his arm like a perfect gentleman.

After lunch, the boys wanted to hike back up to the hot springs. Billy asked if Diane remembered his bathing suit and hers too. She told him that she remembered. We went back to the cabins to get our swimsuits and towels. Davey and I put their stuff into our backpacks. We bought a few bottles of water, at the lodge, for the hike.

The boys showed Diane all the things they discovered on their first hike. She picked a few wild flowers along the way and had quite a nice bouquet by the time we arrived at the hot springs. The boys and I went into the men's changing room and Diane to the women's changing room. We finished changing first and waited for her by the pool. She came out with a small two-piece bikini on. I watched her come down the patio stairs to the poolside.

"I caught you staring at me again, Doug?" She winked as she walked by me. It was my turn to get red in the face.

"Who me?" I said innocently.

"Yes, you, Doug." She said giggling.

"Daddy got caught again, Daddy got caught." Davey giggled and teased. Billy laughed.

"Here's what getting caught looks like" I picked Davey up and tossed him in the pool. I stood on the edge of the pool and said. 'Davey got caught again, Davey got caught.' Just then, two little hands pushed against my bum and I ended up in the pool. As I came up for air, I saw Billy laughing and jumping up and down where I was standing.

"I suppose you told him to do that, Diane?"

"I had nothing to do with it. It was all his idea."

Davey grabbed me around the neck from behind. I spun around, grabbed him around his ticklish waist. He laughed and let go of my neck. I spun him around and tossed him toward the deep end. Then I spun back around and lunged at Billy who was still standing on the edge of the pool. He ran to Diane asking her to 'protect him.' She giggled and told him that he started it and had to fight his own battles. 'No' he squealed as I got out of the pool. He tried to use his mother as a shield to protect him from me. I scooped him up and walked toward the edge of the pool. He was laughing and kicking his feet in the air. I held him tight and jumped into the shallow end of the pool with him. Diane came to the edge and told us 'boys' to play nice while she went to a lounge to sunbathe. The boys caught me staring at Diane more than a few times while we played in the pool. Davey thought it was funny to hit me in the head with a ball when I stared at her. Each time the ball hit me because I was not watching, Billy laughed himself silly.

When the boys started getting tired, I knew it was time to leave. We noticed that Diane had fallen asleep in the lounge chair. I told the boys to each take a freebie, turn it upside down, go to the water fountain and fill it with cold water. I grabbed Davey's camera to capture the moment. They slowly came back and stood on either side of Diane's chair. They poured the water on her belly at the same time. She screamed and jumped out of the chair. The boys and I sat on the chairs beside her and roared with laughter. I told her I had nothing to do with it but I do not think she believed me. We changed and took the shuttle van back down to the resort. Diane tickled Billy in the van for his part of the cold water on her belly. He kept laughing, pleading and saying it was my idea. She said she would find a way to get me back.

We decided to rest and relax in our cabins for a couple of hours before supper. We agreed to meet around 7pm for dinner.

As soon as we got into the cabin, Davey's shirt and socks came off. We sat on the couch and watched TV. He would poke me as soon as a commercial started. Each time I would bring him on my lap and tickle him silly until the show started again. He would be laugh and try to say stop as soon as the show came back on. The second hour, I placed a pillow on my lap. Davey laid on it and I rubbed his back. He fell asleep.

I heard Diane and Billy come up the steps. I put my finger to my lips and waved them in. I pointed to Davey's camera and asked Diane to take a couple of pictures. After that, I pointed to Davey's bare feet resting on the end of the couch. Diane and Billy started to play with Davey's feet. I continued to rub his back. He rolled on his back and I rubbed his belly. He woke up to see Billy and his mom holding and tickling his feet. I started to tickle his belly. He really enjoyed having all three of us tickling him at the same time. We only did it for a couple of minutes but it was a long time in Davey's mind. I let go of Davey. He sat up and rubbed his feet. Billy giggled at Davey.

I told Billy to hop up on my lap because it was his turn. He ran behind his mommy. I told him his turn would come later. Davey and Billy ran upstairs to get Davey dressed for supper. I changed in the bathroom. I came out to hear Billy laughing upstairs. I yelled up and asked Davey if he was finished getting dressed. He giggled and said, 'Almost.' Then we heard Billy start to laugh again.

I looked at Diane; "I guess we are going to have to wait a little longer to go to dinner." We laughed.

"You are a great father, Doug. Nothing the boys do seems to bother you."

"Thanks; I've only been a father for eight days so I haven't learned to let things bother me." I laughed.

"8 days?" She asked confused.

"I adopted Davey but how about we let him tell you our story? He does a better job with that story."

"Oh… Okay" she said still a bit confused.

"Davey, are you finished tickling Billy?" Both boys giggled.

"Just putting on my socks, Daddy,"

"Well for being a daddy for only 8 days, you seem to catch on quickly."

"Thanks, Diane."

"Thank you so much for all the attention and affection that you have shown Billy. He can't stop talking about how much fun he is having with you and Davey."

"Billy is a great little boy. You have raised him very well."

"It wasn't easy when my ex was around."

"Well you managed to turn out a great little boy, even under extremely difficult circumstances."

"Thank you, Doug."

Just then, the boys came bouncing down the stairs.

"Wow, a clean shirt all tucked in, SOCKS, who is your new friend Billy and what did you do with Davey?" I teased.

"Awe Daddy, you are so silly some times." We all laughed.

I piggybacked Davey and Billy held hands with his mommy as we walked to the dining room.

During dinner, I asked Davey to tell his favourite story on how we met and he became my son.

After dinner, the boys asked if they could go and play in the games room. Diane and I went into the lounge to have after dinner drinks.

"You were right, Davey did tell the story better."

"Before we left Banff, he went around telling everyone he met the story. He would walk up to total strangers and tell them."

"That is so sweet."

"I've always wanted to be a father and I guess now was the perfect time in my life to do it. I could not have found a more perfect son in Davey, unless I adopted Billy. He is also a great son. Everyone commented to me, before you got here, that the boys acted so much like brothers."

Diane seemed to be lost in her thoughts. I sat back and just gazed at her. I became lost in my own thoughts. She is just as loving and as sweet as her son Billy is. He definitely takes after her. I am looking forward to getting to know her this week.

The boys came in and saw us just sitting there. Davey bounced onto my lap and scared me out of my thoughts. Billy laughter woke Diane up from her own thoughts. I tickled Davey's belly for startling me. We finished our drinks and started to head back to the cabins. Davey said it was Billy's turn for the piggyback. He took Diane's hand.

There was a full moon and the sky was clear. We took our time and just walked around the resort. Davey wanted to show Diane our camper. Since we were going to stay for another week, we decided to take the food from the camper into the cabin. Davey told Billy to get back on my back. His piggyback was not finished until we get back to the cabins. I looked at Davey and could tell he had something up his sleeve but did not know what he was planning.

When we got back to the cabin, Davey invited Billy into ours. Davey told me to sit on the couch as I did when he was getting his piggyback last night. That is when I knew what Davey was up to. I sat on the couch and pinned Billy between the back of the couch and me. Then Davey offered to take off Billy's shoes. It was when Davey took off Billy's sock that Billy knew what was coming. He started to regret tickling Davey's feet before dinner. Davey grabbed two pillows and asked Diane to join him on the floor in front of Billy's bare feet. I gently held Billy's feet along my knees. Davey started running his fingers along Billy's left foot. Billy started giggling and rocking back and forth behind me as much as he could. Diane started to tickle Billy's right foot. That is when he started really laughing. Davey told her to stop and watch what he did next. He pulled out the piece of wool. Billy and Diane could not figure out how wool could tickle. He slips the wool between Billy's toes. Then he started pulling it back and forth. At first, Billy was shocked as to how much it really tickled between his toes. Then he started bucking and laughing hard. Davey stopped and handed the wool to Diane. Billy looked at here with pleading eyes but then giggled because he knew she was not falling for it. She slipped the wool between his toes and pulled it back and forth. She did to between each toe and gave it back to Davey. He did it between each toe and then said it was over. I got up and Billy flopped on the couch. Davey sat beside him, pulled him up and hugged him. Billy told Davey that the wool tickled a lot. Davey said that he learned that tickle wool trick from me when I did it to him.

It was getting later so Davey and I walked Billy and Diane over to their cabin. Diane gave me a thank you hug. Davey hugged Billy. On the way back to our cabin, I put my hand on Davey shoulder.

"You really planned that out very well to tickle Billy's feet."

"Thanks, Daddy, I learned how to tickle from you, you are the best tickler, Daddy."

"Thank you, Son."

We stopped, sat on the steps and looked at the stars and full moon.

"How did I get so lucky to find such a special son like you, Davey?"

"I'm the lucky one. You picked me to be your son."

We hugged and sat on the steps together. Davey started to yawn. I asked him if he would put the food away that we brought in from the camper. He got up, kissed me on the cheek and went into the cabin. He put all the groceries away.

He came back out and sat on my knee. As usual, he took his shirt and socks off. I could sense that he had something on his mind.

"Everything alright, Buddy?"


"Anything you want to tell me or ask me?"

"Well….when I was putting the groceries away. I found a liquor bottle in one of the bags."

"Yes," I did not know what else to say. I lifted his chin and looked him in the eyes.

"Daddy, do you drink a lot?"

"I don't think so, why?"

"Well Billy's father drank a lot and hit him all the time. My father drank a lot and yelled at me all the time…. and…. Well… I was just wondering if you are going to some day be like that."

"Oh Buddy, I will never be like your father or Billy's father. I Love you and will never ever do anything to hurt you."

"Then why do you drink?"

"Well, I drink to relax and unwind after a long day. Maybe to feel a bit better."

"Do you drink a lot?"

"No, I do not think so. I had a drink with Billy's mom tonight and I thought I might have one more before bed."

"Okay. Wait here." He came back out and handed me a glass.

"What's this?" I asked.

"I made you a drink from that bottle we brought in from the trailer."

"Thank You, Davey"

"I love you, Daddy."

"I love you, son."

I took a sip from the drink he gave me. It was very strong. I asked him how much of that bottle did he put in the glass. He pointed to the half way up the glass. He asked me if that was the right amount. I told him that much would equal about three drinks. He looked worried. I told him that I would be okay. I said that sometimes I put that much in a glass. I asked him if he ever seen any funny guys that drank a lot on TV. He said yes and laughed when he remembered some. I told him that I sometime get more silly after I drink that much. I told him I might talk and walk funny. He giggled. I pretended to be drunk and started to tickle poke his belly. I slurred my speech and he laughed. I told him that is how I might react, after I finished the drink.

We turned the outside light off sat on the bench outside. We could see the stars better with the light off. A few minutes later, Billy's mommy came out side and sat on the steps of her cabin. She put her face in her hands. Davey whispered that she looks like she is crying. I asked him to take my drink in the house and to stay in there until I come in. He quietly opened and closed the screen door. I got up and walked over to the edge of their veranda.

"Hi Diane" She jumped a bit. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you."

"Oh, Doug, I didn't see you there."

"Is everything okay, Diane?"

"Oh Billy is sound asleep. He's fine."

"And how are you, Diane?"

She could not hold her emotions in any longer. She started to cry in her hands. I walked over and she wrapped her arms around me and started crying on my shoulder.

"Would you like to go for a walk, Diane?"

"Oh, I cannot leave Billy. What if he wakes up and no one is around?"

"I'll go get Davey to sit with him."

I went back to the cabin. I told him that Diane and I are going for a short walk. I needed him to go over and sit with Billy in case he wakes up. I told him to go straight into Billy's cabin.

I walked up to Diane. She put her head on my shoulder as we walked.

"Doug, I don't know what to do? While I was in the hospital last week, they ran a bunch of tests. On Friday, the doctor called me with some results." She stopped walking and just cried on my shoulder.


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