Three Finger Cove: Matthew ~ Book Five

Chapter Twelve

Nathan, Owen, and their boys arrived a little past 5 PM. Mr. Ken greeted them at the Foyer Door, as he knew they had arrived since he got a phone call from the Main Gate Guard.

"Welcome, welcome to my humble abode," teased Mr. Ken, as he greeted his weekend guests.

"If you call this a humble abode, I wonder what your real home would be called," Owen teased back with a smile.

Just then four of the Cover lads arrived. The seven lads all greeted one another as if they had not seen one another for a long time. Mr. Ken told his boys to take Jayden, Ryder and Chase upstairs and show them to their bedrooms. He also told them to help them with their bags and then introduce Chase to Matthew.

Hearing there was another boy, Owen and Nathan had to ask how that happened. Mr. Ken told them he would explain the addition of another boy as he showed them where they would be staying while there at The Cove.

As the seven boys passed Matthew's bedroom, Robert knocked on the open door and asked Matthew to come out and meet Chase. As Matthew, Mr. Wayne and Chief came out into the hallway, the three guests greeted the man and they all shook hands.

"Matthew, I want you to meet Chase. We told you who he and his brothers are and how we met them. He is supposed to stay with you while they are here. Are you at a good place to stop your homework?" spoke up Robert.

Mr. Wayne told the group he and Matthew could stop now, so the two boys could talk some and get to know one another. Matthew helped Chase bring his bags into the bedroom while the other six boys headed to where Jayden and Ryder would be spending the night. Mr. Wayne then walked over to the bedroom with the en suite where Owen and Nathan would be staying

The two boys did not say anything to one another for the first minute or so after they entered the room. It was awkward, as no one had really introduced them to one another. The two lads had to figure out a way to break the ice. Chief just sat there and watched.

Chase started the conversation. "Yeah, I'm Chase. I'm Jayden's younger brother and I'm ten but will soon be eleven. I'm in the 5th grade. Now tell me something about you. OK?"

Matthew smiled after hearing what Chase told him. It was the way the young boy told Matthew about himself that the younger Cover felt comfortable with his new friend.

"Yes, as my 'brothers told you my name is Matthew. I'm also ten and my birthday is in a few weeks, I think," said Matthew.

"Your brothers?" quickly asked Chase.

"Well ... they aren't my 'real' 'brothers'. We just call each other that. I've only been here since last Saturday," said Matthew.

"I guess that's why we didn't meet you at Sea World, then," said Chase.

"Yea, I wish I had been around back then. They've all done some really fun things. Robert and Charles went on some great trips and they all went Trick-Or-Treating. The thing was ... Kevin and Kyle were almost ... kidnapped," replied Matthew.

"Kidnaped? I got to hear more of that," said an excited Chase.

Matthew told his new friend they should probably talk to his 'brothers', so they can tell him and his brothers all about what happened. Chase quickly put up his things and the two boys, and one dog, headed for Robert's bedroom.

"So, tell us more about the new kid, Matthew," said Nathan, as he and his partner sat down on the bed. It was then Mr. Wayne entered the bedroom.

Mr. Ken and Mr. Wayne took seats opposite their guests and The Cove's owner began to tell them how Matthew came to be living with him. The Cove's owner told them how he and Dan more or less found the ten-year-old at the miniature golf course and then about their trip to the hospital.

Mr. Ken continued and told them how Kyle and Matthew became friends and how he took Kyle over to visit the younger lad because he had no one to visit him. It was then he told them about what happened that fateful night when the lad's mom and her boyfriend tried to take him away from the hospital. The two men were appalled after hearing the story.

Nathan and Owen asked Mr. Ken if he knew what would happen to the new Cover. Mr. Ken told them that the boy's mom and boyfriend were arrested and he had not heard anything about them ever since. He told them the man was a suspect in a number of robberies from during the summer, but was not sure if they would charge Matthew's mom.

The two young boys had gone to Robert's room to talk about the attempted kidnapping. Jayden, Ryder and Chase listened with rapt attention. The guests could not believe something like that could happen. They could not believe their five friends were stalked and attacked before the police and the security guards could stop the men in their tracks.

Mr. Ken wanted to show his guests around The Cove before dinner, so he asked the two men to follow him as they went out into the hallway. Mr. Ken wanted to take them over to the boy's wing and show them the lad's bedrooms. When they arrived, they could hear the boys talking about the attempted kidnapping, so Owen and Nathan had to listen in, too.

With the added observers listening in and asking their questions about the twin's kidnapping adventure, Mr. Ken did not get to show any of his guests any more of The Cove before it was time to head down for dinner.

When he saw it was almost 6 PM, Mr. Ken rounded up his guests and 'sons' and they all headed down to dinner. Momma Maria had decided to serve the dinner in the formal Dining Room, since there were twelve people eating that evening. However, just before they entered the Dining Room, Mr. Ken told his 'sons' to go wash their hands. As they headed down to the large restroom down under the stairs in the Great Room the Cover boys all said: "and up to our elbows." Their guests followed along.

Mr. Ken had to explain what that was all about and his two guests said that it was a novel way to get them to clean up before they ate. The adults then headed to the half-bath located near the Study to do the same.

Momma Maria, and her amigas, had cooked a Mexican Feast for the Covers and their guests that evening. They served a Mexican Chopped Salad consisting of lettuce, bell peppers, onion, zucchini, tomatoes and corn mixed in with black beans, cilantro and a lime juice, honey, cumin with canola oil and extra virgin olive oil dressing.

The women also placed their homemade salsa and chips on the table, but everyone seemed to enjoy the Mexican Salad. Matthew did take some chips and break them into his salad to get more crunch.

The next course was Tortilla Soup that the boys also used the chips to break into.

After the women cleared the table, they brought out hot pans of Chicken Enchiladas with Roasted Tomatillo Chile Salsa, refried beans and spicy black beans and yellow rice.

But the women were not done bringing out the main dishes. Another hot dish was Mexican Chicken Lasagna made with tortilla strips and a white sauce layered with shredded chicken, beans, tortillas and shredded Mexican mixed cheeses. They also placed on the table a smoky guacamole dip and sour cream for the Covers and their guests to place on either the Mexican lasagna or chicken enchiladas.

The adults and the boys could not believe all of the prepared foods placed on the table in front of them. Every one of them made sure to taste some of everything knowing this was a true Mexican meal. They all wanted to savor the great tastes they knew was in the food presented to them.

The conversation at the table was practically non-existent. The food was so good and plentiful no one wanted to stop eating to talk. The women would occasionally come into the Dining Room to check if someone needed a refill. While there, they would add iced tea or water in the glasses at each of the diner's places. They were all excited the meal was a big hit with their boss and his guests.

When everyone was finished eating, and the dinner table cleared, Momma Maria came in and asked everyone if they were ready for dessert. She told them she and her amigas had made Strawberry Cheesecake Chimichangas and Sopapilla Cheesecake Bars. Everyone moaned at hearing the offerings knowing they could not eat another bite.

Mr. Ken thanked the women for preparing such a great Mexican dinner for them and asked them if they could all take a break and come back in a half hour for their desert. Momma said that would give them time to clean up and said it would be okay with them.

The twelve diners all got up and moaned some more because they knew they all ate much more than they should have. Mr. Ken offered to give his guests the nickel tour, so they could walk some of that great food off and find themselves around if need be.

The Covers started the tour for their guests on that floor since that was where they already were. They began at that side of the main floor and showed their guests the Kitchen Nook, the Pantry, the stairs that led up to the second-floor bedrooms and then the four-vehicle garage.

As the Cover's guests saw the rest of the main floor, they told their host they could not believe what they were seeing. They next went down to the Great Room. There in front of them was the Rumford fireplace, 30+ foot high wall of windows, industrial sized restrooms for very large parties and a bar that would be the envy of many an owner.

The Theater was next on the tour. Mr. Ken showed his guests how big it was inside and all the movies he had just waiting to be watched. He then showed them the half-bath, wine cellar and the popcorn machine before showing them the walk-up bar. The men were very impressed at what they saw

When their guests saw the indoor pool the boys were open-mouthed at what they saw. Their dads were equally astonished. Robert told them they would go swimming after they had their dessert and rode the ramps for a few minutes. The group then headed up to the Dining Room to eat those wonderful sounding desserts they were promised.

Momma and her friends were ready for the diners. When the group took their seats, the women brought out the two strawberry based desserts and placed them down in front of them. Mr. Ken told his guests to serve themselves. Then, he turned to Momma and asked her and her friends to join them at the table.

Sophia and Isabela were not ready for that type of invitation. Momma explained to them that her boss, Mr. Ken, really appreciated what they had done for him and his friends and he wanted to say his thank you to them by having them join the table. The women accepted the invitation to partake in the treats they had created and took the empty chairs at the table.

"Momma, Sophia and Isabela ... I want to thank you for making us such an awesome meal tonight. Momma is known for making us some wonderful Mexican meals but tonight ... you three have outdone anything I've ever eaten before," spoke up Mr. Ken, the owner of The Cove.

"Ladies," began Owen, "I have to agree with our host. My sons and I have not been in the San Antonio area very long, so we haven't had the chance to eat many great Mexican meals. Tonight was an incredible dining experience for us. I know we will all remember this dinner for many years to come. Thank you all for creating such an amazing experience for us."

All the dinners sitting at the table offered a round of applause to show their agreement with what Owen just said. The three women all blushed at the praise and they each said a light thank you to all.

When they finished dessert, the Cover lads went to all three women and gave them a light hug for making them such a great meal. The three young guests saw what the other five boys did and did not know what to do. Mr. Ken told them why his 'sons' did that.

That caught the young guests off guard, but they thought it was a wonderful idea so they, too, hugged the women. With the hugs done, the eight boys got their skateboards and headed out to the ramps. The adults had a few cups of coffee and then went out to watch the boys skate.

"You say these ramps have been out here for six months or more?" said Nathan.

"Yes, Robert and his friends talked to me about building something for them to ride. So, I had them find the ones they wanted and the plans. Then, I put it on them to get their dads to help build them. The men agreed and I had my construction men order what we needed. When the material arrived I coordinated with the dads to come over on a Saturday and help me build them," replied Mr. Ken.

"But these look professionally done. Were some of the dads' carpenters?" asked Owen.

"Funny you should ask that. None of the men are carpenters and when they realized what they signed up for they knew they were way over their heads. What none of us knew was that my construction carpenters wanted a fun project to work on and at 8 AM six of my guys showed up and helped build the ramps you see before you," explained Mr. Ken.

Owen and Nathan went over to inspect the ramps even closer. They were impressed at the top-of-the-line materials Mr. Ken used and that everything looked screwed in and not nailed.

The dad's sons watched their dads look over the ramps. Chase spoke up and told them they should try them out. Robert gave up his skateboard and Jayden gave up his, so the two men could try out the ramps.

The two men rode the ramps as if they had done it countless times. The Cover boys were impressed the men rode so well and they asked them to show them some of the things they just did.

Mr. Ken told the boys it was getting late and if they intended to swim before they went to bed, they may want to head inside and change into their suits. The Cove's owner did not have to ask them twice as the young guests could not wait until they got to the opportunity to try out that indoor pool.

Since the guests had their swimsuits up in the bedrooms, the boys all headed to the second floor first. There Jayden, Ryder and Chase were not embarrassed to change into the suits in front of their hosts. The Cover lads told their friends that their suits were down in the Locker Room and they would go down there to change.

The Covers asked their guests to just bring their underwear and t-shirts or whatever they used to sleep in. Robert told his guests that after they finished swimming they would change down there and place their swimsuits into the dryer. Charles said they would just head up from there when it was time to go to bed. The three guests did just that and took only their briefs and a t-shirt when they walked down to the pool.

Chase saw the elevator as they walked to the front stairs and asked why they did not take that. Charles said if they had a problem walking or were in a wheelchair or something like that then they could use it, but since they were all healthy males, they should take the stairs. The eight lads continued past the elevator and headed down the two flight of stairs to get to the indoor pool.

They beat the adults to the pool, but the Cover lads had to change into their swimsuits, but first, they had to get them from the dryer. That gave the hosts a chance to show their guests another part of The Cove as they walked to the back corner where the industrial washer and dryer were located.

"Wow, would you look at those!" exclaimed Jayden. Then, when he saw the number of swimsuits in the dryer he asked, "Do you wash and dry all of your friend's swimsuits, too?"

Robert told Jayden, and his brothers, that they do not do that as a rule. The teen said they had washed them occasionally especially now that they do not get to swim all that much, since school had started. Charles spoke up and told their friends that when it was summer, they just dried the suits every day and their friends would change into them the next day.

"Do all the guys change down here, or do some use the bedrooms?" asked Chase.

"Well, at first, the younger boys and first timers usually have a difficult time because they feel embarrassed to change in front of anyone else. But, we usually tell them how they can change and not be too exposed and they usually do that with a friend standing next to them. After a while, they all get used to doing it, so our friends just change and then walk out to the pool deck to store their clothes," answered Charles.

That said, the Cover lads got their swimsuits and all eight walked over to the Men's Locker Room. When the five Covers entered the Locker Room, they all took a bench and began to change into their suits. Robert, Charles and Kevin just took off all their clothes before suiting up.

Kyle and Matthew went over to a far sidewall bench and there they just dropped their pants and underwear and then slipped on their swimsuits. That done they took off their shirts and then joined the other boys as they walked out to the pool deck to place their clothes into a locker.

"Jay, Ry and Chase, Mr. Ken requires everyone who first swims in the indoor pool take a swim test. It isn't hard. All you have to do is swim across the widest part of the pool," said the older Cover boy.

"Is the water cold?" asked Chase.

"Nope, Mr. Ken usually keeps it at about 78 or 80 degrees Fahrenheit. When he knows we are going to swim, he'll turn it up to like 84. And since he knew you were all coming for the weekend he turned it up already, so it probably is at 84, then," replied Robert.

"I didn't know that," said Kyle.

"Me neither," added Kevin.

"Guys there is a lot to know about The Cove and the longer you're here and get involved with things about The Cove you'll know as much as I do," replied Robert. "Now, let's have our guests take the swim test so we all can have some fun!"

As Jayden, Ryder and Chase were doing their swim test swimming across the pool, the adults came into the pool area already dressed in their swimsuits. Mr. Ken saw that Robert or Charles had the young guests do the swim test, so he told Owen and Nathan why the boys were swimming across the pool and that they would have to do it too in order to swim in the pool.

Nathan asked Mr. Ken if he was serious about the swim test. Mr. Ken looked at the man and told him that every adult who had ever swum there had done the swim test without any question.

The owner of The Cove then explained that initially, when he moved into the home, he wanted to make sure everyone could swim. He said he initiated the swim test since initially, it was Ryan and his young teenager friends who swam there. Then, as time moved on, he continued, he said it just stuck and every new swimmer had done so.

Owen and Nathan, both did the swim test. However, when they finished they wanted to know who Ryan was. Mr. Ken took a few minutes to explain who Ryan was and how he came to have his own bedroom, for a time, at The Cove.

The boys got tired of the adults talking, so they went over to them and pulled them into the water. Now there were eight boys and four adults who proceeded to have fun.

The boys had the adults play horsey, sharks and minnows and a few other water games. Then they all had to jump off the rock ledge to see who could make the biggest splash.

It was going on midnight when Mr. Ken told everyone it was getting late. He reminded them breakfast would be served at 9 AM. The adults headed up to their bedrooms to change while the boys all changed into their briefs and t-shirts using the Men's Locker Room.

On the way up to their bedrooms, Robert told the boys to follow him. The teenager led them to the Kitchen Nook where Momma Maria had some midnight snacks waiting for them to enjoy. The teen got them out while Charles got everyone a glass of cold milk. The eight lads were laughing and eating their snacks when the four adults entered the Kitchen Nook.

"So, you're all in here spoiling your breakfast by eating those wonderful snacks Momma and her friends made. Let me ask ... are there any left for us older kids to have?" said a chuckling Mr. Ken.

The adults also enjoyed the snacks along with the boys. As they all ate, they talked about what they had done so far that evening and before they knew it the time was now 1 AM. Mr. Ken suggested everyone head off to bed and be downstairs by 9 AM sharp for breakfast as Momma and her friends would be there to make a wonderful Mexican breakfast for them.

"We better use the bathroom before we go to bed," said Matthew to Chase. "There are two bathrooms up here; the boys and the girls. There are so many of us I chose to use the girl's bathroom in the morning to get ready for school. But the boy's bathroom has urinals for the guys in the morning when they have you know a ... a stiffie," laughed Matthew.

"Let's use that one. I want to see what that bathroom looks like," spoke up Chase.

The two youngsters walked into the boys' bathroom and it was standing room only as Robert and Jayden were using the facilities while Charles and Ryder waited in line.

"Boy, I needed that!" exclaimed Jayden. "I've been holding it since we started eating those great snacks your cook made for us.

"Jay, Momma Maria is more than a cook. She is a Cover. She's been here from the beginning and is a part of The Cove as much, or maybe more, than we are. Momma Maria is more like a grandmother type and she treats us as if we were her grandkids and she makes awesome meals," explained Robert.

Charles and Ryder took their turn at the porcelain gods. Both pre-teens let out big sighs of relief as they emptied their bladders. The two lads then laughed at what they did and the other lads joined in with them.

When it was Matthew's and Chase's turn to use the sanitary plumbing fixture they just pulled the waistband of their briefs down below their boy toys and let their waste liquid flow into the porcelain collection device. They both sighed as they emptied their own bladders.

"I've never seen a urinal in a bathroom before," said Chase.

Robert heard Chase's statement and started to tell him and his brothers that his dad did it. However, he did not get any further as his guests wanted to know why his dad would put urinals in Mr. Ken's house. Robert had to tell the boys that Mr. Ken had adopted him a few weeks back and that Mr. Ken was the dad he was referring too. Jay, Ry and Chase all congratulated the teen and then let him explain why there were urinals in the boy's bathroom.

After hearing that Mr. Ken put the urinals in the boy's bathroom because he knew what most boys had to deal with when they woke in the morning, the boys all headed to their bedrooms.

Chase, Matthew and Chief went to Matthew's bedroom. The Cover got into his bed and told Chase to take the empty one. The boys talked some as they slowly fell asleep. Chief took up her protective sleeping position and slept as the boys did.

Robert had set his alarm clock and when it went off at 8:45 AM, he could not believe how tired he still was. He got out of his bed with his pointer sticking out very prominently as his body had been growing more and more.

The Cover teen went to Jayden's bed and shook him to wake up. When Jayden opened his eyes and looked up, he smiled as he saw that Robert had the same problem he had, a morning boner. When Jayden threw off the bed covers, Robert got the chance to see how large the teen's morning flagpole was. The Cover smiled at seeing Jayden's boner and decided that it was just as big as his was. The two teens headed to the boy's bathroom with their male appendages leading the way.

Along the way, Robert knocked on his 'brothers' bedroom doors and yelled for them to get up. Since Chief was in Matthew's bedroom, she got up, stretched and then went over to Matthew and began licking his face to wake him up.

"Stop, Chief, Stop!" complained Matthew, waking Chase up at the same time.

"What time is it?" asked a sleepy Chase.

"It must be late enough that Chief got us up so we can get down to breakfast," replied Matthew.

The two boys wiped the sand out of their eyes and then got out of bed. It was when they stood up that they realized their morning friend was standing tall. Both boys immediately tried to hide their inflated flesh flute, but it was too late. They both had seen that each other had a morning stiffie.

At first, neither lad said a word. Then Matthew began to smile and then Chase did, too. Matthew then dropped his hands saying it was no big deal and then told Chase to follow him to the bathroom.

When the two youngest lads entered the boys' bathroom, Charles and Ryder were standing at the urinals and the two youngsters could see the pre-teens trouser snake deflating as they drained their bladders. As Ryder shook off the last drops from the tip of his penis, he turned and saw the two 10-year-olds standing there with their own morning boners stretching out their briefs.

"Nice one's guys. I see Matthew's is about as big as yours Chase," offered Ryder, as he then walked over to the sink to wash his face and hands. Charles smiled at the two boys, as well, and then followed Ryder over to the sinks.

"Come on, let's pee and go take our showers," said Matthew.

Robert knew it was far too late for any of them to take their showers, so he told everyone to dress in what they wore last night, and then head down to the Kitchen Nook. He reminded them that his dad said breakfast was at 9 AM sharp and they had better hurry.

It was two minutes past 9 AM when the eight lads entered the Kitchen Nook. Mr. Ken did not say anything to them as Momma, Sophia and Isabela were still getting things together to make them their breakfast.

"Good morning, dad," said Robert as he hugged his dad.

"Good morning, 'dad'" said Charles as he too hugged his foster dad.

"Good morning, 'Dad Ken,'" offered Kevin who then hugged the man.

"Good morning Mr. Wayne and you too 'dad'," said Kyle who first hugged Mr. Wayne and then Mr. Ken.

Matthew was the last Cover boy to say Good morning. He said it first to 'Dad Ken' and then to Mr. Wayne.

The three young guests just said 'Morning' to their dads. They did not hug the men or even shake their hands. That was what they always did in the mornings, so they did it there too.

"Dad," started Jayden, "did you know that Mr. Ken adopted Robert a few weeks ago?"

Both men smiled at hearing that, then Nathan said, "Do tell."

Mr. Ken asked them all to head into the Formal Dining Room because that was where Momma and her friends wanted to serve them breakfast. When the Covers and their guests seated themselves at the large dining room table, Mr. Ken told Owen and Nathan, and their boys, about the adoption and how it came about.

Robert stole the show, though, when he told their guests about the chaos that happened at the courthouse during the adoption ceremony. The teenager told the group how his uncle Jonathan tried to stop the adoption ceremony by interrupting at the last moment. The teen described how his uncle walked in the court and yelled, "I Object!" because he wanted the judge to give him custody.

Robert told them how his uncle, who did not even have a job, lived in a one-bedroom apartment and had signed off as not wanting him after the authorities arrested his parents, now wanted custody. The teen said that his uncle thought he would wind up with lots of money since the courts were liquidating all of his parent's possessions and after they paid all the bills, lawyers, real estate agents, taxes, and utilities, Robert would get the remainder.

Hearing the police arrested Robert's parents caused the three young guests to ask why that would happen. Robert told them that his mom and dad did something illegal and were caught. He explained that when they went to trial they pleaded guilty and relinquished their parental rights to him. The teen added that allowed his adoption. Mr. Ken was relieved his son told the story he did, as it was a very private and embarrassing thing that Robert had experienced.

Just then, the women brought in breakfast. The first course was Churro French Toast. It had loads of sugar and cinnamon and both the men and the boys quickly dug into their serving.

The women then brought in Huevos Rancheros Quinoa Power Bowls consisting of tortilla shells, avocado slices, fried eggs, and yogurt, with freshly made salsa, avocado and cilantro. The bowls were small enough for a good taste but not a full breakfast.

When the diners' plates were empty, the women brought in Huevos rancheros tortizza. The women now used the Huevos Rancheros on baked tortillas and added refried beans, fresh salsa, Mexican cheese, diced tomatoes, cilantro, avocado and bacon. Each person had their own pizza and the women said they could hear purring as the men and lads ate their wonderful concoctions.

The women also placed on the table a Cheesy Mexican Breakfast Casserole. It was a simple recipe made from a mixture of cooked shredded hash brown potatoes, breakfast sausage, chopped onion, shredded cheese taco seasonings and salsa.

However, the women were not finished. They had made Pastel de Tres Leches, or Three Milk Cake. The cake consisted of three different milk products creating a sponge cake that they topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

None of the people eating breakfast that morning at The Cove went away hungry. If anything they walked a bit slower, they were so full of some awesome Mexican foods. The Cover boys gave each woman a hug for fixing them their breakfast and treating them so good. This time Jayden, Ryder and Chase joined in with the hosts. The women all smiled big after receiving their thank you hugs.

The women refreshed the men's cups with fresh coffee as the men talked to let their breakfast settle and digest some. The boys, on the other hand, went upstairs to clean up for their day.

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