The Castaway Hotel: Book 3

Chapter 2: Welcome to Arizona

About an hour after leaving the airport, we were pulling up to the Montezuma Castle National Monument. Although it isn’t really a castle and Montezuma was never anywhere close to this place during his lifetime, it is still the best-preserved cliff dwelling ruins in North America. I wanted the boys to see it and get a feel for how the earliest Native Americans had lived. In that same spirit, we also visited the small museum there, spoke to some of the park rangers and then went out and walked along the trail. Although it was also educational, it seemed more like a hike in an unfamiliar setting, possibly even during a different era, and I think we all found it quite pleasant. I suspect the boys enjoyed their visit there, because a lengthy discussion ensued as we were leaving, as the boys compared their ideas about what it would have been like to have lived in that region when those first Americans initially inhabited the cliffs. In fact, that particular conversation continued, even as we reached Flagstaff.

We didn’t stop, however, at least not this trip. Instead, we went east on I-40, toward Winslow. From there, we turned north again and traveled a short distance farther, to the Homolovi Ruins State Park. This place is situated just south of the Navajo Nation and the Hopi Indian Reservation. Here we got to see four major pueblo sites that had been occupied from 1200 to 1425, still prior to the first Europeans arriving in the new world, by the ancestors of today’s Hopi Indians. It wasn’t as impressive as our first stop, but it did add to the boys’ understanding about these people.

Even though it was still fairly early by the time we finished there, the boys were letting me know it was time to eat. For that reason, we decided to drive back to Flagstaff, check into our motel rooms, clean up quickly and then go to dinner. While we were at the motel, I also made a few quick calls to several nearby restaurants, until I found one that could accommodate our group at this late notice. Once the reservation was made, I hurried everyone back into the van. It was a clean restaurant, nothing especially fancy, but we all had an enjoyable meal.

When we got back to the motel, the boys went to their rooms for the evening. They were all tired and wanted to call it a day, and I think most of this had to do with the time zone difference. Arizona was two time zones, or two hours earlier than Pennsylvania, so even though it was only 9:00 here, it felt later and we had all been up since very early that morning. Therefore, I quickly acquiesced to their suggestion.

Tonight, all four of the little ones where going to share a room with me, so I took them back to our temporary quarters and gave them their baths, in pairs. Jordan and Sammy wanted to bathe together and so did Nicky and Andrew, none of which surprised me. It worked out well, as the boys had fun horsing around in the tub - happy to be together.

When we came out of the bathroom, I sat in a chair to relax, but soon discovered three little bodies climbing on me. Everyone, but Sammy, had decided they wanted to sit on my lap. I think he either felt he was too old to do that now or just wanted to allow the others the opportunity, since there would not have been room for a fourth body. Even three was getting to be a squeeze. Happily, though, I made room for Andrew and my two grandsons on my lap and enjoyed a little cuddle time with them. They were all kind of sleepy, so it was very laid back.

When I suggested it was time for them to hop into bed, all four boys notified me they wanted to sleep together, on one of the two double beds in the room. Seeing they were small enough to still fit comfortably, I let them, while I spent the night alone on the other double bed.

Through the luck of the draw, the first night in the ‘sex room’ belonged to Ricky and Jay (who had drawn the number one when we drew lots before we left) and Danny and Brandon (who had pulled the number two). When I realized that particular foursome would be together again, it brought back memories of the first vacation we had all taken together, way back when. This led me to believe those four boys might have an encounter with the feeling of déjà vu this evening.

Once the door to their room was closed and locked, Danny was the one who broached the subject of what they wanted to do.

“Well,” he began, “do you two want to just stay with each other or would you like for all of us to do something together?”

Jay looked at Ricky before he answered. “We don’t mind doing something with you two, do we, Ricky?”

“Yeah, it’s okay with me, as long as it doesn’t include any of the butt stuff,” Ricky answered.

“That’s too bad, because you don’t know what you’re missing,” Brandon teased, “but we’ll do whatever you want.”

Ricky looked at Brandon for a few seconds before he responded. “You mean you like having Danny shove his big dick up your ass?”

“Yeah, I do,” Brandon replied, honestly.

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Jay wanted to know.

“Maybe it did a little at first,” he admitted, “but now it just feels really great, just as good when you do it to someone else.”

“Yeah, I bet that it feels good to do it,” Ricky said, almost without thinking. “I’ve kind of wondered what it would feel like.”

“Well, if you two want,” Danny offered, “you can do it to us and you won’t have to let us do it back. What do you think of that idea?”

Jay looked like he was going to bust a gut with excitement, but Ricky soon turned a cold shower on Jay. “No, I won’t do it if I’m not willing to do the same thing for you. It wouldn’t be fair.”

“Ricky, Danny and I won’t mind if you don’t want to do the same for us,” Brandon told him. “We’ll let you guys try it with no strings attached.”

Jay lit up again, but it didn’t take long for that light to dim too. “No, it wouldn’t be right,” Ricky responded, sticking to his conviction of fair play. “I just can’t take advantage of you guys like that.”

“What if I give you an alternative?” Danny asked him. “What if you let us do it between your legs, like we did in the shower on the first vacation, or if you let us do it in your butt crack, without really sticking it up your butt?”

“I’m not sure what you mean by the second thing, but I’ll do the first one if that’s all right with you,” he finally agreed.

“Well, the second option is just that we would rub our cocks back and forth in your crack, pushing your ass cheeks together so it feels like we’re inside you. We’d never go in you, though.”

Ricky looked at Jay and saw how much he wanted to try it. “Okay. We’ll do either of those two ways, if you guys still want to do it.”

“Great,” Brandon said excitedly. “Who wants to be with whom?”

Ricky and Jay both grinned. “I think I’d like to be with Danny,” Ricky said. “It would kind of be like old times, when he and I did things together, when there were just the two of us with Dad.”

“You still remember that?” Danny asked. “To me, it seems like only yesterday that it happened, but I wasn’t sure you still remembered it. We were both really inexperienced and didn’t know very much, did we?”

“Yeah, I guess we were pretty dumb about sex back then, weren’t we?” Ricky answered. “But I’ll never forget how special or how good you made me feel.”

“Hey, you were my first brother and that was important and special to me too,” Danny assured him. “No matter what else happens, nothing will ever change that.”

“No, it won’t, will it, bro?” Ricky agreed. “I’m glad that you were my first brother AND my first sex partner.”

“Me too.” Danny stated, trying not to choke up from the emotional current welling up inside him.

“Okay, enough of this stroll down memory lane,” Brandon chuckled. “Who wants to go first?”

“Why don’t we let Ricky and Jay go first?” Danny offered. “Otherwise, they’ll get so excited they’ll blow their load before they even get it in us.”

“Very funny,” Ricky shot back, “but we won’t argue about going first.”

“All right,” Brandon said. “We’ll explain to you what you’ll need to do then.”

Danny quickly went into his things and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. Danny and Ricky got on one bed and Brandon and Jay got on the other. They were all doing a little kissing and petting before the older pair instructed them on how to loosen up their anus. Although Danny and Brandon probably didn’t need this, since it hadn’t been that long since they’d had sex, they felt it best that Ricky and Jay learn the correct way to do this, in case they decided to try it with someone else later.

Ricky wasn’t too sure about doing this, since he wasn’t too keen on the idea of putting his fingers in someone else’s butt, but Jay showed no hesitation at all. Finally, after thinking about it a few seconds, Ricky realized his objection was silly. If he was going to shove his dick up there, why should he hesitate about doing the same thing with his fingers? Therefore, he went along and did as he had been instructed.

Before very few minutes had passed, Danny and Brandon were greased up, stretched out and ready to go. Eagerly, they lay on their backs and pulled their legs against their chests, letting the other pair know they were ready for action. Their rosebuds were winking at the virginal duo, as the younger boys rubbed some more KY onto their own dicks. Jay drew his foreskin back before he started and then both boys moved forward for their first attempt at anal intercourse. Under warnings from the older ones to ‘go slow,’ the rookies placed the heads of their cocks against the muscular rings and began to add a little pressure. They both slid in fairly easily, as the other two were fairly accustomed to this activity, and soon their penises were completely engulfed in the older pair’s warm, moist holes.

Ricky swooned at the wonderful feeling of being inside Danny, while Jay almost shot his load as he entered Brandon. Both of the older boys sensed this excitement and lack of control in their temporary lovers, so they wrapped their legs around their partners’ hips and held them in place, at least long enough for them to regain some control and allow their juices to simmer down. When they felt the younger duo was ready to go, Danny and Brandon pulled their legs back to their chest and told their partners to ‘go ahead.’

Ricky and Jay both began to withdraw their meat, so they could plunge it back into the willing hole in front of them. Jay misjudged the length of his own pole and plopped out of Brandon rear entrance, which caused him to have to scramble frantically to re-grip his boyhood, line it back up and push it into the tunnel it had slipped out of. Eventually, they both got a rhythm going and were happily pumping their way to heaven.

It only took Jay a couple of minutes before he reached the brink again, so now he was slamming into Brandon with very short, rapid strokes. Suddenly he arched his back, drove all the way into Brandon’s rectum, and emptied his creamy load deep into Brandon’s bowels. When he was completely drained, Jay fell forward onto his partner’s chest, so Brandon wrapped his arms around him and hugged tightly.

On the other bed, Ricky was still pumping into Danny, using fairly long, moderately paced strokes. Danny was encouraging his brother, telling him how well he was doing and how much he was enjoying it, when Ricky started to speed up his pace. Ricky was now like a man possessed, knowing he was almost ready to blow his wad up Danny’s ass, so he pumped in and out of Danny like he was drilling for oil. Another minute of this frantic action was all it took and Ricky made his final thrust, before letting loose a tidal wave of spunk into Danny’s gut. Once he had emptied his load, Ricky collapsed on his brother, totally exhausted. Danny lovingly hugged and kissed him, as soon as he regained his senses, and held onto Ricky until he, too, came down from his high.

“God, that was absolutely awesome!” Ricky exclaimed, as soon as he could speak again. “I figured it would be good, but I didn’t think that it would be THAT good. I wonder if it will be that incredible when I do it with a girl?”

“I don’t know,” Jay added, overhearing the conversation, “but I can’t imagine it being any better than this. Thanks, guys, that was terrific.”

A couple of minutes later, the younger pair was ready to return the favor. They talked it over with their partners and agreed about how they wanted to do it. Brandon was willing to do it between Jay’s legs, since that’s what Jay preferred. Therefore, Brandon used the KY to add a generous supply of lube to Jay’s inner thighs, before he added an equally thick coating to his own rod. He had Jay get on all fours, so he could slide in behind him, and then positioned his penis and had Jay close his legs tightly around his meat. Once they were situated, he placed his hands on Jay’s hips and began to piston back and forth, allowing Jay’s fleshy thighs to stimulate him to orgasm.

This wasn’t going to be a quick ride, as Brandon was experienced and not prone to shoot quickly. The blond was enjoying this experience almost as much as if he were actually having anal intercourse, taking it nice and easy and relishing every sensation. Brandon’s erection was also stimulating Jay’s scrotum, as it brushed under the sensitive fleshy sac, and their cocks would occasionally rub together, as Jay’s flaccid penis swayed with the motion of this activity. As this continued to happen, it caused Jay to become hard again, just as Brandon switched into second gear and started to go a little faster. Brandon was nearly ready for his sprint to the finish line and continually increased his pace, ramming his dick harder and faster between Jay’s thighs. When he reached the point of no return, he thrust all the way forward, unleashed his load all over Jay’s stomach and arms, just before Jay’s own dick surprisingly erupted in his second climax of the night. Both boys collapsed on the bed and lay there, trying to recover.

On the other bed, Ricky lay on his stomach as Danny put a big wad of KY between his butt cheeks and rubbed it up and down the length of his crack. Then Danny coated his own stiffy with a generous amount of lubricant and straddled Ricky’s waist. He asked Ricky if he was sure he was ready and Ricky told him to go ahead. Danny pulled Ricky’s butt cheeks apart, slid his lumber in between the two fleshy globes and then put his hands on either side of Ricky’s firm mounds and pushed them together, to surround his cock. Danny took a few moments to enjoy the wonderful feeling of his penis being buried between those muscular cheeks, but eventually gave in to his urges and began to rock back and forth. The pleasure he received from sliding his erection up and down the length of Ricky’s crack was greater than he’d anticipated. Ricky added to this sensation, by tensing his ass muscles, so they would squeeze Danny’s joystick, as it slid to and fro. He wanted to make sure Danny received as much pleasure from this, as Ricky had experienced when he had been on top.

Danny could sense Ricky’s extra effort and appreciated the thought and effort behind it. After continuing his steady strokes for a few minutes, Danny redoubled his pace, now sliding in and out of those voluptuous mounds like a hot knife through butter. He was going faster and faster, nearing his zenith, when his dick exploded, spewing ropes of sticky spunk from between those wonderful buns and across Ricky’s back. After the last of his juice oozed from the tiny slit at the end of his dick, he rolled off of Ricky and plopped down on the bed beside him. Ricky kissed him, gave him a huge hug and thanked him for the fun night.

After cleaning up, the boys decided to sleep with their recent sex partner for the evening, instead of with their normal bunkmate. They were all very tired, partially because of the change in time zones and all they’d been through for one day, and were soon asleep, snuggled against their bedmate. They all seemed pleased with their first day on vacation and the smiles stayed on their faces until morning.