Ask Me

Chapter 68

        Ask Me Chapter 68

 I did wake up off and on all night, I was worried that Ted would come in and need us for something. Around two am I even got up and checked his bed, then the back door just in case he had crept in. Con was behind me after a few minutes.

“What’s up?”

“Just checking that's all," I whispered.


We jumped back into bed then held each other his smells were making me drowsy and I dropped off soon after he kissed my forehead.

 I could hear Teds giggling coming from next door as I poured Con’s coffee to take it up to him. He was dead to the world when I woke up, and when I moved to the back room so was the TV.

I placed it on his bedside table and kissed his lips, he opened his baby blues and flicked them on, I stared for a moment or two then said.

 “I'll meet you in next door, sounds like there's a party going on in there this morning.”

He smiled and started sipping his drink. I headed off with my coffee in hand, and when I pushed open the back door I saw Ted standing on a stool by the stove and John was showing him how to make scrambled eggs.

“If he wants eggs he has to make them himself John laughed Ted giggled again.

  Ray was sitting at the table reading the morning news, he had a big grin on his face.

 "Sleep well, Brent?" He clicked his tongue.


"Oh, that's a shame we all slept like logs, although Teds farts woke me up around three," Teddy screamed at Ray.

“I don’ts farts in my sleep granddad, I already tell you that."

"Yes, you do grandson I heard you."

 John tickled Ted and the farting jokes stopped for a bit, just until Con arrived.

“Who farted?” He mused.

“Ted did in his sleep.” Ray kept it going.

“I don’t fart in my sleep granddad, do I, dad?"

“Of course you don’t son, you snore.” Con chuckled.


I leaned over behind him and whispered.

“They are being silly baby, you don’t fart or snore because I watches you.”

"Thanks, daddy, I am getting worried that I did but I believe you." He kissed my cheek.

“Eww, who’s the favorite daddy then?” The grandparents said in unison.

"I am," I replied to both of them smiling.

 "Teds making everybody scrambled eggs today it may be a while, does anyone want more coffee?" John inquired.

We all passed our cups over to him, he groaned but to his credit, he does make a lovely cup. We eventually got our breakfast, but by this time Ted had eaten his and had gone to feed Benny.


"How did he go?"

"Perfect he cuddled up to us all night, not a peep out of him, it was nice," John replied.

"Good I thought he might get a bit disorientated during the night," I said.

"No he was good we read his story and he nodded off so we watched a bit of TV in bed no farts, no snores he slept well." Ray was grinning. Well, that's good to know maybe he should do it more often. I had a friend at school that stayed with his gran a couple of nights a week so did his brothers they loved being there because they got treats and could stay up a bit later. I will talk to Con about it.

 John looked a lot better and his shakes had settled down, maybe we had a knee jerk reaction, but better to be safe than sorry. I was getting Ted ready for school when Con came in and wrestled him on the bed, his giggles were precious and when Con stopped he asked him if he missed us.

"Yes daddy I miss you, but granddad needs me more, he's going to be okay now all he needed was my cuddles and smells." He looked into Cons eyes I could see they were going glassy.

"How do you know that Ted?" I asked.

"I just know dad, that's all I know about." He jumped up and went about his going to school routine. He stood at the back door and screamed.

"I'm ready granddad, cans we go now?"

"Coming grandson." I heard John reply.

 "It's sooo spooky Brent, do you think everything will be okay?" Con was concerned again.

"Yes because Teddy said it would be." I smiled.

"Want to go to Kmart to get him a present for being so good this morning?" I smiled at him and nodded my agreement.

 Of course, it was about then the phone rang which tied Con up for the next half hour. I didn't ask who it was because I had a mouth full of Conner, and for some reason he wanted me to do his balls too. I was to find out it was Grant on the phone, fucking Con was getting off on his voice the dirty bugger.

 "Come on let's go see Bob this morning."

"What about Kmart?"

"Oh I forgot, we can go on the way home, what will we buy him, baby?"

"Don't know Con, what about an adult walkie talkie, he can use it when he's in with Ray and John, like get in touch with us if he needs to."

"Great idea, see I knew you would know what to get." He laughed.

"And Conner?"

"Yes, baby?"

"The next time you make love to Grant's voice put it on the speaker will ya, I would like to be included." He blushed; bingo caught you.

We had a very passionate kiss at the front door before leaving. Grant met us outside I let him drive our car but not before I pushed Con into the back seat, I giggled my way to Port Melbourne. 

 We sat in Bob's office and Talked about Daryl's role with the company, Bob was excited to have him work for us.

"He's overqualified boss, we have decided to let him choose the ships. I have no idea what I'm looking at on the internet, he said he would start from home now, and have a good look around before we go. I think he wants to show Bubs London so he and I will leave a few days earlier then meet you when you arrive."

"That's a good idea, Bob, and you will fly business class," I said, Con scowled at me.

"Okay, first class." I stared at him.

Bob laughed then replied.

"Already organized boss, we haven't told Helen yet but we want her to take over the operations when we are gone, do you think she will scream much?" He laughed.

"Just wait until you are out of the building Bob, and don't have any kids within earshot she can have a bit of a foul mouth you know."

"I know Conner, I will take her out for lunch to a busy pub, they won't bat an eyelash if she starts." Poor Bob, but I think Helens a great choice she's so on the ball.

"Sam and Rob both have brilliant assistants so we don't need to worry about their jobs not being done." I heard the rattle of the tea caddy.

 "Good morning Mr. Boss, here's your coffee just the way you like it. Young man, would you like a biscuit? I see you're putting on weight at long last, and you have had a haircut it looks very nice." She smiled at Conner who feigned shock. Grant couldn't help himself he had to say.

"Well he was a little fat this morning but I think he lost some of it on the way here." He smirked.

Both Conner and I went bright red.

 When she had gone I asked.

"What's her story Bob, it's so unusual to still have a tea lady nowadays."

"She's Helen's mum Brent, didn't you know?"

"No, she's never said anything, that's so cool. Did you know Con?"

"No baby, but I thought she might have some sort of a connection with the company."

"Helen's father was a scientist he worked for Ricon industries in its early days, he was killed in a car accident on his way home from work. Her mum was doing it tough for a while and your aunty Beth offered her the tea lady's job, this was before Helen arrived to work for them. She's guaranteed a job for life Conner, she knows who you are but she has a wicked sense of humor and let it slip one day she has all your CD's and plays them constantly."

"Oh, that's so nice Bob, I didn't know her story that's so sad, but sweet," I said.

Con was looking a little odd maybe it was because he didn't know. I can relate to that there's probably a lot of things he didn't know about the company as I said earlier he just signs off on the finished product, he doesn't know much about the business.

 We said our goodbyes to everyone and I noticed Con gave the tea lady a big hug then Helen. We loaded our bodies into the car and headed off to Kmart, those two buggers sat in the back seat giggling to each other; I wasn't impressed.

I suppose my red face said it all as I drove quite fast to the shopping center.


We looked through the walkie talkies and found one that suited our circumstances, of course, the two boys had to test it out so I spent the next hour in a coffee shop while Con and Grant played a hide and seek game. We were late picking up Teddy, he looked down but was eager to get to the park.  He held me for a second longer when I got him out of the car.

 "Con and Grant, can we meet you at the table? I need to have a talk to our son for a minute." I smiled at both of them and they both nodded. I got back into the car and pulled Ted onto my lap.

 "Now tell dad what's happened."

"Dad I've been naughty and Mrs. Green gives me homework. I'm sorry dad I tries to be good at school but today it just slipped out and I didn't want to get granddad in trouble." He sighed.

"What happened, son?"

"Am I in trouble dad?"

"No Ted, but you have to tell me, just so I know." I kissed the back of his head.

"I said I farted in bed last night to Sean and the teacher overheard me. I was sent to Mrs. Greens office, but I said that I just knew the word and didn't hear it at home. She gave me ten times I have to write, I must not swear, dad farts not a swear word is it because Bubby said it wasn't." He looked forlorn.

"No it's not a swear word, but its a silly word that some silly people say, so please don't say it again at school."

"Do I have to sit in the naughty corner dad?"

"No son, not today and not for this mistake. Now, do you want to go play with your buddies I think I see the granddads over there somewhere."

"Dads please don'ts tell granddad he will get upsets and I don't want him to be upset."

"I won't baby, I promise, let's just keep this between you and me and I will help you do your homework."

He jumped down and I took his hand to walk over to the table, after some hugging he ran off laughing with Dennis to play with his team.

 "What's happening baby, he looked a little bit upset?"

"All fixed now Con, he's happy again no biggie." I lied but I will tell him out of Ray's earshot.

 I said hello to everyone then munched on a chicken leg it was delicious, Conner started running his hand down my thigh so I put my hand on his, there's no way I was in the mood to crack a fat.

I certainly wasn't mad at Ray, and I felt a bit sorry for Ted, and then I was proud of him taking the fall. I reach over and got the bag with the walkie talkie in it and handed it to Ray saying.

"Can you tell Teddy you bought this for him today?"


"Because I said so that's why, he gets enough from us already, and anyway you are the security guy." I laughed.

Conner became more concerned after I did this so he lifted me and said we will be back and he started running over to the track.

 "Now what is the fuck going on?"

"Mrs. Green gave Ted homework for saying fart in class today. He took the fall for Ray because he didn't want to upset him. We can't tell Ray he would be so upset, so I figured if he gave him the talkie things it would be like an apology present maybe."

"Oh, then I will help him do it how many lines?"

"Ten I think Con."

"Right all done and I will write a note to Mrs. Green and tell her it was me."

"No Con, don't do that. I think Teds learning that he can't say naughty words because it hurts people he loves, give him this Con he's a very brave boy for doing that. Mrs. Green isn't stupid she would know he was covering for someone."

"Do you think so, baby?"

"Yes because Teds a good boy in school, she probably thought he had a good reason to lie to her. Con he's not a very good liar anyway. I'm glad she let this one pass."

"I think your right baby, maybe I should ring her."

"I would let it go Con, it could get out of hand and the last thing I want is to hurt Ray and John; which it will."

"All right I will drop it then, want to make out behind that tree?"


 When we got in John bought a big pot of spaghetti and meatballs over, he made some garlic bread to go with it. Then he sat with Teddy to help him do his homework. Ray arrived with the present and began explaining how to use it, he gave them to Con who then got Ted to put them by the back door, he can grab one when he visits his granddads.

The next hour they had to be tested so Ray went into next door and Ted laid on our bed they were checking that the reception and volume were correct.

I called them both to dinner and we had some good family time. Teds smiles were back and he was joking with the grandees again. The meal was awesome, god I wished

I could cook like John.

 Conner did Ted's words, it didn't take him that long and he slipped it in his backpack to hand in tomorrow. He had also written on the bottom 'thank you' I hope I was right about her knowing.

All three of us had a bath tonight, Con sang a beautiful song, which wasn't his and I washed the boy's hair. He wanted me to do a samurai with it but it was too short so I did a pretend one, he can grow his hair if he wants to, I just never thought of it I usually get John to clipper it now and then.

 "Ted do you want to grow your hair a bit longer because you can you know?"

"I haven’t decided dad, but maybes I will try for a week and sees if I like it."

"Well, maybe we won't have it cut for maybe four weeks and then have a look at it."

"Okays dad, dad can I have my story soon I am getting awfully tired."

 I heard Con chuckle, so I helped him out of the bath and wrapped a big towel around him. Con turned his bed down and I bounced him onto it.

"Now stay there and don't fart tonight Teddy boy." That started him giggling, but out of the blue, he lifted his arms and hugged me.

"You did very well today our son we are very very proud of you."

His fists went white then Con spoke the first line of his new story.

 My morning was wonderful, Con had planted himself between my legs and was slowly pumping back and forth. I lay there fantasizing and it felt so fucking good. I heard a groan then felt the wetness between my legs the bugger had cum.

"Did you just cum Con?"

"Yes, I had another sexy dream." He moaned.

"I hope Grant wasn't in it."

 There was no answer, so I sighed and went to the bathroom to clean up then walked down to see if Ted was in front of the TV. He was, so I kissed his head and said good morning. No answer again today, but that's all right his cartoon must be very interesting. As the coffee boiled I put out the mugs, a warm body pressed to my back and I heard whispering in my ear.

"The dream was about you it was so awesome." He sighed.

My left hand found its way around to Cons firm ass and I squeezed it.

"Thank you." I poured the coffee and we both sat with Ted to watch his very interesting cartoon.

 "Do you get the results today or tomorrow John?"

"Today son, can you do the drop-off?"

"Of course, and I have it on good authority that everything's going to be okay." I smiled at him.

"Oh yes, who's the authority?"

"Your grandsons, he said he didn't know why but everything's going to be okay. Don't ask John, he doesn't know why but he did get very territorial with you both the other night."

"I understand Con was like that, whenever one of us was sick he would crawl into bed for hugs. One time Beth had to bribe him to come home he stayed three nights in a row with us. So I understand, and I'm positive everything is going to get sorted." I gave him a big hug and he went back to doing our breakfast.

 We took Ted to school and promised we would pick him up at the right time, he rushed off to hand in his lines then he would join his men for some meetings and things. It was on the way to Di's Con got a text, he read it to me it was from Mrs. Green.

"My pleasure boys, your son is growing and learning every day, he's a credit to you both xx."

 That was nice, I'm glad I thought that way about her she should get some sort of school award for the extra work she does for our kids.

"Maybe we should send her on a holiday baby."

"Well, we can think about it. She did do a great thing for our son so it would be nice to repay her."

 "Have you rang Di to see if she's home yet baby?"

"Yes Con, she's in this morning but out this afternoon she didn't say where she was going."


Di was glowing when we arrived, the baby was asleep so Con couldn't nurse him, but Hope got a lot of cuddles and kisses, she was more interested in showing Con how to dress her dolly in her best clothes, I think Con enjoyed it.

"So what's happened Di, you look like you ate Adams play lunch?"

"They accepted the offer." Her long eyelashes flickered.


"The house at number four your street."

"Really? that's awesome baby, when do you take over?"

"Four weeks officially, but because it's empty Marty rented it for three weeks, he wants to move us in before he goes away." She almost squealed.

"Fantastic, I can't wait to see the inside." I squealed back.

"You will, we are going to follow you home and I can show you through. Marty took some stuff over there last night he's as excited as me to get in as soon as possible."

"Why doesn't the lousy bugger get the removals that pack everything up then sets it up at the other end?"

"You said it, its because he's lousy." Di giggled.

"I will pay for it as a house warming Di, I'll get Helen onto it, you don't need the chaos."

"Well I thank you, Brent, that's lovely of you; I accept."

"That was fucking quick," Con said.

"Well rock star it's not that often your boyfriend opens his wallet, he's just as tight as Marty." She snickered.

"He is tight." Con mused.

I laughed at his face and I knew what he was thinking about I better show him how tight when we get back home.

"Okay let's go see the new digs."  Con had Hope I had little Brenten in his carry basket.


We got everyone into Di's Mercedes then followed her to her new home, on the way Con rang Marty they agreed on a date to make the move, then he rang Helen.

It was all organized by the time we pulled up out the front of a larger cottage that my best friend was going to live in.

 "It's beautiful Di, those ceilings are wonderful. Con look at the deco cornices wow." I was amazed at the height of the ceilings so much room, the back yard was big, plenty of room for the kids to play in and the four bedrooms will come in handy when they extend their little family. Skye will have her room at last. I could see some cartons sitting in one corner Marty must have put them there.

 She made coffee and we sat in the garden she was so excited and prattled on about the few things they needed to do to make it more kid-friendly.

"The movers will be at your apartment Thursday Di so anything you want to move before that is valuable give us a call and you can use our safe."

"No problem Brent, but my most valuable possessions are asleep over there under that tree and they will come with me." She smiled.

"I get it, but the offer is there."

"Thank you."

We sat and had coffee, and she was telling us all the renovations she was going to do when Marty was away.

"I don't want to tell him he will only worry, so I can go to town when he's not here."

"It all sounds nice Di, and the kitchen sounds wonderful."

"It will be, I haven't been in the fashion game for nothing Brent. I have learned a thing or two."

 We got to school just in time. Ted was doing his usual exercises and when he saw us he waved the others goodbye and we got him belted up. The very short drive was a happy one and when we got to the oval he ran towards John and Ray giving them both hugs.

 "False alarm son, I just have a reaction to my blood pressure pills, they now have been changed." He smiled at me and I breathed easy. Ted wasn't listening because he knew everything was going to be all right. I was very proud of him and Con for keeping their heads calm, and when I looked up into his gorgeous eyes I winked and smiled, I would tell him on our run. My man is getting older, growing up fast, he's certainly changed a lot since I found him in that park. He's bigger stronger and just so bloody awesome.

 "I have the boys organized to give Bubs some lessons in the stock market when they have some time over in London Andy," I said.

"What a great idea, he's certainly capable of retaining what they teach him, I sometimes think he has a photographic memory, or close to it." He smiled.

"Well I might buy him some shares to look after that will keep him occupied."

"God that would be awesome, as I said before he's bored shitless, I never thought of that."

"Well if he grasps the basics maybe I will get some for Sean too and Bubs can play the stock market to his heart's content do you think we should get him a computer?"

"No Brent he can use mine so I can supervise him what sort of money are we talking?"

"Well I was thinking about two hundred each, but we can put them in your and Fran’s names so they can't touch it for pies and ice cream." I laughed.

"Well, Sam and I will put in for Shaun, no arguments."

"Okay if you must." It was my idea I should be paying, maybe when Andy's back is turned I will get Ray to bump it up to a thousand each, after all, I'm lousy and this should prove that I'm not.

I didn't have to worry about Ted, but I will get him one too so he doesn't feel left out.

 "Run Baby?"

"Certainly good looking."

 We ran around the track twice because Conner wanted more kisses.

"You're amazing you know Con, you didn't cave in once."

"It was you that made me stronger, I knew you would have it all in hand so I didn’t feel any sadness because everybody was happy. So I thank you again."

He kissed me some more then started groping the big snake in my shorts. I had to pull myself away before I lost my sensible wits.

 Back at the table, we watched the kids do some handballing Grant was supervising their techniques, his bum was awesome in those nylon shorts.

"He's bloody gorgeous isn't he?" Andy groaned.


"Well he is Brent, those buns get me going every time I see them."

I never thought Andy would look at another guy apart from Sam, he threw me for a sixer.

 "Brent I'm in love with Sam, but I'm not completely dead you know."

Conner burst out into an uncontrolled laugh, my face went pink. After Conner's outburst, he said to Andy he could organize something if he wanted.

Poor Andy went silent, I think he was feeling too ashamed to say anything.

"We all like Grant Andy, he gets us all going." John looked at Conner and me my face went redder; now my secrets out.

 I spent the next few weeks sorting through clothes to take to London and walking up to Di's place. We were already having a ball shifting furniture and placing photos, some of which were shoots she did of the kids, they were amazing. The kids played in the large family room, Hope with her pram and dolls and Brenten flapping his arms making his rattles work, either that or he was sleeping, he didn't want much just a dry nappy and a good drink from mum now and then.

 "He's easier than Hope was, but maybe I'm used to it now."

"You’re a good mum I'm going to miss you when we go. Is there anything you want me to bring back for you?"

"Yourself." With that she hugged and kissed me; we have a bond and it will last a lifetime.

 The mood in the house had changed these past few weeks, Tom and Shane called by more often, Ray and John were excited, and Con was starting to show signs that the rock star was back. He rehearsed every day and sat with Adam and Marty for hours on end fine-tuning his song list. Every day my phone would ring and it would be Jen asking questions about all sorts of things. Andy said that Fran and he had almost packed each other's bags and she had already done Daryl's, he and Bob would be leaving soon hopefully they will meet us at Heathrow when we land.

 Grant god love him, has organized all the security we would need so he will travel with us and Adam took care of our accommodation. The granddads will stay next to us which were adjoining suites. Sam and Andy with Sean in another large family room same with Bubbies and Jen's families. It was the teens I had a problem with I didn't want to become an overbearing baby sitter but I wanted them to be safe. It was Adam that came up with a solution, he suggested that he and Rob get an adjoining room to the boys then if they need anything they just have to knock. He worked that one out perfectly; the rooms I am talking about were big two-bedroom suites. I didn't mind I loved Adam, and Rob is my best friend even though I don't see him as often as I would like.

 The day came when Bob and Daryl would leave. Grant got a people mover and drove them to the airport then saw that they had everything they needed. He told us that Bob was more excited than cool Daryl to be flying. That night Shane and Tom came by and stayed for dinner. They were talking about the things they wanted to see, Ted was agreeing with them. It looks like he is going to be sightseeing with the teens.

I talked with Shane again, he was more than happy to show Bubs the stock market stuff he knew. I have got Ray to open the three accounts, he had handed me a folder with numbers and passwords. I packed it in my luggage. When he had done that I looked at Conner sideways he assured me that they only held two hundred dollars each, he didn't interfere with it at all, I trusted him.

 We told the kids that Adam and Rob would have the adjoining room to theirs, they were okay with that but did say they would lock the door from their side.

 The big day came and so did the phone calls. Jen was panicking about some shit, I told her to just close her suitcase and if she needed anything she could get it there.  Tom you don't need to take your skateboard, get one there and anyway you won't have time for all that. Andy, no you can't sit with Grant, well I think I imagined that one. The people mover was loaded up and we said goodbye to our little house. Thank god Grant had hired two of them there would be no room otherwise. Everyone was on a high Conner was quiet, he put his arm around my shoulder and was kissing my ear then he whispered.

 "I am loving this tour already." I knew what he was talking about, he has a family with him this time. It was bedlam at the airport we couldn't have picked a worse day to fly out. Getting to the VIP lounge was a nightmare but security finally got us there unscathed. Poor Jenny she was almost crying with excitement. Conner had taken little Con and bounced him on his knees until he threw up all over his nice shirt. I nearly fell off the seat laughing, John took the baby and wiped him up and poor Con. He had to sit there smelling of spew until we went through customs where he bought a fresh T-Shirt with an aboriginal motif on it. The kids bought some aftershaves for their dads and perfumes for the mums, then they started looking at gadgets. I hope Grant is on the ball checking out what they might like for a traveling surprise.

 Jen looked, I laughed, she and Fran were checking out perfumes, makeup, and various watches. I noticed Grant wasn't too far behind them also, and Conner and I were watching Andy Sam and the littlies. It was time to be bussed out to our plane, so I loaded up with plastic duty-free bags because Grant couldn't carry all of them by himself. We were greeted by my boys and Adam Rob and Marty were already on board they had gone through earlier with them. I could see up the back seats had been removed and sofa beds installed. The four small bedrooms would be used by the families and the others will take the Sofas, the two galleys were fully stocked and the three kids immediately claimed their window seats, the kiddy volume was turned up as we tried to settle everyone in.


I hugged my boys and we talked for a few minutes, then they said they had a surprise for me. They took my hand and led me to the cockpit. I hope Con doesn't notice I'm missing I giggled to myself. Sitting there with the biggest smile on his face was Tan, he eventually had talked his mum into letting him go with us. That was a huge surprise and it was so good to see him.

 After I hugged him Phil led me back to the cabin and sat me down with Conner.

"It's going to be okay Brent, he is staying in with us we have a list of things he wants to do and Tom and Shane are more than happy he is on board," Phil told me. I then noticed the teens going to the cockpit to welcome Tan aboard they were in there for quite a while.